Mothers day present for pregnant wife: 30+ Best Sweet Mother’s Day Gifts For Pregnant Wife In 2023

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30+ Best Sweet Mother’s Day Gifts For Pregnant Wife In 2023

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What are you looking for when it comes to the best Mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife? Buying a gift for your pregnant wife can be a difficult task. For moms to be, Mother’s Day gifts might be a challenge. Many resources exist for mothers, but perhaps not as many expressly for expectant mothers.

It’s exhausting being a parent about to give birth. To make matters better, you’ll have to cope with a never-ending barrage of inquiries and suggestions: When are you due? Yes, I’m pregnant with twins. If so, is this your first time doing this? If you’d like, could I touch your tummy? Is it really necessary for you to consume that much coffee?

Things a Husband Should Do for His Pregnant Wife

The exhaustion of being pregnant and welcoming a child into the world is obvious. It’s her first Mother’s day as a mom if she’s presently pregnant, so make her feel special. In spite of the joys of expanding your family, dealing with the frequent physical and emotional changes isn’t always enjoyable. In addition, she may ponder whether or not I should be enjoying the occasion at all. Yes, that’s correct. It’s because she might need a little extra love and pampering, and these Mother’s day gift ideas for pregnant wives will make her feel like the queen she truly is!

You may offer her the best Mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife for the upcoming occasion because Oh Canvas has chosen the best ones for you right here.

Sweet Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Pregnant Wife

1. Mask for the Belly

Belly Sheet Mask

If your spouse is prone to lying on the couch with a sheet mask on because she’s pregnant or because it’s Wednesday, she’ll adore this first Mother’s day gift for pregnant wife that’s tailored to her growing belly. Biodegradable smells fantastic and has a lovely winking eye on the design that’s ideal for Instagram.

You can grab her a number of face sheet masks and give her this gift at the same time. For the 15 to 30 minutes she’ll be masking, you might want to include a small ball with the box so she can ring it to let you know if she needs anything.

2. Comfortable Button Up Pajamas

Really Comfy Pajamas

These super-soft jersey pajamas will be her favorite nighttime wear. They’re great for expanding bellies and nursing expectant moms alike, and they’re safe to use both during and after childbirth. Even though they’re a bit pricey for just a pair of pajamas, you don’t want to give a pregnant woman irritating clothing.

These Mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife are simple, buttery soft, and have a relaxed fit that makes them quite comfy.

3. Mommy’s Personalized Jewelry Collection

Mama Personalized Jewelry

With so many variables, it’s best not to buy a personalized jewelry with your wife’s due date or her current choice in a baby’s name or birthstone while she is pregnant. But she’ll always be Mama, no matter what. Tough Mother Tribe’s adorable necklaces come in a variety of stone colors, including turquoise, amethyst, rainbow moonstone, and more. The fact that they ship so quickly is an added bonus.

4. What She Loves to Eat

Her Favorite Meal

What’s her favorite food? Perhaps it’s a dish you cooked for your fiancee when you proposed or a simple pasta dish from a neighborhood restaurant that was prepared flawlessly. This or a similar item should be on the table for first Mother’s day. Since she’s pregnant, it’s probable that food is a key priority, and the feeling behind the meal will enhance the taste if you put some care into it (even if you don’t cook it yourself). Alternatively, you may like to order a bottle of non-alcoholic wine to accompany your dinner.

5. Hand Lotion

Hand Cream

In the event that you are unable to visit a spa day kit, the next best thing is to mimic the aroma of one. There is no greasy residue left after applying Aesop luxury vegan hand lotions because of their appropriate consistency (not too thick or too watery). There’s something magical about rosemary and citrus in this mother’s day gift for wife, which is why it’s very hydrating, especially for those with dry hands. It’s the perfect gift for the mom to be to unwind before the baby arrives.

6. Fresh Flowers

Sweet Mother’s day gift for pregnant wife – Flowers

On Mother’s Day, fresh flowers are always appreciated Mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife. Bouqs is an online florist that only uses flowers from sustainable flower farms that produce as little waste as possible during the flower-growing process. When it comes to making a last-minute gift, there is a risk that your first pick arrangement will be sold out.

Oh Canvas Tip

Avoid hydrangeas, evening primrose, China roses, and certain varieties of lilies when selecting a beautiful bouquet for your pregnant wife. Carnations, ivy, and certain succulents are better than the average flower arrangement to send. Look for fragrant flowers that are visually appealing but have almost no pollen and no discernible aroma.

7. A framed picture

Framed Photo Canvas Print

This Mother’s day, print up some family photos (or a maternity photo shoot) for your wife. Various designs, from simple to complicated. Since it’s first Mother’s day and you’re honoring your pregnant wife, choose some of your (or her) favorite images of her showing off her growing belly.

If you select a multiple-shot option, don’t forget to include the ultrasound images. Her nightstand is a great place to keep smaller frames, while larger frames can be hung in the living room or even the nursery. No matter what you decide, you won’t be disappointed with this Mother’s day gift pregnant wife.

8. Maternity Support Belt Dream Belt

Dream Belt Maternity Support Belt

Mom’s back is going to suffer because she’s carrying so much weight. Help is at hand in the form of this bolstering belly band. In addition to cradling her belly, it contains two memory-foam pads that provide additional support when she’s laying down.

9. What’s up, hottie? Totally Non-Toxic Soy Candle

Hey Hot Mama, Non-Toxic Soy Candle

A special gift for mom to be on Mother’s day to ensure that they have time to relax and heal in the midst of their hectic schedules. The aromas range from “Lavender Amber” to “Gardenia Honeysuckle,” and the candles are created from sustainable and natural substances. A person’s state of mind can be dramatically altered by the application of a specific fragrance.

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Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts For Pregnant Wife

10. Electric Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge

Mini Fridge Electric Cooler & Warmer

Where can you keep a tiny fridge when you are nursing? In addition, it’s light and portable, so she may take her breast milk with her in the car when she’s out and about. Colors and designs vary, but the cow print is a great gift for mom to be on Mother’s day who likes to laugh. This is something she will need to prepare everything before the baby arrives.

11. Essentials for the Postpartum Recovery of New Mothers

Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

Make sure she has this kit, which contains disposable underwear, perineal cooling pad liners, and perineal healing foam, ready for her postpartum recovery in case she is a first-time parent. You can bet she’ll be overjoyed with this sentimental gift for mom to be on Mother’s day.

12. Bracelets with inspirational mantras

Best gifts for mama to be on mother’s day – Mantra Bracelets

It’s not uncommon for mothers to feel like they’re doing everything wrong on a daily basis while raising children. You can never be a perfect mom to be, but you’re doing a great job. These best Mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife remind you of this. In addition, the brass finish makes it the ideal showpiece for any attire.

13. The Gift Box: Care for Birth

Care For Birth: The Gift Box

It’s true that she and the kid will both require a great deal of gentle love and care. There’s a little bit of everything in this perfect gift box, from maxi pads and mesh underwear to toasty socks and nipple shields to cooling gel pads and more.

14. Ankle Support Socks for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Compression Socks

A mom to be who suffer from leg and foot pain or edema can greatly benefit from compression stockings. An excellent choice for any mom in need of some relaxation, the medical-grade progressive compression provides an excellent quality first Mother’s day gift for pregnant wife.

15. Pregnancy Journal in a Petite Size

Petite Planner Pregnancy Journal

A mom to be can use this book as a planner and a notebook at the same time. In addition to keeping track of important events, such as changes in schedules and appointments, they can use this journal to keep track of their souvenirs.

16. Total Body Pillow by Leachco Snoogle

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, but it can also be a painful one. A good night’s sleep the night before the baby is due is a dream come true for any mom to be. That’s why you need a pregnant cushion that’s as supportive as this one is. For optimal support for your wife’s hips, back, neck and stomach, purchase a Snoogle body pregnancy pillow. She and your child will be pleased and healthy for the rest of the night thanks to this first Mother’s day gift for pregnant wife.

This is a perfect gift because your pregnant wife will be able to use it for so long. It’s a safe bet that you won’t regret it.

17. Pendant Necklace with “LOVE You Forever” Design by Qianse

Qianse “LOVE You Forever” Pendant Necklace

Every woman aspires to have a positive self-image. You can’t go wrong with Mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife that mimics the radiance of a pregnant woman. Remind her of how attractive she is to you through this period of stress and change her physical appearance. This two-strand sterling silver necklace is sure to bring a smile to the face of everyone who receives it.

18. High-Quality Wooden Picture Frame

Premium Wood Sized Photo Frame

Shop Now

This great gift for mom to be on Mother’s day ensures that your favorite new mom won’t have to wait to show off her new bundle of joy. “Love at first sight” is engraved on the canvas, and it is the ideal size for her most recent photograph.

19. A reclining chair that may be rocked back and forth

Mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife – A rocking chair

Choosing a rocking chair for the nursery is the best option for first Mother’s day gift ideas for pregnant wife. And she will be able to breastfeed or rock her baby to sleep more comfortably. In addition, if your wife recently gave birth or is a first time moms, this is a great gift she’ll love.

20. Water Bottle with Infusion Technology

Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

A water bottle may not seem like a necessity to you and your wife. But we’re confident that she’ll benefit from these perfect Mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife. She consumes a lot more water now that she’s pregnant than she did before. She’ll appreciate having a second water bottle on hand.

21. Sleepwear Set for Maternity and Nursing

gift for mom to be on Mother’s day – Kindred Bravely’s Maternity and Nursing Pajamas Sleepwear Set

For both pregnancy and parenting, this pajama set is a must-have great gift for mom to be on Mother’s day. The elastic waistband on these pants ensures a comfortable fit for your wife, even with a growing baby bump. Breastfeeding is made easier and more discreet thanks to the top’s two-layer construction. Comfortable under the bust thanks to no elastic.

22. An adorable picture frame for your baby’s first memories

Baby Memories Picture Frame

Shop Now

The Oh Canvas Frame is an ideal present for those first Mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife. Consider custom it with a sonogram photo, a maternity photo shoot or maybe the first photo of her and the child. If you decide to keep it after your baby is born, you’ll be able to look back on the mementos of your pregnancy with fondness.

23. Rose Quartz Bracelet for Bonding with a Newborn Child

Rose Quartz Baby Bonding Bracelet

This Rose Quartz stone bracelet is a wonderful Mother’s day gift for expectant moms because it serves multiple purposes. Hormonal imbalance can be restored, sleep can be improved, and love and affection can be evoked with the semi-precious stone’s help. As a reminder of which breast was latched on last, your wife can wear it when pregnant and while breastfeeding.

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Fun Mother’s Day Gifts For Expecting Moms

24. From Dog Mom To Kid Mom – A Custom Mug For You!

Customized Mug: From Dog Mom To Kid Mom

Although we recommend giving this mug to a canine mom who is soon to become a human parent in conjunction with one of the other items listed here, or with breakfast in bed and a foot massage, this is a perfect gift for mom to be on Mother’s day. Get her the 15-ounce cup so she can sip all of the tea.

25. “The Sh!t No One Tells You”

‘The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby’s First Year’

You can learn how to survive the first year of your child’s life from the book. This humorous guide to motherhood’s first 52 weeks is sure to brighten the day of any soon to be mom. This is one of the funniest Mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife you can get.

26. “The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People”

‘The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People’

This activity book mother’s day gift for pregnant wife will keep her occupied for the next nine months with quizzes, fill-in-the-blanks, and mazes. It is also perfect for giving to a pregnant mama or family member because it contains so much useful information and advice on so many different aspects of pregnancy.

27. Mug for Mommy Bear

Mama Bear Mug

Personalized with the baby’s birth date or the mother’s favorite color, this mug is sure to become a family heirloom. For a truly considerate Mother’s day gift for expectant moms, bundle it with some coffee beans. The best part is that she won’t have to worry about damaging her prized mug because it’s safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher.

28. Glass for Mom’s Wine

Funny Mother’s Day Gifts for mom to be – New Mama Wine Glass

The first post-birth drink should be in this wine glass for a friend who likes wine. A good laugh will almost certainly be had by all of them. If you are in search of the best Mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife, this gift will make you disappointed.

29. A Coin for Parental Input

Parent Decision Coin

This is one of the thoughtful gift ideas for new mom on first mother’s day who could use a good laugh. The coin has a “Mommy’s Turn” side and a “Daddy’s Turn” side, making it a fun and practical way for parents to select who will be in charge of particular responsibilities for their children at any given time.

30. The Book of Bellies

The Belly Book

Included are weekly belly shots, suggestions to reflect on the experience, and space to record everything from pregnancy symptoms to baby names. This book is perfect for a pregnant mama, especially on first Mother’s Day, because it will help her remember this exciting period in her life for years to come.

31. Stickers for the belly

Belly stickers

A mom to be often uses belly stickers to keep track of their progress through pregnancy. Stickers like this can be used to mark the progress of pregnancy on the belly. Pregnant wives would love to get belly stickers as a Mother’s Day gift for pregnant wife because they are a unique and entertaining way to document this exciting period in their lives.

32. Pregnancy socks are both adorable and functional

Mother’s day gift ideas for pregnant wife – Some cute pregnancy socks

These are just cute Mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife. You can wear these socks at home or at the hospital; they’re so cute! They offer a wide variety of options! The “Rub My Feet” ones are my favorite!

33. AM Comedic Maternity T-Shirts – Keep Your Hands Off My Bump

AM Funny Maternity Shirts – Hands Off The Bump! T-Shirt

What better way to show your wife how much you care than with a sarcastic yet powerful Mother’s day gift for expectant moms t-shirt. This “Hands off the bump!” tee is sure to bring a smile to your face and keep unwanted attention away.

This t-shirt will be a big hit with your wife. It’s certain to make her happy. A variety of colors and patterns are available as well; see our full-color chart below for more information. Also, keep in mind that these tees are intended solely for expectant mothers.

34. Amusing T-Shirt for Pregnant Women: Pollinated T-Shirt

AM Funny Pregnancy Shirt: Pollinated T-Shirt

This “pollinated” t-shirt is a great gift for mom to be on Mother’s day to announce their pregnancy. As a result, it’ll be a pleasant surprise and a terrific discussion starter. Your mom to be is likely to appreciate this “pollinated” t-shirt. It’s also available in pink, black, and grey if you choose.

Some questions you may be concerned about best Mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife

Do pregnant moms celebrate Mother’s day?

Expecting your first child signifies that you are on the approach to becoming a mom to be, which is the point of Mother’s Day. While many pregnant women regard the festival as their final Mother’s Day without a child, others view it as a year-round celebration of motherhood maternity.

Should I celebrate mothers day for my pregnant wife?

A pregnant woman has every right to enjoy Mother’s Day in the same way as any other mother. The aches, sufferings, and nonstop trips to the bathroom she endured during pregnancy could not begrudge a pregnant mama passing up the opportunity to be appreciated by these thoughtful and compassionate mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife.

How can I surprise my pregnant wife?

Creating a baby space is one of the first things a pregnant woman would consider, so surprise her by accomplishing it entirely on your own. A modest yet engaging baby play area made entirely of non-toxic materials that are safe for both mom to be and kid would suffice.

How should a man treat his pregnant wife?

Some important things a man must do when his wife is expecting!

  1. Deference and affection! This is necessary for the duration of her pregnancy and beyond.
  2. Have a conversation with her.
  3. Be a good listener.
  4. Continually educate yourself.
  5. Keep an eye on her diet.
  6. It is natural for a pregnant woman to experience strange cravings.
  7. Ensure that prescriptions are administered on time.

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What do you have in mind for the expectant mothers in your life for Mother’s day?

You can’t go wrong with this post, can you? Your search for the best Mother’s day gifts for pregnant wife shows that you’re already on the correct path. The most important thing is that mom is made to feel special and cared for.

Please leave further gift guide in the comments so that we can assist our readers!

Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Pregnant Mamas

Affiliate links included. Opinions are our own. Your purchase may earn us a commission, supporting free content. Visit our Chick Picks Shop for more recommended products we love! ❤️

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. If you have a lady in your life who is pregnant for the first time or expecting baby number two or three during Mother’s Day, you might want to get her a thing or two that she will love and be perfect for this time in her life. Yes, even first-time expecting mamas can celebrate Mother’s Day! A woman becomes a mother the moment she finds out she’s pregnant—that’s what I believe. You are taking care of yourself and growing this tiny baby, so you should be celebrated! So honor your special lady with one (or a few) of these Mother’s Day gifts on her day.

1. Maternity Robe, Nursing Dress & Baby Blanket Set

Having a good robe is exactly what a new mama needs. She will be living in this robe and nursing gown after she has her baby. I love that this robe is feminine, dark (to hide baby stains), and matches baby. The perfect thing to throw on and still look put together. It’s great to lounge in before and after baby. It’s one of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts for pregnant mothers.

Buy Here

2. Button Up Pajamas

I love a good matching pajama set. It’s a cute look for the tired mama. 😉 These sets are great options that she will enjoy since she will be wearing pajamas quite a bit after she has the baby. Also, button-up pajamas are perfect for the nursing mom.

Buy Left

Buy Middle

Buy Right

Buy Left

Buy Middle

Buy Right

3. A Planner

Life is getting busier as she is prepping for her new arrival. Staying organized will help her log and remember these special days and help her stay sane. Our motherhood planner+journal is made specifically for moms to help them live their best lives. She can manage her days, connect with her thoughts and emotions, and unlock the path to achieving her goals to live the life she truly and deeply desires.

Buy Here


Warmies Slippers

Give her the gift of ultimate comfort and relaxation with these cozy Warmies Slippers. They are microwavable and lightly scented with real French Lavender to give a calming sensation. These are great for soothing tired, aching feet. They also have non-slip soles, which makes them great to throw in her hospital bag.

Buy Here

5. Bath Bomb

What mom doesn’t want some R&R in her life? A warm bath is a great way for her to relax her body because it is doing so much to create life. Bath bombs are the best, and with their subtle hints of juniper berry, rose, tangy wild orange, vanilla bean, and bergamot undertones, she’s sure to experience a bath that is fit for royalty.

Buy Here

6. Sleep Mask

Sleep is a hot commodity when you are pregnant. Waking up every couple of hours to go to the bathroom or switch to a more comfortable position can cause some major sleep insomnia. I think it’s to prepare her for what life will be like with a newborn. 😉 One of these luxurious sleep masks will help her doze right back to sleep and enjoy her sleep while she still can.

Buy Here

7. Spa Day Kit

Going to the spa—and pretty much any spa treatment—is what every pregnant mama wants for Mother’s Day. So much is moving and changing in her body that it can cause some major discomfort. So a little TLC will really help her feel better and feel loved. This day spa kit is sure to do the trick!

Buy Here

8. Roe Wellness Stretch Mark Cream

As I said, her body is changing. Taking good care of her skin as her body grows with baby is very important. This extra-rich stretch mark cream is plant-based and great for sensitive skin. It is made with a blend of Jojoba Oil/Macadamia Seed Oil Esters, Linoleic Acid, and Squalene that will keep her belly feeling soft and smooth before and after her new arrival.

Buy Here

9. Supergoop Glowscreen Body Sunscreen

Like you nourish her skin with stretch mark cream, this Glowscreen Body Sunscreen is exactly what she needs to protect herself from the sun. She is probably glowing already with her little bun in the oven. Still, this brightening, hydrating formula will deliver a healthy glow without leaving behind an oily residue. It is infused with White Stargrass and Coconut Alkanes to lock in hydration for healthy, radiant skin while providing broad-spectrum UV protection. Getting Vitamin D is important during her pregnancy, but we also don’t want her to burn!

Buy Here

10. Pura Gift Set

This is a gift that will keep on giving! The Pura device allows you to customize the strength of your scent, and you can also set a schedule for it to turn on and off throughout the day. It also has a nightlight that can be customized to your aesthetic. The fragrances do not have any harsh chemicals and can be sent monthly through a subscription, so she will never run out.

Buy Here

11. Stanley Tumbler

Staying hydrated is key during pregnancy, so why not get her a cute cup she can carry her water around in?! The Stanley Tumblers come in various cute colors, and the handle makes it convenient to take on the go. These also fit perfectly in cupholders. This will keep her hydrated all day long!

Buy Here

12. A Good Book

These books are great reads and are also perfect coffee table books. They will inspire her, comfort her, and can be a little escape. These are all great reads to add to her collection!

Buy Left

Buy Middle

Buy Right

13. Something to Wear

Women love getting a new outfit, and a dress, romper, or jumpsuit is a favorite for moms. It’s one item that will keep her comfortable and cool, especially with summer approaching. These are also great options for her to wear while pregnant and beyond! I know she will choose one of these as her quick and easy go-to in her closet.

Buy Left

Buy Middle

Buy Right

Buy Left

Buy Middle

Buy Right

14. New Purse

A new bag is always a good gift idea. I chose options for a crossbody bag, belt bag, and tote bag. Whether she is a mom on the go or likes to carry it all, these are great gifts whether she is pregnant or not.

Buy Left

Buy Middle

Buy Right

15. Jewelry

What girl doesn’t love jewelry as a gift? Show her how much you love her and appreciate her growing this baby by getting her something extra special. This initial pendant necklace will make her swoon, and the cute name ring stack will warm her heart. For the initials—if she already knows the baby’s name, get her the initial of the baby’s name. She will love them both! These are perfect Mother’s Day gifts for pregnant mothers.

Buy Left

Buy Middle Left

Buy Middle Right

Buy Right

16. Non-Alcoholic Champagne

This is a holiday that should be celebrated! And since she can’t have the real thing, this fabulous non-alcoholic champagne by Ready to Pop will make her giddy. So pop open that bubbly and says cheers! Use code BABYCHICK for 10% off!

Buy Here

17. Wicked Good Cupcakes Delivered

There are many things she can’t enjoy when she’s pregnant, but cupcakes—thank God—are not one of them. These premium cupcakes-in-a-jar come in a variety of delicious flavors. They will be delivered straight to her door for her to enjoy. Now that is true love in a cup!

Buy Here

Those are my suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts for pregnant mamas. Usually, I would include a massage or facial, but I wanted to give you some different options. What are some other things that you would love for Mother’s Day?

TOP 132 Ideas of What to Give a Pregnant Wife on her Birthday

Pregnancy is the most wonderful time for a woman and therefore she needs to be constantly pleased with gifts, especially for holidays. In order to give a pregnant wife a good birthday present, you have to think carefully.

45 best ideas of what to give a pregnant wife for her birthday

Birthday gifts should not only be beautiful, but also have a special meaning, be useful for the wife and expectant mother.

Top gift ideas:

  1. Fitball.
  2. Spa trip. You will especially like the massage of the back, neck or legs.
  3. Foot massager — will help relieve fatigue.
  4. Photo album. This is a very touching gift. It will help to keep memories of family history for life.
  5. A horseshoe-shaped maternity pillow will help you sleep comfortably not only during pregnancy, but also after the birth of your baby.
  6. The leg hammock also relieves tension and fatigue. It can be hung anywhere.
  7. The juicer is a great way to get the necessary dose of vitamins for the expectant mother, and later on for the child.
  8. Yoga or pool. A subscription to these types of activities is not only safe, but also beneficial for health.
  9. Hobby gift, such as a puzzle or collection item.
  10. Weekend in a boarding house — it is recommended to give such a gift at the initial dates.
  11. Multicooker. It will help to monitor proper nutrition, while spending as little time as possible in the kitchen.
  12. Humidifier — if the air in the apartment is too dry.
  13. Exotic fruits — it is important to be careful here and take into account possible allergic reactions.
  14. Beautiful silver pendant.
  15. Warm bathrobe with fun prints.
  16. Breakfast tray in bed that folds for easy storage.
  17. Natural cosmetics with a high content of useful natural ingredients.
  18. Fur coat.
  19. Warm sweater or jacket with a cute and fun print.
  20. Illuminated fountain for relaxation.
  21. Air purifier, especially for a child’s room.
  22. Air ionizer.
  23. Warm blanket, there are also special blankets that are heated.
  24. Salt lamp for health.
  25. Comfortable orthopedic mattress.
  26. Fountain for chocolate fondue with sticks and different types of chocolate
  27. Foot bath, other foot care products, including creams, scrubs, masks and more.
  28. Soft and comfortable pouffe.
  29. Large cuddly plush toy.
  30. Aroma lamp that can be worn as a pendant.
  31. Florarium with any flowers.
  32. Alarm clock — wall or table.
  33. Needlework kit: embroidery, knitting, etc.
  34. Comfortable and stylish backpack.
  35. Biofireplace in the relaxation room.
  36. Thermo mug or thermos for your favorite tea.
  37. Smartphone with a good latest camera or tablet.
  38. E-book.
  39. Rocking chair.
  40. Air mattress for relaxing.
  41. Aroma lamp set with essential oils.
  42. Silk bedding set.
  43. Transformer chair.
  44. Comfortable headphones for walking.
  45. Heated lunch box that you can take with you everywhere.

Original birthday gifts for your beloved pregnant wife

For those wives who prefer original things and experiences for their birthday, the following gifts are suitable:

  • Certificate for a photo shoot for pregnant women, can be together with the future father.
  • Romantic dinner in an unusual restaurant. You can also cook an original dinner at home and serve it to your beloved wife with a beautiful design.
  • Body painting on the stomach is an amazing procedure for relaxation and getting unforgettable emotions.
  • Badge or certificate marked «Mother of the Year». Can be purchased online or in gift shops. There are many variations, so everyone can choose something to their taste.
  • Warm blanket with sleeves for comfortable everyday use.
  • Matching T-shirts for mom and dad with cute signatures or prints.

Practical gifts for a pregnant wife

Any woman, especially a pregnant woman, will appreciate a birthday gift that will be useful for a long time. Of course, it is nice to receive beautiful things, but it is better that they also bring benefits.

Pregnant wife birthday for maternity

The closer the most important day in life, the more the future mother will worry, because there is so much to prepare. A caring husband can always help with this.

The best gifts for motherhood:

  • A changing kit to take with you. It includes a special bag for things, a small mattress, a bag for small things, as well as a special oversleeve in order to feed the baby.
  • Orthopedic baby carrier.
  • Outdoor cape for feeding the baby outside the home, if suddenly the baby wants to eat outside.
  • Attending special courses for expectant mothers or expectant parents.
  • Comfortable sling jacket that allows you to dress warmly during pregnancy and carry your baby after childbirth.
  • Cozy soft blanket made of hypoallergenic material.
  • Cosmetics made from natural oils.
  • High quality stretch mark cream.
  • Hair care product: masks, oils, shampoos made from natural ingredients.

Gifts for comfortable pregnancy

Having a baby is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Pregnant women get tired faster, worry more, so a gift for comfortable bearing is a great way to make life easier for your beloved wife.

Interesting ideas:

  • Anatomic mattress with different sides, one softer, the other firm. It will help you sleep comfortably even in the very late stages of pregnancy.
  • Multifunctional chair, which is suitable not only for relaxing, but also for feeding the baby after childbirth. You can also sleep in it.
  • Underwear without seams, so that they do not press on the stomach and chest.
  • Pregnancy bandage if recommended by a doctor.
  • Soft and warm slippers in the shape of animals or colorful flowers.

What to give to make life easier?

Pregnancy does not at all free a woman from housekeeping, so a great gift idea for a future mother is things that will greatly facilitate housekeeping and make the process faster and more enjoyable.

For example, this could be:

  • A vacuum cleaner robot that has several modes and will clean up the floor on its own. As you know, a woman with a big belly is quite problematic to lean down.
  • Food processor — will help in the preparation of fruit and vegetable purees for both the child and the mother.
  • Dishwasher — saves a lot of time in the kitchen.
  • Yoghurt maker — will help you eat exceptionally healthy yoghurts that you can cook yourself. It is also possible to prepare milk-based fruit desserts, which are much healthier and better quality than those sold in stores.
  • Clothes dryer.

Birthday gifts for wife for pleasant use

In order to pleasantly surprise your wife with a useful gift, you can give the following things:

  • Professional camera — especially suitable if the wife is fond of photography. But it will also be an ideal gift to watch how the belly grows, and then how the baby does it.
  • Illuminated dressing table mirror like in the artist’s dressing room.
  • Sound night light for relaxation — will be useful not only for mother, but also for the baby.
  • High quality wireless headphones that will help you to do your business and listen to your favorite music at the same time.

For the health and safety of the wife and baby

Another option for a gift — so that it is useful not only to the expectant mother, but also to the child. Then the father will do two good deeds at once.

These things will be of great benefit to the most important people in a man’s life:

  • Head protector for a child — perfect for a time when the child begins to actively move — he will sit down, crawl around the apartment, and then walk.
  • Pregnancy seat belt adapter.
  • Pregnancy fitness membership — be sure to consult your doctor.
  • Bag for baby items — diapers, wipes, food and more.
  • Steamer for preparing healthy and healthy meals.
  • Bottle sterilizer.
  • Back massager.
  • Fitness mat at home — will help keep the body of a pregnant woman in the necessary tone. This does not require high physical activity.
  • Pregnancy calendar to track your own condition and the development of your unborn child.
  • Fitness tracker for tracking daily activity, it is important for a pregnant woman to be active too.
  • Educational books and video courses.
  • Baby monitor to keep abreast of what is happening with the child, even if he is in the next room.
  • Original stroller or baby carrier — it is advisable to buy this thing when the gender of the child has already been determined.

Pleasant gifts for wife for everyday life

Any pregnant woman will be happy to receive the following for her birthday:

  • Maternity hospital kit — it may include a dressing gown, slippers and a nightgown.
  • High quality leather bag or backpack, preferably handmade and limited edition.
  • Maternity overalls that can be adjusted according to the length of the pregnancy.
  • Certificate for maternity clothing and accessories store. It is desirable that the father take time for a joint shopping trip, this brings together.
  • Nursing bra with different levels of support.
  • Leather gloves or warm mittens.
  • Erotic lingerie for pregnant women.
  • Cinema or theater ticket.

Gifts depending on the hobbies of the pregnant wife

It is important for pregnant women, like everyone else, to have their own hobbies in order to diversify everyday life and enjoy free time.

Gift ideas depending on the hobby can be:

  • New items from your favorite author.
  • Visits to a master class on any subject, depending on your hobbies — it can be cooking, interior design, creating soft toys, photography and much more.
  • Sets for needlework at home, taking into account the preferences of the spouse.
  • Canvas and paints, palette, you can give a picture by numbers.

Romantic gifts for wife’s birthday

It is very important that a man shows his pregnant wife how much he loves and appreciates her. Romantic small gifts will help here, which will certainly give a smile not only to the wife, but also to the contented husband.

Romantic gifts:

  • Bouquet of flowers — any, even the most inexpensive, will do here. Most often, women remember simple daisies or dandelions more than exquisite red roses.
  • Breakfast and coffee in bed — treat your wife right in the morning to what she loves the most — even if it’s dumplings.
  • Lunch at a restaurant with wife’s favorite dishes.

Inexpensive, but cute gifts for a pregnant wife

A gift does not always have to be expensive, sometimes in order to please the woman you love, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money.

Among the inexpensive gifts for a pregnant wife are the following:

  • Disc with music for relaxation.
  • A fun and original key ring or badge.
  • Cozy pajamas.
  • An easy-care home plant.
  • Silver ring or chain.
  • Wool scarf or sweater.
  • Special belt for expectant mothers.
  • Bedroom decor, including paintings, figurines, photo frames.
  • Delicious and original tea.
  • Tea service.
  • Dried fruits and marshmallows.
  • Good quality honey or jam in the original jar.
  • A funny mug, you can name it.
  • Piggy bank with a sign to write the goal for which the wife will save. Great idea to save for the future of the child.
  • Stress relief toy.
  • Fun apron.
  • Heating pad.
  • Musical postcard.
  • Children’s books.

Memorable gifts for the soul on the birthday of a pregnant wife

Another way to please a pregnant wife on her birthday is to make a memorable gift that can be kept for a lifetime. Among all the ideas, it is better to pay attention to the following:

  • A film about pregnancy edited by her husband. To do this, you need to periodically shoot your wife or shoot together during pregnancy, after selecting the funniest moments.
  • Jewelry — bracelet, earrings, brooches.
  • Family photo session on any topic. Can be done in the studio or outdoors.
  • A romantic trip, you can even go to a neighboring town (only if the woman feels well). It is recommended to refrain from long flights and trips.

Do-it-yourself birthday gifts for a pregnant wife

An excellent option for such a gift is the Starry Sky night lamp, which is easy to make with your own hands from improvised materials.

You can also give your wife the following for her birthday:

  • A bouquet of fruits or a bouquet of sweets, toys.
  • Photo frame decorated with your own hands.
  • Natural handmade soap with my wife’s favorite scent.
  • Handmade painting. It can also be various panels that are made of any materials — branches, buttons, leaves and much more.
  • Unique decorative decoupage storage box.
  • Photo album or pregnancy diary. You can buy ready-made and decorate yourself.
  • Clay cup or plate that has been specially made.

Such gifts will delight not only beauty and functionality, but also the time that the husband spent to please his wife.

What gifts should not be given to a pregnant wife?

In addition to those gifts that are worth giving, there are those that are strictly forbidden to give. These include:

  • Confectionery — it may seem that the man did not devote too much time to choosing a gift.
  • Libra — the increased emotionality of women in position can lead to the fact that a woman, constantly watching her weight, will be upset.
  • Perfume with a pungent smell — the sense of smell in pregnant women is often aggravated, so at best, she will not use the gift, at worst — throw it away, even offended.
  • Things for the unborn child — absolutely not suitable for a superstitious mom.
  • Noisy gifts, including balloons that may burst and frighten the woman.
  • Unexpected surprises that can lead to stress as a result — for example, going to a too noisy and active event kisses, and then the wife will be the happiest pregnant woman in the world! And if you also present her with a thing from the list, then the husband will be happy.

    What to give a pregnant wife for her birthday: gift ideas

    One of the brightest periods in the life of every woman is the period of pregnancy. From the first weeks, the schedule, habits, preferences of the expectant mother change dramatically, as does her mood. When planning what to give a pregnant wife for her birthday, all these factors should be taken into account. Perhaps, before buying a gift, you should consult with the expectant mother. She knows better what she needs and what items can please her. First you need to decide what type of gift you want to give. You can buy a useful item that will become an indispensable assistant during pregnancy, or you can buy a nice gift that will simply please your wife.

    Nice gifts

    This category of presents includes everything that can somehow cheer up the expectant mother and distract her from everyday household difficulties. In order for the wife to feel good and the baby to be born healthy, the expectant mother must experience positive emotions every day. Who can contribute to this better than your own husband? Do your best to make your wife feel happy and loved.

    Maternity store coupon. A young woman is happy to go shopping. Imagine with what enthusiasm she will choose goods from the proposed assortment. Today, there are many collections of clothes for expectant mothers on the market. Your wife will be able to choose a beautiful outfit for every taste.

    Maternity photo session . Help your wife capture the highlights of her life. With the help of a professional photographer, you can organize a real surprise for your spouse. Every woman loves to be photographed. Imagine the joyful gleam in the eyes of your wife at the moment when she will review the photo album and remember the happy months of pregnancy.

    Jewelry. You can give your wife beautiful earrings, a pendant, a ring or a brooch. Such original birthday gifts for a pregnant wife perfectly emphasize femininity and sophistication, help to feel loved and desired. As a rule, all relatives and friends, going to a pregnant woman’s birthday, buy essentials and household items. It will be much more pleasant to receive beautiful jewelry for your wife as a gift than a set of pots, pans or kitchen towels.

    Comfortable pajamas made from natural fabrics. All women love coziness and comfort. For pregnant women, these conditions are not only pleasant, but also necessary. For your wife to feel good, she needs proper sleep. Buy beautiful and comfortable pajamas that a woman will feel comfortable in. A gift from among and pleasant presents for a woman, and the necessary essentials. Choose products from natural fabrics in pastel colors.

    Anti-stress toy. Such a gift will help a woman to relax, cheer up and distract her from sad thoughts. You can buy a transformer toy that has the ability to turn into a comfortable headrest. If you wish, you will find a wide selection of talking toys.

    Soft indoor slippers. To keep your feet always warm and comfortable, present your beloved woman with unique indoor slippers. Do not buy standard products, you probably already have such products in your apartment. Better get high knit knee socks with funny pompoms and ornaments. Choose products made from natural and soft fabrics that hold heat well and do not squeeze your legs.

    Sweater with a funny pattern. Another cozy gift that will please a woman. A knitted product will protect her from the cold, and a funny drawing or a congratulatory inscription will cheer you up.

    Unusual bedside table lamp. Very soon, a young mother will often have to get up at night to see her child. The lamp is a necessary thing that will create soft lighting in the room. Buy an unusual product that will create coziness in the bedroom.

    Travel. Give your beloved wife an unusual gift — an opportunity to go on an exciting journey. Without a doubt, she has repeatedly told you that it is time to put aside everything and get out somewhere at least for a couple of days. For the sake of the woman with whom you are expecting the birth of a baby, take a vacation and buy tickets to the resort. If it is not possible to go on a long vacation to the sea, go to any beautiful city, walk around beautiful places, appreciate the sights, breathe in the romantic atmosphere of the evening streets together. During this short period, your wife will experience a lot of vivid emotions and will be grateful that you took the time to listen to her wishes.

    Huge bouquet of inflatable balloons with greeting cards inside. You can organize an exciting quest for your beloved wife. Buy a few small, but necessary and pleasant gifts, hide them in different secluded corners of the apartment. Present a bright bouquet of inflatable balloons, inside of which there are tips on where to look for gifts. It will turn out an exciting game in which all family members can participate.

    Shopping certificate. Any woman can always be pleased with accessories such as handbags, scarves, purses. A gift certificate will give your wife the opportunity to walk through her favorite stores without a twinge of conscience and buy things she likes.

    Floristry master class. Creating beautiful compositions from fresh flowers is an exciting activity that distracts from extraneous thoughts and sets you in a positive mood. Perhaps by attending one such class, your wife will find herself in a new kind of creativity.

    Useful gifts

    If you have firmly decided to give your pregnant wife a gift that is needed in everyday life, remember what she asked you about recently or what she complained about. The household items you donate should make it easier to work around the house or choose those presents that will be good for the health of the expectant mother. The second option is more preferable. Many women during pregnancy suffer from back pain, swelling of the legs, lack of sleep. Let your gifts at least to some extent solve these problems.

    Fitball (fitness ball). With it, a pregnant woman will be able to perform the necessary physical exercises to strengthen the back. Also, with the help of such a ball, you can train the muscles, which will prepare the wife for childbirth and make this process less painful.

    Back massager. This device relieves tension and pain in the back and neck, stimulates the work of blood vessels, helps to relax and feel good. There are different types of massagers, you can choose any copy — in accordance with your financial capabilities and needs.

    CD with lectures and videos. The gift is useful if you are expecting the birth of your first child. Often, young mothers have many questions regarding child care. By watching themed videos at your leisure, your wife will be more self-confident and will be able to independently cope with all the problems that may arise in the first weeks after childbirth.

    Baby swaddling course. At such courses, the expectant mother will not only learn how to swaddle her baby correctly, but also take note of many tips for caring for a small child. In addition, attending classes, she will find new friends and like-minded people.

    Fitness mat. Throughout the entire period of pregnancy, the expectant mother should keep her body in good shape by performing simple physical exercises. In order not to go to the gym, such exercises can be performed at home. To do this, she will need a special rug. Let it be bright and beautiful so that the wife is happy to devote her leisure time to sports. Such a gift will be useful to her not only during pregnancy. He will serve a woman for several years.

    Anatomic mattress. This product supports the spine during sleep, «adjusts» to the contours of the body, providing a full and pleasant rest. Surely you have heard from your wife complaints about back pain and lack of sleep. Show your care by giving an anatomical mattress. You can buy heated products so that the wife’s bed warms up faster.

    Calendar for pregnant women. Buy a beautiful calendar that will help your wife keep track of deadlines and count down the days until the cherished date. The gift can be hung on the wall in the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Let every day or week be accompanied by a beautiful picture that lifts your wife’s mood.

    Activity tracker. It is important for pregnant women to be on the move frequently. This is not about physical exercises, with which the expectant mother will bring herself to impotence, but about keeping the body in good shape and monitoring the physical condition, and for this it is necessary to take walks every day. An activity tracker will help the expectant mother with this.

    Floor standing all in a beautiful design. All women prefer to control their weight. Pregnant women need to constantly monitor such changes in the body. Buy a maternity product that has special features.

    Future mother’s diary. This diary is an unusual book with recommendations for caring for a baby. It also contains a recommended set of physical exercises that should be performed during different periods of pregnancy. On the pages of the publication, your wife will find a lot of advice and recommendations regarding nutrition, sleep and preparation for childbirth.

    Beautiful rubber mat. Buy a set of original design rubber mats. One of them, the expectant mother will put in the bathroom while bathing, the second — on the floor. During pregnancy, the center of gravity shifts, so a woman has a high risk of slipping on a wet tiled floor and getting injured. Beautiful products will not only protect it from this, but also harmoniously complement the interior of the bathroom.

    Pillow for expectant mother. A pregnant wife can be given a body pillow with which her husband can comfortably sit in bed. The anatomical pillow takes the shape of the pregnant woman’s body and gently supports those areas that need it most.

    A set of cosmetics for pregnant women. Often women complain of swelling, pain in the legs and back. Give her a set of high-quality cosmetics that will help relieve swelling and maintain tone in the blood vessels. Special creams, gels and ointments will help to quickly restore skin elasticity and eliminate stretch marks. Such a set may consist of a foot cream that relieves pain and fatigue, a hand cream and a good caring shampoo. You can also pick up a good face mask and gel for intimate hygiene, milk for bust skin care, ointments and emulsions for stretch marks.

    Fruit basket and a huge bouquet of flowers. You can make beautiful additions to gifts that will please a pregnant woman. For example, a chocolate set if your wife likes sweets. During pregnancy, you need to consume a lot of vitamins, so a beautifully designed fruit basket will delight your spouse. Provide her with a large supply of fruit, from which she will make all kinds of fruit drinks and purees for a whole week. And, of course, don’t forget the flowers. This is an essential attribute of any holiday, which will be a good addition to the gift. Buy the flowers your wife loves the most. A good option is a bouquet of sweets or plush toys.

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