Grade 3 area worksheets: Area of Rectangles Worksheets

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Free Area Worksheets for 3rd Grade Students [PDFs] Brighterly

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Geometry is one of the first parts of mathematics students learn. Math worksheets help them go through this stage, allowing for detailed knowledge of the subject while also being useful during preparation for exams. Therefore, finding area 3rd grade worksheets and giving them to your child are the necessary steps parents should take.

Area Worksheets For 3rd Graders

Area For 3rd Grade Worksheet

Finding Area 3rd Grade Worksheets

Area Worksheets For 3rd Grade

Third Grade Area Worksheets

Finding Area Worksheets 3rd Grade

What Is a 3rd Grade Area Worksheet?

Area worksheets for 3rd-grade students mainly contain questions and activities about calculating the area of ​​different geometrical shapes, including triangles, rectangles, and squares. 3rd-grade area worksheets introduce students to figures such as rectangles and triangles and teach them how to calculate those figures’ size. Once students are familiar with the basic concepts of geometry and can successfully solve problems, they can move on to worksheets where they need to calculate areas of rhombuses and other complex shapes.

Since geometry is a broad course, students find it challenging to gain a complete insight into all ideas. Thus, area worksheets grade 3 students use come in handy at that point. They often contain questions and problems that help students understand the importance and real-world application of geometry concepts.

What Area 3rd Grade Worksheets Focuses On

  • Area and perimeter for rectangles and squares, as well as standard grids and images
  • Fun world problems, such as having students calculate the length of the missing side given an area or perimeter
  • A complex rectangular problem that students can solve as they progress to higher learning levels

Benefits of 3rd Grade Area Worksheets

Worksheets in each discipline are specially designed to help students learn at their own pace. They also tend to include interactive images that make the topic easy, understandable, and fun.

3rd Grade Area Worksheets

Area Worksheets Grade 3

Area Worksheet 3rd Grade

Area 3rd Grade Worksheets

Grade 3 math exercises help students understand the area concept and visualize related geometric theorems.

These worksheets start with simple shapes, helping students understand the application of various formulas. Gradually, the levels begin to advance, and students solve more complex problems that involve working with mathematical formulas.

Area and Perimeter Worksheets

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  • Area And Circumference Of A Circle Worksheets
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Struggling with Geometry?

  • Is your child having trouble understanding the concept of geometry?
  • An online tutor could be of assistance.

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    Third Grade (Grade 3) Area Questions for Tests and Worksheets

    You can create printable tests and worksheets from these

    Grade 3 Area questions!

    Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question.
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    The area of a rectangle with a base of 4 inches and a width of 5 inches is

    1. 20 square inches.

    2. 9 square inches.

    3. 18 square inches.

    4. 10 square inches.


    A rectangle has one side of 3 and another of 7. What is the area?

    1. 23

    2. 21

    3. 19

    4. 20

    A swimming pool is 8 meters wide and 9 meters long. What is the area of the pool in square meters?

    1. 1

    2. 17

    3. 34

    4. 72

    Find the area in unit squares.

    1. 8

    2. 12

    3. 16

    4. 20

    Which shape is divided into the same number of equal parts as the rectangle shown?

    What is the area of the figure in unit squares?

    1. 12

    2. 13

    3. 14

    4. 15

    What fraction shows the area of the shape that is shaded?

    1. [math]1/2[/math]

    2. [math]1/3[/math]

    3. [math]1/4[/math]

    4. [math]1/6[/math]

    Which THREE figures each have an area of 12-square units? Select the THREE correct answers.

    [math]square = [/math]1 square unit

    What is the area in unit squares?

    1. 6

    2. 7

    3. 8

    4. 9

    Gabe draws a rectangle that is 5 units wide and 10 units long.
    What is the area of the rectangle?

    1. 15 square units

    2. 50 square units

    3. 25 square units

    4. 30 square units

    Which equation can be used to calculate the area (A) of a rectangle that is 5 feet wide and 7 feet long?

    1. A = 5 x 7

    2. A = 5 + 7

    3. A = (2 x 5) + (2 x 7)

    4. A = 5 + 7 + 5 + 7

    Which has a larger area than the figure shown?

    What is the area of a rectangle that has a length of 7 feet and a width of 4 feet?

    1. 11 feet

    2. 22 square feet

    3. 28 square feet

    4. 28 feet

    Parker makes the pattern shown with square tiles. He wants to rearrange his tiles and create two patterns so that he has no tiles left over. Which two patterns could Parker make?

    Which figure has an area of 16 square units?

    [math]square =[/math]1 square unit

    To find area, multiply length by                .

    1. mass

    2. width

    3. volume

    Which figure has an area of 12 square units?

    [math]square =[/math]1 square unit

    Robert needs to determine the area of his garden. The garden is 12 feet long and 9 feet wide. Which statement explains how Robert can correctly calculate the area of his garden?

    1. Find the sum of 12 and 9.

    2. Multiply 1 by 2, multiply 1 by 9, and find the sum of the products.

    3. Multiply 1 by 9, multiply 2 by 9, and find the sum of the products.

    4. Multiply 10 by 9, multiply 2 by 9, and find the sum of the products.

    Each part of the circle equals what fraction of the area of the whole circle?

    1. [math]1/2[/math]

    2. [math]1/3[/math]

    3. [math]1/4[/math]

    4. [math]1/6[/math]

    Each part of the rectangle equals what fraction of the area of the whole rectangle?

    1. [math]1/2[/math]

    2. [math]1/3[/math]

    3. [math]1/4[/math]

    4. [math]1/6[/math]


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