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Congratulations To Proud Parents (Graduation Message From Parents)

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Life is like a long trip where you reach milestones and enjoy every second in between. Graduation is one of these major milestones in a person’s life. It is an emotional moment not only for the individual but also for their parents. So, if your child has achieved this milestone and graduated, you have every reason to be ecstatic and happy. 

Send these inspirational graduation congratulations wishes and messages to your child, to show them how proud they have made you. Your child can also send congratulations to the proud parents through these quotes.

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Graduation Message From Parents

  • “You have worked hard without giving up and now it is time that you are celebrated for all that you have accomplished.
  • “May you take a moment to reflect on all that you accomplished as you celebrate your graduation day.”
  • “Your graduation is a day that honors you for all of the hard work that you put in, and I hope that you day is a special one.”

“You have worked so hard to get to this point and I am so proud of all that you have accomplished. Congratulations on your graduation!”

  • “We are just the proudest parents in the whole wide world! Congratulations on this new milestone!”
  • “You are deserving of all of the celebrating that you are doing right now as it took a lot of work for you to get to your graduation!”
  • “If anyone deserves to take a break right now, it is you. May your graduation bring with it a sense of peace and also of excitement!”

“Graduating from school is an important step as you head toward a bright future, and I am so proud of you for reaching this point.

  • “It takes a lot of work to get through the kind of schooling that you went through, and I hope that you celebrate this graduation with all that you are.”
  • “May you have a beautiful day today as you celebrate the work that you put in and the graduation that you have reached.”
  • “Your future is full of all kinds of possibilities and I am excited to see what you choose to do with the life that is before you.”

“Congratulations to our little child who has finally graduated. We as parents, feel so proud to see our little bundle of joy grow into such a fine and mature adult. Contnue doing us proud sweetheart. Best of luck for your future. We love you!”

  • “Your graduation is a step toward any kind of future that you want to pursue, and I cannot wait to see what it is that you choose to do.”
  • “May you have the happiest of graduations, because you are someone who is always looking out for others even as you are working hard to advance yourself.
  • “I do not know how we were able to produce an awesome kid like you. Kidding. You were from the best parents, of course, you will be awesome. Congrats! We are so proud of you.”

Congratulations Message To Parents On Child’s Success

  • “I want to join the world to celebrate your child and congratulate you on their recent success. They are the pride for all of us.”
  • “I am impressed by the wonderful exploits your child is doing. It’s the fruits of your labour that’s being revealed. Thanks for being a great parent. Cheers to many more great feats.”
  • “Congratulations to you on your child’s new achievement. It is greatly fulfilling to see them doing great stuff. May they continue to do more exploits in life.

“Hearty cheers on the recent success of your kid. We hope he/she will continue to do great things in life and wish her many years of happiness and prosperity.”

  • “I want to specially congratulate you on the occasion of your child’s graduation. May he/she continue to have more success in the future. I wish you and your family all the best in the future.”
  • “We are pleased to congratulate you on your children success. They are an inspiration in our lives. May God give them grace to continue to increase and do much more.”
  • “Thank you for supporting your kids on their journey; it’s been worth it because they has now become successful. Congratulation to you and your family. Much more good news to come.”

Short Graduation Wishes For A New Graduate

  • “This is not just an achievement, this is your graduation! We are so proud of you! See you on your thanksgiving party!”
  • “Your parents must really be proud of you, because we are! Congratulations from your aunts and uncles here in Jersey!”
  • “Be proud of this moment, you deserve it for all the effort and dedication you invested. Congratulations!”

“Hold your head high and be proud of your accomplishment; graduating is no small feat! Congratulations to you dear, and happy graduation!”

  • “I just want you to know that I am so, so proud of you! You’ve always been a bright shining light of inspiration, for me and for so many others. Congratulations!”
  • “It was a long and tough journey, full of challenges and unexpected turns, but in the end you were tougher. Happy graduation to my unbeatable and amazing sister, and wishing you all the best for the future ahead!”

Proud Parents Graduation Messages For Child On Great Achievement

  • “When the Lord gave us you, I said to myself, “you are the most precious gift I ever received, I am contented with my life”. But you never stopped amazing us with everything you do. You never stopped achieving things. I am proud of everything you do. I love you. Congratulations on your graduation!”
  • “Since your first day at school, we knew you would make it to this day. You are one independent, disciplined, and cheerful kid. You managed to have friends while focusing on your studies. We did not even have to set up rules because you have earned our trust, and you know your limitations. We are blessed to have you as our daughter. Congratulations on this accomplishment! Your dad and I loves you so much!”

“You are one step closer to your dreams! Keep chasing them and we will always be right behind you, you always have our support. We love you, and we are overjoyed by this achievement of yours. This is our achievement, too. You are our achievement.”

  • “You are closer to the fulfillment of your dreams, good job! You worked hard and now you are earning what you invested. You are a smart kid, you will do great things in the future. I believe in you. Congratulations!”
  • “Congratulations on your graduation and welcome to the adult world. It is not going to be easy because you won’t have your mom clean your mess, sew your slightly toned clothes, do your laundry, and cook you dinner. It is going to be tough because you will have to stand up for yourself but with all the lessons you will gain, it is all worth it.”

“Soon, you are going to tell us that you are getting married. And then, months or years later, you are going to tell us you are having a baby. Time flies so fast and you are rapidly growing old. But it doesn’t matter because you are my baby no matter what. I am so proud of what you have achieved. I love you, congratulations!”

Congratulations Messages To The New Graduate

  • “Feeling relieved because you graduated college? In a few more months, you will wish that you are still a student again. Kidding! The real world is harsh but you are one tough kid, you can survive. Congratulations on opening a new chapter in your life!”
  • “Your cousins idolize you so much, we are all proud of you. This is a big stepping stone to your future success. Congratulations!”

“I bet your mom and dad is tearing up because you are moving out for real. But anyway, I am so glad you graduated. You deserve it, you are a diligent child. God bless you!”

  • “Congratulations! We knew you would make it. I am wishing you a path full of opportunities and lessons that will make you become a better citizen and a better person.”
  • “It is time to celebrate the fruits you harvested from several years of intense studying! You deserve all this success, and I am pretty sure that the Lord has more opportunities in store for you. Keep up the good work. Congratulations!”

“May the SUCCESS that has come your way today lead you to a bigger achievement in the years to come. Congratulations!”

  • “I am pretty sure that your parents are going to throw you a very expensive party, because they are so proud of you. You deserve all these blessings you are receiving because you are a kind-hearted kid. Be prepared for the real world, it is not going to be easy. But you will make it, I know. Congratulations, kid!”
  • “Soon, your parents will have a diploma to frame and hang on your walls. I am sure that they will also frame and hang your graduation picture. You are blessed with very supportive parents and they are blessed to have a very responsible child. Congratulations on your achievement! Keep moving forward and stay humble!”
  • “Wishing you all the best on the new chapter of your life. We know you will be successful someday, and it starts today. Continue chasing your dreams and overcoming your fears. We are praying that the Lord will bless you with enough wisdom and knowledge. Congratulations!”


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Our family happiness depends on our parents. Part I.


Komsomolskaya Pravda

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House. FamilyRelationshipsMAN AND WOMAN


September 15, 2011 1:00

Neither beauty, nor intelligence, nor sense of humor, nor a fat wallet guarantee simple human happiness in love [test]

donated With all the virtues, a person will never meet his half, but he easily gets into dramatic stories like «Vasya loves Masha, Masha loves Petya, and Petya dreams of Zhanna Friska.» And at the same time, a seemingly unremarkable person can sip family joys with a full spoon.

Our parents leave us not only houses and cottages, but also a way to build our lives.

— Everything will definitely be different for me than for my parents! — said a friend named Alena, whose father was a tyrant, and her mother was his eternal victim. And Alena, when she grew up, began to do everything “in a different way”, not like her mother. She was militant with the guys — “don’t put your finger in your mouth”, proud and independent. She built a career and cut ties at any hint of disrespect. But the relationship didn’t go well. Those with whom she fell in love without memory did not reciprocate. And those who liked her, did not like her. At 27, she married the man of her dreams, whom she could not breathe. And at 29decided to divorce.

— I suddenly realized that I was reminding myself of my mother. Only Kostya and I are still worse off than our parents.

You can’t get an indulgence from family history, no matter how hard you try. You can only put up with it … Only then will you be able to go your own way. And while you are involved in relationships with your parents, these laws will work.

How mother influences

Mother is the beginning of everything. The American psychologist Irvin Yalom even wrote a whole book called «Mommy and the Meaning of Life», where he says that only for the attention and love of his mother he became famous and wrote his books. Let’s make it clear right away that there are no good and bad mothers. Instinctively, all mothers would like to be the best and give their baby everything. But the mother herself may be so influenced by family history that she does not realize how much harm. Here are three of the most common negative impact situations.

SITUATION. If the mother often left the child in the care of grandmothers-nannies or sent her to kindergarten early. If for pranks she thrashed and scolded, and did not explain what was what. If she was more busy working or sorting out relations with her father than raising a child. If she was inconsistent: then too affectionate, then cold and strict without explanation. If the child was periodically left alone, he screamed and called for his mother, but she did not go. If there were several children in the family, and this baby did not have enough strength and time.

CONSEQUENCES FOR THE CHILD. Then, in adult life, everything is divided only into black and white, in his head there are continuous extremes and stereotypes like: people are either bad or good; you can have everything or nothing; either love crazy or hate, etc. For example, a classic of the genre. For a girl with such a mother, a man always first has an ideal and the best person in the world, to whom everything can be forgiven, and then abruptly — the main bastard, only a serial killer is worse than him. The guy first falls in love with a bitch in order to remake her, ready to give her everything, and then rolls out a list of claims to her in bitchiness. In psychology, this is called narcissistic trauma. The fact is that up to three years a person develops the ability to love, make friends, trust, experience a sense of happiness. And if childhood is oversaturated with negative experiences of abandonment, guilt, feeling unloved, then it is difficult to build healthy relationships later. After all, even in childhood I got used to mental pain. Subconsciously, only those who are full of despair seem normal. And he chooses partners accordingly in order to suffer as much as possible. And the claims to the partner are actually childish claims to the mother.

SITUATION. The mother, unwittingly, drew the child into a relationship with the father. What is it expressed in? It happens that mothers complain to the child about the father or ask for advice, such as the mouth of the baby speaks the truth. They are asked to judge who is right and who is not. And a small child turns for a mother into a free psychologist, an arbiter, a vest for tears, an instrument of justice. The child is deprived of childhood, as it becomes the third participant in the personal life of the parents. An unbearable responsibility is placed on him — to decide for adults.

CONSEQUENCES FOR THE CHILD. In the future, he begins to disregard his personal life. And often, in fact, he continues to do the same things that he used to do in childhood: judge others, stroke their heads, help build other people’s families, get into the affairs of girlfriends / friends, and so on. Such a girl, for example, is a good friend and adviser to everyone. He only thinks of himself last. In general, her own personal life seems not as important as someone else’s. You yourself don’t understand what is on the personal front, but for hours he teaches girlfriends about life.

Moreover, often the child copies the fate of the parent against whom they set him up and who, perhaps, is still accused. But in the depths of a child’s soul, we love both parents equally. And, unconsciously copying the behavior of a “bad” parent, we pay tribute to him. I knew a man who, as a child, often defended his mother from his alcoholic father. When he grew up, he forced his mother to divorce him. Now this guy is in his forties, he takes care of a single mother. He has not seen his father for a long time and speaks of him with indignation. What pissed him off the most was that his father drank. The man himself did his best to justify his mother’s hopes, so he studied well, made a wonderful career and makes great money. He created a family late, at 35, a daughter was born. But the relationship with his wife is cool, and on weekends the «excellent» worker always goes to a nightclub, where he relaxes with casual relationships and cocaine, which is much worse than alcohol.

Another such “mother’s protector” also succeeded in business (mother wanted it!). Married a stripper who got pregnant. And he really wanted an heir (read: mom wanted a grandson). His wife, according to him, is a rare vixen, he divorced her. However, she can be understood, because he did not remain faithful to her for a single day. Now his mother lives in his house, and he meets women mainly for money. It’s easier.

Girls, on the other hand, often transfer their mother’s attitude towards their father to all men. And they make it worse! The more negatively it is colored, the more difficult it is for her to live “with these goats” in general. A friend of mine says that you can’t feel sorry for the peasants, but you just need to use them. Because her dad, as it seems to her, did not feel sorry for her mother at all.

SITUATION. Mom lived hard and suffered a lot. Or was single, raised a child without a husband. And if there is also a grandmother who was unhappy in family life, everything becomes very complicated.

CONSEQUENCES FOR THE CHILD. The daughter of such a mother is prevented from building her happy life by an underlying sense of guilt and embarrassment in front of her parent. In solidarity with her family history, she chooses the most difficult and destructive relationships with the most inappropriate men. Or even refuses relationships with the opposite sex. Often, she also becomes a single mother, because she is mentally ready for this, and «the child is the main thing.»

The boy has two paths to extremes. Or he becomes a homosexual, with a string of unfortunate scary love stories. Because there was no male example before my eyes. Or, on the contrary, it turns into a very courageous person, as if from a mother’s fantasies, who is overly sensitive to women’s suffering. He often chooses such a profession for himself to help women. You can marry not for love, but to make life easier for a particular woman, out of pity for her.

At the same time, the guy is also implicitly looking for a reason to suffer once again. But still, the main aspiration of life is to help women at all costs. And everything would be fine, but relations develop only as long as there is something to help and from what to save. And as soon as he finally saved, he immediately finds a new “unfortunate” to make happy. At the same time, he does not think at all about his own happiness. His life is often full of disappointments, because the saved are in no hurry to give thanks. And he feels used, but continues to step on the same rake.

In the film «Kin» by the characters Mordyukova and Kryuchkova, mother and daughter are equally unhappy in their personal lives, and what awaits their daughter and granddaughter depends on them


. I learned about it at one of the conferences of the psychological center «Here and Now». First, relations with the mother are worked out, then, according to the same scheme, relations with the father. And it is better not at one moment — all at once — but with a break of two weeks.

Do better in writing. Although it is possible and mentally.

You will need about an hour, and it is important that no one disturbs you during this time.

Continue these five sentences with at least six paragraphs each.

1 Dear mother! I remember with great joy how…

2 Dear mother! I’m sorry that…

3 Dear mother! I’m angry with you because…

4 Dear mother! I ask you about…

5 Dear mother! I thank you for…

In a week or two or three, when you feel ready to do the same, only with the appeal “Dear dad!”

RESULT. Helps to accept their parents as they are. And express feelings for them. Come to terms with the fact that everything turned out that way. Because for your own happiness, both in love and in your career, you must agree with your family history, you still cannot change anything in it.

— When you take for granted everything that was difficult in the history of the family, you automatically accept everything good, — says Tatyana Shpileva.

Figuratively speaking, you can’t just take a good house and give up bad sewage in it. You can only inherit all together. If you don’t want to deal with the sewer, you give up the whole house. So take everything, and there already something can be corrected with due diligence.

Take our quiz and find out if your child will become a millionaire!

In the next weekly read how fathers influence the private life of children.

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a mirror of the life of parents «- Informio

International Day of the Family established
by the UN General Assembly in 1993. And this is far from accidental. The world has begun
understand that it is in the family that a person’s life begins, and that the mother gives this life.
Her role is very big. No wonder folk wisdom says: “Why is a child from a horse
fell off? Because the mother planted crooked. Not a father, but a mother. And one more observation.
A person is lucky three times in life: from whom he was born, from whom he studied, whom he married.
Can a drinking, smoking, cursing girl give birth to a healthy child, and then
educate a moral person? Hardly…

After all, it is not in vain that the famous song is sung:

Dad can, dad can do anything,

Only a mother, only a mother cannot be.

The problem of education has always worried writers, scientists, educators.
Here is how F.M. Dostoevsky categorically stated at the end of the 19th century: “Without the beginnings
positive and beautiful things cannot come out of a person’s life from childhood, without
the beginnings of the positive and the beautiful, the generation must not be let on its way.

Our society and especially family
for a long time nothing was done in this direction, if, worse,
taught children only bad lessons. AND
here is the sad result. It’s scary for the future of the youth, who didn’t get much in
family. The state was also not
assistant. The spiritual environment is now such that, unfortunately, not
contributes to the moral formation of man.

How important was everything
times to educate a child industriousness, because every lazy person is cowardly and
reckless, and stupid. A fool is always ignorant and dishonest. Of the dishonest
greedy, quarrelsome and mediocre creatures come out, no one needs in the world.

Children may complain that they
unlucky with parents, and parents for children — no. In life, the opposite happens.
When our hopes are not justified, we begin to reproach children. Result
it turns out the opposite: loss of enthusiasm, discouragement.

It is known that 99 approval
comments may not praise in order to compensate for one — the only remark.
Criticism reduces the confidence of the guys in their own abilities, it hurts
pride. And although we console ourselves with the thought that our criticism is just, often
this is by no means the case. For development and
perfection, the child most of all needs moral support and positive
example. What a person perceives in childhood determines his entire future
life. Tomorrow’s character of a child is in today’s action.

Home… Parents’ home is a special place on earth.
It is good if he «accepts with love and tenderness.» What happiness, if why
On the porch, children carry guilt, not resentment.

The family must be mortgaged
foundations, milestones by which the child could navigate. Simon Soloveichik,
a well-known teacher and scientist, wrote a memo for parents. Here it is:

— Do not take away someone else’s, but not everything
give yours.

— They asked — give, they are trying
take away — try to defend yourself.

— Don’t fight without offense.

— Do not be offended by idleness.

— Don’t pester anyone yourself.

— Call to play — go, don’t call —
ask, it’s not embarrassing.

— Don’t tease, don’t squeal, don’t
ask for nothing. Don’t ask anyone twice for anything.

— Don’t cry because of marks, be
proud. Do not argue with teachers for grades and do not be offended by teachers for grades.
Do your homework, and what marks will be, such will be.

— Don’t snitch behind your back

— Don’t be dirty, kids
they don’t like dirty people, don’t be neat, children don’t like neat people either.

— Say more often: let’s be friends,
let’s play, let’s hang out, let’s go together.

— And don’t exhibit! You are not the best, not the worst, you are mine

-Go to school and have it for you
will be a joy. Cross the road carefully, do not rush. And I will wait and
thinking about you.

Foreign teacher Sally Fieldman
as if echoing S. Soloveichik:

— Children accustomed to criticism learn to discuss.

— children brought up by enmity,
know how to attack.

— Children who grew up in ridicule,
nurture shyness.

— many and often shy — with
guilty of their inseparable.

— Those who are brought up in tolerance,
learn the science of patience.

— Educated by an encouraging word
— able to believe in themselves.

— Children brought up by praise,
able to see the good.

— A fair education
teaches children to trust.

— children brought up with approval,
live in harmony with themselves.

— Gifted with friendship, warmth — are found in the world

Kind children at home

Evil children — home

So it was and so it will be in everything
time. Rights V.A. Sukhomlinsky, whose soul ached about the children. He wrote: «Three
Man has disasters: death, old age and bad children. From old age and death
no one can close the doors of his house, the house can be saved from bad children
children themselves. »

How do people begin to need
parents in the attention, compassion of daughters and sons. When the forces begin
to leave when with old age comes weakness. It turns out that old age for everyone
different. Parents receive from their parents what was invested in them in childhood.

Real family happiness… Who about
he doesn’t dream? The proverb again warns us, and this time: “Better with smart
to lose than to find with a fool.

Omar Khayyam in one of the ruby

To live life wisely, to know
a lot is needed.

Two important rules to remember for

You’d rather starve than anything

And it’s better to be alone than with
by anyone.

Children are happy and calm when
they have loving parents.

Of course, everything happens in life, but love, friendship must prevail.
The Serbian poet Bozidar Mandic described this situation in the following way: “If our parents
quarrel, then make up if they quarrel again, then make up if they quarrel again, and then kiss, it would be
it would be nice if they embraced in the evening,
so that we remember them like this before going to bed.

By alexxlab

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