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Little Rainbow Fish Collage by Brigitte Ackland

Hello fellow artists and art lovers, my name is Brigitte Ackland, I am a full-time artist living and working along the glorious coast of Western Australia. (Please follow me: Instagram: brigittesartwork and see videos of my artwork.) I cannot remember a time when I haven’t expressed myself creatively: whether through painting, drawing, sculpture, mosaics, or photography. My motto in life: If I’m not creating, I’m not living! At 19, I attended Ravensbourne College of Art & Design in Kent, UK for my BA in Fine Art but, for personal reasons, quit half-way through my course. This didn’t mean my artistic journey ended there, far from it! While at Art College, I discovered a love of photography and made full use of the darkroom facilities, creating abstract prints which further developed my artistic eye. Today, my camera has become a trusty tool of my trade, so when I’m not painting in my art studio, I take my Nikon with me everywhere to capture anything which catches my eye, adding to my vast library of images. I take these images a step further, by playing around with them in Photoshop, which provides me with new and exciting ideas for my paintings. After leaving Art College, most of my artistic training became self-taught. In my mid-20s, I attended an exhibition featuring a ceramic artist who greatly inspired me. Lucky for me, she also ran classes teaching her modern painting techniques, which I enrolled in. I took this a step further, when I learned how to create moulds for casting sculpture and jewellery, which I then handpainted using abstract motifs, highlighted with 22carat gold. My intense need to be creative has often led me to experiment with many different mediums and this is just one example. For 5 years, I was a full-time ceramic and mosaic artist. At 30, I travelled to Perth, Western Australia after I was commissioned by my brother to paint and decorate his entire house, using stencils I designed and hand cut to add artistic flair and drama to each room. While doing this, I met my future (and current) husband and so my life’s journey continued in Australia, where I’ve resided for 26 years. After marriage, the children soon followed with one having special needs. This was quite a full-time occupation for me but I still managed to juggle the needs of my growing family with my artistic endeavours, accepting commissions in all areas of art.

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Summer Holidays Art & Craft Projects – Rainbow Collage Fish & Snail – Nurturing Little Hearts

Today’s post is the third one in the series “Summer Holidays Art & Craft Projects”. After googling a bit ,we came up with this craft activity as we wanted something that was simple to make with the materials available at home. Its all colorful and cheerful when you step outside these days. Flowers blooming everywhere,trees laden with leaves and buds and if you are lucky you also get to spot a Rainbow in the skies. Kids love rainbows and why just kids,we all love rainbows don’t we?? Everyone loves watching the colorful hues spread across the sky and hence since we are in colorful mode these days, today’s activity is all about playing with colors and get rainbowed 🙂 As promised, a very simple and easy to do activity on an idle holiday afternoon.

There are two activities which am sharing with you all today…

1. Rainbow Collage Fish

2. Rainbow Snail ( We had done this way long back, when my son’s nursery was teaching all about minibeasts and insects around us. I did not take any pictures then,hence cannot include the step by step tutorial,but as you can see in the picture it’s exxtremely easy and doesn’t require much efforts. We have used pipe cleaners for the snail’s antennae .

Let’s get rolling….

Materials Required:

  1.  Paper Plate (Note: If you do not have a paper plate do not panic. You can still make it with white cardstock paper/ cardpaper and it will turn out equally nice)
  2. Tissue paper square cut outs (Let the kids do this on their own. Little hands may need a bit of supervision  and help with the scissors )
  3. Glue
  4. Googly eyes
  5. Kitchen Foil (Optional)


If you are using a white cardstock paper, draw an outline of a circle with any kitchen bowl or circular object available at your end.

The tail is made out of the triangle cut out for the mouth of the fish.

Let the kids take over and stick the tissue paper cut outs in any pattern and form they like.

We wanted to make a glittery and shiny tale so we used kitchen foil to give the required effect.

At the end stick the googly eye or you may even draw it with a black colored pen.

Your rainbow fish is all ready 🙂

Hang it on your windows/ doors/ kids art wall by punching a hole and drawing a string through it and let the kids flaunt their artwork to everyone.

Do not forget to send us your pics alongwith your name.We would love to share it with our other followers too.

Keep liking and keep following us at http://www.facebook.com/nurturinglittlehearts

Happy Crafting!


Anuja Chaudhari

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    90,000 «20,000 rainbow trout fry released into the Chirkey reservoir» in the blog «Forestry, Fish farming, Ecology»

     Introduction of fish into the Chirkey reservoir 

    As part of the implementation of the charitable environmental program, the Dagestan branch of JSC RusHydro together with the specialists of the research and production company AQUA RESOURCE II released into the Chirkey reservoir 20 thousand fry (yearlings ) rainbow trout. Students of the biological and environmental faculties of the Dagestan State University also took an active part in the event. The «settlement» of fish was preceded by a detailed study of the hydrological, hydrochemical and hydrobiological characteristics of the reservoir. According to its results, experts came to the conclusion that the aquatic environment is identical to the natural habitats of the rainbow trout. Timur Gamzatov, director of the Dagestan branch of RusHydro, notes: “By populating the reservoirs of hydroelectric power plants with commercial fish, we restore the biological diversity of fish, creating favorable conditions for creating recreational areas on the coasts of reservoirs.”

    Activity in the field of ecology is one of the important areas of work of the Dagestan branch of RusHydro. In 2006-2008, the branch already stocked its reservoirs with fish: Gunibsky (more than a million carp fry in 2006), Chiryurtsky (80 thousand white carp fry in 2007, 74 thousand — in 2008), Chirkeysky (500 thousand trout fry in 2008 year), Miatlinsky (forage invertebrates — 40 thousand mysids and 40 thousand gammarids in 2008).

    The reservoir of the Chirkeyskaya HPP is the largest artificial reservoir in Dagestan in terms of surface area. According to its shape, the reservoir is divided into two parts: the section located above 148 km along the Sulak River with a length of 28 km has the form of a river channel. The near-dam section of the reservoir is a lake-like reservoir about 8 km long, 3-5 km wide and up to 120 m deep. The main part of the reservoir volume falls on the near-dam section. The ichthyofauna of the reservoir consists of low-value fish species: a local form of barbel, chub, Caucasian bleak and perch. In single specimens, there are brook trout, rudd, crucian carp and carp.

    Fishery development of the Chirkey reservoir began in 1983. To enrich the composition of the ichthyofauna in 1983-85. the reservoir was stocked with fry of the Sevan trout twice. In 1986, food invertebrates were “introduced” into the reservoir.

    JSC RusHydro implements projects in the regions of its presence aimed at promoting ecology and respect for nature.

    By alexxlab

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