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Polysyllabic Words Examples For Kids in English

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We all know how important it is to learn to read and spell strategies with better accuracy, fluency, vocabulary development and complete comprehension. Providing effective reading and spelling strategies for many words gives students the foundation they need to become successful students.

One reason many students are suspended from reading is that they stumble over long or difficult words that they do not understand.

What are Polysyllabic Words?

Polysyllabic words are words that have two or more syllables in them such as hippopotamus and misunderstanding. However there are different types of syllables but here we are considering the number of syllables in a word.

For example (with 02 or more syllables):

  • children
  • melting
  • shampoo
  • chicken
  • tonight

Note: Monosyllabic words are not included in polysyllabic words because they contain 1 syllable.

Examples of Polysyllabic Words

Following is a list of polysyllabic words with number of syllables they have:-

baby 2
umbrella 3
bacon 2
discovery 4
balloon 2
people 2
baseball 2
vegetable 4
bedroom 2
piggybank 3
pancake 2
questionable 4
piano 3
appreciate 4
pencil 2
vice president 4
denominator 5
privacy 3
roller skating 4
berry 2
imagination 5
bunny 2
butter 2
toothpaste 2
invisible 4
South America 5
policeman 3
elementary 5
peanut butter 4
pizza 2
envelope 3
zip code 2
immediately 5
library 3
bedtime 2
impossible 4
paper 2
principal 3
body 2
sleeping 2
communication 5
apricot 3
misunderstanding 5
California 5
popcorn 2
congratulations 5
pepper 2
cooperation 5
apologetic 5
potato 3

Phew!… that was a long list. You would have noticed that there are many two syllable words like popcorn, butter, balloon. Start with these words first and then move to words with more syllables.

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