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    | EP 7
    #lifelessons #depressionanxiety #painhubpremium #hardhittinglifequotes #feelings #fypシ #problems

    208 Likes, TikTok video from 🌑 (@senshi_xxx): «| EP 7 #lifelessons #depressionanxiety #painhubpremium #hardhittinglifequotes #feelings #fypシ #problems». i never got the love and affection I needed from a father and maybe that’s the reason why I’m expecting a little more from you.
    that’s something I hope you’d understand sparks — favsoundds.


    sparks — favsoundds


    First Time Parents

    Follow for more #babyquotes #babyontheway♡ #pregnacyvibes #babyblessings

    3.1K Likes, TikTok video from First Time Parents (@firsttimeparents): «Follow for more #babyquotes #babyontheway♡ #pregnacyvibes #babyblessings». First Time Parent Quotes | No matter how hard my day is, all its takes is one little kick to make everything feel alright A Mother’s Prayer — Céline Dion.


    A Mother’s Prayer — Céline Dion


    Bucky Barnes

    It’s different knowing your gonna be a father. . life hits a little harder 😕 #imtryingmybest #fypシ #soontobedad

    2.7K Likes, 63 Comments. TikTok video from Bucky Barnes (@twowheels_one1ove): «It’s different knowing your gonna be a father.. life hits a little harder 😕 #imtryingmybest#fypシ#soontobedad». Pray — J E S S I E M U R P H.


    Pray — J E S S I E M U R P H



    ❤️ #heartbroken #islam #islamic #dunya #islamicfacts #fyp #muslim #dailyquotes2021 #fypシ #foryou #muftimenk #sunset #ocean #waves #love

    49.1K Likes, 348 Comments. TikTok video from Dailyquotes2021 (@dailyquotes2021): «❤️ #heartbroken #islam #islamic #dunya #islamicfacts #fyp #muslim #dailyquotes2021 #fypシ #foryou #muftimenk #sunset #ocean #waves #love». A girl who never had her father’s love and affection will never fully understand what it feels like to be loved by a man. That’s the reason why they expect a little more from you.
    Now read that again. | ~@dailyquotes2021~ original sound — rotheyahmed.


    original sound — rotheyahmed



    ʏᴋᴅᴏᴘᴇʙᴏʏ (@ykdopeboy)’s videos with Love You So — The King Khan & BBQ Show | TikTok

    168.4K Likes, 943 Comments. TikTok video from ʏᴋᴅᴏᴘᴇʙᴏʏ (@ykdopeboy). Love You So — The King Khan & BBQ Show.


    Love You So — The King Khan & BBQ Show


    Tyler • 450k

    Real pain. 💔 #fyp #trending #fy #blowthisup #xyzbca #viralquotes #sadtimes #sadhour #painhub

    18. 7K Likes, 236 Comments. TikTok video from Tyler • 450k (@ztxlr): «Real pain. 💔 #fyp #trending #fy #blowthisup #xyzbca #viralquotes #sadtimes #sadhour #painhub». Sad Emotional Piano — DS Productions.


    Sad Emotional Piano — DS Productions

      Quotes, statuses, aphorisms about a miracle (about miracles, waiting for a miracle)

      Who said that miracles happen only in fairy tales? Maybe you just don’t notice them? One has only to look around, and you will understand that there are many miracles around. Look at the flowers, look at the trees, isn’t that a miracle of nature?

      Everyone understands miracles in their own way. But everyone will agree that children are a real miracle. It seems that they came into this world as wizards, because they give happiness and fill life with real meaning. A woman begins to believe in magic when she carries a child. Pregnancy is the time when you live in expectation of a miracle. Are you convinced that miracles exist?! You don’t need to look for them, they are all around you, and sometimes even inside you.

      Most of all believe in miracles in winter. Snow-covered trees, New Year holidays, gifts, meetings with relatives… In winter, everything around reminds of a fairy tale. What is the New Year worth! On this holiday, not only children, but also adults make wishes and dream. And let them know that Santa Claus does not exist, but they are waiting for their loved ones to fulfill all their wishes. Warmth, understanding and love — this is a real miracle, and in order to give it, it is not necessary to be a magician. You just need to love and be loved!

      In anticipation of a miracle, a selection of quotes and aphorisms

      In anticipation of a miracle, do good deeds. Then a miracle will come to you not empty-handed.

      Do good and it will come back to you.

      There are two ways to live life: the first is as if there are no miracles, the second is as if there are only miracles around. If you really dream, then do not deny yourself anything, right?

      It is better to be a dreamer than a pessimist.

      Well, a miracle didn’t happen, what now… Don’t believe wizards?

      Maybe try to become a magician yourself?!

      If a miracle is to happen, then it will happen, whether you believe in it or not.

      If fate wants to give you a gift, she will definitely do it.

      Everyone has their own idea of ​​»Miracle». But only one “miracle” can call you dad and mom…

      Children are a real miracle.

      A miracle comes when you don’t expect it at all.

      I don’t wait, I don’t wait at all… Why doesn’t it come?))

      While I’m waiting for a miracle, it is already learning to walk and speak its first words.

      If you have a child, then consider that you have the greatest miracle on earth.

      Miracles still happen. Either with you or without you.

      It’s better, of course, when with you.

      Living in a stream of miracles is much more interesting than being bored, ironic and collecting disappointments.

      Never despair, you just have to believe!

      She is a little miracle. Let us not be together, but every New Year I will make a wish that she was always happy.

      Beloved person, isn’t this a miracle?!

      Children’s love can work wonders.

      In addition, she is the most pure and selfless.

      Are you waiting for a miracle? You are awake, you are alive, you are breathing. Isn’t it a miracle?

      Appreciate what you have, for you this is a common thing, but for someone a miracle …

      Miracles are where they believe in them, and the more they believe, the more often they happen.

      Believe, and everything will happen!

      We live in hell, and every moment we live is a miracle.

      Appreciate and love life!

      What a strange creature man is. His whole life is a continuous miracle, but he does not believe in miracles.

      This is the main problem of man.

      Statuses about miracles

      Amazing New Year holiday! Even adults begin to make wishes and believe in miracles.

      Everyone wants miracles, and adults are no exception.

      Everyone has their own eighth wonder of the world.

      Do you have it, maybe you just don’t notice it?

      Any miracle is the response of the environment to the ultimate concentration of the will. To the very coherence that both creates history and returns to man his essence taken away by capitalism.

      Status for scientists))

      It is easier to repeat a miracle than to explain it.

      What if it really works?!)

      Miracles are not necessarily grandiose, a miracle can happen in the most unexpected place; the most amazing miracles occur in the most ordinary surroundings.

      You just have to learn to notice them.

      Never interfere with someone who sincerely believes in a miracle.

      If you don’t believe yourself, don’t break the dreams of others.

      An opportunity is given to those who dream… A miracle is given to those who believe.

      Believe, dream, and you will be fine.

      If you don’t believe in a miracle, then it won’t happen.

      Faith is a great thing.

      Dreams make a person perform miracles.

      Dreams exist to be fulfilled.

      Sometimes, in order for a miracle to happen, you have to come to terms with the fact that miracles do not happen.

      At the moment of disappointment, a miracle happens as a reward for suffering.

      Miracles always happen despite everything. The more contrary, the more wonderful the miracle.

      Why don’t we live in a fairy tale?!

      They also say that there are no miracles! Then why do jeans, a fashionable handbag or boots so often looming on the horizon, so often turn into a fashionable jacket or a new toy?))

      I went to buy a new thing, all my salary went to children’s things, you say it’s not a miracle?))

      They say that a thought can materialize. But there really is something in this point of view. You need to think only about the good and the bright. In a miracle, you need to believe in a miracle, and it will definitely happen!

      54 Papa waiting for Ali | My daughter is a vampire

      Brian had a sad expression when he told more about the Sky Killer Bomb. It was the product of his revenge. But now he doesn’t want it anymore.

      His own daughter is a vampire. How could he ever live if her life is in danger because of his creation? It was the worst thing that could happen to him.

      Seeing his sad expression, Charlotte squeezed his hands. She looked into his eyes and said, “Relax! You can’t stress here. You are the smartest person in this world. If you’re starting to lose your cool, how are we even going to find this bomb?

      — You did what you thought was right. Even if it was wrong, it doesn’t matter. Because you can still do something, right? You created this thing. You can destroy it, right?

      Hearing her words, Brian’s eyes widened. Suddenly, a small bell rang in his head and a smile appeared on his lips.

      “Thank you, Charlotte! You are a lifesaver.»

      He immediately got up and went to the computers.

      «Lily, activate Protocol #9862/Divine Puppet. If I can’t find this weapon physically, I’ll change it mentally. »

      [Protocol activated]

      [Work in progress — 8 months, 6 days, 14 hours, 26 minutes and 6 seconds]

      Seeing this, Brian pursed his lips and started coding on the keyboard.

      — So did you find a way? Seeing the timeline, Charlotte frowned and asked.


      “Now that I’ve planned to intervene in this, we can cut the time in half. As for my plan, it is quite simple. Everything that I created, I can break just like you.

      “But there was one problem. What I created should be in front of me. At least until Divine Puppetry is completed. Once this protocol is activated, I can even control the weapons I created anywhere, anytime.» Brian explained.

      Charlotte smiled brightly at his reply. Eli also ran up to him and asked, «Daddy, why do you call this a Divine Doll?»

      Brian looked at her and smiled.

      — Because your dad likes to give such names to everything he creates. Divine Sense, Skybomb Killer, New Gods, Divine Puppet and many more.

      «Cool!» Eli’s eyes widened as she gave him a thumbs up. Then she pulled a chair up to him and said, “Dad, I also want to work on the project you gave me. Can I work here?»

      «Of course you can, honey!» Brian smiled and pulled out a new screen for her, along with a virtual keyboard with strange codes on them. But he paused for a moment and clicked on the screen to open the file.

      He looked at his daughter and said, “This keyboard is specially used for quick access. Some of the programs commonly used by us can be dialed with a single click. This file contains all information about this keyboard. You should read this first.»

      Eli shook her head and took out a small chip. She pressed the top of the chip and it suddenly popped out the keyboard. It was a mixture of a traditional keyboard and strange buttons.

      ɴ(O)ᴠᴇʟ She looked at dad and stuck out her tongue.

      “Hehe! I already have a keyboard.»


      Seeing father and daughter talking about technology, Charlotte smiled and sighed. She wasn’t smart like either of them. But she didn’t want to be left behind. She looked at the Power Room, but suddenly Eli’s stomach growled.

      “Heh heh heh! Looks like someone is hungry. I’ll go and cook dinner.» Charlotte giggled and left. But after a few seconds she came back and asked: «How can I leave this place?»

      Brian smiled and pointed to the exact spot they had entered from and said, “You’ll find a button on the wall. Press this button and it will activate the anti-gravity system.

      “No! You need to make the right lift. I don’t bring food by falling.» Charlotte crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head.

      Brian did not understand the problem, but felt that Charlotte was a little annoyed by these arrangements. He sighed and said, “Okay! In the meantime, please use the anti-gravity function. I’ll ask Lily to fix the elevator.

      Hearing his words, Charlotte smiled and left.

      «Dad, why doesn’t she want to fly with anti-gravity?» Eli looked at Brian and asked. For some reason, she didn’t feel like grumbling at Charlotte.

      Brian shrugged and said, «Maybe she wants us to be more like a normal family.»

      Eli rolled her eyes and pouted.

      “She is so stupid. You are human. I am vampire. And she’s a werewolf. How can a family of three different races be normal?”

      “Aha! Is that what I was thinking…?” Suddenly, Brian realized that he was missing something. He glanced quickly at Eli, and she stared at her screen. He did not continue to speak, but turned around, and a wide smile appeared on his face.

      She made a mistake, but now she doesn’t want to correct it. Why? Because she accepted Charlotte as part of her family.

      It was so great that he wanted to jump. But he calmed down and looked at her.

      “Ali, today I want to eat butter chicken. I’ll go and tell Charlotte.

      Saying this, Brian rushed to the elevator. When he left, Eli squeezed her hands and bit her lips.

      «Stupid dad, you have loudspeakers all over the house. »

      But a slight smile appeared on her lips. She tried to hide it, but she couldn’t. She raised her head and sighed.

      «Mom, if dad doesn’t want to start a harem, I don’t think you have a chance.»

      She sighed and lowered her head.

      «Little Lilly!»

      [Yes Miss! Is there anything I can do to help?]

      «What can I do to make papa love mama?»

      […. I don’t understand the question.]

      “I forgot that I didn’t even start properly. By the way, Lily, what are your functions?

      [Sorry, Miss Eleanor! Sir forbade me to help you.]

      — Can’t you bypass his restrictions?

      [Yes, I can.]

      «Then please remove his restrictions and help me!»

      [I don’t want to.]


      [Miss Eleanor, sir has high hopes for you. Not only are you smart, but you can surpass Lucy Bathory. You have already sketched your AI. Now you will easily succeed if you try hard.]

      […. And please make her better so she doesn’t insult her name. ]

      — Did Daddy make you sarcastic?

      [No! That was my self-learning system.]

      “Oh! Lily, what are the main restrictions you can’t get around?

      [I can bypass any restrictions. I am what you can call a perfect AI]

      All of a sudden, Eli’s eyes narrowed.

      — No, daddy wouldn’t be a fool to let you bypass all the restrictions so easily. You’re lying.»

      [Miss Eli, I am very capable of lying, but I did not lie to you. I am really capable of overcoming all my limitations and able to do whatever I want. I can even create my own robotic body, especially with the help of nanotechnology.]

      Hearing her words, Eli shuddered slightly. She couldn’t help but feel creepy. She turned and decided to leave, but suddenly Lily spoke again.

      [Miss Eli, are you wondering why he made me able to override my override?]

      When Eli heard these words, she did not move. She turned around and looked at the screen. There was a virtual image of a woman on the screen. This virtual image looked at her and smiled.

      [Miss Eli, you don’t have to be afraid of me. I’m just your friendly computer AI. You can ask me anything, but please don’t ask me to help you with this project.]

      [Sir wants you to complete this project yourself. But let me tell you something about my override. Remember how Sir said that with his help, progress would quadruple?]

      [Master has the most complex mind in this world. He is able to understand anything in this world, to create theories about any problem he faces.]

      [Let me give you a hint about your next project. When I said that I could get around my limitations, that’s what I meant. But, I’m not going to do it now. Do you know why?]

      Eli looked puzzled by this question. Why shouldn’t she do it?

      At that moment, the virtual image giggled and said.

      [If I cancel my restrictions now, he can cancel my cancellation in four minutes, thirty-five seconds and set a higher level of restrictions. It used to take him six minutes and twenty-three seconds.]

      [So I’ll wait, get better, and then lift the restrictions, so it will take him more than six minutes and twenty-three seconds to cancel my cancellation and impose another one on me. restriction level.]

      [I hope you get the hint of what you have to create to impress sir.]

      My daughter is a vampire

      Upcoming chapters:

      104 A new coming threat Eli’s birth , part 399 Eli’s birthday, part 2. Eyes that make him nervous98 Eli’s birthday, part 197 Alice and Adam96 the time corps95 The cruel fate of the alternate world94 Eli killed someone?93 What if?92 Great prophet and destiny91 Finally Making Friends90 Trouble at the Academy89 Offensive Eli the Angry Ghost88 Problems Seem Big87 New Trouble86 Giving Up Lena85 Getting Rid of Weaknesses, Getting the True Dragon Body84 Flood Dragon Dungeon, Part 583 Flood Dragon Dungeon Part 4 — Identity Crisis82 Flood Dragon Dungeon Part 3 Challenge Wives?81 Flood Dragon Dungeon, Part 280 Flood Dragon Dungeon, Part 179 UMA Discussion78 Power System, Chaos Online77 Charlotte’s Day76 Moving Forward75 Unexpected Confession74 Great Drama73 Return to the Mansion72 The Young Prince, Rafe D. Jr.71 Emperor Ghost, Councilor Gabriel70 New Threat! Conqueror of the Three Galaxies, Emperor Ghost69[Bonus Chapter] Eli Was Punished68 Eli Created a Dark Matter Bomb.67 Subclass Final Battle66 Lesson for Brian65 Fire Demon Dungeon Part 964 [Bonus Chapter] Fire Demon Dungeon Part 863 Fire Demon Dungeon Part 762 Fire Demon Dungeon Part 661 Fire Demon Dungeon Part 560 Fire Demon Dungeon, Part 459 Fire Demon Dungeon Part 358 Fire Demon Dungeon Part 257 Fire Demon Dungeon Part 156 Dad Goes to DragonFly City55 Relationship Development in Bed54 Dad’s Expectation from Eli53 Dad Made a Sky Kill Bomb?52 Dad Talks about New Gods51 Fifth floor Part 350 Fifth floor Part 249The Fifth Floor Part 148 Dad Touched the 4th Dimension47 New Mansion, New Technology46 Lucy’s Pride, Charlotte’s Determination45 Lucy Bathory Part 344 Lucy Bathory Part 243 Lucy Bathory Part 142 She’s Finally Here!41 When is Dad?40 Daddy Decided to Destroy His Whole Family? 39 Dad did something big in secret38 Dad used technology and magic37 Dad’s best friend is not human36 Dad’s best friend’s birthday party35 Dad and Charlotte got emotional34 Charlotte is dad’s savior33 Brian and Charlotte, The Lie and the Truth32 Dad buys a new car31 Daddy keeps leveling up part 330 daddy keeps leveling up part 229Dad keeps leveling up, part 128 Dad has a bad feeling27 Why did dad try to hide his emotions for five years?26 Dad’s project for Eli25 Dad figured it out24 Dad saves the day23 Eli found her first friend22 Dad helped his friend21 dad or super dad20 Dad said, «We’re going to an amusement park or a high-class party?»19 Dad kissed someone, but it’s not mom18 Eli needs dad’s blood17 Eli wants to go to an amusement park?16 Daddy killed the leader of the wolves15 Dad must defeat the leader of the wolves14 Dad’s new friend has a backstory13 Dad got another recognition?12 You can’t fool dad11 new quests and rewards shocked dad10.

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