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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Expecting Moms

Mother’s Day is coming up, which means it’s time to put together the perfect present for not only the maternal figures who helped raise you but also the people in your life who are soon-to-be mothers themselves! Whether the person expecting is your partner, spouse, best friend, or colleague, take the opportunity to spoil them with a gift ahead of having their child. From flowers to frames, there’s a host of wonderful Mother’s Day presents you can treat them to. Take a look at some of our favorite gifts for those expecting moms in your life:


Spa Treatments

Being pregnant or in the process of adopting can be an incredibly stressful time, not to mention the pressure that follows birth or adoption! So, help the expecting mama take a load off by gifting them a relaxing prenatal massage, facial, manicure, pedicure or any other pregnancy-safe spa therapy you know they’ll enjoy.


Fresh Bouquets

Flowers are a classic gift for nearly all occasions, and for good reason! They bring joy and serenity to any room. For an expecting mother, consider a floral arrangement for Mother’s Day containing flowers that symbolize motherhood. For example, carnations are the official Mother’s Day flower (especially pink ones), and lilies have long been associated with divine femininity and motherliness in both Eastern and Western cultures. Or you can always opt for a flower gift basketas a thoughtful gesture for anyone who is expecting.



Often exceeding the life span of bouquets, a live Mother’s Day plant will make an excellent long-lasting gift. The best part? The expecting mother won’t necessarily need a green thumb to keep it going! From orchids that require a bit more care to hardy succulents that can withstand almost anything, there’s a houseplant for every soon-to-be mama.


Gourmet Food Gift Baskets

From pregnancy cravings to just a bit of comfort eating, many expecting mothers will want a yummy treat from time to time! And, we know that a delightful high-end snack gift basket will hit the spot. From fresh fruit and nuts to an array of decadent candies and cookies for something more indulgent, there’s a basket for everyone this Mother’s Day!


Picture Frames and Photo Albums

Although most of us use our smartphones to store our photos, there’s nothing quite like an old-fashioned hard copy kept in a beautiful frame or photo book. From ultrasounds and birth or adoption certificates to birthing and coming home photos, there are so many pictures you’ll want to cherish and keep safe forever. A baby-themed photo frame or album is the perfect way to protect these memories.

Whatever gift you choose to send this Mother’s Day, be sure to order it before the expecting mother welcomes their baby into the world and their home! They’ll cherish your thoughtfulness and it will be a representation of how much you care and support them in their journey.

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Sweet Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Pregnant Wife

Your pregnant wife has a lot on her plate. From frequent doctor visits to shopping for baby clothes, there’s a lot to take care of before giving birth. On top of all this, she has to deal with the emotional and physical toll that is weighing on her during her pregnancy. As her husband, you need to look for ways of making her feel special.

And what better way than getting a gift for the mom-to-be on Mother’s Day! Remember that even if she hasn’t given birth, she is already making mother-level sacrifices: morning sickness, sleepless nights, bloating, and countless other unpleasant symptoms.

Read on to get inspiration for your pregnant wife’s Mother’s Day gift, whether it’s a gift that will make her more comfortable or one that will be useful after the delivery.

How to Pick Out a Mother’s Day Gift for Your Pregnant Wife

  • Buy a gift that will ease her pain. With swollen feet, an aching lower back, and persistent nausea, there are so many options for giving her some much-needed comfort.
  • Practical gifts will go a long way as well, especially if they’re going to be useful for years to come.
  • We probably don’t have to say this, but don’t just get her something that you like and would use often. Be thoughtful and attuned to her likes and needs.

A Few Other Things to Consider When Buying Your Pregnant Wife a Mother’s Day Gift

  • Your wife’s age
  • Her favorite colors
  • The prices of different gifts
  • The gift’s packaging 

Top Gifts to Buy Your Pregnant Wife

After knowing what to consider when buying your wife a gift, you may be looking for gift ideas. Below are some gift ideas for a pregnant woman.

1. Maternity Bag

Depending on how long your wife has been pregnant, you may be thinking about buying her a maternity bag. This item is quite essential since your wife will need it when going to the hospital for delivery. She’ll also need it for all the baby’s essentials when out and about: diapers, wipes, bottles, etc.  

  • upsimples Diaper Bag Backpack ($28.99)
  • Chuntianli Diaper Bag Backpack with Changing Pad ($16.99)

2. New Clothes

As the pregnancy progresses, your wife is likely to outgrow her old clothes, so maternity clothes are a great option that will make her feel more comfortable and confident. Just make sure they’re the right size by subtly asking or checking the current sizes of the clothing she’s wearing at this point in the pregnancy.

Nursing tops will also be useful for when the baby is born and your wife is opting to breastfeed. But you can also get her a beautiful maternity dress for her baby shower or other special occasions. And don’t forget to compliment how great she looks in it!

  • NOM Maternity Naomi Maternity Dress ($128.00)
  • Ekouaer Maternity Clothes Women’s Nursing Tops ($16.99)

3. Personalized Jewelry Pieces

Personalized jewelry is a great idea for this occasion. Have your wife and child (or children’s) names engraved on a necklace or bracelet so they can cherish it for years to come.

  • EFYTAL Mother & Children Necklace ($40.50)
  • Sierra Metal Design Personalized Kids’ Names Necklace Gift for Mom ($19.95)

4. Organic Body Care Products

Pregnant women have to be careful with the body care products they use since so many contain harmful ingredients, so if you get her lotions, creams, or bath products, make sure they’re made from organic ingredients. Look for moisturizing ingredients like cocoa or shea butter so that she can prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Also, ensure that the products are free of sulfates, BPA, phthalates, and parabens since these compounds are bad for sensitive skin.

  • Our Green House Pregnancy Gift Basket ($110.00)
  • Bump Boxes 3rd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box ($49.99)

5. Baby Book

A baby book will hold a lot of sentimental value as your child grows and you keep record of their milestones. This way, your wife can record the day the unborn child first kicked and include sonogram photos and the baby’s tiny foot and handprints. Then, one day, you can both share these memories with your child when they’re old enough.

  • Pearhead First 5 Years Chevron Baby Memory Book ($19.99)
  • Pearhead First 5 Years Baby Memory Book with Sonogram Photo Insert ($19.99)

6. Maternity Compression Socks

Your wife’s body is likely to go through many changes during pregnancy, including swelling of the feet and ankles. With this issue in particular, maternity compression socks can be a lifesaver.

These socks will put steady pressure on your wife’s legs and feet, preventing unpleasant swelling, pain, and varicose veins.

The compression socks we have listed come in a variety of patterns and colors, but there are many plain color options as well!

  • Compression Socks 20-30 Mmhg ($19.37)

7. Mom-to-Be Card

A mom-to-be card is an excellent gift to give to your pregnant wife on Mother’s Day. It will show her how much you support and love her. To make it a perfect gift, ensure that the card has a message expressing how much you care for her, and how excited you are to meet your little one.

You can accompany the mom-to-be card with a bar of chocolate or a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

  • Prime Greetings Mother’s Day Card For Mother-To-Be ($6.99)

8. Pampering Session

Pregnant or not, your wife will be sure to appreciate a spa day. Bath bombs, face masks, candles, a massage—show her that she deserves to kick back and relax!

When buying these products, ensure that you buy products that pregnant women can use. If possible, opt for organic and all-natural products.

  • Dear Ava Pregnancy Spa Gift Box ($39.99)

9. Mini Instant Camera

A mini instant camera is a creative Mother’s Day gift that will help you and your wife capture almost every step of her pregnancy journey. With the instant printing function of these cameras, you can put them on display immediately or place them in a photo album. The choice is yours!

  • Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera ($68.49)

10. Date Night

You might be wondering about when you will take your pregnant wife out on a date when all she does is sleep. Mother’s Day is a perfect day to do this. On this day, take her to her favorite restaurant. Come up with the activities that you will do during the day. From a picnic in the park to fun and games, make that day enjoyable for her.

11. Birth Month Glass Dish

If your wife has a lot of trinkets or earrings, rings, and other jewelry pieces, she needs a place where she can keep track of all of them.

To ensure that they do not get lost, buy her a birth month glass dish. These personalized dishes are made from stained glass and contain crystals and beads threaded along a copper wire. They are of different colors, with each color representing a specific month.

  • Birth Month Mini Dish ($44.00)
  • Jewel-Tone Birth Month Dish ($24. 00)

12. Succulent

You probably wonder why you should buy your wife a plant when she is likely not to have much free time after having a baby. But a succulent will make a great, low-maintenance Mother’s Day gift for a woman who loves flowers.

  • Costa Farms Succulent ($32.99)

It is good to gift your pregnant wife on Mother’s Day. When choosing the items to buy her, think about what she likes, her favorite colors, and her needs. It would help if you aimed to buy something that will keep on giving or solving some of your wife’s problems.

The above list is only a small sample of the awesome gifts we have listed on our site. Browse the rest of our collections at Elfster to find the best gift for your pregnant wife!

choose a gift for a girlfriend or wife


  • Classification of gifts for a pregnant woman
  • Gifts for expectant mother
  • Gifts for mom and baby
  • Useful gifts

Pregnancy is a special time when the female nervous system becomes receptive even to familiar situations. Often a girl in a position and she herself does not understand why she is upset. Therefore, any gift should be selected very carefully, with an analysis of its possible reaction. Unusual gifts that have a complex connotation are best left for another time. A present can only be something that will undoubtedly cause her a positive attitude.

Classification of gifts for a pregnant woman

When choosing a present for a future mother, many people are more guided by the needs of the baby. This is good because baby gifts save part of the budget of young parents. But a pregnant woman is not only a future mother, so it is better if the gift becomes equally useful not only to the child, but also to her.

Psychological studies show that a very large proportion of pregnant women are concerned about personal attractiveness and maintaining social status. That is why many women in the position lead an active lifestyle and continue to work, especially if their activities are engaged in running a personal business. When asking yourself what to give a pregnant woman, it is worth classifying possible gifts into the following categories:

  • gifts for a future mother;
  • gifts for expectant mother and baby;
  • neutral useful gifts that do not have a personal purpose, but will greatly facilitate the life of the expectant mother and father, and even their baby.

Congratulations for a pregnant woman

Gifts for a future mother

It is especially pleasant for a pregnant woman if the gifts express sincere attention to her. That is, they will have a personal component. During the period of expectation of the child, the body of the expectant mother divides all the useful that he has, for two . This useful gift can support the vitamin balance of a pregnant woman.

  • Tea bouquet. Women during pregnancy find it difficult to perceive even their favorite fragrances . A set of different varieties of good tea, decorated in a beautiful bouquet, will please, for example, a pregnant sister. You can also add sweets and cookies.
  • Notebook “My happy pregnancy”. Such a notebook can become a family heirloom . A touching memory not only for the mother, but also for her baby, who by that time will become an adult.
  • Fitball . This large gym ball relieves lumbar tension . This is a great gift for a pregnant girl on her birthday.
  • Maternity pillow . Pillow for pregnant women is a kind of soft «bagel», which is located around the body of a woman, allowing her to take a comfortable position during sleep. And after the birth of a baby, this pillow is convenient to use when feeding. As a gift set, you can also present nursing linen .
  • natural shampoo or hair strengthening lotion. Often lack of vitamins causes the future mother’s hair to actively fall out. You can help with a special hair and nail complex for a nursing mother by adding a shampoo with a similar action as a gift.
  • Theater tickets . Such a gift would be appropriate to give a pregnant woman. Going to the theater will allow the expectant mother to relax morally and get a lot of positive emotions.
  • Tea bouquet

    Maternity pillow

    Maternity and nursing underwear

    Gifts for mom and baby

    Gifts meant for both mom and her unborn baby are usually very nice for any pregnancy noah women

    Options for presents for the baby and his mother:

    1. Funny diaper cake . There are never too many diapers! Pampers collected in the form of a cake are a witty and necessary gift. Such a gift can even be given to a pregnant girlfriend for her birthday.
    2. Set natural cosmetics for baby and mother. It should not contain chemical impurities.
    3. Children’s « cocoon «. A kind of mattress, which has an anatomically correct shape, corresponding to the position of the child in the mother’s tummy. Kids in such a mattress feel very good and fall asleep quickly. This gift will save mom a lot of time that she would have spent on motion sickness.
    4. Walker or playpen . These fixtures make mom more mobile , while the child provide high security .
    5. Sling or kangaroo bag. Active young mothers should be able to move around the city. The stroller is too bulky, and the child will be calmer in the vicinity of the mother, or rather, even on the mother . A car child seat is a gift of the same value. Only with an eye to the future.
    6. Photoshoot «Mom and baby», frames and photo album for the first photos — this is practically an assistance in creating family heirlooms. And if the expectant mother already has a pregnant diary, then this is a great opportunity to supplement it with colorful photographs.
    7. A huge beach umbrella and a cooler bag are indispensable things on vacation with a child. A breast pump, a video nanny device, baby scales and a height meter are all very necessary and good gifts.

    Diaper cake

    Cocoon for a newborn baby

    Pregnancy diary

    Useful gifts

    Useful gifts are something far from being pregnant. But such presents will definitely increase the comfort of a young mother! In addition, they will help increase free time

    What useful things can be presented to a young mother:

    1. Kitchen appliances . A blender, a double boiler, a food processor, a juicer and a yogurt maker will make it much easier for a young mother to prepare delicious and healthy children’s dishes.
    2. Cookware set made of medical steel. Cooking for a small child and a nursing mother should take place only in dishes that do not contain questionable impurities. In addition, in such saucepans it will be convenient to cook porridge for a child.
    3. Humidifier. The body of mother and newborn is sensitive to discomfort. A healthy atmosphere in ‘s home will contribute to their well-being.
    4. Video camera. This wonderful device will help the mother to save in electronic form the very first steps of the child and other touching moments .

    Yoghurt Maker

    Dishes Set

    Air Humidifier

    The choice of a gift for a pregnant girl, like the choice of any other present, should be based on the relationship between the giver and the recipient. What you can give a pregnant wife may not like a pregnant sister, girlfriend or friend’s wife. A present to a pregnant colleague or neighbor is almost an official gift. Any present should be selected from considering the accepted etiquette of relations . This is an important point that should be remembered so that a gift instead of joy does not become a cause of intense bewilderment.

    What other gift options can be given to a pregnant woman, you will find out by watching the video:

    A gift for a pregnant wife for 2024 New Year. What to give a pregnant wife for the New Year 2024

    When choosing a gift for a pregnant wife for the New Year 2024, you need to be vigilant, because a woman who is preparing to become a mother is very susceptible and easily vulnerable. She can easily be upset or offended by a lack of attention, the wrong word, an inappropriate present.

    Therefore, think in advance what to present to your beloved wife, and try to please her with your congratulations. We will try to help you with this advice and offer several possible options for a New Year’s gift.

    What to give a pregnant wife for the New Year 2024?

    A woman in an «interesting» position is often very suspicious, therefore, in no case should you present any things that have a symbolic meaning. It should also be borne in mind that pregnant women sometimes change their tastes drastically, and what they liked before may now only cause negative emotions. Therefore, you need to try and make the expectant mother a neutral, non-binding, but at the same time, a pleasant present.

    A good gift for the New Year 2024 for a pregnant wife is some kind of high-quality cosmetic product. It can be a cream, shower gel, shampoo, and so on. It is important that cosmetics be expensive, contain ingredients of exclusively organic origin, and do not cause allergic reactions. Also pay attention to the aroma of the product — it should be as weak and gentle as possible.

    When deciding what to give your wife for the New Year, you can consider purchasing jewelry. The product should be chosen in accordance with the taste of the spouse, but it is better if it is delicate and refined, has a small size and soft rounded shapes.

    You can buy earrings or a bracelet, a chain or a pendant made of gold or silver, depending on the preferences of the woman you love. The decoration will become not only pleasant, but also a memorable present, which the wife will often wear, remembering the past holiday.

    As a New Year present for your spouse, you can organize a small romantic trip. Expecting the appearance of a baby soon, a woman should not go to distant resorts, but she will be interested in spending a few days in a country sanatorium and, most importantly, very useful.

    Clean air and silence will calm the expectant mother, and in such an environment all the fears associated with the upcoming birth will certainly recede. Calmness and tranquility — this is exactly what modern people lack, and is especially important for women in such a wonderful position.

    What other New Year’s gift can make a pregnant wife happy?

    When choosing what to give your pregnant wife for the New Year, consider buying a subscription to yoga classes for her. If the expectant mother is one of the people who love sports and take care of their health, she will certainly like such a present, and she will be happy to go to classes.

    A good gift for the New Year 2024 for a pregnant woman is a certificate for making purchases in a particular store or specialized salon. Depending on the preferences of the expectant mother, it can be purchased at a cosmetics store, a bookstore, a household appliances supermarket, a fashion boutique for pregnant women, or in a large children’s store, where she can choose things to her own taste.

    Also, your wife will certainly not refuse to «go out into the world», despite her position. So you can safely book a table and go on New Year’s Eve to a cozy restaurant, where you will meet the coming 2024 together.

    Another great option would be tickets to a theater performance or concert. However, in this case, it is necessary to inquire about the content of the performance or the repertoire of the musical group. It is important that they match the tastes of your wife as much as possible.

    But, undoubtedly, the most valuable gift of a pregnant wife for the New Year is her husband’s attention and care. Try to protect your beloved from all household chores during the holidays, cook your own dinner, decorate the table with appropriate accessories — arrange napkins with a winter pattern, light beautiful candles.

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