5Th grade division worksheet: Grade 5 Multiplication & Division Worksheets

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Division Worksheets for 5th Graders Online

Benefits of Division Worksheets

Division worksheets for 5th graders bring mathematics to life with entertaining games and interactive word problems! These worksheets will enable your kids to enhance their division skills as they grow. So, instead of telling stale stories to solve division problems, use our worksheets to help your 5th graders understand and solve complex divisions in a jiffy.

Sample Division Problems

  1. Dividing Money: Money is such a real-world commodity that often involves dividing large numbers. Try putting the following example before your kids so that they may easily relate to the scenario and try solving it.

Mr. Joe has arranged $2,000 to spend on his kids’ birthday. He wants to spend an equal amount of money on each child’s birthday and has 8 children. How much money should he spend on every child?

Even if your child dreams of getting $250 as the best birthday gift, this is a real-world problem that will help him learn how to divide large numbers.

  1. Dividing Candies: This is a real-world division problem that most of the kids can relate to.

Ms. Jonas has 30 students in her class. She brings a candy bag that contains 360 candies in it. She wants to distribute the candy among her students on her birthday equally. Can you help Ms. Jonas to distribute candies among her students equally?

Here, the answer, 12, is a tasty answer to a tricky question.

This is a basic division example that will help your kids solve their real-world math problems.

  1. Dividing Pizzas: Again, pizza is something that your kids can instantly relate to and will find it fun to solve the division word problem.

Mr. Johnson has organized a pizza party for his 5th class, and he has 12 students in his class. He has brought 6 large pizzas, and each pizza has 8 slices. How many pizza slices will each student get?

This is a real-world problem that your kids will love to solve. While the answer, 4, may not be enough to satisfy their pizza hunger, it will help them solve the tricky divisions in a twinkling eye and explore the extra information about the 6 large pizzas and 8 slices.

What do Division Worksheets Bring to 5th Graders?

SplashLearn’s division worksheets for 5th graders consist of real-world problems and visual simulations to help your kids visualize concepts, relate to the word divisions, develop best practices, strengthen their learning and grow their skills. These printable and downloadable worksheets are educational and interactive as more advanced concepts like factors and decimals are introduced, along with percentages and ratios that make learning fun!


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Instructions for use — Teppeki Whitefly Insecticide

Teppeki is a plant protection product against aphids (whiteflies and thrips).

5 gr — 265 rub

10 gr — 505 rub

25 gr — 1210 rub

50 gr — 2330 rub

100 gr — 4 440 rub

250 gr — 10520 rub

500 gr (company package) — 15450r

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Teppeki VG (500g/kg flonamide)

Field of application: for agricultural production

Purpose: insecticide for the control of aphids (Aphididae) — whitefly and thrips

Ingredients: flonicamid (500g/kg)

Form: water-soluble granules

Processing time: during the growing season

Effective period ia: 14-30 days

Frequency of use: no more than 3 times per season

Compatibility with other pesticides: compatible with other products

Selectivity: selective

Shelf life: 3 years

Manufacturer: ISK Biosciences, Italy

Important! The drug is a moderately dangerous compound. During application, use personal protective equipment for the skin, eyes and respiratory organs. Not recommended for use in strong winds.

Consumption rate:

  • 1 gram per 6-8 liters;
  • 1 liter per 8-10 sq.m.

Application technology:

The working liquid is prepared in the spray mixer in accordance with the instructions.

If the mixer is not available, the spray liquid can be prepared in the sprayer tank in the following order:

— fill the sprayer tank with water to 1/3 of the volume;

— turn on the mixer and pour the required amount of the drug into the tank;

— with the agitator running, fill the tank with water to the required volume;

— during the spraying process, continue to mix the working solution;

— use the working solution during the day.


  • The first product on the Russian market with a unique mechanism of action — stops the feeding of pests within 30 minutes after spraying.
  • Due to the different mechanism of action from other groups of insecticides, there is no resistance of pests to Teppeki®.
  • Teppeki® has systemic and translaminar activity, which allows you to control hidden pests, as well as pests that have not been treated.
  • Long period of protective action (up to 30 days).
  • Does not affect beneficial entomofauna and is of little danger to pollinators.
  • Low application rates (65-75 g a.i./ha) avoid negative environmental impacts.
  • Highly effective against all types of aphids.
  • Fits perfectly into integrated protection schemes, complementing traditional control of Lepidoptera and Coleoptera with targeted action on Homoptera.
  • Additionally controls a wide range of insect pests (scale insects, coccids, whiteflies, thrips, psyllids, leafhoppers).

Mechanism of action:

Flonamide is a modulator of chordotonal organs according to the mechanism of action. These organs are stretch receptor organs in insects and other arthropods and serve to determine the position of the antennae, which is achieved by stretching the cuticles in Johnson’s organs. Stretching is determined by the organ located at the base — scolopidium (the perceiving apparatus of the chordotonal organs). This organ converts mechanical vibration into a nerve impulse and transmits it further to the ganglia of the insect.

Floniki interferes with the transmission of nerve impulses, as a result of which the aphid completely stops feeding within 2 hours after the application of Teppeka, mass death occurs after 24 hours.

Systemic action:

  • Flonicamid has systemic and translaminar activity inside the plant;
  • Movement is from the treated foliage (indicated in yellow) with an upward flow (along the xylem), translaminar (moving along the treated leaf) and penetrating to the reverse side of the leaf.

Speed ​​of action: the drug begins to act 3 days after treatment, the maximum effect is observed 6-7 days after treatment.

Phytotoxic: Not toxic to plants at recommended processing rates.

Possibility of emergence of resistance: when alternating with insecticides from other chemical groups, the occurrence of resistance is unlikely.

Storage conditions: storage temperature range from 18 to 22 C in tight packaging.

Recommendations for the protection of afterlife objects of flora and fauna (including the hazard class for bees with decoding):

The drug is of low hazard for bees — hazard class 3.

It is necessary to comply with the main provisions of the «Instructions for the prevention of poisoning of bees with pesticides» of the following environmental regulations:

— carry out treatment in the morning and evening hours;

— at wind speed up to 4-5 m/s;

— border protection zone for the flight of bees, not less than 2-3 km;

— restriction of the flight of bees 20-24 hours.

Preliminary notification of apiary owners is required 4-5 days before processing.

It is forbidden to use the drug in the water protection zones of water bodies, by aerial method.

Hazard class: Hazard class 3 (moderately hazardous compound). Hazard class 4 for resistance to soil. When working with the drug, it is necessary to observe precautions in accordance with SanPiN 1.2.2584 «Hygienic requirements for the safety of testing, storage, transportation, sale, use, neutralization and disposal of pesticides and agrochemicals.» It is necessary to use personal protective equipment for the skin, eyes and respiratory organs.

First aid in case of poisoning:

— at the first sign of indisposition, immediately stop work, remove the victim from the area of ​​influence of the drug, carefully remove clothing and personal protective equipment, avoiding contact with the drug on the skin, immediately seek medical help;

— in case of accidental ingestion, rinse the mouth with water, immediately give the victim several glasses of water with a suspension of activated carbon to drink at the rate of 1 g of sorbent per 1 kg of body weight, and then induce vomiting by irritation of the posterior pharyngeal wall; this should be repeated several times for a more complete removal of the drug from the body (vomiting is caused in the victims who are conscious), then again drink a roll of water with activated charcoal and immediately consult a doctor;

— in case of inhalation — remove the victim to fresh air;

— in case of contact with the skin, remove the drug from the skin with a piece of cloth, cotton wool (without rubbing), and then wash the contaminated area with soap and water;

— in case of contact with clothing — after removing contaminated clothing or shoes, wash areas of possible skin contamination with water;

— in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with a soft stream of clean, plain water with the eyelids open.

After giving first aid, seek medical attention if necessary. symptomatic treatment. There are no specific antidotes.

In case of poisoning, consult the Federal State Budgetary Institution «Scientific and Practical Toxicological Center of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia» at the address: 129090 Moscow, Sukharevskaya Square, 3, building 7. Toxicological information and advisory center (works around the clock): (495) 628-16-87.

Ways to neutralize a spilled or spilled pesticide:

In case of accidental spillage of the drug, it is necessary to isolate the danger zone and block access to it by strangers. Observe fire safety measures. Use protective clothing and personal protective equipment. Provide first aid to the injured.

Stop spilling the preparation and repackage it into fully closed containers. The spilled preparation must be covered with a sorbent, sand, sawdust or earth. Decontaminate the contaminated sorbent or soil with a 10% solution of calcined sodla or 7% slurry of freshly slaked bleach, collect them in tightly closed containers, organize their safe storage with subsequent removal to places agreed with the territorial environmental authorities and the Rospotrebnadzor administration. Dig up contaminated soil to the depth of a spade bayonet.

Registrant: ISK Bioscience Europe N.V., address: De Kleetlaan 12B, bus 9, B-1831 Diegem, Belgium, tel.: 32/2/627.86.11

State registration number: 066-01-1229- 1

Pesticide container label registration number: 521(2)-01-1229-0.5-18-10229.

  • Buy with delivery and pay upon receipt Teppeki insecticide.
  • Or order by phone. 8-800-707-2456 (calls within the Russian Federation are free).






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