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50 Examples Of Popular English Similes (We Still Use Now)

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What is a simile?

A simile describes one thing by comparing it to something else using the words ‘as’ or ‘like’. For example, As fresh as a daisy. In everyday spoken English, we usually drop the first ‘as’, so the simile shortens to just e.g. Fresh as a daisy. Do not confuse these expressions with normal metaphors that do not contain ‘as’ or ‘like’.

List of 50 most common similes (with meanings & examples)

1. Avoid like the plague

When you stay away from someone or something as much as possible for negative reasons.

A: Did you do your revision?
B: No, I hate revising. I’ve been avoiding it like the plague!

2. Blind as a bat

When someone cannot see very well.

I’m as blind as a bat! I thought I saw someone I knew and waved at them, but it turned out it was a complete stranger!

3. Bright as a button

When you refer to someone as being clever.

Simon got a job at NASA. Bright as a button, that guy!

We can also use the noun bright button as in: My daughter’s a bright button. The opposite would be not the sharpest tool in the box.

4. Cheap as chips

We use this to refer to something very inexpensive. It literally means the item we are buying is more or less the same price as a portion of chips (or French fries as Americans say).

Happy days! Got these earrings for five quid in the sales – cheap as chips, mate!

5. Clean as a whistle

This can mean physically very clean and tidy or “clean” in the sense of 100% legal (not dodgy or against the law).

I’ve scrubbed the house from top to bottom. Clean as whistle now!

6. Clear as mud

Used ironically to mean something is extremely unclear in meaning.

I tried reading Dante’s Inferno the other day. It was about as clear as mud!

7. Cool as a cucumber

Used to describe someone who does not get easily stressed out. They remain calm even when under pressure.

Imagine your boss has given you and your colleagues a deadline in five minutes. You panic, but one of your colleagues remains calm. You could say that person is ‘cool as a cucumber’.

8. Daft as a brush

This is a funny expression from the north of England. It means someone extremely foolish and silly.

A: Did you see Steve wearing that massive hat down the pub the other night?
B: Yeah, that lad’s daft as a brush, mate!

9. Deaf as a post

This is similar to the meaning of ‘as blind as a bat’, but for hearing instead. It means when someone’s hearing is very bad.

I called Mark’s name three times, but he didn’t hear me. He’s as deaf as a post!

10. Drink like a fish

To regularly drink excessive amounts of alcohol.

One stereotype of Brits is that they drink like fish.

11. Drop like flies

A morbid simile. It means when living beings die in their masses (many die). This can also be used to say many people are ill or out of action.

Half of my colleagues are off work with flu. We’re dropping like flies!

12. Dry as a bone

To refer to something being completely dry.

I haven’t watered my pot plants in ages and the soil is as dry as a bone.

13. Easy as ABC

When something is very easy or simple to do.

I managed to do this week’s crossword in under 5 minutes. It was easy as ABC!

Similes with the same meaning include easy as pie and like riding a bike (about habits). In British slang, we can also say a piece of piss to mean something is very easy to do – e.g. That Maths exam the other week was a piece of piss.

14. Eat like a pig

To eat food in an unpleasant or messy manner.

I love my husband to bits (very much), but he eats like a pig sometimes!

15. Feel like death warmed up

When you feel extremely ill or sick. Like with food, the idea is that you feel like death (bad), but then reheated (even worse).

I got a really bad cold two days ago and felt like death warmed up.

16. Fit like a glove

When clothing is exactly the right size for you and fits perfectly.

I bought myself a new suit and it fits me like a glove.

17. Fresh as a daisy

To look and feel healthy and full of energy.

A: Heard you had a good one down the pub the other night.
B: Haha, yep. Fresh as a daisy now though, mate!

18. Get on like a house on fire

When people get on extremely well, have a lot in common, are good friends.

I haven’t known Diana for long, but we get on like a house on fire. We’re similar in many ways.

19. Go down like a lead balloon

When you or someone else says or writes something that is negatively received by others. This usually happens when someone tells a bad joke that other people find offensive.

I told my mum your joke about the nun and the toilet. It went down like a lead balloon!

20. Go out like a light

This can be a positive or a negative thing. Positively, it means when someone falls asleep quickly. Negatively, it means to lose consciousness or get knocked out fast.

I envy Kendra. I take hours to get to sleep, but as soon as her head hits the pillow, she’s out like a light!

Did you see the boxing match last night? Strong left hook and Khan was out like a light!


Good as gold

When you or someone else is very well behaved. This is usually used for pets or small children. For adults it is a bit patronising.

Your son is as good as gold. Mine’s a cheeky monkey most of the time! 

Brits often use funny names to describe kids and their behaviour. For example, cheeky monkey (naughty), silly sausage (messing around), Little Lord Fauntleroy (privileged, expecting others to do all the work for them).

22. Hard as nails

A person who is physically tough, strong, good in a fight. Can also refer to being mentally tough or resilient.

Alison is hard as nails. She didn’t even cry when she watched Titanic! (Joke)

23. Have a memory like a sieve

To be incredibly forgetful to the point when someone says something to you and a short while later, you cannot remember what they said.

A: Hi, what’s your name?

B: Alan

*5 minutes later*

A: Hi, what’s your name?

B: Alan…I told you 5 minutes ago!

A: Sorry, I have a memory like a sieve.

24. High as a kite

Intoxicated on drugs. Used when the person being described is “very high”.

I saw a homeless guy outside the supermarket the other day. I don’t know what he was on, but he was high as a kite!

25. Large as life

When someone has a big personality. Imagine a room and when someone enters, their presence changes the room’s atmosphere. This is considered a positive thing. We usually use the comparative form larger than life.

The party was a bit dull until Sarah arrived. That woman is larger than life!

26. Like a bull in a china shop

This has two meanings. The first is when someone is very clumsy and causes damage accidentally. The second is when someone is tactless and enters a situation in an angry mood. Here the word “china” does not refer to the country; it means the delicate material traditionally used to make plates and teacups.

How many plates have you broken this week? You’re like a bull in a china shop!

Don’t send Sally to smooth things over with the boss. She’s like a bull in a china shop!

27. Like a fish out of water

When someone is unfamiliar with their surroundings or is uncomfortable in a situation.

When I first moved to Spain I found it really hard to make friends. I felt like a fish out of water.

28. Like a red rag to a bull

If you do something that provokes someone or makes them very angry.

Jimmy stealing Ted’s chocolate was like a red rag to a bull. Those kids are always fighting!

29. Like chalk and cheese

When two people are completely different. Think the exact opposite i.e. salt and pepper or black and white.

I don’t understand how Rob and Julie are still married. Those two are like chalk and cheese!

30. Like taking candy from a baby

This refers to something being extremely easy to do, usually involving some form of manipulation.

A: I advertised my consultancy work as a “VIP service” and charged clients double.

B: Like taking candy from a baby, mate!

31. Like two peas in a pod

Meaning that two people are very similar to each other in either character, appearance or both. The opposite of chalk and cheese.

Tommy and Timmy are like two peas in a pod. Their names even sound alike!

32. Like watching paint dry

When something is very boring. It cannot be used to describe a person.

I went to see a cricket match on Sunday. It was like watching paint dry!

33. Like water off a duck’s back

Refers to a potentially hurtful comment or situation that has no effect on the person (because he/she is resilient or ignores it).

I’ve told my son off so many times about coming home late, but it’s like water off a duck’s back.

34. Mad as a hatter

Bonkers, mental, nuts…these adjectives and this simile are all synonyms for ‘crazy’.

Dave went out in a snowstorm wearing only shorts yesterday. That man is as mad as a hatter!

The simile Mad as a hatter has an interesting history! It originated in Manchester in 1829 in a part of the city famous for its hat-making business. This work involved the use of mercury, a toxic metal that can cause symptoms similar to madness when absorbed into the body through frequent contact over time.

35. Quiet as a mouse

A person who is very quiet or doesn’t like to talk at all.

Lucy doesn’t like meetings. She usually just sits there quiet as a mouse.

36. Regular as clockwork

When something is repeated regularly at the same time.

For some reason, I get a headache every morning at 10am for a whole hour. It’s as regular as clockwork.

37. Right as rain

To be perfectly healthy and well.

I had a meeting with my doctor and she said I was as right as rain.

You may know the simile As fit as a fiddle, which has the same meaning as the one above. However, this expression is rather outdated now. Be careful to only learn and use similes that are still popular today…like the ones on this list!

38. Run around like a headless chicken

We use this to refer to a person who is doing something in a rushed, disorganised and illogical way.

Daniel is really struggling as my Personal Assistant. He has no order to his day and is constantly running around like a headless chicken!

39. Safe as houses

To be very safe or dependable.

While some investments are risky, I believe BP shares are safe as houses this year.

40. Sick as a parrot

Brits use this when we feel highly disappointed in something or are physically ill.

I’ve been in bed with food poisoning all weekend. I feel sick as a parrot!


Sleep like a log

When you have a brilliant night’s sleep.

I slept for 9 hours last night and it was great. I slept like a log.

42. Snug as a bug in a rug

Think of the most comfortable situation ever. We use this simile to express that.

I was sitting in my comfy armchair with the rain outside, the fire blazing and a hot cup of tea – snug as a bug in a rug!

43. Stick out like a sore thumb

To be completely different from the crowd and therefore be very noticeable.

Everyone in the class had normal coloured hair, except Amy who dyed hers green. She stuck out like a sore thumb.

44. Sweat like a pig

When you are so sweaty that touching your skin feels wet.

I’m sweating like a pig today! It must be 40 degrees outside.

As you can see from this list, English has lots of funny similes. Another good example is: About as much use as a chocolate fireguard. This means ‘completely useless’. Obviously, the heat from the fire would melt the chocolate. E.g. A car in Venice is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

45. Thick as two short planks

This simile describes someone as being very stupid.

I really like Ross, but he is as thick as two short planks. He thought Rome was the capital of Croatia!

46. Thick as thieves

To be extremely close to another person or group of people. This is often associated with shared secrets and naughty behaviour.

John and Alfie are always getting into trouble at school. Thick as thieves, those two!

47. Tough as old boots

When someone is very strong either mentally or physically.

My granddad survived two world wars. He was as tough as old boots.

48. White as a sheet

This describes a person’s face as going unnaturally white when they are scared or ill.

When I jumped out from under the bed, my daughter went white as a sheet! She doesn’t like my daddy pranks.

49. Work like a charm

When something works out perfectly and better than anticipated.

When I first met my wife, I told her she had beautiful eyes. Bit of a cliché, but it worked like a charm!

50. Work like a dog

To work very hard, slave away on something, graft. Can be associated with exploitation when you work hard for little reward.

I’ve been working like a dog this past year, but I still don’t have enough cash for a decent holiday.

  1. How would we describe a person who is well-behaved?
    a. As good as bronze
    b. As good as silver
    c. As good as gold
  2. When we refer to something inexpensive, we say…
    a. It cost an arm and a leg
    b. It is as cheap as chips
    c. It is as cheap as dirt
  3. Mary and Jessica are very close. They are like two peas in a pod. This means…
    a. Mary and Jessica are very similar
    b. Mary and Jessica are sisters
    c. Mary and Jessica are vegetarians
  4. Liam is not clever at all. How would we describe him?
    a. He is as thick as two short planks
    b. He is as thick as two long planks
    c. He is thick as thieves
  5. What simile do we use when we have a good night’s sleep?
    a. Sleep like a cloud
    b. Sleep like a log
    c. Sleep like a cat
  6. Which simile has two meanings?
    a. Like a bull in a china shop
    b. Avoid like the plague
    c. Like watching paint dry
  7. What simile is the opposite of two peas in a pod?
    a. Safe as houses
    b. Bright as a button
    c. Like chalk and cheese
  8. If you have both terrible hearing and eyesight, which two similes can be used to describe you?
    a. Blind as a bug, deaf as a post
    b. Blind as a bat, deaf as a mole
    c. Blind as a bat, deaf as a post
  9. How would you describe two people who have a good relationship?
    a. They get on like a house on fire
    b. They get on like a home on fire
    c. They get on like wood on fire
  10. Someone who is calm in all situations is…
    a. As cool as a cucumber
    b. As cool as a cabbage
    c. As cool as a carrot

1-c, 2-b, 3-a, 4-a, 5-b, 6-a, 7-c, 8-c, 9-a, 10-a

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Simile Examples: What Are Similes? — Figures Of Speech

Examples of Similes Using “As”

One of the connecting words you can use for a simile is as. Simply place it between the two things you’re comparing!

There are generally two ways you will see as:

  • By itself.
  • And in this pattern: “as ___ as….”

Here are some simile examples with as by itself:

  • Jaylene brushes her hair as a cat grooms its fur. 
  • My baby brother ate his ice cream as a pig eats its slops.  
  • Her thoughts flew as a bird on the wing.

And here are some simile examples with “as ___ as…”:

  • Greta runs as fast as a cheetah.
  • The rain is falling as hard as hail! 
  • You kicked that soccer ball as high as a skyscraper! 

Examples of Similes Using “Like”

The other comparison word you can use for similes is like. You can use it the same way — between the two parts of the comparison.

Here are some simile examples with like:

  • He snores like a bear does when it hibernates. 
  • They laughed like hyenas. 

The fairy lights were like twinkling stars.

Examples of Similes for Kids

Just because something has a grammatical name doesn’t mean it’s complicated. There are lots of similes that are great for kids.

For example, here are some similes with animals:

  • He roared like a lion.
  • She moves like a sloth.
  • Quick! Hop like a bunny!
  • Albert is as slow as a turtle.
  • Penelope is as strong as an ox.
  • Ruby grinned like a wolf.

Similes are valuable tools for expressing feelings and emotions, as well. Try some of these and guess where the connector word is:

  • Matias is as scared as a mouse.
  • They’re as hungry as a pack of lions.
  • His heart fluttered like a butterfly.
  • Her stomach felt like lead.

See? When you get the hang of it, it really isn’t that hard!

Similes in Everyday Language

You probably use similes in your everyday speech without realizing it!

Here are some examples of common similes:

  • Marin was as cool as a cucumber when we were taking that test.
  • You’re moving like molasses.
  • Roger is as sly as a fox.
  • Run like the wind!
  • That bicycle is as light as a feather.
  • I thought that question was as easy as pie.
  • She’s as sweet as honey.

Similes in Classic Literature

Similes are a classic figure of speech – which is why they show up so much in classic literature!

Here are some famous examples from authors you might recognize:

William Shakespeare

  • “She sings as sweetly as a nightingale. /… she looks as clear / As morning roses newly washed with dew.” ~ The Taming of the Shrew, II.1.
  • “My belly is as cold as if I / had swallowed snowballs for pills.” ~ The Merry Wives of Windsor, III.5.
  • “Her eyes, as murder’d with the view, / Like stars ashamed of day, themselves withdrew.” ~ Venus and Adonis

William Wordsworth

  • “​​To some remote and solitary place, / Shady as night, and beautiful as heaven” ~ Vaudracour And Julia.
  • “Fresh as a lark mounting at break of day, / Festively she puts forth in trim array” ~ Where Lies The Land To Which Yon Ship Must Go?
  • “‘As sure as there’s a moon in heaven,’ / Cries Betty, ‘he’ll be back again.’” ~ The Idiot Boy


Homer was an ancient Greek poet who wrote several epic poems, including The Iliad and The Odyssey. And he’s given his name to a special kind of simile: a Homeric simile!

This type of simile is also called an epic simile, another type of descriptive language. But rather than just a few words, a Homeric simile makes the comparison over many lines; in that way, it’s similar to an extended metaphor!

Here are some short examples of Homeric similes: (All translations are by A.T. Murray)

  • “Even as this serpent devoured the sparrow’s little ones and the mother with them—the eight, and the mother that bare them was the ninth—so shall we war there for so many years, but in the tenth shall we take the broad-wayed city. ” ~ The Iliad, Book 2
  • “And his eyelids wholly and his brows round about did the flame singe as the eyeball burned, and its roots crackled in the fire. And as when a smith dips a great ax or an adze in cold water amid loud hissing to temper it—for therefrom comes the strength of iron—even so did his eye hiss round the stake of olive-wood.” ~ The Odyssey, Book 9
  • “And as a fisher on a jutting rock, when he casts in his baits as a snare to the little fishes, with his long pole lets down into the sea the horn of an ox of the steading, and then as he catches a fish flings it writhing ashore, even so, were they drawn writhing up towards the cliffs.” ~ The Odyssey, Book 12 

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump may not be classic literature, but it’s certainly a classic movie! And one of the most famous lines is a simile:

  • “My mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Similes in Song Lyrics

Because similes are so useful for making comparisons, this figure of speech always comes up in song lyrics.

Here are some examples of famous songs that use similes:

  • “Like a bridge over troubled water / I will lay me down.” ~ Simon & Garfunkel, Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • “And it seems to me you lived your life / Like a candle in the wind” ~ Elton John, Candle in the Wind.
  • “I’m like a shooting star / I’ve come so far.” ~ Tim Rice, Aladdin, “A Whole New World.”
  • “Just like fire, burning out the way / If I can light the world up for just one day.” ~ Pink, Just Like Fire

Similes in Advertising Slogans

Similar to song lyrics, advertising slogans use similes because they’re short and to the point. It’s an easy way to convey ideas without using much space. Plus, it’s easy for people to remember them.

Here are some examples of similes in advertising slogans:

  • “The Honda’s ride is as smooth as a gazelle in the Sahara. Its comfort is like a hug from Nana…Don’t be out in the cold like a wet pair of boots.” ~ Honda
  • “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” ~ State Farm Insurance
  • “Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee.” ~ Gatorade
  • “Like a rock.” ~ Chevy
  • “Tastes like awesome feels.” ~ Doritos

Simile vs. Metaphor

Ask yourself, is it explicit or implicit? Direct or indirect?

This is the difference between similes and metaphors.

  • A simile makes an explicit, direct comparison.
  • A metaphor makes an implicit, indirect comparison.

In other words, a simile is obvious, and a metaphor takes a little more thinking. Often, this makes a metaphor sound more poetic. But both are excellent for making descriptive writing more engaging.

When you’re writing, how do you differentiate between a simile and a metaphor?

It’s simple! A simile will use like or as, and a metaphor won’t use either.

Here are some examples of similar sentences where one uses a simile and the other uses a metaphor.

(Note: You can’t necessarily just get rid of the connecting word in a simile – you might need to change around the sentence or add something to it.)

Example 1

  • The clouds, like cotton balls, hung in the sky. (simile)
  • The clouds were cotton balls hanging in the sky. (metaphor)

Example 2

  • Her thoughts were like horses racing down the track. (simile)
  • Her thoughts were horses racing down the track. (metaphor)

Example 3

  • Grover packs up his school books as quickly as a mouse grabs cheese. (simile)
  • Grover was a mouse, packing his school books in a hurry and scurrying away. (metaphor)

There are different types of metaphors too, which you can read more about on the metaphor page of our site.

For example:

  • George Orwell’s book Animal Farm is an extended metaphor, comparing farm animals to events in Russian history.


Are you as bright as a whip now that you’ve finished this article? Of course, you are!

You’ve learned how valuable similes are in the English language, the different types of similes, and how to use them.

Here’s the general rule: use a simile for explicit comparisons between two things. And to write a simile, use like or as.

Similes show up everywhere, from everyday conversations to classic literature. So when you’re writing stories or essays, practice using similes, and you’ll be a creative genius in no time!

For more great grammar articles, check out the other pages on this site. There are lots of exciting things to explore, such as examples of metaphors, alliteration, parts of speech, active vs. passive voice, and so much more.

What does similar mean — Definition of words

Dictionary of medical terms

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similar, similar; similar, similar, similar. Similar, representing an analogy with something. A similar case. similar phenomena. These cases are similar.

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th, -th; -chen, -chen. Similar, similar. A. case. Similar solution.

n. similarity, -and, f.

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Similar, similar.

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Examples of the use of the word similar in the literature.

Of particular interest would be the author’s invariants of Greek and Latin, if we bear in mind the use of similar methods for recognizing the authorship of ancient texts.

Similar resolutions were adopted for the development of engine-building and aggregate plants.

If provocation was the favorite method of the Police Department both before and after the revolution 1905 years — let’s remember Azef and Azefism among the Socialist-Revolutionaries, as well as similar, albeit on a smaller scale, work in all anti-government parties — it seems, however, that not a single political group in Russia enjoyed such heightened attention of the Police Department as the Bolsheviks entangled in such a dense cobweb of provocation.

According to Interpol, Kosovo Albanians then held in their hands two thirds of the heroin imports into Switzerland and occupied not the last place in the similar sector of the German economy.

But we did an analysis of the capsid and found that it is similar to the membrane of the neuron and antibodies do not attack it, because they consider it part of the human body.

The scenario of the loss of Gorky’s letters is almost similar: the GPU was about to seize the letters, and before the threat of this, Anuchin destroys them himself, leaving copies nonetheless — a strange act that deprived Anuchin of some legal evidence of the authenticity of his words about connections with Gorky.

This makes it possible to see behind Arbatov, who worked to weaken and disintegrate the Soviet Army, the figure of the General Secretary-President, who pursued similar goals.

If such a civilization brings a radio telescope the size of Arecibo to Earth, an Earth observatory will detect a similar source anywhere in the Milky Way galaxy.

For a monochrome display, the attributes are set in the same way.

And a guy who has shit in his head will carry buckets with the same contents all his life.

Made in the same way as a wheat flour bandage, it is used to soften the tissues of the eye and relieve tension.

In the very near future, the squad of Bacilla, having joined with several partisan formations of a similar type, was going to conduct a raid on the village of Voronki, where the Castilian mission had been under siege for several months.

Things, however, must be turned in such a way as not to change the role of a powerless hostage of one court to a similar role in another court.

The lessor, notified of the lessee’s requirements or of his intention to eliminate the defects of the property at the expense of the lessor, may immediately replace the property provided to the lessee with other similar property in proper condition, or eliminate the defects of the property free of charge.

If the tenant discovers defects in the leased property that completely or partially prevent its use, the landlord is obliged, within ten days from the date of the tenant’s statement about the shortcomings, unless a shorter period is established by the rental agreement, to eliminate the defects of the property on the spot free of charge or to replace this property other similar property in good condition.

Source: Maxim Moshkov Library

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to one structural element and just like BFC they are directly


related to the program, these members considered that, by their nature, these services support the execution of the program and should therefore appear in Part III of the budget along with the Bureau of Human Resources Management (HRM).



C. While agreeing that BSP

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and, with BFC, were directly linked to the programme, they considered

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that this was in a program support capacity and that these services should therefore figure under Part III of the budget along with HRM.



bb ) M e one hundred production, free […]

from a pest — a place of production where the pest is absent, and


where it is officially maintained, cc) Pest-free production site — A defined part of a production site for which the absence of a given pest is scientifically proven and where, if necessary, it is officially maintained for a certain period of time, and which is managed as a separate unit, but in the same way as a free place of production.



bb) Pes t f ree p la ce of production […]

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place is officially protected, 3 cc) Pest free production site denotes to a production area where a specific type of pest is not present and this status is officially protected for a certain period of time and to a certain part of production area administered as a separate unit as in the case of place of production free from pests.



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as well as third devices such as electric locks, alarms, sensors, etc.



In order to increase security of corporate i nf orma tion , bb guard is n ot o nly 90 080 a professional device for access control with face recognition, it also presents the possibility of integration with system bb time-management (w 9 h su bseq ue nt formation of v ario us r ep orts of staff attendance for their motivation) [. ..]

and with outside devices such as electric locks, alarms, sensors, etc.



Both of these options add a link to the original message,


showing author name, date and time

messages, while k a k bb k od tag quote indicates […]

the desired message without this additional information.



Both these options add a link to the original post showing the name of the poster and the date and


time of the post, whereas the

Bulletin Boar d Code 9 va nt post […]

without this additional information.





financial position of Samruk-Energo at

[. ..]
level rating category and and BB o t takes advantage of the vertical […]

integration since activity


of the company includes the entire process of energy generation, from coal mining to the generation and distribution of electricity and heat.



SE’s standalone business and financial profile

is asse ss ed a t BB r atin g catego ry , which b en 900 80 efits […]

from its vertical integration as its


activities range from coal mining to generation and distribution of power and heat.



The MSD pump has the widest range of hydraulic performance available

multistage pumps class with a BB 3 n a market.



The MSD pump has the broadest

hydraulic co ve rage of an y BB3 ty pe multi 080 age pump […]

in the market.



System m a bb w o rk space refers to […]

class ECM systems (Enterprise Content Management) and supports full life cycle


document management from creation and registration to archival storage in separate databases for each calendar year.



Bb wo rk spa ce sy

(Enterprise Content Management) and supports full lifecycle of document management


starting from creation and registration to archival storage in separate databases for each calendar year.



bb ) p p maintain a regular […]

review of the process for the further implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action and in 2015 in the established


bring together all stakeholders, including civil society, to assess progress and challenges, clarify objectives and consider new initiatives 20 years after the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action



( bb) T o revi ew r eg ularly […]

the further implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action and, in 2015, to bring together all


relevant stakeholders, including civil society, to assess progress and challenges, specify targets and consider new initiatives as appropriate twenty years after the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action

daccess-ods. un.org

daccess-ods.un .org

bb ) s about act to create […]

women and girls have a positive idea of ​​professional activity in the field of science


and technology, including in the media and social media and through informing parents, students, educators, career counselors and curriculum developers, and developing and expanding other strategies to encourage and support their participation in these areas



( bb) Pr om ote a po si tive image […]

of careers in science and technology for women and girls, including in the mass media and


social media and through sensitizing parents, students, teachers, career counsellors and curriculum developers, and devising and scaling up other strategies to encourage and support their participation in these fields

daccess-ods. un.org


It is also impossible not to mention that the Bank’s major breakthrough was the highest rating among all private banks in the country with 100% local capital (at the same time, this is the second best rating among all private banks in Azerbaijan) from


international rating agency Standard &

Poor’s — long term BB and short-term […]

‘B’, rating change forecast — «stable».



It should also be noted that receiving highest rating among all private banks of the country with 100 % local capital (simultaneously ranking second in rating among all private banks of Azerbaijan) from the


International Rating Agency Standard &

Poor’s: lo ng-term a nd short -te rm BB B with [. ..]

«stable» outlook has become a significant breakthrough of the Bank.



The Company’s cash management policy limits the amount of financial assets that can be held in any of the banks, depending on the amount of capital of the level of such a bank and its long-term credit rating assigned by Standard & Poors (for example, no more than 40% for a bank with a rating of m « BB » at December 31, 2010).



The Company’s treasury policy limits the amount of financial assets held at any one bank to the lower of a stipulated maximum threshold or a percentage of the bank’s Tier I capital, which is linked to the banks long term counterparty credit rating, as measured by Standard and Poor’s rating agency, (e.g. not greater than 40% for a BB rated bank on December 31, 2010).


kmgep. kz

In turn, detector base

must be installed in the FAA‑5 00 BB and False Ceiling Mount Case and or in the FAA‑500‑SB Surface Ceiling Mount Box.



In addition, the detector base must be installed in an FAA‑500‑BB Ceiling Mount Back Box or in an FAA‑500‑SB Surface Mount Back Box.



bb m e morandum of understanding […]

between the Romanian National Anti-Money Laundering Office and


by the Anti-Money Laundering and Property Laundering Secretariat of Paraguay on cooperation in the exchange of financial intelligence on money laundering and terrorist financing, signed in Bucharest, December 2008, and Asuncion, December 2008

daccess-ods. un.org


( bb) Me mor and um of u nderstanding […]

between the Romanian National Office for Preventing and Combating Money-laundering and


the Paraguayan Secretariat for Prevention of Money-laundering or Property on cooperation in financial intelligence exchange related to money-laundering and terrorist financing, signed in Bucharest, December 2008, and in Asunción, December 2008



The Council will also include the Deputy Director General for Social and Human Sciences (ADG/SHS),

Director of the Bureau of Strategic Planning (DIR/BSP), Director of the Bureau of Budget (D I R / BB ) , di rector of the Bureau of Public Information (DIR/BPI) and – depending on the topic […]
[. ..]

and the needs of the world report — another Deputy Director-General for one of the program sectors.



Other members will be ADG/SHS, DIR/BSP, DIR/BB, DIR/BPI and – subject to the specific theme and exigencies of a world report – another Program Sector ADG.



AccessBank is recognized as the most reliable bank in


Azerbaijan international

rating agency Fit ch ( » BB + p p light — stable ny»), […]

and at the company’s annual awards


Global Finance (2011) and Euromoney Publishing Group (in 2012, 2011 and 2010) was named the «Best Bank of Azerbaijan» and received The Banker’s «Bank of the Year» award (2011).



AccessBank is recognized as the Most Reliable

[. ..]

bank in Azerbaijan by Fitch

International Ra tings (‘ BB+ Outlook Sta ble ‘), a nd as «The […]

Best Bank in Azerbaijan» by Global


Finance (2011) and Euromoney (2012, 2011 and 2010) in their annual awards as well as «The Bank of the Year» by The Banker (2011).



Even more position of the company in

In the eyes of the market, it was worsened by the decision of the S&P rating agency to place the credit rating EN RC BB + N a «credit watch negative», which implies an increased likelihood of a drop in the company’s rating in the coming [. ..]

three months.



To make things even worse, S&P placed ENRC’s BB+ credit rating on “credit watch negative”, which implies a higher probabili ty of a downgrade into junk territory over the next three months.



In June 2012, the international rating agency Fitch Ratings upgraded the long-term ratings of the Krasnodar Territory, as well as bond issues in foreign and national currencies from n i BB d o BB + .



In June 2012 international ratings agency Fitch Ratings upgraded the long-term ratings for Krasnodar Territory, as well as foreign and national currency long-term issuer default ratings from ‘BB’ to ‘BB+’, and affirmed Krasnodar’s short-term rating at ‘B ‘.



1 BB 2 b iii 2 Production Fugitive emissions (excluding venting and flaring) from gas wells through gas treatment inlets or, if no treatment is required, at system interfaces transportation […]




1B 2 b iii 2 Production Fugitive emissions (excluding venting and flaring) from the gas wellhead through to the inlet of gas processing plants, or, where processing is not required, to the tie-in points on gas transmission systems.



If ‘Quick Reply’ is enabled, a reply box will appear after the posts on the page, but you


must print your message, also

you can use t s BB K od and Smilies manually, […]

if you choose to use it.



If ‘Quick Reply’ has been enabled, a simple reply field will also appear


after the post(s) on a page, but you’ll have to

type your B ullet in Board Co de an d Smileys [. ..]

manually if you choose to use it.



Models B J and BB with and are the first brands of the holding […]

Mack, built under the influence of new transport trends — machines capable of


transport heavier and bulkier loads at higher speeds.



The Models BJ a nd BB we re the fi rst truc ks of Mack […]

Company, built under the influence of new transport trends — machines


capable of carrying heavy and bulky loads with greater speed.



In May 2012 Fitch Rating upgraded the long-term ratings of Novosibirskaya


foreign and national areas

[. ..]
currency level I « BB » up to « BB + » , and long-term […]

national scale rating —


from «AA-(rus)» to «AA(rus)».



In May 2012, Fitch Ratings changed its long-term rating for the Novosibirsk


Region (in foreign and local currency)

from BB t o BB+, and it s long-t erm na tiona l- scale […]

rating from AA-(rus) to AA(rus).



Second category0080 — a startup has a ready-made […]

or almost finished (testing) product and started to attract the first


clients, however, it does not yet demonstrate high growth rates of the client base and revenues.

digitaloctober. ru


Second c atego ry 0079 ta rtup has […]

a finished or almost finished (at the testing stage) product and has started


attracting its first clients, but has not got demonstrated a high income or client base growth rate.



November 16, 2009 assigned to IDGC of Center

credit rating S &P 9[…]



and the Company’s readiness to fulfill its financial obligations in a timely manner and in full.



11/16/2009 IDGC of

Center wa s ass 9[…]

(“Stable”) by S&P, thus testing to the Company’s capability


and readiness in the performance of its financial obligations.


euroland. com

The international rating agency Fitch has upgraded the senior unsecured Eurobond issue rating of TNK-BP International Ltd /TNK-BP/ by USD 700 million from i « BB + » d o «BBB-» $5 billion and the existing bond issue under the program in the amount of $1.5 billion from BB + o BBB-.



The international rating agency Fitch raised the priority unsecured rating of the issue of eurobonds of TNK-BP International Ltd. (TNK-BP) by $ 700 Million from the LEVE L BB+ to BB B- and the Priority Unsecue Rating of the Issue of Debt Security ites for $ 5 Billion and the Current Issue of Bonds for Program Implementation for $1.5 billion from the level BB+ to BBB-.



bb ) o must be packed [.

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