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Nursing Pillows – Boppy

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5 Other Uses for Your Boppy Nursing Pillow

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Everyone knows that the Boppy Nursing Pillow is basically THE golden standard for baby feeding essentials. You’ve even seen Nina use it when demonstrating how to get the best latch when breastfeeding a baby. It’s a must-have item for all new families! Whether we’re talking breast or bottle, it makes no difference. If you’re feeding a newborn, you will want a Boppy. I love mine so much that I have TWO — one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

You may think that this is pure laziness — needing two Boppys — but when you’re the “lucky” (read: insane) mommy of three beautiful, healthy (read: busy) little girls under the age of four like myself, you have to find ways to make life easier. That said, not everyone realizes what an incredible tool the Boppy is outside the confines of feeding time. So listen up because I am here to tell you that your Boppy is (or will be) your new best friend!

A Cush for Your (Healing) Mama Tush

Birth is beautiful, but it is also extremely painful for most women. Especially for those of us that experience perineal tearing, which requires stitches. Ouch! Anyone who has experienced this knows the pain of sitting (or even just existing). The Boppy Nursing Pillow makes an excellent butt cushion (for lack of a better term) while your lady parts recover. Simply sit on the hole of the pillow to take some pressure off that sensitive area — but make sure you are sitting on a soft surface. Stay away from sitting on hard, wooden surfaces or tile floors. They are not your friend.

Snuggle Time + Sibling Support

When you aren’t feeding baby, the Boppy Nursing Pillow is snuggle time perfection. Even with a small baby, always cradling and holding your newborn can take a toll on your back and shoulders. The heavier your little one is, the harder it is on your body to hold them for extended periods. Being able to prop up baby on the Boppy in your lap is a great way to keep your little one close while saving your forearms, shoulders, and back.

The Boppy has also proven to be a great support system for (younger) siblings who want to hold the new baby but may not have the upper body strength. Mamas can breathe easy knowing that their newest little one is safely secure in their brother or sister’s lap and arms with the Boppy.

Propped Playing

The Boppy Nursing Pillow is also ideal for playtime and engaging with baby! Keep baby cozy by placing his head and shoulders on the pillow and his little tushie in the hole. This is a great way to help baby recline comfortably (propped) below hanging toys. He may not be ready to reach out and grab them just yet, but he will still get a kick out of seeing them overhead. Babies are curious creatures. Why NOT feed their curiosity? And keep them safe while doing so!

NOTE: Never leave your baby unattended while sitting in a Boppy! Adult supervision is recommended.

Tummy Time

Once baby is strong enough to lift his head, place his chest on the Boppy pillow — arms draped over the front and knees in the hole. The Boppy Nursing Pillow provides the support baby needs to do tummy time and build upper body and neck strength. And bonus: this puts him in the perfect position to snap some super adorable photos!

See what we were saying about the adorable photos?

NOTE: Pediatricians recommend working up to 15 min -30 min daily of supervised tummy time by 7 weeks (not all at once), so grab some toys and make some memories!1

Supported Sitting

The Boppy Nursing Pillow creates “the perfect little nest” for supported sitting. The Boppy can either go around his back or across his little tummy. This will help him to develop the necessary core strength to (eventually) sit up all on his own. The Boppy helps support baby (once he is moderately stable) and protects him from the hard floor when he inevitably falls over.

How to feed your baby with the MOBILBABY ™ Crescent Pillow

Instructions for using the MOBILBABY ™ Crescent Nursing Pillow

A little digression on how NOT to breastfeed:

  1. Mom sits on the edge of the sofa, her back is “wheeled”, her arms are bent, her muscles are tense, her legs are on tiptoe. How long can you feed like this, and what thoughts does a woman have? Most likely: “It’s inconvenient, we need to finish the whole process and relax as soon as possible …”
  2. Previously, it was suggested to take a comfortable position to feed, surrounded by several pillows (under the arms, sides, lower back). The goal is to reach the position of the child at the level of the mother’s breast. So, mom sits on a sofa or chair, puts 2 pillows on her knees (so that the child is at chest level), puts 1 more pillow under her arms, puts the last one behind her back. To carry out such preparatory work is long and not very convenient. It is hard for a child to wait for all this activity to end. Time goes by, the baby starts to get nervous, cry …

This kind of breastfeeding is hardly a pleasant process. But with the MOBILBABY ™ feeding pillow, everything changes for the better!

Nursing Positions with MOBILBABY™ Crescent Pillow
  1. Feeding sitting, classic position (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1. Click to enlarge

Position the pillow around your waist and connect the fasteners to the Velcro strap behind your back. The widest part of the pillow should be in front, below the chest.

Place the child on the widest part of the pillow. You are ready to feed!

During breastfeeding, the mother’s hands also rest on the pillow. Hold the baby lightly the first time you use the pillow. Later you will be convinced that the baby lies comfortably and safely on the pillow and during feeding your hands can be free!

Advantages of this pose: tension in the shoulders and arms is reduced, the muscles of the mammary glands are free, not clamped. Milk flows freely. The baby well dissolves the anterior lobes of the breast.

  1. Sitting, armpit feeding (fig. 2)

Fig. 2. Click to enlarge

Position the pillow around your waist and connect the fasteners to the Velcro strap behind your back. Slightly move the widest part of the pillow to the breast with which you will feed the baby.

Place your baby on his side on a pillow so that his tummy is under your armpit, his face is at your chest, and his legs are behind your arm, on the side. You are ready to feed!

Advantages of this posture: the baby absorbs the hind lobes of the breast, receiving «hind» milk, rich in fats, enzymes and containing growth, sleep and satiety factors. Feeding in this position is an excellent prevention of lactostasis and mastitis.

  1. Lying down feeding (fig. 3)

Position the pillow so that it is behind your back (for support) and under your head. Lay the baby on the side, face to your chest. You are ready to feed!

Fig. 3. Click to enlarge

Advantages of this position: at night you can feed almost without waking up.

  1. Feeding sitting, after caesarean section or episiotomy (Fig. 4)

Place a pillow under one leg with the foot resting on the sofa. The baby is positioned in the same way as in the classic sitting feeding position.

Pros of this position: You can comfortably breastfeed your baby, even if you can’t tighten your abs or sit properly after giving birth.

MOBILBABY™ Maternity Pillow

During pregnancy, the load on all the muscles of the body of the expectant mother increases. A growing belly makes it difficult to take the usual postures for sleeping and resting. It becomes increasingly difficult to fully relax. The MOBILBABY ™ crescent pillow helps solve this problem.

How the expectant mother can use the half-moon pillow:

Comfort during pregnancy has a positive effect on the physical and emotional state of the expectant mother and baby.

Development and play of children with the MOBILBABY ™ pillow

From the age of 3-4 months the baby can be placed on a pillow while awake, as in a nest. When the baby lies on the tummy, the pillow supports him, this is useful for the development of the muscles of the back .

Pillow is also a great alternative to the chaise longue and allows you to comfortably feed your baby, play with an age-appropriate toy, rock you and put you to bed.

From the age of 6 months, the baby can be seated with a pillow. The pillow supports the back of the child and protects against accidental falling backwards.

For a child who can sit, the pillow will become an excellent soft chair and a play complex.

In addition, the pillow can be used during massage and gymnastics for a child.

And the bright colors on the pillowcases stimulate the development of the child.

How to use nursing pillows » Usage photo



  1. Baby feeding tips for new parents
  2. Choosing a position
  3. Why use a nursing pillow?
  4. Instructions for use?
  5. Important points

Feeding your baby: tips for new parents

The importance of breastfeeding cannot be overestimated. Pediatricians, immunologists, neonatologists, neurologists — all speak with one voice about the need for natural breastfeeding of a little man. Even companies specializing in the production of baby food do not get tired of reminding us of this. What is needed for this?

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Position Selection

There are several basic attachment positions known today. Their choice may be due to the age of the baby, the state of health of the matter, the structural features of the mammary glands, and even the time of day. So, for example, night feeding, obligatory in the first months after birth, occurs, as a rule, lying down. The same position is recommended for women who gave birth through a caesarean section or other surgical interventions, with the obligatory subsequent suturing.

If a young mother has no restrictions in the postpartum period, it is best to feed the baby while sitting.

The most popular is the «cradle» position: a woman sits, leaning her back on the back of a chair, armchair or sofa, while the child is on her knees in a horizontal position, turned tummy towards the mother.

The woman’s arms can support the baby in a straight or crossed position.

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What is a nursing pillow for?

The older a newborn gets, the harder it is to hold him in your arms during meals. From quickly and stably gains weight and height, shows interest in the world around and physical activity. In addition, the process of sucking takes him more and more time, since much more milk is now required to satisfy his appetite than in the first days after birth.

To facilitate attachment to the breast, reduce the load on the spine and arms, you can and should use a special feeding pillow.

In the online store «Dreamcatcher» you can choose one of two popular models by going to the catalog of nursing pillows, and at the same time find out: It is made in the form of a horseshoe and allows you to hold the baby with one hand, helping to properly grab the nipple with the other.

  • The second option is a set of a wide and high pillow filled with foam rubber and an additional pillow that allows you to change the position of the child during feeding.
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    Instructions for Use

    In order for the feeding process to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to know how to use a nursing pillow. If you choose a model with fixation at the waist:

    Take a comfortable sitting position: your feet should be on the floor, your knees should be parallel to the floor, behind your back there is a comfortable soft support that allows you to completely relax your back muscles.

    Place the pillow on your knees and wrap the protruding edges around your waist. It is not difficult to do this, however, you must be sure that your figure, which has changed after recent childbirth, will allow you to use the accessory correctly. If the pillow cannot be fixed, it is better to refuse to use it, as it may slip off the knees during feeding.

    How to feed on a nursing pad? The child must be placed in such a way that his body is completely on the pillow. In this case, the head should be slightly raised and lie on the elbow of the mother’s arm. By adjusting the height and angle of inclination in this way, you can be sure that even if the baby spits up milk, it will not enter the respiratory tract.

    Never deprive your baby of support while feeding with a pillow! Be sure to hold it with your hand, control the sucking process. After eating, the pillow can be carefully removed.

    The other model, which does not have a waist fastening, should only be used with full control of the feeding process itself. No matter how tired the mother is, she cannot afford to take a nap while the child is eating. The use of a feeding pillow without additional fixation at the waist has its own characteristics. In this case, you need constant support for the baby with both hands, which can be placed on the surface of the product for better fixation and reduce pressure on the spine. With the help of an additional pad, which should be placed under the main one, on your knees, you can change the height of the surface and its inclination.

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    Important points

    Hygienic cleanliness of all items that are related to the care of an infant in the first months of his life is an important component of proper development. If the nursing pillow needs to be cleaned, the degree of soiling should be assessed. In case of slight contamination, it is enough to wipe the cover with a weakly concentrated solution of baby detergent, then simply wipe it with a damp, clean cloth and dry it properly.

    All nursing pillows are easy to wash in the washing machine. In the delicate wash mode, you can wash even those models that do not have removable covers. Special care should be taken with pillows with expanded polystyrene balls, it is important that the zipper does not unfasten during the washing process, and the filler does not fill the drum of the machine. However, it is not necessary to wash the pillow often, it is enough to put a fresh pillowcase on it in time, and accidental dirt can be removed by simply rinsing the product in the bathroom.

    By alexxlab

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