Printable blank times table chart: Blank Multiplication Charts up to 12×12

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Free Printable Times Tables – DIY Projects, Patterns, Monograms, Designs, Templates

Multiplication Charts (PDF): Free Printable Times Tables

Free printable multiplication charts (times tables) available in PDF format. Use these colorful multiplication tables to help your child build confidence while mastering the multiplication facts. For more ideas see printable paper and math drills and math problems generator.

Download your free printable multiplication chart by selecting either “PDF format” or “PNG format”. You can also change the colors by selecting “Edit / Save”. See notes below.

Free Printable Multiplication Charts (PDF) – Times Tables 1-12

  • Multiplication chart.
    (Landscape orientation)
    12 x 12
  • ○ PDF format
  • ○ PNG format
  • Free multiplication chart.
    (Portrait Orientation)
  • ○ PDF format
  • ○ PNG format

Free Printable Times Tables (PDF): Multiplication Charts 1-10


NOTE: You can specify new colors for your multiplication chart or times table chart by pressing the “Edit / Save” button. After selecting new colors, specify the height as “3000 pixels” to ensure high resolution and to make sure your table or chart fits on the entire piece of paper.

Multiplication charts and tables can be invaluable tools when kids are learning their multiplication facts. Use these free multiplication chart PDFs at home or at school. Simply click on the chart or table you want, then download and print. You can then hang your chart on a wall or laminate the chart for durability. You can also print one of these multiplication tables and slip it in a page protector and then add it to your child’s homeschool binder. This makes it easy to find and use when they are working on math problems. Great for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade classes.


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Multiplication Chart 1 to 15 — Cute & Free Printables


ByCristina Morero

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Looking for a cute and free multiplication chart printable 1-15? Here you can find free printable multiplication chart designs and times tables for multiplication grids 1 to 15 – both black & white and in different color designs. 

Cute (&free!) multiplication charts (1-15) found in this post

Multiplication is not essential only at school but in everyday life. And multiplication charts are a great tool to help children learn multiplication tables.

They are a fantastic visual aid tool for parents and teachers to help kids solve problems and apply to other concepts of the basics of mathematics. The blank page ones are almost like math games!

You can print as many as you like and use them as a great educational tool for homeschool or classroom.

HOW TO PRINT: These printables are easy to print out and use – just follow these steps to get your worksheets printed:

  1. Scroll down until you find the design you’d like to print out
  2. Click on the instant download link under the image of the PDF
  3. An ad might pop up, so close the ad, and the PDF will appear
  4. Save the PDF to your computer and print them out.

Psst! The image has my logo on a banner but no worries, the PDFs come without it.

Size: US Letter – but some can be easily resized and printed as A4.

Tip for printing: I always recommend saving the file to the computer first so that it will print out using the correct printer settings you have set up.

So here are the multiplication charts. You can find both black and white and colorful chart designs.

I hope you like them and find them helpful!

All the tables, charts, and math worksheets are copyright protected ©SaturdayGift Ltd. Graphics purchased or licensed from other sources are also subject to copyright protection. For classroom and personal use only, not to be hosted on any other website, sold, used for commercial purposes, or stored in an electronic retrieval system.

Pink free printable multiplication table charts – 1 – 15 times

Here are cute designs of multiplication charts 1-15. You can hang these multiplication charts in the kids’ room or classroom wall.

Pink multiplication chart 1-15

Multiplication chart printable 1 to 15 – pink

DOWNLOAD: Pink multiplication chart 1-15

Cute green printable times tables grids

Here’s a gorgeous green multiplication chart – both blank worksheet PDF and the multiplication grid.

Green multiplication chart 1-15

Free multiplication chart 1 15 – light green

DOWNLOAD: Green multiplication chart 1-15

Colorful multiplication chart – 1 – 15

Here are super colorful rainbow charts and exercise sheets.

Rainbow multiplication chart 1-15

Free multiplication chart 1 15 – colorful

DOWNLOAD: Rainbow multiplication chart 1-15

Black & white printable multiplication chart – 1 – 15 (both charts and blank worksheets

And here are the ink-friendly black & white times table charts and worksheets. The blank practice sheet has a place to write down the answer for each multiplication problem.

Tips for learning 15 times table

The easiest way to memorize multiplication tables is to find patterns or skip counting. And learning the table of 15 is no exception.

Use skip-counting: 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 135, 150 and so on

And make sure that the last digit of the answer is always either 0 or 5.

When multiplying with an even number, the answer ends in 0. And when multiplying with an odd number the answer ends in 5.

How to use the free printable multiplication charts

Learning times tables can be easy and fun!

Print out the free printable multiplication charts to practice the multiplication facts.

Fill in the correct answers to the blank multiplication table and check the correct answers from the printable multiplication charts.

Tip: Save the PDF to the computer before printing. This way, you can make sure the printer settings are correct.

The more you practice, the better! And before you know it, the students master their times table chart.

By alexxlab

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