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Homework Hero Certificate — Colorful


Homework Hero Certificate — Colorful

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Cheerful colors and eye-catching designs have made this line of certificates a big hit. They are a full 11″ x 8.5″ on white text weight paper. This line ships within 24 hours. Combine your titles for discounts. SAME DAY SHIPPING on stock orders placed before 3pm EST!

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Free School Certificates & Awards

These free printable school certificate templates are a great way to motivate students to study and take school seriously. Some kids are so motivated that they don’t need any positive recognition to keep them driven. Others need a little help. For those students who need praise and motivation, teachers can use printable certificates to award them for the effort that they put into their schoolwork, boost their self-confidence, and get them to be a little more driven.   The school certificates can be used by students, teachers, parents, and volunteers.

 Customize & Print

The wording on the following certificate templates is totally customizable so you can change anything you want. Instead of “Great Job” you can write:

  • Good Work
  • Keep up the good work
  • Well Done
  • Job well done
  • Student of the day
  • Student of the week
  • Student of the month
  • Good job
  • Star of the week
  • Star of the month
  • Honor Roll Certificate

In addition to the following editable certificate templates, we also have a list of specific student awards (see below).

Printable School Certificates

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

Customize & Print

The certificate templates above are only a sample of the ones available. When you open the certificate maker you will find many more options available and they are all free!


  • Certificate Maker
  • Certificates for Kids

The Beginning of the Year

  • First Day of School, Kindergarten or Preschool

Specific Subjects

  • Reading Certificate
  • Physical Education Certificates
  • Spelling Bee Certificate
  • Geography Bee Awards
  • Music Certificate


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  • Honor Roll Certificates
  • Bookmark Awards for Students
  • Sports Awards
  • Award Certificates for the Best Teacher
  • Birthday Certificates
  • Funny Awards
  • Winner Certificate
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Congratulations, You did it!

Behavior (US) / Behaviour (UK)

  • Good Behavior
  • Good Behaviour (British Version)

End of Year / Graduation

  • Certificate of Completion
  • End-of-Year Classroom Rewards
  • Graduation Certificate
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    • Kindergarten Graduation Certificates
    • Graduation Certificates for School
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  • Diploma Template
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see also Teacher Awards

In the beginning, you might find that students are putting effort into schoolwork just to get the certificate but they will realize that their effort will help them succeed in school, and eventually the motivation will come from within with no award certificates and prizes. Even if a child continuously keeps studying just to receive recognition, it might be better than a child who isn’t motivated at all. The reason for studying might not be to succeed in school, but the outcome will be the same as a child who has studied because of some inner drive to succeed.

It is important to reward not only those who need a little help with their motivation but also those who are motivated and excelling. Often, teachers take those students for granted and pay more attention to those who lack motivation. Award certificate templates can help keep those students motivated as well.

All school certificates are free!

You can prepare and customize many kinds of printable certificates on this site. The award certificate templates above are more specific but if you cannot find one that is appropriate you might want to check out our generic templates which you might be able to adapt to your needs.

When your certificate is ready you can print it or just download it if you prefer to make virtual certificates for students.

Be creative and try to recognize any effort that students make even if they do not get straight A’s.

  • Certificates of Attendance
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Certificate of Excellence
  • Certificates for effort
  • Doing homework every day
  • Most improvement
  • Significant improvement
  • Effort
  • Leadership
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Participation in class
  • Assisting fellow classmates

Who can use these certificates?

  • Preschools
  • Elementary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities

How to add your school logo

To make the certificate more official, you can add your school logo. To do this, click on “customize” to open the online certificate maker. Once it opens click on the green button below.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? We also have hundreds of free certificate templates available. They can all be customized with our certificate maker.

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Template Student academic transcript Teacher award Curriculum vitae, student, template, leaf, text png

Template Student academic transcript Teacher award Curriculum vitae, student, template, leaf, text png


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Tormented by «homework»? Tips for parents on how to do homework with children

Why do we need «homework»?

In France some time ago, homework assignments were experimentally abolished. The result was sad: the level of knowledge fell sharply.

Most teachers believe that a school without homework is a utopia, and their cancellation is an indulgence that will lead to the fact that holes will appear in the knowledge of students. After all, students do not always listen carefully to the teacher in the classroom. As the saying goes: “it flew in one ear, flew out the other”.

Teachers are sure that the material received at the lesson should be consolidated with home exercises. This is an important step in learning. Without it, the assimilation of a new topic may not occur. Information will simply “vanish” from memory after a while.

Therefore, it is not enough to hear the teacher’s explanation in class. In order for the child to really learn something, you need to bring the acquired skills to automatism. Home lessons are given just for training, which guarantees the successful development of the topic.

And one more argument in defense: doing homework teaches the student to self-discipline and time management. These are the qualities that will be useful in life.

How much homework is allowed?

Federal law does not require homework, but schools do. The volume of «homework» is determined by SanPiN. The time spent on its implementation should not exceed per day:

— in grades 2-3 — no more than 1. 5 hours;

— in grades 4-5 — no more than 2 hours;

— in grades 6-8 — no more than 2.5 hours;

— in grades 9-11 — no more than 3.5 hours.

How to do homework quickly and correctly

Based on the experience of Vasily Sukhomlinsky, a teacher, author of 30 books on raising children. He claimed that these simple principles would help you do your homework faster, study better, and be less tired from school:

1. Sit down for lessons in the morning. To do this, you need to go to bed early and get up at 6 in the morning. In the morning (before school), the head works much more productively. Much more can be done in an hour and a half in the morning than in four in the evening.

2. If the next lesson in the subject is only in a week, it is better to complete the task immediately, without postponing it for later. Then the day before it is enough to repeat the studied topic.

3. Do your own homework. Moms and dads should not solve problems for the student. The function of an adult is to listen to oral answers and to follow the organization of the process. The child should be engaged alone in a calm environment.

4. Do your favorite things after school. If the child is studying in the first shift, then it is advisable to spend the whole afternoon: on a walk, reading books (not directly related to lessons), in circles and sports sections.

12 practical tips for schoolchildren on how to do homework quickly and correctly

1. When starting to do your homework, remove everything that can distract you from the table.

2. Look in the diary to see if all the tasks are recorded (if the teacher has not yet recorded them in the electronic diary).

3. Make a plan for doing homework in subjects.

4. Prepare everything you need to complete the task: a textbook, notebooks, maps, pencils, dictionaries, reference books, etc.

5. Before completing tasks, study the rules they apply.

6. When reading a text in a textbook, ask yourself questions: what or who is it talking about?

7. Learn to use a dictionary, reference books. Find out the meaning of unfamiliar words, find the necessary facts, explanations, rules and formulas in reference books.

8. If you have a computer, learn how to use it to find the information you need.

9. Do not leave the preparation for reports, essays and creative works to the last day. Prepare for them in advance, distributing the load evenly.

10. Use maps and charts to prepare oral lessons. They will help you understand and remember the material better.

11. Doing your homework, take a break (if you feel tired and start making mistakes).

12. Check your work carefully.

Should parents help the child with homework

Ideally, the child should do the homework himself. And that’s why.

It is important to understand that homework is given to the child, not to you. Your responsibility is to support and encourage the child, to guide him in the right direction.

Lessons are a great opportunity to develop the skills of diligence, perseverance and diligence. The child learns not to give up and go to the end when it is difficult for him, when he thinks that nothing will work out.

Doing a task on your own is a powerful incentive. The reward is much more valuable than grades and test results. The child will remain proud of their own results and self-confidence.

And now about reality. Most modern parents are forced to do homework with their child for the following reasons:

1. The curriculum has become more complicated.

2. The volume of knowledge in subjects has increased.

3. Teachers do not always have enough time to fully present new material.

4. Children do not always have time to understand the teacher’s explanation at the lesson. Therefore, at home, they need more time and effort to understand the topic and complete the exercises.

If your child needs help with homework, do it the right way.

How to help children with homework

1. You need to sit down for lessons when the child has recovered enough after school, he is alert and active.

2. Try to stick to the chosen schedule in the future so that the lessons at the same time become a ritual for the student.

3. Make sure that the child can concentrate and that nothing distracts him.

4. You should start with the tasks that the child does best, for which you can praise and motivate for further achievements.

5. The child must do the homework by himself, no matter how difficult the tasks, the inhuman program, and no matter how asp the teacher appears to you.

6. It is necessary to go towards independent completion of lessons gradually. Do not leave your child alone in the abyss of knowledge. Ideally, parents should observe and guide the student a little.

Parental mistakes they make when helping children with homework

1. Do homework for the child. Even if you lose patience, resist the temptation to solve a problem or write an essay for your student. Your duty is to support, encourage and guide the child in the right direction.

2. Annoyed. If doing «homework» every time turns into a scandal, then over time, spoiled relationships with a child are guaranteed to you. Believe me, such a pastime is torture for him. Over time, he will stop contacting you, even if it will be very difficult. Control yourself!

3. They offend a child. You can not scold for failures, call names and humiliate. Don’t use toxic comparisons with other children. Unflattering characteristics “you write like a chicken with your paw”, “and here you have a stupid mistake” and the like offend, offend and demotivate.

4. Intimidated. “If you don’t study, you will go to the court of revenge!” This is a rather distant and hazy prospect. Set clear and achievable goals. Use positive attitudes: “Do you feel good when something works out? And I’m happy, I’m proud of you!

5. They try to bribe a child. Like: «Read the paragraph — play on the computer.» Children must understand that they are learning for themselves, and not for their mother, and not for «candy». Having got used to the wrong motivation, they will stop acting “for this” (and this will affect not only study).

If your child doesn’t want to do homework by himself…

If your child doesn’t start homework before 6-7 pm, urgently change the class schedule and reduce the load. After 6 pm, student and homework are almost incompatible phenomena.

Sit side by side at first. Explain «incomprehensible» points. If the child cannot solve the problem, take similar examples with him. But he must complete the task on his own.

What if the prospect of doing homework doesn’t make you happy?

The way out of the situation will be the service «Prodlyonka» — the service of the educational environment iSmart? who helps with the lessons. Professional teachers will explain to the child everything that he misunderstood at school, help with solving homework, check and give feedback — and all this in an online format.

By alexxlab

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