Birthday ideas 7 year old: 30 Unique 7th Birthday Ideas (Fun Activities for Girls & Boys)

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30 Unique 7th Birthday Ideas (Fun Activities for Girls & Boys)

Your child is turning seven — a wonderful age! But what should you do to celebrate them?

We have 30 7th birthday party ideas to inspire you. Keep in mind that your child will likely want a say in their celebrations now: what they do, who they invite, and what the theme will be.

Why not read through this list together to create a fabulous extravaganza that you know they’ll love? Equally, if you’re planning a surprise party, you’ll definitely find great ideas on our list.

Table of Contents

  • 7th Birthday Ideas For Girls
  • 7th Birthday Ideas for Boys
  • Outdoor 7th Birthday Party Ideas
  • 7th Party Ideas on a Budget
  • How To Plan a Fun 7th Birthday Party
  • What Do 7-Year-Olds Like To Do?
  • FAQs

7th Birthday Ideas For Girls

Not only do we have party ideas, but we’ll also share things to do, food, and decoration inspiration. Whether you’re going big, or keeping it low-key, let these ideas spark a celebration to remember!


Bake Off

Whether the girls are to bake their own cakes or decorate pre-made ones, this will be a hit if your daughter loves homemade sweet treats! Give each guest an apron they can take home — a fabulous idea for a party favor.

2. Canvas Painting

Drawing will be much more enjoyable at this age due to better fine motor skills and longer attention spans. Celebrate your daughter by making a gorgeous canvas painting party for her and her friends.

3. Pop It Party

This trendy Pop It toy is a fun and colorful way to celebrate your daughter. It’s easy to decorate around this theme, thanks to the bright colors. You can buy or make a giant Pop It toy to welcome people to the party and fill goody bags with Pop It toys to entertain guests on the way home.

4. Come on, Barbie, Let’s Go Party

At this age, Barbie was my life! If your daughter loves Barbie, this birthday theme will delight her. From pink decor to a Barbie-themed cake to her very own Barbie-inspired outfit, this will make seven years old an age to remember!


Disco Party

Celebrate your groovy daughter with a disco party. This takes care of a theme and an activity — get everyone dancing to their favorite tunes! You can host this at home, a hired venue, or even a roller rink.

6. Spa Day

Little girls will rave about this party! You can take them to a real spa or DIY the experience for them. Provide a foot bath, nail painting, and face masks. Turn on some relaxing music and serve sandwiches, cake, and juice during their me-time.

7. Chocolate Ceremony

If your daughter is obsessed with chocolate, make it the entire party theme, and she will thank you forever. Make it extra special by setting up a chocolate fondue with a bunch of different things to dip, making a chocolate cake, and filling up goody bags with chocolates.

8. Pastel Party

You don’t need to theme the party around a specific idea, character, or activity. You can simply choose her favorite colors, such as pastels (though this depends on the person)! Make food within the chosen color theme, hang up pastel decorations, and let guests enjoy a few party games.

Some food ideas include cake, smoothies, macaroons, and rice krispie cakes.

7th Birthday Ideas for Boys

Time to share our ideas for the birthday boy! Here are eight unique and fun 7-year-old birthday ideas for your son.

9. Lego

There are many ways you can turn a Lego theme into a fantastic party. Lego-decorated sweet treats, a Lego set gift, and a team Lego-building afternoon are all great ideas.

10. Racing Games

Get silly with a racing game party. You can play various relay-style races, such as passing balloons between team members’ knees, skipping backward, or playing stacking games. This works well indoors or outdoors. Complete the theme with a yummy birthday buffet and cake!

11. Video Game Party

Host a video game party by decorating with your son’s favorite characters and hosting a console competition! Make sure that everyone feels like a winner to avoid tears. Games like Mario Kart or Just Dance are great for large groups.

12. Nerf Party

Is your son obsessed with Nerf wars? Decorate with Nerf bullets, a Nerf-themed cake, and bright balloons. Split the kids into teams for a Nerf war before sending everyone home with themed goody bags.

13. Star Wars

Celebrate out-of-this-world with a Star Wars party. Provide a lightsaber for every guest to go head to head in a duel; make Storm Trooper cupcakes; buy a Star Wars-themed piñata!

14. Woodland Adventure

This is a well-suited theme if your son spends most of his time outdoors! A woodland adventure party can take place indoors or outdoors. For the most authentic experience, bring him and his friends for an exploration walk — you can even make a nature scavenger hunt to keep them busy.

15. Backwards Party

This silly theme idea is excellent if your son doesn’t fancy a specific theme based on characters or games. The idea is simple: everything is backward! Put the banners and cake toppers on backward, ask guests to dress backward, and serve the food backward. Cake first, then the main, then snacks!

16. Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter fans will love this idea. Decorate your house like Hogwarts, ask guests to dress up in their house colors, and celebrate your magical seven-year-old.

Outdoor 7th Birthday Party Ideas

If you can get outside for your child’s birthday, this is going to open you up to many different opportunities. Here are seven ideas for how to celebrate your son or daughter — outside.

17. Camping Trip

What says summer more than going on a camping trip? Whether you’re going on a real overnight trip or simply theming a party around the idea, make it memorable. Light a fire, enjoy s’mores, set up tents for kids to relax in, and sing classic campfire songs.

18. Outdoor Treasure Hunt

Kids will love working together to solve a treasure hunt and find the goods! This works best if everyone works together for one common goal since this prevents competitiveness. Write a bunch of riddles, leading kids from one clue to the next until they find the hidden treasure.

19. Picnic Party

Enjoy eating a yummy spread outside for your seven-year-old’s birthday. Whether that’s with a large or small group, this idea works wonderfully for all party sizes. You can also ask guests to pack their own picnic if you need to save costs.

20. Sports Day

Batter up! Get the guests involved in a high-energy sports day for your little one’s birthday. Kids will love the excitement and teamwork this party brings, whether you’re playing soccer, baseball, obstacle courses, or races.

21. Water Gun Fight

Any type of water game will be a blast with kids! Provide water guns for everyone and split into two teams. Once the game is over, refuel the players with burgers, hot dogs, and some yummy snacks.

22. Backyard Mini Golf

Calling all creative parents! Set up a mini golf course in your backyard using crafty setups. It might take a while, but it will be less stressful than hauling everyone to an indoor mini-golf course! Plus, your little one can help create the course exactly how they’d like it.

23. Beach Bash

If you live near the beach, let nature host your birthday party! Every guest brings a picnic — you provide the cake, decorations, and a few beach games. Make sure that parents stick around so that every child is accounted for. Water safety is extremely important for parties at water places.

7th Party Ideas on a Budget

Your seven-year-old’s birthday party doesn’t have to cost a bomb. We know some of the ideas above can accumulate in terms of cost. So, we’ve put together some more ideas for those on a budget.

24. Pizza Party

Feed your guests and tackle an activity together. Provide everybody with ingredients to make their own pizza. While they’re cooking, the kids can hang out, watch a movie or play a game. Once the pizzas are ready, everyone can eat together and enjoy their creation!

25. Karaoke Party

Rent a karaoke machine, dim the lights, serve some yummy snacks, and let the kids entertain each other! You could even gift your child a karaoke machine for their birthday, tackling two birthday tasks at once. This will save more money throughout the birthday celebrations!

26. Party in the Park

Bow out from spending money on a venue and host at the park instead. Use the park’s picnic benches for feeding guests. Provide cheap and cheerful food, like sandwiches or pizza. And let the kids run wild on the playground to celebrate the birthday boy or girl!

27. Classic Party Games

Keep it simple (and cheap) by playing classic party games! You don’t need to spend much money on decorations or fancy food. Games like tug of war, musical chairs, and an egg and spoon race are tons of fun for your seven-year-old!

28. It’s Movie Time

With DIY decorations, a few snacks, and a movie, you can’t go wrong when celebrating your son or daughter. At this age, kids enjoy watching a movie from beginning to end, so it will be a huge hit.

29. Storytelling Party

Ask your child what their favorite stories are and get a few talented adults to read them out to the kids. This can be tons of fun and doesn’t cost a penny!

30. Pool Party

Ask your child to choose a few friends and head to the pool. This way, you don’t have to buy a birthday party package. A trip past a favorite fast food restaurant on the way home will fill those hungry tummies. You might think it’s affordable and easy, but your child will love and appreciate all the fun.

How To Plan a Fun 7th Birthday Party

No matter what you choose to do, it will be tons of fun. Don’t pressure yourself! But to make it a more manageable experience, here are some tips for throwing a successful birthday bash.

  • Get advice from your child: You don’t need to plan this party alone. Ask your child how they want to celebrate: what food they want, what theme they like, and how they want to decorate the venue.
  • Plan the guest list: Plan the guest list according to space and budget. You don’t need to invite your child’s entire class! Numbers between five and seven will be the easiest. Don’t get your child to pass out the invitations at school, as this can lead to hurt feelings. Instead, you can pass the invitations on to parents.
  • Plan games and prizes in advance: Have a detailed plan for the day. When kids ask if there are any games to play, have them all ready to go! Ensure you have prizes for all the kids so nobody is left out.
  • Don’t forget the food: Kids are hungry and will be expecting food. Even if the party is between mealtimes, you’ll still need to serve something. Keep it easy, serving things like hotdogs, barbecue food, pizza, and cake.
  • Plan one month in advance: Don’t plan the party the night before. One month before, choose your theme, plan your menu, and send out invitations. Shop for decorations, game stuff, and party favors two weeks before. A few days before, shop for the food.
  • Check for dietary requirements: The last thing you need is a child having an allergic reaction on the day! Make sure you ask parents for dietary restrictions or allergies well in advance so you can edit the menu.
  • Invite a few supervisors: Many parents will be happy to drop their kids off and pick them up later. But ask a few parents or relatives to stick around to supervise the party. We recommend a 1:3 ratio between adults and kids.
  • On the morning: On the morning of the party, drop off pets at a sitter, pick up any final food and decorations, set up the games and activities, display the party favors, and hang balloons outside the venue.

What Do 7-Year-Olds Like To Do?

Entertaining a seven-year-old is fairly easy. At this age, they have better fine and gross motor skills, allowing them to try their hand at most activities. Here are ideas for entertaining a seven-year-old, whether it’s on their birthday or through the rest of the year:

  • Going on a bike ride.
  • Visiting a museum.
  • Playing sports.
  • Playing puzzles.
  • Going for walks.
  • Reading books.
  • Practicing an instrument.
  • Cooking meals (with help).
  • Going to the zoo.
  • Playing with friends.
  • Building forts.
  • Learning origami.
  • Watching movies.
  • Doing arts and crafts.
  • Visiting the library.
  • Playing make-believe.
  • Learning to code.
  • Playing board games.
  • Doing science experiments.
  • Playing Play-Doh.
  • Writing stories.
  • Going to the beach.


How Do I Make My 7-Year-Old Feel Loved?

It doesn’t matter what age your child is; you can make them feel loved with some simple techniques.

Words of affirmation are significant. Reminding your seven-year-old that they are beautiful, strong, loved, and safe can go a long way.

Spending quality time with them also helps. Whether that’s tucking them into bed at night or planning a special outing with just the two of you, they will appreciate it.

It’s also important to apologize and ask for forgiveness when you have done something wrong or raised your voice. Respecting them and talking to them maturely can make them feel loved and seen.

Other ideas include leaving them notes, reading to them, involving them in meal planning, hugs, kisses, cuddles, and putting your phone away. Being attentive is crucial — giving them your undivided attention when they’re showing you something or telling you a story is key.

Last but not least, tell them you love them. These simple words are an easy way to remind them that they are precious to you.

What Do You Say To a 7-Year-Old for Their Birthday?

Are you trying to think of what to write in your child’s birthday card? It doesn’t have to be anything wild! A simple happy birthday and a wish that they enjoy their day is enough. You can write a sweet sentiment, such as “You make me happy”, or write down a few favorite memories.

Top Tip

Think of them when they’re older, reading this card back. What do you want them to remember about their seventh birthday? What message do you want them to cling to from this time in their life?

How Many Toys Should a 7-Year-Old Have?

Studies show that anywhere between 10 and 20 is a good number. At this age, they might be interested in more than toys. For instance, they might rather play with science kits, draw, or help with cooking and baking.

At seven years old, they will be getting good at board games, video games, and sports which can keep them busy too!

In general, quality is more important than quantity. Ten good-quality and open-ended toys are much more beneficial than 50 silly toys.

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53 best gifts and toys for 7-year-olds in 2023

Wondering what to get a 7-year-old for their birthday and scratching your brain? The best toys and gifts for this age help them write stories, draw detailed pictures, build and create.

Seven-year-olds are noticeably better at fine motor skills that help them write and create than they were at age 6, said Dr. Amanda Gummer, founder of Fundamentally Children in the United Kingdom.

Crafts, sports equipment, building materials and other interactive and educational toys are among the top gifts for 7-year-olds, noted Susan Kambrich, head of the Woodland Hill Montessori School in Rensselaer, New York, and treasurer of the board of directors for the American Montessori Society.

At age 7, kids are also becoming more confident readers, ready to explore the world through graphic novels, nonfiction books and more sophisticated chapter books — though they will still get plenty of satisfaction and education from picture books, too. Here, we’ve found the best gifts to help your favorite 7-year-old hone their developmental skills while also having fun.

Bestsellers | Best gifts | Best toys | Active toys | Best arts and crafts | Best games and puzzles | Best STEM and educational toys | Best dolls and stuffed animals | Best books

Bestselling gifts for 7-year-olds

Unstable Unicorns Kids Edition

Unstable Unicorns won the 2019 People’s Choice Award for Toy of the Year and has sold over a million copies worldwide for a reason. The kid-friendly version with adorable artwork is sure to be adored by your 7-year-old and a favorite among the whole family.

Rainbow Loom Combo Loomi Pals Set

Make your own stretchy bracelets and add cute charms with this set that makes crafting accessible. Friendship bracelets are great for building social networks and fine motor skills.

Klutz Make Your Own Puffy Stickers

This sticker maker includes designs that can be colored in and enough material for 60 homemade stickers.

Taco vs Burrito Card Game

This game was created by a 7-year-old made specifically for 7-year-olds. All right, parents can play, too; it’s actually a great card game for any age. This is a fun game centered around strategy and competition.

Everest Toys Crazy Forts Glow in the Dark Set

Kids can create their own one-of-a-kind play space with this award-winning kit. Coolest of all, it glows in the dark!

Best gifts for 7-year-olds

Big Fat Yarn

Knitting becomes kid-friendly with this jumbo finger-knitting craft kit that lets kids make accessories for their bedrooms, or disassemble the project and make something new.

KiwiCo Basketball Catapult

This STEM toy lets 7-year-olds create an adjustable catapult, then use it to shoot and score, learning about angles and arcs as they go.

Unicorn Reversible Sequin Pillow

This shiny unicorn is a great accessory, but flip sequins aren’t just fun — they’re recommended to help kids who struggle with sensory processing or emotional regulation.

Mega Barbie Color Reveal Dream House

This building set combines the magic of color reveal Barbie with the engineering of a building set for a dream house in miniature.

3D Doodler Start+ Essentials

Kids can make their own 3D art with this kit that provides a “pen” that emits the child-safe plastic building material to make their own shapes. They can follow stencils or create their own sculptures.

Best toys for 7-year-olds

National Geographic Geode Kit

Break open 10 geodes to discover the cool world inside and learn about rocks and the Earth. With over 23,000 five-star Amazon ratings, shoppers can agree that this «age appropriate,» «exciting» and «quick and easy to explain» activity is perfect for 7-year-olds and science enthusiasts alike.

Lego Dots Creative Designer Box

This crafty Lego toy lets young designers create custom decor with items like wall decorations and boxes for desk supplies.

Plus-Plus Go! Street Racing Super Set

Plus-Plus connecting tiles give Lego lovers a new way to build, and this set allows for both instruction-following and open-ended play.

L.O.L. Surprise Color Change Bubbly Surprise

Collectibles, from trading cards to mini figures like these, can be important for kids who are developing a sense of group belonging, Gummer said.

Magic Mixies Moonlight Magic Crystal Ball

Magic Mixies remains one of the hottest toys of the year and has been featured across multiple toy lists. This interactive toy allows kids to create a magical potion, then, with a little wand wave, a mystical creature appears through the mist. The brand also mentions that the crystal ball can be used as a night light!

Active toys for 7-year-olds

Franklin Sports Blackhawk Pop-Up Soccer Goal

Sports are becoming more rewarding to 7-year-olds as they gain strength and stamina. Give them a goal net to practice and play with.

AOKESI Mini Indoor Basketball Hoop Set

Consider a gift for an active 7-year-old that allows them to channel all that extra energy. This indoor mini basketball set comes with everything they’ll need to ball like a professional right in their own bedroom — the basketball hoop, backboard and soft rubber mini basketballs are all included.

Donkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

A magnetic dart board is great for motor skills and competition without the danger of real darts. «It’s so worth the money,» one reviewer said, adding «We love this and play all the time.»

Kidwinz Shock-Proof Binoculars

Gear like these binoculars, backyard tents and walkie-talkies encourage outdoor play and exploration.

Best arts and crafts for 7-year-olds

Just My Style Tie Dye Design Studio

Get in on the tie-dye trend with this studio in a box that lets kids dye up to 18 projects.

Klutz Friendship Bracelet Making Activity Booklet

Whether they’re making friendship bracelets to trade with friends at sleepaway camp or for a certain artist’s tour, they can learn to make complex chevron designs or spice up their usual braided bracelets with the instructions in this booklet. It also comes with string and beads to get them started.

Hey Clay Animals

Complete with 18 cans of clay that aren’t sticky or toxic, this gift will allow your 7-year-old to make beautiful 3D creations. Let their imagination run wild!

Slime Making Kit

This oddly satisfying slime kit is fun for both kids and kids at heart. Strangely fascinating and tactile, it also relieves stress.

Klutz Sew-Your-Own Unicorn Bunny Slippers

These cozy slippers are a fun craft project and a nice way to stay warm while remote learning.

Grandparent Pen Pal Kit

What better way to get a 7-year-old (and their grandparents) excited about writing?

VTech Kidizoom

Little photographers can take pictures and instantly print black-and-white images with included paper. The digital screen lets them embellish photos with stickers and drawings.

Lulu Jr. Illustory Bookmaking Kit

Put them on the path to their first Pulitzer Prize with this bookmaking kit.

Best games and puzzles for 7-year-olds

Educational Insights Kanoodle Puzzle Game

This classic game includes plenty of brain teasers a 7-year-old can try alone, and it’s portable for travel.

Mudpuppy Amazing Insects Glow in the Dark Puzzle

Puzzles help with fine motor skills and problem-solving, and this one includes a geography lesson, too.

Uno Party

With over 300 cards, who will be the first to shout out «Uno!» in this multiplayer game? Meant to be played with large groups (up to 16 people), your 7-year-old and their friends will be entertained for hours, especially thanks to the addition of new wild cards in the deck.

Hasbro Twister Game

Get the whole family in on the fun — and the twisting and turning and bending and snapping with this classic game.


Like an entry-level Scrabble, Bananagrams is fun and helps with spelling. This double version of the game comes with enough pieces for up to 16 players.

SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box

This is a creative yet fun toy perfect for all ages — a transforming fidget toy. Your 7-year-old will have their eyes locked on this memorizing gift for hours.

Overcooked! for Nintendo Switch

Is your 7-year-old a video game lover? Gift them this cooking game for Nintendo Switch to play solo or with up to four people.

ThinkFun Laser Maze

This logic game adds an educational component to puzzles by incorporating critical thinking and STEM skills. Try the junior version for kids who might appreciate a more approachable challenge.

Best STEM and educational toys for 7-year-olds

National Geographic Crystal Garden Science Kit

This science kit by National Geographic allows kids to tap into creativity and science. According to the brand, kids choose a shade, color in the tree, then with a little growing liquid, the tree will develop into crystals right before their eyes. This kit even includes a book that’s packed with crystal facts.

Crayola Color Chemistry Lab

This kit includes 50 different colorful experiments, from an erupting volcano to «rubber goo.» With «hours of enjoyment,» tap into their creative genes with this chemistry set.

AOKESI Building Block Robot Kit

Does your 7-year-old kid love to tinker and learn about science? This kit lets them build their very own robot and would be a great STEM educational challenge to take on together.

Lego Super Mario Adventures

Turn Legos into a real-life video game with this kit that also includes interactive elements.

«Building can engage children in higher-level thinking and creative problem-solving through hands-on design and construction,» said Kambrich.

Any Lego kit will be a hit for 7-year-olds, but this one promotes STEM skills along with construction.

Best dolls and stuffed animals for 7-year-olds

Warmies Fox Warmies

Pop this furry friend into the microwave for soothing and relaxing snuggle time — the brand says these Warmies are lavender-scented, making them the perfect bedtime companion. Choose from a fox, sloth, dog and other cute animals (bonus: they were one of Oprah’s Favorite Things).

Mattel Margot Robbie Movie Barbie Doll

If your 7-year-old is obsessed with Barbie, more now than ever thanks to the upcoming movie, gift them with a doll modeled after the main actress. Dressed in a pink gingham dress, this doll is posable and features a half-up, half-down hairdo to style.

Squishable Comfort Avocado

This avocado is part of Squishable’s “comfort food” line, an unusual addition to the usual stuffed animal menagerie.

Autumn Leaves Lottie Doll

These diverse dolls include accessories such as cochlear implants and hobbies like star gazing or fossil hunting.

Best books for 7-year-olds

“The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza,” by Mac Barnett and Shawn Harris

This Read With Jenna Junior pick started as live cartoons for kids stuck at home during the pandemic. It’s now a graphic novel featuring a whimsical moon queen, a toenail-clipping robot and an astronaut cat who may or may not eat pizza.

“Cat Kid Comic Club: Collaborations,” by Dav Pilkey

The newest book in the graphic novel series from the creator of “Dog Man” has the club making mini comics like Chubbs McSpiderbutt to inspire collaboration and storytelling in readers, too.

Audible Subscription

For learning readers, audio books are a welcome way to connect to stories without stress. Audible has classics including “Anne of Green Gables” and “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” alongside original content like “The Weirdies,” by Michael Buckley, narrated by Kate Winslet.

«Highlights Book of Things to Do»

This activity book is encyclopedic. With crafts, recipes, science projects, brain teasers and games, it makes for an easy answer the next time a child complains there’s nothing to do.

“Endlessly Ever After,” by Laurel Snyder and Dan Santat

This choose-your-own-adventure-style fairy tale follows a trail of breadcrumbs from many familiar stories but leaves the reader in charge of the remix. The options aren’t quite endless, but they’ll entertain ever after.

“Farmhouse,” by Sophie Blackall

Climb inside the precious world of Sophie Blackall’s old farmhouse, where a family lives and grows as years pass, with intricate illustrations and one long sentence that somehow suspends time.

“The Year We Learned to Fly,” by Jacqueline Woodson and Rafael López

Children who are stuck inside learn to use their imaginations to fly – a message that will resonate deeply with children who lived through a pandemic, who must adjust to a new place or cope with any life changes or hardships.

“Patchwork,” by Matt de la Peña and Corinna Luyken

In beautiful verse with artwork to match, this picture book explores the unexpected ways children might grow into themselves.

“Amah Faraway,” by Margaret Chiu Greanias and Tracy Subisak

When Kylie goes to visit grandma so far away, she is shy and nervous about unfamiliar customs. But she warms to the visit and leaves ready for another in a mirrored storyline that takes the hesitation of the beginning into excitement, using the same words.

“Sleuth & Solve: Science,” by Ana Gallo and Victor Escandell

Science-inspired mysteries let kids understand scientific principles while solving thorny riddles.

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Games and birthday contests for a boy or girl aged 6 and 7

Birthday is an important event in a child’s life. Celebrating each year of life will help the child understand the process of growing up. It will also strengthen the sense of significance, increase self-esteem. The child feels that he is loved and valued by his parents, friends, relatives. Such events, especially properly organized, contribute to the social adaptation of children. They have the opportunity to gather their friends together, have fun and interesting time, develop communication skills.

It is recommended to include competitions, children’s quests, quizzes, games in the program of the event. The hero of the occasion and his guests will develop creative skills, imagination, and also have a great time together. Consider how to surprise guests for a birthday, what entertainment to come up with, where it is better to hold an event.

How to start organizing a children’s birthday party 6-7 years old

Organizing a children’s birthday party is a real challenge for most parents. To make the holiday memorable, and also give a lot of pleasant memories, consider a few tips that will help organize the event:0003

  • Tip #1: Make a plan. Start by making a plan. Think about what you want to include in the program of the event and how long it will last. Determine the time that is best for the holiday and set a budget that you can spend on organizing it.
  • Tip #2. Decide on a location for the celebration. Choose a place where you can spend a holiday, taking into account the number of guests. For example, it could be a house, a rented space, or a park. Make sure the place is safe and age appropriate.
  • Tip #3. Choose a topic. It should be a topic that is interesting to your child, as well as his friends. It can be your favorite cartoon or game theme.
  • Tip #4. Plan your holiday menu. Consider what kind of food and drinks you will be serving to your guests. Make sure they are safe.
  • Tip #5. Consider an entertainment program. Make a list of activities that guests will enjoy. It can be outdoor activities, creative workshops or sports competitions.
  • Tip #6. Prepare invitations. Make a guest list, send invitations in advance so that parents can organize their schedule, bring the kids on time.
  • Tip #7. Prepare gifts, small souvenirs for guests. Consider gifts for guests to take home after the party to leave a lasting impression on the event. You can prepare them with your child. It can be small crafts.

Even though the organization of a children’s birthday party may seem like a complicated undertaking, proper planning will simplify the task. It will make for a wonderful holiday.

Fun games and competitions for birthdays

Games and competitions for children are not only an opportunity to diversify their leisure time. They are very important because they help develop various skills and qualities. They teach children to interact with each other, solve problems together, work in a team. Many competitions require movement, which contributes to the development of motor skills, coordination.

Some competitions, as well as game tasks, contribute to the development of creative abilities, allowing children to show imagination and creativity. They also develop leadership qualities, such as initiative, responsibility, self-confidence. In addition, the participation of children in games and competitions is fun!

There are many fun birthday contests and games that you should definitely include in your entertainment program:

  • In search of pirate treasures. Hide small souvenirs or toys throughout the room or garden and give each participant a map so they can find their share of the «wealth». This game task will help children develop logic, coordination of movements.
  • Balloon racing. Divide the guests into two teams. Give each team a balloon. Then set the starting line, and also indicate the distance that the teams must go, keeping their balls between their legs.
  • Dance battle. Put on your favorite children’s songs and have a dance competition. Choose the winners based on their enthusiasm, ability to feel the music. But do not forget to encourage each participant in the battle.
  • Karaoke. Give each participant a microphone and let them sing their favorite song. This will help children to show their creativity, develop self-confidence. It’s also a lot of fun, so don’t forget to turn on your camera!
  • Invisible Man. One child becomes the «invisible man» and must try to pass between the rows of children without touching them. If he touched someone, then that participant becomes the next «invisible man».
  • Competition for speed. Only suitable for outdoor activities. Ask the kids to ride bikes, skateboards, or scooters. Such a competition will help develop transport management skills, as well as a competitive spirit.
  • Creative workshops. Organize workshops on painting, clay modeling or making crafts from paper, natural materials. Children will be able to develop creative skills, show their imagination.

In the process of preparation, do not forget that game tasks, as well as competitions, should be interesting, appropriate for the age of the children.

Outdoor and sports games

Outdoor games for children aged 6-7 should definitely be included in the entertainment program. First of all, such activities help develop coordination, flexibility, balance, strength, endurance and other qualities. They help to strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of developing many diseases.

It is also the development of social skills. Children learn to work in a team, respect others, solve problems together, and make decisions on their own. Develop leadership qualities, initiative, responsibility, self-confidence.

Participation in outdoor games also helps children to experience positive emotions, delight from earned points or a prize. All this improves mood. Children also develop cognitive skills: attention, memory, logical thinking. They learn to control their actions, emotions, which is also very useful.

Consider what outdoor activities can be included in the entertainment program of the holiday:

  • Football. Children can play as a team or individually. Boys will be especially active in this game — loyal fans of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.
  • Basketball. One sword and improvised gates will not be enough here. You need a basket that will be securely fixed at the optimum height. But if everything is organized correctly, all the guests of the holiday will take an active part in the game.
  • Running. Children can run short distances or participate in time runs. This game will help develop endurance, speed.
  • Jumping. You can jump rope or jump on one leg. This game will help develop coordination, flexibility, but it does not require prior organization. It is enough to prepare the necessary sports equipment.
  • Badminton. It is an effective tool that increases the overall tone, perfectly relieves stress, develops various physical qualities, such as agility, speed, endurance. But keep in mind that it is more difficult for preschool children to comprehend the basics of badminton than for schoolchildren.

It is important to choose games that suit the level of development as well as the interests of each little guest so that they can enjoy the game and enjoy such activities.

Games, competitions for the home

Organizing a holiday for children with outdoor games at home can be quite a challenge for several reasons. In the house, as a rule, there is not enough space for outdoor games. This can limit their choices and pose a danger to children if they start running and jumping too close to each other or to furniture.

Outdoor games are best played outdoors where children can run, jump and play in a safe environment. In the house, they may encounter obstacles, so the risk of injury increases. Also, outdoor games in the house require more careful supervision by adults.

When holding a holiday in the house, you need to take into account the safety of children, choose games that will not lead to injury or damage to interior items. In addition, for the successful organization of a children’s holiday, you need to provide a lot: choose the right music, organize meals.

Let’s look at a few suitable activities that are suitable for an event that takes place in the house:

  • «Musical chairs». Participants walk in a circle around the chairs as the music plays. The moment the music stops, everyone should quickly sit down on their chairs. One chair is removed each time. The participant who remains without a chair is out of the game. The last player left on the chair wins.
  • «Who am I?». Participants choose characters from books, films or cartoons and write them down on pieces of paper. The papers are folded, placed in a hat. Each player chooses one piece of paper and without words shows his team who he is. The team asks questions to which the player can only answer «Yes» or «No». The team whose player guesses the character first gets a point.
  • Carousel. Participants stand in a circle and each receives a piece of candy. When the music starts playing, they pass the candy to each other in a clockwise direction. When the music stops, the player holding the candy is out of the game. The player who remains last wins.
  • «Guess what’s in the bag?». Each player brings in a closed bag items that start with the same letter. The other participants take turns pulling items out of the bag and trying to guess which letter is being used. The player who guesses correctly gets a point.
  • «Words starting with a letter». Players sit in a circle and each name a word that begins with a given letter. Players who run out of words are out of the game. The competition continues until only one player remains.

When choosing activities for the home, it is important to remember that they must be safe, age-appropriate, and the interests of the children.

Games, competitions for the outdoors

Although the list of indoor games for children is not limited to 2-3 points, there are still many more activities that can be organized outdoors. But here it is important to take into account some factors. First of all, it is unpredictable weather. Outside, the weather can change suddenly, which can affect the conduct of the event, the mood of the children.

There is also an increased risk of injury, unforeseen situations, so all precautions must be taken to avoid problems. There may also be limited space for some activities, which can make it difficult to choose as well as host suitable games.

Holding a children’s party on the street can be limited in time, especially if it takes place in a public place. For the successful organization of a children’s holiday on the street, a lot needs to be foreseen — from choosing a suitable place to preparing food and drinks.

Consider interesting outdoor games for children:

  • Bag Run. Participants must run a certain distance in cloth bags. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins.
  • «Limbo on the street». This is a well-known dance game. Two people hold the rope at a certain level, and the guys must pass under it, but without touching it. Every time the rope goes down. Anyone who fails to pass is out of the game. And the winner is the one who passed the lowest limb.
  • «Football Tournament». Organize a football tournament between teams. You can play multiple matches. The team that scores the most points wins.
  • «Relay». Divide the guys into several teams and arrange a relay race. Children must pass objects to each other, run a certain distance. The team that finishes the relay first wins.

When choosing outdoor activities, remember that they should be safe, age-appropriate, and child-friendly so that they can enjoy playing as well as spending time outdoors. In addition, you need to make sure that all the guys understand the rules in order to avoid injury or unpleasant situations.

Quests, puzzles for children

Be sure to include in the event program not only classic games for children for 7 years old, but also quests, puzzles and quizzes. Choose not too complex, but not too simple. They should be interesting enough and cause a desire to continue the competition. These should be topics that are related to the interests of the guys. For example, quests and puzzles related to adventure, fantasy, science, etc.

Consider the level of difficulty. Choose quests that correspond to the level of development of children. Tasks that are too difficult can cause frustration, and tasks that are too simple can lead to boredom.

Also don’t forget to add an element of competition to the game. For example, divide the children into teams and give them a task. Consider the location of the event. If the quest will be held indoors, then the tasks may be related to objects around the children. If outdoors, then with objects in the environment. Remember safety. Eliminate tasks that can lead to injury.

Consider several adventure games and a quest that can be included in the entertainment program of a children’s holiday:

  • «Combination lock». Create a combination lock using colored pieces of paper or flags. The kids have to recognize the color code in order to open the lock and get the reward.
  • Spy Game. Each child is given a specific task related to the search or collection of information. To make the game more interesting, use code words.
  • «Card decryption». Create a map with different points marked. The kids have to decipher it. To make the task more difficult, add various obstacles for the children to overcome.
  • Treasure Chest. Come up with a game in which the guys have to find the key to open the chest and find the treasure. To do this, children must solve various puzzles.

Remember that quests and puzzles should be appropriate for the age and interests of children so that they can enjoy the game and enjoy the process. In addition, you need to make sure that all participants understand the rules of the game.

Dance and music games

This is a great way to develop an ear for music, as well as social and communication skills. What kind of birthday music competitions may be of interest to children:

  • Musical chairs. The boys dance around the circle of chairs as the music plays. When the music stops, the children should quickly sit down on the chair. This game helps develop motor coordination and also teaches children to react quickly. The participant who did not have time to sit on a chair is out.
  • Karaoke. The guys sing songs that they know and love, receive prizes and sweets for this. Karaoke helps develop an ear for music and also teaches children to express their emotions through music.
  • «Dance Engine». This is one of the most fun competitions for boys and girls. The guys need to be divided into two teams. They line up in columns and pass like a train around the room. Under the musical accompaniment, they show simple dance moves. And in order to remove the competitive part from the task, you just need to gather the guys into one engine.

Creative games for birthdays

Choose creative games for children according to their age and interests. For example, if children like to draw, you can offer a game in which you need to draw a picture on a given topic. And if they are interested in designing, you can offer a game task with a designer, where you need to assemble something with your own hands.

Unlike teaching tasks, creative tasks are based on improvisation and emotions. They do not obey ready-made rules, they are aimed at intellectual, psychological, as well as artistic development through free self-expression.

At the same time, it is important to remember that creative games, although they should encourage children to independent activity, to develop imagination and creative thinking, but at the same time they should be interesting, arouse interest.

What kind of games and creative birthday contests may be interesting for children:

  • Drawing and coloring. Children can draw and color pictures using paints, markers, colored pencils. In a playful way, they will learn to combine colors, as well as develop imagination and creativity in solving problems.
  • Design. Come up with games where children can build with different building blocks, for example, invite them to do Lego building.
  • Puppet theater. Children can create their own puppets, as well as play puppet theater. It helps to develop the ability to express emotions and feelings, learn to tell stories, as well as develop creative thinking, imagination.
  • Adventure themed games. These can be various role-playing games with an adventure theme, such as «Pirates», «Space Travel» or «Magic Lands».
  • Scientific experiments. Invite the children to conduct some kind of scientific experiment. For example, you can conduct the experiment «Get a coin out of the water without getting your hands wet. »

Place the coin in a plate and pour enough water. Tell the guys that you can get it without touching the water. Place a candle in the center of the plate and after a while cover it with a glass. The fire will quickly go out, and the water will rise up the inverted vessel, revealing the coin.

Board games for birthdays

Playing board games, children learn to communicate, listen to others, express their thoughts and ideas. Also, many board games require a creative approach, help develop the ability to think creatively. There are games that help improve cognitive functions and develop intellectual abilities.

There are many board games that can be interesting and useful:

  • Monopoly. Children learn to manage their money, buy and sell real estate, make decisions based on logical thinking. The game ends when all card companies are sold out. Then the players count how many cards and money each has, the one with the most assets wins. Monopoly for children is significantly different from the adult version. It has a smaller order of numbers, and the account of money goes into tens of thousands. Companies and enterprises are listed only those that are understandable to children of primary school age.
  • Chess. A game that helps develop logical thinking, strategic thinking, patience and endurance. 6-7 years old is quite the optimal age to start classes. The desire to win makes the child work harder, and any mistake or defeat is just a new opportunity for development. If not all the guys know the rules of the game, provide information in a fun way about each piece, explain its meaning in the game.
  • Uno. This is a card game for two or more players. It consists in being the first to get rid of all your cards. Players take turns placing cards on the center pile. It is important to follow the rules associated with the color or meaning of the card. In addition, the game has special cards that can change the color of the game, skip other players’ turns, or force them to draw additional cards from the deck. Uno is popular all over the world.
  • Jenga or Leaning Tower. Competitors must remove blocks from the tower, which originally consisted of 54 blocks, without damaging the structure, and then add these blocks back to the top of the tower. The goal is to prevent the tower from falling. Jenga can be exciting for children and adults, requiring players not only to be dexterous and attentive, but also to think strategically and predict the possible consequences of their actions.
  • Lotto. Another exciting board game that is popular with children and adults. It helps to have fun, as well as usefully spend time with your family, establish communication, and get a charge of positive emotions.

Competitors must complete their game cards with a set of images selected at random from a shared bag or box. Players announce their images as they are selected and place markers or caps on the corresponding spaces on their card. The player who first completes all the images on their card is the winner.

These are just a few examples of the many board games for kids 6 and up.

Where can I order the organization of a children’s birthday party 6-7 years old

Children’s birthday parties can be held in different places. One of the most budgetary options for holding a children’s holiday is at home. This is convenient, so you can decorate the room yourself, prepare food and drinks, and also think over the entertainment program. But there are many downsides. Having a birthday party at home means that parents will have to clean the room after contests and other activities.

It is also not always convenient to hold a children’s event at home, especially if space is limited. Do not forget about the risk of damage to property if no one monitors the behavior of children. It will also take a lot of time and effort to prepare the place, food and entertainment, which can be an additional source of stress. Therefore, many parents choose other places for children’s holidays.

In a cafe or restaurant

Holding a children’s party in a restaurant or cafe has its own peculiarities. This is, first of all, the absence of the need to independently solve many organizational issues, including the preparation of food and drinks. Additional services include: photo zone design, animators, photographer, etc.

Despite all the advantages, holding a children’s party in a restaurant or cafe may have its drawbacks. The cost of holding a children’s party in a restaurant or cafe can be more expensive than holding a party at home. Also, the selected institution may have certain restrictions on the number of guests, the time of the holiday, etc.

At the children’s entertainment center

Organizing a party at the children’s entertainment center is one of the most popular options. The main plus is a large selection of entertainment, such as play areas, trampoline complexes, labyrinths, etc. This is an active and interesting holiday for children.

Children’s entertainment centers pay special attention to safety. There are also animators who will help organize and hold a holiday, including games, contests, dances. Parents do not need to solve organizational issues, as everything is already ready for the celebration.

You can order the organization of a children’s birthday party for 6-7 years old in our family active recreation park Tiki Viki. With us, your child and his guests will be able to feel like in a real fairy tale and recharge with positive. We organize children’s parties and offer a large selection of ready-made scenarios: with costumed characters, exciting games and contests. We also have over 30 unique rides, including:

— trampoline complex;

— football arena;

— incredible slides;

— 3-storey labyrinth;

— kinetic wall;

— tubing;

— LEGO city;

— Trolley ropeway and much more.

All our attractions for the price of one ticket and no rent when ordering a holiday with us! Fun contests, active games, riddles, quizzes, dances, interesting animation and show programs are waiting for children. We also conduct creative and culinary master classes. You can choose from colorful banquet halls and festive cakes.

Banquet hall for 3 hours is free of charge. The restaurant has a children’s menu. Asian, Japanese and European cuisines are also presented, a banquet menu has been developed. In addition, you can order the services of a photographer and face painting.

Regardless of where the children’s event will be held, try to make the holiday bring bright emotions and be remembered by the child. Contact those companies that offer turnkey organization of the holiday. A team of professionals will take care of all the arrangements for the event — from decorating the hall to compiling an entertainment program. You will simply enjoy a perfectly organized holiday.

Our team offers you a wide range of birthday games and competitions for children aged 6-7: the child and parents will be satisfied with the holiday! Call +7 (843) 202-20-55 and we will be happy to tell you about our programs and offers.

Birthday Contests for Kids

Simple Tips in Plain Language

What are the most fun birthday games and contests you can play on your own?

A holiday for children requires the preparation of entertainment at the child’s birthday, suitable for the age and interests of the children. The task of the organizer when selecting games for children at a birthday party is to alternate active tasks with calmer ones, team tasks — individual ones.


birthday contests for kids

Funny birthday games for kids will allow all participants to have fun from the heart. We offer you several options for such competitions for children of any age.

Having fun is so easy! Organize a competition for children «Hairdressers» ! Divide all guests into teams and give each team the same set of rubber bands, hairpins and ribbons. Among the members of each team, you need to choose one volunteer, on which the rest will embody their hairdressing fantasies. Keep track of the time (for example, 5 minutes), and let the team start the competition: the team that will make the most difficult or most unusual hairstyle will win. By the way, a similar competition can be arranged for “little makeup artists” if you stock up on face painting sets as props.

The Broken Phone Contest is good old fun. To conduct it, all participants sit in a row. The host quietly says a word to the first participant, and he must also whisper it to the next one. Along the chain, the word reaches the last participant — he must call it out loud. If the word is guessed correctly, the last participant receives a prize and sits in first place, now he will be the first to pass the word along the chain.

Fun birthday contests for kids

And birthday parties for children can be both active and more relaxed. And you can pick up a few with different tempos to keep the kids interested.

Two fun contests

1. Games with balloons. Divide all guests into teams and move them to different sides of the room. Stretch a rope in the middle or draw a border with chalk. Each team receives 5-10 balloons, and at the signal of the leader, it begins to transfer them to the side of the enemy, and the rivals try not only to send the arrived balloons back, but also to transfer their own to the other half.

2. “Draw a birthday boy”: give each guest a balloon and a marker. Offer to draw the face of the birthday boy on your balloon in 2 minutes. And the hero of the occasion will choose the best or the funniest work as a result.

Scenario for children’s birthday

Scenario and following it is the way to the success of the whole holiday

It is better if all competitions follow the scenario or idea for the child’s birthday. For example, as a scenario for the birthday of a child of 10 years old, you can already use quests in which participants will sequentially complete tasks, and at the end, after successful completion, everyone will receive prizes.
For example:
* Adventure on a pirate ship;
* Cooking quests;
* Quests in the alchemist’s laboratory with simple chemical experiments;
* Quests for your favorite teenage cartoons or computer games.

You can choose or adapt tasks for children at the birthday party according to the theme and prepare the appropriate entourage and decorations (for example, scarves-bandanas for pirates, flasks and components for alchemists).

But for kids and younger students, you can use a fairy-tale scenario for the birthday of a child 7 years old and younger.

Scenarios adapted to the personality of the birthday boy are equally successful: the scenario for the birthday of a girl’s child can be designed in the style of “princesses”, typically girlish cartoon characters, or filled with contests for children at birthday homes with a theme close to girls (fashion salon, games for girls, home pajama parties). Boys will be interested in spending time at the holiday in the style of ninja turtles, cartoon characters about cars or transformers.

Competitions for children aged 10-12

The age of 10-12 is the time when the usual birthday entertainment for children is no longer interesting. But the same forfeits, board games, quest tasks, master classes will enjoy success.

Birthday contests for 12 year olds

Here are some ideas for entertaining 12 year olds at the party.

Dance competition for 12 year olds’ birthday Hawaiian dance style : Attach two ropes parallel to the floor, chest level and knee level. Turn on fun music and invite each of the guests to dance to it, passing under the ropes.

Competitions based on twister can also be invented for this age group. They will make the holiday active and fun.

The famous «crocodile» is one of the best team competitions. Moreover, the theme of riddles for him can be kept in the general style of the holiday.

Fantas can be turned into an unusual Seven-flowered flower . In advance, you will need props — a large paper flower with tear-off petals. On each one, you need to write a fun task — and let the participants randomly choose which petal is for whom. Whoever does the best job, wins.

Contests for the birthday of a 10-year-old child

If the age of the guests at the party is a little younger, contests for children for the birthday of 10 years old can be diversified with creative tasks. There are many examples of such birthday games for children for children of 10 years old. You can invite all guests to take part in creating a birthday card. As props, you can use finger paints, applications, bright sparkles.

Another option is the «Frozen Artist»: divide the guests into teams of 2 people. One of the couple will be an artist — he is given a marker. The second one will hold the canvas. At the same time, the artist must stand still, his partner will create the drawing — by moving a sheet of paper. It remains to come up with a theme for the drawings — and start the game.

And it’s even easier to combine creativity with healthy laughter at birthday contests for 11-year-old children: it’s worth playing the game «Blind Draw»! Two teams of guests receive a large sheet of paper, which is attached to the wall and a marker. Also an eye patch. Each participant puts on a bandage and takes turns approaching the sheet. His task is to draw one detail (for example, one participant draws the head, the second — the ears, the third — the eyes).

3″ field=»title»> Competitions for children aged 7-9

Younger students enjoy playing active games and dancing. Accordingly, contests for children at home for a birthday should be chosen active.

Contests for the birthday of a child of 9 years

For nine-year-old guests, you can plan dance competitions: give them a master class in modern dance, during which the participants and the coach can change roles. First, the leader will show the movements, and everyone repeats, and then all the guests become the leaders in turn.

Another competition for the birthday of a child of 9 years old is a relay race with fruits. This is a contest that requires you to fill your baskets with fruit. But you need to wear them in turn and without using your hands — holding your chin.

8 years is a restless age, to celebrate this date you can choose contests, both active and educational — guessing puzzles with the names of animals in teams.

3″ field=»title»> Birthday contests for children 8 years old

Birthday games for children 8 years old can be supplemented with face painting drawings. Moreover, young artists themselves can create drawings on each other, pulling forfeits with assignments.

It’s a good idea to create candy decorations for the birthday boy: whoever can make a long necklace of candies tied together will win a prize.

And, of course, creative birthday games for an 8-year-old child can be supplemented with active ones. Birthday contests for 8 year olds can be the simplest: tug of war, classic trickle games are well suited for this age. And you can arrange team competitions between pilots and gunners. To do this, you need props from paper airplanes and light small balls made of plastic or paper. One team must launch their planes from one corner of the room to the other, while the second team tries to hit the planes with balloons.

3″ field=»title»> Contests for the birthday of a 7-year-old child

It is better to make contests simple for little birthdays. You can take ideas for older children as a basis, but adapt them to birthday games for a child of 7 years old. For example, arrange a competition with the creation of a drawing with palms and finger paints.

Instead of complex quizzes, you can arrange the famous game «Field of Wonders» . It is good to use for kids and simple board games, the famous «Who am I» , in which children have to guess which character the host assigned him with the help of questions to his friends.

Active contests for the birthday of a 7-year-old child can be chosen as follows:
* Game «Extra chair»;
* Playing volleyball with balloons;
* Playing sea battle in a large basin with light plastic cups to be guided by blowing on them.

Themed games for the birthday of a child of 7 years old are also suitable: kids can put together a big puzzle with cartoon characters on the wall, guess songs from cartoons who is faster, try to draw their favorite characters, who is better.

Depending on the theme of the holiday, various consumables can also be used for competitions: for example, arrange a “culinary battle” (who will make the best cake from modeling dough) or a competition to assemble the largest robot from the kits or simply build a tower higher than the other team.

General rules for choosing contests and tasks for children’s birthdays

If we collect all the options, we can derive general rules for organizing fun games for children’s birthdays.

* Choose according to age.
* Try to follow the general theme of the holiday.
* Don’t forget about props and prizes — it will be more fun with it.
* Try to involve all the guests of the holiday in the games.
* Accurately time the holiday so that children do not get bored.

Still don’t know how to entertain the kids on their birthday? Use our selection of naughty contests for all ages and arrange a fun party for your children.

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