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‎MathEdge Division for Kids on the App Store


Try the MathEdge system FREE with this app!
Learn basic long division and practice flash cards for numbers 1-5 at no cost, or purchase the full version for larger number flash cards, more complicated long division, and solving division problems with remainders.

To learn division with a step-by-step guide, there’s no other app like MathEdge!

Loved by teachers and students around the world — MathEdge makes it easy to learn division. No more struggle!

— Division step-by-step guide
— Division flash cards
— Caters to both left and right handed children
— Includes audio instructions
— Great for classrooms or at home
— Choose between levels of difficulty
— Learn and practice remainders (purchase to unlock)

Every student is on their own unique learning challenge. MathEdge is customized to your child’s needs. Questions are adapted for your student’s strengths and weaknesses.

• Test your child with a set of division flash cards to exercise and improve their math smarts.
• Choose between a right-handed or left-handed layout for ease of use.
• Show your child how to properly arrive at each answer with a guided step-by-step experience that teaches valuable math skills.

«This app makes it possible to take a step by step approach to solving division problems — for students, it replicates the idea of showing your work that usually happens with pencil and paper but also helps guide you to the right answer along the way.» — Mrs. Green, 4th grade teacher

User emails:
— Thank you this helped me so much. I am so VERY glad this app exists
— This app really helps me because I do not really get division so thanks to whoever made this app
— This game has helped me so much.  I got 100% because of it.
— I am now the smartest person in my class thanks for everyone that made this app.  Yay!
— Thank you for teaching me to do long division I never got this so thank you!
— I can learn lots from this!!!!!!!!  Thanks.
— I really like this game it is really fun but at the same time I am learning my division it can help me get ready for school
— Thank you very much since 5th grade I didn’t know division but since you came I’m a math wiz at division so now your my hero
— I was having a hard time until I found your app thank you
— I love this app it is fun to me and I am getting better at it and my teacher is happy because I know mostly all of it and my teacher is smiling at me every time I get it right.

Aligned with state level curriculum. From 1st and 2nd grade math, through elementary school, and all the way up to grade 8, the MathEdge apps help students with step by step practice.

Want your child to learn more?

With MathEdge you can turn screen time into learning time. Premium members improve their scores faster, spend more time practicing with math questions, and get exclusive access to subscriber-only areas.

Don’t want a subscription just yet? We will always offer educational content at zero cost. Try the app for yourself!

Peekaboo Studios is a family-friendly developer seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: 8-10, 11-12
Categories: Math, Division

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Version 3.4

Performance improvements for the latest devices. Leave us a review, and let us know how you feel about our apps! Thanks so much for all your support!

Ratings and Reviews

5.5K Ratings

Maybe 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ and SUGGESTIONS =D

I’m in this program “Honors Math” and I just got there this year. They learned 2-3 digit division LAST year. So I am behind. I was looking in the App Store and WA LA! This showed up. I think it’s helping and I got PARCC(IAR [now]) next week so I really hope it works! I am really shaky on division 😕. So hopefully this works. But this isn’t all I’m writing about, I’m also going to make SUGGESTIONS =D well, one suggestion.
I’m also shaky on adding and subtracting fractions. We learned it this year but… heheh… I forgot…. so, please make an app that’s fractions. Adding and subtracting fractions! Thanks for reading this I hope it was helpful for other people.

Edit: OMG! I AM SO THANKFUL! This app is really helpful! I am doing better in division! Yay! Thank you Thank you Thank you! It’s PARCC(IAR[now]) this week and a few of the questions are division. I prayed that the practicing would work and it did! 😀 I am so thankful. 5 stars now! =D Hmmm…. OH! a suggestion just popped up in meh head! There should be like a game like the flash cards that competes with another player. Just a suggestion though. 😀 Again, thank you so much for making this app. Better than ANY other math division app.

Thanks so much for your review and for trying our apps! Keep practicing and you will only keep getting better! Wanting to learn and looking for an app to help you is awesome! If you ever have any other feedback, we’d love to hear it. We do have one fractions app to help you practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and comparing fractions. It’s called Booop Bop: Bingo Fractions — not sure if posting a link to it will work here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/booop-bop-bingo-fractions/id1064661275?ls=1&mt=8


I got this app around Spring/Summer to improve my division skills, and it’s totally paying off. Getting all these correct answers and actually learning something makes me feel good, and this is only my first couple of days using it. Thanks to this app, I can keep on improving.

(I also recommend going to their other apps section. I found a really good one on there.)

Wow! Thanks so much for your great review! We are glad our apps are helping you. Keep practicing your math and you will keep getting better and better. Let us know if you ever have any other ideas for our educational apps!

The best app for division

This game helps me learn and if I was a parent I would download this for my child this game makes me understand and helps me so much in schooling was frustrated and was having trouble on my work so i started to look for apps that can help and I found this 5 star rate for how good this is thx so much for helping me learn😁

Thanks so much for your great review! We are very glad our apps are helping you. Keep practicing your math and you will keep getting better and better!


Full MathEdge Division

Unlock your student’s division learning


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The developer does not collect any data from this app.

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


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4+, Made for Ages 9–11

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This app can be used to teach and study the long division method. Solving long division problems is also excellent subtraction and times tables practice. The app is easy to use and it has an intuitive interface with customizable colors and other settings. The user can solve random division problems with small and large numbers.

The long division method

In arithmetic, long division is the standard procedure suitable for dividing numbers. The method breaks down a division problem into a series of easier steps.

Easy to use

The Long Division app allows the user to solve a long division problem step by step and animates all the steps. In the steps the user will divide, multiply or subtract. The correct answer will fly to the right place. If the user presses the wrong button the answer will appear above the keyboard but it will not move.


  • The dividend can have up to 5 digits
  • The divisor can have 1 or 2 digits
  • The user can solve random division problems or input her own numbers
  • Remainders can be allowed or disallowed
  • The dividend can have decimals
  • The current operation for each step can be hidden
  • The operands for the current operation can be highlighted
  • There are 5 different themes
  • The speed of the animations can be set
  • Native interfaces for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows 10



    Long division with one digit divisor and five digit dividend

    34328 ÷ 7



    Long division with two digit divisor and five digit dividend

    37233 ÷ 27



    Long division with divisor larger than dividend

    2 ÷ 5



    Long division with remainder

    891 ÷ 7



    Long division with decimal divisor

    2470 ÷ 6. 5



    Long division with decimal dividend

    7.7088 ÷ 3


    Long Division in the Apple VPP Store for Education

    The Volume Purchase Program allows participating educational institutions to purchase iDevBooks math apps in volume and distribute them to students. All iDevBooks math apps offer special 50% discount for purchases of 20 apps or more for participating educational institutions.

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Top Best HR Applications for Work Automation

Depending on how big or small your firm is, generating a lot of information for many people is a significant burden on HR applications. Building HR operations in today’s ever-changing digital world can help you improve efficiency. There is a personnel management application that can be used to save time and costs in your daily activities. A HR app can build your process more efficiently and you can get all the data you need from your smartphone so you don’t have to stay at your desk to complete your task.

Now you can save management space or time at your desk by removing large piles of paper from personnel file drawers using apps. You can track information such as salary, employee leave, travel expenses and incentives by embedding the system in HR applications.

What does human resource management software do?

This is a workforce management software that allows you to streamline and streamline and manage your complex operations without human involvement. From talent development to payments, build an app, with the complexity of apps depending on the process you’re trying to streamline. The application is often sold as part of a deal called HRMS Software or HRIS Technology.

Benefits of using automated HR software

Workers who spend more time on the go can benefit from a fully automated application that provides access through web or dedicated HRMS applications. Moreover, it has a number of advantages.

Application for automation:

  • Increasing staff motivation.
  • Spend less time and money on administrative tasks.
  • Provide immediate access to open data.
  • Reduce the likelihood of non-compliance.
  • Improve teamwork and communication.
  • Improve the speed of decision making.

Top 11 HR Software Every Professional Should Use

If you’re not sure which procedures to manage with HR apps, here’s a list of the most common ones that managers need to keep things running smoothly:

Employee data system

Add an electronic program to have all employee data and maintain it in one area to improve the work of the HR department. Once submitted, HR data through the apps will go through a system of checks and balances, so you don’t have to worry about lost data or errors due to manual submission.

Request for new employees

Acquiring new employees costs money, and most companies regularly do this through applications. Departments and hiring managers can use the software to set clear expectations about what they are looking for in candidates, ensuring there are no misunderstandings. Thanks to the software, both organizations can track selection and registration results in real time.

Candidate Tracking

Companies can create an application to track their labor procurement process in real time with a single HR application. With a multi-channel approach to targeted applications, organizations can create available positions in front of the right candidate at the right time. In addition, companies can develop a collaborative team recruitment process that is simple, efficient, and accessible from any device.

Onboarding New Employees

The automated onboarding tool helps you quickly onboard new employees and provides them with everything they need to apply and get started. To reduce the time it takes candidates to complete the training program, the building’s Human Resources department may submit all documents electronically rather than by mail. This also ensures that documents are not lost during transit.

Demobilization of employees

All dismissals of employees can be processed and recorded through the recruitment process through applications. The HR department can conduct an exit interview, the accounting department can ensure that departing workers are removed from the management application’s payroll system, and the HR applications can control the transfer of business assets and critical cards. HR applications can help your organization build a smooth employee exit process and create a positive experience for employees about to leave.

Maintain time sheets

Think about how much time your managers could save by reducing the time spent reviewing employee time cards and confirming hours of work. Without having to enter all the data manually, the human resource management application helps to control and evaluate the data; you must complete the sheet. Your supervisors can also authorize attendance cards for payment without having to go through everything manually.

Holiday pay management

If you have to do everything on paper, authorizing vacation time for your employees can be a pain. First, you can quickly confuse the time off management apps that come to your workplace in paper form. Keeping track of the needs of the sea of ​​emails that flood your inbox on a daily basis is a daunting task if you’re doing it via email. With the automatic vacation management app platform, you can create an app, track the procedure, and accept or reject requests on time. You can also create an app to check if an employee has enough vacation time to qualify for vacation.

Try the AppMaster no-code platform

AppMaster will help you build any web, mobile or server application 10 times faster and 3 times cheaper

Start free

Learning Management

Learning management app keeps engaged and motivated employees with adaptive training programs that respond to specific performance indicators. Companies can collect and analyze valuable feedback from their trainees to evaluate the effectiveness of their training programs.

Enrollment tracking

Creating an application that seamlessly interacts with modern time attendance, biometric devices and payment systems can help companies avoid human error and wage theft. Attendance monitoring system modules help organizations to customize individual schedules, workweeks, weekends and vacation lists as required by the company.

Evaluation of achievements

Managers and players have many responsibilities as part of their job. Updating achievement scores is not high on their list of priorities. However, this does not mean that it is not of great importance. The department can create a people program to encourage managers to fit performance evaluation into their plans so they can work on time and accurately.

Worker Self-Service

Using role-specific self-service gateways, employee workspace solutions empower people and business leaders. The app creates dedicated self-service features that help businesses efficiently manage, communicate and meet the changing needs of their entire workforce. The best part is that these self-service technologies make everything from training requests to getting connected and organizing organizational charts simple.

Build your HR apps in 4 easy steps

Here’s how to build an app without writing a single line of code or overpaying for it once you’ve found the best app to make a real difference to your company’s HR processes.

1. Assess Your Current Situation

First, outline the current procedure in each department and the forms and documents you use to collect, analyze, and report information in areas such as recruiter performance appraisals and time sheets. Be sure to take advantage of the knowledge of the employees who regularly perform this work and document everything to create the most accurate and reliable workflows.

2. Install workflow

Then use the no-coding HR process automation tool. You can create documents and processes using drag-and-drop tools within HR Cloud according to your specific needs. You can easily change fields and actions, and add automatic data collection and jobs.

3. Create Primary Data Sources

Start importing basic employee data and other required data for HR activities. You can save them in the HR system so that business procedures can use them and speed up the process time while reducing the number of errors.

4. Test, test, test

Once you’ve completed the hard work of building your HR program, do some hard testing. This is a great approach to finding and fixing any weaknesses or issues before your HR products start working with the rest of the HR department, managers, and employees. Once you’ve completed that, it’s time to roll out your new portfolio of top HR tools to the rest of your company!

Farewell to physical forms and physical labor

Implementing a well-designed HR program can be very beneficial for your company. It simplifies the daily work of the HR department and allows managers to focus on important matters. You will be able to lay a solid foundation for a workplace free of paper clutter, human error and irrational activities. Your HR department is working efficiently and you can relax knowing that all documents are secure, encrypted and regularly backed up in a live database.

It’s time to digitalize your HR processes by investing in an HR information system that includes robust HR software. AppMaster can help you create HR apps for you to automate basic HR processes in minutes. Entire workforce application services, including Core HR components, workforce monitoring engine, conditional workflows, and self-service portals, can help organizations increase employee engagement and employee turnover. Try AppMaster if you’re looking for the best.

Time Management Application for Human Resources and Payroll — Dynamics GP




E-mail address

  • Article

This article describes the Human Resources and Payroll time management application in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2.

Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics GP
Original KB Number: 3077833


The Time Management application for entering vacation or non-work time in payroll or time off with benefit time type codes in HR is now available for the following devices with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 (14.00 .0725) and later:

  • Windows 8.1 tablet or PC
  • Apple device (iOS 7.1)
  • Tablets with Android (4.4)

(*All information in this article can be found in the blog link below.)


New features.


This application will use the settings in Microsoft Dynamics GP to determine the types of charge codes that the user can enter time for.

For more information and detailed instructions on installing and configuring the time management application, see the Time Management Application for Human Resources and Payroll !!! to download a Word document with more information and detailed instructions for installing and configuring the time management app (plus a link to a video in the Word document).

By alexxlab

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