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13 Grandpa Quotes to Help Appreciate the Wisest Man You Know

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Grandpa quotes present us with the ability to appreciate how wise, caring and supportive our grandfathers are for each of us.

  1. “My grandfather always said that living is like licking honey off a thorn.” ― Louis Adamic

  2. “Grandfathers do have a special place in the lives of their children’s children. They can delight and play with them and even indulge them in ways that they did not indulge their own children. Grandfather knows that after the fun and games are over with his adorable grandchildren he can return to the quiet of his own home and peacefully reflect on this phenomenon of fatherhood.” — Alvin Poussaint

  3. “Becoming a father is usually a rational, participatory act. Becoming a grandfather is, at best, an irrational one: Without anyone asking your permission or advice, you suddenly find yourself cohabiting with a grandmother.” — Myron LaBan

  4. “To a small child, the perfect granddad is unafraid of big dogs and fierce storms but absolutely terrified of the word boo.” — Robert Brault

  5. “More and more, when I single out the person out who inspired me most, I go back to my grandfather.” — James Earl Jones

  6. “Grandfathers give us not only wisdom and encouragement, but there are an inspiration to us.” — Kate Summers

  7. “Every generation revolts against its fathers and makes friends with its grandfathers.” — Lewis Mumford

  8. “Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.” ―Welsh Proverb

  9. “One of the greatest privileges in life is that position awarded when one becomes eligible to be a grandfather. It is a second chance to encourage, guide, and protect without the daily encumbrances of going to work. It is an opportunity to help shape the attitude and behaviour of a small child.” — Byron R. Pulsifer

  10. “One of the most powerful handclasps is that of a new grandbaby around the finger of a grandfather.” — Joy Hargrove

  11. “No cowboy was ever faster on the draw than a grandparent pulling a baby picture out of a wallet.” — Author Unknown

  12. “A baby has a way of making a man out of his father and a boy out of his grandfather.” — Angie Papadakis

  13. “For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.” — Khalil Gibran

Grandpa quotes to appreciate wise men

There are so many things young children have yet to experience, and it is the job of a grandfather to share many of these experiences and teach them about life along the way. As we read grandpa quotes, we learn the importance of a relationship between a grandfather and his grandchildren.

Time spent with grandparents is limited, which makes these encounters special. Grandchildren can look forward to (and cherish) the days they are able to be with their family when they have strong relationships with their grandparents.

As we grow up we will always be able to remember what it was like spending time with our grandfathers. We’ll remember the events we attend, the meals we eat and the stories we hear with a great sense of appreciation and joy.

Grandpa quotes for the young at heart

Grandfathers are there to protect and nurture children, but they’re also excellent playmates! One moment, grandfathers may be sharing wisdom and encouragement, and the next they’re playing silly games or indulging in a prank.

Our grandfathers tell us amazing stories, make us laugh at their jokes and teach us all about life. Years of life and experience allow them to pass down words of wisdom to their family’s younger generations.

As we read inspirational grandpa quotes we can reflect on the diverse roles our grandfathers play in our lives. Grandfathers are great at knowing what we need to hear and when we need to hear it, or when it’s time to drop everything and just enjoy life. Inspirational grandpa quotes give new meaning to the way these men love, care and help raise their grandchildren as well.

He’s an inspiration you can look up to

Inspirational grandfather quotes from grandchildren give us words to read that encourage us to cherish the relationships we have with our grandfathers. No matter how far away your grandparents live they can still be an inspiration to you as you journey through life.

We are able to confide in our grandfathers when our parents won’t do. They will hear our stories and share in our joy or pain without judgment or shame. These kinds of relationships help us become wise and confident, just like our grandfathers. The inspiration instilled in us by grandpa can help us succeed unapologetically in everything we do.

Nothing compares to the love of a grandfather

A good grandfather has a deep love for his family which has inspired many beautiful quotes like the ones above. The unique role a grandpa plays in the life of their grandchild is incredibly special, and is felt by both granddad and grandchild.

The way a grandfather looks into the eyes of a new baby shows a raw and deep love that cannot be matched, and the firm relationship built between a grandpa and his grown grandchild is irreplaceable. Grandpa quotes, like these, give even more meaning to the connection a grandfather feels for his grandchildren, no matter if they’re just born or grown adults.

Grandpa is proud of you

Grandchildren bring out the best in grandpas, while helping them relive their own youth. The best grandpa quotes paint a picture of the pride and joy a grandfather has for each of his grandchildren.

Grandfathers are so blessed to be able to watch their children raise children of their own. They are able to witness life happening before their eyes with the knowledge of the wonderful years yet to come, and each of us is blessed to have these wonderful men in our lives.

Grandmother’s are very proud of you too! So let’s not forget Grandma quotes.

Grandpa’s love for you lives on

There will come a time when our grandfathers will pass away, leaving us with the memories we created with them. Remembering grandpa quotes or reading I miss you grandpa quotes provide us with words of encouragement when we are feeling lost and alone without our grandfathers by our side.

Be sure to cherish each moment you are able to spend with your grandfather because you never know how long they will be in your life. These great men serve a grand purpose in each of our lives, but that window doesn’t last forever.

We hope you were inspired by the above family bonding quotes, which are part of our inspirational family quotes series.

What are the best grandpa quotes you know? Share them with us in the comments below to inspire others to find the same positivity you’re working toward!

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«Happy grandfather». Runet is watching Prigozhin’s new monologue

Users of social networks are already well aware of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s angry monologues — first of all, with the demand for ammunition for his fighters, who are trying to capture the Ukrainian Bakhmut.

At the same time, Prigozhin no longer hesitates to openly insult Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov, but this Tuesday he took another step forward: in his new video, he actively scolded some «grandfather». Later, he clarified who he had in mind, but for some reason everyone thought about Putin.

Sergey Parkhomenko:

Prigozhin finally changed his profession and turned into a dull «military officer». Now he made a movie for 27 minutes: he walks from position to position and tells his subordinates the same dreary story point by point:
1) we were deceived and no ammunition was given
2) we were deceived and units of the regular army on the flanks do not cover us, but on the contrary, they are running
3) we were deceived by other PMCs (various jokes on anal-fecal themes follow here), created by Gazprom, they are running even faster
4) we were deceived, and Surovikin, who was “given” to us, has no authority
5) we were deceived, and now if we leave our positions, we will be called traitors to the motherland
6) we were deceived in everything, and we cannot fight like that
Then he moves to the next position and whines the same thing again to the next listeners.
On the way, he suddenly starts telling a story about some mysterious «happy grandfather» who «thinks he is fine», but one day «purely by chance» may turn out to be a «complete asshole».
He does not call his grandfather by name. Whom he means is not clear. That is, it is not at all clear.
And what versions do you have about Prigogine’s grandfather?

Leonid Nevzlin:

Is he talking about the bunker?

Alexei Golovin:

Whom did Prigozhin call «old grandfather — asshole»?
Like — Putin.
Smile — Shoigu.
Surprised face — your version

Igor Drandin:

Putin’s best congratulations on May 9th.

Michael Nucky:

Prigozhin personally attacks Putin, calling him a complete asshole. Of course, maybe later he will begin to make excuses, they say, he meant Shoigu, or even Gerasimov. But the message is clear. This is the first jump of the Wagnerian directly on Putin. Yes, and on the 9th of May.

Ilya Shepelin:

And then it will be like in the well-known joke? Prigozhin will say: “So I’m talking about Biden !! Who are you thinking about, Comrade Putin?

Roman Super:

Vladimir Putin, in general, does not get along very well with all sorts of Prigozhins.

Iosif Prigozhin recently called the president «a midget, Satan and a dummy.» Yevgeny Prigozhin yesterday called the president a «complete asshole.»

I/we are some kind of Prigozhin.

Konstantin Kalachev:

Comments on Prigozhin’s statement about some grandfather continue.
I will also contribute.

If grandfather had a grandmother, it would be somehow calmer.

Andrey Nikulin:

Prigogine’s remark today is a direct and unequivocal transition of an important milestone.
And the claim that «a man with a gun» can now openly call «grandfather» bad words, relying not on formal conceptual connections, but on brute physical strength.
Old conventions cease to operate, it was predictable, but when it happens before your eyes, the feeling is still unusual…

Abbas Gallyamov:

Prigozhin’s undisguised anger towards «grandfather» suggests what feelings Solovyov, Simonyan, Krasovsky and other subjects of this kind should feel towards Putin now.
Strictly speaking, there are already all grounds for hatred. After all, Putin introduced them all into fornication, actually deceived them. They believed in his strength, followed him, committed many crimes along the way, and now it suddenly turns out that he was not strong enough and loses. The image of The Hague is becoming more and more distinct, forcing these people to jump up at night and mournfully whisper: “My moms!”
Naturally, this is converted first into bewilderment, then into a muffled grunt, then into irritation, and finally into hatred.

Ostap Karmody:

When I wrote that the regime in Russia will fall when Putin loses some war and people stop being afraid of him, I meant that ordinary Russians, not his personal chef, will stop being afraid of him. But it’s also pretty good overall. For everyone except Russians.

Dmitry Kolezev:

Prigozhin and his new video are being discussed a lot today, especially a fragment about some grandfather whom Prigozhin called an asshole, and now people are wondering if it was about Putin or not.

But what do we have in the bottom line? On May 5, Prigozhin uploads his famous videos «Shoigu! Gerasimov! Where is the ammunition, ****?!» and says that if he is not given shells, then on May 10 he will leave Bakhmut. Straight up blackmailing.

May 9: Prigozhin in the video says that he was not given ammunition, laments a lot about this, calls the unknown grandfather an asshole, but says that he does not come out of Bakhmut and «he will still fight.»

So the blackmail apparently failed.

We are waiting for an explanation about grandfather in the next series.

Alexander Nevzorov:

Prigogine has a lot of problems.

Among them is one irresistible, which will finally destroy him. At one time she did not allow him to firmly “integrate” into the “inner circle”, she harmed and dirty, forever throwing him back into the “cook”. She also completely broke the court career of Prigogine.

The point is that Prigogine is not an idiot enough to fit harmoniously into Putin’s vertical. This «insufficiency of idiocy» can now play a hell of a trick on him. He will take it and open his eyes to the delusion and complete meaninglessness of what is happening.
Now he seems to be beginning to suspect something.
The Kremlin god, it seems, has already squinted in his brain and gone cracked.
When the funeral of this war for Russia finally reaches Prigogine, the situation will become even more interesting.
However, we know that the Kremlin does not forgive «insights».

the brightest statements of the vampire Svyatoslav Vernidubovich

Read time:
2 minutes

Publication date:
January 6, 2023

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Listening to the second season of Vampires of the Middle Band with Yuri Stoyanov and Tatyana Dogileva

Vampire grandfather Svyatoslav Vernidubovich from the series «Vampires of the Middle Band» is good not only for Yuri Stoyanov’s acting, but also for his rich speech. In the first season of «Vampires» grandfather poured out bright expressions, and his famous: «The main thing is to erect a monument, and the pigeons will fly in», — went to the people.

Midtown Vampires fans discuss the quality of the second season and, of course, the protagonist’s jokes.

The series is not over yet, but in four episodes it was possible to collect several vivid phrases.

Photo: still from the movie

Joke about chipping

— Maybe we chip you?

— And we, in fact, are not migratory ducks to track our migrations.

— That’s right, ducks don’t drink human blood.

The dialogue between grandfather Slava and the new Keeper Kostya is the only example of a joke in the new season with a sign of our time. In the first season, there were many more such signs. I remember vivid political statements:

« You’ve only been wearing vampire fangs for a couple of days, and already you’re kicking yourself like a mayor at the bottom of the city. » Or saying «on the brink» about which ruler the vampires lived best under.

Photo: still from the film

“If we want to remember Zhenya, we must do everything wisely, and not seri-take-pick up”

The expression “seri-take-pick up” in the meaning of “somehow” is a variation the words «seriberishka», from a joke popular in the nineties. It was proposed to ask if the interlocutor wanted the “seriberishka” candy, if he agreed, he had to answer: “seri, take and eat.” It is obvious that “seri-take-pick up” Grandfather Slava did not generate it himself. Nowadays, the expression is often found on forums, in song lyrics and in modern literature: “The female part of a huge family has already plunged into the pre-New Year Seri — take it — pick it up” (Ekaterina Smirnova, “The New Year is coming”).

Photo: still from the film

— Thank you, Svyatoslav Vernidubovich, for bringing fruit to the vegetable

Irina Vitalievna, who is ill, says the phrase when grandfather Slava brings her a bag of tangerines. It would probably be funny, but this has been joked twice in the series already. In the first season, Countess Olga Vorontsova was sarcastic about fruits brought to a vegetable (meaning a seriously ill person). As you know, a joke told twice no longer works.

This is artiplex hortensis, grandfather. Garden swan.

— Govnensis. You have a garden head.

Grandfather Slava is sure that the young vampire Zhenek sprouted at the place of his rest. Therefore, the high-minded commentary of Jean in Latin, the grandfather lowers to the bottom of the body. In general, the phrase is typical for the grandfather of Slava from the first season, who loved to remember the root “shit” and the bottom of the body, including in rhyme: “and what? it’s hot in the ass”, “they thought it was a log, it turned out to be shit” , “ Here’s a noble shlendra, I knew that she would leave shit on the porch for us.”

Photo: still from the film

— How did they (the Mongols) get hung up here…

In his spare time of the second season, grandfather Slava bothers the Smolensk guides. Unceremoniously intervening in excursions, he sets out his versions of the events of bygone years. By the similarity of sound, the grandfather uses the expression «they hung on the bastard» as a replacement for the indecent «they fought back.» However, here the old vampire pierced. “Prilyzd” means “to arrive,” the slang dictionary tells us. The expression “with a splash” means “with arrival”, or in the meaning of discontent: “here you are”, “arrived”. But the phrases “hang a little bastard” were not recorded in dictionaries.

Whether the directors of the series wanted it or not, the incorrect word usage does not inspire confidence in Grandfather Slava’s interpretations of historical events either.

Photo: still from the film

Eat your baldness

The phrase is found in dictionaries as an expression of extreme annoyance. Its semi-indecent origin is interesting. The fact is that the verbs “eat” or “hedgehog” are very similar to “et”, an abbreviated form of “etit”, an allegory for another, rougher word. The expression is related to the famous phrase «Ezhkin cat», which went to the people after the film «Love and Pigeons», where the protagonist often used it.

Photo: frame from the film

Learn to lead a life — do not shake the reins

The comic effect consists in two moments. Firstly, the appeal «grandmother» is addressed to the little girl Mila. Vampire Mila looks like a nine-year-old child, although she is over ninety. And secondly, in folk speech, the phrase is used in relation to men, but not women. “The economy is not to shake your pants,” we meet Boris Mozhaev in the story. And this is a literary version, because usually instead of the word «pants» a rude word is used, naming what is usually in the pants. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov joked in a similar way when, instead of “don’t be an asshole,” he wrote to his brother “don’t be pants.”

A decent grandfather borrowed an expression from Dahl’s dictionary, where options are offered: «The house of news — do not shake your beard», or «The house of news — do not shake the reins.

By alexxlab

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