Good 12 year old party ideas: Ideas to celebrate a birthday for 12-year-old boys and girls

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The Best Party Ideas For Teens: All Genders & Budgets

Wondering what to do for party celebrations to impress your teenager? You’ve come to the right place! Below we’ve compiled a list of the best party ideas for teens that won’t disappoint!

It can be so hard to find good ideas for parties for teens! Luckily, there are many great party ideas & activities that are fun and easy enough to organise for all genders and budgets.

Discover last minute birthday party ideas, outdoor party ideas, home party ideas for 13 year olds, party ideas for sweet 16 & birthday party ideas for 12 year olds and up in our helpful list below.

The best party ideas for teens for all genders & budgets, including small & big groups

Some of the best party ideas for teens include:

  1. BBQ Party
  2. Pizza party
  3. High tea party
  4. Brunch party
  5. Road trip party
  6. Pirate party
  7. BYO food board party
  8. Gaming party
  9. Vision board party
  10. Throwback party
  11. Murder mystery party
  12. Sleepover party
  13. Beach or pool party
  14. Cooking show party
  15. Karaoke party
  16. Dance party
  17. Outing party
  18. Thrifting party
  19. Historical decades party
  20. Movie making party
  21. DIY party

BBQ party

A BBQ party is one of the best outdoor party ideas for teens of all genders to enjoy with their friends. It doesn’t require much organising and is one of the easiest last minute birthday party ideas.

The best outdoor party ideas for teens: a BBQ party. Photo by Bryce Carithers,

You don’t need to own a BBQ at home to organise such a party. Many public parks in Australia have free BBQs and picnic tables. Discover the best picnic spots Melbourne has near you.

Tip #1: The teens may want to prepare their food together as part of the party. To encourage them to do so, you can set up a competition for the most creative BBQ meal or snack, with the winner getting a special prize.

Pizza-making party

A pizza-making party is one of the best cheap birthday party ideas for teens. It’s also quick to organise, making it a great last minute party idea.

The best cheap birthday party ideas for teens: a pizza-making party. Photo by Antonius Ferret,

All parents need to do is pre-purchase ready-made pizza dough or ingredients to make some. Then prepare bowls with toppings like grated cheese, tomatoes, capsicum slices, ham slices and olives.

Tip #2: Challenge each guest to make a pizza to fit a certain theme or represent an object or character. The most creative pizzas can win a prize.

High tea party

A high tea party is one of the best party ideas for sweet 16 celebrations! It’s perfect for everyone to dress up in fancy outfits and enjoy lovely conversations.

The best party ideas for sweet 16: a high tea party. Photo by Fu Zhichao,

You can book a hotel, cafe or restaurant high tea service or set up your own high tea at home! You only need a high tea stand, some cups and small plates.

Tip #3: If you can, take the high tea outside to the yard or garden, or set it up near a window with natural light and a nice view. Add some fresh flowers in a vase for decor. This will create a wonderful, fancy atmosphere!

You don’t need to spend a lot on high tea. Some simple party food ideas on a budget include:

  • small sandwiches
  • mini pies
  • cupcakes and
  • more party finger food ideas.

Here’s a helpful video with some easy high tea recipes.

Brunch party

One of the most fun party ideas for teens is to celebrate with brunch in a cafe-style setting where they can feel like adults!

For a brunch party, your teenager can choose their favourite cafe and invite their friends to come. Or, you can set up a brunch at home. If your teenager enjoys cooking, they can help you set up!

Good ideas for party: a brunch party. Photo by Pixabay,

Your kitchen and dining room can become a ‘cafe’ for the day. You can have some flowers on the table, cafe music in the background and even a small menu.

Tip #4: If you don’t want to cook during the party, you can present a banquet-style brunch where guest can load up their plates with different foods.

Guests can have coffee, hot chocolate or juice. For party food, easy ideas include:

  • smashed avo
  • eggs on toast
  • yoghurt with granola
  • French toast or
  • pancakes.

Check out these 25 brunch recipes for every taste!

Road trip party

A road trip party is the perfect party idea for teenagers (and their parent/guardian) who are in for an adventure! It’s also one of the best party ideas for small groups.

One of the good ideas for party for small groups of teenagers: a road trip party. Photo by Kampus Production,

You and your teen can pick a location (or multiple locations) within a few hours’ drive of your home to visit. For simple party food ideas on a budget, pack a picnic lunch and snacks instead of buying food on the road.

Together with their friends, they can create a playlist, and everyone can bring a snack or two to share on the road.

Tip #5: Check out our interactive map and region catalogue for the best places to visit during your road trip!

Simply choose your region at the top of the webpage to begin exploring.

Pirate Party

A pirate party may seem childish, but it can actually be a fun and unexpected way to celebrate your teen’s special day.

Pirate party is a fun way to celebrate your teen’s birthday. Photo by Mateusz Dach,

Guests can come dressed in their best pirate-themed party costumes or accessories. Party ideas & activities can include a movie marathon of the Pirates Of The Caribbean film series and a movie trivia pop quiz.

Pirate-themed snacks and food include:

  • seafood party food platters with calamari and squid rings,
  • skull-shaped cookies, and
  • Black Pearl chocolate birthday cake pops.

Tip #6: For teen parties, avoid childish decorations, such as those of cartoon characters. It’s best to go more realistic or simple.

Think about what you’d feel good presenting to an adult party table — that’s what your teenager wants!

It’s a good idea to decorate the party space in a pirate theme. Below are some great party decorations ideas!

BYO food board party

A recent Tik Tok trend has been the BYO food board party! Everyone chooses a colour or food type and brings party food platters with relevant food.

For example, a guest may choose the colour green and bring a food platter with green snacks and fruits. Or, they can bring a pizza board; a breakfast board with yoghurt, cereal and toast; or a regular charcuterie board.

BYO food board party is a new trend on TikTok which saves time on organising food catering! Photo by Alexy Almond,

No need to organise any party food catering, only your teen’s own board for their chosen theme. This party can also be held inside or outside in a park, so it’s great for any time of year!

Gaming party

One of the best party ideas for guys (or girls) is a gaming party! It’s also one of the easiest last minute birthday party ideas for busy parents.

The easiest last minute birthday party ideas: a gaming party. Photo by Ron Lach,

All you need to do is organise some party food. Easy ideas include pizza, mini sausage rolls, sushi, fruit slices and cookies!

Then, leave the group to themselves to play their favourite games for a couple of hours.

Vision board party

A vision board party is one of the best party ideas for teens who are finishing high school, and thinking about their university and career decisions.

All you need is some glue, scissors, magazines and newspapers that guests can cut and pieces of thick paper to create the vision boards.

One of the best party ideas for 16+ years old: a vision board party. Photo by Lisa Fotios,

The idea is to make a collage of inspirational images and messages for the things you’d like to experience in your life.

Your teen and their friends can enjoy some drinks and party finger food ideas like small sandwiches, cupcakes and fruit during the party.

Throwback party

A throwback party is one of the best party ideas for teens that are older and want to celebrate their childhood with some nostalgia.

The best party ideas for older teens: a throwback party, e.g. the Toy Story theme. Photo by Karen Irala, Pexels

They can pick a theme, such as Disney movies, childhood TV shows or their favourite toys from when they were kids. Guests come dressed in costumes and can even bring a token item from their childhood.

Party ideas & activities can include watching some of their favourite shows or kids’ movies on Netflix or DVDs, playing some nostalgic board games, or even playing kids’ games like hide and seek.

Tip #7: This is one of the most fun teenage party ideas for 18-year-olds’ birthday parties, to celebrate saying goodbye to their childhood and becoming an adult.

Here’s a 2000s party theme idea!

Murder mystery party

One of the coolest teen birthday party ideas is a murder mystery party! Host a dinner party where each guest and the celebrant are ‘characters’ in a mysterious murder story — there’s a victim, murderer and suspects.

The key is to stay as much in character as possible! It’s lots of fun, especially for teens who enjoy drama and acting.

The coolest teen birthday party ideas: a murder mystery party. Photo by The Escape Hunt Escape Rooms

To prepare a murder mystery party: create characters, a storyline and clue cards. Make sure every guest has access to this key information. Don’t tell anyone who the murderer is!

Wondering how to set up such a party? Here’s a helpful guide on how to host a murder mystery dinner party.

Sleepover party (or slumber party)

A fun teenage birthday party idea could be to throw a sleepover party or slumber party if you have the room in your house to host a few friends overnight.

In case you didn’t know: a sleepover party has fewer guests, while a slumber party has more people sleeping over.

A fun teenage birthday party idea: a sleepover party

Some birthday party activities can include watching movies, baking, experimenting with makeup, doing face masks, playing fun games, or just chatting.

Tip #8: This is the perfect 16th birthday party idea, especially for girls! Many of them will love a sweet 16 party at home, enjoying hobbies and conversations with friends.

Here are some great birthday party activities.

Beach party or pool party

You can give your teen a fun birthday party at your closest beach or public pool! A beach party or pool party is one of the most fun & easy party ideas for teens. However, depending on their age and party location, you may need to supervise them.

Pool party (or beach party) is one of the most easy party ideas for teens. Photo by Kindel Media,

All you need to do is decide on the location and make your party food, like pizza, sausage rolls or sandwiches for a picnic.

Tip #9: If you’re throwing a pool party, see if your local council can hire out the whole pool, or just a lane, to you. Otherwise, you can buy a pool pass on a less busy day & time, so the teens have most of the space to themselves.

Cooking show party

Is your teen a fan of cooking and baking shows? Celebrate your teenager’s birthday with a cooking show competition party of their own!

A cooking show party is a fantastic party idea for teens who are fans of cooking & baking programs or competitions. Photo by Polina Tankilevitch,

Your teen and their guests have to make or decorate a certain type of food or meal. For example, everyone has to make a dessert that best represents their personality!

Then, the birthday boy or girl can decide the winner (or winning group) based on the presentation and taste of their food.

Tip #10: If you don’t have the space or resources for several people to cook, they can enjoy a decorating challenge! You can have ready-made cookies and cupcakes. And each teen has to decorate them within a time limit.

Karaoke party

If your teen is a fan of singing and music, a karaoke party is the most fun way to throw a perfect birthday party.

Karaoke party is the most fun birthday party idea for teens who love singing and music. Photo by Mikhail Nilov,

Get everyone to pick a few songs they’d like to sing and create a special karaoke playlist. Create an exciting party atmosphere by getting some colourful disco lights.

It can also be super fun for teens to watch a sing-along movie during the party. This can be after lunch or dinner, so they give their vocal cords a short break!

Here’s 1hr karaoke songs non-stop:

Dance party

With heaps of TikTok dancing trends, many teens like to dance. So why not organise a dance party for your teenager and their friends?

Dance party is a fun birthday party idea for teens who want to try some trending dancing moves! Photo by Pavel Danilyuk, Pexels. com

Fun things to do include choreographing and performing dance routines, having a dance battle or recreating dances from popular music videos!

Tip #11: You don’t need to really go all out with planning the party. Just make sure there’s water, snacks and enough space to dance without hitting any furniture!

Here are some fun dance moves to try!

Outing party @ birthday party venues

If you or your teen is not keen to create a fun party at home, an outing party is a fantastic idea! There are plenty of amazing last minute birthday party venues that teenagers will love!

BOUNCE trampoline parks is one of the best last minute birthday party venues for teens!

For exciting and active fun, you can visit:

  • iPlay arcade
  • BOUNCE trampoline park
  • indoor escape game or outdoor escape room
  • indoor adventure park
  • amusement park or
  • mini golfing near you.

They can also go ice skating, rollerblading, or play paintball. Younger teens may enjoy a celebration at one of the best play centres for birthday parties near you.

Last minute birthday party ideas and games at iPlay Australia, with their fun arcade games, bowling, laser tag and more

For something calmer, go to an art gallery or museum, or watch a music, theatre or ballet performance. There may even be some free concerts or exhibitions during the school holidays they might enjoy!

Check out what’s on school holidays here.

Tip #12: This is one of the best party ideas for high schoolers, for a 17th birthday or for older teens. At this stage, they may want to do their own party planning.

Thrifting party

Thrifting party is one of the best party ideas for high schoolers, especially those who enjoy shopping. Thrift stores and second-hand shops stock many cool items and won’t break the bank!

Thrifting party is one of the best party ideas for teens who love shopping! Photo by Cottonbro Studio, Pexel. com

You can challenge everyone to find a unique item or two within a budget that’s fair for everyone. For example, $10-20 each — this cash could be the party favours, or the teens bring their own money to spend.

They can then organise a fashion show or show-and-tell to share the things they bought. Or, the challenge could be to buy a small gift for each other, Secret Santa style.

Check out these fun indoor activities for kids and tweens to get the most out of your child’s special day!

Historical decades party / historical theme party

Whether a fan of historical fiction or a history buff, your teen and their friends will be impressed by a unique historical theme party!

Historical theme party is a fun party idea for teens who love historical fiction. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio,

Choose a decade or historical time period like prehistoric times, Ancient Egypt, Middle Ages, the Regency era, the roaring ‘20s or the mod 60s and 70s.

Fun birthday party activities can include:

  • a historical movie or show marathon
  • board games
  • charades
  • trivia quizzes and
  • crafts to fit the chosen historical era.

Here’s some inspiration for a 70s-themed party!

Movie making party

A movie making party is one of the most memorable and fun ways to celebrate your teen’s birthday!

Guests can bring props and fun ideas for a movie that they can work on during the party — the end goal is to have a short film ready to watch.

One of the most memorable ways to celebrate your teen’s birthday is by creating a movie with their friends! Photo by John-Mark Smith,

Everyone gets to participate — by writing a script, organising costumes and props, filming and editing. This is fantastic if your teen and their friends are interested in the film industry or content creation!

Tip #13: You don’t need to invest many resources to create the short movie! You only need a phone to film. To edit, use a free app like iMovie or the Canva website.

DIY party

One of the best teen party ideas is a DIY party. Teenagers love when they have creative freedom, and a DIY arts and the crafts making party gives them just that!

Make sure your teen knows what types of DIY projects they want to do with their friends so you can have all the required materials available.

DIY party is one of the best teen party ideas who love arts and crafts. Photo by Cottonbro Studio,

It’s a good idea to have some drinks, finger food and snacks available, instead of organising a full lunch or dinner. This is because teens may not want to leave their crafts but rather keep working and eat or drink whenever possible.

Check out some fantastic DIY project ideas here!

Hopefully, our list of the best party ideas for birthday will help you throw a party that teens will love! From food parties and outings to costume and theme parties, there is something for everyone on our list of birthday party ideas for 13 year olds and up.

Don’t forget to share this article with your teenager and fellow parents to help them throw a party for teenagers that will not disappoint!

23 Super Fun Teen Tween Party Ideas

Throwing a birthday party for your almost-teen can be tricky. Because your tween is in a period of transition, it can be challenging to throw an age-appropriate party. Do you throw them an extravagant party? Or do you invite a few friends over for a small sleepover? Luckily, we have generated a list of fun and fresh teen tween party ideas that your child will absolutely love!

Thinking of the perfect birthday party for your teenager can be difficult because they want more of an “adult” party. As a parent, you want them to have a good time with their friends, and thank you for the awesome party at the same time.

Teenagers are often overestimated when it comes to party planning, not all of them want an extravagant birthday party, most just want to go out with their friends to a special place or hang at home and throw a pool party. So, no worries about spending your vacation money on your teenager’s birthday party just to excite them. There are plenty of teenage birthday ideas that are affordable and can cost you little to nothing! 

Teen Tween Party Ideas: Gender Neutral

1. A Slumber Party… But Better

No matter what age you are, slumber parties are always a great way to have fun and keep the party going all night! But, take your slumber party to the next level by decorating the room or buying each party-goer a matching robe. Plus, the robes can double as a party favor!

2. Outdoor Movie Night

Watching movies is fun… but it isn’t very unique. Instead, set up a projector and decorate the lawn with blankets, and throw pillows. Serve popcorn and slushies to enhance the movie-going experience. This party idea can be fun for the whole family!

Teens love watching movies together. Put the party outside and they’ll think it is twice as special because it’s not something they get to do all of the time. You could have a popcorn and drink station and they’ll feel like they’re at a real movie, even put on a bonfire if the weather calls for it! You could have everyone bring their own chairs, blankets, and beanbags. 

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3. Pool Party!

If you have access to a pool, a pool party can be a great idea. Not only does it eliminate having to look for a venue, but it also is fun for every age range. All you need is cool floaties, a clean pool, and some snacks to create an amazing experience for every guest. 

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4. Add A Photo Booth

Photo booths are possibly the best part of every birthday party. Cramming yourself into this little box to take photos with your closest friends is always a memorable experience. Setting up a photo booth in your backyard can transform any party into something incredible. Every party-goer will be excited to bring home a visual memento from your birthday party.

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5. Spa Themed Birthday Party

*Places cucumbers on eyes*… Everyone needs some pampering once in a while. Layout some face masks, face steamers, and nail polish, and create a serene oasis for your tween and their friends. Self-care is always important!

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6. Tea Party

Some tweens want to feel as “grown-up” as possible, so high tea is a perfect way to throw your budding tween into a more sophisticated party experience. Just fill your kitchen with finger sandwiches, elegant teacups, and sugar cubes. 

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7. Video Game Themed Party

It isn’t uncommon for your tween to spend hours on end playing video games. So, throwing a party based on their favorite video games would make any gamer happy. Set up some gaming consoles, arrange a tournament, and set out some game-themed cake pops, and create a space your tween will love.

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8. Luau Or Beach Theme Party

Say aloha to your next extravagant birthday bash. Luau-themed parties are perfect for any tween who loves bright colors, palm trees, and the sand. Amazon has a plethora of blow-up palm trees, tiki torches, and rainbow leis, to make any Luau party a more immersive experience. Here’s a tip: If you mix Sprite and Hawaiian Punch Polar Blast, and place Swedish fish at the bottom of a beverage dispenser it creates the perfect underwater-themed drink. 

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9. Karaoke Party

If your tween is musically inclined or just loves music, a karaoke party would be a great idea. You will need a microphone, sound system, and something to view song lyrics on. From ordering cake pops that resemble microphones to hanging up mini disco balls, this party can be entertaining for every guest (whether they want to sing or not). 

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10. Everyone Is An Artist Party

Whether your tween draws in their free time or takes art classes, being creative is an important form of self-expression and fun… so why not make a party out of it? You can either buy your own art supplies or hire a professional to teach a painting class. Try setting up each tween with an easel, paintbrushes, paint, and a water cup. Have someone take pictures during the activity, get some nice candid shots, and mail them to each guest as part of their thank you cards. Not only is this experience fun but also memorable since each painter will get to take home their masterpiece. 

Tensine 146PCS Art Supplies Drawing Kit, Pencils for Sketching — Include Colored, Graphite, Metallic, Charcoal Pencil, Ideal Gift Beginners & Professional Artists Teens Adults, 145 Piece Set

✿【Professional Art Supplies】Tensine 146 pieces drawing pencil set: 12 sketch pencils (2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 8B), 120 oily colors pencils, 3 charcoal drawing pencils (soft, medium, hard), 2 paper blending stumps, 1 6B graphite pencil, 1 double-ended pencil extender, 1 eraser, 1 sandpaper block, 1 pencil sharpener, 3 charcoal sticks (soft, medium, hard), 1 sketch book,each pencil is marked with a color name to help you create beautiful works with ease;
✿【High-quality Drawing Kit】We use imported cedar wood, each pencil has a unique wood texture, and our lead core diameter reaches 3. 0mm, which is more durable and not easy to break than other ordinary lead cores, and the drawing lines are delicate smooth, the drawing set is made of safe and non-toxic material, has obtained SGS, MSDS and ASTM-D4236 international standard certification, non-toxic and acid-free, and is also very safe for children and students, you can use it with confidence;
✿【Artist Sketching and Art Supplies】This set of pencils contains all the pencils you need, a variety of bright colors and delicate and real pen feel, make your painting inspiration more brilliant, the coloring is conspicuous and full, the color coverage is strong, and you can Repeated overlays for the effect. The ideal art kit for professionals or beginners;
✿【Portable Size, Easy to Carry】Drawing pencil set sturdy and compact interior and zippered tool bag can safely hold and protect all sketching tools inside, and every pencil and every tool has a fixed place, all items can also be in the process of use Keep organized and easy to carry when you go out;
✿【Perfect Gift】Rich and bright colors can add brilliance to your work and life, whether you are a beginner or a professional drawing artist, you can easily create with this drawing kit, it is very suitable as a gift for various festivals, such as: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Birthday, school season, etc. (Note: Your satisfaction is our aim, buy our products with confidence, if you are not satisfied with our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.)

See on Amazon


11. Space Themed Party (It’s Out Of This World!)

Whether your tweens are obsessed with movies like Star Trek and Star Wars or love NASA and all things space, a space-themed birthday party can be an out-of-this-world experience for all ages. You can order spaceship and astronaut cut-outs, silvery moon-like gumballs, and star-shaped balloons to turn your backyard into a real-life space expedition. Your guests will be over the moon about this space-themed event. 

Outer Space Balloon Garland Kit, 88Pcs Universe Space Planets Party Balloon Garland Kit Included UFO Rocket Astronaut Balloons for Kids Birthday Party Decorations

100% NON-TOXIC & SAFE — Our party balloons are made of natural latex. High quality eco-friendly material. NOT-EASY BURST. They are certificated non-toxic and are safe to use.
SPACE BALLOON GARLAND KIT — Including 20pcs navy balloons, 15pcs blue pearl balloons, 10pcs orange balloons, 10pcs metallic blue balloons, 10pcs metallic silver balloons, 5pcs yellow marble balloons, 10pcs 5″ navy balloons, 5pcs twisting balloons, 1 x astronaut foil balloons, 1 x rocket foil balloons, 1 x UFO foil balloons, 1 roll balloon garland strip (16 feet), 1 roll balloon glue dot (100pcs glue dots) and 1pcs balloon tying tool.
DIY BALLOON GARLAND — Simply inflate your balloons and slip the knot into the holes on the decorating strip, recommend various colors and blow up different sizes to get a amazing look to your garland.
PERFECT SPACE PARTY DECORATIONS — To the Moon, Rocket, Outer Space, NASA or Astronaut etc, any party you want, take them for your party or gifts to your family and friends, make an impression.
PERFECT FOR FIESTA EVENT — Perfect for kids outer space NASA Galaxy party decorations

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12. Cupcake Decorating Party

Decorating cupcakes, cookies, or cake pops is a delicious and fun treat for your tween guests. Set out some pre-made cupcakes, piping bags, and sprinkles, and watch your guest use their imagination and creativity to create some amazing sweet treats. You could either suggest a theme for your baked goods or give creative freedom. A decorating competition could also be a fun addition! PSA: Always remember to check food allergies before buying certain ingredients. 

Riccle Disposable Piping Bags 12 Inch — 100 Anti Burst Pastry Bags — Icing Piping Bags for Frosting — Ideal for Cakes and Cookies Decoration

Thick Pastry Bags: Did your previous bags leaked? Are you afraid to squeeze them? Not now! Made of durable, anti-burst, non-slip and food grade plastic that is flexible, strong, reliable and thick enough to bear pressure of squeezing and frosting without any burst or leakage
Works with or without Any Tip or Coupler: Just cut the narrow end of piping bag according to the size of coupler or tip. These pastry bags offer fit well with all sizes of coupler and tips, giving you freedom to create flowers, stars, and unique patterns on cake whether you use tips or not
Strong Grip: Do you struggle holding icing bag? No matter how much you squeeze, Riccle’s Icing piping bags have smooth exterior that gives you firm grip that do not slip off hands and a smooth interior that lets icing flow freely.
Disposable Piping Bags: Cut the end of the bag, insert the desired decorating tip, fill, squeeze and that is all. There is no room for mess unlike silicone bags. Just toss it when done using
Cakes and beyond: These cake decorating bags are ideal for projects that require multiple colors with a small quantity. Use for cake icing, cupcakes, pastries, cookies decor, thick buttercream frosting, chocolate garnishing, macaron and to add fine details to your dessert

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13. Visit Their Favorite Restaurant

Not all tweens want a big birthday bash, some prefer a more private party with one or two friends and some close family members. For them, going out to a nice dinner could be the perfect way to spend their birthday. Remember to book your reservation ahead of time and get a headcount before you go. 

14. Dog Party

Who doesn’t love dogs? Get creative with this theme, get doggy-themed decor, games, doggy plates, put dogs on the birthday cake! Take your party to the next level and let your guests bring over their dogs to play in the yard for a fan meet-and-greet.

Legendog Dog Birthday Party Supplies Dog Paw Print Balloons Cat Birthday Hat Happy Birthday Banner Foil Balloons Lets Pawty Letters Balloons Decorations

See on Amazon


15. Instagram Party 

What teenager doesn’t love Instagram? I would recommend this kind of party for your daughter because we all know that teenage girls love getting their photos taken and enjoy all-out photoshoots with their friends whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Maybe you could be the ultimate photographer! Your daughter and her friends will love you and think you are the coolest mom because you captured their “best side” in the ultimate lighting. You could set up a background on a wall in your house and put up “special” lighting to make them feel like they are at a real shoot.

You could even add accessories for them to put on and party balloons for your daughter to hold up with her new age. 

16. Minute To Win It Party

Minute to Win It games are perfect for teens because they get bored doing something too long anyway. These games are super easy to put together and literally only take a minute to play! They make for lots of laughs as they are silly and challenging to do for anyone. Teenagers will play the games to the extreme just to up the antics a little bit.

17. Night Games Party

Night games are so popular with teens because something about doing anything after dark is more compelling to them. Teens love to post about their night games, which makes for a great party theme. To spice up the game night, have them go outside and play music and leave snacks and drinks for them to enjoy between games! Glow sticks are a MUST for this theme party.

Glow Sticks Bulk -205-Pcs- Glow in The Dark 100 Party Sticks -Supplies w/ Eye Glasses kit-Bracelets Necklaces and more-12 Hours Glow Party Pack 8 inch for Kids Camping Accessories

⭐ NEON GLOW STICKS SET: Pack of 100 multicolor super bright light glow sticks offers a range of vibrant colors including yellow, green, blue, orange, pink along with 100 bracelet connectors, 2 triple connectors, 2 ball connectors, and 1 eye-glasses kit. We follow quality guidelines.
⭐ GLOW FOR 10 TO 12 HOURS: These perfect dark emergency blackout glow sticks to light up your parties for the whole night and gives a fluorescent glow that lasts for 10-12 hours with a simple snap and shakes. The super quality connectors of these glow sticks for kids party are easily bendable without any risk of breakage.
⭐ NO LEAKAGE: These sparklers fireworks longer-lasting glow sticks party supplies for kids are made up of high- quality waterproof material that is non-toxic and non-flammable to ensure kids’ safety. Moreover, premium quality material guarantees no leakage, individually wrapped with strong foil.
⭐ GIVE FORM TO YOUR ART: Let your kids decorate parties using glow party supplies sticks as party accessories to make glow stick bracelets, eyeglasses, necklaces, to wear or to have fun while making glow ball, flower, and more for the longer-lasting glow.
⭐ FIT FOR ALL EVENTS: These glow in the dark sticks are used in festivals and celebrations like concerts, raves, dance clubs, glow sticks camping, Easter, New Year Eve, Halloween games, fireworks show, Christmas, pool party, birthday, carnivals, weddings, fishing, hunting, boating trip or any other family reunion. BEST SURVIVAL KITS for quick decoration.

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18. Emoji Theme Party 

Have you ever seen a teen not use an emoji in their text message or Insta post? Never. That’s why it makes for an awesome party theme. The best thing about an emoji-themed party is the cake and cupcakes that you get to make that resemble the real thing! They are so cute to look at, but even better to eat. You could even make a game, getting everyone to try to make the face of the emoji and have them vote who is the best/most accurate.

Jefferson Emoji Cupcake Toppers and Emoji Party Decorations and Supplies (Pack of 48)

See on Amazon


19. Giant Slip N’ Slide Party

If your teen’s birthday party is in the summer then this should be your first idea. Slip n’ slides are fun for literally all ages and do not cost much; you don’t even have to buy a “real one” just use a roll of plastic and you are set! They can entertain teens for hours as they try to do stunts down the slide and add soap to see who can go down it the fastest.

20. Teen Beach Party 

Teens in the North crave some sunshine and the beach. We can’t always take the party to the beach, so we bring the beach to the party! There are endless beachy decorations out there that can really give the teens the illusion that they are somewhere tropical for the day. You could even make Piña Coladas and daiquiris (virgin of course), so your teens can really feel the beachy vibes. 

21. S’mores Party 

The thing about s’ mores is that you can just make the simple marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker combination OR you can put literally any toppings you want on them, which makes them a favorite for everyone. Teenagers love having fires together because they get to gossip, eat their favorite treats, and tell ghost stories to scare their friends.

22. Makeup Party

Take out the eye shadow and blush! If your teen loves makeup, she will love this fun party idea. You can hire a makeup artist or if you’re trying to save some $$$, head over to the dollar store and get some small makeup items. For extra excitement, come up with a makeup contest or themes for your teens to follow when painting their faces!

23. Laser Tag

Laser tag has been getting cooler and cooler, thanks to new places offering fun courses. They’re an inexpensive way to let your teen’s guests have fun!


Don’t stress too much about planning a party for your tween-ager or teenager! These Teen Tween Party Ideas are so versatile and can be used at any age or gender and will be a hit with them and their friends. Hopefully, these birthday party ideas inspired planning your child’s special day!

Written by Helena Jones; Contributors: Morgan McHose, Jack Leduc, Grace Kreber and Nadeen El-Ansari

How to celebrate the New Year: 25 ideas for every mood



December 20, 2022

It doesn’t matter with whom you celebrate the holiday: with family, friends, loved one or alone. These fun and rewarding activities will make the night unforgettable.

You can listen to the article. If it’s more convenient for you, turn on the podcast.

How cozy it is to celebrate the New Year

1. Arrange a puppet theater or shadow theater

You can build a screen using an ordinary blanket or sheet. For a puppet theater, small soft toys are suitable, and for a shadow theater, you need to cut out silhouettes from paper. A lamp placed behind the screen will complete the simple design. Kids will be delighted, and adults will be able to plunge into childhood again.

2. Organize a home masquerade

Carnival costumes are useful not only for children’s parties. Paint faces, put on masks, create your own look from scrap materials… and try to guess who dressed up as whom.

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3. Prepare a New Year message

9000 2 Who said that only the president can have a New Year’s address? Your loved ones also probably have something to say. Have each of those around you prepare a five-minute speech and address the audience.

4. Tell fortunes for the next year

There are many ways: to bake Chinese fortune cookies, to tell fortunes on cards, on coffee grounds, on wax. You can take the signs of fate both seriously and frivolously. The main thing is to interpret them in a positive way and hope for the best.

5. Establish a New Year’s tradition

The hero of the film «The Irony of Fate» every December 31 went to the bathhouse with his friends. Do you have a New Year’s tradition? If not, it’s time to invent it. Well, if it will be associated with charity. For example, with gifts to children from orphanages.

6. To be Santa Claus or Snow Maiden

Professional artists are, of course, good, but it is much more fun to work as a New Year’s magician yourself. Props can be bought at a carnival costume store or rented, and loyal spectators can be found among the children of neighbors or friends.

7. Play board games

New Year’s Eve at home will fly by unnoticed behind cheerful board games. The stores have a huge selection of such entertainment for every taste and even special games for the New Year.

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How to celebrate the New Year noisily

site. The New Year is a good time to find out. Prepare small gifts like fruits and chocolates and go to give joy without leaving the entrance. So you will please others, and you yourself may receive a pleasant surprise in return.

2. Go to the skating rink

On New Year’s Eve, the skating rink turns into a noisy and cheerful holiday. A Christmas tree, music, lights and decorations — such splendor is unlikely to be created at home. You won’t get bored at the skating rink, and there will be a lot of people around from whom you can recharge your New Year’s mood.

3. Launching fireworks

Stop looking at someone else’s pyrotechnic fun, lighting firecrackers yourself and launching fireworks is much more interesting. In addition, this is a good reason to break away from the New Year’s table and go outside to unwind.

4. Throw snowballs

And when the supplies of pyrotechnics run out, you can remember your childhood and have a snow fight. Divide into two teams, come up with a name for them, stick on ammunition and do not sit in the trenches. A little physical activity will also help not to gain weight after a plentiful feast.

5. Go to a bar or club

If you are tired of quiet family celebrations, then the best way out is to buy a ticket to a New Year’s show in a club or just celebrate the holiday in a bar. A noisy company, exotic drinks and a fun evening are guaranteed.

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6. Organize a competition for the funniest photo

Show your imagination and make her friends show it. During the evening, take pictures in the craziest poses and post photos on social networks with a special hashtag. At the end of the holiday, reward the most creative participant.

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7. Play forfeits

Come up with and write on pieces of paper funny tasks for the guests of the celebration, put them in a hat and pull them out one by one. You can refuse to perform a fanta only once during the entire game.

How to celebrate the New Year romantically

1. Look dazzling

Now it’s time to change your bathrobe and sportswear with slippers for an evening dress, suit and shoes. Even if you decide to spend this New Year at home, this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of showing off and appearing in front of your partner in the best possible way.

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2. Turn off the electricity

Finish everything before sunset, and then imagine that you have traveled to the 19th century. No gadgets, TV, radio, light bulbs. Only candles, silence, a couple of games of preference and long conversations while fanning.

3. Dance

Learn to waltz or a couple of other simple dances. Spin around the room or just sway slowly to the beat of the music. Let this evening be a bit like a New Year’s ball.

4. Prepare a romantic dinner

Of course, it is hard to imagine the New Year without Olivier and tangerines, but they do not add romance to the holiday. Why not limit yourself to wine, light snacks and one gourmet meat dish? And it is better not to stand at the stove on this special evening and order food from the restaurant. Just do it in advance, otherwise you risk waiting until next year.

5. Make an erotic massage

We ate, danced, talked — it’s time to move on to the final stage of the evening. For the New Year, you can give not only gifts, but also pleasant sensations. For example, a long and sensual massage. Prepare massage oil or cream and essential oils in advance to enhance the sensations.

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6. Arrange role-playing games

It’s not far from the New Year’s masquerade and to the masquerade in bed. If all this time you could not decide on role-playing games with a partner, then perhaps you need to do it just under the chiming clock.

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How to celebrate the New Year without straining

1. Review photos of the past year

Surely a lot of good things got into your photos in the past year, but you forgot. The last hours before the New Year can be spent on pleasant memories and relive the joy of these moments.

2. Place a time capsule

Write a short letter about what you have achieved in the past year and what plans you have for the future. Put it in a box along with a couple of small things, throw it away and don’t open it until next New Year. It will be interesting then to compare their expectations and reality.

3. To please strangers

If you happen to spend a holiday alone, this does not mean that you will have no one to congratulate and no one to receive warm words in return. Just look for strangers on social networks (you can even from other countries) and sincerely wish them all the best. It is sometimes even more pleasant to receive congratulations from a random person than from a friend.

4. Sing karaoke or watch movies

Celebrating the New Year alone has another advantage: you can sing, dance and not be afraid that someone will see and criticize. Turn on the music, search the internet for words, and sing to your heart’s content.

If you don’t want to sing, have a movie marathon in pajamas and popcorn. Get some rest at last.

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On New Year’s Eve, online stores often try to get rid of gifts that no one will need after the holiday. And this is a chance to get a big discount and please yourself if you no longer believe in surprises from Santa Claus.

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Holiday ideas — All about holidays

  1. Sea party decor

    A fun party in a marine style is a good way to celebrate the holiday in an original way. This theme is perfect for any event: birthday, wedding, corporate party. In order for guests to appreciate the idea and keep pleasant memories for a long time, you need to carefully consider all the details and pay great attention to preparing for the celebration.

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  2. Football style birthday

    Children’s party in football style is a real gift for little fans of the most popular sport. Surprise, joy, delight — sincere emotions will be the best gratitude. In order for the holiday to be 100% successful, it is necessary to carefully approach its preparation. In a good party, every detail counts!

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  3. Registration on February 23

    The original decoration of the hall for February 23 is the first step towards creating a solemn atmosphere and festive mood. You were entrusted with the organization of the holiday, but do not know where to start? Start with a visit to Patiboom and we will offer you many interesting ideas!

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  4. Decoration of the hall for a corporate party

    If you have been entrusted with the organization of a corporate party, let’s reveal a few simple secrets so that the event takes place at the highest level. The main thing is to decide on the direction and correctly place the accents. 11 ideas for an unforgettable holiday from «Patiboom».

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  5. Hot Hawaiian!

    Summer. Hot. I want to relax and have fun in a cheerful company of friends, enjoying the water, the sun, delicious drinks and light snacks. But summer vacation, unfortunately, is only two weeks… But is this a reason to be upset? Good mood, cool drinks, bright design and funny carnival accessories — everything you need to have summer with you!

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  6. Red and white party

    Whatever your reason for celebrating, a red and white party is the perfect option. This is not just a good idea for a celebration, but also an easy way to implement a fun and, at the same time, elegant holiday.

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  7. Original declarations of love

    There are many ways to declare your love or stir up in the soul of a long-time loved one a little forgotten delight of falling in love, which do not require much time for preparation, nor significant financial or physical investments. Such “small deeds” and very bright moments will color the life of lovers and return the feeling of flying over everyday life to long-loving spouses.

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  8. Every age has its own Halloween!

    The evening of October 31 — Halloween — the scariest evening of the year! Ghosts, witches, spiders, all kinds of evil come out of their secret corners to scare us! In fact, Halloween is a very interesting and fun holiday! This is another reason to get together with friends and have fun, or arrange a holiday for children!

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  9. Student Party Ideas

    January 25th. The winter session is closed, and there is still a whole lot of time before the summer session — this is the very period in which students live happily! So it is necessary to arrange an incendiary party on Student’s Day!

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  10. Gifts for February 23

    Every Russian man is familiar with the situation when on February 23 he received socks, shorts or cologne as a gift. Is it true? Some people can add another tie or shirt to this picture of life. In general, gifts for February 23 are given, unfortunately, mostly standard. We invite you to break stereotypes and responsibly approach the choice of gifts for February 23rd. Ready for experiments? Then see what gift options we can offer you!

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  11. Wide Shrovetide — a fun folk holiday!

    The end of winter is the time of wide carnival festivities! General fun, joy, games and fun! Let’s look into the past and see how our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers walked on Maslenitsa, remember the meaning of all seven Maslenitsa days and, of course, think about how fun and provocatively we can celebrate Maslenitsa in our time!

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  12. First of April — I don’t trust anyone!

    The first of April is the professional holiday of the majority of the world’s population! You have a small selection of funny and relatively harmless April Fools’ jokes and jokes in your piggy bank!

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  13. Scary Interesting: Celebrity Halloween Choices

    Halloween is not only an occasion to meet friends and have fun, but also a chance to show your creativity. And not in the usual fashionable and beautiful image, but in an extremely intriguing style. And what will attract the attention of the party guests is up to you. And we will offer you a number of ideas peeped from the stars.

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  14. Quick and Easy Halloween Ideas

    If you haven’t had time to prepare for Halloween and the holiday is just around the corner, we offer quick decor ideas, some not so scary and kids will love it, and some that can really scare the guests, take your pick!

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  15. Tabor goes into the lead!

    Who among us knows how to have a really cool fun? Gypsies, of course! So, we remember all the stereotypes about gypsies, learn gypsy songs, take grandmother’s beads and scarves from the shelf — and ai-nane-nane!

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  16. Mexican fiesta — time to rock!

    Wow, it’s hot outside! Every weekend you can throw grandiose picnics and outdoor parties. This time we offer to organize the hottest holiday of this summer — a Mexican party!

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  17. Venice Carnival

    “Summer is, of course, the time for outdoor parties, but why not relax like a king?” — we asked ourselves and decided to arrange a Venetian ball! The beauty of a Venetian ball in the summer is that you can have it outdoors! In this issue, we will talk a little about the organization of such an event and offer some interesting ideas.

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  18. Kiss Day is a reason to throw a party!

    This is a holiday so a holiday! July 6th is Kissing Day, invented in the UK! We at Patiboom decided that this is a great occasion to throw a grand party! Especially now, in the summer it can be done in nature. And the weather itself favors and whispers “Hurry to nature!”

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  19. Russia Day Celebration Ideas

    On June 12, our country celebrates one of the main holidays — the Day of Russia. In this issue, we will talk about how you can celebrate the Day of Russia — whether you are going to spend this weekend in nature away from the city or join the holiday in the metropolis.

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  20. Picnic with Angry Birds

    May holidays are ahead, warm weather and a huge amount of free time. This time just needs to be spent with benefit: for example, go to nature. In this issue, we’ll show you how to have an unforgettable May Angry Birds picnic! Such a barbecue is very important in connection with the imminent premiere of a full-length cartoon about birds in cinemas.

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  21. Party on Mars

    Ever since Yuri Gagarin first flew into space, earthlings have been trying to find life on Mars. Many people believe that one day we will be able to establish contact with extraterrestrial life forms. In the meantime, the alien mind has not been found, we offer to throw such a party so that even on Mars they will notice it and join us!

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  22. World Sleep Day Pajama Party

    March 18th is World Sleep Day. World Sleep Day was launched in 2008 by the International Sleep Medicine Association. Every year, members of the association come up with a new slogan for the holiday.
    The best way to celebrate such a day would be a good 8-hour sleep, you say. And you will be right to some extent. But Patiboom makes parties out of any event. On this occasion, we decided to offer you some ideas for organizing a pajama party at home.

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  23. Something New: Unusual Halloween Ideas

    Only three weeks are left before the main holiday of October, which means it’s time to think about how to decorate your house for Halloween. If you are our regular reader, then perhaps you remember and even used our ideas for last year’s holiday. This time we will offer some fresh ideas for decorating the room for Halloween.

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  24. Smile Day Party

    We have a holiday for you that is suitable for any audience, will delight both children and adults, and will be a great theme for a corporate party or birthday. Every year on the first Friday of October, Smile Day is celebrated. A holiday understandable to every nation, having no conventions and restrictions, except for one thing — you need to smile with all your might!

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  25. Vest party

    It’s finally hot outside! Therefore, it is worth thinking about a “refreshing” party. Alternatively, you can arrange a vest-party! This party can also be timed to coincide with August 19 — the birthday of the Russian vest.
    Such an event can be arranged anywhere and for any reason, you just need to follow one rule: more blue stripes! In this issue of All About the Holidays, we want to offer you some ideas for organizing and decorating a party in vests.

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  26. Hippie Party

    Friends! But the weather is whispering that it’s time to have a grand party in nature! Now moderately hot and moderately cool, and therefore this is the most ideal time for such events. You can, of course, just get out into nature and have a small picnic. But if you want something unusual, the soul asks for variety, and you completed the plan for eating kebabs back in May, then it’s time to have a hippie-style party!

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  27. Minion themed party

    On July 9 of this year, a long-awaited cartoon about well-known heroes — minions — will be released in Russia. Yellow peanuts have been delighting the whole world with their funny jokes for more than a year and make even the most serious people touched!
    On this occasion, we decided to invite you to organize a party in the style of Minions. Such a holiday is doomed to success in advance, because the minions are the party!

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  28. Superhero Super Party

    Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Spiderman — these names are now on the buzz. Superman, Batman, Catwoman, Green Lantern and other DC Comics heroes also do not cease to be popular. Everyone, from young to old, is not averse to being in the “skin” of a superhero for at least a day. You can make this dream come true if you throw a superhero themed party! This article will help you prepare for the party and take into account all the nuances when decorating the room.

    Read more

  29. Let’s go! Cosmonautics Day Party

    April 12 is a very important date for our country. On this day, Cosmonautics Day is celebrated. If this year you decide to keep up with all progressive mankind and have a party, then here are some interesting ideas for organizing a holiday for Cosmonautics Day. «Go!».

    Read more

  30. Easter contest ideas

    This year the beginning of Easter coincided with Cosmonautics Day in our country. So remembering that Easter will begin on April 12 is not at all difficult. It’s time to start preparing for this holiday. In addition to the “decorative” part of the preparation, you also need to consider the entertaining one. There is a huge variety of Easter games.

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  31. Mother and baby return home

    You have been waiting for this moment for nine months, imagining how a newly-made mother proudly leaves the hospital with a baby in her arms, how a happy dad takes away this priceless bag from her, and how happy relatives are. But in every fairy tale, the prince takes the princess to a luxurious castle. And if you want to please a mother with a baby, then you will have to try and transform the house for their return. We advise you to read our article, in which we will tell you how interesting it is to decorate a house or apartment for a meeting of a mother from a maternity hospital.

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  32. Maslenitsa festivities

    Maslenitsa has started this week, which means it’s time to get old grandmother’s pancake recipes! In Russia, Maslenitsa is usually celebrated on a special scale: a sea of ​​​​delicious treats, burning a scarecrow, games and festivities!
    We suggest using this article to recall the main traditions of the Russian Maslenitsa, so as not to forget anything during the Maslenitsa week.

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  33. Celebrating February 23 at work

    Defender of the Fatherland Day is a very important holiday in our country. This day is also considered to be Men’s Day. Traditionally, first women congratulate all men on February 23, and after 12 days it is the turn of men to give gifts.
    Everyone knows how to congratulate a loved one, in this case everything is individual. But what if you need to congratulate all male colleagues? In this article, we will show you how to organize a party at work in honor of February 23rd.

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  34. Student’s Day Celebration Ideas

    Gnawing on the granite of science, a student so rarely manages to get out of notes, cramming and term papers. Especially on this occasion, Russia came up with and even approved a decree “On the Day of Russian Students”, which takes place every year on January 25th.
    So how to celebrate this date so that the remaining days before the end of the semester do not seem like a living hell? We will talk about how to organize an original party for Student’s Day in this issue.

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  35. 5 original Halloween ideas

    We have no doubt that you have already properly stocked up on a pumpkin for Halloween, have come up with a costume and are finishing all the main preparations. Now that we have dealt with the basic decorations of the house, it would be nice to add something original to your decor that will distinguish your house from others on Halloween.

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  36. How to decorate your house for Halloween

    A few years ago, this holiday was not so popular in our country to prepare for it and celebrate it, even at home, with family. But he is so unusual and cheerful that he simply could not help but take root in our gloomy autumn reality.

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  37. Did you find out the gender of the baby? Let’s throw a party!

    There is a great holiday in America called the gender reveal party. After learning the gender of the unborn child, parents throw a party to inform friends and relatives about it. In some cases, even parents do not fully know who will be born to them, entrusting the organization of the holiday to one of their relatives.

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  38. Incendiary party on Ivan Kupala

    A great opportunity to organize a summer party is the ancient Slavic holiday of Ivan Kupala, which falls on July 7, and the main rituals are performed on the night before. This is the pagan holiday of Kupail, coinciding in time with the church Orthodox holiday, the Nativity of John the Baptist. Our ancestors managed to intertwine these two great holidays so that pagan traditions could survive to this day.

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  39. Five Easter ideas in a shell

    Bright Easter is celebrated in every Christian home, according to tradition, everyone gathers at the same table, exchanges eggs and Easter cakes.

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