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Tracing Numbers is a great way for the family to practice tracing numbers. Select the options in the «Settings» screen. Play until you master the game.

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Version 1.8

Compatibility with iOS 16

Ratings and Reviews

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I’m enjoying using the tracing app with my grand daughter!

Scam app. What subscription?

I downloaded this app for my daughter. It said free with in app purchases. Immediately after download I get a message from PayPal that I just paid $21.58 to “iTunes and App Store”. Crazy? It gets worst apparently it’s a monthly subscription! PayPal tells me they stopped the subscription however they are still investigating for my refund. Downloader beware!

The developer, Horizon Business, Inc., indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Location

  • Identifiers

  • Usage Data

  • Diagnostics

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Location

  • Identifiers

  • Usage Data

  • Diagnostics

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


Horizon Business, Inc.

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Free Number Formation Cards to Add to Your Preschool Writing Center

I like when I can give my kids activities that they enjoy doing and can help strengthen skills that they need for preschool or even kindergarten. When they can learn while playing, I feel like I am doing a good job. That is where these Number Formation Cards come in. These cards are perfect for a preschool math or writing center. 

This post includes a free printable Number Formation Cards, so be sure to grab it from the end of this post.

Number Formation Cards to Add to Your Preschool Writing Center

Do you struggle to engage your preschoolers at the writing center? I know I do sometimes. 

This last year, I felt like I had an entire class full of resistant writers. While they loved the art center and the literacy center, none of them loved my preschool writing center.

Now, I believe strongly that preschoolers can be writers so I put a great deal of effort into making my preschool writing center more enticing. I added different writing utensils and different kinds of papers. From traditional pencils to crayon rocks. From cut sheets to paper note pads. I even added stickers and tried to keep my writing center thematic.

But my preschoolers last year were not interested.

They whined. They complained. They asked to do something else. Anything else.

I became increasingly frustrated, wringing my hands together every time any one of my preschoolers let out a visible sigh.

And then I just started to feel discouraged. After-all, how could I send these precious preschoolers on to kindergarten if they had no interest in writing?!

If they could not write at all!?

That’s when I added these number formation cards to my preschool writing center. I know, numbers at the writing center?! You betcha’!

Adding number formation cards to my preschool writing center made the center feel new and different. They took the pressure off having to “do things the right way,” and allowed my preschoolers to explore writing in a different format.

Now, of course, you can keep these cards for your preschool math centers, but I really love having them in my writing center. They hold a certain draw for my “left-brained” kiddos.

Be sure to grab a free copy of these number formation cards to add to your preschool writing center! You can download them at the end of this post.

Number Formation Cards For Preschoolers

If you are teaching preschoolers how to write numbers, these cards are for you. Whether are implementing this activity in small groups or for individual children, these small cards are great for preschooler’s hands. 

Like all my free printables, be sure to read to the end of this post for more ideas on how to use these number formation writing cards.


  • free number formation cards
  • Crayons or Dry Erase Marker 
  • Hole Punch and Binder Ring (Optional)

The Set-Up

We have used these number formation cards in many different ways so there are a couple of ways to set up. We have left in just paper form, not laminating, and used with crayons. This option makes the cards easy to send home with parents at the end of the day. My parents appreciate seeing their child’s progress in writing this way, plus parents then use the card at home to do informal counting activities.

The other option is to laminate (or put them in a dry erase pocket) and use with dry-erase markers. There’s something about using dry erase markers that draws just about any preschooler.

How to Use these Cards in your Preschool Writing Center

Tracing mats are one of my favorite ways to help preschoolers learn and practice letter formation. Including a fun theme to these printables for preschool writing practice is a great way to encourage children to want to learn with printables to practice writing numbers. This is great for both a writing or math center! 

Now, these number tracing cards are not thematic, but that just means they can pair with any theme in your classroom.

Use these Number Formation Cards for Finger Tracing

My favorite way to use these cards is to have my preschoolers trace the numbers with their fingers. This is especially helpful for toddlers and young preschoolers who might not enjoy the preschool writing center because they lack pencil grasp skills. 

Model first how to form the number, and then invite them to try it themselves.

Use these Number Formation Cards with a Salt Tray

Once preschoolers get the hang of the formation by tracing the numbers with their fingers, you can add the cards to a salt tray. This Montessori-inspired approach is helpful for tactile learners. You’re not limited to just using salt in the tray either. Match the contents to the theme and try sprinkles, dirt, rainbow rice, or cornmeal, or even something like birdseed!

Use these Number Formation Cards on a Binger Ring

This set is super versatile because they can be hole punched and connected with a binder ring. This way preschoolers can take them to any part of the room or house. Having this versatility is fantastic if you have flexible seating. If kids choose to sit on a beanbag chair, under the table, in the grass, or this can even be done in the car. Heck, I’ve brought them along to the waiting room at the doctor’s office, even!

Use these Number Formation Cards with Playdough

Do you include playdough from time to time in your preschooler writing center? You should!

Playdough is my all-time favorite hand-strengthing tool for preschoolers. If you have a preschooler who has an immature pencil grasp for their age, then playdough is the “writing tool” for them!

Use these Number Formation Cards with Parents

Another great benefit is that they can be sent home without lamination to be completed with crayons for rainbow writing. This is perfect for long weekends! 

I do not support these cards as being used for “homework,” but parents appreciate having extra resources to reinforce what their child is learning in the classroom. In fact, you can encourage parents to create their own at home writing center. 

Is One Writing Utensil Better Than the Other?

When teaching writing, especially letter formation and not other pre-writing skills, the writing utensil you offer is important.

If your preschooler already has a mature pencil grasp by using a tripod or quadrupod grasp, then use colored pencils.

If your preschooler still has an immature pencil grasp, then use crayons.

And if your preschooler is really struggling with developing any kind of pincer grasp while using writing utensils, then I recommend tracing with fingers or using these crayon rocks. They are my favorite tools for helping my preschoolers develop the right pencil grasp.

Regardless of what tool is used, children will be gaining exposure to the number shape and its name. 

*** Don’t forget to grab your free copy of these number formation cards at the end of this post and add them to your preschool writing center! ***

How to Use Number Formation Cards in Your Preschool Math Center

Do you include writing activities in your preschool math center? You should!

Number formation is important, just like mastering counting is. Here are some ideas on how to include these number formation cards in your preschool math center.

  1. Use them to practice number tracing using any of the activities above!
  2. Put the cards in sequential order or use them to practice more and less concepts.
  3. Use math counters to count out the number on the card. Bonus points if the preschooler traces the card first and then add the counters over the number.
  4. Use the cards to make sets of the number. For example, a set of five cars, five blocks, five family counters, etc.
  5. Add these cards to your math bulletin board and invite the children to practice finger tracing the numbers on the wall or in the air.
  6. Or use them to teach addition to preschoolers like in this preschool addition activity.

Looking for More FREE Math Printables?

You might be interested in these free printable math activities.

       .      .       

Need Some Math Lesson Plans?

Each unit features an entire month of preschool math activities, including eight printable math centers, daily review, and small group activities, and even picture book recommendations!


Get Your FREE Number Formation Cards Here

Click the image below to grab your free number formation cards. They’ll be sent to your email.

Check Out These Number Activities, too!

If you’re looking for a few more number activities for preschoolers, then take a look at these. They also include free printables.


Number Formation Cards // Stay at Home Educator

Pirate Number Puzzles // Modern Preschool

Number Strips // Teach Me Mommy

Sarah Punkoney, MAT

I’m Sarah, an educator turned stay-at-home-mama of five! I’m the owner and creator of Stay At Home Educator, a website about intentional teaching and purposeful learning in the early childhood years. I’ve taught a range of levels, from preschool to college and a little bit of everything in between. Right now my focus is teaching my children and running a preschool from my home. Credentials include: Bachelors in Art, Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.

How to turn on caller ID from Tinkoff

How does the caller ID work?

Caller ID from Tinkoff monitors unwanted calls and tells you when it’s better not to pick up the phone. When a call is made from an unknown number, the identifier punches it through the telephone database and shows to whom it may belong. On the smartphone screen, you will immediately see the category of the call: scammers, spammers, or useful organizations, such as clinics or delivery services.

The identifier warns you both when you are called and when you dial the number yourself. After a call, its category is stored in the call history

The identifier downloads the base of numbers to your phone and automatically distributes all incoming calls. The numbers are taken from our own database, which we update regularly.

For the determinant to work, you do not have to constantly keep the application open: the determinant connects once and then works by itself — nothing else is required from you.

For now, caller ID only works on iOS devices.

How to connect the detector?

If you use Tinkoff products, you can connect the Caller ID as follows:

  1. Open the Tinkoff app → go to «More» → «Settings» → «Caller ID» → «Go to settings».

    Or use the search in the Tinkoff app — the search bar is located at the top of the screen. Just start typing «Caller ID» and the application will prompt you for the section you need.

  2. In the device settings, select the «Phone» section → «Call blocking and identification» → enable «Tinkoff» and drag it to the first place in the list of caller IDs.

  3. The identifier will download the database of numbers to the phone — then it will work by itself.

When you click on «Caller ID», we will show instructions on what to do next in the phone settings

The identifier works autonomously and does not transmit information about your calls anywhere. The phone database is downloaded to a smartphone, so unfamiliar numbers will be determined without the Internet.

If you don’t have the Tinkoff app, you won’t be able to connect the identifier yet. It only works in the Tinkoff app on iPhone, and the app cannot be downloaded now due to restrictions from the App Store. How to use Tinkoff apps on iPhone

How to download the contact database manually?

Usually the identifier loads the database of phone numbers automatically. If there are problems with autoloading, you can always update the database manually:

  1. In the Tinkoff app, open the «More» → «Settings» section.

  2. Select Caller ID and click Refresh Number Base. The database will be updated in the background in a few minutes.

Wait a few minutes and the number database will be downloaded to your smartphone

What if the numbers are recognized by another identifier?

To make Tinkoff caller ID start working, drag it to the first place in the list of caller IDs on your phone. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to device settings → Phone → Call blocking and identification.

  2. In the upper right corner, click Edit.

  3. Drag Tinkoff to the first position in the list and click Done.

How to disable the qualifier?

  1. In the smartphone settings, go to the «Phone» section.

  2. Select Call Blocking & Identification.

  3. Disable Tinkoff in the list of caller IDs.

After that, the base of numbers will be automatically deleted from the phone’s memory.

Frequently Asked Questions — where to start?

Is it possible to work with several people from one account?

We have no limit on the number of people who can work on our site.

Do you deliver goods only to Russia?

At the moment, yes, but very soon we will launch delivery to the countries of the customs union, also to China. A little later to Europe and to all countries of our presence. If you have an online store and you are interested in delivery to these regions, please write to the chat at the bottom right of the site, or to mf@cdek. ru. We will help you on an individual basis.

Can you help me buy the item for me at the store?

At the moment, we do not provide the service of repurchase of goods, as prices in the US change very quickly: while you choose, send information about the position and pay, the cost may change or the goods may end. In addition, the US tax authorities consider such transfers to be money laundering. Therefore, on our website, we will create educational content that will help you make all the purchases on your own — even without special knowledge of the language. Websites in the USA are very simple and clear. If you ordered in Russian stores, then buying in the USA will not be difficult for you.

Where can I buy goods in the USA?

You can buy items from any US, Canadian or European site that ships to the US. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of stores for all categories of goods, where you can easily find the one you need..

How will you accept an item in my name in the US if I live in another country?

In the US, the delivery system is arranged differently than in Russia. Courier companies simply bring parcels to the specified address and hand them over without checking documents. Therefore, we accept thousands of parcels to our address without any problems.

How to register for the service?

To start using the CDEK Forward service, you need to register an account in our system. You can do this at
Fill in a few simple fields, receive confirmation by e-mail about successful registration and you can get started. To enter the system, use your email and password that you specified during registration

How do they know at the warehouse that the package has arrived specifically for me? Do you provide a personal mailbox number?

In order for us to accurately determine that the parcel has arrived specifically for you, you need to add the expected parcels to the «Incoming Parcels» section in your account in a timely manner (that is, before the delivery of the goods). The determination will follow the unique tracking (tracking number) on each box. If we receive your package and it is not added to our system, this will lead to a delay in processing the shipment: we will manually search for your profile by last name and first name.

We do not give our customers personal virtual box numbers, because stores in such cases may cancel orders for you. Many stores in the United States do not like to send packages to companies that ship goods to other countries, and such companies use this method of identifying customers.

How to start shopping in the USA and why do I need your service?

We created our service because many stores in the US and around the world do not ship to Russia. This is due to various reasons. Some stores do not want to break the pricing policy of the official representatives of their brands in Russia. Others have not found reliable logistics partners from Russia, and some are simply focused on the domestic market. Due to the great competition in the USA, almost all branded goods have the best prices in the world, so online shopping attracts millions of people here.

Due to the fact that sellers do not send goods directly to Russia, you can use our service: order in any online store in the USA and send to our warehouse. We will accept orders, combine (if necessary), reduce the volume of the parcel. We will send to you, your friends or directly to customers if you are buying goods in the USA for your store.

How to distinguish a fake from the original when buying in the USA?

This is the beauty of shopping in the USA: it is almost impossible to run into a fake here. In America, laws for the protection of intellectual property work perfectly, so only originals are sold on sites. Many department stores have centuries of history. However, you need to be as careful as possible with marketplaces / auctions where goods are sold by private sellers — especially with a low rating. To be 100% sure of the originality of the goods, use the list of recommended stores on our website at this link
If you have any doubts about the product, feel free to write to our support — we will definitely help you.

How to correctly specify the shipping address so that the goods arrive at your warehouse? Why can’t I find it on the official CDEK website?

Our delivery address in each country of CDEK Forward presence is located in your account on the main page and is available only after registration.

We do not publicly disclose our US warehouse address anywhere. Many stores in the US do not like to send packages to companies that ship goods to other countries. Therefore, we strongly ask you not to indicate this address anywhere on the Internet.

When placing an order, there will be several fields in the Shipping address, and you need to fill them in a special way, which may differ from the usual filling in your country.

Full name
Address line 1 — in this field you need to enter the house number + street.
Address line 2 — in this field you need to enter the warehouse number — Unit 1
If when ordering in a store there is only one field Address line, then you can specify everything in one line.

State/Province — the state in which the warehouse is located.
ZIP code — index.
Phone number — enter our phone number specified in your personal account.

Phone on some sites must be in the format country code + phone number:
+1 XXX XXX XX XX, and in some stores you need to enter without country code i.e. just XXX XXX XX XX

I need help. Where can you apply?

We are always happy to help you:
in the chat at the bottom right of the site;
by mail [email protected];
by the number +74950095555.

Can I send orders to my friend’s mailbox?

According to the rules of the service, you must use the office only in your name and send parcels to your name.
If the account is registered in one name, and the parcel arrived in another, you risk being blocked for violating the rules of the service. This is due both to security and the fact that without an application we will not be able to find out who actually owns this cargo.

Can a minor receive a parcel?

The laws of Russia do not prohibit persons under the age of majority from receiving parcels from abroad. The main condition for passing customs is the presence of a passport and TIN. Thus, people from 14 years old can receive parcels, since it is at this age that they receive the necessary documents.

Can I find additional discounts in US stores?

Yes, you can and should. We strongly advise everyone to use the coupon search service, as well as their browser extension — it will automatically select available coupons for your product in the basket in 1 click. Link to the extension

In addition, we advise you to use cashback services that will return 1–30% of the value of your purchases to a virtual account. Then you can credit bonuses to your account or issue a virtual card for online payments. There are a lot of such services in the USA. We advise you to use topcashback. com — one of the leading in the US, and almost always offers the best cashback conditions for most stores.

My package is in stock status, how can I send it now?

After we have accepted your parcel and it is in the «in stock» status, you need to select one or more parcels (if you want to combine them) in the «Incoming parcels» section and click on the «Send» button. Next, the system will show you the composition of the parcel, the ability to select the recipient and delivery method. You can choose door-to-door delivery by a CDEK courier, or to a CDEK pick-up point, whichever is more convenient for you. In the comment field, you can specify your wishes for the packaging of the goods. The system will also show you the approximate cost of the package.

It is also important that we need the passport data of all recipients to whom you are going to send parcels, so we advise you to enter your recipients in the «Recipients» section in advance and enter their passport data, or select the option «Request recipient data for international delivery by SMS» . It is better to do this in advance so that at the time of assembling the parcel, passport data has already been collected and then we will send your parcels as quickly as possible.

After packing the package, you will receive a message by mail with the cost of delivery, which you will need to pay and then we can send your package. You can replenish your account balance in advance and then your parcels will be automatically sent after packing, if there is enough money on the balance to pay for the delivery.

There are many similar services on the market, why should I choose you?

We made a service with unique features. Check out our list of benefits below.

For individuals.

CDEK is the brand you trust.
-Offices near the house — about 2000 offices in Russia.
-Own warehouses in 14 countries (available soon for CDEK Forward).
— We ourselves are carriers at all stages of the cargo movement — we guarantee timely delivery and bear full responsibility.
-Flexible rates — suitable for the needs of all customers.
— Favorable insurance. 0.75% of the price of the item, no minimum value.
-Own video cameras united in one network. Tracking every step of the transportation: from the USA to the pickup point at your home.
-Full mobile version of the site and modern design: many innovative features, user-friendly interface.
-Replenishment of the account without commission.
— No hidden fees. Everything is transparent, understandable and easy.
-Detailed tracking for tracking the parcel from the very dispatch.
-Support in chat, in all convenient messengers and platforms. Support line +74950095555.
-Delivery from 4-6 days to Moscow. To the central part of Russia — a couple of days longer.
-Delivery every Friday, soon also on Tuesdays.
-Introduction of cargo in 2-24 hours.
-Free Consolidation and Admission.
-Tax-free Delaware allows you to save up to 10% of the cost of goods.
-Video tutorials, tutorials, articles and a detailed FAQ.
-List of popular stores in all countries where the company operates by category.

For business and online stores

-All the benefits above +.
— Fulfillment of your goods. Splitting a consignment for further delivery to end customers — at no extra charge. We work with dropshipping.
-Special prices for online stores.
— Favorable tariff for the first kilogram.
— Rates for 0.5kg, 1.5kg, 2.5kg.
-Collecting the passport data of your customers to send orders to the final address.
-Convenient tools for filtering and searching for goods in the «Incoming Parcels» and «Outgoing Parcels» sections.
— Automatic sending of parcels to save your time.
-Ability to carry any volumes, as everything is officially customsed and sent to end customers. -Work legally and grow your business to the next level.
— Video recording of all processes for the assembly of orders. Coming soon — online at any time in your account.
-When concluding an agreement with CDEK as an online store — special favorable prices for delivery within the Russian Federation.
-Direct support for your customers via the CDEK hotline or at the company’s offices. Operators will tell you where the package is and when it will arrive.

Some sites do not open in Russia, what should I do?

Unfortunately, there are some stores in the USA that work only for the domestic market and close their sites for customers from other countries. You can get to such stores using VPN services that change the IP address of your computer from Russia to the United States — then the sites will begin to open. The simplest and easiest way to get access is by installing the Opera browser with a built-in free VPN. Download link

Please note: if stores close sites from foreigners, then most likely they do not accept payment from a Russian card. In this case, use the payment advice in the «Payment Questions» section titled «I can’t checkout with a Russian card in the store, what should I do?» .

How long does it take to bring in a parcel you have received?

We always try to bring in all incoming parcels as quickly as possible. This process usually takes up to 24 hours, sometimes up to 48 hours. If after 48 hours your parcel has not been entered, we advise you to check whether the tracking you indicated is correct when adding the incoming parcel. If the tracking is correct, but the package is still not delivered, write to us by mail and we will definitely help you

Sometimes transport companies make a mistake and deliver parcels to neighboring warehouses, or deliver them to a different mailbox. This is especially true for parcels from the USPS state mail and,, stores, which deliver orders with their own couriers with TBA********** tracking. Parcels from FedEx and UPS are usually delivered without errors.

There are times when the barcodes are not read due to packaging damage and we cannot find your package in the system, so if you let us know about the problem, we will fix it as quickly as possible.

How much does it cost you to consolidate / receive / collect cargo?

Our basic services for receiving and sending cargo are free of charge, you pay only the cost of delivery and insurance.

What does a tax free state mean? What benefits does it give me?

Our warehouse is actually located in the tax free state of Delaware and gives you the opportunity to save about 10% of the cost of your purchases on sales taxes — the so-called Sales Tax (sales tax). Let’s explain why.

In Russia, on the check you always see the amount of the purchase and a separate line «INCLUDING VAT: 20%». In the USA, the analogue of VAT is Sales Tax, but if in Russia it is the same throughout the country, then in the USA it can vary from state to state depending on the economic situation in the region. On average, it is 8-10%. Therefore, in online stores, you always see prices without Sales Tax, and only when you specify your delivery address, this tax is automatically added to the cost of the goods. But in the case of our warehouse, this will not happen, since in the state of Delaware this tax is 0%, which gives you the opportunity to save up to 10% on your purchases.

What is an unidentified parcel and what should I do with it?

Operators add unidentified parcels to your personal account when scanning the tracking on the parcel does not find any matches in your expected parcels. After that, you receive a message that the package has been accepted and you need to add a description in it in order to activate the ability to send it.

Accordingly, you need to go to your personal account in the «Incoming parcels» section, select an unidentified parcel, click on the «Edit» button and fill in the description of each product in the parcel and then click on the «I edited the parcel and send it for re-checking by warehouse operators »

After that, warehouse operators will receive a notification that you have corrected the description and will find your parcel again and compare the contents inside with your description .

We remind you that this service is paid and its cost is 99 rubles, since we spend 2 times more labor on such parcels, so we advise you to enter the parcels in advance into the system

What is a track number? Where can I get tracking to track an order from an online store?

The track number is the parcel tracking number issued by the transport company. Please do not confuse this with the order number (order number in the online store). If you add your order number in the online store in the track number field, our operators will not be able to recognize your parcel upon receipt and this will lead to delays when adding the parcel.

The store usually sends tracking in 1-10 days after placing the order by mail, or attaches it in the personal account in the details of the order.

The track number most often looks like:
1Z******** (UPS)
1LS****** (Transport company Lasership)
TBA****** (Amazon Transportation Company, 6pm, Zappos)
Or a set of numbers from 9 to 16 (Fedex, USPS, DHL and others)

There are rare cases when stores (usually sellers on Ebay) do not give a track number. In this case, we advise you to write a personal message to the seller and ask him to send this number.

If a delivery method was used that does not provide for tracking, you need to wait until the parcel is accepted at the warehouse and added to you as unidentified, after which you can go into it and add a description. It is very important that the parcel has the same name that you indicated when registering your personal account, then we can easily find your account on the service.

I bought a product on the site, and a day later it fell in price. Can I contact the store to get paid the price difference?

Yes, in the US, almost all stores have the concept of price adjustment (price adjustment). If a purchased item costs $300 today, and $49 a day later, write to the chat, email or call the store. Let us know that you want to make a price adjustment on your order and adjust the price. Almost always, you will get the difference in price back to your card without any problems — in our example, it will be $251.

Before contacting the store, we advise you to carefully study their conditions for price adjustment. Some stores give a time frame of 7-14-30 days for price adjustment after purchase, and some only change the price if you bought the item at full price and not on sale.

I am not a citizen of the Russian Federation, can I use your service and receive parcels in the Russian Federation?

Yes, you can. To do this, you need to go to the section «Recipients» —> «Add recipient» —> «Request recipient data for international delivery via SMS»

If you are not a citizen of the Russian Federation, it is important to fill in passport data via SMS, so we draw your attention to this.

I made an order on the store’s website. What’s next? How to add an expected package?

After the purchase in the store, you will be sent tracking to track the package. You then provide this information to us to quickly identify your purchase. To do this, go to the «Incoming parcels» section and click on the «Add expected parcel» button.

By alexxlab

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