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Summer Maternity Clothes Essentials — Baby Chick

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Now that summer is officially here, we’re sharing our Summer Maternity Clothes Essentials Guide. This will be a brief look at what you can’t live without this season. A summer pregnancy can be challenging with the heat, but having maternity clothes to get you through those hot days can be a lifesaver!

Finding Maternity Clothes for the Summer

Online shopping is a blessing for pregnant women assembling their summer wardrobes. You can shop from the comfort (and hopefully coolness) of your own home! (Check out this list of the best places to shop for maternity clothes) Search for items made from light, breathable materials, such as cotton and linen. This can keep you feeling fresh and cool in the summer sun. Consider getting some thin outer garments to wear over dresses, such as denim vests and lightweight cardigans. You’ll also want oversized T-shirts and other loose tops for maximum comfort. (Tip: even after pregnancy, you can keep those bigger shirts and tie a knot in the front to make them more fitted!)

The Best Summer Maternity Clothes

There are a few necessary summer maternity clothes that will help pregnant mamas remain comfortable and stylish. We’ve kept the list short and sweet, focusing on the “must-haves” for the season. Here’s what you need:

1. Comfortable Shoes

Shoes are one of the most crucial summer maternity essentials for a few reasons. First, your feet are your support, and now that you’re carrying a lovely bun in the oven, it means more strain on your feet! There’s also the dreaded edema that affects lots of expectant mommas. The water retention and swelling make it challenging to find shoes that fit but are still comfortable and cute. Supportive flip-flops or open strappy sandals are a great option. Some comfy flats and sneakers are also good to have. To keep swelling at bay, remember to exercise, not stand in one spot for too long, put your feet up at the end of the day, and stay hydrated! Here are some other great shoe options to wear during pregnancy.

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2. Dresses

Dresses are your best friend if you’re pregnant in the summer. They fit your bump well and flatter your new, growing figure. Plus, they’re super breathable and look adorable! If you’re purchasing non-maternity dresses, we recommend buying them one size up. This way, you can wear them again and again, post-baby bump! Remember that your bump will hike up the hemline several inches, so don’t get any that are too short!

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Bonus: A jumpsuit is a great dress alternative for a comfortable yet glam maternity style!

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Shorts are always a summer essential, but even more so when you’re pregnant! Invest in a belly band to extend the life of your regular shorts, or buy maternity shorts that are a little longer/looser and comfortably hug that snuggly baby in your belly. Belly bands are great because 1) they’re perfect for that in-between stage when your pre-pregnancy pants are too tight, and maternity pants are too big, 2) they’re great for layering under maternity tops or for extra coverage while nursing, and 3) you can use them after baby as you transition back into your pre-pregnancy pants. But having shorts specifically for your pregnancy is a great way to go.

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4. Flowy Tops and Tees

I find basic tops to be the most comfortable and versatile. Solid maternity tops and tees pair well with any bottoms and are very flattering! We love the styles that hug your belly and the flowy tops that give you room to grow. Invest in a few essential pieces to keep you cool and looking chic!

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5. A Flattering Swimsuit

It’s hard to be excited about swimming with a growing belly in the summer. However, the upside is that people know you’re pregnant, and you don’t have to suck in your tummy or worry about bloat! And what expecting mama doesn’t want to cool down in the water and take some of the weight off her back? Plus, showing off that sweet belly is adorable by the pool or the sea. There are cute one-pieces and two-pieces, so pick the swimsuit you feel most beautiful and comfortable in. There are even more maternity swimsuits listed here.

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6. A Good Bra

Summer maternity clothes must include a good bra. More than likely, if you’re pregnant, your cup size has gone up — perhaps dramatically. This can be a blessing or a curse, but either way, you’ll need to accommodate your larger (and probably sore) chest with a supportive and comfortable bra! So, when your sleek and sexy undergarments no longer contain the girls, it’s time for a maternity bra. Specially-constructed maternity and nursing bras afford a level of support that average lingerie can’t match. Here are some of our favorites.

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There you have it, our summer maternity clothes essentials. Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot on maternity clothes. See what you already have in your closet, then look for regular clothing in bigger sizes so that you can wear them later with a bit of adjustment. Sticking to these maternity basics will make you comfortable and stylish and help you save money! If you’re expecting, what other maternity essentials would you add?

Best Maternity Clothes 2023 — Forbes Vetted

The best maternity clothes wrap you in breathable, soft and forgiving fabrics and designs. After all, the last thing you need while growing a human is to feel the waistline of your maternity jeans digging into your bump or buttons bulging with every deep breath. Of course, many of us want to remain stylish while pregnant as well—myself included—so we’ve rounded up our favorite pieces and the cutest maternity clothes to ensure you feel your best, including the best maternity leggings, jeans, bathing suits, maternity underwear and bras, work clothes and trendy dresses. Suffice it to say, we’ve got you and your bump covered.

Dress yourself in the best maternity clothes for a confidence (and comfort) boost.

Illustration: Forbes / Photos: Retailers

We’ve both personally worn and scoured reviews of the following brands and stores to find the best maternity clothes to help you to the nine-month finish line and even into those hazy postpartum months. After perusing this list, you may also want to check out some of our nursery essentials, such as the best cribs, gliders and diaper bags, or read up on our favorite nursing clothing, bras and breast pumps.

  • Best Maternity Clothes In Leggings: Lululemon, Storq, Beyond Yoga
  • Best Maternity Clothes In Jeans: Joe’s Jeans, Madewell, Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Best Maternity Clothes In Underwear: Lively, Cosabella, Kindred Bravely
  • Best Maternity Clothes In Dresses: Pink Blush, Ingrid+Isabel, Hatch, Emilia George
  • Best Affordable Maternity Clothes: H&M, ASOS, Old Navy, Quince
  • Best Casual Maternity Clothes: Storq, Universal Standard, Isabella Oliver
  • Best Maternity Clothes For Work: Hatch, Gap, Mother Oxford
  • Best Maternity Clothes In Tank Tops And Tees: A Pea In The Pod, Nom, Ripe
  • Best Maternity Clothes For Swimsuits; Summersalt, Kindred Bravely, Motherhood
  • Best Maternity Clothes In Shorts And Skirts: Seraphine, Hudson Jeans, Ingrid + Isabel
  • Best Maternity Clothes Stores: Motherhood, Nordstrom, H&M
  • Best Maternity Clothes In Formal Wear: Seraphine, Kimi And Kai, Pietro Brunelli, Norma Kamali

Best Maternity Clothes In Leggings


Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant

Lululemon is beloved for its velvety soft, ultra stretchy and thin yet fully opaque leggings and other activewear selections. What I love about these is that you can wear them before, during and after pregnancy (which make the robust price less daunting). They’re soft, don’t dig in at the waist and adapt to your changing body. While there’s no shortage of pregnant women praising Lululemon leggings on the Internet and in real life, my one qualm with them is they do roll under my bump while working out on occasion, but it’s certainly not a deal-breaker.

forbes.comLululemon Coupons | 50% Off In May 2023 | Forbes



Storq Signature Maternity Leggings

While we’ve included this brand for its ultra-soft leggings, which are optimal for lounging, all-day wear and even workouts, anything Storq is a must in our book. The brand’s Oeko-Tex certified leggings deserve a special shoutout because they’re available in sizes 0 to 30 (with a petite option as well) and several fun prints and colors. I’ve personally been wearing these on the regular during my own pregnancy and love them.

Beyond Yoga

Spacedye Love The Bump Midi Maternity Legging

Beyond Yoga maternity leggings consistently outperform other maternity leggings and are recommended over and over again, mom to mom. People love them, because they’re stretchy enough to work from your first trimester to your third, are breathable and moisture-wicking and they come in colors both basic and fun, letting your personal style come through in your maternity wardrobe. The brand also offers pocketed versions, comfortable jumpsuits and all sorts of leggings styles.

Best Maternity Clothes In Jeans

Joe’s Jeans

Joe’s The Lara Ankle Cigarette Maternity Jeans

For those who subscribe to the, “I’m not a regular mom; I’m a cool mom” mantra, Joe’s Jeans are a favorite. Not only do they have options that range outside of skinny jeans, but the rise hits at the perfect place on your bump where it’s not too low and not too high. They won’t stretch out after all day wear either. Joe’s also offers the same styles in standard sizes, so if you fall in love with a maternity version, you can return to it postpartum or vice versa. As someone who tests maternity clothes for a living, Joe’s are my most worn maternity jeans.


Madewell Maternity Over-The-Belly Skinny Jeans

If you like jeans that feel like leggings then these Madewell skinny jeans are for you. (In fact, Madewell in general might be just right for you.) The over-the-belly fabric can be folded under for comfort, and, unlike many maternity options, these jeans are flattering on your bum, too.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Maternity Ankle Straight Jean

Abercrombie & Fitch jeans, believe it or not, are amazingly ideal to pregnancy for a few reasons. Not only are they available in sizes 23 to 37 with options for short, regular or tall, but they’re quite on-trend and comfortable. The panel on these maternity jeans offers the ideal amount of compression, but can also be folded down if you’re early on in your pregnancy. I personally love that the front pockets are functional, which isn’t the case for so many other maternity bottoms.

Best Maternity Clothes In Underwear And Bras


The Mesh Trim Nursing Bralette

I wore these wireless nursing bralettes from week four of my first pregnancy until the bitter end. Not only are Lively’s maternity underwear and bras cute, but they’re surprisingly supportive and breathable. Plus, the brand offers bundle options to help you save a bit of money. These bralettes double as nursing bras with drop-down clips.


Never Say Never Maternity Boyshort

If you’re looking for maternity underpinnings that up the confidence ante, Cosabella should be toward the top of your list. The brand’s underwear and bras are functional and beautiful all at once, plus they’re actually comfortable, adapt to your body and still look fresh after multiple washes (which isn’t always the case with lace).

Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely Maternity Briefs (5-Pack)

As with other clothing from Kindred Bravely, these maternity briefs stand out because of the cross-over construction. They sit comfortably under your bump even once your baby drops. Kindred Bravely is a standout maternity clothing brand because of its extended sizing and intuitive construction across categories.

Best Maternity Clothes In Dresses

Pink Blush

Blue Floral Ruffle Accent Cutout Maternity Dress

We love Pink Blush, because the retailer offers a wide array of brands and prices, both exclusive to the site and otherwise. Many of the maternity dress options are super stylish and fun.


Ingrid + Isabel

Ingrid+Isabel Meadow Chambray Dress

Whether you’re headed to meet friends, a dinner date or work, Ingrid + Isabel has a dress for the occasion. We also love that the quality of the pieces is superb and yet, the price won’t give you Braxton Hicks. The fabrics are also incredibly soft, and many of the dresses specifically work postpartum too.


Hatch The Ricky Slip Dress

Hatch is one of the most beloved luxury maternity fashion lines—and for good reason. Not only is the quality bar none, but the styles offered are both timeless and fresh. In short, we’d wouldn’t mind wearing Hatch whether pregnant or not.


Emilia George Marie Blazer Dress

Emilia George dresses are simply fabulous. If you’re in the market for a wrap dress, something with cutouts or even a blazer dress, this is the place to look. I love that the pieces don’t look maternity specific and feel sultry and fresh without being revealing. The quality is also exquisite.

Best Affordable Maternity Clothes


Mama Tie-Belt Shirt Dress

As with its standard line, H&M does a fabulous job of creating elevated basics at a manageable price point. We love that H&M maternity clothes look like stuff you’d want to wear, pregnant or not. Plus, the cost is palatable for something that you’ll generally wear for a shorter time frame. It’s worth noting that the brand has made an effort to include more sustainable materials in its maternity collection and the quality is, in my opinion, often better for maternity than the standard offerings. 


ASOS New Look Maternity Poplin Shirt

ASOS has a ton of lovely everyday options, but its trend pieces, event dresses, work clothes and basics are particularly attractive. Many maternity dresses that are suitable for a party or special event are expensive but not at ASOS. Find fashion-forward picks at reasonable prices in the maternity section of this retailer.

Old Navy

Maternity Slub-Knit Nursing Henley Lounge Dress

If you’re in need of basics, including T-shirts and tops, as well as bottoms, Old Navy offers a full maternity clothing line. There are a ton of options across categories, but we especially love stocking up on tees, tanks and lounge items here. For spring, however, the affordable brand released a fun collection of maternity dresses and workwear featuring sunny hues and cute styles. Enjoy accommodating silhouettes with stylish tweaks, so you can get as much use out of your new favorite pieces as possible.


Tencel Jersey Maternity And Nursing Wrap Dress

Quince only recently entered the maternity space, but is bringing its same attractive pricing combined with quality and sustainable fabrics to it new extension. Whether you’re looking for a wrap dress for work, leggings for prenatal yoga or great elevated basics to build your maternity wardrobe, I highly suggest Quince.

Best Casual Maternity Clothes


Easy Button-Up

Not only does Storq offer sizes 0 through 4x, but the brand stands out because its pieces look different than other maternity brands. They’re infused with an element of playfulness and youth that feels out of the norm, which is exactly why I love it. These maternity clothes are practical and yet, feel a bit special. The fabric is also exceptionally soft. I’ll also mention that the placements of the buttons on this specific top are ideal, meaning you can unbutton the top two buttons and show some collar bone instead of cleavage.


Universal Standard

Foundation Tank Dress

Universal Standard was founded with the mentality that a woman’s style shouldn’t have to change just because her size does. And while the brand isn’t maternity specific, its pieces are made to work for anytime in a woman’s life and are equipped with extra stretch. I have three casual dresses from Universal Standard that I utilized in my first pregnancy and continued to wear postpartum for years. The female-founded brand also offers the Fit Liberty collection, which allows shoppers to exchange sizes for free if their size changes.


Isabella Oliver US

Kelsy Maternity Dress

This sustainable, ethically-made, female co-founded, UK-based brand is possibly my new favorite maternity line. In both casual and workwear, Isabella Oliver makes beautifully tailored and crafted pieces that you’ll wear again and again. I’ve worn this shirtdress a number of times, as well as tops and trousers from the collection, all of which look polished but feel like I’m wearing pajamas.

Best Maternity Clothes For Work


Hatch The Wide Leg Suit Pant

These pants are refined and polished for work but also comfy enough for weekend brunch. The smooth elastic waistline give them a clean front, and the cropped length looks chic with your favorite loafers or sneakers. Add a button-down or any tailored top and you’ve got an outfit. These pants demonstrate Hatch’s knack for dressing bumps. Many reviewers do recommend sizing up for third trimester wear.


Gap Maternity Shirtdress

If you’re pregnant (and if you’re reading this you probably are), don’t sleep on Gap’s collection of work-appropriate outfits. From slacks to button downs to dresses, the retailer has done a wonderful job putting a maternity spin on career classics. Plus, they’re often on sale.


Angel Maternity Tie Waist Maternity

Some work-appropriate maternity options can feel less than modern (read: shift dresses that feel like they belong in the 1960s). But Angel Maternity has created pieces that feel office-ready and classic, while still feeling au courant. The silhouettes are often standard but Angel Maternity frequently incorporates tie waists into its dresses so they come off as less tent-like and more flattering.


Women’s Mother Oxford Button Down

Sure, there are plenty of white button downs on the market and this one isn’t maternity specific, but I’m making a case for it to join your maternity wardrobe because it’s—wait for it—mess and spill resistant. Thanks to this top, even if you spill your coffee right before an important meeting, you can simply wipe it off. And because of the stretch cotton and oversized construction, it easily accommodates a growing body. It’s essentially meant for all stages of motherhood and will also come in super handy once your baby arrives and you’re suddenly a spit-up magnet.

Best Maternity Clothes In Tank Tops And Tees

A Pea In the Pod

A Pea In The Pod Pull Over Crew Neck Nursing Tee

A Pea In The Pod offers a variety of brands at various price points, including its own signature brand. The brand has plenty of tees and tanks to choose from, many of which can be used during pregnancy and postpartum. I utilized this exact T-shirt during pregnancy and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it made nursing on the go postpartum. It’s also one of our baby and kids gear editor’s favorite nursing tops for its loose fit.


Nom Super Soft Ribbed Maternity Tank

There’s no shortage of cute tops (or shorts, jumpsuit, dresses or pants for that matter) from Nom. The majority of items are meant to suit you during pregnancy and long after so that you can get more use out of items that you fall in love with. This top was a specific standout, because the amount of normal looking tank tops on the maternity market is surprisingly small. Plus, the cut of the shoulders is especially flattering.

A Pea In the Pod

Ripe Summer Swing Back Nursing Tank

Pretty much everything Ripe makes is cart worthy, from its spring and summer dresses to pregnancy and nursing-friendly tops. I specifically love this brand, because it makes an effort to make pregnancy and nursing accommodations look like fashion-forward flourishes. Take this tank top for instance—the caped back allows for extra space during pregnancy and movement while nursing, but it looks more like a stylistic choice than a maternity specific one.

Best Maternity Clothing In Swimsuits


Summersalt The Maternity Ribbed Current

Moms and moms-to-be rave about Summersalt bathing suits because of the way they hug and flatter, while also remaining extremely practical suits. We appreciate that the swimsuits grow with you from day one through postpartum, so you can focus on relaxation instead of having to search for a handful of bathing suits to join you on your motherhood journey. This maternity bathing suit is particularly soft.

Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely Nursing And Maternity Wrap Swimsuit

When we say Kindred Bravely sets itself apart thanks to extended sizing, we mean they go as far as to add sizes that accommodate larger busts, too. As most moms will tell you, apart from your bump, this is one of the areas of your body that will undergo the most changes so specific sizing is a breath of fresh air. This wrap swimsuit is both practical and flattering—and it’s available in a handful of spring and summer friendly colors and prints.

Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Beach Bump Ruffle Maternity Swimsuit

While Motherhood boasts a wide range of all sorts of maternity wear, we especially love their bathing suits because they look high-end without the price tag to match. Motherhood offers a number of options for all styles and many offer 50+ UPF protection.

Best Maternity Clothes In Shorts And Skirts

Hudson Jeans

Hudson Jeans Gemma Cutoff Denim Maternity Shorts

If you’re on the hunt for jean shorts to get you through your spring or summer pregnancy, I love Hudson Jeans. The cut of its jean shorts isn’t too low or too high on the thigh, so you can feel like your normal stylish self without worrying about your shorts riding low. I also appreciate that the panel on this white pair isn’t easily visible.


Ingrid+Isabel Relaxed Tencel Maternity Shorts

Ingrid+Isabel has lots of shorts to choose from, including this comfortable pair that will likely keep you cool all summer. Looking for some maternity friendly bike shorts? They’ve got you. Breathable Tencel shorts with a drawstring? Yep, they’ve got those, too. Simply said, they’re not short on options.


Seraphine Black Pleated Maternity Midi Skirt

Seraphine is beloved for making classic and chic pieces that look far more elevated than standard maternity fare. Whether you’re headed to work, a special event or a night out, the brand’s options of skirts (and really everything else) dazzle with variety and style.

Best Maternity Clothes Stores


Reversible Short Sleeve Maternity Jumpsuit

Motherhood offers everything and anything you might need while pregnant. And thanks to its in-person stores, as well as its availability at Nordstrom and other retailers, you can try things on in person to gauge your style and size as you begin building a maternity wardrobe.


Savi Mom Daisy Flora Off The Shoulder Ruffle Maternity Dress

From maternity underwear to designer jeans and special occasion dresses, Nordstrom has all things maternity in-store. That way you can try things on and actually enjoy the process of shopping instead of having to blindly order a ton of stuff only to have to ultimately return it. It also has an easy return process, making it easy to get the right size and fit if you do shop online. Lastly, you’ll find some of the higher-end baby gear here, too, including Nuna, Stokke and Uppababy.


Mama Before And After Pregnancy/Nursing Dress

We’ve already established that H&M is a great spot for stylish maternity clothes on a budget, but it’s worth noting that its in-store selection doesn’t disappoint. Every store has maternity options on the floor, which makes it easy to pop in and grab something. I specifically love their maternity and nursing bras, tees, jeans, dresses and matching sets.

Best Maternity Clothes In Formal Wear


Black Sparkle Maternity Maxi Dress

It’s hard to pick favorites when it comes to Seraphine’s offerings (workwear, day dresses and formal wear), but the brand’s gowns and cocktail dresses are particularly eye-catching. The quality is unmatched and the dresses flattering to a pregnant figure without looking matronly like some other options on the market.


Kimi And Kai Abigail Off The Shoulder Maternity Trumpet Gown

Whether you’re looking for a cocktail dress, gown or something in between, Kimi and Kai have an array of more affordable options for anything on your calendar. This off-the-shoulder gown has plenty of room for a second or third trimester bump and yet remains figure conscious.

A Pea In the Pod

Pietro Brunelli A-Line Maternity Slip Dress

Pietro Brunelli’s maternity slip dresses are the stuff of spring and summer wedding dreams. Available in a smattering of prints and colors, the brand’s slip dresses let the mom-to-be dress up or down, pairing with sandals for more casual affairs. Pietro Brunelli also offers gorgeous cocktail and wrap dresses.


Norma Kamali Diana Gown

Made with four-way stretch, Norma Kamali’s dresses and jumpsuits may not be maternity specific, but they’re an ideal option for pregnant women looking to show off their curves. The amount of colors and styles available from the brand is truly mind-boggling and each option is as stretchy (or more) than your favorite maternity leggings.

Why Trust Forbes Vetted

We are a growing team of shopping editors and product reviewers and testers—as well as bunch of parents, especially moms. We understand the value of selecting maternity clothing that makes an expectant parent feel confident and comfortable to move about their busy life, from the playground to the office. Forbes Vetted has strong roots in testing and reviewing fashion and baby and kids gear, and we drew on that expertise to pull this story together to include new and old favorites.

How We Chose The Best Maternity Clothes

This piece was written by two moms with three pregnancies between them and edited by another mom who carried three children, so we tried to pick out our favorite maternity brands based on wearing these in real-life and even dish on specific pieces of clothing. We also gathered feedback from more moms, given all our bodies and bumps come in different sizes and with different style needs. We also paid close attention to comfort and pored over additional customer reviews, and we considered sustainability and sizing inclusivity to make our final choices. We ensured a range of occasions and budgets were included too.

What Week Should You Start Wearing Maternity Clothes?

The short answer is everyone’s body is different and that depends on you and your baby’s growth. Some women may need to work in maternity clothes in the first trimester (around week 10), while others might feel fine in their standard clothes until the end of their second trimester (around week 27). This might also depend which pregnancy you’re on.

“It also depends on what pregnancy you are in,” adds Grace Thomas, founder and lead stylist of Builtgracefully, a personal wardrobe styling company based in Portland, Oregon. “Most clients start showing a bit earlier in a second pregnancy versus the first. A good indicator, however, would be when you need a bit more support in your garments. You might want to size up in a bra or top when your bust starts to grow. If you’re uncomfortable around your stomach and are looking for something for extra support, that is also a great time to swap some maternity garments.”

What Maternity Clothes Are Worth Buying?

Anything that fits better in a maternity size is likely worth buying, but there are some key items that you might stock up on more than others. As Thomas points out, you’ll almost certainly need to swap in new undergarments as your body changes. “Undergarments are really going to be key to comfort throughout pregnancy…Bralettes are also a great option, as they will stretch as your bust grows,” she says. She also notes that leggings will come in handy, and I personally found maternity jeans, sweaters and T-shirts to also be helpful.

Ultimately, Thomas says it makes a good amount of sense to “buy versatile items you can wear more than once. Investing in a small capsule wardrobe of maternity pieces is your best option, which will allow you to create many looks out of a select number of pieces.” As someone who bought way too many maternity clothes, I tend to agree.

Can I Just Buy Bigger Clothes Instead of Maternity?

“While there are some items that just work better when designed for pregnancy, like the items I mentioned above, other pieces are just as well-fitting in a larger size. Dresses, sweaters and sweatshirts are all going to be easy to wear in a size or two up,” Thomas explains.

The benefit of this approach is that you can have pieces altered post-pregnancy to fit your body and get more use out of them. This is especially true for dresses and jackets.

Summer clothes for pregnant women — how to dress a pregnant woman in summer

If the second and third trimesters of pregnancy fall on the warm season, a woman can experiment with outfits and look elegant in any situation. But things also need to be able to pick up, because during pregnancy the figure changes, and you have to look at your body in a new way.

Summer clothes for pregnant women in the collections of modern brands are an abundance of bright colors, stylish styles and unusual solutions. The trend is both monochromatic models and stripes, peas, abstract and floral prints.

Summer clothes for pregnant women can be chosen already at the end of winter or beginning of spring, when the fashion for the coming seasons has already taken shape, and stylish and high-quality products have already appeared in stores.

How to dress a pregnant woman in hot weather

In order to comfortably go to work, to the antenatal clinic, meet friends and just walk around the city in your free time, it is important to know how to dress a pregnant woman in the summer. Top tips for choosing clothes in hot weather:

  1. Choose natural fabrics. They are lightweight and breathable. Cotton, linen and other materials are pleasant to the body, so it will be comfortable to walk in them.
  2. Choose clothes in light colors. Since black is slimming, pregnant women often buy dark clothes. But do not forget that it attracts the sun’s rays, so in the summer it is problematic to walk in such things. Pay attention to white, light pink, pale blue, beige and light green products. Shades can be both warm and cold.
  3. Buy loose clothes that do not squeeze the stomach, lower back and other parts of the body. Loose fit is at the peak of popularity, so finding things that will not fit the figure is very easy.
  4. The best choice — products with a high waist. Both T-shirts and dresses of this style look very feminine, do not put pressure on the tummy and emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Don’t forget about comfortable shoes — in the last trimester it is recommended to forego heels and wear models with flat soles that do not slip. The fewer fasteners, the better, because in the last months of pregnancy, it is difficult for women to fasten their shoes.

Expectant mothers in spring and summer can wear clothes that emphasize their rounded tummy and do not restrict movement. Pregnancy is not a reason to buy hoodies and hide your figure. In the Proud Mom online store you will find stylish summer maternity clothes that will lift your spirits during this wonderful period. The assortment of the store includes:

  1. Summer dresses . The optimal length is just above the knee or to the ankle. Usually pregnant women wear loose models, but you can also pay attention to dresses that emphasize the waist and hips. Choose from soft to bright colors. During the day, wear light-colored clothes to keep out the heat. And in the evening, going to a cafe, restaurant, theater or exhibition, you can wear more daring outfits, for example, a dress of bright red or emerald green.
  2. T-shirts, tops and t-shirts . Prints with inscriptions are gradually going out of fashion, they are being replaced by plain models (or two-tone) and floral prints. Choose t-shirts and tank tops that can be worn not only during pregnancy, but also after the baby is born. Things with secrets for feeding allow you to breastfeed your baby even in public places — such acquisitions will not lie idle.
  3. Light skirts . Choose linen models to comfortably walk in such clothes in hot weather. Buying stylish summer clothes for pregnant women, you will be able to think through each look to the smallest detail and always look like with pins and needles. Universal length for skirts — midi. To make the product fit well on the figure of a pregnant woman, it can be supplemented with an elastic waistband and strap.
  4. Tunics . They look good with jeans, shorts and leggings. Choose high-waisted or low-waisted models so that the elastic band or ties do not press on the tummy. Tunics neatly cover the stomach and look very feminine at the same time.
  5. Sundresses . Summer models for pregnant women are dominated by bright colors that cheer up even on cloudy days. They can be complemented with ties around the neck in a contrasting shade. The best solution for pregnant women for the summer season is free-cut plain sundresses.
  6. Fine fabric trousers . Models with an elastic band at the waist fit well and do not restrict movement. Plain trousers can be worn with tops, t-shirts and blouses.

Fabrics for summer clothes for pregnant women

During the period of expectation of a baby, it is especially important to pay attention to the composition of the clothes. It is recommended to buy things from natural fabrics, as synthetic products do not pass air well and are unpleasant to the body. Summer clothes for pregnant women, sewn from natural materials, will become the basis of your wardrobe. Do not be afraid to buy things in bright colors, because the warm season is created for such decisions in the image! When choosing the best material for your clothing, consider the following options:

  1. Len . It is characterized by hygroscopicity (absorbs moisture well), so in such clothes a feeling of coolness is created. Linen can be worn in the hottest weather, and the skin will breathe. The material has other advantages: it is durable, withstands washing at high temperatures and is pleasant to the touch. The only drawback is that such a fabric quickly wrinkles, so every time it has to be ironed or steamed.
  2. Cotton . Blouses and shirts for pregnant women are sewn from this material. The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking, making it suitable for warm seasons.
  3. Cotton . The most popular natural material for tailoring. Dresses, sundresses, skirts, blouses and jeans are made from it. This fabric is durable enough to withstand multiple washes. Can be dyed, so cotton items can be of different shades. The material predominates in the composition of both thin and denser products.
  4. Satin . It is a combination of silk and cotton threads. Satin is a very light and smooth material. It allows air to pass through, so things made from this fabric are comfortable for pregnant women to wear in the summer.
  5. Chiffon . Things from this material are rarely found in collections for pregnant women, as it is quite transparent. But chiffon clothes can be skillfully combined with cotton T-shirts and T-shirts. Wear translucent chiffon blouses with plain tops. In this case, you get a stylish image that will not look too frank.

What pregnant women should not wear in summer

A pregnant woman’s wardrobe depends on several factors:

  • seasons in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy;
  • figure type;
  • personal preferences in clothing.

To find out how to dress during pregnancy in the summer, you can look through the catalogs of stores and choose the products that you like the most. Every woman can always remain elegant, including while waiting for a baby.

However, expectant mother should not buy:

  1. Dark colored clothes . They not only look boring, but also attract the sun’s rays. In such clothes, a pregnant woman will experience discomfort in the summer.
  2. Skinny jeans, skirts and trousers . They will squeeze the stomach, and they will be hot.
  3. Too revealing clothes . Tops that do not cover the lower back, short hoodies, skirts and mini-length shorts are best left for the period after the birth of the baby, as even in hot weather you can catch a cold.

In order for a pregnant woman to dress stylishly in summer, you need to think through every detail in your image. Choose from the catalogs of the Proud Mom online store fashion items that will make your figure even more feminine and attractive. Delivery of goods is carried out throughout Russia.

Fashion for pregnant women 2023/2024, 60 photo-images in different styles, spring-summer, winter-autumn

Pregnancy is not an obstacle in order to remain a spectacular and bright lady, on the contrary, it is quite possible that you will discover new facets of femininity. Of course, during the period of bearing a child, priorities in choosing outfits change, but comfort and beauty do not always exclude each other. Things may well combine the best qualities.

Looks for spring-summer 2023

When nature comes to life and blooms with new colors, everyone, no doubt, wants to look like her: fresh, cheerful and bright. But it is not always easy for expectant mothers to choose an image during this period. It is very important to follow simple rules, clothes for pregnant women should be comfortable and light, made from natural fabrics.

Choice number 1 — knee-length dress and low heel. It is unlikely that with a rounded tummy you will be comfortable in mini skirts. Pay attention to fashionable knee-length shirt dresses, bright bell dresses, models with spacious asymmetric skirts. Pair them with fashion accessories and flats.

A beautiful jacket can be one of the most stylish pieces in your wardrobe during pregnancy. Choose elongated models in light colors, pay attention to options with ¾ sleeves. The jacket looks chic, unlike, for example, a button-down blouse. It can be combined with skirts, trousers and dresses. The universal milky color will fit into any image and will be in harmony with it.


Who said life during pregnancy has to be boring? It is worth going for a walk more often, breathing fresh air and enjoying every day. Walking will give you much more pleasure if you feel attractive and feminine. Choose shoes that will not cause discomfort, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. In the summer, you don’t need to sunbathe on purpose, so as not to provoke the appearance of pigmentation. High-waisted dresses with authentic patterns, bright T-shirts, combined with tight denim breeches, flying light capes that cover from the sun — just what you need. Also pay attention to floor-length dresses, light blouses and spacious jeans.

Floor-length dresses are an ode to femininity. If you choose a spacious model, it will help hide a rounded tummy. Combine these dresses with flat shoes, colorful bags and, of course, hats that will help you look stylish and protect you from overheating.

You will have to forget about stilettos for a while, you don’t need the risk of injury, but this does not mean that you need to walk exclusively in slippers. You can pick up fashionable summer ankle-length sandals. They look great with both shorts and skirts.

Show your belly or hide it — the choice is yours! Someone does not hesitate to stick it out, while someone, on the contrary, tries to hide it from prying eyes. If you want to “disguise” the roundness a little, then choose loose elongated sweaters and cardigans in soft colors.

Maternity fashion is not limited to baggy outfits. Tight dresses are the choice of many Hollywood stars who are in an interesting position. Here are some of these evening dresses. You can follow their example and dress up in an outfit that does not hide the change in shape. Of course, such clothes should be moderately tight and not cause discomfort. So that the outfit does not look vulgar, choose dresses that are not too short in soothing colors.

If you like tights and leggings, make sure that they do not squeeze the tummy. They look attractive in combination with shirts and dark T-shirts, giving the silhouette harmony.

Maternity fashion for autumn-winter 2023/2024

In autumn, it is important to avoid hypothermia. Your good choice in this case will be a soft warm spacious elongated coat. Try on ankle boots or comfortable high boots under it.

Some like ponchos, some like fur vests. It is important to follow the basic rule — dress for the weather and protect yourself from cold and rain.

If you want to look slimmer, then try on a black and white ensemble, a black top will hide volumes.

Cropped pants will make your autumn look more stylish, they are perfect for jackets and coats, now tight ¾ models are in fashion.

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