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Targeting Maths Australian Curriculum Edition — Mental Maths: Year 3 — Pascal Press Educational Resources and Supplies

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Part of the series Targeting Maths Australian Curriculum Edition — Mental Maths.

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In line with updated curriculums for the 2023 / 2024 school year, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Targeting Mental Maths 2022 Editions for Years 1, 2 & 3. The new editions are fully updated, and have all the features that educators love about Targeting Mental Maths.

When children can solve problems in their heads, they feel more confident in their own abilities. The development of mental computation progresses through a range of strategies that can be improved by regular practice. The Targeting Mental Maths series targets the structured development of the children’s mental maths strategies.

Each double-page weekly unit includes an explanation and practice of a specific mental strategy alongside sets of focused questions that reinforce important basic facts. The Problem of the week is a motivating problem that gets children thinking and applying their mathematical skills.

The Year 3 Targeting Mental Maths book has been written to complement the Targeting Maths Australian Curriculum Year 3 Student Book. The two-page weekly units run parallel to the contents in the student book. Units are divided into four terms of work and each term ends with a Revision Unit. There are 35 units in total.

A unit consists of two facing pages. The left-hand page has three groups of quick mental exercises that constantly practise the necessary maths facts. The right-hand page always starts with an explanation and practice of a mental strategy. This is followed by exercises that include work on space, measurement, position, number, data, chance etc. The page concludes with a problem of the week. Answer pages are in the centre of the book so that the complete section can be easily pulled out and kept separate if the teacher so wishes.

ISBN 9781922887252
Publisher Pascal Press
Product Type Student Books,
Year Level Year 3,
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can mental arithmetic harm — Teacher’s newspaper

Children, as a rule, bear little resemblance to the generation of their mothers and grandmothers. Those who were born in a modern technological society are easier to navigate in large amounts of data. However, often a child who copes well with gadgets finds it difficult to add two-digit numbers. Or turns to a calculator to perform a simple multiplication. What to do with it: to accept or to occupy it with mental arithmetic?

Photo: pixabay. com

About what mental arithmetic is and why it is needed, the magazine «Family and School» reports.

What is mental arithmetic

Mental arithmetic is not just a system for counting. It is important for the development of intelligence, suitable for both children and adults. Supporters of this method are sure that it helps to solve complex mathematical examples in the mind, develops memory, logic, the ability to multitask and concentrate.

Mental arithmetic is taught using special abacus or soroban. Students perform mechanical exercises on the abacus, count in the mind.

The main advantages of mental arithmetic

This method of teaching has quite a few advantages. Actions in the mind develop intelligence, concentration, logical thinking. Experts consider the harmonious development of interhemispheric ties to be one of the advantages.

The right hemisphere of the human brain is responsible for the imagination, it allows you to imagine and «process» the picture that is on the abacus. The left hemisphere of the brain is involved in problem solving. So in the lessons of mental arithmetic, the brain works at 100%. His hemispheres closely interact in this process, guaranteeing harmonious development.

Another positive aspect is multitasking. Children who have successfully mastered the «mental» can easily sing and count at the same time. Any physical exercise during mental counting is a simple “trick” that even toddlers perform. The combination of physical and mental activity perfectly trains the body and brain.

The development of figurative thinking, the ability to think logically, concentrate on a specific task and quickly perform it, is also considered a plus of «mental skills». In the classroom, children solve examples for a certain time. They quickly record the result, are not distracted by extraneous activities and are not confused in the numbers received.

However, mental arithmetic also has its weaknesses.

What are the shortcomings of the «mental»

The disadvantage that comes to light due to the inappropriate age for classes is confusion about the school curriculum and the «oral counting» program. You should not bring your child to study «mental arithmetic» at the same time as going to first grade. In this case, it will be difficult for him. First-graders learn to count to 10 for quite a long time, and students of mental arithmetic almost immediately begin to operate with double-digit numbers. In this case, the child will simply get confused where and how to count. To avoid this, the child should be brought to mental arithmetic either before the start of school, or already in the 2nd or 3rd grade.

It happens that children who are successful in mental arithmetic become inattentive. When solving complex examples in their minds, they concentrate all their attention on this, and not on writing an answer. Sometimes they decide correctly, and the answer out of inattention is written with an error.

The most noticeable minus is the advance of the school curriculum. Those who can quickly count are distinguished by developed logical and abstract thinking, such children can be bored in a regular school, count indented cells during registration, and describe in detail each stage of solving a problem.

Like any system of additional education, mental arithmetic has its pros and cons. Its need for a particular child is determined by the parents. After all, every child is different. For a test, you can attend several classes — so you can understand whether this training system suits him or not.

Mathematics and mental arithmetic — Goodwin Academy, Bor

Mental arithmetic

This is the development of right-brain thinking
Quick counting
Development of attention
Excellent visual and photographic memory
Education of adequate self-esteem and faith in success

Mental arithmetic

Goodwin Academy combines mental arithmetic with school mathematics. This gives us a greater effect in eliminating gaps in the school curriculum and developing mathematical thinking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do classes take place?

Classes are held in groups of up to 6 people 2 times a week. The best students participate in Russian and international Olympiads.

Who benefits from mental arithmetic?

Toddlers from 5 years to develop more synaptic connections in the cerebral cortex. This is a good impetus for the development of mental abilities in the future.
For schoolchildren to develop quick thinking and counting skills in particular
For adults to maintain high brain performance, to develop memory and to prevent age-related changes.

School Mathematics

Gaps in one math topic usually lead to misunderstanding of topics in high school. At the Goodwin Academy, school mathematics classes are conducted according to the programs of Lyudmila Peterson and Arkady Merzlyak. Children understand topics that are difficult for them: solving problems, equations, modules, logarithms, trigonometry, degrees in geometry, preparing for the VPR. As a result, school performance in mathematics increases by 1-2 points. And children can easily cope with control work and independently solve remote sensing.

Preparation for the OGE and the Unified State Examination

Admission to the desired university depends on how successfully the exam in mathematics is passed. In order to easily cope with it, children at the Goodwin Academy repeat all the basic topics in algebra and geometry, starting from grade 7. And only after that they train on the approximate versions of the exam. Basic principle: the child should understand any studied topic in algebra and geometry. With a timely request for preparation help, the guys get 5 in the exam with a good percentage of completion.

Mental arithmetic is now becoming more and more popular. In order to navigate the many proposals for schools, we offer to compare them.

Shcherbakova Lyubov Aleksandrovna

Education: State educational institution of secondary vocational education «Gorodets Pedagogical College».

Specialty «Primary school teacher, teacher of the extended day group.»

Additional education:

International Socio-Humanitarian Institute. “The teacher-educator of the extended day group. Design and implementation of educational activities within the framework of the Federal State Educational Standard»

Advanced training of ANO DPO «OC Kamenny Gorod» under the program: «Peculiarities of studying the rules of the road within the framework of classroom and extracurricular activities»


Federal State Educational Institution SPO Bor Glass Industrial and Economic College «specialty:» Fundamentals of Accounting and Economic Knowledge»

Work experience: School No. 7 in Gorodets — educator, kindergarten «Thumbelina» in Bor — educator, «Orthodox gymnasium» in Bor — educator in the GPA.

I am convinced that school is an amazing country. Impressions from the school remain for life. A person, like a temple, is founded in childhood.

By alexxlab

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