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Baby Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity

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July 21, 2023



Meaning:star of the sea

Mariana is a feminine name of Portuguese origin similar to Marianna, meaning «star of the sea.» Traditionally used by families in Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries, Mariana has been popular in the US since the 1980s. Its mix of Maria and Ana creates a musical baby name that is easy on the ear while also offering an alternative to Marian and Mary. If you live by the sea or just love the sound of ocean waves, Mariana could be the perfect choice for your new arrival.

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Mariana — Baby Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity

Mariana — Baby Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity | NameberryMenuFind your type now Arrow Right



Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian

«related to the god Mars»

Sun Jul 09 2023By Emma

Mariana Origin and Meaning

The name Mariana is girl’s name of Spanish origin meaning «related to the god Mars».

Mariana is that unusual name that is more than the sum of its parts. While Mary or Maria and Ana or Anna are both perfectly nice classic names, Mariana achieves a lyrical elegance that transcends them.

Unlike its near-soundalike Marianna, which is a combination of Maria and Anna, Mariana has its roots in Ancient Rome. It derives from the Roman name Marianus, from Marius, which ties to the war god Mars or to the Latin root mas, maris, meaning «male».



in the US

Mariana Rank in US Top 1000

Mariana Popularity

  • 243US2022
  • 488Nameberry2023
  • 884England2015
  • 15Portugal2022
  • 21Brazil2020
  • 67Chile2021

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Famous People Named Mariana

  • Mariana Victoria of SpainQueen consort of Joseph I of Portugal
  • Mariana of Austria (born Maria Anna)Queen Consort of Philip IV of Spain
  • Mariana Koskullroyal mistress of Charles XIII and Charles XIV John of Sweden
  • Mariana Ximenes (do Prado Nuzzi)Brazilian actress
  • Mariana BracettiPuerto Rican revolutionary
  • Mariana Duque (Mariño)Colombian tennis player
  • Mariana DiazOliva, Argentinian tennis player
  • Mariana Nery BrochadoBrazilian swimmer
  • Mariana Pellegrino Barretodaughter of Brazilian director Fábio Barreto
  • Mariana Bastón (b. 2003)daughter of actors José Bastón and Natalia Esperón; triplet of brothers Sebastian and José Antonio; stepdaughter of actress Eva Longoria
  • Mariana Oliveira Morales (b. 2010)daughter of actor Esai Morales
  • Mariana Isabel Delgado (adopted 2010)daughter of baseball player Carlos Delgado

Mariana in Pop Culture

  • Mariana Trenchthe deepest part of the world’s oceans (measuring over 11 kilometers deep; located in the Pacific Ocean)
  • Mariana Islandscrescent,shaped archipelago comprising the summits of fifteen mostly dormant volcanic mountains in the western North Pacific Ocean
  • MarianaRoman feminine form of Marianus (derived from Marius)
  • Marianas TrenchCanadian punk/pop band
  • «Mariana» novel by Susanna Kearsley
  • Marianacharacter in 2008 film «The Burning Plain»
  • Mariana Gutierrez; later Mariana Adams Fostercharacter on «The Fosters»

Holidays in the Mariana Islands 2023

The Northern Mariana Islands for many of us remain mysterious distances, where it is expensive and problematic to get even by plane. But the resort area attracts tens of thousands of tourists from the CIS with its tropical exoticism and natural beauty. We will talk about the features of holidays in the Mariana Islands in 2023, attractions, entertainment and prices in this article.

Catamaran vacationers


  • 1 Introduction
    • 1.1 Geographical location of the resort area
  • 2 How to get from Russia to the Mariana Islands
    • 2.1 Rules for entering the Mariana Islands
  • 3 Places to stay tourists
  • 4 Prices in catering establishments and shops
  • 5 Attractions of the islands
    • 5.1 Grotto
    • 5.2 Top of Mount Tapochao
    • 5.3 Chamoli village
    • 5. 4 Bird Island
    • 5.5 American Memorial Park
    • 5.6 Saipan Botanical Garden
  • 6 Shopping
  • 7 Extreme Sports on the Islands
  • 8 rest time


Everyone has heard about the Mariana Trench, the deepest point in the world’s oceans. They talk about it in geography lessons in the fifth grade of secondary schools, as its depth reaches 11 kilometers 775 meters. For modern scuba divers and heavy-duty underwater vehicles of the 21st century, its bottom remains out of reach.

But few people know about the fact that in the Mariana Trench there are more than 15 large and several small islands, where amazingly clear ocean waters and beaches are located, where luxurious hotels for tourists are located and where all conditions for adventure lovers are created.

Let’s stock up on patience and start off on a virtual journey to the islands near the Mariana Trench, in order to then decide on a long tour to the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Northern Mariana Islands on the map:

Geographical location of the resort area

Everyone knows from the course of geography that the deepest oceanic fissure is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is surrounded by a huge chain of small and large islands, where a subtropical climate prevails, characterized by high air temperatures and high humidity. Most of the land here is covered with forests with tropical vegetation.

The 14 Northern Mariana Islands are a separate state called Micronesia. Only the island of Guam belongs to the United States of America.

If you look at the weather forecast for February, March and April 2023, we will see that on the islands of Rota, Tinian, Saipan and Guam, the daytime air temperature will fluctuate between 32-33 degrees Celsius, and the water temperature will stay at + 29 degrees.

At this time in the Northern Mariana Islands, there are many sunny days suitable for wonderful spring sunbathing on amazingly clean beaches.

«The tired sun tenderly said goodbye to the sea»

The bathing season in this region lasts 12 months a year. But in the summer, especially in July, it rains here almost every day. This is not the right time to explore local attractions and relax on the beaches.

Everyone who is going to the Northern Mariana Islands needs to know that they are in a zone of tectonic danger: in this area there are 50 volcanoes on the ocean floor. Earthquakes and typhoons often occur there. Therefore, tourists need to be prepared for these natural disasters.

How to get from Russia to the Mariana Islands

The plane is the only vehicle that will take Russian tourists to the islands. But there are no direct flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities of the Russian Federation.

Our travelers need to fly to Tokyo, Shanghai or Seoul and change there.

Pacific Island Exotic does not have a rail network. There is no public transport on it, the means of transportation here are only taxis and rented cars, which are offered by dozens of companies.

Prices for round-trip air tickets from Moscow to Guam Island are actually the same for all months. The average amount is 65 thousand 736 rubles. In dollar terms, this is $ 1.077.

Rules for entry to the Mariana Islands

For a long time, for Russian citizens, staying on the islands for tourist purposes did not require a visa, provided that they stay in the country for no more than one and a half months. To go through customs formalities, the traveler had to present a foreign passport, an itinerary receipt / electronic ticket indicating the return date of departure, as well as a completed migration card.

However, due to the fact that Russian citizens increasingly began to violate the rules of staying in the country, staying on the islands for more than 45 days, the US authorities decided to introduce a visa regime.

From October 3, 2023, Russian citizens wishing to visit the Northern Mariana Islands will need a visa. At the same time, for a trip to Saipan or Guam, you will have to apply for an American B1 / B2 visa.

B1/B2 is a tourist type of visa, it is multiple entry and can be issued for a period of 1 to 3 years. The period of stay in the country is set individually and can be in the range of 1-6 months.

Places to stay for tourists

This is what elite hotels in the Northern Mariana Islands look like

The Northern Mariana Islands is a prestigious international resort that survives solely on tourists. Places in hotels, guest houses, hostels or in the private sector are best booked on specialized sites, where hundreds of offers are collected.

The most expensive hotels on the islands are hotels and private villas for rent, which are located on the coastline, and their star rating. Here, tourists are offered one or two meals a day, luxurious rooms with all amenities and other goodies.

Cheaper housing is located inland. There prices are much more affordable. Every Russian tourist flying to the Pacific coast on his own or with children can choose a suitable place of residence for himself.

Prices in dollars for one night in the hotels of the island start from the amount of 89 and end with the figure of 240 USD. Not everyone will be able to master it. Therefore, places to spend the night should be looked for in the offers of local residents who ask from $ 25 for a room with a bed.

Prices in public catering establishments and shops

You can have a tasty meal in the restaurants of your native cities, which today specialize in the preparation of various national dishes from cuisines around the world. But to see the exotic natural wealth of the Pacific Ocean is possible only in the Northern Mariana Islands.

Restaurant terrace overlooking the ocean

This chapter is not intended to encourage tourists not to visit local restaurants. Here we will talk about the prices for the most necessary foodstuffs, of which it is possible to cook your own food while relaxing in the subtropical zone.

So, living in the private sector, our tourists will be able to purchase the following food supplies.

One liter of milk — $2, a 500 g loaf of fresh white bread for $2.70, 1 kg of potatoes for $2.20 and 1 kg for $2.80.

A pack of 12 chicken eggs costs $4. For 1 kg of beef or other red meat, you will have to pay 8.80 dollars, for chicken breast 7 dollars.

1 kg of white rice for porridge or pilaf costs $3.60.

A 1.5 liter bottle of mineral water will cost 0.50 cents. Red wine — 9USD, a bottle of local beer 2.40, and imported 2.50, a pack of Marlboro cigarettes — 5. 50 dollars.

The following rates are observed in restaurants for inexpensive meals. For one person you will have to pay 10 USD, a restaurant of an average price category for lunch or dinner for 2 persons will ask 50 USD.

A 0.33 ml bottle of water will cost $1, a 0.33 ml bottle of Coke will cost $1.10, a beer (local draft) will cost $2, and a 0.33 ml bottle will cost $5.

Based on these data, tourists from the CIS will decide for themselves where it is better for them to eat: in an expensive restaurant or in rented accommodation.

Attractions of the islands

Wild beach

There are many objects worthy of attention of tourists on 15 islands. It is possible to write several dozen pages about each, going into the depths of history. Therefore, travelers will be able to read about unique in their beauty grottoes, waterfalls, botanical gardens, reserves, bays, bays and museums by choosing a specific island for the tour, and we will focus on the most exclusive sights.

Each island of the Marianas archipelago is an attraction in itself. However, the islands of Saipan and Guam are considered the most visited and famous.


This is a natural cave in Saipan. Divers have called it one of the most beautiful places in the world. Grotto Cave has several underwater exits to the Pacific Ocean, and the lakes in it reach a depth of 15 meters. You can get into this cave on your own or by ordering an excursion tour, which costs an average of $55 per person.

Top of Mount Tapochao

This is the highest point on the island and offers a magnificent view of the surrounding nature. On this top is a statue of Jesus Christ. You can visit this observation deck for free.

Chamoli village

It is located in the heart of the Garapan shopping center. Its creators restored the architecture and life of the indigenous inhabitants of the island, and now everyone can peel a coconut, weave a wreath, make beads, or even carve a real canoe. Tourists are also provided with a visit to the Chamolin dance show and traditional games on the beach. There are duty free shops inside Garapan.

Bird Island

This is a reserve that allows you to observe the life of birds from a special viewing platform. The cost of the tour may vary depending on what visitors will be doing in the reserve.

American Memorial Park

Started in 1994. Its creation is dedicated to the three thousand fallen American soldiers in World War II in these places. However, it is not only a memorial in nature, many holidays and thematic festivals are held here, and it is also intended for outdoor activities. The park is equipped with walking paths, it is possible to play tennis, surf and just swim. Entrance to this park is absolutely free.

Saipan Botanical Garden

About 2,000 different tropical plants are displayed in this garden, and all visitors can taste various exotic fruits.

In addition to sightseeing, most tourists come here for a great beach holiday: the bright color of clear water, the finest white sand. All this makes a holiday on the coast an ideal place to relax with toddlers and older children.


Holidays in the Mariana Islands 2023 — prices and attractions should appeal to any tourist from the CIS.

Bringing something out of the ordinary from the Northern Mariana Islands is almost impossible. There is no factory production of any unique local souvenir materials.

Local supermarkets and private shops sell beach accessories: sunglasses, caps, cowboy straw hats, swimming trunks, swimwear, snorkel masks, air mattresses and life buoys.

Tourists from the CIS say that for $10 you can buy good cotton T-shirts with amazing views of the beauties there. Other clothes on the islands are quite expensive. Hypermarkets sell perfumes and jewelry from well-known manufacturers, but their prices are over the top.

Bo-Jo-Bo doll looks like a talisman of strength and love

People often talk about the home-made doll-amulet Bo-Jo-Bo sold on the island of Saipan. Among the locals, it is considered a symbol of love, strength and wealth. They say that, having bought this souvenir for yourself, the money to its owner begins to flow like a river. The body of the doll is made from bojobo nuts, and the arms and legs are woven from coconut fiber. The souvenir consists of two dolls representing a love couple.

Extreme sports on the islands

Where there is an ocean, you can’t do without diving , surfing, water skiing, motor and row boats, yacht racing.

Numerous sports clubs offer vacationers a variety of swimming, spearfishing and swimming equipment at a moderate cost.

More accurate prices should be found on the Internet, as the cost of attributes fluctuates in different seasons.

Taking precautions and safety while resting

Although they write on many information sites that the beaches of the Northern Mariana Islands are absolutely safe for vacationers, you don’t really need to believe this.

Most of the coast is located near the impenetrable jungle, from which poisonous snakes or scorpions can crawl onto the sea sand.

Poisonous cobras love to crawl to the Pacific beaches

Therefore, while walking along the beaches and relaxing in the shade of palm trees, you need to be extremely attentive to what is under your feet.

In order to avoid sudden illnesses from the bite of local insects and reptiles, every tourist must have medical insurance. With this policy, a person will be required to provide free emergency medical care.

The waters of the Pacific Ocean are home to many predatory fish, one of which is sharks. This should be known and remembered by all scuba diving enthusiasts, divers and hunters.

It’s not a fact that divers will meet with a white cannibal shark, about which hundreds of horror films have been filmed, but everyone needs to stay away from fish of this breed: both scuba divers and bathers.

In the Mariana Islands, there is an extended solar activity zone, where it is easy to get skin burns or sunstroke. When going there on vacation, be sure to take hats, sunglasses, sunburn creams and light underwear with you.

It is dangerous to stay in the sun for a long time during the day

Theft exists in any country in the world. This is something to keep in mind while away from home. Vacationers should store all dollar cash, bank cards, photo and video equipment, mobile phones, and jewelry in safe places so that intruders do not steal them on the beaches while vacationers are swimming.

It is advisable to insure all the named valuables before flying to the Mariana Islands.

Doubtful foods that are sold in inexpensive kiosks should also be treated with great caution. They can cause indigestion, exacerbation of gastritis and peptic ulcers.

Allergic people should not pick up and smell beautiful, but unknown to them, plants and flowers, the smell of which can cause swelling of the respiratory tract, redness and itching of the skin.

Lovers of holiday romances should not lose their vigilance after meeting charming-looking women and men. People need to remember that under the guise of «the very tenderness and charm» a hardened swindler, rapist or maniac can be hiding.

Nature lovers are not recommended to go for walks in the local jungle without guides, where you can meet not only safe forest rabbits, but also huge snakes and other wild animals that can attack a person.

Thunderstorm in the ocean

Yachtsmen, drivers of motor and rowing boats, going on boat trips to the ocean, should study the weather forecast the day before in order not to get into a thunderstorm that can bring a strong storm.

By following all these guidelines, people will be able to have a great and trouble-free holiday in the Northern Mariana Islands, whose beaches, nature and attractions will appeal to people with different expectations from the trip.

Information about the Marianas | Travel agency Roza Vetrov

The Mariana Archipelago is the offspring of American democracy. These islands have been unlucky with their owners all their lives. Either Spain will take them to itself, then Germany, then Japan. As a result, «beloved» by many US residents, President George W. Bush united the Northern Mariana Islands with Guam, and the Marianas archipelago thus became a «stars and stripes» territory.

The Mariana Islands is another place on earth that competes for the title of paradise. When you get here, you understand that the best thing in the world is doing nothing. On one side of this archipelago is the Pacific Ocean, on the other, the Philippine Sea has crept up. Here you can jump from island to island and quickly «sing along» your summer.

with Moscow

+7 hours

with Kaliningrad +8 hours from Irkutsk +2
with Samara +6 with Yakutsk +1
with Yekaterinburg +5 with Vladivostok no
with Omsk +4 from Severo-Kurilsky -1
from Krasnoyarsk +3 with Kamchatka -2

Getting there

There are two important points in this archipelago — Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. There are no direct flights from Russia in both directions. You can fly to Guam with a connection in Tokyo or Seoul, or use a charter via Manila. Everything about everything will take you about 16 hours.

About the same amount of time you will spend flying to Saipan via Shanghai, Tokyo or Seoul.


Citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a visa to visit the Mariana Archipelago for the purpose of tourism for up to 45 days.

Currency of the Mariana Archipelago

The country’s monetary unit is the US Dollar (USD), in 1 dollar 100 cents.


In the Northern Mariana Islands, the most convenient mode of transport is by plane. An indispensable means of transportation, given the remoteness of the islands. There is no railway here, and public transport is poorly developed. It is best to rent a car or use the tourist buses that stop at the hotel, shops and restaurants.

Public transport is easier on Guam. There are 15 bus routes operating here. Buses run every day, except Sunday, with an interval of 30 minutes. True, drivers will not go anywhere after 7 pm. The trip costs a dollar. Day pass is $3.

There are also open-top buses running around the island, which are best for sightseeing tours so you can see and photograph the sights in detail.


There are several beaches in the archipelago that attract the most tourists. One of the cleanest and most beautiful is Micro Beach. For fans of snorkeling, Lao Lao Bay is suitable, and for fans of outdoor food, Ladair Beach, picnics are often arranged here. And Paupau Beach offers playgrounds for sports.

In principle, anyone can choose a beach to their liking. It is not necessary to go to the territory crowded with tourists — within a few minutes you will definitely find a secluded corner where no one will bother you. There are enough wild beaches on the archipelago. True, while swimming, it is worth taking into account the strength of receding waves, as well as monitor the coral rubble that scratches bare feet.

Cuisine and restaurants

The cuisine of the Mariana Archipelago is a bizarre mixture of traditions from many countries. This is not surprising given the history of the area. Each owner left a mark in food.

The cuisine has incorporated recipes from China, France, Italy, the USA and Japan. Cafes and restaurants serve traditional meat dishes with spicy sauces — roasted lamb and beef ribs. Chefs prepare simple poultry soups with corn, rice, potatoes and spinach. In the course of coconut soup with vegetables and curry, as well as broth with tomatoes and minced meat.

Naturally, no self-respecting place can do without fish dishes: char-grilled, boiled, smoked or baked with various vegetables, fish is served with sauce, mussels, beans or ordinary noodles. They also make tuba coconut wine in the archipelago — this is the naturally fermented juice of a young coconut with a very specific taste.


In the Northern Mariana Islands, the best hotels are located on Saipan. There is a good selection of three and four star hotels. The cost of living is from $90 per night.

In Guam, the center of luxury hotels, shops and restaurants is located in Tumon Bay. International hotel chains work here — Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott and many others. Most often near the bay you can find luxury hotels that take huge chunks of the cleanest beaches. Cheaper rooms are located a little deeper into the coastline.

Shopping and shops

The Mariana Archipelago is a whole bunch of souvenirs that tourists buy in tons. This is what vacationers most often take home: souvenirs from shells and coconuts, hats and bags from the leaves of tropical plants, textiles and paintings, products made from agate, corals and pearls.

Each store has its own opening hours, but none of them will open their doors on Sunday — they rest. The exception is large shopping centers that do not want to lose profits.

The archipelago is full of duty-free shops selling global brands from Chanel and Louis Vuitton to Gucci and Rolex. Prices here are an order of magnitude lower than in the US itself. Payment in stores — in US dollars or credit cards, however, cards may not be accepted on outlying islands. There are commercial banks on the larger islands if you need to cash a check. Going to a small island, it is best to take plenty of cash with you.

3 things to do in the Marianas

  1. Snorkeling is a type of swimming with fins and a snorkel. With such equipment, you can spend a lot of time in the ocean, exploring the underwater world. Snorkeling is a favorite pastime of the locals. They are used by adults and children. You will be taught too.
  2. Visit the Micronesian Arts and Crafts Fair — an annual event in Guam. Representatives of exotic states like Nauru, Kiribati and Belau flock here. The highlight of the program is the dance and song festival. The fair is visited by about 20 thousand people.
  3. Save the Guam shepherd is an endangered species of native bird, otherwise known as «ko-ko». Every year, the Ko-Ko Road Half Marathon is held in her honor. People gather and run 20 kilometers, drawing attention to the problem of the disappearance of the bird. You will have to run along the beaches and villages, so a beautiful landscape is guaranteed during the rescue action.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions in the Marianas

One of the most interesting attractions in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Chamorro Street

This street is located in Guam. Locals gather here every evening, play, sing, dance, cook delicious meals and sell souvenirs. Chamorro is the name of the natives of the island. Their history, among other things, can be studied from the ancient Latte stones — the columns on which dwellings were built.

Fort Apugan

Fort Alugan is located near the capital of Guam. Here in 1944 there were battles between the armies of Japan and the United States. Hundreds of soldiers are buried in a large meadow, and the remains of a German cruiser and Japanese ships lie at the bottom of the sea.

By alexxlab

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