Awesome party themes for 12 year olds: 100 Kids Birthday Party Themes

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Looking for party themes for an upcoming celebration? We’ve got a full list of fun ideas for ways to celebrate kids or adults. From young child birthday parties to hip Tik Tok themed parties, you’ll find something for everyone on this list.

Here are the 20 most popular party theme ideas that will make any occasion feel special and show your guest of honor – whether young or old – that they are super special to you. 

1. 90s Theme Party

Get nostalgic with scenes from Saved by the Bell, Clueless or Boy Meets World. Jam out to NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys as you step back in time several decades. Adults celebrating a 30-40-year birthday will enjoy going back to their roots and happy times of their adolescence as they reminisce of times of old. 

2. 80s Theme Party 

Bring out those scrunchies, mixtapes and neon clothes. Jam out to your favorite hits and light up the room with neon lighting and glow sticks to feel just like parties did in the 80s. Treat your guests to retro candy like Nerds, Sour Patch Kids and Push Pops. If you’ve been looking for great theme party ideas for adults, this is it!

3. Hawaiian Theme Party 

Slow things down with the charm and relaxing feel of a Hawaiian-themed party. This is a great party theme for adults idea if you know someone who loves to travel to the beach or warmer climates. Even if it’s snowing outside, you can bring the island into your home with Pina Coladas, pineapple cakes, and this Hawaiian Party playlist on Spotify.

4. Mexican Themed Party

Looking for fun party themes that involve a super simple menu? Mexican-themed parties make it easy to set up a taco bar that would delight anyone and that’s allergy-friendly. Those who are gluten-free can enjoy corn tacos and those who are dairy-free can enjoy tacos without cheese or sour cream. And if flan isn’t your thing, you can still serve a traditional cake for everyone to enjoy.

5. 70s Theme Party

Dust off your bell-bottom jeans and bring your good vibes to a 70s themed party. Everything will be groovy as you bring back the disco ball and sweet disco dance moves for a fun way to celebrate with loved ones.

6. Casino Theme Party

Know a real card shark? A casino night is an excellent way to celebrate this individual and show them how much you know and love them. Without true buy-ins, you can provide each party guest with some chips to use for fake betting and allow your guests to cash them out for fun prizes. From card games to roulette, you’ll have one exciting party when you do a casino theme.

7. Carnival Theme Party

As you review birthday party themes, consider a carnival-themed party. The snacks can mirror what you might find at a carnival with popcorn, soft pretzels and cotton candy, which makes for a super simple menu that everyone will love. The theme colors are bright and cheery, which is perfect for any type of party.

8. Tik Tok Theme Party

Get trendy with a Tik Tok themed party. Users share their party ideas constantly on the platform to give you simple, yet fun ways to theme your party. In your decorations, use the platform’s classic black, white, aqua and magenta color schemes to bring the theme to life. 

9. Barbie Theme Party

This is one of the best party themes for girls and can bridge the gap between princess parties and the day your little girl celebrates her sweet 16. For a fun photo booth idea, you can make it look like your guests are inside the iconic Barbie box. Of course, there will be lots of pink at this party, but that’s perfectly fine with most young girls.

10. Butterfly Theme Party

Looking for a charming, yet sweet way to theme a party for a young girl that doesn’t involve any movie characters? Go with a butterfly theme. This will showcase the whimsical side of your little girl as you celebrate everything she means to you. But that way you don’t have to purchase trademarked goods, which can be quite costly. 

11. Cowboy Theme Party

Go western to celebrate those who love horses, burlap and the more rugged side of life. You’ll have great fun planning a cowboy-themed party complete with bales of hay, boots and cowboy hats. These parties are simply charming, especially for young boys.

12. Dinosaur Themed Party

Another great party theme for young boys is dinosaurs. These prehistoric creatures tend to fascinate young children and there are so many fun ways you can theme a party around dinosaurs. From cutout cookies that are shaped like their favorite species to digging for bones in a sandbox, your young paleontologist will be positively delighted with this party theme. 

13. Fiesta Theme Party

Bring out those bright colors and throw a fiesta. This is a great way to celebrate the start of summer or get together with people you haven’t seen for a while. You don’t need a specific occasion for a fiesta. Invite your friends to bring their best sombrero they’ve decorated at home or provide decorations and make it a competition. Snack on guacamole, Mexican red rice and then serve fajitas as the main course. It will certainly be delicious and your guests are sure to have a great time.

14. Hollywood Theme Party

If you’ve always wanted to walk the red carpet like a movie star, a Hollywood-themed party is your chance. This type of party will have lots of glamour to it, but also tons of fun. You can set the stage lots of red, some glasses of champagne and some paparazzi shooting photographs of your guests the whole time – which will also make for some great mementos. 


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15. Mermaid Theme Party

If your little girl has always loved pretending she has fins, a mermaid party will positively delight her. Starfish cutout cookies, lemonade dyed to look like the color of the ocean and a charming cupcake decorating station will all delight your party guests and make your daughter feel like she’s an under the sea princess. 


Paris Themed Party

Head to the city of love for a charming Parisian party. You have many color scheme options when throwing a Paris-themed party, such as black and pink, midnight blue with gold and silver, or chic. Within this theme, you can decorate with stripes, polka dots or chevrons to bring the theme to life in a simple way. Set up Eiffel Tower centerpieces and set the mood for a charming party.

17. Unicorn Theme Birthday Party

Unicorns invite young girls to be whimsical. These birthday parties allow for lots of color and magical moments. But it’s also pretty simple. For a treat kids will love, set out graham crackers with cream cheese or frosting swirled with many different shades of food coloring. Sprinkle the table with unicorn confetti and serve up neon ice cream.

18. 2000 Theme Party

It’s crazy to think that we’re now throwing parties that are themed like the year 2000. While it doesn’t feel that long ago, these parties will take you back in time 20+ years ago. Invite your guests to wear oversized hoop earrings, tunic tops with jeans and more as you celebrate the era.

19. Sports Themed Party

Even if you aren’t there to tailgate, you can theme your party with your loved one’s favorite sports team. This can include generalized sports gear, such as a football or soccer theme. Or you can theme the party based on a sports team, just know that licensed materials will cost far more than general ones.

20. Princess Theme Party

Every little girl wants to be a princess. Allow her to dress up and feel special on her special day. Her friends will love coming to the party and feeling like royalty. Engage in a royal treasure hunt and allow your little princesses to smash a princess-themed pinata. Try on Cinderella’s lost slipper as you have a royally good time.

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100 Kids Birthday Party Themes

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From airplane birthday parties to dinosaurs to superheroes to teacups, there are tons of ideas for celebrating kids’ birthday parties. No matter what the theme is, a solid birthday party for kids is built on several things: invitations, decorations, a great menu, fun activities and take-home favors. Now, go back to the first thing that matters: the theme. Oh, sometimes you might have an inspiration idea and then decide on all the other components, but generally, if you choose a theme first, the other pieces of the party will be easier to resolve. So how do you choose?

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Really, birthday party theme choices are almost limitless.

  • If your child has a special interest, that’s a good place to begin. Let’s use music as an example. Going with stereotypes, a rock n’ roll party would likely include funky hair, grunge décor, and pizza.
  • Family traditions might inform your choices. Some families have cultural rituals for particular ages that are meaningful.
  • Especially for younger children and for those graduating from high school, hopes and dreams might give you a starting point. Sunshine and best wishes for smooth sailing could lead to a nautical theme, décor and a seafood rich menu.
  • The seasons can influence a party theme—think of winter, a sledding party with a hot cocoa bar and a bonfire.
  • Is there a guiding principal that has personal meaning? A fun “pay it forward” where kids do a surprise service project for someone could include a picnic meal that ended with cake and ice cream and a whole lot of satisfaction.

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a list of possibilities to spark your imagination. Here is your resource list; many of these broad categories have multiple possibilities. Happy hunting!


  • bugs
  • bees
  • woodland, forest creatures
  • birds
  • snakes, snails, reptiles
  • camping, lake and river
  • beach
  • farm animals
  • safari
  • zoo
  • in the garden, secret garden
  • seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter



  • aliens
  • astronauts/rocket ships/stars/planets
  • under the sea, mermaid
  • nautical/lighthouse



  • tennis
  • golf
  • bowling
  • fishing
  • dance
  • football
  • cheerleading
  • baseball
  • basketball
  • soccer
  • gymnastics
  • ice skating
  • kite
  • geocaching
  • archery
  • skateboarding
  • dance
  • crafts
  • art
  • music, including karaoke



  • cowboys/cowgirls
  • pirates
  • rock stars/divas
  • little chef/baking
  • superheroes
  • fire fighters
  • police
  • royalty
  • farmers
  • ninjas
  • clowns
  • detectives
  • famous people
  • Vikings



  • milk and cookies
  • Teddy bear, Winnie-the-Pooh
  • sock monkey
  • fairy tales, nursery rhymes
  • pinwheels/confetti/bubbles
  • school/teacher
  • office
  • doctor/nurse/hospital
  • horses
  • ice cream
  • candy store/sweet shop
  • books
  • dolls
  • Legos
  • Disney characters
  • Sesame Street characters
  • Peter Pan
  • Wizard of Oz
  • recent popular movie themes and characters



  • circus/carnival
  • mad science
  • tea party (with or without Alice!)
  • little gentleman/moustache
  • magician
  • pool party
  • movie night
  • games: classic board, card, and electronic
  • historical events, pretend time travel
  • dress-up
  • spa



  • butterflies
  • fairies
  • dinosaurs
  • monsters
  • dragons
  • unicorns
  • robots
  • alligators
  • dolphins, whales
  • elephants
  • lady bug
  • dogs and puppies
  • cats and kitties
  • owls


  • cars, race and vintage
  • hot air balloon
  • boats, Noah’s Ark
  • planes
  • trains
  • construction trucks
  • bikes, dirt bikes, motorcycles
  • fire trucks
  • garbage trucks


  • holidays: so many!
  • the first of anything
  • character traits (cute as a button, little boss, sunshine, etc. )
  • favorite color
  • graduation
  • favorite places or countries (Paris, Hawaii, etc.)
  • Oscar night
  • Olympics

Stephanie Keeping from Spaceships and Laser Beams

Open Space Retro Party: Don’t stop, we found that wave and revived the spark that went out!

«LET’S GO!» — Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut in the world, shouted on April 12, and opened the era of human spaceflight! And today the galaxy has become close to us through the signs of the Zodiac and satellite TV channels, the Internet and Google maps, as well as the “doomsday predictions” from the Maya. Alas, we can’t afford the first commercial tour into space yet, but the Vecherka newspaper and the Arzhang Cultural Center offer to feel the whole atmosphere of boundless galaxies in the incendiary themed retro party “OPEN SPACE”!

On APRIL 12, in the restaurant «Dushanbe» already familiar to you, a transgalactic movement of Dushanbe residents and guests of the capital in time will take place. Only once a year, on International Cosmonautics Day, a musical time portal opens, through which you can get into the energetic 70s and dance rock and roll to the hits of Elvis Presley and the Beatles, ride in the disco of the 80s to Bonnie M, ABBA, Modern Talking, AlBano, to our Soviet «Gulshan» and «Yalla» and exit the «portal» into the tough 90s pop and techno style of the incendiary Kar-Man, Alena Apina, Yura Shatunov, and Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd and others.
This evening there will be a mega-assortment of the most dance hits of the 1970-90s of the last century,
SPECIAL INVITED GUEST — GROUP «LADY J» and JULIA BAGDANAVICHUTE. Group leader Iskandar Rakhmanov will say a few words about the retro disco.

— Iskandar, at our next themed retro party you will become the highlight of this event. Why did you agree to take part in it?

— I don’t know about the «nail», but I know for sure that at this event we will be pleased to perform old forgotten songs for those who care about them. I myself would very much like to plunge into that wonderful past, where we were brought up on good, high-quality music. Then the performers were honest with their listeners. There were no pluses, everything was performed live.

— Yuliya Bagdanavichute is known to a wide range of viewers as a performer of modern pop music, in this retro format of the 70s, 80s, 90s — is this something new for you or not?

— In fact, Yulia is an amazing rock singer. And she was brought up on such music as Deep Purple, AC / DC, Pink Floyd, etc. She knows by heart almost all the songs of the Beatles, Roxette, Sade, Metallica, Def Leppard, etc. So, this is not new for her, rather, this is her format.

— By the way, tell us about Yulia’s repertoire, and what will you perform directly on April 12?

— Her repertoire is so large that the musicians and I settled on more famous songs of those years. But along with them, popular songs of the 90s and zero will sound. To be honest, we also hope for live communication with the public in order to be on the same wavelength.

— You yourself, Iskandar, a professional with great experience, a few words about the effectiveness of holding such a retro party?

— First, I would like to note the organizers of this event. The fact is that in our city there are quite a lot of people who would like to plunge into this aura. After all, almost all restaurants now have the same repertoire, while disco clubs have a completely different format. So it turns out that they have nowhere to spend their leisure time. And your party is just what you need. And you guys are great for making this happen. I would very much like it to become a tradition, because it is very interesting and relevant now.

— Sami, Iskandar, what will you perform?

— Most likely, I will play some guitar works of that time with the band «LADY J». If the public supports, I may improvise. Everything will depend on the created mood.

— In general, tell us about the history of disco.

— All this happened before my eyes. In the years of my youth — the late 60s and early 80s, rock music was very popular — such bands as Baetles, Nazareth, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple. It was a transition from traditional rock music to hard rock. Later, Smokie, BS Rollers, Sweet, and others appeared. This was a new generation of rock bands. At that time there were no discos, there were dance floors where live bands played and popular compositions were performed. All this, of course, had to develop into a different format. And then such groups as Labionda appeared with their famous composition “Send storm” (later performed by the Gulshan group under the name “Hey Sanam”), Boney M, the legendary singers Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, etc. It was a period when young people and the older generation perceived and loved this music. At the first discos there was a tradition of having a live band, and over time this moved to another culture, where the DJ, who was a former musician, was in the forefront.

— Group « LADY J » — a few words about it.

— The group was founded in 2003. The first line-up included very young, but promising rock musicians. It did not last long, because. the guys went to different cities. By the way, our first drummer is now playing in the Shams group. We assembled the second line-up about a year later. There were professional musicians, there was interesting creative work, but soon the bassist and drummer also left Tajikistan. Now they work in professional teams in Moscow and Astana. In honor of the 10th anniversary of our group, we received a gift of fate — we found like-minded people and good musicians with experience, for whom creativity is in the foreground. The band will debut at your party.

— Your wishes.

— First of all, do not stop, because you found that wave and revived that spark that went out. At the moment, I know firsthand that the first event went off with a bang, there were a lot of positives. Secondly, I would really like to see any festivals or music rings taking place in this format. After all, we have worthy teams that could contribute to the development of this direction. And in the future it would be possible to invite teams from other countries. After all, the music of the 80s is still relevant to this day anywhere in the world.

Thank you. Go! The retro party «Open Space» is waiting for us!


Iskandar Rakhmanov was born in Samarkand. At the age of 12, having heard the Beatles for the first time, he was shocked and became interested in playing the guitar. Within a couple of years, he became one of the best guitarists in his city, and later began working in professional bands of the Soviet Union. From 1992 to 1996 he worked in the American rock band GGM. So the childhood hobby grew into the business of a lifetime. At the moment he is a virtuoso rock guitarist with an international certificate. I personally know such masters of world rock as Chuck Berry and Carlos Santana. Currently, he is the head of the LADY J group and the author of the music for the songs of the popular singer Yulia Bagdanavichute.

Our traditional buffet of snacks and drinks awaits our guests. Everyone who was born on April 12 or is directly related to aviation/cosmonautics will get a 30% discount as a gift from our general sponsor Aqua-Bar! For discounts, contact the organizers DIRECTLY!!!

GENERAL SPONSOR — AQUA-BAR: Life is not only work!

Information support: radio “Vatan” 106FM, TV “Simoi mustakili Tochikiston”, TV “Regar”, newspaper “Farazh”, web projects Avesta.Tj, ArtCulture.Tj, Menu.Tj, KinoMan. Tj

Date — APRIL 12, start — 19.00
Location — restaurant «Dushanbe» hotel «Poytakht» (opposite Sadbarga)

DRESS CODE — bright clothes, silver elements, stars, signs of the Zodiac

Entry price — 75 somoni (until April 5), 100 somoni (after April 5).
Ticket booking not available!

1. Kodak Express «Haftrang» («Rainbow») — corner of the Central Park
2. «Nefert» boutique — on the corner of the Vatan cinema area, near the underground passage
3. Office of the Arzhang Center — 21 Rudaki Ave., landmark National Bank, Vakhsh Hotel
4. Vecherka Newspaper Office — 16 S. Sherozi Ave., Newspaper and Magazine Complex
5. Aphrodite Bar (Rustam) — I. Somoni Ave., Karabolo Hospital

beautiful views of the sea and mountains, author’s cocktails and theme parties / News on Profi.Travel

What can adults and children do here?

Choosing Corendon Playa Kemer is a guarantee for your tourists that their holidays will be spent in an atmosphere of harmony and peace. In this cozy corner on the Mediterranean coast, guests will enjoy views of the sea, mountains, stunning sunsets and sunrises. Even the hotel rooms are decorated in soothing colors, which will allow tourists to forget about the rush and fuss.

Location Features

Located 10 km from Kemer and 45 km from Antalya Airport, Corendon Playa Kemer enjoys a prime location on the slopes of the Taurus Mountains. Goynuk Canyon is 4 km away, Tahtali cable car is 30 km away, and the hotel and the ancient city of Phaselis are 24 km away. Tourists appreciate the hotel for its sandy beach, which offers stunning views of the sea and mountains.

Food at Corendon Playa Kemer

The hotel operates according to the Ultra All Inclusive concept — bars and restaurants are open around the clock. A rich selection of dishes awaits tourists in the Food Court A’La Minute restaurant, cuisine and A’La Carte restaurants serving international cuisine and seafood will delight.

Things to do on holiday for tourists

Guests can enjoy relaxing by the pool, where they can refresh themselves with delicious cocktails prepared according to the special recipes of the mixologist bartender.

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