Long division problems 5th graders: Long Division Worksheets for 5th Grade

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Free Printable Long Division Worksheets for Grade 5 Kids

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5th grade is a class where almost all the concepts kids have learned in previous years come together. If your child does not have prior knowledge or a good foundation of basic math concepts, they may be stuck and develop math anxiety. Long division is often complex for kids when the idea is first introduced to them. But with long division worksheets 5th grade students can have a better shot at cracking division challenges.

5th Grade Long Division Worksheet

Long Division 5th Grade Worksheet

5th Grade Long Division Worksheets

Long Division Worksheets Grade 5 With Answers

Benefit of a Long Division 5th Grade Worksheet

Tutors recommend 5th grade long division worksheets to help students learn math. With these long division worksheets, 5th graders learn faster ways to solve division problems. Worksheets can even promote math conversations between students in the classroom, encouraging them to share ideas and learn from each other.

So, get the 5th grade long division worksheet from your local bookstore or download PDFs. Printable versions are the best option since students can reuse them and not worry about damaging the materials.

When Do Kids Need Long Division Worksheets 5th Grade?

Long Division Worksheet Grade 5

Long Division Worksheets 5th Grade

Free Long Division Worksheets Grade 5

Fifth Grade Long Division Worksheets

Long Division Worksheets Grade 5

5th Grade Long Division Worksheet

Dividing an even number of things between two persons is a common task for first graders. Kids begin to learn the times’ tables and division facts in the second year of school. Finally, this division technique is usually used by students in grades 5 and 6.

Students will learn to divide three and four-digit integers by a one-digit number using the “bus stop” approach in the fifth grade. So, let them use long division worksheets for grade 5 with answers so that when they solve problems, they can confirm the solution. A worksheet can do a lot to help students cement their knowledge of long division.

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    Long Division Games for 5th Graders Online

    Long division is one of the math skills that your child will use a lot as they progress to higher grades. Setting the right foundation in the fifth grade can make them confident in their long division skills. 


    As a parent, you are responsible for ensuring that your kids have a fun learning experience. You have to ensure a balance between fun and learning, especially when teaching complicated topics such as long division.

    While you may know how to do long division mentally, teaching your child is another story. Laying a strong foundation at this age can ensure that your child grows up without fear of numbers.

    Interesting Ways to Teach Long Division For Fifth Grade

    Teaching long division should be done in a step-by-step manner.

    Multiplication and Division

    Instead of introducing your kids to long division straight away, start by making them understand the relationship between division and multiplication.


    Once you have done that, you can use games that focus on dividing using estimation. Such fun games often show the numbers and ask kids to guess the first number of the quotient or estimate the quotient or even identify a simpler expression whose result might be closer to the result of the given expression.

    Long Division

    The two steps till now have laid a foundation for understanding long division. Now it is time to delve into the actual process. You can start by introducing the basic steps like division, multiplication, subtraction, drop-down next digit, and then repeat.

    It is best to start with long division without remainders and then move on to long division with remainders. Make sure to start with easy numbers or numbers whose tables your child knows best. You can then move on to harder numbers.

    Struggles of Learning Long Division

    There is no denying that long division is complicated, and even some adults have trouble with it. Here are some of the common struggles kids face while learning long division.

    Weak Foundations

    Kids often struggle with the intermediate steps needed for performing long division. If the child is not well-versed in multiplication and subtraction, then performing long division becomes harder. Make sure that your child is absolutely confident about their multiplication and subtraction skills before moving on to teaching them long division.

    Kids Get Overwhelmed

    Showing kids long division with all its steps can overwhelm them and scare them off. The best way to teach long division is not to push the child onto the next step till they are comfortable and confident with their foundations. 

    Your child needs to feel confident about their ability to crack the first two steps mentioned in the previous sections. Online games show your child how much they have progressed and instill a sense of confidence in them.

    How to Support Your Child In the Fifth Grade 

    Long division involves the use of other math functions such as multiplication and subtraction. For your kids to master long division, they must have a keen understanding of these mathematical functions. 

    Additionally, teaching long division using fun and interactive games can help your child grasp the concept better. SplashLearn is an excellent platform that offers a host of educational games that can teach your kids the foundation of long division in a fun way and build a strong foundation that will help them excel in the future. 

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    Strengthening the skills of multiplication and division by 2 and 3.

    Mathematics lesson Grade 3
    Lesson topic: Strengthening the skills of multiplication and division by 2 and 3. multiplication tables for 2 and 3; improve the ability to solve compound problems associated with multiplication and division, the ability to solve equations and expressions;
    develop students’ speech, thinking and creativity;
    to cultivate love for the Motherland, cognitive activity, independence.
    Lesson in progress.
    1. Org. moment. Emotional mood.
    2. Reporting the topic and objectives of the lesson Showing a fragment of the film — Astana through the millennium into the future.
    – What city was mentioned in the film? What do you know about the city of Astana?
    The city of Akmola, at the suggestion of our President, in 1997 was declared the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Today we will go on a tour of our capital and visit the most interesting sights of the capital. (recording the date of the lesson). This will help us knowledgegained in the lessons of mathematics.
    3. Oral counting.
    The gates to the city of Astana are guarded by strong leopards. To get into the city, we need to know the secret password.
    To find out the password, you need to solve the examples that the leopard shows us as quickly as possible.
    The student decides on the board: 2 •3 16:2 18:2 14:2
    15:3 5:1 15 •1 0:5
    7•1 2•5 8:2 6:3
    0•5 4• 3 3•7 21:21
    Writing the result to the evaluation sheet.
    4. Work on the topic of the lesson

    The first attraction is Baiterek. The monument «Astana-Baiterek» is considered the symbol and the main attraction of Astana. The monument is a tall metal structure with a huge ball on top of chameleon glass, which changes color depending on the sunlight. (slide №8) The idea of ​​construction belongs to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev. In 2002, at the opening of the monument, the President of Kazakhstan said: «Anyone who rises here will absorb the steppe expanse of Kazakhstan and the vastness of our state. » Guests of the monument take a high-speed and silent elevator to a height of 97 meters. Here is an observation deck, allowing you to see the city from a bird’s eye view. From here you have a beautiful view of the city under construction. In the center of the panoramic hall there is a wooden globe with 17 petals signed by 17 representatives of various world religions. Next to the globe on the table is a “wish fulfillment machine”: inside the copper hemisphere is a cast of the palm of the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.
    It is believed that if you put your hand in the print, then the «music of the heavenly spheres» starts to play. At this point, you need to have time to make a wish. The Baiterek tower also has an art gallery, a large aquarium and a restaurant.
    Problem solving. So, we go to the observation deck of Baiterek. What are we going to take?
    1 variant The elevator lifted first 4 times 9 students to the observation deck of Baiterek, and then 7 more students. How many students are on the observation deck?
    2nd option. There were 35 students on the observation deck of Baiterek. After the tour, the elevator went down 3 times, 9 students each. How many students are left on the playground?
    Self-assessment of work. Signing up for the assessment sheet.
    Second sight.- Khan Shatyr
    The guide’s story Khan-Shatyr (Khan-tent) is a large shopping and entertainment center in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Opened in 2010. The original architecture of the center — the building is a giant transparent tent. Thanks to its special chemical composition, it will protect the interior of the complex from sudden temperature changes and create a comfortable microclimate inside the complex.
    The total area of ​​Khan Shatyr is 127 thousand square meters. The building houses a retail supermarket, a family park, cafes and restaurants, cinemas, gyms, a water park with an artificial beach and wave-effect pools, service and office premises, parking for 700 cars and much more. All over Khan-Shatyr, exotic tropical plants lined up that promise to bloom all year round: the temperature inside the building will not change either in winter or in summer thanks to the dense coating and penetrating sunlight. This will allow visitors to the pool and gym to sunbathe and exercise in almost any weather.
    Before us is the architect of Khan Shatyr_- Norman Foster. He offers to find out the height of the Khan Shatyr building. What is unique about this building? (decorated with a long spire)
    Example solution: Find the meaning of the expressions and add up the results. The amount received will be the answer to the architect’s riddle. (work in groups) everyone solves one example
    1 option 2• 9+ 63= 45+15:3= 6• 2+ 21:3=
    2 option 48-18:3 = 3• 6+82= 27:9+15:3= at the blackboard 3 students 50 — 24:3= 3•9+63= 16:2+2•5=
    Verification of the solution: (slide No. 19- click)
    So what is the length of Khan Shatyr? ( 150 meters) Record the result in the evaluation sheet.
    third attraction. Capital circus.
    3. Guide: At the end of 2005, a UFO landed on the left bank of Astana, in the form of a huge «flying saucer». But it quickly became clear that this was not a visit from an extraterrestrial civilization, but a new metropolitan circus. Thanks to its space architecture, the building stands out noticeably against the city background. The auditorium of the circus can accommodate 2000 spectators. In the center there is a classic arena with a diameter of 13 meters, which is equipped with modern mechanisms for various numbers: flights, ice show, arena. The Circus has a team of 320 people, most of which are artists. The troupe includes young circus performers and honored masters of circus art, winners of international festivals and competitions. Artists of the Astana Circus conduct tours in Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Japan.
    The program of the Circus includes numbers of almost all directions: acrobatics, gymnastics, illusion, clowning, show with animals. African lions, Scottish ponies, camels, bears, donkeys, monkeys and dogs are on a par with people.
    fourth attraction — Entertainment center «Duman»
    Guide: The most famous entertainment center — entertainment complex — «Duman». This is a place to relax with the whole family. On the territory of «Duman» there is an oceanarium, a modern 3D cinema, a theater, slot machines, (slide 28) an attraction «Jungle», a bowling alley, hotels, cafes, restaurants and an indoor water park. Oceanarium entertainment center «Duman» today is the first and so far the only one in the CIS. This is the only aquarium in the world located over 3,000 km away from the ocean itself. The volume of water in the Kazakh Oceanarium is 3 million liters. To create it, 120 tons of sea salt were specially imported. More than 2,000 species of marine inhabitants, representatives of marine fauna from various parts of the world live in the aquarium: stone fish, poisonous lion fish, porcupine fish, sea horse, cow fish, Japanese fighting fish, dog fish, sea anemone. In the main tank, we observe the largest inhabitants of the aquarium: sharks swim here along with giant sea bass, a huge wrasse, the weight and size of which can compete with sharks, as well as batfish and many other fish living in shallow water.
    We are now in the tunnel of the aquarium’s main tank. Its inhabitant is an octopus Offers to find out the thickness of acrylic glass and the length of the tunnel.
    Solving equations. Option 1 21:x=3 350-a=143+137 — student at the blackboard
    Option 2 X •3=21 430+a= 366+134 — student at the blackboard
    Verification of the solution So what is the thickness of the acrylic glass? (7 cm) — look at the ruler. What is the length of the aquarium’s main tank tunnel? — (70 meters.)
    Let’s check the correctness of the solution of the equation for multiplication and division. What component did you find? What rule was used?
    5. Reflection. Putting the final grade on the assessment sheet.
    So, where did we go on tour today? What have you learned? What mathematical knowledge helped us in this?
    6. Summary of the lesson. D / Z — repeat the table on 2 and 3, p. 69 No. 3, No. 6 (2nd column)

    Publication address: https://www.prodlenka.org/metodicheskie-razrabotki/15916-zakreplenie-navykov- umnozhenija-i-delenija-na

    Practicing computational skills based on historical material | Math lesson plan (9class):

    Integrated mathematics lesson in grade 9 for students with disabilities (intellectual disabilities)

    Topic: “Practice of computational skills on historical material. Alexander Nevskiy».

    Purpose: to consolidate the skills of dividing by a two-digit number.


    • practicing mental counting skills;
    • fixing the division algorithm by two-digit number;
    • repetition of multiplication and division by round tens;
    • application of acquired knowledge in new conditions;
    • repetition of historical events connected with the life of Alexander Nevsky;
    • correction of voluntary attention, memory, speech;
    • development of the ability to work together for a common result;
    • education of patriotic feelings;
    • increased interest in the study of mathematics and history;

    Forms of organization of students’ activities:

    • frontal, group, individual.


    1. Multimedia equipment;
    2. Presentation to accompany the lesson;
    3. Self-study cards for each student.
    4. Group worksheets per student.
    5. Reflection card.






    Lesson progress.

    1. Organizational moment. Emotional mood for the lesson. (slide 1)
    2. Oral account. (slide 2-3)
    3. Solve the examples.

    4800 : 60 = 80 16000 : 20 = 800 7200 : 900 = 8 560 : 70 x 100 0 = 8000

    110 x 90 = 9900 800 x 90 \u003d 72000 2100 x 30 \u003d 63000

    Each answer corresponds to a letter, arrange the answers in descending order. What word came out?













      900 72 Subject message. Updating of basic knowledge. (slide 4)

    Today, repeating the material covered in mathematics, we will recall the historical events associated with the life of Prince Alexander Nevsky.

    1. Compose and solve examples (Cards for independent work)

    (slide 5 — check)

    a) reduce the number 68 376 by 56 times (1221)

    b) how many times is the number 23 less than the number 29 049? (1263)

    c) find the twentieth part of the number 24 800 (1240)

    Find the connection between the answers and the dates associated with Alexander Nevsky.

    1221 May 13 Prince Alexander Yaroslavovich was born.

    1263 November 14 Alexander Nevsky died.

    1240 July 15, the Swedish invaders were defeated on the river. Neva.

    1. Consolidation of acquired knowledge. (slide 6)

    Historical information.

    In 1240, the Swedes landed at the mouth of the Neva to march on Novgorod, and the knights of the Livonian Order besieged Pskov. The Swedish leader sent Alexander an arrogant message: «If you can, resist, know that I am already here and will captivate your land.» Alexander decided not to wait for the activity of the Swedes and, with a small squad of Novgorodians and Ladoga, advanced to the Neva and, catching the Swedes by surprise, inflicted a crushing defeat on them. Alexander’s complete victory turned him into a hero. For this victory they called Prince Nevsky. (Source of information — portal Istoriya.RF)

    And we will solve the problem:

    At dawn on a July day in 1240, the elder of the Izhora land, Pelgusius, being on patrol, discovered the Swedish flotilla and hastily sent to report everything to Alexander. The Swedes slowly sailed against the current of the Neva on heavily loaded ships in order to conquer Novgorod by climbing up the river. At what speed did the messenger race «from the sea» to inform the prince about the enemy if he rode, changing horses on the way about 270 km per day?

    1. Physical education minute. (slide 7)
    2. Application of acquired knowledge in new conditions. Recall another event (working in groups of two):

    — remember that the correct result depends on the cohesion of the group 142

    1st 20020: 28 = 715

    715 x 24 = 17160

    2. 20020 : 14 = 1430

    1430 x 13 = 18590


    18590 -17160 = 1430 9 0025

    1430 — 188 = 1242

    In 1242, the Crusader knights were defeated on the ice of Lake Peipus.

    Historical information. (slide 8)

    In April 1242, a battle took place near Lake Peipus between the army of Alexander Nevsky and the Crusader knights. At stake was the independence of the Pskov and Novgorod lands. The Russian army accepted the battle with the Livonian Order, which invaded the Russian lands.

    Nevsky blocked the path of the Order’s army to Novgorod and chose a place for the battle, which was of great importance. The Germans were going to break a strong central regiment, and then attack the flanks. But Alexander Nevsky unraveled this plan and deployed the army differently. Weak regiments were in the center, and strong ones along the flanks.

    Crusaders, putting out long spears, attacked the Russian central regiment and broke through its defensive lines, a fierce battle ensued. After waiting until the whole “pig” was drawn into the battle, Alexander Nevsky gave a signal to the regiments located on the left and right flanks, and with his squad struck the Germans from the rear. Thus, the Order army was completely surrounded. An ambush regiment appeared from behind the shelter, and the German knights began a retreat, which almost immediately turned into a flight. The battle ended in a crushing defeat for the crusaders.

    Thanks to this victory, Novgorod retained trade relations with Europe, and the threat posed by the Order was eliminated, while the rest of Rus’ suffered from princely strife and the consequences of the Tatar conquest.

    1. Summary of the lesson. (slide 9)

    — How many years did Alexander live? (42)

    — At what age did Prince Alexander lead the Russian army in the battle on the Neva? (19 years old)

    — How old was he during the Battle on the Ice? (21)

    — What qualities do you think this person possessed? (student answers)

    Descendants appreciated Alexander Nevsky’s contribution to the defense of the Fatherland. In the 16th century, he was canonized by the Orthodox Church as a saint, and in 2008, according to the results of a large-scale survey of Russians, he was chosen as the «name of Russia.» The Order of Alexander Nevsky is the only one that existed in the Russian Empire, and in the USSR, and in the Russian Federation.

    1. Reflection.

    As a reflective technique, a small questionnaire is used, in which

    students are asked to put a + sign on the line in the place that reflects their attitude to the lesson and the degree of participation in it:


    By alexxlab

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