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The Best Simple Sentences for Kindergarten

There are so many fulfilling perks to teaching kindergarten, but near the top of the list is teaching students how to read.  I think one of the best parts of literacy instruction is seeing the excitement in my students’ eyes when they start reading sentences!  Once students are ready to take that step, it’s just a matter of keeping up that momentum and excitement with additional practice.  In this post, I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to use simple sentences for kindergarten reading instruction.

Are My Students Ready for Reading Sentences?

Before we can expect young learners to read even simple sentences, it’s important to make sure they have the right foundation. The road to reading sentences includes important milestones such as:

  • Identifying letters by name
  • Identifying the sounds that letters make
  • Blending sounds together to read words
  • Reading words fluently in isolation, including sight words

Plus, between each milestone is a variety of phonemic and phonological awareness skills that need to be mastered in order to build a solid foundation for reading.

Once this foundation is in place, students are ready to begin reading words within sentences. Keep reading if you’d like to sneak a peek at the simple sentences that I use with kindergarten students when they’re ready to take this exciting step!

Simple Sentences for Kindergarten

There are many ways to practice reading sentences in kindergarten.  Below are some of my favorite ways to incorporate simple sentences into literacy instruction. I love that these activities are perfect for literacy centers, morning work, small group intervention, or even homework! These activities also grow with students, so that they can read more challenging sentences as they learn more phonics patterns and master additional high frequency words.

Sight Word Fluency Sentences

When students first start reading words within sentences, it’s helpful to start with predictable text.  I find that sight word fluency sentences are perfect for this! 

These simple sentences often arrange the sight words in a predictable pattern, such as “I see a cat. ” and “I see a pig.”  This means that students can practice decoding words within sentences while building their sight word fluency.  It’s a win-win!

Read and Reveal Sentences

Hands-on activities will help students stay engaged in reading practice.  Read and reveal cards are always a hit with students!  This activity has students read simple sentences on a card, then unclip the flap to reveal a picture that corresponds to the sentence.  Students will use their comprehension skills to decide if the sentence they read makes sense with the picture they just uncovered.

Since this adds an element of self-correction to the activity, read and reveal cards are perfect for literacy centers, morning work, or even a fast finisher activity. The fine motor practice from using clips for this activity is an added bonus!

Sentence Scramble Activities

As students grow more comfortable with reading sentences, they will start to get a feel for the natural rhythm of language and word order.   This, in turn, will help improve reading fluency. One of my favorite ways to help students understand and practice word order is with sentence scramble activities.  After putting a sentence in the correct order, they can practice reading it fluently. 

You can add some cutting practice by having the students cut out the scrambled words themselves.  Plus, having the word strips available to move around helps students in the task of unscrambling each sentence.

Sentence Dictation

Writing activities are another way that I incorporate simple sentences into literacy instruction. When students write sentences, they are able to practice their phonics skills in a different, yet still very important, way.   Sentence dictation is a great activity that incorporates many kindergarten skills!

After listening to a simple sentence, students will use their phonics skills to write each word in the sentence.  Then they will use their fine motor skills to form the letters and words in the sentence.   Finally, students will practice reading what they wrote as they decide if their written sentence matches what the teacher said. Sentence dictation doesn’t have to take a lot of time!  If you have whiteboards and markers out for a different activity, do a quick sentence dictation before having the students put things away.

Sight Word Sentence Strips

This is another activity that incorporates writing as students practice reading sentences.  Students can use these sight word sentence strips to practice decoding sentences fluently as they practice writing them as well.

 Once these strips are laminated for durability, students can use dry erase marker to practice letter formation as they copy each sentence. This is another activity that students can work on independently during literacy centers or morning work time.

Since these sight word sentences are prepped and on binder rings, you can also take them on the go for even more practice! Use them as “password” flashcards: Have each student read a sentence from the bundle before entering the cafeteria, going outside for recess, or leaving for the day.   

Kindergarten Reading Fluency Passages

Young learners get so excited when they can start reading passages with multiple sentences!  This is why I love to use kindergarten reading fluency passages. Students are able to review phonics patterns and high frequency words as they improve their reading fluency and comprehension skills. 

After students have had time to practice each passage in the classroom, I encourage them to take it home and read it to friends and family.  They are always so excited to show off their reading skills!

Keep scrolling for information about a free reading fluency download that you can use in your classroom.

Free Reading Practice for Kindergarten

Would you like to try these reading fluency passages with simple sentences?  You can grab this free collection of nine passages to share with your students.  This free download focuses on short vowels, long vowels, blends, and digraphs.  Each passage also includes common sight words to help build reading fluency. Just fill out the form below and it will be delivered straight to your inbox!

Free Decodable Passages

Help your students make the leap from decoding words to reading with fluency! These fluency passages are designed to give kids successful reading practice to help students become strong readers!

First Name
Your email address

Save These Kindergarten Sentences

Be sure to save this pin to your favorite phonics board on Pinterest!  You’ll be able to come back to these simple sentences for kindergarten when your little readers are eager to give them a try. 

Simple English Sentences for Kindergarten 3+: Language Development of Toddlers.

Simple English Sentences for Kindergarten 3+: Language Development of Toddlers.



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Sentence structure is the course of action of words in a sentence. A sentence is composed of words such as things, verbs, descriptive words and qualifiers.

Using an assortment of words once you talk to your child will offer assistance for your child to learn modern words. Verbs activity words like “dance”, “fall”, and “pour” are particularly vital for building sentences.

Other important words are:

The subject is often referred to as a noun or things that perform actions.

Example: The dog jumped.

The subject of this sentence is the thing, dog since it is jumping.

Example: Goats and buffaloes sleep.

The subjects of this sentence are nouns, goats and buffaloes. Usually called a compound subject since there’s more than one subject performing the same activity.

The object is often referred to as the nouns that receive the action.

Example: She is eating rice and dal.

The objects which are receiving the action in this sentence are the nouns, rice and dal.

Example: The child ate chips.

The object of this sentence is the noun, chips because the child is eating the chips. The chips are receiving the action.

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Basic Sentence Structures

  1. Subject-Verb (S-V)


  • The dog plays.
  • Akshay laughs.
  • Khushi sleeps.
  1. Subject-Verb-Object (S-V-O)


  • The boy bathes the cat.
  • I eat bananas.
  • Rahul throws the ball.
  1. Subject-Verb-Adjective (S-V-Adj)


  • Mehak is beautiful.
  • They are nice.
  • I am hungry.
  1. Subject-Verb-Adverb (S-V-Adv)


  • Yesha laughs loudly.
  • The bird flies high.
  • Flowers are everywhere.
  1. Subject-Verb-Noun (S-V-N)


  • I am the principal.
  • My Daddy is a fisherman.
  • The girl is a student.

A simple sentence is a sentence that usually consists of just one independent clause. A simple sentence doesn’t have dependent clauses.

  • I cannot drink warm milk.
  • A day without sunshine is like night.
  • I love playing.
  • My favourite cartoon is Ninja Hattori.

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Sentences for Kindergarten 

  1. The pig is pink.
  2. Look at the cat.
  3. I live in a house.
  4. The apple is red.
  5. I have 5 flowers.
  6. The ball is green.
  7. I like to play.
  8. The jar has a lid.
  9. The swan is white.
  10. The van is blue.

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Simple English Sentences for Kids Along with Pictures

I’m eating doughnuts.

The sun is hot.

He is my dad.

I see the bus.

I have a bat.

My crayon colour is Red.

The girl has long hair.

This is an ant.

Earth has one moon.

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Daily Use Small English Sentences For Kids

  1. How about a hug?
  2. Sit up straight.
  3. Don’t be angry.
  4. Study here.
  5. Go to the bath.
  6. Speak softly.
  7. Don’t cry again.
  8. Stop talking.
  9. Have food.
  10. Watch carefully.
  11. Don’t tell her.
  12. Wait for me.
  13. Give it back.
  14. Bolt the door.
  15. Clean up.
  16. Walk slowly.
  17. Don’t go.
  18. Have your breakfast.
  19. Don’t cry again.
  20. Wake up

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Understanding sentences is essential because it offers details that make the listener understand and you communicate freely. It is the framework that expresses the exact sense of interaction between two people. Thus, remove mistakes from your speaking and reward your kids with direct communication with the help of the daily used sentences above. Introduce your kids to Simple English Sentences and prepare them for the future. By using some of these simple sentences in your kids daily routine,  you can build your child’s vocabulary and ability to communicate fluently.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful. You can share your view with us by commenting in the below box.


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On behalf of the parents of group 12 «Rosinka» we want to express special gratitude to the teachers of our group: Izmailova Svetlana Viktorovna and Nesterkina Tatyana Borisovna for their attentive and professional attitude towards children. They are always friendly and very patient, they have an approach to each child, finding the right and affectionate word. They know how to calm and cheer. The group has a very friendly atmosphere for communication, games and activities. The children are doing great lessons in drawing, modeling, physical education, speech development, etc. And what wonderful performances they are preparing. They carry so many emotions and kindness. I am very happy that my daughter goes to this nursery. After all, it is very important when a child runs into the garden with great pleasure. Thank you, our dear ones, for the work, contribution and development of our children.

On behalf of the parents of group No. 7 «Smeshariki» I express my deep gratitude to our teachers Dubrovskaya Irina Valerievna and Cherkasova Anastasia Alexandrovna. I would like to note their high professionalism, sensitive attitude towards children, care, attention, individual approach to each family, kindness and warmth. The educational process is organized in such a way that all the little things of everyday life, in the family, in the team, are taken into account. Children are happy to go to the garden, because there they will be met by their favorite teachers, with whom it is easy and interesting for them. The group has a comfortable warm atmosphere. Irina Valerievna and Anastasia Alexandrovna strive to make our children full-fledged individuals, active members of the children’s team, they teach us to be honest, kind, open and caring. They teach kids to be friends and respect each other, to create and fantasize, to appreciate beauty, to love their family. All this thanks to the professionalism and experience gained over the years of working with children. Knowledge of the psychology of the child, constant self-development in the professional field are simply indispensable in the profession of an educator. We, the parents, are very grateful to the junior teacher Seregina Ekaterina Nikolaevna. Always calm and reasonable, accurate and caring. Thanks to her, our group has perfect cleanliness and order, comfort and coziness. The children are well fed and tidy. Special thanks to the head of our kindergarten Shevyakova Svetlana Alekseevna for the improvement of the group, for the excellent organization of the pedagogical and educational processes and for taking care of our children. I would like to wish further success and prosperity to your team and the kindergarten as a whole!

Since we are going to school this year, I really want to say a lot of kind words and words of gratitude to our kindergarten.
I would especially like to note the educators of group 8 «fairy tale» Ekaterina Borisovna Nagaiko, Svetlana Aleksandrovna Markitanova.
Thank you for the great work that you have invested in the development and education of children! You helped to instill in children a sense of justice and patriotism, accuracy and the ability to appreciate the beautiful, the ability to make friends and forgive, take care of the people around them and the world … you can’t count everything!!!
A huge THANK YOU for your kind and sympathetic hearts, for your professionalism, for the love and care that you give to children!!!
THANKS and low bow for your work!!!
There should be more such teachers!
I would also like to note the skillful and sensitive leadership of the head of the kindergarten, Svetlana Alekseevna, who creates order in the garden, a friendly and warm atmosphere, always keeps in touch with her parents. After all, without her competent guidance, there would probably not be such teachers working with our children.
Thank you so much for everything you do for our children!!!

We would like to express our gratitude to the teachers of group number 8 for their upbringing, care, kindness to our children. And thanks to the kindergarten management for preparing and holding fun and bright holidays. Children attend kindergarten with pleasure. Thank you all very much.

Every morning, taking the child to the garden, I can’t get enough of the fact that we got this particular kindergarten. My daughter sincerely loves her teachers: Nagaiko E.B., Markitanova S.A. On weekends, he misses the garden. And all because wonderful and sensitive people work there, who give not only knowledge, but also a lot of affection and care.
The group is equipped, warm and cozy. The food is amazing and varied!
And the matinees … how wonderful, you can immediately see how much work musical directors Logunova L. V. put into our children. and Shishkina O.N.
In general — a big and human thanks to the whole team of our second home!

Sincerely, Bubnov family

I want to express my gratitude to the whole team for the fruitful work in raising and educating our children, for their responsiveness and understanding. Let the worthy, intelligent, spiritually rich and sincerely generous citizens of our city of Michurinsk be the reward for your selfless work. I want to wish the whole team good health, happiness, well-being, inexhaustible warmth and optimism! May success accompany all your good deeds and undertakings. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone and the warmest words of gratitude for YOUR WORK!!! Chairman of the parent committee of the 11th group «Merry Fellows» — Babaytseva Irina Nikolaevna

How we love to go to our daughter’s matinees, it’s so nice to see the kids, so smart and solemn. And this New Year’s holiday was no exception. The event was held in a magnificently decorated and winter-style hall, with wonderful musical accompaniment. The children felt happy and were active direct participants in the New Year’s performance, they tried very hard and enjoyed their «work» a lot. For us parents and, above all, for children, a children’s party is a real holiday that brings sincere positive emotions. Thanks to all the staff of the kindergarten: the teachers of the group No. 5 «Stars» Makarova Yulia Alexandrovna and Ignatova Vera Vasilyevna, all the musical directors of the kindergarten, in particular the musical director of our group Logunova Larisa Vasilievna, the head of the school No. 24 Shevyakova Svetlana Alekseevna, the deputy head of the VMR Pyshina Elena Alexandrovna for the joy and good mood brought to us and our children.
The Bubnov family!

Thank you very much to the head of preschool educational institution 24 Shevyakova S.A., deputy head. according to VMR Pyshina E.A., educators Korobova O.O., Potapenko O.V., music director Sevidova T.I., teacher-psychologist Shishkina O.K., junior. teacher Druzhinina A. M. for an unforgettable New Year’s party, for a wonderful Christmas tree. The holiday was celebrated with love and kindness. Thank you very much for an unforgettable morning for children and parents.

I, Kamyshnikova Oksana, mother of two girls Lisa and Sonya, Last year the eldest girl graduated from kindergarten to school, and the youngest Sonya attends group No. 6 «Why». I want to express my gratitude to the head Shevyakova Svetlana Alekseevna, her deputy Pyshina Elena Alexandrovna, educators Korobova Olga Olegovna and Potapenko Olga Valerievna, musical director Sevidova Tatyana Ivanovna, teacher-psychologist Shishkina Olga Kanzeevna, junior teacher Druzhinina Anna Mikhailovna My children always visit the kindergarten with pleasure, which cannot but rejoice. Thank you very much!!!

For every mother, her child is the best, the most unique. But my youngest son really required special attention and approach. He cried, hysteria, was afraid to go to kindergarten … against the background of fear, he developed a neurosis . … But the parents work, there is no one to leave the baby with, it is necessary to go to the kindergarten … And now there is a meeting with a kind
sorceress, sensitive spiritual teacher Ekaterina Borisovna Nagaiko. A man with a capital letter — education for which is a vocation. Ekaterina Borisovna was able to warm the child’s soul, relieved of fear and filled with joy every meeting with the kindergarten. Ekaterina Borisovna
a person endowed with colossal patience, immense talent and boundless love for people in general and children in particular. Wisdom and kindness, condescension and understanding, enthusiasm and inspiration — these are the features that amaze her. Now my boy is happy to go to the nursery to thank
teacher of kindergarten No. 24 «Firefly» Ekaterina Borisovna Nagaiko for patience, sincere understanding, for the kindness of your heart, warmth and attention to each child, for funny and exciting games, beautiful fairy tales. Be always full of strength and wonderful ideas, good luck to you and a huge human
And also it is impossible not to note and thank the whole amazing team of Kindergarten No. 24 «Firefly» (head Svetlana Alekseevna Shevyakova). Our dear educators, junior educators, methodologists, psychologists, speech therapists! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help, support, care and attention, parting words, advice, love and sincerity. So I would like to wish on your professional holiday not to lose all this valuable baggage, so that each new pupil can draw from this source, like from a well, good, wise and eternal. And let fate thank you for such hard and useful work, because we entrust the most valuable things to educators. Be happy! Thank you for giving your heart to children!
Tatyana Tsvetkova.

I, as the chairman of the parent committee of the 12th group, want to express my deep gratitude to the head of our garden Shevyakova Svetlana Alekseevna for her sensitive guidance, kindness, responsiveness, cordiality and for high professionalism in work. I also want to say a huge thank you to the music director Sevidova T.I. for her talent, ability to organize a holiday where both we and our children enjoy. And, of course, I would like to mention our beloved, sensitive educator Svetlana Viktorovna Izmailova. Svetlana Viktorovna is a tutor with a capital letter! Children are happy to go to kindergarten. Svetlana Viktorovna not only spends time with children, but also develops the talents of the child, individually approaches each child, taking into account all personal characteristics. Thanks to the entire staff of the kindergarten for their huge contribution to the development of our children!

Thank you very much for your warm and kind words addressed to our tutors. We try very hard to maintain a friendly and conducive atmosphere for communication and education.

Book of reviews and suggestions for kindergartens in Penza

On this page you can write your feedback and comments to kindergartens.

Review of Branch No. 3 MBDOU Kindergarten No. 52

I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers of the Smeshariki group — Olga Anatolyevna Makhrova, Yana Vyacheslavovna Melanina, and the teacher’s assistant — Olga Ivanovna Grishina. For every parent, it is very important to be sure that throughout the day his child will be surrounded by care and attention. Our teachers are always attentive, responsive and very patient, they will always listen and give advice, and also rejoice and worry with us, parents, for each child. It is necessary to try to find an approach to everyone, to be able to win over the child, and our educators do it very well, thanks to their professionalism and experience working with children and their parents. Children go to kindergarten with great joy. Our educators conduct various activities with children, accustom them to discipline, order, and independence. Constantly organize exhibitions of joint creativity of parents and children, it is very interesting and exciting. I want to say separately about the organization and holding of festive events: always at the highest level, work with children is colossal, we are impressed — Pride in the organizational success of our Child, Pride in our Teachers and the Children’s Institution, these emotions overwhelm each of us. THANK YOU to our wonderful educators, for your Indifference, for your Love for children, for your Patience and Labor!
Sincerely, the parents of the Smeshariki group.

branch number 3 «Ryabinushka» MBDOU kindergarten 52

Review of Branch MBDOU Kindergarten No. 57 Penza

I would like to express gratitude and respect to the teachers of the second junior group of MBDOU kindergarten No. 57 in Penza «Matryoshka» at the address located in Penza, st. Izmailova, 51A, Elena Ivanovna, Olga Ivanovna, Maria Nikolaevna for their daily work, sincerely kind and reverent attitude towards children, understanding attitude towards parents! I am very glad that my child is brought up and is in a comfortable and kind atmosphere, because he always goes to the kindergarten with joy — this is the main indicator for me.
These educators and nannies do not work “in a slipshod manner”, they put their soul into each child, it’s always clean in the group, they come up with different activities for children, that when he comes to the garden for his child, he always tells me: Mom, wait for me, I’ll play again, I’ll finish it, listen to the story, finish it, and so on.
They will always help with advice on how to behave with a child in a given situation. Thank you and much appreciated!


Review of MBDOU Kindergarten No. 152

I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers of the ABVGDeyka group of kindergarten No. 152, Penza Dymkova Svetlana Vladimirovna and Zakharova Lyudmila Valerievna. I want to note their high professionalism, sensitive attitude towards children, care, attention, kindness and warmth. My daughter came to this group at the age of 5, adapted in 3 days, and then always happily ran to kindergarten, because there are favorite teachers who were interesting and easy to work with. You taught our children to be friends and respect each other, to create, to fantasize, to appreciate beauty, to be honest and kind. Thank you for your developing activities, for interesting walks, for unforgettable mornings. Now my daughter is in the 1st grade, but we always remember our wonderful teachers with warmth.


Review of MBDOU Kindergarten No. 19

Here is our first graduation. It is very sad to say goodbye to your beloved teachers. I really want to say a lot of kind words and words of gratitude to our kindergarten.
Many thanks to the head of the MBOU kindergarten No. 19 «Katyusha» — Lyubov Nikolaevna Vorobyeva for the excellent organizational work, for the selection of wonderful teachers, for the attentive and professional attitude to work.
I also want to thank the Deputy Head Ezhova Galina Nikolaevna for organizing the educational process. Galina Nikolaevna is always friendly, attentive, goes to meet her parents and helps to solve emerging issues.
The territory of the kindergarten is well-groomed at any time of the year: in winter the paths are always cleared, in September beautiful roses bloom in the flower beds of the kindergarten.
The food in the garden is excellent, my daughter has her favorite dishes, the recipe of which she asked to find out from the cooks of our kindergarten.
I would especially like to note the educators of group No. 13: Zubkova Oksana Aleksandrovna, Pronina Yulia Vladimirovna and assistant educator Shaleeva Anastasia Vyacheslavovna. We would like to note their high professionalism in difficult work with children. They spend a lot of interesting activities with children: they cut, and glue, and sculpt. They come up with many different competitions for children for the best drawing, crafts, and Zhenya loves to participate in such events!
The educational process is beyond praise, and the VKontakte page also allows parents to find out how great and fun the day was.
Thanks to the teacher’s assistant Anastasia Vyacheslavovna, the group is always perfectly clean and tidy. With what love and care she treats children. Which is very important for every parent.
Our teachers work with our children not only during working hours, but also outside the kindergarten on their day off. Our group has a tradition in autumn to visit the zoo and bring the harvest to the little animals. In winter, during the holidays, educators spend fun starts in the fresh air.
In addition to traditional studies (mathematics, speech development, drawing, etc.), much attention was paid to environmental problems. This school year, the children of our group joined the ranks of eco-labs. Every year, very touching matinees dedicated to Victory Day are held in our garden. I think this is very important and necessary.
I was at all matinees and saw how educators take a responsible and creative approach to preparing events.
We also thank the music worker, physical education instructors for their work (the garden has a wonderful pool and a spacious gym for physical education, which is necessary for the harmonious development of the child).
Prosperity and success to the team of our kindergarten! Thank you for all the good things you’ve done for our children! Sincerely, the Kovylov family.


Review of Branch No. 1 MBDOU Kindergarten No. 123

Branch No. 1 of kindergarten No. 123 is closed from 09/01/2021

Review of MBDOU Kindergarten No. 103

If you go to kindergarten 103 ‘Lastochka’ and you have been assigned to a group with Alla Anatolyevna catfish, then consider yourself incredibly lucky!
I brought the child to the nursery at 2 years 4 months. My baby didn’t talk at all, sucked on a pacifier, didn’t go to anyone except his mother, went to the potty every other time. Well, nevertheless, we went to the garden to diversify life and for socialization. Miracles began after 2 weeks. We started talking, then entered into a dialogue with the child, that is, I asked questions, for example, where would we go, and the child answered me. About a month later, my child said that the diaper is no longer interesting and it’s better to get up on the potty, that’s what the kids do in the kindergarten! And so it was! The child got out of the crib in the middle of the night, did things and went back to sleep. Well, when I asked who taught you how to turn clothes inside out and dress properly, they answered me: ‘this is Alechka! What wonderful people help me!’ This phrase struck me to tears, the child was 2 years 10 months old. Here is such progress!
Alla Anatolyevna is a very demanding person, realizing that the education system cannot remain unchanged, she is constantly improving her teaching skills, constantly studying, studying new practices and looking for new ways to discover the talents of our kids. The future belongs to such teachers!

Thanks to wonderful people Alla Anatolyevna Somova, Olga Nikolaevna, and nanny Tatyana Vasilievna, we have a very promising group. Thank you for your heart and soul!


Review of Branch No. 3 MBDOU Kindergarten No. 52

On the eve of the International Women’s Day on March 8, the parents of the Smeshariki group would like to thank and congratulate the teachers Olga Anatolyevna and Yana Vyacheslavovna! We express our deep gratitude to you for your work, for your patience, for your ability to find talent in every child, for your efforts, for your support. We would like to note your high professionalism, sensitive attitude towards children, care, attention, kindness and warmth. Strive to make our children full-fledged individuals, teach them to be open, kind, to be friends and respect each other, to create and fantasize. Children enjoy visiting the garden. The group has a comfortable, warm atmosphere. We, parents, always look with great interest at all the creative works of our children, which are exhibited in the locker room of the group. At matinees, we watch a small performance with great pleasure, where teachers with our children dance, dance and read poetry. It is always unforgettable, interesting. It is impossible not to note their work with parents, they will always explain, give advice, our requests and comments will never go unnoticed. We are calm for the life and safety of our children, because next to them is a real team of professionals.
And I would like to wish you success in your hard work, health for many years, warmth, patience.
Thank you very much!

Branch No. 3 «Ryabinushka» MBDOU kindergarten No. 52, Penza

Review of MBDOU Kindergarten No. 19

Good afternoon
On behalf of the parents, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the teachers of kindergarten No. 19 in Penza «Katyusha» Zubkova Oksana Aleksandrovna, Pronina Yulia Vladimirovna and assistant teacher Shaleeva Anastasia Vyacheslavovna for their high professionalism, sensitive and caring attitude towards our children! Absolutely for each child, an individual approach has been found, the children are happy to run to the garden knowing that their favorite teachers will meet them there! The group is always clean, cozy and beautiful! Various developmental activities are held daily with children: preparing for school, drawing, making crafts, modeling, and so on. Thanks to the efforts of our educators, children’s matinees turn into whole performances! Thank you for teaching our children to be friends, respect each other and others, be kind, honest! You invest your very important part in the development of the personality of each individual child! We are very lucky to have you!


Review of Branch No. 1 MBDOU kindergarten No. 141

On behalf of the parents of the 2nd junior group of MDOU 141 branch 1, we want to express our gratitude to our beloved Artamonova Galina Romanovna, Bardina Yulia Mikhailovna and Artyushkina Yulia Vasilievna for holding an autumn matinee! The program was very interesting and festive! Children and parents were absolutely delighted! We would also like to thank you for your responsiveness, attention, care and kindness to our children! Thank you very much for your work!!!


Review of MBDOU Kindergarten No. 21, Penza

All parents dream of the best kindergarten for their children. Kindergarten No. 21 in Penza «Kolosok» has become just such for us!
On November 15, 2019, we, the parents of children from the senior group No. 2, attended open speech therapy and sports classes. At the speech therapy lesson, the children in a playful way demonstrated their knowledge of the structure of the word, told what sounds are and how to determine how many syllables are in a word.

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