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Summer Writing Sentences Worksheets — Mamas Learning Corner

Do your children work on writing skills throughout the summer? Even if you take a break from homeschool, some children need to practice writing through vacation months so all is not lost when school resumes in August.

These Summer Writing Sentences Worksheets are just the right activity for your young learners that need to practice a small amount of writing through the summer months.

These little 10 minute activities are just the thing to keep skills sharp so you do not have to start from scratch in the fall!

➡️ Take a few moments to browse through all of the writing activities and worksheets here at Mama’s Learning Corner. You’ll find more sentence writing worksheets, writing booklets with picture dictionaries, and more.

Summer Writing Sentences Worksheets

This set of writing sentences worksheets each has a summer theme.   Themes include topics such as the pool, a cookout, seashells, lemonade, the ice cream store, watermelon, and more.

Each page contains a summer-themed picture with a word bank of vocabulary that relates to the picture.  Your child should write 3 sentences using at least one of the vocabulary words in each sentence.

The word bank is there to not only help spark ideas about the picture, but to provide spelling support as well.

You’ll find there are two line styles included in this packet: elementary lines for the K-2 crowd, and then plain writing lines for 2nd-4th grades.

The set includes 30 total worksheets – 15 with primary lines and 15 with plain lines for older students.

The same pictures and word banks are used in both sets.

Teaching Ideas for Sentence Writing Worksheets:

To use these writing worksheets with Kindergarten through 2nd grade:

— Teach the two parts of a sentence: subject and verb.

— Reinforce capital letters and punctuation.

— Go over the phonetic sounds for each of the vocabulary words.  For example: Emphasize the vowel teams in the words ‘sweet’ or ‘beach’, by reminding your child that a vowel team is made up of two vowels where the first usually says its long name.

Or emphasize how the letter y is used as a vowel and has the long e sound in the words ‘sandy‘ or ‘buddy.’ These are perfect examples of the sometimes y that we always say when reciting the vowels a-e-i-o-u-and sometimes y.

You could also talk about compound words such as ‘seashell‘ or ‘backpack.’

— Even though handwriting is a completely different skill than composition, you can emphasize the need to have a “bird beak” pencil grip and writing letters with correct formation.

To use these writing sentences worksheets with 3rd or 4th grade:

— Continue to emphasize the subject and verb of the sentence.   You can also emphasize the complete subject or the complete predicate of the sentence, and then identify the simple subject and simple predicate.

— Show your child how to add an adjective or adverb if they don’t already do that naturally.

— Of course continue with phonics work if your child needs that reinforcement.  My 2nd and 4th children needed phonics work until at least the middle to end of 3rd grade.

— Think of synonyms for a few of the words in the word bank and use those instead.

— Identify the part of speech for each of the words in the word bank.

➡ If you need a bit of guidance with grammar, feel free to download my free Parts of Speech Recitation for 3rd-5th Grades.  It’s easy and effective to implement!

If you need a solid grammar curriculum, you can read about how We Use Rod and Staff English Grammar in Our Homeschool.  We have used it for years, and I see much fruit in my older children!

All Access Pass members can download this entire packet in the All Access Pass area.

After you log in, choose the Spring and Summer page and scroll down until you see this particular worksheet packet.  Then just click and your download will start immediately.

You can purchase the Summer Writing Sentences Worksheet packet here:

More Summer Resources:

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