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The All-Russian Olympiad in mental arithmetic was held in St. Petersburg

On March 3, the All-Russian Olympiad in mental arithmetic «AMAKids Cup of St. Petersburg 2019» was held at the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

350 children from 5 to 16 years old from the northern capital and regions of Russia took part in the large-scale event.

Competitions were held in three age categories: preschoolers aged 5-7, schoolchildren aged 7-9and 10-16 years old.

At the qualifying round in the classroom, the participants solved examples from sight. Then, in front of an enthusiastic audience, the leaders in each of the categories fought in a quick mental count in the assembly hall of the university.

The guys’ emotions were running high, because the finalists had no right to make a mistake. To determine the winners in the individual categories, the finalists solved 10 double-digit problems with an interval of 0. 4 seconds each.

The counting virtuosos also took part in a creative competition, where each child demonstrated their talents by performing several actions at once: solving examples in their mind and simultaneously reading poems, singing or playing the flute. The victory in the creative competition was won by Maria Vorobyeva from St. Petersburg, who very artistically told Krylov’s fable «The Dragonfly and the Ant» and at the same time accurately counted two examples of 100 arithmetic operations each, synchronously displayed on the screen.

The organizers of the Olympiad express their gratitude to all sponsors for their support and gifts to the winners, as well as to SPbGASU for providing the venue and assistance in the implementation of the event.


Names of the winners of the All-Russian Olympiad in mental arithmetic Cup AMAKids 2019 in St. Petersburg:

Junior category “Easy”:

1st place — Streltsova Daria 90 035 2nd place — Lyudvikov Dmitry
3rd place — Shestopalova Julia

Middle category «Easy»:

1st place — Victoria Lapenko
2nd place — Ekaterina Golovkina
3rd place — Roman Evmenenko ⠀

Senior category «Easy»:

1st place — Sergey Trofimov
3 place — Sveshnikov Arseniy

Junior category «Brothers»:

1st place — Kardanov Daniyar
2nd place — Kulikeeva Asel
3rd place — Shapieva Madina

Middle category «Brothers»:

1st place — Dzha Sheeva Asia
2nd place — Jamaludinov Aydemir
3rd place — Grebenyuk Roman

Senior category «Brothers»:

1st place — Dikaeva Iman
2nd place — Strigin Vadim
3rd place — Nabiev Said

Junior category neck «Friends»:

1 place — Lukashov Artem
2nd place — Isaev Ibragim
3rd place — Zhuravlev Artemy

Senior category «Friends»:

1st place — Yakimov Ivan
2nd place — Sabaev Alexander
3rd place — Ovsyannikova Yaroslava 90 005

Junior category «Anzan»:

1st place — Sinitsyn Roman
2nd place — Rastokina Elizaveta
3rd place — Panasyuk Maxim

Senior category «Anzan»:

1st place — Severyukhina Sofia
2nd place — Tataurova Sofia
3rd place — Aleksey Stetsyuk

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