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8 times table worksheets PDF

Download Free 8 times table worksheets

8 times table worksheets pdf are inspirational worksheets that contribute greatly in the progress of kids concept of multiplication. Multiplying by 8 activities bring into the multiplication concept an inner understanding of the repeated addition method. In that light, this worksheet has provided engaging exercises for kids to practice with parents at home.


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For a remarkable progress in math, download free 8 times table worksheets that will facilitate quick multiplication memory in your kids.

Example — multiply twice in 8 times table worksheets pdf

To perfectly work on 8 times table worksheets pdf, we need to consider multiplying twice with half of 8.

8 x 6 = ______

Half of 8 is 4

8 x 6 (4 x 6) + (4 x 6) = 24 + 24 = 48

Good! 8 x 6 = 48

8 times tables worksheets pdf

8 times tables worksheets pdf | multiplication by 8 tests pdf | 8 times table | 8 multiplication table | 8 times 8 — This page contains a collection of math worksheets which children in different grades can use to learn how to multiply different numbers by eight. Although we are multiplying by eight, the principles are the same. If you have not understood these principles until now, it is safe to go back to the video below this page and watch simple steps on how to do it with the aid of objects. As children pick up these skills, it is also important to build their mental math abilities. A great way to go about it is to make them review with multiplication tables. We have made the activies more exiting by using matching with frogs activities, fill in the blanks, complete the missing number in circles and more. All these sheets are free; rememeber to share.

Multiplication sheets x 8

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Multiplication sheets x 8

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8 multiplication table

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8 time table pdf sheets

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Multiplication by eight pack

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8 x Other numbers sheets

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Multiplication sheets x 8

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Basic Multiplication

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Have fun learn how to multiply by eight. Remember to check out the video below if you are still struggling with the basics of multiplication. Homeschooling parents and teachers work hard to properly teach their kids about mathematics. If you’re feeling a little tired preparing their worksheets yourself, however, feel free to use our collection of worksheets as a convenient and comprehensive math resource.
We put together these 8 times table worksheets PDF as an intuitive and easy way to get your child solving a bunch of multiplication problems and hone their elementary math skills.
In teaching your child the multiples of 8, memorizing might not be the best way to start. Instead, you might consider approaching the subject through various contextual and real-life problems. This can help anchor the concept of multiplication to your child’s head as well as provide them a tangible example of the benefits and uses of multiplication in common settings.
If your kids have active imaginations, you can have them close their eyes and visualize a whole pizza pie with eight slices. Through this mental exercise, a single pizza pie could be used to represent the value of 8. You can then instruct your child to picture out two whole pizza pies and ask them how many slices are present in total. This exercise can then be expanded further so they can find out how many slices are in an increasing amount of pizza pies.
Real-life imagery like the aforementioned example can be very useful in introducing the concept to kids. However, to truly develop your kids’ ability to multiply numbers, they’ll need to sharpen the skill by solving problems. By investing a little effort, determination and encouragement, your child can quickly breeze through our multiply by 8 tests over time.
Give your kids an advantage in elementary math quizzes, exams and competitions with our downloadable worksheets in PDF format. As PDFs, their formatting and layout don’t get disorganized after downloading.

Multiplication tables video — Learn how to multiply


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Quizzes are designed around the topics of addition, subtraction, geometry, shapes, position, fractions, multiplication, division, arithmetic, algebra etc.


Access the materials by looking at topics — Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Geometry, Trigonometry, algebra, Decimals, Division and more.

Excel teacher

Lesson 7.

Purpose of work:

  • learn how to use multiple workbook sheets
  • learn to link between sheets of the same workbook and links between files.

So far, you have only worked with one workbook sheet. It is often useful to use multiple worksheets.
Sheet tabs are visible at the bottom of the screen. If you click on the tab with the left mouse button, the specified sheet becomes active and moves to the top. Right-clicking on a tab will bring up a context-sensitive menu for sheet actions such as moving, deleting, renaming, and so on.
In the lower left corner of the workbook window, there are tab scroll buttons that allow you to move from one worksheet to another.
By right-clicking on the tab scroll buttons, you can open a context-sensitive menu to select the desired worksheet.

Statement of the problem.
A class magazine needs to be created. For simplicity, we will limit ourselves to three subjects: literature, algebra, geometry. A separate sheet of the workbook is assigned for each subject. It contains the class list (we will limit ourselves to five students), the current grades and the final grade for 1 quarter. A sheet of final grades for the 1st quarter must be presented on a separate sheet, which must be completed by grades using links to the corresponding sheets for the subjects.


TASK 1. On fill in and arrange the table according to the figure:

For the numbers in the cells containing the dates of the classes, set the format Date (Code: D.MM).
Calculate the grades for the 1st quarter using the formula as the arithmetic mean of the current grades using the AVERAGE function.

TASK 2. Save the table in your working disk’s personal directory as jurnal.xks.

TASK 3. Create similar sheets for algebra and geometry subjects, for which:
3.1. Copy the table Literature to the next sheet using the menu commands: Edit — Move / Copy

After executing the command, the sheet will appear.
3.2. Copy the table again using the same menu commands.
After executing this command, the sheet will appear.

TASK 4. Rename sheets: to , to <;Algebra>, to .

To do this, double-click on the tab of the corresponding sheet and enter a new name in the dialog box. You can right-click on the shortcut once and open a context-sensitive menu from which you can select Rename.

TASK 5. On the sheets and in the tables, change the names of subjects, current grades, dates accordingly.

Worksheet link

Excel allows you to use data from other sheets and from other tables in a table. A link between two sheets is achieved by entering a link formula in one sheet with a reference to a cell on another sheet.

TASK 6. On create a table — List of final grades for 1 quarter, for which:
6. 1. Rename to Sheet <1 Quarter>
6.2. Fill in the table with links to the corresponding cells of other sheets:

  • In cell A2 enter the formula = Literature!A2

Literature! — link to another sheet, symbol ! A2 is required — the address of the cell on the sheet, relative addressing is used.

  • Multiply the formula by the next 5 cells in column A and the corresponding cells in column B.

The student’s No. and Surname columns will be filled in the statement.

  • In cell C3 enter the formula = Literature! L3
  • Multiply the formula over the next 4 cells in the column.

The column was filled with grades for the i quarter in literature. Thus, a link will be established between the sheet <1 quarter> — and the sheet .

TASK 7. Delete sheets that will not be used in the workbook (3-16).
To remove a sheet, select Remove from context sensitive for tabs. To delete several worksheets at once, first select them while pressing the key.
As long as the worksheet information occupies one screen, one window is sufficient. If this is not the case, then you can open several windows and monitor different areas of the working file on the screen at the same time.
In our example, it is also convenient to do this by placing different worksheets in different windows.

TASK 8. Check that the table is filled in correctly.
8.1. Open another window for viewing. Execute the menu commands: Window — New Window.
8.2. In the new window, select the worksheet.
8.3. Execute the menu commands: Window — Arrange windows — Arrange , (*) in cascade.

The screen after performing these actions will take the form shown in the figure.

Only one of the windows is always active. To activate another window, click on it.

TASK 9. Check how the table link works.
9.1. On the sheet Ruslanova Galina correct two current grades 3 to 4.
Attention! The final score of Ruslanova Galina for the 1st quarter has changed, both on the sheet and on the sheet <1st quarter>.
9.2. Correct Ruslanova Galina’s current grades again by 3.
Thus, the connection between different sheets of one workbook is valid.

Link between files

A link between two files is achieved by introducing a link formula in one file with a reference to a cell in another file. The file that receives data from another is called the destination file, and the file that sends data is called the source file.
Once the link is established, Excel copies the value from the cell in the source file to the cell in the destination file. The value in the destination cell is automatically updated.

TASK 10. Link between sheets of different workbooks. Fill in the column in the Vedomosti with estimates for literature, taking them from the jurnal.xls file.
10. 1. Clear the Literature column from grades using the menu commands: Edit — Clear contents.
10.2 . In cell C3, enter the formula: =’A:\PETROV\[jurnal1.хls]Literature ‘!L3,

‘A:\PETROV\[jurnal1.хls]Literature ‘!L3 — path to jurnal.xls file and sheet. Required in «». The file name must be in square brackets. The path should include your work drive and your personal directory.
10.3. Multiply the formula over the next 4 cells in the column.
The column is filled with ratings from the literature, i.e., the connection is established.

TASK 11. Complete the 1st quarter statement on the subjects of algebra and geometry on your own.

TASK 12. Open two more windows and place the and sheets in them, cascading the windows.

TASK 13. Close all windows except for the window . Expand this window to full screen.

Task 140005 14.1. On the sheet . In cell A10, enter the text: “Received a grade of 5:”
14.2. Copy this text into cells A17 and A24.
14.3. In cell A17, change the text to: «Got a 4:», and in cell A24 to: «Got a 3:».
14.4. Use the AutoFilter to select records with a final grade of 5 in Quarter 1.
14.5. Highlight the names of the students and copy them to the 11th line in column B.
14.6. From cells with last names that have just been copied, remove the border and background.
14.7. Do the same for the students who got grades 3 and 4.
14.8. Cancel the AutoFilter by executing the command: Data — Filter — AutoFilter.
As a result of all actions, the sheet will look like:

ASSIGNMENT 15. Save the spreadsheet to disk in your personal directory as work7.xls.

TASK 16. Print the sheet after removing the headers and footers. Menu: File — Print, (*) — selected sheets.

TASK 17. Summarize.
do you know what is:

  • Excel workbook;
  • worksheet;
  • rules for writing formulas for linking worksheets;
  • cascading windows;
  • tiling of windows.

can you:

  • insert and delete a worksheet;
  • rename, move and copy worksheets;
  • open, close and arrange windows;
  • link between sheets of the same and different workbooks.

If not, then carefully re-read the relevant sections of the work.

Excel workbooks and worksheets. Table structure. Absolute and relative addresses.

Excel (hereinafter simply Excel) is
calculation program and
management of the so-called electronic

Excel spreadsheet elements

book and worksheet.

sheet is actually electronic
table, main document type,
used in Excel to store and
data manipulation. It consists of
cells organized in columns and rows,
and is always part of the workbook.

workbooks are MS Excel files that can
contain one or more workers
sheets (in version 7’0 by default in the new
workbook creates 16 workbooks
sheets). Such files have the extension

that Excel works with is called
book. The book usually contains
multiple worksheets that
may contain tables, texts,
diagrams, drawings.

is a good organizational
means. For example, in one book
collect all documents (worksheets),
related to a specific project
(task), or all documents that
run by one performer. The basis
worksheet (Fig. 79) represents
a grid of rows and columns. Cell
formed by the intersection of the line and
column. Mouse-selected cell(s)
is called active (in Fig. 77 active
cell is framed).

79. Table elements

Table structure
make up rows and columns. columns
denoted by Latin letters
alphabets, and strings numbers. Titles
columns have the form A, B, C…Z, AA, AB…IV (256),
row headers: 1,2..65536.

At intersection
row and column is a cell.
Each cell has an address (link to
cell) consisting of a column heading
and line header, at the intersection
which it is located, for example, С4 .

— the main element of the table — has its own
unique address consisting of a number
columns and rows, for example E4.

cell contains one element of information,
be it a numeric value, text or

same as in Word, each workbook,
created by Excel is based on some
model called template. Default
Excel bases the new workbook on
template named Book. The template saves
information about cell formatting and
worksheets, as well as used

button Create (New) on the standard
toolbars, you can create
a new, blank workbook based on
default template.

books based on the selected template

Select the New command from the menu

Select the desired bookmark to define
category of the template of the created workspace

Then select a template or master, on
on which the new working

can be pre-created and
may contain form elements for
reports, including invoices, debt
liabilities, financial statements, etc.,
adopted in a particular organization.

links are called, which, when copied
in a formula to another cell
automatically change

links are called, which, when copied
as part of a formula to another cell

references are used in formulas then,
when you don’t want automatic
change link when copying.

By alexxlab

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