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12 Birthday Morning Ideas for Kids — Start the Day with Fun

Growing up, my mom was great about always making a fuss over our birthday and she always had something special up on our birthday morning. Now I’m carrying the tradition on with my own littles and want to up my game this year! That’s why I did a little research and brainstorming to bring you 12 birthday morning surprises for your kids! Take a look and find a tradition or two worthy of passing along to your family!

Birthday Morning Balloons

Let’s be real. What kid doesn’t love balloons?! That’s why you’ve got to include balloons in some way, shape, or form in your birthday morning surprise!

1. The Balloon Avalanche

You’ve probably seen variations of this on Pinterest, but the idea is that when your child opens their door first thing in the morning, balloons fall down all over them – super fun!

It’s also pretty easy… just make sure your kid’s door opens into their room. All you need is 2 trash bags, a whole bunch of balloons and painter’s tape.

Kelly from Simply Kelly Designs has a great tip too: place the lowest edge of the trash bag high enough that you’ll be able to see your child’s face when they open the door. You’ve got to capture the moment, right?! Be sure to check out her full balloon avalanche tutorial on her blog.

An alternative way to create a balloon avalanche is with crepe paper.

I saw this image on Pinterest and it would work great for an inward opening bedroom door too. Just make sure you wait until early morning to do it if your child usually gets up in the night to go to the bathroom!

2. Balloons and Streamers

If you don’t want to do a full avalanche of balloons and want something they can enjoy for the entire day or week, why not do something like this…

Or you could set this up in the hallway if you’d prefer…

Birthday Morning Banners and Signs

My mom always had “The Birthday Banner” hanging each morning for us in the kitchen by our chairs or over the mantle. It came out for everyone’s birthday. In fact, she still has it and it makes appearances when we’re at her house to celebrate a birthday. Long live the Birthday Banner!

Anyway… birthday morning banners or custom signs are a great and fun tradition too!

3. Birthday Morning Sign

Create a special Birthday Morning Sign hand-lettered on butcher paper like this for a sweet little surprise…

What kid wouldn’t like to be reminded of just how long they’ve been loved?

4. Birthday Morning Mirror

Or surprise your child with a sweet birthday message on their bathroom mirror. You can use window crayons, dry erase markers or lipstick to customize a greeting. This mirror message, with a birthday cupcake, is simple, but sure to delight!

And of course, here are a few Birthday Banners that could be used year after year for each person in your family.

5. Rainbow Birthday Banner

6. Gold Happy Birthday Balloon Banner


Whimsical Happy Birthday Banner

8. Rose Gold Glitter Happy Birthday Banner

Birthday Morning Food

Now let’s get to the good stuff! Celebration food!! There are so many awesome ideas out there (thanks Pinterest), but to me, nothing says birthday like sprinkles and candles!

9. Sprinkle Rimmed Milk Glasses

I’m in love with this idea and can’t wait to do it for my daughter – she’s going to freak out!

This tutorial on Dip It In Chocolate, uses (of course) white chocolate melts to dip the glass into before you dip it into the sprinkles. You could use corn syrup around the rim to make the glass sticky first too.

10. Birthday Confetti Pancakes

There are a variety of ways to make these confetti pancakes… you can use your favorite pancake recipe and add sprinkles to the batter or make it using a Funfetti cake mix. Or just add sprinkles on top with whip cream! Trust me, you can’t go wrong! Stick a candle in it and you’ve just made their birthday morning!


Birthday Waffles

How adorable are these ice cream cone waffles?

I feel like the waffle on the left is perfectly decorated for a birthday! You could also use whip cream on top of the bananas (or in their place) or actually use ice cream! I know, now we’re talking crazy!

12. Birthday Donut Cake

If you have a kid that’s obsessed with donuts, this donut cake with Happy Birthday Candles would be a dream come true on their birthday morning!

Use all glazed like pictured here, or mix up your donut mountain with your child’s favorite flavors.

There you have it – 12 Birthday Morning Ideas for Your Kids! Did you find a tradition you want to add to your birthday routine? We hope you’re inspired to make this the best birthday morning yet!

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Birthday ideas for kids at home

What’s the best way to reduce the stress of baking for your kid’s birthday? Getting everybody involved! Set up baking stations for every member of the family with pre-weighed ingredients, you can even go to the effort of hand-writing recipe cards for each of you to follow. Choose from easy chocolate-dipped marshmallows and cake pops or easiest-ever biscuits and thumbprint cookies. Throw in some healthy options, too, like watermelon pops or cherry smoothies. Divide the goodies into homemade boxes so everyone gets one of each.

Board game cafe

Stack the table with age-appropriate games like dominos, cards, Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly. This idea can run over a few hours so choose food that’s mostly at room temperature, like hummus and crudités. The birthday boy or girl will have their hands full of dice or playing cards, so stick to a grazing platter loaded with nibbles that are easy to pick up and eat – no cutlery required. A pre-prepared dessert buffet works well because everyone in the family can help themselves to a bite to eat between rounds: lay out some popcorn, three-ingredient peanut butter cookies or chocolate bark.

Spa day

For this kids birthday party idea, you all need to arrive in your dressing gown or onesie. The host sets up stations with fluffy towels and foot-rests and each family member gets to book in for a pamper, such as a pedicure, new hair do or painted nails. You can make up goodie bags filled with lip balm, hair gel or face packs. Fill lidded jam jar glasses with watermelon lemonade for mid-treatment refreshments and prepare finger food for afterwards, such as chicken satay or falafel. You can decorate this chocolate traybake with a candy message that reads ‘relax’ ‘or ‘spa’.

Afternoon tea

For an extra-special birthday idea for kids at home, try an upscale afternoon tea. Hang up some bunting and assemble a selection of mismatched pretty tea cups and vintage crockery. Make a variety of kid-friendly sandwiches or lay out a spread on a platter or stand. Watch this video to help you perfect scones and choose a traditional bake like a classic Victoria sponge or coffee cake. In good weather, you can lay out a picnic rug and take the party to the garden with tealights and blankets to keep everyone cosy.

Family film night

With a little bit of extra effort, your standard family movie night can be elevated to a kids’ birthday party from home to remember. Start by printing posters to display around the house and ‘admit one’ tickets for tonight’s screening. Invest in stripey popcorn bags and boxes for nachos. Prepare fruit slushies and serve in little glass smoothie bottles. Try sugary cinnamon popcorn or five ways to take it in other flavour directions. If you have a projector, you can pile up blankets and garden cushions and set up your very own outdoor movie theatre, complete with campfire cupcakes or s’mores dip, our take on the American campfire treat.

Outdoor scavenger hunt

Collect together your little one’s favourite toys – army soldiers, zoo animals, mini dinosaurs or wooden figures work best as they are easily cleaned. Tie luggage labels around them with clues that lead from one to another in a trail, then hide them in the garden. Give the party boy or girl a bucket and lead them on the scavenger hunt. At the end of the trail they’ll find the real treasure in little cellophane or paper bags: homemade honeycomb, next-level chocolate chip cookies or rocky road clusters. For older children, you can switch the toys for trickier clues to code-break in a trail of coloured envelopes.

Gingerbread city

Gingerbread houses aren’t just for Christmas – for an edible birthday party idea, try making a whole town. Bake biscuit components ahead of time and lay out with icing and sweeties waiting to be constructed. Choose from mini houses so you can all decorate your own, gingerbread trees to make a forest backdrop (use green icing so your trees look less festive) and any shape you fancy to populate your village, from penguins to people. Chopping boards covered in foil make good bases and royal icing is best for sticking together the biscuit foundations. Two-dimensional designs laid flat on tin foil bases can speed up construction and best suit younger birthday builders.

Pizza party plus

You’ve heard of pizza parties, where everyone in the family gets to make their own masterpiece, spreading homemade passata on shop-bought or homemade bases, before covering with grated cheese and their chosen toppings. But if your teen fancies something different, what about build-your-own bruschetta instead? Make the bases ahead of time, using a nicely charred crusty bread, drizzled in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. Lay out a selection of toppings and let everyone construct their own. You can pick-and-mix and there’s no additional cooking time, leaving the family more time to focus on opening pressies and cards.

Rainbow party

For a kids birthday idea in bold technicolour, try throwing a rainbow party. Fill the room with rainbow bunting and balloons and lay out art materials in all the colours of the arc. Tailor your creative activity to the age of your children (factoring in mess, damage limitation and tidying up!). Try fingerprinting or painting pebbles on newspaper, making a giant rainbow on paper masking-taped to a wall, chalk drawings on the outdoor pavement, rainbow sock puppets or colourful cross-stitch designs. Set up a multicoloured juice and smoothie bar with berry red, orange juice, yellow sunshine smoothies, kiwi fruit green and purple-pink cherry. Make rainbow rice paper rolls and rainbow fruit skewers, plus rainbow rippled meringues or a funfetti rainbow cake.

Crazy science

Get out the white coats and googles and turn your kitchen into a science lab for an experimental kids’ birthday party idea that goes off with a bang. Make slime, bubble mix, bath bombs or, best of all, magical instant ice cream, part recipe, part weird science which turns milk into ice cream before your eyes. Also on the menu are moon cycle cupcakes or, as a centrepiece, an anti-gravity cake or galaxy cake.

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Pink manicure 2023 [180 photos] — pink nail polish design and fashion trends

Pink has many «essences»: it can be light and delicate or spectacular and bright. We have prepared a selection of pink manicure fashion trends for 2023 with design photos for all occasions.


  • Pink manicure 2023: fashion trends
  • Silver or Gold Pink Manicure Ideas
  • Grey-Pink Manicure Variations
  • Beautiful pink-blue manicure
  • Pale pink nail design
  • Manicure with black and pink polish
  • Hot pink manicure
  • Pink french on nails
  • Pink manicure with rhinestones and sparkles
  • Review of pink nail polishes
  • Pink manicure 2023: photos of

Pink is one of the most popular colors in manicure along with red. For a long time, he was associated exclusively with femininity and tenderness. But this color has a lot more facets than we used to think. Pink nail design can go with a variety of looks: light pastel shades and minimalist design go well with a business suit, while bright fuchsia is suitable for a bright party look.

© jamesallenrings

Pink nail polish is versatile. It looks equally good on any shape and length of nails, goes well with the vast majority of other colors and does not go out of fashion. In our article you will find a selection of various options for a beautiful pink manicure. However, do not forget that the secret of well-groomed hands is not only the right choice of lacquer shade, but also a high-quality manicure. If you prefer to handle your hands yourself, then check yourself with our video instructions.

Tired of the usual monochromatic manicure? Then this test is for you! We will help you choose a fashionable nail design based on your beauty preferences.

Take the test

Pink manicure 2023: fashion trends

Despite the versatility and “off-season”, knowing the fashion trends in pink manicure for 2023 will help bring variety to nail art and make it even brighter.

  1. 1

    Pale pink nail polish fits perfectly into the 2023 fashion agenda. The fashion for naturalness and pastel colors does not go away, so we advise you to take a closer look at light shades of pink. If such a manicure seems too banal and boring to you, complement it with graphic minimalistic drawings, rich painting or intricate patterns.

    © wow.gbb

  2. 2

    In 2023, pink nail design is hard to imagine without glitter. It goes well with different design techniques — moon manicure, jacket, ombre: the choice is unlimited. Pink glitter manicure in 2023 is no less relevant, a selection of photos below.

    © celebrationnails

    © gelenailz


    © piratova_nails

  3. 3

    Don’t forgo the rhinestones that are trendy these days, but use them in moderation. Try to find a middle ground: so that the glitter on the nails looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, and not vulgar.

    © pinkyout_nails

  4. 4

    Manicure 2023 and pink shades are not complete without minimalism — the basis of a flawless look. A heap of different, even very beautiful, design elements may not turn out in your favor. Give preference to discreet but stylish patterns: stripes, dots, simple geometric shapes and concise lettering.

    © chicnailsworld

    © monnacla

    © tripleheartnails

    © vip_oli

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Silver or Gold Pink Manicure Ideas

Silver or gold pink manicure is a great option for an evening out, New Year’s or wedding nail design.

  • Volumetric drawings look especially chic on a matte pink finish. Flowers in a dark silver shade are one of the most feminine and delicate options.

    © __fashion__direction__

  • Classic moon manicure becomes interesting if you add some silver. An interesting solution: highlight the holes not on all nails, leaving a plain pink coating on others.

    © anatesa_nail

  • Luxurious gold combined with a rich pink hue will attract attention. A pink and gold manicure will be appropriate for any festive event. Please note that the color of the hole can be changed on different nails.

    © voronkina_nails copy

  • Minimalism in design is an absolute trend. Two small yellow gold sequins will accentuate your style, while the discreet design will not detract from the rest of the image.

    © diagramurody

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Grey-Pink Manicure Options

Pink-gray manicure for 2023 is a universal combination. This combination is suitable for a manicure for every day — one that should be combined with every element of your wardrobe. In our selection — the most successful combinations of these shades.

  • «Metallic» will perform the perfect duet with light pink and peach shades. If the two-tone combination seems too simple for you, we suggest complementing it with a simple pattern in the same shade.

    © yvolutionaryhair

  • Spring pink manicure 2023 requires the use of gray as the main color in the nail design. On matte pink nails, such a three-dimensional pattern looks impressive and unusual.

    © ulya_kuzmenko_nails

  • A gray-pink ombre will perfectly complement a business look. But remember that this design is difficult to repeat on short nails. Before visiting the master in the salon, make sure that it will look perfect on yours.

    © grinevanataliia

  • Black can complement a gray-pink ensemble: feel free to combine coatings on different fingers.

    © danielapogodzik

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Beautiful pink and blue manicure

Pink and blue manicure is another classic option. The combination of these colors — in clothes, manicure, accessories — has long become familiar to us. These colors are associated with youth and tenderness.

  • Summer pink manicure 2023, as well as flawless wedding nail design. A delicate combination of pink, blue and white is complemented by triangular outlined holes. An ideal pink manicure for the summer of 2023 or for the bride and her bridesmaids on that very solemn day.

    © _alenka262_

  • Bold hot pink manicure in 2023 has not lost its relevance. In the photo below, the pink and blue manicure is complemented by gold stripes. Please note that such a manicure will look especially successful on long nails.

    © voronkina_nails

  • Pink and blue can also be combined directly in the pattern. As in the example below, a cute image of pink and blue balloons on a light pink background. A great option for a birthday party — the birthday boy will be pleased with such attention.

    © beauty_maniia

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Pale pink nail design

Pale pink manicure is always a good solution. It is versatile and suitable for any occasion. Brides especially love it: on this day, you want to look especially gentle and feminine, and this color will “get along” well with the bride’s bouquet. But even if the wedding does not appear in the nearest plans, this is a great option for a manicure for every day. Check out our selection and get inspired.

  • Light pink manicure of 2023, and its simplest version in the form of a monochromatic coating. If you have dark skin or have recently returned from vacation with a good tan, this manicure is for you. Despite the simplicity, such a manicure in light and pink shades will look spectacular and elegant. You can complement it with drawings in pastel colors — for example, turquoise or mint.

    © _emmasnails_

  • Pink manicure in 2023 can be decorated with a minimalist geometric pattern.

    © _ok_nails_

  • Pink matte manicure in 2023 looks stunning on long nails. Combine it with a «rocker» look — a «leaky» denim or leather jacket.

    © ana__myshko

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Manicure with black and pink polish

Manicure black with pink in 2023 in the photo and in life invariably attracts attention. If you want to be noticeable, this color scheme will be a great solution. The most popular option is a pink manicure with a black pattern.

  • Nude pink finish and black velvet sand on the ring finger nail. The velvet sand design has become especially popular over the past two years. Probably because the unusual appearance of such a coating is unusual and attracts attention.

    © crazy_ann97

  • Youth design of pink manicure in 2023 — holes of an unusual shape. The black coating and heart-shaped holes go well with the soft pink coating on the ring finger and the unusual pattern.

    © ksu_bs_manikurvn

  • Black «lace» patterns on a pink background also look very impressive.

    © pazurantka

  • Star trio — pink, black and gold — in a new unusual form. Long nails with this design will perfectly complement the look for a party or other important event.

    © ksu_bs_manikurvn

  • Original minimalism: black brush stroke design on a pink background. Conciseness is always in fashion, but especially these days.

    © ilonazatonova

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Hot pink manicure

Hot pink nails will always cheer you up! By the way, they don’t really need a design — bright pink itself attracts everyone’s attention and adds color to boring everyday life.

  • Can’t decide which shade of pink to use? Use everything! In addition, they are ideally combined with each other.

    © beglammednow

  • Fuchsia is one of the most sensual shades of pink. With a manicure of this color, thoughts of romance invariably come to mind. This is a great manicure option for a long-awaited date.

    © galina.shi

  • Follow the fashion for unusual holes and boldly combine them with a hot pink matte finish. Such a feminine manicure will fit especially well in a romantic look with a light dress.

    © kvitka_nails

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Pink jacket on nails

A classic jacket is easy to make unusual — just add some «zest», a small detail to the manicure. For example, color. We guarantee: photos of a pink jacket on nails will inspire you to experiment with manicure.

  • When it comes to French, even the most daring combinations can look appropriate. For example, red and pink colors make great friends, especially if they alternate.

    © kamelmanucure

  • Pink and white manicure 2023, for example, a simple white and pink jacket on ballerina-shaped nails. A good solution for a manicure for every day — it is combined with both business clothes and casual outfits.

    © beautystudiobyjanka

  • Add some gold to your manicure to make it brighter! So even the most boring French manicure will look fresh and original.

    © steelmagnoliakeri

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Pink manicure with rhinestones and sparkles

Sometimes you just want to add a little sparkle to your manicure — and then sparkles and rhinestones come to the rescue. Pink nails with rhinestones and sparkles look especially bright and spectacular.

  • A fashionable pink manicure for short nails in 2023 is the “opposite” holes in gold plus a light pink coating. Looks especially good on short nails. Photo below.

    © prettycitydotcom

  • A new trendy pink manicure in 2023 is a feminine design option that combines colored rhinestones, a pattern and a French element.

    © cosmeticszone

  • Gold glitter manicure with gold foil print is perfect for a party or social event. So you will definitely feel like the center of attention!

    © hugsxkissesnailbar

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Review of pink nail polishes

We have compiled a selection of pink nail polishes that you will definitely not be disappointed with! The list includes both novelties and time-tested polishes from permanent collections. So, here’s what the top 5 pink nail polishes look like, according to

  1. 1

    La Laque Couture, shade 11 Rose Futuriste, Yves Saint Laurent


    Rose Futuriste is a stunning rich pink. In addition to the depth of the shade, this varnish has many other advantages. The main thing is an interesting composition, which includes rose oil. This oil strengthens and protects the nail plate from damage.

  2. 2

    Vernis in Love, shade 301 Flaneuse, Lancôme


  3. Delicate light pink shade is a suitable option for girls who adhere to a business or casual style. Lancôme’s long-wearing finish ensures a neat and stylish manicure for every day, while the handy brush guarantees quick application.

  4. 3

    It takes a west village, Essie


    Esie is one of the most popular and affordable nail polish brands loved by girls all over the world. This creamy shade will work well with a monochromatic finish or in combination with other colors. A convenient brush, characteristic of the products of this brand, will help to apply the varnish in an even layer from the first time.

  5. 4

    Colorama, shade 11, Maybelline New York

    A noble dusty rose shade will complement your everyday look. The good news is that Colorama polishes dry in seconds after application, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time creating a neat and natural manicure.

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Pink Manicure 2023: Photos

Which of these polishes have you tried? Write in the comments! And below, look for 135 more ideas for a beautiful pink manicure!

© ___pink___girls_

© _softnails_

© _softnails_

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© anastasiya_nails_kiev

© anastasiya_nails_kiev

© anastasiya_nails_kiev

© anastasia_nails_kiev

© anastasiya_nails_kiev

© baalanns

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© manifaktura_art

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© mystyle_andme

90 004 © nails_to_inspire

© nails_boyarka

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9000 4 © nailsbyic

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© chelseaqueen

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