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Mini Math Movies: Fractions! Video | Discover Fun and Educational Videos That Kids Love

Mini Math Movies: Fractions! Video | Discover Fun and Educational Videos That Kids Love | Epic Children’s Books, Audiobooks, Videos & More
Mini Math Movies…

This primary math lesson is all about fractions! Use this video as a great introduction to fractions. Featuring fraction examples in everyday life along with equal share and fair-share problems, this fun with fractions educational video is also useful for learning quarters and halves, or even figuring out one quarter vs. one fourth!

Fractions on a Line Plot

Fractions, Part One

Adding Mixed Numbers / Fractions — 4th Grade Video Mage Math

Spooky Town: Fractional Fungi

mathXplosion: Take Note of Musical Fractions

Pizza Math: Getting Even with Odd Pizzas

What Are Binary Numbers?

Mini Math Movies: Counting!

How to Subtract By Adding


Can Math Save You from Quicksand? | NUMBER CRUSHERS

The Boy Who Dreamed of Infinity: A Tale of the Genius Ramanujan

Count by 10s Song

(Number Songs) Writing Numbers

How to Predict Numbers for a Card Trick

TuTiTu Numbers Train

Super Simple Songs: 10 Little Airplanes

Count to 100

ASL for Beginners: Numbers

I Can Count (Fabulous Counting Song)

Count to 7, Count to 11

Triangular Triangles

How Many? — Counting

Arbor Day Exercise with YoYo

Jenny Found a Penny

Partitioning Shapes Into Halves and Thirds

Tally Cat Keeps Track

Longer or Shorter (Grade 2)

Comparing Fractions

Picture Graphs

Parents love Epic!
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Monkey with a Tool Belt

Disney Princesses: Moana

Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend

Timmy Failure No.1: Mistakes Were Made

Diary of a Worm

El Deafo

The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System

The Last Cuentista

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

Are You Smarter Than a Shark?

My Day with Gong Gong

Brands We Know: Lego

Nat Geo Wild Animal Atlas

Giraffes Can’t Dance

Pete the Cat: A Pet for Pete

Astronaut Training

Mi dragon y yo

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Classic Goosebumps #1: Night of the Living Dummy

Goodnight Moon

Caillou: I Love You

Where the Wild Things Are

Storytelling Math: Usha and the Big Digger

Snoopy: First Beagle In Space

I Survived #02: I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916

Okay, Andy!

Phoebe and Her Unicorn

Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy: As the Deer Flies

Ada Twist, Scientist

Merci Suárez Changes Gears

Qué llenará la canasta? / What Will Fit?

Scribbles and Ink

Wings of Fire Legends: Darkstalker

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Cat Ninja Book 1: The Great Hamster Heist

All Tucked In on Sesame Street!

Noodleheads Do the Impossible

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Free video lessons for introductory fraction topics (2nd, 3rd, 4th grade math)


Find here free online math videos on fraction topics for early elementary school. For continuing fraction topics (such as taught in 5th grade), please go here and here.

The videos match the lessons in the Blue Series book Math Mammoth Introduction to Fractions. As far as the complete curriculum (Light Blue), the videos match the chapters dealing with fractions in grades 2, 3, and 4.

Fractions for grades 1-2

Halves, quarters — and thirds too!

Easy fractions

Comparing fractions visually

Fraction topics for grades 3-4

Fractions on a number line

Mixed numbers with visual models, and on a number line

Comparing fractions, part 1 (two videos)

Comparing fractions, part 2

Mixed numbers and fractions

Adding mixed numbers (with like fractional parts)

Equivalent fractions

Subtracting fractions and mixed numbers (2 videos)

Multiplying fractions by whole numbers (2 videos)

The videos match the lessons in the Blue Series book Math Mammoth Introduction to Fractions, and the lessons in the chapters dealing with fractions in grades 2, 3, and 4 of the Math Mammoth complete curriculum.

In any of those m aterials, you will get MANY more practice exercises, word problems, and puzzles than what are shown in the videos, and also some lessons that are not in covered in this set of videos.

Math Mammoth Introduction to Fractions worktext

100 pages

PDF download $5.30
Printed copy $13.55

For grades 2-4

Free Sample pages (PDF)
Contents and Introduction
Halves and Quarters
Understanding Fractions
Comparing Fractions
Equivalent Fractions
Adding Fractions and Mixed Numbers 1

=> Learn more!


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“He hit a couple of times, Cherdantsev shouted about the cannon, and that’s it — a star. At the Euro, the balls are light — they flew into the goal themselves, but in Russia we played heavy Select »

Kolodin — about the «terrible gun»: «He hit a couple of times, Cherdantsev shouted — that’s it, a star!» Former defender of the Russian national team Denis Kolodin spoke about his performance at Euro 2008, when commentator Georgy Cherdantsev accompanied him on long-distance … . It’s not normal if I studied in a group where people didn’t play at all” — How is the coach training going? — It hasn’t started yet. I’m in the VIP group because, you know, I’ve been playing football for 25 years. You can say, in old age …

Referee Makkeley did not award a penalty against Juventus in 1/2 LE, VAR did not change his decision. Cuadrado hit Torres in the leg with spikes on the edge of the penalty area Sevilla hosts Juventus in the second leg of the semi-final. At the end of the first half, Juventus defender Juan Cuadrado hit the Sevilla midfielder in a tackle …

Guberniev believes that the level of the KHL has fallen: “Strong foreigners do not go, how can the level rise if we are left to our own devices? The main star of the league — Nikishin « — How do you feel about the opinion that the level of the KHL has fallen? “Of course he fell. We are suspended, strong foreigners do not come to us. How the level can rise…

We flew to San Francisco, but ended up in Magadan: the plane with Indian citizens made an emergency landing in Russia The plane made an emergency landing in Magadan, and the passengers had to be accommodated at the school and the House of Culture. The aircraft’s right side suddenly went haywire…

The Russian Armed Forces destroyed the Msta-B howitzer and the Giacint-B cannon in the Kherson direction » APU at Kherson …

England scored 7 unanswered goals against North Macedonia in the Euro 2024 qualifier The England team won a crushing victory over North Macedonia in the Euro 2024 qualifying match.

The new 2S25M self-propelled gun can be delivered to the Russian Armed Forces in 2024 The Russian Armed Forces may receive a modernized 2S25M self-propelled anti-tank gun (SPTP) in 2024 …

The Russian Armed Forces may receive a new 2C25M self-propelled gun in 2024 The Russian Armed Forces may receive new modernized 2C25 self-propelled anti-tank guns in 2024 M. This was reported in the press service of Ku…

Ex-player of the Russian national team Kolodin: Dziuba has intelligence ta …

Kolodin said that he had stopped communicating with ex-coach of the Russian national team Hiddink Former defender of the Russian national team Denis Kolodin answered the question of whether he was in touch with the ex-head coach of the Russian national team Gus Hiddie …

Kolodin: Hiddink was simply convinced that the Russian team would beat Holland0005

Kolodin shared his impressions of the match between the legends of Zenit and the Russian team in 2008 Former defender of the Russian national team Denis Kolodin spoke about holding a retro match between Zenit and the Russian team in 2008 (1:1).

Saenko, Adamov and Kolodin will take part in the retro match between the Russian national team and Zenit The organizers of the retro match between the Russian national team and Zenit have confirmed the participation of Ivan Saenko, ex-midfielder of Spartak. …

Kolodin about Zenit’s victories in the Russian championship: «If you gave up the championship in advance, then fight for second place» Former defender of the Russian national team Denis Kolodin in a commentary for «SE» spoke about the fight for the championship in the championship of Russia. …

Cherdantsev and Naguchev will comment on the Champions League final on «Match TV» This was announced by the general producer of the channel «Match TV» Alexander Tashchin. Manchester City and Inter will play in the Champions League final. The match will take place on 10 …

Cherdantsev made a mistake on the air of the semi-final of the Champions League, confusing ordinary fractions Russian TV commentator Georgy Cherdantsev, on the air of the return semi-final match between Inter and Milan, mixed up ordinary fractions . ..

Arshavin, Pavlyuchenko, Shirokov, Zhirkov, Bystrov, Kolodin, Dominguez and 11 other ex-players confirmed their participation in the retro match between the Russian national team and Zenit Earlier, the RFU reported that the issue of organizing a retro match dedicated to the victories Zenit in the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Super Cup, as well as …

Flamengo U17 coach: there will be something to tell children and grandchildren — we played with the Russian national team Brazilian Flamengo U17 coach Wallison Bernardo spoke about the experience , which the team received by playing with the youth team of Russia U17. …

Karasev: “There are a million talents in Russia. I want our players to play” Russian referee Sergei Karasev said that it was more difficult for him to work in the 2022/23 season than in the previous draw of the Russian championship. …

Valery Kamensky: “For Latvia, bronze is a success, but the World Cup without Russia and Belarus is inferior. We would have played somewhere in the final for sure” The Olympic champion reacted to the victory of the Latvian team in the match for 3rd place in the 2023 World Cup. The team of coach Harijs Vitolins beat the US team (4:3 …

“Those balls are rubbish.” Peer — about the conditions of the tournament «Roland Garros» 149th racket of the world from France Benoit Peer criticized the conditions of the tournament «Roland Garros». …

Passengers were flying from India to the USA, but will spend the night in Magadan An AirIndia plane made an emergency landing in a Russian city. Upon inspection, it turned out that he would not have made it to San Francisco — the engine was broken.0004 Rapper Alexander Stepanov, better known as ST, calls on his compatriots to wear clothes from Russian manufacturers more often. He spoke exclusively about this …

Baijiahao: The United States used its most dangerous «weapon» against Russia, but they themselves suffered The United States used its most dangerous «weapon» against Russia in the course of numerous sanctions, but they themselves suffered from he suffered, says the mat . ..

Putin said that those who talk about Russia’s dependence on China themselves found themselves in this position Those who claim that Russia is dependent on China have long since found themselves in it. This was announced on June 16 by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a discussion at …

Heads of 3 Eastern European countries flew on the same plane due to cost savings In order to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the heads of the Czech Republic and Slovenia Petr Pavel and Natasha Pirc-Musar set off …

All summer long schoolchildren from Glazov will be given free balls for sports games Glazov. Udmurtia. On Thursday, June 1, the project «Guys from our yard …» (6+) starts at Glazov schools. According to the press service of adm …

Three drones fell in New Moscow and the Moscow region. Two of them flew to military warehouses Three unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on Wednesday morning, June 21, fell in New Moscow and the Moscow region, TASS reports. The fall of drones also …

Mass production of chips for 10-year passports has been resumed in Russia. But the documents themselves are not given out to anyone Mikron reported on the stable production of chips for new-type passports, due to the shortage of which the coveted «booklets» stopped issuing … The RPL will raffle off 80 jerseys from all clubs in the league and 80 balls autographed by the players. …

Djokovic reacted to the words of tennis players criticizing the courts and balls at Roland Garros Former world number one, now ranked third in the ATP rating, Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic reacted to the words of athletes, criticism …

The expert confirmed that the Ukrainian drones that attacked the Kremlin did not fly through Bryansk Director General of Avianovatsiya LLC Serhiy Tovkach confirmed that the Ukrainian drones that attacked the Kremlin did not fly through the Bryansk region, but were not launched . ..

They were taken from Russia and received the worst world championship in the 21st century! Even the Finns themselves agree with the failure And they also lack our team. shutterstock.comTo the World Cup 2023, which takes place in Riga and Tampere without the national teams of Russia and Belarus …

How to download ChatGPT on iPhone in Russia? We create an additional Apple ID account in a couple of minutes and install the OpenAI application Almost six months after the launch of the most popular ChatGPT chat bot, OpenAI developers released an official mobile application for iPhone and iPa …

in Kiev, they flew from several directions at once On the night of Friday, June 2, a series of combined attacks on objects in the Ukrainian capital continued. The ongoing series of blows is increasingly debunking …

Selivanenko on Khachanov’s defeat in Rome: Barrer won the most important balls in the tie-break Russian Tennis Federation (RTF) vice-president Alexei Selivanenko spoke about the defeat of world No. 11 Karen Khachanov in the second round of the Masters ..

Expert Tovkach said that the Ukrainian drones that attacked the Kremlin did not fly through Bryansk Director General of Avianovatsiya LLC Serhiy Tovkach confirmed that the Ukrainian drones that attacked the Kremlin did not fly through the Bryansk region, but were launched not …

“The most beautiful thing is passing to an empty net.” How Russian MMA champion became a hockey player The story of Sarmat Kusaev from the Night Hockey League. Press Service of the Night Hockey LeagueSarmat Kusaev is the champion of Russia in MMA and all-style karate, and that …

US Air Force successfully tested a microwave gun against a swarm of drones power Operational Responder (THOR) against a swarm of drones …

Rotenberg about the rest after the tour of Russia 25: “I’ll take a couple of days, and then I’ll go back to work. We will strengthen SKA as much as possible. From 2 to 16 May, the team led by the head coach of SKA played 8 matches against the national team of Belarus. There was also one match against the Kazakhs team …

Galkin* laughed at the attack of drones: “The drones flew over my castle, but did not touch it, there is a good aura” Recently, due to inappropriate jokes and criticism of his native country, tickets for the comedian’s performances were selling worse and worse. But he does not change his repertoire …

Saudi Arabia collects golden balls // Karim Benzema could move from Real Madrid to Al Ittihad Saudi Arabia continues its aggressive policy of luring world superstars into its football league. Following Cristiano Ronaldo, who switched zi …

Just what the doctor ordered: check the lungs «Do you smoke?» — this is the first question that was asked by specialists in the Health Tent on Dzerzhinsky Street. And for good reason: today the employees of the me . ..

A merry battle: building a potato cannon with our own hands “If a sparrow is near, we are preparing a cannon,” the guards sang in the Bremen Town Musicians. However, if you cook it too long, the sparrow can peck …

The Drive: THOR microwave gun was tested in the USA NEVSKY NEWSUS Air Force tested the Tactical High-power Operational Responder (THOR) microwave gun designed for d …

The US first tested a microwave gun to fight a swarm of drones The US Air Force at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico tested an innovative microwave gun designed to fight a swarm … : “Helped rally the team. He scored a lot, gave away, clung to the balls ” — What is your impression of meeting Dzyuba and playing with him in the same team? Yes, we’ve known each other for a while. …

How vapes affect the lungs: a doctor’s opinion Irina Paskhina noted that at present the number of patients with lung disease is not decreasing, but only growing. She added: — Diseases are getting younger …

Russian soldiers have been promised a new 2S25M self-propelled gun Deliveries of the new 2S25M self-propelled artillery gun may begin in 2024 for Russian troops. This was reported by representatives of the holding «High …

Rylce in the cannon: Western media believe that Kiev was preparing an attack on the Kremlin …

As a result of an ATGM hit a German Leopard tank, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tore off the cannon German Leopard tanks of various modifications continue to burn during the so-called Ukrainian counter-offensive. Regarding this “counteroffensive …

Radimov: Selikhov’s mistake changed the course of the meeting. A goalkeeper of this level does not have the right to «bring» such balls Former Zenit midfielder Vladislav Radimov called the turning point of the central match of the 26th round of the RPL with Spartak (3: 2). …

Hi-tech in the trenches: soldiers of the RF Armed Forces showed their dugouts in the LPR and a new anti-drone gun Advanced technologies have already become part of the daily life of Russian soldiers. This is especially noticeable near Kremennaya in the LPR. An ex …

In 2024, the Russian army will receive a new self-propelled gun 2S25M The modernized self-propelled anti-tank gun (SPTP) 2S25M can be delivered to the Russian Armed Forces in 2024. …

Poland started receiving FA-50 Fighting Eagle light fighters Last year, Poland ordered FA-50 Fighting Eagle light fighters from the Republic of Korea. The first planes began to arrive. …

Reconnaissance ships will not survive, light cruisers are needed instead …

After vaping, a teenager’s heart stopped and his lungs failed In Saratov, a teenager’s heart stopped twice and his lungs failed after vaping. This was reported on the telegram channel by the Minister of Health of the region …

Semin about «Russia 25»: «At such a time, playing hockey without the World Cup — you know, somehow … I’m glad that they began to travel around the cities — it popularizes hockey» On May 9, the Russian team under 25 will play with the team of Belarus in Krasnoyarsk. “In the current situation, our team does not play much. Thank you FHR for mouth …

The Russian army may receive a new 2S25M self-propelled gun in 2024 The Russian armed forces may receive a modernized 2S25M self-propelled anti-tank gun (SPTP) in 2024. This was reported to TASS in the hold…

Azerbaijani goalkeeper Magomedaliev about the attitude towards Caucasians in Russia: “Somewhere they themselves are to blame, some behave incorrectly in Moscow. But you can’t lump everyone together.” “I encountered this myself in my childhood: “Black, non-Russian…” I understand that somewhere the Caucasians themselves are to blame, some misbehave in Moscow. Gotta…

Kolodin named the reason for Dynamo’s failures Former Dynamo Moscow defender Denis Kolodin shared his point of view on the failures of the capital’s clubRead more → … . There were full houses in all cities. You can’t deceive the people, the people are with us” “Is it possible that the Rossiya 25 team will take part in the First Channel Cup? I must say that we are very surprised at how we were met in all cities . ..

Sollers intends to produce light commercial vehicles in Azerbaijan with parts from the Russian Federation In accordance with the signed memorandum, the company will organize production at the facilities of the Azermash enterprise …

100 times lighter solar panels are being developed for space, but they have not left the laboratories yet Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania create solar cells from an atypical material — from conditionally two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides …

Compact and lightweight spaceborne spectrometers with high spectral resolution under development Researchers have developed a new compact and lightweight design for high spectral resolution spaceborne spectrometers. These spectrometers …

Ukrainian hexacopter grenade launcher destroyed seven Russian tanks, two D-30 howitzers and an MT-12 Rapira anti-tank gun The Security Service of Ukraine demonstrated the operation of an unmanned aerial vehicle armed with grenades. With its help, it was possible to destroy not …

“Who is the “terrible gun” in the RPL now? Igor Akinfeev” — Kolodin Denis Kolodin / Photo: © Getty Images “Who is the “terrible gun” in the RPL now? Igor Akinfeev — Kolodin Former defender of the Russian national team Denis Kolodin …

Kolodin: «It would be interesting to see Lichka in Dynamo» Moscow Dynamo. …

Kolodin about the retro match: I don’t know why I subscribed to this Denis Kolodin spoke about participating in a retro match between Zenit St. Petersburg and the Russian national team of 2008Read more → …

Lighted a match — burned the lungs: Scientists have discovered the harm of sulfuric smell Housewives and smokers are in the greatest danger. Ordinary kitchen matches due to sulfur can be very harmful to health. They cause clouding of the mind …

«The easiest money in life.» McGregor reacts to Sterling’s win over Cejudo0004 Irish mixed martial arts fighter, former UFC champion in two weight categories Conor McGregor commented on the victory of Aljamain Sterling over . ..

SOLLERS and AZERMASH will jointly produce light commercial vehicles in Azerbaijan «Russia-Islamic World: KazanForum» PJSC «SOLLERS» and LLC «AZERMASH» signed a memorandum of cooperation in the …0004TACC | Ruslan Shamukov, the star of the comic series Olga, Yana Troyanova, hastily left Russia in September 2022. The actress settled in France …

The star of the series «Olga» Yana Troyanova told where she moved from Russia Actress Yana Troyanova in an interview with Yuri Dudyu declassified her location. The star of the series «Olga» left Russia in the fall of 2022. Now Troyanova …

Kolodin appreciated the performance of Dynamo in the RPL in the 2022/2023 season According to the ex-player of the Russian national team, young players of the Moscow club need to gain experience in order to achieve better results. Former defender …

Kolodin said that Slutsky is going to return to coaching Former Dynamo defender Denis Kolodin shared a comment about the future of Rubin and CSKA ex-coach Leonid SlutskyRead more → . ..

Kolodin: “Karpovich and I are in «Aktobe» — like Guardiola and Arteta in «Manchester City» Assistant head coach of «Aktobe» Andrey Karpovich Denis Kolodin spoke about his work in the Kazakh club. …

In the Belgorod region, two women were slightly injured after shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and are being treated They receive the necessary medical care and medicines. Andrey Belostotsky, Deputy Governor of the Kursk Region, visited the victims and noted …

Doctor Protasova: light bodily practices can help overcome headaches Headache occurs for various reasons: due to tension, allergies, colds, etc. Sometimes the head it starts to hurt where there is no nearby …

Cosmetologist Grishina: in summer it is better to use light serums so that the skin “breathes” Emulsions or light creams are also suitable, it is better to refuse fatty and dense compositions for now. A mask made from tonalnik and other decorative products, too . ..

Four signs that a blood clot has got into your lungs and you urgently need medical help . But sometimes they can …

VAIO SX12 and SX14 Introduced: Lightweight Ultrabooks in Bright Design with Intel Core The VAIO family of branded laptops has been replenished with two new models — SX12 and SX14. In addition to light and thin bodies, they received a fast jelly …

Ural dumplings star Rozhkov believes in the victory of Ural in the Russian Cup The showman spoke about the chances of the Yekaterinburg team to win the trophy. as well as the host of the homonymous pro…

The star of «Once Upon a Time in Russia» Kartunkova explained her resentment towards the creators of KVN and Maslyakov | Vyacheslav Nakhaev/Comedy Club Production LLC/CC BY-SA 4.0Russian humorous actress, star of the Once Upon a Time in Russia project on …

The star of the series «Olga» emigrated to France and called life in Russia «hell» Actress Yana Troyanova, known to a wide audience for her leading role in the series «Olga», has been living in France for the last few months. There she is …

A 16-year-old star from Russia lights up at Roland Garros. Destroyed an American in just an hour! Mirra Andreeva / Photo: © Tim Clayton — Corbis / Contributor / Corbis Sport / 16-year-old star from Russia lights up at Roland Garros …

Boni’s palms. The star of «House-2» sells courses in Russia, but supported Galkin * The stars of «House-2», according to an old habit left over from the time of participating in a reality show, try to sit on two or more chairs at the same time. Here is Victory…

The American UFC star ran into a talkative Georgian in Russian. Does Russia’s hater feel bad? Photo: © Tommaso Boddi / Contributor / Getty Images Entertainment /, Cooper Neill / Contributor / UFC / American …

Kolodin: who is the “terrible gun” in the RPL now? I always said that Igor Akinfeev The former defender of the Russian national team is about the former goalkeeper. The former defender of the Russian national team Denis Kolodin named the RPL player with the strongest blow. «Who is now …

Familiarity with fractions | Presentation for a lesson in mathematics (grade 5):

Slide 1

The concept of a fraction. Common fraction 1

Slide 2

A long time ago … It’s good when there is a whole apple on the table, and you can eat it alone. But sometimes you have to divide the apple into parts, i.e. crush to share with anyone. This is how FRACTIONS are obtained. Remember how it was in the children’s cartoon: “We shared an orange, There are many of us, but he is one … Give your life example of dividing one whole object into parts. Interestingly, did they know about fractions in ancient times? 2

Slide 3

In ancient times, integers and fractional numbers were treated differently: preferences were on the side of integers. “If you want to divide the unit, mathematicians will ridicule you and will not allow you to do it,” wrote the founder of the Athenian Academy, Plato. But not all ancient Greek mathematicians agreed with Plato. Fractions were freely handled by Archimedes and Heron of Alexandria. 3

Slide 4

Even Pythagoras, who was kind to natural numbers, when creating the theory of the musical scale, connected the main musical intervals with fractions. 4

Slide 5

I want to know and be able to do everything — How can I write down half of it in numbers? Take a strip of paper. Divide it into 2 equal parts by folding the strip in half. Draw a line along the fold line. How many equal parts was the strip divided into? (In 2 parts) Let’s write the number 2 under the line like this: . The line is called fractional, and the number written under the line is called the denominator. Color one part red. How many parts are colored red? (Part 1) Let’s write the number 1 above the fractional bar like this: The number written above the bar is called the numerator. CONCLUSION: (one second) part of the strip is painted in red (in practice it means half of some value) 5

Slide 6

Ordinary fractions Everyone can see a fractional line from a mile away. Above the line — the numerator, you know, Below the line — the denominator. Such a fraction, of course, must be called ordinary. Name the numerator and denominator of each fraction

Fractions in Ancient Russia ½ — «half», » half» ⅓ — «third» ¼ — «quarter» ⅙ — «half third» ⅛ — «half a quarter» ⅟ 12 — «half a third» In ancient Russia, fractions were called fractions or broken numbers. 9

Slide 10

REMEMBER! … are called rational numbers, ordinary fractions or, in short, fractions numerator fractional bar denominator (by how much divided) The denominator is not equal to zero! 14

Slide 11

When reading fractions, you need to remember: the numerator of a fraction is a quantitative feminine number (one, two, eight, etc.), and the denominator is an ordinal number (seventh, hundredth, two hundred and thirty, etc. ) For example: — one fifth; — two sixths; — eighty three hundred fifty second 15

Slide 12

The denominator shows how many shares are divided, and the numerator shows how many such shares are taken.

By alexxlab

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