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Kindergarten Worksheets — Free Printable Worksheets for Kindergarten Teachers and Parents

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Free Printable Worksheets for Kindergarten

Kindergarten worksheets are a wonderful learning tool for educators and students to use. This is why we have and will continue to create hundreds of free kindergarten worksheets that are designed to fit into a standard kindergarten curriculum. The main focus of our kindergarten website is to provide free educational resources. In these difficult economic times, we believe kindergarten teachers and parents can benefit greatly from our printable kindergarten worksheets.

What Free Kindergarten Worksheets Would You Like to See?

We have conducted extensive research on the types of kindergarten worksheets teachers and parents use the most. It is not a perfect science and we know we can always be doing a better job to serve you. If you have suggestions on what kind of kindergarten worksheets we should create or what categories we should expand on, we would love to hear from you. Is there a kindergarten worksheet that you just love and would like to see more of? Please let us know using our contact webpage, via email, on Facebook, or through Twitter. Thank you for your time in advance!

The First Kindergarten Website to Utilize Modern Web Technology

Our entire collection of kindergarten worksheets have been made into a free web app powered by HTML5. HTML5 does not require the Flash plug-in that most educational websites use to provide interactive content. This means that our kindergarten worksheets will work almost anywhere.
Kindergartners can now complete the educational worksheets on the iPad and other forward-thinking devices. The free kindergarten web app we have developed makes use of the iPad’s multi-touch feature. Kids can use their fingers to draw, write, and solve problems directly on the free kindergarten worksheets. Teachers and parents can then print the completed kindergarten worksheet. Our free online kindergarten app also works on desktop and laptop computers running modern web browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 9+.

The Importance of a Good Early Childhood Education

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, having the firm foundation of early childhood education will ensure children’s success in life. It is also imperative that students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills during their first year in school as well as establish an appreciation of who they are in a social society. Teachers are able to implement these worksheets in a variety of early childhood lesson plans. Even though our «kindergarten worksheets» are designed for kindergarten students, they are also useful for children that are in preschool or first grade. These diverse kindergarten worksheets will create a fun learning environment that ultimately assist in cultivating valuable critical thinking, cultural, and linguistic skills.

Kindergarten Worksheets to Print, Download, and Use Online

Our fun kindergarten worksheets are broken down into four main areas. They are math, English, general learning, and holiday worksheets. These categories are then divided into different subjects so that parents and teachers can easily find the free printable kindergarten worksheets they are looking for. The kindergarten math worksheets section includes addition, subtraction, counting, fractions, place value, graphs, measurements, pattern words, and numbers. The Kindergarten English worksheets section offers reading, alphabet, writing, phonics, vocabulary, sight words, opposites, rhyming words, and spelling. The general learning section provides science, Spanish, social studies, dinosaurs, health, zoo, foreign languages, butterflies, and kindergarten coloring activities. The last section is our kindergarten holiday worksheets. This includes Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. We also offer summer, winter, spring, and fall printable worksheets. All of the kindergarten worksheets on our website can be printed out, downloaded for later use, or used directly online. Anyway you choose to use our free kindergarten worksheets, we hope they help enhance the students’ appreciation for education.

Kindergarten Worksheets — Superstar Worksheets

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Free kindergarten worksheets and printables for homeschool & classroom teachers. We’ve created thousands of free kindergarten printable worksheets, game, activities, and more! You’ll find kindergarten math worksheets, kindergarten reading worksheets, kindergarten writing worksheets and even a free kindergarten assessment!

Our free printable kindergarten math worksheets will help your kindergarten students develop important math skills while having fun. Many of our printables include an interactive, hands-on element to keep your kindergarten students engaged.

Kindergarten Addition Worksheets

Free kindergarten addition worksheets for students to work on sums to 10.  These simple addition printables cover single-digit addition, number lines, making 10, addition with pictures, vertical and horizontal equations….. 

Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets

Free kindergarten subtraction worksheets covering subtraction from five, and ten.  Students use various subtraction strategies and tools like number lines, pictures, counting, number bonds, ten frames, drawing, word problems, and more. 

Kindergarten Counting Worksheets

Tons of free counting worksheets for kindergarten students. Counting objects, counting to 5, counting to 10, cardinality, sorting, grouping, counting money, number recognition, comparing numbers, sequences, counting backwards, counting to 100, and more.  

Kindergarten Shapes Worksheets

Free kindergarten shape worksheets, games, and shape charts. Students work on shape recognition, shape tracing, shape symmetry, shape formation, shape attributes, and more. 

Kindergarten Pattern Worksheets

Free pattern worksheets, games, and activities for kindergarten. These free worksheets will help your students learn a variety of patterns and sequences including ABAB, ABB, AAB, AABB, ABC, ABCD, and more.

Kindergarten Calendar Worksheets

Free printable days of the week and months of the year worksheets for kindergarten students to learn about calendars and time. Great for daily kindergarten morning work, circle time, and calendar boards. 

Following Directions Worksheets

Your kindergarten students will build important listening skills with our Following Directions Worksheets!  This bundle includes over 240 printable pages covering holidays and seasons throughout the year.  

More Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Free printable kindergarten reading worksheets including alphabet, letter sounds, vowels, beginning sounds, rhymes, CVC, sight words, phonics, compound words and more. If you are looking for Kindergarten English worksheets, or even English as a second language, we have you covered.

Alphabet Worksheets

Free alphabet worksheets and printables for learning the letters of the alphabet. Students will work on letter recognition, letter formation, beginning letter sounds, tracing, handwriting, puzzles, mazes, uppercase and lowercase letters and so much more! 

Kindergarten CVC Worksheets

Free printable CVC worksheets for preschool and kindergarten.  Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words are easy to read and a great way to work on short vowel sounds.  Our free phonics worksheets will have your students listening for middle vowels as they complete each activity. 

Kindergarten Vowels Worksheets

Short and Long Vowel sounds worksheets for preschool and kindergarten.   These worksheets are simple for young students to begin to learn and listen for different beginning letter vowel sounds. Simple picture references are used to help. 

Compound Words Worksheets

Free compound words worksheets, games, activities, matching pages, printables, charts, and more! Learning about compound words can be fun and engaging with our free printables. 

Kindergarten Sight Word Worksheets

These FREE Kindergarten Sight Word Worksheets will help students build important reading, writing, and spelling skills. Students will practice identifying beginning sounds along with recognizing whole sight words with these engaging printables.

More Kindergarten Reading Worksheets

Print our Free Kindergarten Assessment Pack Today! This is great for kindergarten practice worksheets for students to prepare for end of the year testings. Our kg assessment sheets include easy and fun worksheets for kindergarten students that you can use as kindergarten homework or take home sheets. Parents and teachers can use these free kindergarten assessment tool to track student growth during the kindergarten year.

Kindergarten Printables

Kindergarten Writing Worksheets

Kindergarten Science Worksheets

Free Kindergarten Science Worksheets. Our Science Worksheets for kindergarten will help your students learn about life cycles and more.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

  • Kindergarten Addition Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets Subtraction w/Pictures
  • Kindergarten Shape Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Money Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Measurement Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Pattern Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Calendar & Time Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Following Directions Worksheets
  • More Kindergarten Math Worksheets——>

Kindergarten Reading Worksheets

  • Kindergarten Alphabet Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Vowel Sounds Worksheets
  • Kindergarten CVC Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Compound Words Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Beginning Sounds Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Sight Words Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Kindergarten Writing Worksheets

  • Kindergarten Writing Paper
  • Kindergarten Handwriting Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Word Bank Writing Worksheets
  • Kindergarten Writing Prompts
  • Kindergarten Writing Sentences Worksheets

Free Kindergarten Spanish Worksheets

The younger the child, the easier it is to learn a new language. At this age, learning Spanish is not so much about grammar as it is about learning Spanish vocabulary that they can use in their daily conversation. Free Spanish worksheets make it easy to learn some of these keywords.

Free Printable Worksheets

If you need help downloading printable worksheets, check out these helpful tips.

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Encourage your child to use Spanish words for colors in their daily descriptions of objects. This worksheet uses outlines of simple shapes and invites children to read the Spanish color to determine what color each shape should be. A key is provided to help children associate Spanish words with colors.



Most children can relate to common foods, so key terms are a good starting point for learning Spanish. On this worksheet, children match Spanish words for popular foods with their English equivalents.



Numbers are one of the easiest vocabulary words to start with because their sequential order helps kids remember them. Children count the objects on this sheet and write the numbers in Spanish.

how to continue the conversation text


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Whether English or Spanish, all animals speak the same language. However, their names are different in different languages. In this correspondence chart, children associate each animal labeled with its Spanish name with the sound it makes.


Parts of the body

Children learn the parts of the face by cutting out parts of the face and sticking them on the head, then labeling each part with the appropriate Spanish term. As the children draw the face on this sheet, have them practice saying the parts of the face in Spanish.

Parts of the face

Other resources for free worksheets

There are many resources on the Internet where you can download free Spanish worksheets for your young students.

  • First School offers wonderful Spanish alphabet worksheets to help even the youngest child start learning the basics of the Spanish language.
  • The Teacher’s Café contains links to many different online worksheets specifically designed for learning levels, such as Kindergarten. In addition to worksheets, you will also find games that will make learning interesting and fun.
  • In addition to dozens of other categories on ABC Teach, the site offers many different worksheets for teaching preschoolers Spanish. You’ll even find worksheets and coloring pages for Spanish holidays and events.
  • Home Study Resources offers several printable worksheets related to Spanish grammar and key vocabulary.
  • 123 TeachMe allows you to customize the worksheet design to create your own worksheets for your kindergarten.

Making new words sticky

No matter which worksheets you choose to use and which words you learn, make sure your child uses new vocabulary every day. Label items in the home with their Spanish equivalents. Hang the finished sheets on the refrigerator as a reminder. If Spanish vocabulary is used regularly, it is more likely to stick.

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