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A Working Mom’s «I am» Poem #sol15 Day 16

A Working Mom’s «I am» Poem #sol15 Day 16

Disclaimer: I have nothing but respect for moms who «stay at home.» It is the hardest job.  In my brief stints being a stay at home mom while on maternity leave and on summer vacations, I know that the days are exhausting and challenging.  This poem attempts to capture how I feel about life at the moment, being a third grade teacher and a mom to 2 kids under the age of 5.

I am a Working Mom

I am exhausted and never done. 
I wonder how to find the elusive «work-life» balance 
I hear my alarm go off at 3am and trudge downstairs to do the work I couldn’t do when the kids were awake
I see my work bag,bulging, begging me to finally pay it attention.
I want 5 minutes to myself.
I am exhausted and never done.

I pretend I can do it all
I feel the need to eat lots of chocolate
I touch my children’s soft little cheeks and hug them.
I worry I am missing important moments with them.
I cry when I feel like I am drowning from it all.
I am exhausted and never done.

I understand this is a season in my life and will get easier.
I say, «I need to appreciate my blessings.»
I dream that I will be organized and on top of everything
I try to be the best mom and teacher possible
I hope my efforts are not in vain.
I am exhausted and never done. 

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I surprised my mom with a poem for Mother’s Day ❤️ #mothersday2023 #takenothingforgranted #poetry #alhamdulillah #immigrantparents

1.2K Likes, 37 Comments. TikTok video from Wali Shah (@lifeaswali): «I surprised my mom with a poem for Mother’s Day ❤️ #mothersday2023 #takenothingforgranted #poetry #alhamdulillah #immigrantparents». original sound — Wali Shah.


original sound — Wali Shah

    Beautiful poems for Mother’s Day in kindergarten: sincere poems about Mom for children | Educational and methodological material on fiction (senior group):

    Friends, everyone knows that on the last Sunday of November, all of Russia celebrates the most important wonderful holiday for every person — Mother’s Day.

    Beautiful, tender, kind, very warm, affectionate and touching to tears children’s poems for Mother’s Day. Chic congratulations to dear educators, beloved parents from children on Mother’s Day.
    They can be used as a greeting for Mother’s Day, March 8 or Mom’s Birthday. These verses will be pleased to hear every woman from her children.

    Beautiful, popular poems about Mom

    Beautiful poems for Mother’s Day in kindergarten:
    sincere poems about Mom for children

    Our mothers are dear,
    Kind, beautiful,
    If you are nearby, then we are
    The happiest.

    Let us be sometimes
    Very disobedient,
    But otherwise your life would be
    Seemed boring.

    Accept it as soon as possible
    Our congratulations,
    We give you our love
    And a poem.

    Mommy, mommy,
    The most beloved.
    Be always healthy,
    Be always happy.

    Congratulations, mommy,
    Happy holiday to you.
    Hugs, dear,
    Loving with all my heart.

    Mom, mom, mom,
    My best!
    We are with you, mommy,
    Friendly family!

    I will obey you,
    So that you always
    Know that your child is
    The best you have!

    There is no more precious person,
    Than my mother,
    Mom loves me too,
    I know that for sure!

    Buys me sweets,
    Sings good songs,
    I just adore my mother,
    I love her more than anyone!

    Mom is joy, laughter,
    Mom is dearer to me than anyone,
    I will shout to the whole planet:
    “There is no better mother than mine!”

    Mommy, beloved,
    Kind, beautiful,
    Such a sweetheart.

    You read a fairy tale
    And buy a toy,
    You give tenderness, affection,
    You love me very much!

    Our mothers are the best:
    Kind, beautiful.
    We want you to be
    Happy every day!

    Let’s obey, play,
    Study in kindergarten.
    So that mom does not feel sad,
    Have fun with us!

    I wish my beloved mother,
    Be kind, affectionate, happy,
    Always shine like the sun,
    Hug me more often!

    We celebrate Mother’s Day,
    Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts.
    We do not grieve our mother,
    We hurry to help her in everything.

    Let’s collect our toys,
    Put our clothes in the closet,
    Let’s dance merrily,
    Let’s sing a sonorous song.

    Dear Moms,
    Happy Holidays!
    You are beautiful with us
    And so different.

    We give you hugs,
    Songs and poems,
    Let the sun fill
    Autumn days!

    You are bright like the sun,
    You are soft like clouds,
    You are tender like a feather,
    You are sweet like a berry.

    You are strong like the ocean,
    You are beautiful like a star,
    Vanilla is like heaven,
    You are my beloved mother!

    These bright postcards
    We made for you,
    Our lovely smiles
    We give on this day and hour,
    And we will not forget to add:
    — We love you very much!

    Our dear mothers,
    We love, appreciate you, dear ones.
    We wish you all the best
    Happy Mother’s Day!

    We tenderly congratulate your mother
    And sincerely wish you
    Never lose heart
    And shine like the sun!

    I always help
    I am my mother,
    I meet with a smile
    She is at the door,
    I draw postcards,
    I give flowers,
    After all, I love my mother
    Very, very much!

    Today we all celebrate Mother’s Day,
    And we congratulate all our mothers from the bottom of our hearts,
    We wish you good health and good health,
    And that you be happy forever!

    More on the topic: Sincere SMS congratulations on Mother’s Day from daughter

    So that all your wishes come true,
    And children give care and joy.
    Relatives, beloved, our kind,
    There are no better and more beautiful mothers in the world!

    A small bouquet,
    But with a big soul
    I’m bringing mom,
    I’m already big!

    “Happy holiday, dear!” ―
    Quietly speaking,
    I love you, mommy,
    I love you so much!

    To all mothers on the planet
    I give my poem,
    From all children in the world
    Thank you!

    On Mother’s Day I wish
    Good to all mothers,
    Big, boundless love
    Happiness and warmth!

    Mom is the kindest heart,
    Mom is the warmth of native eyes,
    The best mom in the world,
    Any of us have!

    There is only one sorceress in the world,
    Whom I call mother,
    Her care is visible every day:
    She cooks delicious food, escorts her to the kindergarten.

    I can repeat a hundred times aloud,
    How I adore my mother,
    Give love and help day after day
    I solemnly promise today!

    Touching poems for Mother’s Day in preschool from children

    I will draw the sun for my mother
    And many colorful flowers,
    I love my mother dear
    So much that words are not enough!

    To my beloved mother
    I wish you forever,
    To be healthy and happy,
    As bright as a movie star!

    We wish mothers patience,
    Always happy, bright days.
    There is no dearer in the whole world than you,
    Kinder, closer and dearer.

    My mother is the best,
    I love her the most!
    There is no one wiser in the world
    My beloved mother.

    Mammy, congratulations!
    I wish you well,
    To smile more often,
    I wasn’t upset at all.

    Gently looks at me
    My dear mother,
    I know that he loves me very much,
    And he will always be with me.

    The holiday is the best,
    The holiday is not easy,
    He is cheerful, chief,
    With a good soul,
    Because everyone needs a mother
    Because she loves
    Most of all she!

    Mom, dear, I love you,
    I, dear, value you very much.
    I just adore you, dear
    And with all my heart, I wish you happiness!

    How good it is to have a mother,
    What teaches us everything in the world.
    To our «Where» and «Why?»
    She will always find answers.

    She will prompt if suddenly,
    We will not understand something.
    Mom is our best friend
    And our friendship is immense!

    More on the topic: Chic congratulations to Mom on Mother’s Day from her daughter in verse

    My dear mother
    Every day, not only on holidays,
    I kiss
    firmly and firmly and wish you wonderful days.

    So that mother does not get sick,
    Never upset,
    Spinning all day long, singing
    And smiled more often!

    Happy mother’s day, dear mother!
    We wish you health.
    You are the favorite, the best,
    You are the best on Earth!

    Mom, flowers are for you today.
    I love you very much.
    Let the dream come true today,
    I really want this.

    You only, please, never get sick,
    And live happily ever after.
    And I will make sure that you have
    Dreams always come true.

    It’s a beautiful November day.
    The sun shines like a light.
    Outside the window sparrows sang a song.
    Kids have a lot of important things to do these days.
    Congratulate mommy, hug mommy.
    «Happy Mom’s Day, Mommy!» — to say with a smile.

    Who is the best cook?
    Who is the handsomest?
    Who has a wonderful laugh?
    At my beloved mother.

    My mother is like a princess,
    The most beautiful,
    In the educational process
    Very fair.
    Scold, regret,
    He will warm you with his caress.

    I love my mother every day,
    But I am grateful to November,
    That there is a special mother’s day.
    And we are not too lazy to congratulate our mothers.

    A small child knows
    The word «mommy» from the cradle,
    You will take your mother by the hand —
    And you will not find a happier one.

    In kindergarten we have
    Our mothers are just great!
    We congratulate them today,
    We don’t let go a single step.

    I will gently smile at my mother,
    I will sincerely always snuggle up to her,
    And I will give her happiness,
    After all, I love her very much!

    We got up — smart,
    Lined up in a row,
    Let our loved ones
    Moms — look … souls!

    Congratulations, you, dear ones,
    The most, you, dear ones,
    We love you dearly,
    And we will sing for you — now.

    Mother’s Day we celebrate
    And we wish her to be happy,
    Don’t be sad, and don’t be bored,
    Don’t remember bad things.

    Always be beautiful,
    Cheerful and loved,
    Smile, have fun,
    Only share joy!

    We dedicate these lines to my mother…

    November 27, 2020 15:37

    Irina Korzheva

    #News of the district

    There is such a profession — to be a mother. Probably the most difficult and responsible job in the world. No wonder they say that moms can do anything. For Mother’s Day, we prepared a small surprise — together with the «Media School» TsVR announced a contest of Junkor articles «My mother is the best.» what a real mom she is.

    Today we publish excerpts from these very sincere and touching children’s works. In these statements, there is not a single invented answer, the style of young authors is preserved. We read the entire editorial board. Read and you! And then call your mom!

    -I’m happy just because my mother is at home. Our mother. It’s ours. After all, five days a week she is a “cool mother” for other children, a teacher at school. She runs from class to class, with other people’s notebooks, thinking about something on the go. I see her swift gait, sometimes I hear her loud voice — and I am happy. After all, this is my mom. And no one knows what a wonderful time it is Saturday morning when the smell of pancakes and cinnamon wafts through the house.

    Mom is always so different: cheerful and serious, she is kind and strict, she is hardworking and tired. There is only one constant and unchanging thing in her: she loves us, her children. And we know it will always be. No matter what happens, I remember how my mother once said to my older sister: “Whatever happens, remember that there is a place where you are always expected, always accepted, always happy, always protected. This is your home, ”writes a student of the Veselo-Voznesensk secondary school Jung Artemy Viktorovich about his mother Ekaterina Viktorovna.

    — My mother is very beautiful, she has big blue eyes and blond hair. Her name is Irina Viktorovna. Mom has a gentle voice, an affectionate look, full of tenderness and love. Mom is very hardworking and skilled. She always manages to do everything: check the lessons with her older daughters, gather the kids for kindergarten, sew, knit, garden and garden. Mom cooks so deliciously that we always ask for more. Mom teaches us to appreciate people, to take care of loved ones, to respect elders, not to offend kids.

    In her prayers, mother asks the Lord to protect us, her daughters. And my mother has four of us,” a student of the Nosovskaya school, Philippia Popandopulo, tells about her mother.

    — I would like to congratulate my mother Zinaida Alexandrovna on this holiday!
    My mother is a very talented person. She has a wonderful voice. She sings great. When I was little, I spent a lot of time with her backstage at the Regional House of Culture. We can say that in my work I followed in her footsteps, and now I study at a music school. We even have the same teacher! We sang together as a duet many times during the holidays!
    Now my mother works at the school. Once upon a time, my great-grandmother was a chemistry teacher, now my grandfather teaches history, my grandmother works as a kindergarten teacher, and my uncle graduated from a pedagogical institute and will be a physical education teacher. Perhaps I will also choose the profession of a teacher and work at school, like a mother. I love my mommy very much and wish to always remain as young and beautiful! Continue to please us, and we will take care of you and give you our love, ”writes Maxim Akolzin, a student of the Efremovskaya secondary school.

    But how often do today’s children say kind words to their mothers in everyday life? the guys from the Novobessergenovskaya secondary school thought about it. And here’s what they got.

    — Recently, my classmates and I decided to do an experiment. The task of the experiment was that by phone it was necessary to confess to my mother in love. So, almost all mothers in response to the confession answered: “Where are you? Are you all right?”, “What happened?”, “Are you sick?”. And mine, when she heard that I love her, was silent for a long time, then said: “Hooligans, stop messing around !!!” and quietly added: «And I love you, son.» Yes, she has a sense of humor, — says Dmitry Khrulenko.

    The children sent poems, essays, and stories about mothers and grandmothers to the competition. On the eve of Mother’s Day, our guys, participants in the RDSh movement, took part with pleasure in the online campaigns «Breakfast for Mom», «I’m Like a Mom», they prepared postcards, concert numbers for moms, just warm and affectionate words.

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