Round 3 digit numbers to the nearest 100: Rounding to the nearest 100 Worksheets

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Games for Kids on Rounding to the Nearest 100 Online

Learning rounding numbers to the nearest 100 is crucial for 3rd Grader kids. It tests their knowledge of number sense and helps them prepare for addition with and without regrouping. Kids usually consider the conventional way of learning the nearest 100 complicated and prefer a game-based approach to learn the topic. The following sections contain ways to engage kids with exciting Nearest 100 Games to make learning more purposeful.


Rounding numbers is an essential mathematical and life skill. Rounding Numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 prepare kids for understanding numbers better. They apply this knowledge to perform complex calculations in the following Grades. The topic also improves their estimation skills.

In Rounding Numbers, kids identify the number and round it up to the nearest whole, i.e., 100. The following sections discuss some fun strategies to teach the nearest 100. It also explores the ways to overcome the challenges kids face while learning rounding numbers. 

Fun Techniques to Teach Nearest 100 Through Games

The following are four fun games to improve kids’ knowledge of rounding numbers to the nearest 100:

  1. Mark the Hundreds to Place the Number — Kids hone their number sense with this game. Regular practice helps them clarify their misconceptions about rounding numbers. They practice rounding numbers with a number sequence on a number line and synchronously identify numbers.
  2. Round using the Number Line — A strong foundation in rounding numbers enables your kids to understand mathematics better. This game allows them to use number lines for visual help to strengthen their understanding of rounding numbers. Students practice 3-digit numbers in this game and set themselves ready to practice with different sets in the future.
  3. Round to Nearest 100 — This is the best game for kids to practice several problems related to rounding and find answers. Here, 3-digit numbers are presented to kids, who analyze the numbers and select the right answer from various options.
  4. Guess the Number to Nearest 100 — This game allows kids to practice rounding numbers and hone their mathematical skills. Like the previous game, this game lets your kids practice rounding 3-digit numbers and guess the right number. 

Rounding Number to the Nearest 100 Can Be Tricky 

Teaching kids nearest 100 can be more challenging than teaching them nearest 10. In the nearest 100, they encounter a wide range of numbers, including numbers they might not have seen before. All these numbers can be confusing for kids. As a parent, your role is vital to keep them engaged. 

How Can You Contribute as a Parent?

As a parent, you need to encourage your kids to practice rounding numbers to the nearest 100 as much as they can. You can use number lines and number sequences to make them understand the nearest 100 better. Initially, you may also need to guide them about the online Nearest 100 Games. Once they understand the fun of practicing these interactive and curriculum-oriented activities on SplashLearn, learning will become self-motivated.


Knowing about the nearest 100 enables kids to understand and practice rounding numbers better. It also aids them in improving their knowledge about mathematical skills like addition. Nearest 100 Games provide them with a beautiful way to practice the concepts hands-on.

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15+ Rounding to the Nearest 100 Worksheet

Math | Number Sense

Hello to our youngsters. I hope you all are doing well. Today we have brought you some exciting activities related to numbers rounding to the nearest 100 worksheet.

Sometimes, you have to round a number in various mathematical problems. So, knowing the tips and tricks will make it easier for you to have the upper hand on these rounding problems.

So, come and explore our rounding to the nearest 100 worksheet. Let’s start our rounding journey.

Tips to Round a Number to the Nearest 100

Before going into our worksheets, let’s look at the following tips for rounding a number to the nearest 100. Understand these tips carefully, as they will be needed to solve all the problems given in the later discussion.

  • Take a number, whether it is a two-digit or a three-digit one.
  • See the digits of the Tens place of that number.
  • If the digit in the Tens place is less than 5, then to round that specific number you have to change the digit in the Tens place and Ones place to 0.
  • For example, look at the number 825. Here, the digit in the Tens place is 2, which is less than 5. So, to round this number, we will change both the numbers of Tens place and Ones place to 0. After rounding, 825 will become 800.
  • Now, if the number in the Tens place is equal to 5 or more than 5, then you not only have to change the Tens and Ones place’s digit to 0 but also have to add 1 with the digit in the Hundreds place.
  • For example, take the number 675. As the digit of Tens place is 7, which is more than 5, adding 1 to the Hundreds place and changing the later digits into 0, we get 700 after rounding up 675 to its nearest 100.

8 Exciting Activities for Rounding to the Nearest 100 Worksheet

In the following discussion, you will find eight exciting activities related to rounding to the nearest 100 worksheet. Each of the activities will require you to think differently to solve them.

So, without any delay, let’s start our journey.

Rounding to the Nearest 100 on a Number Line

Our first activity will be rounding a number to the nearest 100 and showing it on a number line.

In the number lines below, some numbers are given. And a number line is provided after each of the numbers.

Mark the number in the number line and circle the nearest 100 of that number after rounding.

Matching 3 Digit Number to the Nearest 100

Let’s play a matching game. Some three digits numbers are given in the following pdf. Also, some numbers that are multiples of 100 are given.

Your job is to find the nearest 100 for each of the numbers and draw a line to match them.

Rounding Numbers to Nearest 100 Bubble Game

We will now enjoy a bubble game. Look at the following bubbles. In the center of the bubble, a clue is given.

You have to write four numbers that match the given clue. In this way, fill all the bubbles to finish this exciting activity.

Caterpillar Game for Rounding Number to the Nearest 100

See the caterpillars gathered in the following PDF? Everyone has a number in each of their body segments.

Your task is to round them up to the nearest 100 and write them under the given numbers.

Rounding Number to Nearest 100 True or False Statement

This time, we are going to test your analytical skills. Some statements on rounding the number to the nearest 100 are given at the end of this discussion.

Read each of the statements carefully and write True or False based on that statement.

Nearest 100 Rounding Multiple Choices

Choose the correct number from the given options. This is the task for this activity.

From the given numbers in the questions, find the nearest 100 of that number after rounding, and mark that answer in the given choices.

Rounding Number Math Riddles

You have to build a name from the clues after rounding certain numbers. Each of the numbers after rounding will give you an alphabet as a clue.

Rearrange these alphabets after rounding all the numbers and finding the desired text.

Rounding Number Word Problems

Some simple word problems based on rounding numbers are given in this section. Read each of the problems carefully and solve them to round all the numbers.

Rounding Numbers to 10 &100

Here, we are going to round numbers based on two criteria. The first one is to round numbers to the nearest 10, and the second one is to round numbers to the nearest 100.

I hope this will help you enhance your skill at rounding numbers.

Download Free Worksheet PDF

In the above discussion, I have discussed some activities for rounding to the nearest 100 worksheet. These examples will help your students enhance their skills regarding these types of missing numbers on number line worksheet problems.

The free missing rounding to the nearest 100 worksheet PDF is available for download below. You can download this practice sheet by clicking on the download button and printing it from your device.

Please feel free to give any feedback regarding this article. Also, if your little one is having trouble doing these activities, let us know in the comment section.

By alexxlab

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