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Emerald Pond Nail Polish

It was very good and I liked it how it peeled off so easily and I loved the colors. -Loewy age 8


Glitter Nail Polish — G05 Emerald Pond



I love Puttisu nail polish! They have such a great collection of colors and sparkles! I mix and match the colors and it’ll last for weeks! The best thing about Puttisu is that I can peel the polish off without acetone. I haven’t used acetone in years since I discovered Puttisu. Best nail polish ever! Not just for kids!


Bling Nail Polish — B04 Twinkle Blue


Best sunscreen for kids

My 5y.o. daughter loves this. She always wanted to play with my makeups and now she can apply her own, but sunscreen instead. I don’t have to fight her every morning to apply sunscreen on her face. Genius idea. And the sunscreen works really well. We were out all day last week for an outdoor photoshoot and she didn’t get any burn on her face while her cousions all got sun burn.


Safe Baby Mild SUN CUSHION Sunscreen


Love face mask

These a work fantastic and are great for sensitive skin. My daughter really enjoys it. Thank you so much for making something my daughter and I can do together.

Cecilia Verdi

30-days Daily Facial Mask Sheets Set



Perfect for spa days with my daughter 😍 we loved how it left her skin glowing! Would 100% recommend! Thank you for a wonderful safe product for my child.


Real Fruit Facial Mask Sheet #Strawberry



I bought these for my daughter so we can have spa days together. She is only 4. They are a little big on her fave bit overall it was a fun thing to do together. I love that this product is safe for her skin and left her skin glowing!

Diana Carpenter

Real Fruit Facial Mask Sheet #Strawberry


My daughter love it

Karla Munoz

Butter Lip Crayon #05 Coco Cherry



What a cute idea. My daughter loves it! I want one for adults! Maybe one that’s tinted 😊


Safe Baby Mild SUN CUSHION Sunscreen







It’s so cute and fancy

Liliya Muslimova

Essential Gift Set


Love Puttisu

Glad I found Puttisu. I don’t have to worry what goes in their products. They are fun to put in Christmas stockings and Easter baskets.

Margaret Happnie

Juicy Lip Gloss #02 Pink Bubblegum


Love it!

It’s so easy to apply and my daughter loves it

Mandy Aye

Safe Baby Mild SUN CUSHION Sunscreen


Safe Baby Mild SUN CUSHION Sunscreen

Suzanne Lindsay

Safe Baby Mild SUN CUSHION Sunscreen


Love it!

Its so easy for me to put on the kids faces. Easy and small enough to keep in my purse or bag.


Safe Baby Mild SUN CUSHION Sunscreen


Thank You!

You may have noticed I am a returning customer, started with a couple of items last summer. While I appreciate the safety of your products, it is my two nieces (8 and 4) that fell absolutely in love with them! This year when I meet them for our summer vacay we ate going to play beauty salon using your products 😀.

Please continue to do what you do, your products bring a lot of joy.

Marysia G

3-Color Nail Art Kit — Snow Cone



Shop Now











Safe & Fun for Kids

Puttisu offers a high standard for kids cosmetics. Our products use natural ingredients like water, minerals, and essential oils. We do not use harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients in our products.  






Parents Magazine


«The Best New K-Beauty Products»

«Kid’s will want to reapply sunscreen to their own face»

«Safe and Fun Nail Polish for Kids!»

«Completely Physical Sunscreen Cushion Designed for Babies»

«Peel-Off Non-Toxic Nail Polish for Kids!»

Puttisu non-toxic, peel off nail polish & baby mild sun cushion


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5 Best Kid-Friendly Makeup Brands and Kits

Looking for kid-friendly and non-toxic makeup for your Tatlings at home? Here’s a list of makeup brands and kits that are safe for kids to experiment and kickstart their beginner’s beauty routine

We all remember the days when we used to dress up and play around with our mothers’ makeup sets as children, and while makeup play is a fun and interactive way for children to explore art in makeup and develop skills like nimbleness in applying eyeliner and so on, there is always a concern about whether makeup used by grownups are safe for their young, sensitive skin and if there are harmful toxins in the makeup brands for adults.

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These kid-friendly and sensitive skin-safe brands offer makeup that contain little to no harmful ingredients that will make you feel safe to use on your kid and they are easy for kids to use. They also provide an eclectic variety of fun and vibrant palettes and styles that cater to any kid’s wild imagination and creativity.

So look no further and check out these top makeup brands for your Tatlings to use as beginner makeup artists.

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1. Klee Naturals

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The US brand Klee Naturals takes pride in making makeup safe and fun for children to use with its all-natural mineral makeup collection that is free from toxins, parabens and artificial dyes. The Klee Natural Mineral Makeup offers a palette that leaves a gentle, pastel hue on the skin, and the lip shimmer is bound to give one a dazzling girls’ night glow. Along with its play makeup and tween makeup, it also sells water-based nail polish and hair and body products for kids.

More information here

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2. No Nasties

Above Photo: No Nasties Deluxe Play Makeup Set

The Australian makeup brand No Nasties stays true to its name in its philosophy of creating play makeup that is totally natural, toxin-free and cruelty-free for children to use and for parents to have a peace of mind. As someone who has been battling eczema and dermatitis, the brand’s founder Natalie started this brand with ultra-sensitive and allergen-prone skin in the back of her mind. Its vegan-friendly and all-natural makeup line showcases a collection of shimmery pastel eyeshadow palettes, dusty rose blushes, and light pink lip balms.

More information here

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3. E.L.F. Cosmetics

Above Photo: Opposites Attract Eyeshadow Palette by E.L.F. Cosmetics

The pharmacy staple E.L.F Cosmetics might be widely used by and targeted at adults but its vegan, zero toxin and animal cruelty-free formulas in their makeup sets make them ideal for people of all ages who are looking to experiment with colour and pizazz. Its Opposites Attract Eyeshadow Palette has an incredible range of nine warm-toned and nine cool-toned shades with neutral and vibrant pops of colour that you and your Tatling can have fun with.

Visit the website here


Petite ‘n Pretty

Above Photo: Petite ‘n Pretty

Sam Cutler of Petite ‘n Pretty wants to create inspiring, high-quality makeup products that are suitable for petite-sized features where each shade and finish is developed to be age-appropriate and every formula is proven safe. Its products are accessible to kids of various needs with them being nut-free, animal cruelty-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free. Its best-selling 9021-Glow Eye & Cheek Palette takes the cake with sparkle and satin shades, pretty blush and highlighter that give the eyes and cheeks the ultimate sheer wash of colour.

More information here

5. Crayola Beauty

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To all the kiddos who draw on their faces with crayons, this brand is for you. Crayola Beauty launched a range of makeup that is based on its colourful wax crayons, and the inner child in every one of us is thrilled to the max. In the mission to embrace childlike creativity, individuality and self-expression, the brand’s ultra-creamy and multipurpose face crayons are great for people of all ages to blend and experiment with different makeup looks and artistic styles. The line even has a mermaid eyeshadow palette for the Ariel in all of us!

Visit the website here


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best makeup brands




sensitive skin



klee naturals

no nasties

elf cosmetics

crayola beauty

petite ‘n pretty



Children’s cosmetics | Cremstore

  • 600 ₽

    All-round protection of baby’s delicate skin during diaper change without discomfort: itching, burning, irritation. The cream has an immediate effect and a prolonged action Prevention of inflammation: Forms a semi-permeable film, protecting the skin from inflammation,…

  • 440 RUB

    Dense, gentle foam based on safe and natural surfactants has a special silky texture and is extremely gentle on the skin. The soothing formula with panthenol will help turn your bath into a ritual of harmonization…

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  • $5.99

    Bath & Shower Gel for the smallest of proven, sustainable ingredients. Due to the mild cleansing action, the microflora and natural protection of the skin are not disturbed. After use, thin lungs …

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  • 5 of 5

    552 ₽

    Light texture and rich composition — instantly gives baby’s skin softness and velvety. Moisturizing: Acts simultaneously in three directions — saturation of the skin with moisture and trace elements, the formation of a breathable barrier to prevent …

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  • 5 of 5


    Gentle oil helps in the daily complete care of your baby’s skin and is suitable for cleansing, moisturizing and massaging. Multifunctional product that can be used for skin care of adults and children with…

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  • 5 of 5

    552 ₽

    Emollient cream with ultra-moisturizing effect gives baby’s skin comfort, softness and velvety. Nutrition and recovery: Enriched with vitamins and trace elements, the formula enhances the reparative functions of the skin, accelerating its recovery and healing. Protection: Generates…

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  • 196 ₽

    Completely natural elixir based on CO2 extracts of chamomile and calendula. The elixir mixes easily with water and does not require long brewing and infusion. Chamomile and calendula flower extracts have been used for centuries as anti-inflammatory …

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  • 349 RUB

    Epsom salt of the highest purity is recommended for bathing babies from the first days of life. It is hypoallergenic, does not contain dyes and additives. It contains more than 99% magnesium sulfate — an element that has…

    More details

  • 600 ₽

    BABY BATH SALT DREAMLAND baby magnesium bath salt with linden and lemon balm is suitable for bathing children from the first days of life. In the composition — 100% natural ingredients: Epsom salt, extract …


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  • 495 ₽

    Every mother knows how babies like to swim. And one of the most important and enjoyable procedures for a child is taking a bath, especially before going to bed. When immersed in warm water, no…

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  • 395 ₽

    Features of the sebaceous glands in children affect the condition of their skin. It is drier than in adults and requires nourishment and hydration. LoboVaVa Baby Milk is specially formulated to…


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  • 700 ₽

    Features of the sebaceous glands in children affect the condition of their skin. It is drier than in adults and requires nourishment and hydration. LoboVaVa baby milk has been developed according to a special formula, thanks to which…

    More details

Baby cosmetics for newborns «Lapochka», baby care cosmetics for babies


With care
for the most valuable
For dry and sensitive skin



for children
from birth For dry
and sensitive skin


For more than 20 years BIG has been producing cosmetics for children. Many of you remember and love our first brand, Princess. Today we are proud to present you «Lapochka» — cosmetics for newborns. It is suitable for dry and especially sensitive skin.

Don’t worry if your little one is dirty from head to toe. Look how contagious he laughs, how fervently his eyes shine! Do not limit the child in such small and safe experiments, let him explore the world around him. And cosmetics for babies «Lapochka» will help you: it will wash the baby easily, quickly and safely.

Why moms love Sweet

We know all about baby’s sensitive skin and guarantee gentle care with a line of products for bathing, daily hygiene, moisturizing and special care. We assign a special role to the quality and safety of children’s care cosmetics at all stages: from development to production. «Honey» does not contain sulfates (SLS, SLES), silicones, methyls, parabens and dyes. We prefer natural plant-based ingredients that have proven their effectiveness and safety.

  • Aloe extract relieves inflammation, eliminating dryness and flaking.
  • Calendula and chamomile extracts are natural natural antiseptics.
  • D-Panthenol restores the skin, healing minor wounds and irritations.
  • Milk proteins regenerate and moisturize the dermis, have anti-inflammatory and softening properties.

All baby cosmetics for babies are produced according to GMP standards.

Child care

Are there silicones in cosmetics?

Please specify whether there are silicones in your cosmetics? And is it good or bad?



From what age is Lapochka cosmetics suitable?

Is Sweet suitable for newborn babies? Is it possible to use this cosmetics even from the hospital?



Is it possible to use Sweets if the skin is damaged?

My son developed diaper dermatitis even though I change diapers frequently.
The pediatrician recommended the use of special cosmetics for children, which contains D-Panthenol,
Can Honey be used for such problems?



My child does not like to wash his hair, what should I do?

The youngest daughter is 1.5 years old and she really doesn’t like to wash her hair, she cries every time she needs to go to the bath ((
I suspect that our shampoo still gets into her eyes when washing, despite the fact that I always wash her hair very carefully.
Do you have proof that Sweet Shampoo really does not irritate the eyes?



Where is the «Lapochka» cosmetics produced?

Good afternoon!

I’m wondering how reliable the manufacturer of Lapochka cosmetics is?
Where is the factory located? Is there modern equipment? What quality assurance does the manufacturer provide?
I’m used to giving my children only the best!
Thank you for your reply!



Why children like «Lapochka»

Your baby discovers a new world and his first sensations through the skin. Therefore, gentle touches of mother during washing or massage with cream bring great pleasure to the child. Gentle mother’s strokes relax.

We understand how important it is to choose the right care and cosmetics for babies. The child learns to distinguish sensations — the pleasant coolness of the cream on his skin, the delicate floral scent of soap, the sight of disappearing foam in the bath. These are his first experiments, first experience. If your baby laughs, then the experiments are successful, and he is satisfied with the result.

Give as much warmth as possible to your child every day, then he will grow up happy and inquisitive!




GMP production

manufacturer —
quality assurance
products 90 011


You can buy cosmetics for newborns «Lapochka» in the Ozon online store, as well as in any children’s goods store, for example, «Children’s World».

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