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Subtraction Facts, Subtraction with Borrowing

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888 filtered results


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Search Printable Subtraction Worksheets

Learning subtraction can be challenging, and practicing it can be boring. Thankfully, our subtraction worksheets eliminate both of those issues with a variety of lessons that teach this important skill in an entertaining way. Beginners will have a blast subtracting numbers up to five with our subtraction worksheets that feature colorful imagery, while those on the advanced track can work on double- and triple-digit subtraction with various puzzles, riddles, and word problems.

Subtraction Worksheets Eliminate the Monotony of Practice

Helping kids get over the “take away” hump can be difficult, which is why our subtraction worksheets supplement traditional printables with lots of fun puzzles, riddles, coloring pages, and real world word problems. These teaching techniques are extremely effective because they take the “work” out of subtraction practice. For example, kids are much more receptive to worksheets in which they get to subtract outer space objects or get to reach for their crayons to create a mosaic based on their answers to a series of problems.

In other words, it’s important to integrate interesting activities that keep kids engaged as they learn this fundamental life skill. That’s why parents should consider complementing our subtraction worksheets with fun at home and on the go exercises. For instance, toys, books, food items, clothing, and even outdoor landscaping make for great subtraction tools. Similarly, you can squeeze in some practice by using cars in a parking lot, chairs at a restaurant, or dogs at a park.

Whatever tactics you use to improve your child’s subtraction proficiency, just remember to consistently offer praise. This not only tells her how much you appreciate her efforts, but it encourages her to keep practicing.

25+ FREE Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets

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This post discussing free kindergarten subtraction worksheets may contain affiliate links which means that I receive some form of compensation in return (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase through my link:)


Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog post with a free addition worksheet compilation for kindergarten and preschool. With that in mind, I thought that my blog would not be complete without a subsequent post that gives you kindergarten subtraction worksheets for your children 🙂 I hope that these free subtraction worksheets will enable your kids to practice and learn their math skills more fully.


Free Printable Subtraction Worksheets for Kids by 123 Kids Fun (link HERE)


I love how simple and colorful this kindergarten subtraction worksheet is! It is both simple and visual for young learners which can be a fun way to learn basic subtraction skills.


Icon Subtraction Worksheet by Math Easily (link HERE)


Again, this kindergarten subtraction worksheet is perfect for introducing subtraction concepts to your kindergarten child, especially since it includes familiar objects and fun designs 🙂


Free Printable Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheet by 123 Kids Fun (link HERE)


Flower-themed free kindergarten worksheet by Creative Worksheets Hub (link HERE)


“Under the Sea” Subtraction Worksheet by Worksheet School (link HERE)


This worksheet enables your kindergarten student to color each group of objects before solving the subtraction problems. It is both visual and simple, once again.


Colorful Fish Subtraction Worksheet by Twisty Noodle (link HERE)


Spring Insects Subtraction Worksheets by Active Little Kids (link HERE)


Spring Subtraction Coloring Page by Active Little Kids (link HERE)


Subtraction Dots Worksheets by Superstar Worksheets (link HERE)


This kindergarten subtraction worksheet will enable you to challenge your littles once they get comfortable with the more visual worksheets. It may look a little more intimidating since it does not have pictures, but it still is not super complicated. If you don’t think that your kindergarten student is quite ready for it, then there are plenty of other options that may be more of a stepping stone.


Simple Subtraction Kindergarten Worksheet by Twisty Noodle (link HERE)


This worksheet has a fun little twist since it asks your student to create their own subtraction problem 🙂


Flower Subtraction Worksheet by Creative Worksheets Hub (link HERE)


Spring Flowers Subtraction Worksheet by Active Little Kids (link HERE)


This worksheet is a little different since there are sometimes different answers to the equations 🙂 Though it may be a little confusing at first, I think it will give young students a fun way to look at subtraction a little differently, in a good way.


Picture Groups Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheet by Kindergarten Worksheets (link HERE)


Leaf Subtraction Coloring Sheet by Active Little Kids (link HERE)


Vertical Subtraction with Icons Kindergarten Worksheet by Superstar Worksheets (link HERE)


This worksheet introduces the vertical subtraction problems. It has the visual elements that can also be colored, and it contains numbers that are still smaller.


Vertical Kindergarten Subtraction Practice Worksheet by Kindergarten Worksheets (link HERE)


Cut and Paste Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheet by Superstar Worksheets (link HERE)


This kindergarten subtraction worksheet brings in some fine motor skills since you are encouraged to cut out the numbers in the boxes at the bottom and glue them under the subtraction problems where they belong.


Ice Cream “Missing Numbers” Subtraction Worksheet by Active Little Kids (link HERE)


Missing Numbers Spring Subtraction Worksheet by Kindergarten Worksheets (link HERE)


Here is a worksheet that uses the “missing numbers” approach with the opportunity to create your own subtraction problems. There are different answers to these problems, and your child has the opportunity to be creative.


Single Digit Subtraction Worksheet by Creative Worksheets Hub (link HERE)


Subtraction Matching Worksheet by Active Little Kids (link HERE)


Again, this worksheet is a little different. It asks students to solve the subtraction problems then match the answers that are the same. It is a fun spin on a basic kindergarten subtraction worksheet.


Subtraction Facts Worksheet by Math Drills (link HERE)


Double digit subtraction worksheet by Creative Worksheets Hub (link HERE)


Here is a deeper look at double digit subtraction which could definitely be a challenge for some students since it is definitely a new concept after only doing single digit. Nevertheless, these numbers are still small enough to count if your young learners find it difficult at the beginning. Honestly, this worksheet is probably better for grade one, but I thought I would go ahead and include it just in case it may be helpful for some 🙂


Number Line Subtraction Kindergarten Worksheet by Creative Worksheets Hub (link HERE)


The number line is beautifully introduced in this kindergarten subtraction worksheet. Having that visual element can be so fun and helpful!


Kindergarten Subtraction Word Problem Worksheet by Superstar Worksheets (link HERE)


Here’s a fun and simple kindergarten subtraction word problem worksheet 😉 Word problems can be a great tool for helping your children to really connect the dots with math concepts. It is one thing to see the numbers on a page, but it is another thing to understand how those numbers can truly be applied in their lives.


Addition and Subtraction Practice Worksheet by The Catholic Kid (link HERE)


Once again, this worksheet may be a little more challenging for some kindergarten students, but if you feel like they are ready to combine addition and subtraction problems and think through the differences between the two, this worksheet may be the perfect challenge for your child! It may even be a good exercise for the months near the end of kindergarten 🙂



There you have it 🙂 This post has given you 25+ free kindergarten worksheets to help your littles gain some extra practice with learning subtraction. I really enjoyed putting this post together and sincerely hope that it will be helpful for you and your family. Whether you are trying to find an educational activity for your child who is having a hard time finding ways to fill his summer days or if you are trying to get ready for the fall with school starting, I hope that these worksheets will enable your kindergartener to feel more confident in his subtraction skills!

I would love to encourage you that if your young mathematicians are struggling with their subtraction math worksheets, regular practice is what will help your young students truly master the basic subtraction skills. Repetition will be the key. Don’t stress too much if your kindergarten child is having a hard time. It happens, and this too will pass! You are seen and loved and not alone, mama.


Which kindergarten subtraction worksheets seem to be the most helpful?

Did you decide to print any of them? If so, which one?

Let me know in the comments below!


Until next time

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Coloring pages 2nd grade addition and subtraction examples (39 pcs.


coloring pages

Grade 2 examples for addition and subtraction

Our Grade 2 addition and subtraction coloring pages are designed to help kids practice their math skills in a fun and engaging way. Each page has a separate math problem that children can solve by coloring the picture. Kids can use the colors of their choice to bring the picture to life and learn math at the same time.

Our Grade 2 Addition and Subtraction Coloring Pages are perfect for kids just starting out in math. The problems are simple enough for children to understand and solve, but complex enough to keep them entertained. Kids can practice their math skills while having fun coloring the pictures.

Our Grade 2 addition and subtraction coloring pages are a great way to help kids learn math in a fun and engaging way. Kids can practice their math skills while having fun coloring the pictures. With our Grade 2 examples, kids can learn math while having fun.

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