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Sunshine Acrostic Poems — Acrostic Poems About Sunshine

These Sunshine Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Sunshine. These are the best examples of Acrostic Sunshine poems written by international poets.


Strong desire to get outside;
Ocean, amusement parks, or waterslides;
Let me freeze time with a sunset,
stay bathing in that salt breeze a while;
Travel to a new...

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© Melani Udaeta&nbsp&nbsp

emotions, feelings, summer, sunshine,

summertime splashes

"summertime splashes"

some say summer symbolizes warmth
unleashed with undeniable light
most say the season is rainbow rich
making earth and sky the place to be
evermore for lovers under...

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© Lisa Ricci&nbsp&nbsp

summer, sunshine,

Spreading Happiness, One Dandelion at a Time

Slyly tiptoeing through fields of gold
Picking dandelions with a heart so bold
Rays of sunshine, he gathers his treasures
Each yellow bud a gift, his heart full. ..

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© Michael Craig&nbsp&nbsp

boy, care, happiness, humanity,

Spreading Happiness

S-uffering in bleak darkness people need light,
P-ace the gloomy path of despair to sunshine.
R-ays of altruistic candle I show them with love,
E-cstasy fervently suffuses their...

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© Subimal Sinha-Roy&nbsp&nbsp

analogy, happiness, uplifting,


(B)right sunshine paints the snow
(E)nlightening visions come alive
(A) winter day brings striking beauty
(U)nveiling the light in my soul
(T)rees bring delicate shadows
(I)nviting me to walk with...

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© Heidi Sands&nbsp&nbsp

beautiful, day, winter,

Resolutions for 2023

Quote By Poet: "As one year ends ~ another is waiting to begin.  What will the New Year bring? Only time will tell."

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© Paula Goldsmith&nbsp&nbsp

food, friend, health, love,

Frozen Solid

	Frigid weather with gritty graupels welcome winter.
	Rivulets of raucous rain freeze without cease or halt.
	Overly willful waterfalls splatter and splinter.
	Zealous spirits scatter shards with turbulent...

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© Linda Alice Fowler&nbsp&nbsp

environment, nature, seasons, winter,


Try to look around and see if there's something new.
Revisit the old-time scenery that you're used to.
Ease the qualms and queries in your mind.
Enervate yourself...

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© Clifford Villalon&nbsp&nbsp

august, beauty, dream, freedom,


Zhann spoiled his debut, by changing into
A Zhiberain thong mist, he caused Blip Dynomo
to be off centered and then Darksied and
and Lex Luther gained advantage. ..

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© Allan Terry&nbsp&nbsp

butterfly, culture, emotions, leadership,


Inside every person is this magical light
Nothing more beautiful if it's switched on
Suddenly the flashes of inspiration comes
Please encourage others to pass on a fire

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© John Doherty&nbsp&nbsp

appreciation, blessing, confidence, encouraging,

Admitting Immoral Thoughts, Deeds — METANOIA — as TESTIMONY

S Such is our flesh, natural "man"
I In the language of Testaments, we plan
N Not only to enjoy our sins, but confess

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© Anil Deo&nbsp&nbsp

12th grade, addiction, bible,

A mother’s love

Acrostic – I love you to the moon and back
Title:  A mother’s love

I wish you were here and happy again

Losing you was hard but. ..

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© Farah Diba Pastor&nbsp&nbsp

7th grade, care, death,

Four Wonders

      W- When clouds gather more each day, we know winter is here to stay.

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© Roebain Christians&nbsp&nbsp

appreciation, autumn, beauty, creation,


Autumn golden sunshine yawns, 
Unfolds on carpet of damp lawns.   
Transfix bronze leaves tumble and crumble 
Under bare limbs like flickering of flames....

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© Eve Roper&nbsp&nbsp


September Acrostic Poem

S is for Sunshine in your life
E is for being Excellent at everything you do 
P is for walking upright with Pride 
T is for...

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© Emily Krauss&nbsp&nbsp


Poetry Collection {Atty Awards 2012} — Acrostic: «Sunlight»

Poetry Collection {Atty Awards 2012}


A collection of poems for the 2012 Atty Awards.
-Free Verse
-Modern Tanaga


by nillyxx


So bright be the light in the afternoon

Unnerving when it disappears as

Night arrives as we wait patiently until it rises

Later in the next morn

Inching above the horizon

Glaring it's magnificence across the land

Hot and blazing midway through the day

To be in the sunlight forever is where I wish to stay


Copyright © 2012, N. A. Spagnuolo

All Rights Reserved

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Sun — acrostics — Poems, pictures and love

Since the sun is so warm with its rays —
About it is very pleasant under them.
L it’s gone, but the warmth is still with us,
N no matter how cloudy it will be blue again.
C A scarlet summer flashed by in an instant —
E we noticed with surprise.

Chernyshova Ella


From the sun suddenly shone
O a very bright clear friend
L the teacher beats us from heaven
N am is no longer afraid of the demon
C a white day it shines
E brightens even more 90 020


C sunlight illuminates the city,
O kna are pierced by rays of heat.
L the students drove out the darkness and cold,
N now the darkness has fled, the darkness has disappeared.
C white yellow streets…
E there is only us and our planet.



Birches sparkle with ribs
O covered with thick snow.
L The sun shines on frosty hoarfrost.
H Depths are clear.
C delicate mother-of-pearl
E whether they sow powder snow.

Faina Fanny


F0004 go further away — darkness,
N o it is not the same anymore.
C we change all items,
E if it’s dawn somewhere!

Andreeva Olga


From the almighty branched,
Oh chase, heat and light!
L sadness you are a reflection
N and the crossroads of years . ..
C the branches are all drawn to him,
E mu likes it so much!



From the Lord created one heavenly body,
O its pursuit never goes out.
L you only see the cold moon, playfully,
N always hides him with her eyes.
C We can marry the Sun for eternity,
E if we believe in infinity in life.

Elena Izbitskaya


With a rib at the temples, gray hair glistens,
O a wild woman, a young soul.
L swan fidelity, until the end of days keeps,
N immense beauty, fills the heart.
C White life is not enough to shine for everyone,
E if the sun has risen, then you have to live.

Yamshchikova Nadia


C burning the darkness, not rejecting the shadow,
O wraps up with warmth and clothes with colors,
900 03 L
Asking a creature with a play beam.
N unheard of, but hundreds of generations
C hovering over the world, without knowing laziness,
E naturally, easily… And time is nothing.

Resnyansky-Zimas Stanislav


From it rose brightly at dawn,
About it seemed on the mountain.
L mindful, cheerful,
N warmed the meadow, fields.
C lurks everywhere like a key,
E if there are no angry clouds.

Larina Tatyana


Since he passed, I can’t sleep anymore.
About the clouds are floating, I look.
L What a wonderful day.
H no protection, where is the shadow?
C The tree of all life is incomprehensible.
E even spots in the sun.


From I give you light and joy.
I embrace with excitement in my heart.
L I love you all, love you endlessly!
H slam the door to my happiness.
C thrive in my life — Firebird!
E If I am your King, you are the Queen!

Faina Sokolova


C oh it burned with heat,
N in winter it is so cold …
C chasing us like a centrifuge,
E daily remembers…

Lana Cherezova

Acrostic sonnet — Ivanov. Full text of the poem — Acrostic sonnet


Catalog of poems

Georgy Ivanov — poems

Georgy Ivanov

Acrostic sonnet

Grail to Arelsky.
In response to His message. Living room. Curly Cupid
Blushes like a pink aster.
Azaleas burn passionately at sunset,
And I create a spring dream with a dream. Love languishes. I am sweetly seared
by Juno, but not from alabaster.
Ah, what is the death and thunderstorms of Zoroaster to me —
My hand is stronger than all times. Hardly when under the sun or moon
More lovingly than yours, the Grail of Arel,
The sonnet sparkled languidly lace! I put it in a Karelian box…
Oh, sweet gift, always be fragrant
Painful and sweeter than a star!

Next verseCherubina de Gabriak — Listen to the night dream

Previous verseAlexander Blok — Scythians

Silver Age

Poems by George Ivanov — Silver Age

Other poems by this author

9 0002 It’s good that there is no Tsar

It’s good that there is no Tsar .

It’s good that there is no Russia.

About the homeland

What was and what was not

What was and what was not,

What we were waiting for, what we are not waiting for,

Silver Age

Mirrors reflect each other

Silver Age

Only everything

Only everything — an ingenuous tune,

Only everything — a dying sound,

Silver Age

Russia happiness

9 0002 Russia happiness. Russia light.

Or maybe there is no Russia at all.

About the Motherland

I am for the war, for the intervention

I am for the war, for the intervention,

I am for the king, even a dead man.

Silver Age

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