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With the rise of televised cartoons, so came the rise of cartoons aimed specifically at the youngest audience: toddlers and infants.

The genre of preschool-aimed cartoons really kicked off in The ’90s. As a result many networks have blocks dedicated to preschool cartoons, such as PBS Kids, Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr., Disney Channel’s Disney Junior (formerly Playhouse Disney), and Cartoon Network’s short-lived Tickle-U block or the current Cartoonito block. Several of these blocks have even spun off into their own channels dedicated exclusively to preschoolers and their parents.

Preschool aimed live-action shows date back several decades, but the codifier was Sesame Street in 1969. Many feature either puppets or people in costumes.

Most cartoons of this sort (starting in the Mid-2000s) are either Flash animated or All CGI Cartoons. They are usually Edutainment Shows, either teaching things like letters and numbers, or being of the general type of edutainment that teaches kids about life skills, though some more slapstick cartoons exist as well.

There’s an overlap between this genre and the «young child/elementary» show (like Fraggle Rock, Arthur, Pee-wee’s Playhouse, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss (before its Retool), Clifford the Big Red Dog, or My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic), but preschool shows tend to feature slightly younger characters and more preschool-oriented themes. Most preschool shows have a target demographic of age 2-6 while elementary shows have a target demographic of age 6-8. A work can be in both demographics by being a general «early childhood» cartoon.

The genre has been critiqued for being bad for children’s psychological and physical health, but it’s also received praise for its educational and moral merits. These kinds of shows also tend to attract the Periphery Hatedom the most for many of the tropes commonly associated with them. For this reason, these series are often nicknamed «baby shows».

Not surprisingly, most, if not all of these shows fall into the category of Sweet Dreams Fuel.

Compare to Kodomomuke for Japanese anime which are oftentimes preschool-aimed and Picture Books for the literature equivalent.


  • 64 Zoo Lane
  • Abadas
  • Abby Hatcher
  • The Adventures of Abney and Teal
  • The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky
  • The Adventures of Chuck & Friends
  • The Adventures of Dawdle the Donkey
  • The Adventures of Paddington
  • Agent Binky: Pets of the Universe
  • Alice’s Wonderland Bakery
  • A Little Curious
  • Alma’s Way
  • Alphablocks
  • Angelina Ballerina
  • Animal Mechanicals
  • Anatole
  • Anpanman
  • Archibald’s Next Big Thing
  • Archibald the Koala
  • Ask The Story Bots
  • Astroblast!
  • Auto B Good
  • Babar
    • Babar and the Adventures of Badou
  • Baby Shark’s Big Show!
  • The Backyardigans
  • Bali
  • Batwheels
  • Beat Bugs
  • Beccas Bunch
  • The Bee-Bees
  • Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom
  • The Berenstain Bears (2003 series)
  • Bing
  • Binka
  • Blaze and the Monster Machines
  • Blue’s Clues
    • Blue’s Room (live-action)
    • Blue’s Clues & You!
  • Bluey
  • Bob the Builder
  • Boj
  • Boo
  • Boonie Cubs
  • Bo on the Go!
  • Bossy Bear
  • B. O.T. and the Beasties
  • Brambly Hedge
  • Bubble Guppies
  • Buddi
  • The Busy World of Richard Scarry
    • Busytown Mysteries
  • Butterbean’s Cafe
  • Caillou
  • Care Bears
    • Care Bears 1980s
    • Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot
    • Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot
    • Care Bears & Cousins
    • Care Bears: Unlock the Magic
  • The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
  • Charlie and Lola
  • The Chicken Squad
  • Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt
  • Chip and Potato
  • Chirp
  • Chuggington
  • The Clangers
  • Classical Baby
  • Cleo & Cuquin
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog
    • Clifford’s Puppy Days
  • Cocomelon
  • Corn & Peg
  • Creative Galaxy
  • Corduroy
  • The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures
  • Curious George
  • Deko Boko Friends
  • Dino Babies
  • Dino Ranch
  • Dinosaur Train
  • Dirtgirlworld
  • Doc McStuffins
  • Doby & Disy
  • Deer Squad
  • The Dog & Pony Show
  • Dora the Explorer
    • Go, Diego, Go!
    • Dora and Friends: Into the City!
  • Dot.
  • Doug Unplugs
  • Dragons: Rescue Riders
  • The Dragon Series
  • Dragon Tales
  • Eckhart
  • Elliot Moose
  • Elinor Wonders Why
  • Enchantimals
  • Esme & Roy
  • Eureka! (2022)
  • The Family-Ness
  • Fancy Nancy
  • Fireman Sam
  • Fluffy Gardens
  • The Forgotten Toys
  • Franklin
    • Franklin and Friends
  • Franny’s Feet
  • Gabbys Dollhouse
  • Gaspard and Lisa
  • Genius Genie
  • George and Martha
  • George Shrinks
  • Gigantosaurus
  • Go Dog Go
  • Go Jetters
  • Gofrette
  • Goldie & Bear
  • Get Rolling With Otis
  • Guess How Much I Love You
  • Hamtaro
  • Handy Manny
  • The Happets
  • Happy Monster Band
  • Happy Ness: The Secret of the Loch
  • Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs
  • Hello Ninja
  • Henry Hugglemonster
  • Hey Duggee
  • Higglytown Heroes
  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  • Im A Dinosaur
  • I Spy
  • Jake And The Neverland Pirates
  • Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks
  • Jellabies
  • Jelly Jamm
  • JoJo’s Circus
  • Jungle Junction
  • Justin Time (2011)
  • Kate & Mim-Mim
  • Kinderwood
  • Kingdom Force
  • Kipper
  • Kiri And Lou
  • The Koala Brothers
  • Leap Frog
  • Let’s Go Luna!
  • Lily’s Driftwood Bay
  • The Lion Guard
  • Little Bear
  • Little Bill
  • Little Charmers
  • Little Einsteins
  • Little People
  • Little Robots
  • Llama Llama
  • Llan-ar-goll-en (though it is predominantly live action, all of the animals featured in the show are animated)
  • Looney Tunes preschool series:
    • Baby Looney Tunes
    • Bugs Bunny Builders
  • Lou and Lou: Safety Patrol
  • Lu & the Bally Bunch
  • Lupin’s Tales
  • Mack & Moxy
  • Madagascar: A Little Wild
  • Madeline
  • Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
  • Magic Adventures of Mumfie
  • Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies
  • Martha Speaks
  • Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse
  • Maryoku Yummy
  • Masha and the Bear
  • Max and Ruby
  • Maya the Bee
  • Mickey Mouse preschool series:
    • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    • Minnie’s Bow-Toons
    • Mickey and the Roadster Racers / Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures
    • Mickey Mouse Funhouse
  • Miffy
  • Mighty Express
  • Mike the Knight
  • Miles from Tomorrowland
  • Mi Perro Chocolo
  • Mira, Royal Detective
  • Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends
  • Mister K’s Clubhouse
  • Molang
  • Motown Magic
  • The Mr. Men Show
  • Mr Moon
  • Muppet Babies (1984)
    • Muppet Babies (2018)
  • My Big, Big Friend
  • My Friend Rabbit
  • Nella the Princess Knight
  • Nickelodeon Shorts and Interstitials: Specifically the ones that aired on Nick Jr.
  • Ni Hao, Kai-Lan
  • Nina Needs to Go!
  • Nina’s World
  • Noddy’s Toyland Adventures
  • Noonbory and the Super 7
  • Norman Picklestripes
  • Numberblocks
  • Numberjacks
  • The Octonauts
    • Octonauts: Above & Beyond
  • Ollie!
  • The Ollie & Moon Show
  • One Stormy Night: Secret Friends
  • Oswald
  • Our Friend Xiong Xiao Mi
  • Ozie Boo!
  • Pablo
  • Pablo the Little Red Fox
  • PAW Patrol
    • Rubble & Crew
  • PB&J Otter
  • Pecola
  • Peep and the Big Wide World
  • Peg + Cat
  • Peppa Pig
  • El perro y el gato
  • Pete the Cat
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Pikwik Pack
  • Ping and Friends
  • Pingu
  • Pinky Dinky Doo
  • Pip Ahoy!
  • Pirates: Adventures in Art
  • PJ Masks
  • Pleasant Goat Fun Class
  • Pocket Dragon Adventures
  • Pocoyo
  • Pompon Little Bear
  • Postman Pat
    • Guess with Jess
  • Powerbirds
  • Puffin Rock
  • Puppy Dog Pals
  • Pupstruction
  • Rainbow Fish
  • Rainbow Rangers
  • Ranger Rob
  • Razzledazzle
  • Remy & Boo
  • Rhyme Time Town
  • Ricky Zoom
  • Ridley Jones
  • R. O.B. the Robot
  • The Rocketeer
  • Rolie Polie Olie
  • Rosie’s Rules
  • Rubbadubbers
  • Rupert
  • Rusty Rivets
  • Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat
  • Salty’s Lighthouse
  • Santiago of the Seas
  • Sarah & Duck
  • The Save-Ums!
  • School of Roars
  • Seven Little Monsters
  • Sheriff Callie’s Wild West
  • Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirō
  • Shimmer and Shine
  • Sid the Science Kid
  • Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings (2002)
  • Small Potatoes
  • Sofia the First
  • Soupe Opra
  • Space Racers
  • Special Agent Oso
  • Spidey and His Amazing Friends
  • Splash and Bubbles
  • Spot the Dog
  • Stanley
  • Star Beam
  • Still Water (Apple TV+)
  • The Stinky & Dirty Show
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Most of Studio 100 shows fall into this, examples include:
    • Bumba
    • Heidi (CGI series)
    • Kabouter Plop (known as Lutin Plop in Walloon regions of Belgium) (live-action)
    • Maya the Bee (CGI reboot)
    • Vicky the Viking (2010s CGI reboot)
  • Sunny Day
  • SuperKitties
  • Super Monsters
  • Super Why!
  • Super Wings
  • Suzy’s Zoo: Daisuki! Witzy
  • Team Umizoomi
  • Theodore Tugboat
  • Thomas & Friends
    • Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go
  • Timmy Time
  • Timothy Goes to School
  • Tinga Tinga Tales
  • Tiny Planets
  • Tish Tash
  • ToddWorld
  • Toon Bops
  • Toopy and Binoo
  • Toot & Puddle
  • Top Wing
  • T. O.T.S.
  • Trash Truck
  • Tree Fu Tom
  • Trucktown
  • Tumble Leaf
  • Turbo Dogs
  • Vampirina
  • VeggieTales
  • Wandering Wenda
  • Waybuloo
  • Where’s Waldo? (2019)
  • Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets
  • Wild Animal Baby Explorers
  • Willa’s Wild Life
  • Winnie the Pooh
    • The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    • The Book of Pooh (live-action)
    • My Friends Tigger & Pooh
    • Playdate with Winnie the Pooh
  • Wonder Pets!
  • Word Party
  • WordWorld
  • Work It Out Wombats!
  • Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
  • YooHoo & Friends
    • YooHoo to the Rescue
  • Zack and Quack
  • The ZhuZhus
  • Zigby


  • 4 Square
  • Adventures in Wonderland
  • Allegra’s Window
  • Ants in Your Pants
  • Bananas in Pyjamas
  • Barney & Friends
  • Bear in the Big Blue House
  • Between the Lions
  • Big and Small
  • Big Bag
  • The Big Comfy Couch
  • The Big Garage
  • Boohbah
  • Captain Kangaroo
  • The Chica Show
  • Chockablock
  • The Doodlebops
  • Donkey Hodie
  • Dumbo’s Circus
  • Eureeka’s Castle
  • Emilys Wonder Lab
  • The Fimbles
  • Fourways Farm
  • Fox Clubhouse
  • The Fresh Beat Band
    • Fresh Beat Band of Spies (animated)
  • Gerbert
  • Giggle And Hoot
  • The Good Night Show
    • Hola Sproutitos
  • Grandpa in My Pocket
  • Gullah Gullah Island
  • Helpsters
  • Here’s Humphrey
  • Hip Hop Harry
  • Imagination Movers
  • Inai Inai Baa!
  • In the Night Garden. ..
  • Iris The Happy Professor
  • It’s a Big Big World
  • Izzys Koala World
  • Jack’s Big Music Show
  • Johnny and the Sprites
  • Johnson and Friends
  • Julie’s Greenroom
  • Kindergarten
  • Kitty Cats
  • Lamb Chop’s Play-Along
    • Charlie Horse Music Pizza
  • LazyTown
  • The Lets Go Show
  • Lovely Little Farm
  • Magic Mountain
  • Mickeys Farm
  • Miitsuketa!
  • Mister K’s Clubhouse
  • Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
    • Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (animated)
    • Donkey Hodie
  • The Moblees
  • Mopatop’s Shop
  • Mr. Dressup
  • Musical Mornings With Coo
  • My Special Book
  • Nanalan’
  • Ni Nis Treehouse
  • The Noddy Shop
  • Noodle And Doodle
  • Okaasan to Issho
  • Oobi
  • Out of the Box
  • The Pajanimals
  • Panda Bear Daycare
  • PBS Kids Preschool Block
  • Pinwheel
  • Play School
  • The Polka Dot Door
  • The Puzzle Place
  • Rainbow
  • Reading Rainbow
  • Rosie & Jim
  • Ryan’s Mystery Playdate
  • Seemore’s Playhouse
  • Sesame Street
    • Elmo’s World
    • The Furchester Hotel
    • The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo
    • Play With Me Sesame
    • Plaza Ssamo (Latin American version of Sesame Street)
    • Sesamstraat (Dutch version of Sesame Street)
    • Takalani Sesame (South African version of Sesame Street)
    • Sesamstrae (German version of Sesame Street)
  • Shining Time Station
  • Slniečko
  • Slumberkins
  • The Sooty Show
  • Special Friends
  • Sprout House
  • The Sprout Sharing Show
  • St. Bear’s Dolls Hospital
  • The Sunny Side Up Show
  • The Super Sproutlet Show
  • Swamp Critters
  • Swashbuckle
  • Teletubbies
  • This Is Daniel Cook
  • Today’s Special
  • Tots TV
  • Tweenies
  • Under the Umbrella Tree
  • The Wiggles
    • Sprouts Wiggly Waffle
  • Wilbur
  • Wimzie’s House
  • The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss: After it moved to Nick Jr. for its second season.
  • Yo Gabba Gabba!
  • Zoboomafoo

Top 10 TV shows for pre-schoolers! – Leeds Dads

Lockdown 3 is upon us (worst sequel since The Crystal Skull) and there are many who are now having to do some home schooling whilst entertaining an under 3.

Let’s be honest: no screen time would be great, but it’s unrealistic, especially when trying to juggle two kids. The good news is that some programs are educational! I’m not saying all these are, but they’re all tried and tested by my eldest in the past few years.

10. Teletubbies (available on the iPlayer)

Bet you’re singing the theme already…

I know, I know, but hear me out… First broadcast over a year before Google was a thing, the Teletubbies have been entertaining babies and toddlers for over 23 years. It’s likely that new parents now will have grown up with these creatures on their morning TV. They even had a number one single!

I was torn whether to include these on my list. It’s the only one of the ten which I cannot derive any enjoyment out of watching, but then I realised quickly I’m not the target audience. My 8 month old loves the bright colours and silly sounds. My toddler loved seeing the other children being the focus of the show rather than adults pandering to kids. As such, it’d be remiss not to include these 7ft monsters in any list of pre-school shows.


Go Jetters (available on the iPlayer)

No, I can’t remember their names either

Whether it’s for the geographical education from ubercorn, the earworm theme tune, or the in-depth character progression of Grandmaster Glitch, we love Go Jetters in this house.

Here’s Daddycorn’s Funky Top 3 reasons why you should watch Go Jetters this lockdown:

  • 3. You’ll learn things! As they travel the world, you’ll inevitably pick up a titbit about one of the world’s most famous landmarks which you can bank to impress your toddler down the line
  • 2. It’s one of the core breakfasts shows on cbeebies, and a great way to remember that you need to stop watching kids TV and get on with breakfast
  • 1. It’ll give you some great alternatives to swearing. I’ll often find myself cursing “oh grimbles!” without worrying about my kids repeating what I said!

8. Cbeebies Bedtime Stories (available on the iPlayer)

Not sure why the wife keeps insisting on watching the Tom Hardy episode…

Particularly useful if you work towards a 7pm bedtime, cbeebies have outdone themselves in getting some great big names to read some familiar (and some not-so-familiar) stories as the last program of their broadcast. The BBC have had genuine megastars such as Johnny Depp, Joaquin Phoenix and Chris “Captain America, not the ginger” Evans reading stories with simple shots of the books rather than new animation. Each one lasts around 5 minutes and is a great way to avoid having to come up with new voices for every character in every story

7. Jojo and Gran Gran (available on the iPlayer)

Gran Gran on the right

A relatively new addition to the cycle of kids shows in our house, but welcomed nevertheless. The series are based upon the seasons, with Spring, Summer and Autumn series released so far (albeit autumn includes the Xmas special).

Each episode follows JoJo’s adventures with her grandma, then real kids will share their experiences in relation to this (for example when they’ve been pumpkin picking in the Halloween episode). It’s a lovely programme, and it’s nice to see representation of a preschool child being looked after by their grandparents whilst their parents are working. Thinking of other programmes based on family life, they all seem to have ever-present parents which is not historically accurate (although I’m sure during lockdown my kids will soon grow sick of me!)


Tik Tak (available on the iPlayer)

Nice to see a more normal looking pendulum in this image

Again, another new series for us. This one is aimed at younger children: “cognitive development series for toddlers using non-verbal and non-narrative imagery”. If it was any longer, you’d easily be able to nap to it, but that isn’t to do it a disservice.

Each episode follows a set recipe of skits, whether this be music-lead patterns or a silhouette doing basic actions. It is short and melodic, and perfect for capturing a young child’s attention.

5. Sesame Street (select episodes available on YouTube Kids from the official Sesame Street channel)

She’s new, and she’s called Abby Cadabby

Whilst this is pure Americana, and it may result in your child in developing a strange accent when singing the alphabet, there’s a solid reason why it has been on screens for over 50 years. I know I grew up watching this, as has my eldest.

It is pure educational entertainment. From having a letter and number of the day, to helping social interactions, Sesame Street has it all. It deals with race, disability, and even gender stereotypes (affirming that anyone can play with any toy or dress up) all in ways easily digested by young minds without being overt or preachy.

Where it really earns its top 5 status is in its pop culture references. Entire skits are based around adult shows, such as Game of Thrones or Orange is the new Black. Parodies of movies such as The Avengers are easily watched as an adult, with the kids enjoying non of the subtle nods to the source material but still loving that dad is laughing along with them.

4. Maddie’s Do You Know? (available on the iPlayer)

It was a toss up between the swimming pool episode or the hula hoop as to a personal fave…

Maybe it’s more one of daddy’s favourites than the kids, but that’s only because the kids didn’t grow up watching Fred Dinenage on How 2 (“that’s how, for now!”). Do You Know is a great BBC show which, in every episode, shows you how two things work or are made.

IMDB rates the show 9. 3/10 (therefore it’s technically better than Game of Thrones or Rick and Morty) and whilst Maddie helps the rating, the key to the show is telling the viewer really interesting things in a really simple way. You won’t be able to resist learning something new, whilst your kid soaks up some knowledge

3. Numberblocks / Alphablocks

It would be unfair to rank either of these above the other, but both definitely deserve a top 3 position for their combined educational and entertainment value.

Numberblocks is laid out in a very simple format. The first series deals with numbers 1 – 10, then later series deal with bigger numbers and basic mathematic functions. The songs in there are catchy and will get stuck in your head, but it’s these simple counting songs which will help your toddler grasp basic maths and give you some assurance that the screen time wasn’t all just to give you some peace and quiet.

Alphablocks is perhaps one to watch once your littlest is a little older, as (and this is coming from me and not anyone with any education experience) it seems a harder subject to learn. That said, it gives each phonic a personality and makes learning the letters that little bit easier. Further, the books my eldest has in reception include Alphablocks books, so the character recognition is (hopefully) aiding her reading.

2. Hey Duggee (available on the iPlayer)

A-woof woof; woof!

The bookies’ favourite to top the charts, and the best kids show for the past few years until the arrival of our new number one (more on that later), Hey Duggee is genuinely entertaining for all ages. Much like the perennial fave Sesame Street, it will often give nods to adult favourites such as Stranger Things or Apocalypse Now (they make sense in context I swear!) to keep you entertained whilst watching with the kids.

Every episode is based around a “badge”, just like you’d get in the scouts. The “squirrels” (confusingly none of whom are squirrels) will have a short adventure, rewarded with a badge for their efforts, together with a Duggee Hug. The characters are diverse, from different backgrounds, and the supporting cast is brilliant. From (my favourite) Chew Chew the panda, to Mr and Mr Crab, each appears regularly, but never too often to become repetitive.

The music can be great, but arguably too catchy on occasion (I’m looking at you, Stick Badge). I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve genuinely laughed out loud watching this. I have watched it a million times, and will happily watch it another million before tiring of it

Honourable Mentions

Just out of the top ten:

  • The Wiggles (Netflix)
  • Bing (iPlayer)
  • Mother Goose Club (Netflix)
  • Little Baby Bum (YouTube)
  • Yaka Dee (iPlayer)

1. The Baby Club (available on the iPlayer)

The first rule is to tell everyone about Baby Club

The Baby Club is an absolute godsend during lockdown, and the best thing on the iPlayer for my 8 month old without a shadow of a doubt.

When my eldest was born, I shared parental leave with the wife, and had 6 months of taking my baby to parks, family and baby clubs. These were great places, and whilst they never took up more than half an hour of the day, they were lifesavers. Always formulaic, we’d have an introduction song, then some play, a story and some chill time. We’d then have a goodbye song.

“If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it” is a matra held by the Beeb. Each episode starts with a song to introduce the babies, we then get an activity (just be careful not to sing the Shooting Stars version of “what’s in the bag”), a story and a song. Then come the bubbles for chilling, another song, then it’s time to say good bye.

Queen of the Castle Giovanna Fletcher is obviously my favourite of the two presenters, but both do a great job in welcoming viewers into the club. For those whose lockdown baby is their first, this is a fantastic opportunity to see exactly what happens in baby classes. Even though my lockdown baby is not my first, I still find myself putting aside time to do these “classes” with my youngest who loves the familiar songs and pattern of the class.

In summary…

All but one of these hits is available for free on the iPlayer. No adverts for toys, no paid promotions, and no subscription requirements. Further, the iPlayer now comes with a kids mode which will limit the content viewable should little hands grab the remote. It’s a great resource for parents who need ten minutes away from their youngest, whether for your own sanity or to give you time to home school your eldest.

If you want to hear more blogs like this, check out From Here To Paternity.

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    Scenario for March 8 in the preschool group «Preschool TV» | Material (preparatory group):

    «Preschool TV»

    March 8 in the preparatory group 2019

    Fake TV set by the central wall. Festive fanfare sounds.

    Presenters enter.

    1st: Hello, dear mothers and grandmothers, dear women!

    We want to congratulate you on this day from the bottom of our hearts.

    Lead 2: Let the poems and many songs “bring” smiles and laughter!

    We start our holiday and meet our children!

    Louis Armstrong’s composition «Hello…» The boys solemnly enter

    and rearrange diagonally (on both sides)

    1st: Spring has come to our house again!

    Again we are all waiting for the holiday!

    How we sing, how we dance!..

    But, only, where are our girls?

    2nd: They bring beauty!

    They said they would come soon!

    3rd: Where are they? Can’t you see them?

    How long can you wait for them here!

    I refuse to continue this holiday!

    4th: Oh, friends, we forgot,

    What this holiday is for them too!

    Well, that’s not how we invited them!

    The girls are waiting for the words of others!

    5th: The best, cutest,

    The kindest and most beautiful

    Together: We invite girls!

    We solemnly welcome them!

    The song “Good girls” is playing. The girls go in pairs, passing through the center, curtsy and stand between the boys in their places.

    1st dev.: Oh, guys, it’s a miracle — there are guests everywhere!

    The sun is shining and laughing, the gentle song is pouring!

    2nd: The hall smells of miracles!

    And French perfume!

    What kind of guests are they here?

    All: These are dear mothers!

    3rd: March plays the icicles loudly.

    The sky opened the umbrella blue.

    Happy holiday: both affectionate and sonorous!

    With new happiness! With joy! Happy spring!

    4th: Today in the whole world
    The holiday is big and bright.
    Listen, mothers, listen…
    All: Children congratulate you!


    1st: Dear guests! We invited you to a holiday so that you can rest today,

    , be distracted from everyday worries and rejoice with us in the arrival of

    . . . spring. And tell us, dear women, how do you usually relax at home?

    (answers. )

    2nd: How interesting you know how to relax! But a recent blitz survey conducted in our country

    showed that the most affordable and favorite vacation is

    We still have a TV plus a sofa.
    Lead 1: And what is wrong with this rest? It’s so great to sit in front of such a

    screen with such a box of chocolates and …
    2ved.: Well, you’re dreaming! Is it possible in kindergarten?
    1 leading: And why not! By the way, there is a TV.
    2nd lead: Well, let’s turn on the TV.

    Musical background sounds. The first pair of children — announcers — comes out and takes their places.

    1st: Hello dear friends!

    You are watching Kindergarten Channel.

    Happy spring holiday

    We congratulate everyone today.

    And first of all we announce:

    Spring has come to us in Russia,

    The weather is a miracle, how clear!

    2nd: Today we give festive TV shows to dear guests,


    On the air — the program «Army Shop».

    The pride of grandmothers and mothers is our guys, brave soldiers.

    The «Army Shop» screensaver sounds. The boys come out.

    1st: Moms, grandmothers, now we want to congratulate you!

    We are also glad to congratulate all the employees of the kindergarten!

    And girlfriends, and sisters, and, of course, girls!

    2nd: Listen to everyone, we want to tell you

    That we will not offend you, we will always protect you.

    And if we offended you sometimes,

    Now we will become a mountain for the girls!

    3rd: Admire our mothers, how we have matured:


    4th: Let us be small in stature, but brave as soldiers!

    We will defend our beloved homeland,

    We will protect peace and happiness on earth.

    Dance «Border» (L. Agutin)

    The screensaver «Dad can» sounds. The next pair of announcers come out.

    1st: Attention, attention! Dear viewers!

    Special edition of the program “Daddy Can” is on the air

    2nd: And on this day, we must not forget about the most important men, our dads.


    Poem «Papa» (A. Barto)

    You don’t recognize dad today,

    He came and suddenly at the door…

    He didn’t throw his hat on the table, but hung it up like a guest.

    He told me: «Hello, daughter»

    And he laughed this time.

    He kissed his mother on the cheek, and shook his grandmother’s hand.

    He did not hide in the newspaper, he looked at everyone at the table,

    He did not beat the cutlet with a fork, as if someone was sitting in it.

    He was better, he was simpler,

    He poured tea into cups,

    He even called his grandmother, not mother-in-law, but mother.

    I asked my mother directly: “Mom, what is wrong with him?”

    «Women’s Day» — mother said —

    Dad should be like that!”

    9006 5

    1 lead: And now we will see how dads cope with household chores and

                                can fix any technique.


    The screen saver “While everyone is at home” sounds. The next pair of announcers comes out.

    1st: The second gear is familiar to everyone —

    It is called «So far, everyone is at home.»

    2nd: We are not inviting you to the museum, we are not inviting to the zoosad,

    doors are now opening our favorite kindergarten.

    Children come out.

    2nd lead: It’s good in our garden! Children are happy to go.

    Noise, hubbub stands in the morning — this is how the kids play.

    All girlfriends and friends and… we can’t quarrel.

    Game «Teaser»

    2nd: We live happily here, but now A fun dance prepared especially for you.

    1 lead: There is advertising on our channel.

    Moms need to rest and play a little.



    (For the game you will need inflatable balls, markers. Pairs participate — a mother with a child. Mom must inflate the balloon. After that, the balloon is passed to the child, who must draw a person’s face with a marker. Who is faster.) will always help.

    Exercise «Help Mom» ​​

    The «Weather Forecast» screen saver sounds. The next pair of announcers comes out.

    1st: «Weather Forecast» is on the air. We will introduce you to the features of

    coming spring.

    2nd: On March 8, clear and sunny weather will continue throughout our country.

    . The temperature of the hearts of our mothers and their children is 36.6 degrees Celsius.

    1st: And our special report from their Botanical Garden, where beautiful

    flowers bloomed.

    Flower Girl Dance

    The screensaver of the program “Let them talk” sounds. Speakers come out.

    1st: The popular talk-show “Let them talk” on the air of the pre-school channel

    2nd: Today we will tell about a man whom all children love. So let’s listen!

    Poems about grandmother

    1st child: My grandmother is with me, and that means I am the head of the house!

    I can open cupboards, water flowers with kefir,

    Play football with a pillow and clean the floor with a towel.

    I can eat pilaf with the hands, deliberately slam the door …

    And this will not pass with my mother … — I already checked.

    2nd: My grandmother is a model — believe it or not.

    If they see us nearby, they say: “You are just cool! »


    3rd: Modern grannies are all such beauties!
    Young, businesslike, versed in everything
    And of course, they don’t care about any know-how.

    Sometimes he exposes recipes, sometimes he congratulates someone,

    Sometimes he speaks on Skype, making a serious look.
    I hurried to my granny: «Grandma, let’s have some tea?»



    Sounds like a melody from the film «Mustachioed Nyan». The announcer comes out.

    1st: The new program «Mom + Me» is on the air, it is dedicated to mother’s questions

    : how to rock a child, put to sleep, what to do in your free time.

    Carriage Dance

    The “Fashion Sentence” screensaver sounds. The following speakers are out.

    1st: Following fashion is funny. And not to follow is stupid! Hello. With you

    «Fashion Sentence» program. I declare the session of the Fashionable Court open.

    2nd: Now is the time to send our girls straight into the magical hands of our

    stylist dear moms.

    Lead 1: We are seeing our mothers and girls off and will see them in a few minutes.

    In the meantime, we invite the boys to be clothes stylists and sew



    2 leads: Our girls have been in the hands of our wizards — stylists. They are very

    worried because they have not seen a new image in the mirror. Let’s support

    with a big round of applause.

    Spring Hat Show

    Dancing with the Stars screensaver sounds. A child announcer enters.

    Reb.: Dear viewers! Our pre-school channel has come to an end and it is being completed by

    the most dance program «Dancing with the Stars».

    By alexxlab

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