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Practitioner’s Choice Near-Infrared Sauna Kit 3-Light



Near-Infrared Sauna, 3-light panel…

The Elevate Institute manufactures the near-infrared sauna 3-light panel as designed especially for the Nutritional Balancing programs informed by Hair Mineral Analysis. We do not recommend using a powerful sauna like this without the guidance and support of a Nutritional Counselor. If you are not currently working with one, contact us for rates on REVEAL tests and EVOLVE training.

These units are SPECIAL ORDER and HANDCRAFTED based on a special design and non-refundable. Lights are placed in specific alignment to maximize exposure to the torso, where you want the lights to shine. Other panels may include a 4th bulb to decrease pre-heat time. A small personal heater added to the enclosure can bring the space up to 115-120 degrees just as easily. A 4th bulb does NOT increase the effectiveness of the sauna what-so-ever. It’s the placement of the bulbs in this triangular design that matters.

Price includes $45 shipping.

Each unit measures 11 1/2″Hx 23 1/2″L so it can fit in a 12×24″ box in which it’s shipped.

Shipped within the continental USA. For orders outside this region, contact us.


  • 3 near-infrared light bulbs, 6000hrs, and shatterproof
  • adjustable hanging chain
  • unpainted wood base with ceramic sockets
  • protective screen
  • 6 screws to install the protective screen
  • on/off switch (ask for an upgrade of a 2-hr silent timer for $80)
  • approx. 10′ power cord

Simply hang in your enclosure on a hook from the included adjustable chain.

It comes mostly assembled. The screen is unsecured on one side. The screws used to fasten it are in place. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove those screws, place the screen to match the opposite side, and screw them back in place. Then install the lamps and hang.

Allow 2 weeks from order to manufacture and ship.

See how we make the sauna on YouTube

Ships within the continental US for $25 (included in price)


Never spend more than 20 minutes in a near infrared lamp sauna unless you are on a complete nutritional balancing program based on a properly performed and properly interpreted hair mineral analysis.  The reason is the sauna can cause profound changes in body chemistry.  These are normal, and if the body is very out of balance, too much sauna use could further upset your body chemistry resulting in serious symptoms.


Excerpt from the Setup Instructions:

Three types of saunas

Three common types of saunas exist. The traditional sauna is a room with a heater. These are found at health clubs and spas. This is the least effective sauna for healing, in our opinion. However, it is used in some detoxification programs, such as the Hubbard program, with excellent success. The far infrared sauna came into use about 45 years ago. It penetrates the skin, which adds another dimension to the sauna experience and appears to enhance detoxification. However, these saunas, if they are truly far infrared, emit damaging electromagnetic radiation to some extent. Also, the frequencies are not the best, in our view. We are not happy with most of these that we test. Therefore, we don’t recommend the far infrared or FIR sauna very much at this time. The near infrared lamp sauna uses infrared heat lamps as the heat source. It also penetrates the deepest of all the saunas and does not emit any harmful electromagnetic fields. It is the best sauna we have found, in general.

How Often

One may use a sauna once a month for pleasure. However, for therapy one must use the sauna at least weekly. For best results, use the sauna each day, once or twice daily. If one is very debilitated, be sure to begin with once or twice a week, and only for 10 or 15 minutes maximum. As you feel comfortable in the sauna, you may increase the time and the frequency of use. Work up to daily use as one is able. When beginning, many people overdo the sauna, either the amount of time inside or the frequency of sauna sessions. Always start slowly, even if you believe you are in superb physical condition. Many people do not sweat easily. Instead, their bodies can overheat if one starts with an hour session, for example. ALWAYS LEAVE ANY SAUNA IF YOU FEEL VERY FAINT, DIZZY OR SICK. This does not mean the sauna is harmful to you. It often just means you are not used to it and your body needs to adapt slowly to sweating and removing toxins through the skin and elsewhere. Over time, you will get used to the heat and the body will sweat better. In a few weeks to a few months, as the body acclimates and is more able to regulate its temperature, sweating becomes easier. Also, the more one relaxes, the more one will sweat.”



Chronic Sinus Infection Reversed

I have suffered from inflamed sinuses for about 40 years. They inhibit my ability to breathe. Also, the sinuses drip day and night and this condition nearly killed my sense of smell. My face was also permanently swollen in the area of the sinuses.
I built a near-infrared lamp sauna three months ago and have been using it once daily for about 35 minutes ever since.
My body seems to be changing since I have started using the sauna, and I have had several instances where I see auras or halos in my eyes after a session has ended, triggered by bright light.
I had a major healing crisis that lasted for about 48 hours about one month ago. My sinuses, cheeks, face, and gums swelled up and drained profusely. When the crisis cleared, I was able to breathe and smell things “normally” for the first time in memory!
I had a slight reversal about ten days later, but I am still better than before I started using the sauna. My face is no longer swollen and the sinuses do not drip anymore at night. My sense of smell is only partially there. You have recommended longer sauna sessions of 45 minutes, and/or having two sauna sessions daily. I will let you know how this affects the sinuses.
Dave S., Galveston Island, Texas

Improved Joints

Thank you for the time spent on the phone with me. Because of you and near-infrared sauna therapy, my wife Joyce, who had been having severe joint pain, is much more comfortable.
Before using lamp sauna as a treatment her joint pain was crippling, especially at night and this also affected her sleep. We tried doctors but nothing helped.
It has been 2 months and with consistent sauna sessions and correct diet, I see her condition only getting better. She still gets pains but not as frequent and not as severe.
Vince P., Long Island N.Y.

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) reversed in an 82-year-old.

I am 82 years old and until recently had COPD to where my oxygen reading on the finger was 84, my lungs were very raspy and I would wheeze when walking. I had been on oxygen for three years with no apparent benefit from the oxygen. I used a CPAP with oxygen at night and a nebulizer four times a day. There was no benefit that could I see.
A year ago I bought a near-infrared lamp sauna. I used it for a time last summer without its cover to condense the heat. It provided some help.
Then two and a half months ago I covered the frame and started using the sauna three times a day. I heat the sauna to 120 degrees and I stay inside for 30 to 45 minutes. After a week of doing this, I began to sweat, first on my back and then the head, neck, underarms, and now my upper torso also sweats a lot. I drink 3 quarts of water daily with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per day (table salt will kill you).
I went to the doctor today. My lungs were normal with no wheezing. The oximeter on the finger read 96, although I had been off oxygen for 6 hours.
I still use need the CPAP and oxygen at night and use a nebulizer several times a day. I am continuing to use the sauna and there is no question this sauna has decreased my COPD a lot.
Bill P.,
Oroville, WA

Edema Improved

My father started his 15-minute near-infrared sauna on June 1, 2007, only two months ago. He has dropped 21 pounds of edema since then, (yes very short) and along with his Rife therapy, he is feeling amazing.
Thanks again, he is 87.
A. Quiroz

Chronic Fatigue Reversed

I have been doing the near infrared sauna therapy protocol daily for 12 weeks now (6 weeks with the near infrared lamps installed), and have seen amazing results in such a short period of time. I am 42 years old and developed chronic fatigue syndrome almost 30 years ago after several illnesses in my childhood and adolescent years.
For decades now, I have been suffering from it. I’ve tried every alternative, nutritional, medical and lifestyle approach I could find, and generally got it to a manageable level, but it always was an ever-present factor in my life that worsened over time.
Prior to the sauna therapy, a good month for me typically had five good days and twenty-five bad days. Now, I’m thrilled to report it’s just the opposite. A typical month for me now has five bad days and twenty-five good days!!! I finally see a future without chronic fatigue and plan to make the sauna protocol part of my health routine for life. Thank you!
T.S. Aptos, California

Red Light Therapy & Near Infrared Therapy

Clearlight® Light Therapy, also known as Red Light Therapy, combines powerful red light (650nm) and near infrared (850nm) wavelengths to offer you the best therapy available today.  Clearlight® Light Therapy provides the most proven and effective therapeutic wavelengths to the entire body reducing oxidative stress and stimulating the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).

This process, known as Photobiomodulation, has been extensively researched for many years and adds measurable energy to the mitochondria of your cells. The Clearlight® Light Therapy Tower can be used during your sauna session or as a stand-alone therapy outside your sauna.  Light therapy has been tested across hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical trials with positive results.  The benefits of Red Light Therapy include:

  • Reduction of Chronic and Acute Pain
  • Skin Rejuvenation (boost collagen & elastin production)
  • Tissue Regeneration
  • Wound Healing
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Muscle Conditioning
  • Testosterone Boost
  • Reduced Inflammation

The PERSONAL Red Light Therapy

The Personal Red Light Therapy (RLT) Unit is built for targeting areas on your body while sitting, lounging and relaxing.  The Personal RLT is as powerful as the Core RLT but very direct and targeted.

The CORE Red Light Therapy

The Clearlight CORE Red Light Therapy unit is 38″ tall and can be attached to our stand as well as, attached inside your ClearLight Infrared Sauna.   This device is designed for the center or CORE of your body for overall wellness and healing.



Clearlight® Light Therapy is the only red light therapy unit available using Variable Optics™.  Most other light therapy units have a single optical output at 30 degrees.  This limits the amount of light absorbed by the human body.

The light receptors in our skin absorb the Red and Near Infrared light.  With a single optic there is a single acceptance angle.  With our Variable Optics™ technology we use a mix of 7 to  60 degree optics creating multiple cross acceptance angles of the light waves.  This allows the light to travel better in to our cells and offer more benefit.

Our Variable Optics™ technology allows you to maximize the benefits of light therapy in every session.  This technology is only available with Clearlight® Light Therapy.

The Narrow Optics light ranges from 7-30 degrees offering targeted and deeper penetration with an irradiance of 75 – 110 mw/cm2 at of range of 4″-12″.

The Wide Optics light ranges from 40-60 degrees offering full body coverage for overall health & wellness.  The irradiance is between 55-85 mw/cm2 at 4″-12″.


We have been researching, developing and offering light therapy in our saunas for well over a decade.  Clearlight® Light Therapy uses powerful medical-grade LEDs to deliver the optimal wavelengths to the body without adding excess heat. Our technically superior arrays are comprised of 70 red light LED’s in the 650 nm range and 70 near infrared LED’s in the 850 nm range.  The superior output of the Clearlight® Light Therapy Tower sets it apart producing up to 110 mw/cm2. This unit is our most powerful and effective light therapy unit.

Clearlight® Light Therapy can be used while seated in the sauna or while standing in front of the tower which concentrates it’s healing power on targeted areas of the body.


Red Light Therapy, also known as photobiomodulation and low level light therapy, uses red low-level wavelengths of light for a variety of health and wellness benefits.   Red light is considered “low level” because it works at an energy density that’s low compared to other forms of laser therapies.

In the early 1990s, Red Light Therapy was used by scientists to help grow plants in space. They found that the intense light from red LEDs promoted the growth and photosynthesis of plant cells.

Red light was then studied for its ability to increase energy inside human cells.  The human body needs to make ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) cellular energy to function and survive.  This occurs naturally when our bodies are exposed to natural sunlight. Red and near infrared wavelengths of natural light stimulate the mitochondria in our cells.  The mitochondria turn the light into usable energy for our bodies through the process of cellular respiration.


The Clearlight® Personal Red Light Therapy

The Clearlight Personal Red Light Therapy is 13.5″ tall and can be placed on a table top or mounted on the included stand.   The Personal is designed for spot treatment use on your face, hands, feet, arms or any smaller area of your body.

The Clearlight Core Red Light Therapy

The Clearlight Core Red Light Therapy is 36″ long and can be attached to the door of your sauna or used outside of your Clearlight Sauna on our stand (not included).  The Core is designed to treat a large portion of your body in a single session.  It is also the only red light therapy unit designed for use inside your infrared sauna.


Your Clearlight® Light Therapy tower can be attached to the door of your Clearlight® Infrared Sauna or used as a standalone light therapy system. When using your Light Therapy tower inside your sauna, there are two options for proper use:

When standing approximately 6″ from the Clearlight® Light Therapy Tower we recommend a 10-20 minutes session

When using the Clearlight® Red Light Therapy Tower while sitting on the sauna bench, we recommend a 20-30 minutes session.


We offer red light and near-infrared therapy devices for home or business use as a complement to your existing Clearlight Sauna or as a standalone unit.

Call us today at 800.798.1779 to learn more from our Light Therapy specialists.

IR sauna. Theory and practice, myths and reality.

Although I live in a house with high-temperature infrared ceiling heating, I must say right away that I don’t have an infrared sauna yet, but I’m getting ready for one. In the meantime, I bring to your attention one of the best materials on the topic from NPO Yuborg LLC (Moscow) .

There aren’t many infrared saunas on the market at the moment — what is mostly sold as «infrared saunas» is not. These are thermal cabins. They warm a person not with infrared energy, but with warm air …

What is infrared radiation

infrared radiation, or infrared rays, is electromagnetic radiation that occupies the spectral region between the red end of visible light (with a wavelength of 0. 74 microns) and short-wave radio radiation (1-2 mm).

The infrared region of the spectrum according to the international classification is divided into near IR-A (from 0.7 to 1.4 microns), medium IR-B (1.4 — 3 microns) and far IR-C (over 3 microns).

The discovery of infrared radiation occurred in 1800. The English scientist W. Herschel discovered that in the light obtained with a prism in the spectrum of the Sun beyond the red light (ie, in the invisible part of the spectrum), the temperature of the thermometer rises. A thermometer placed outside the red part of the solar spectrum showed an increased temperature compared to control thermometers located on the side.

All heated solids emit a continuous infrared spectrum. This means that in the radiation there are waves with all frequencies without exception, and talking about radiation at a particular wave is a meaningless exercise. A heated solid body radiates in a very wide range of wavelengths.

At low temperatures (below 400°C), the radiation of a heated solid body is almost entirely in the infrared region, and such a body appears dark. As the temperature rises, the proportion of radiation in the visible region increases, and the body first appears dark red, then red, yellow, and finally at high temperatures (above 900°C) — white; in this case, both the total energy of radiation and the energy of infrared radiation increase. At temperatures above 1000 ° C, a heated body begins to emit ultraviolet radiation.

Wavelength of deep penetration of infrared radiation into human tissues

Let us consider the medical aspects of the interaction of infrared radiation with living tissues. It should be noted right away that this issue has long been well studied by medical science and this topic is covered in detail in every textbook on human physiology for medical universities.

However, some sellers come up with «new discoveries» to make their product stand out. But in fact they are engaged in deception of buyers.

These are the so-called «rays of life» or «vita rays». The essence of deception is as follows: they claim that infrared radiation at a human wavelength of 9.6 microns penetrates deep into the human body. Actually it is not.

In order not to be unfounded, here is a quote and a graph of the penetration of ultraviolet radiation, visible light and infrared radiation in human tissue. These materials are taken from the textbook «Biophysical foundations of physiotherapy», G.N. Ponomarenko, I.I. Turkovsky, Moscow, «Medicine», 2006, pp. 17-18.

The above quotes, unambiguously indicate that there are no «rays of life» — these are inventions of Chinese sauna sellers.

The greatest penetration depth, and hence the greatest activity, has infrared radiation in the range of 0.76-1.5 µm.

Same radiation with a wavelength of more than 3 microns (namely, the «rays of life» — 9. 6 microns) is completely absorbed by the upper layers of the skin and does not penetrate deep into the body. Does this mean that infrared radiation with a wavelength of more than 3 microns is useless? Of course not!

The radiation of this range is also involved in the heating of the body, although not as actively as the radiation of the near range of 0.76-1.5 μm. Absorbed by the upper layers of the skin, infrared radiation turns into heat, which heats the skin by 1-2 degrees C. This heat begins to slowly warm up the tissues of the body, due to its low intensity.

This is the difference between ceramic and panel (film) heaters. The radiation of this medium and far range is used by ordinary Russian baths, Turkish baths «hammam» and other low-temperature devices in which the temperature of the coolant reaches 60-70 ° C.

From the point of view of human physiology, near infrared rays in the region and in the proportions in which we usually receive them from the Sun through the atmosphere are not only useful, but also necessary. Near infrared rays (up to 1.5 microns) are absorbed in the depth of the skin, while infrared rays with a longer wavelength are absorbed already on their surface.

We specifically include several graphs from various primary sources in order to exclude any speculation about the absorption of IR radiation. As can be seen from these graphs, the greatest penetration occurs in the range from 0.7 to 3 µm and this range is called the “therapeutic window”. Only radiation from this range can penetrate to a depth of 4 cm.


Journal of Biomedical Optics 12(4), 044012 (July/August 2007)

International Labor Organization, Encyclopedia of Occupational Health and Safety, 2nd ed., 1988 Textbook «Biophysical foundations of physiotherapy», G. N. Ponomarenko, I.I. Turkovsky, Moscow, «Medicine», 2006, pp. 17-18.

Important! For effective and volumetric heating of the human body, it is necessary to irradiate it with infrared radiation with a long wave in the range of 0.76 — 3 microns, only in this case the maximum penetration of infrared radiation will be observed. Infrared waves with a wavelength of more than 5 microns do not penetrate the human body, but are absorbed by the upper layers of the skin.

The most common myths about infrared saunas
Rays of Life Infrared 9 Wavelength-10 microns penetrates deeper into the human body.

Infrared radiation of this spectrum is mainly absorbed by the upper layers of the skin. This is written in all textbooks on human physiology. Nevertheless, this myth is the most widespread and is actively used. A detailed description of the interaction of infrared radiation with living tissues can be found here. Detailed description of «Vital Rays» or «Rays of Life». You can make sure that these are inventions of sellers of Chinese cabins and film heaters by typing in an English-language search engine (for example), the corresponding query (Vital rays). In response to a query, the search engine will return anything but descriptions « Rays of life «. This suggests that in other countries (except Russia, Ukraine, Korea and China) they do not know anything.

Canadian cedar destroys microbes.

First you need to understand what is cedar and what is «Canadian cedar». Many companies that sell infrared cabins do not even know that there is no such tree as «Canadian cedar»! Under this name hides the GIANT THUYA. Although both the Siberian cedar and the giant thuja belong to the same class of plants — “conifers”, they belong to different families — the cedar belongs to the coniferous family, the giant thuja belongs to the cypress family. This explains their different properties. Cedar wood is denser, has a large amount of essential oils, while giant thuja (“Canadian cedar”) has a loose wood structure, is lighter and has a very small amount of essential oils.

It must be admitted that, nevertheless, the giant thuja has some disinfecting properties, but there can be no talk of any destruction of microbes! The tree can slow down the growth and reproduction of microbes and spores, but by no means destroy them. Note that the Siberian cedar has even greater antiseptic properties. True, these arguments about the disinfectant properties of the giant thuja are true if you bought it in the form of a lining. Only in this case you will receive natural material! If you buy a finished cabin (imported), then you need to remember that in their production a lining coated with wax is used to fill the pores of the wood and give it a gloss. In this case, of course, it is not necessary to talk about the uniqueness and special properties of the giant thuja.

Partially antimicrobial properties, due to the release of phytoncides, are possessed by Siberian cedar plantations, which heal the air, destroy pathogens and give the air healing properties. They have antimicrobial activity against diphtheria bacteria (more).

Canadian Cedar reflects (amplifies) infrared radiation.

Canadian cedar lining in terms of optical characteristics is no different from other tree species. The walls of the cabin can only re-radiate a part of the flow that falls on them. These energy flows are secondary, because the main radiation fluxes from heaters are directed at a person. Secondary energy flows (mainly from heated air) are 3000 times (!) Less than the main flow, so talking about some kind of «reflection», and even more so about «amplification», to put it mildly, is not serious.

However, some companies (not all) make infrared cabins from «Canadian cedar». Reasonable question: «Why?» As an answer, 2 arguments can be given: firstly, the prevailing stereotype about the “exceptional” properties of wood, which is supported by sellers, and, secondly, it’s all about the structure of the tree itself — due to the porous structure, it has good heat-insulating properties. And this is exactly what is needed in infrared saunas, where temperature-controlled control systems are installed! In such saunas (mostly with metal and panel heaters) measures for additional heat conservation are usually applied, for example, by installing additional thermal insulation.

Saunas with panel heaters are infrared.

Saunas with panel or foil heaters are «infrared» only by the name the vendors have come up with. In essence, these are thermal cabins , such as baths, in which a person is heated by warm air. Of course, this method of heating is ineffective, because warm air heats up only the upper layer of the skin, without penetrating deep into the body, which we showed earlier.

A person sweats in panel saunas not because of the heating of the body, but because of the action of the body’s own thermoregulation system — this system tries to compensate for excess heat in the room, cooling the body with the removal of sweat. This fact is confirmed by studies of the rise in human body temperature, which does not rise above 37.2°C in panel saunas. However, all descriptions of panel saunas, which talk about their effectiveness, sellers, without a twinge of conscience, borrowed from real infrared saunas.

Be sure to specify the operating wavelength of the heaters!” (quote from CJSC «Phobos»).

These or other similar tips on checking (refinement) the wavelength of heaters are complete profanity and serve to disguise their complete illiteracy and intimidate the buyer.

If we recall a school course in physics, it turns out that ANY solid body radiates not at a certain wavelength, but in a certain wavelength range. In simple terms, the body radiates with all (without exception) wavelengths of this range.

Therefore, the call to specify the wavelength is meaningless, because anyone and everyone can say: «Yes, it radiates with a length of 9.6 microns!» .

And in this situation, another characteristic of radiation becomes the most important — the intensity! As a rule, sellers do not know anything about this characteristic! But this characteristic shows with what force the body radiates at a particular frequency. The figure shows the radiation curves of ceramic and panel heaters. It can be seen that these heaters emit at a frequency of 9.6 µm, NO with different INTENSITY. This is precisely the reason for the different effects of heaters on the human body: ceramic heaters warm it deeply, while panel heaters only slightly warm the upper layers of the skin.

Infrared cabins with ceramic heaters create a draft due to uneven heating, but not with panel heaters.

The word «draught» comes from the word to see through (leak) and means the movement of outside air through the room. If the room is closed, then there is no reason for the occurrence of a draft: the air cannot pass through the room. Another thing is if you open the window and the door… With regard to infrared cabins, we can say that if the cabin is well made (without slots), then there is no reason for a draft inside the cabin. The movement of air inside the cabin, of course, will occur due to convection currents, but this movement will occur with any type of heater: ceramic or panel. In panel saunas, such convection currents are stronger, because the radiated surface area is much larger than with ceramic heaters. However, these flows do not have any effect on a person, because they occur in a closed volume and with a small temperature difference. A completely different picture opens before us if the design of the sauna is made with slots and has ways for outside air to seep through. Just in this case, a draft is formed! Outside air cools the heated body of a person, which can lead to various kinds of complications. Slits in the infrared cabin can be formed not only due to manufacturing problems, but also during operation. For example, Chinese-made saunas have weak fastening of the shields, the design of the shields is made too “airy” and does not take into account real operating conditions (for example, in a sports club), the joints between the shields do not have a sealant, and all this, in our opinion, will lead to the formation of cracks, and consequently the occurrence of a draft.

The closer the radiation peak of the heater is to the human radiation peak, the better the person is heated.

This statement is used by the sellers of panel saunas to deceive the buyer and present these saunas in the best light. According to this logic, it turns out that the best heater for a person is another person, because their radiation peaks coincide 100% !!! However, in real life we ​​do not observe such saunas…

In fact, the coincidence or close placement of radiation peaks does not matter at all. If a person could warm up only when these peaks coincide, then he would never warm up, because. external energy simply could not penetrate the human body! SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS: Heat transfer can only occur from a hotter body to a cooler body. And nothing else! For heating a person, it is not the coincidence of radiation peaks that is important, but the intensity (power) of external radiation that acts on the body. And if this intensity is higher than the person’s own radiation, then this heating will occur. Moreover, for effective heating of a person, such a radiation power is needed, which is several times higher than the person’s own radiation.

Is it possible to lose weight in an infrared sauna?

Just like a regular bath and sauna, you cannot lose weight in the infrared cabin. This statement, of course, contradicts the persistent delusion that we are used to hearing all the time — go to the bathhouse and lose weight. But in fact, you can’t lose weight after going to the bath — you can only “lose” some weight! People often mistake weight loss for weight loss, but that’s wrong!

During thermal treatments, perspiration occurs and the body is freed from some water. And no more. After a few days, the body compensates for the loss of water and the person’s weight remains unchanged. Even regular bathing for six months does not lead to weight loss.

There is no “melting” (or “burning”) of fat deposits, as some authors write, because the core temperature of the body rises by only 2-2.5 ° C. Indeed, it is hard to believe that at a temperature of 36.6 ° C, fat does not “melt”, but at a temperature of 38.5 ° C it “melts”. Fat deposits can decrease only if the muscles of a person will do some work, i.e. the person will exercise. In this case, the muscles will take energy to do the work from the breakdown of fats, and thus weight loss will occur. Diet and exercise is the way to lose weight!

NO! Thermal procedures in a bath, sauna or infrared cabin help to control a person’s weight and are an excellent addition to weight loss programs, by accelerating metabolism and enhancing the body’s excretory processes. And don’t forget about it!

Implanted silicone or silicone nose or ear prostheses can be heated with infrared rays.

Since silicone melts at +200 to C (392 F), there is no harm in using infrared light.

It is simply difficult to comment on such stupidity: silicone prostheses, like any other prostheses, are in the HUMAN BODY, i.e. under the skin, and therefore their temperature cannot exceed the temperature of the human body! The temperature of the human body, by definition, cannot be more than 42 ° C, so all talk about the melting point or reflection of infrared radiation from prostheses is complete nonsense and serves only to make the sellers’ stories “scientific”.


PHOENIX RUS LLC (Cherepovets) will deliver a set of equipment for a sauna or mount a ready-made infrared sauna for you (1-4 places) from NPO Yuborg LLC .
You can find out the cost of equipment by calling the numbers listed below. Delivery by a transport company and installation is paid separately. We carry out maintenance and repair.
(8202) 57-23-80, 63-01-66

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Infrared sauna: good or bad

People were very skeptical about the first cabins with infrared emitters. Thanks to a wide advertising campaign and a lot of advantages, such saunas are becoming more and more popular. Infrared sauna: the benefits and harms of the procedures will be described below. Fans of traditional steam rooms should not worry that baths will go out of fashion, because Finnish saunas have their own unique flavor that cannot be compared with anything else.

Finding the nearest infrared sauna will not be a problem, because they are available in almost all beauty salons, sports and fitness clubs. Modern technology has made it possible to make the booths more compact, but the quality and efficiency have not been affected. Infrared saunas allow you to remove extra pounds, reduce the risk of colds and cleanse the skin, and much more.


  • What is it?
  • Infrared sauna: good or bad?
    • Length of emitted waves
    • Duration of infrared sauna session
    • Individual features of the body
    • Advantages
    • Cosmetic effect
    • Disadvantages of infrared sauna
    • Features
    • Temperature
    • Time
    • Dimensions
    • Other features

What is it?

Difference between the heat distribution of an infrared sauna and a conventional sauna

An infrared sauna is a small cabin with built-in radiators, for which standard mains voltage is sufficient. Emitters emit rays (their length is in a range that is safe for humans), under the influence of which the body warms up.

Warming up the human body with infrared rays

Principle of operation — the emitted waves intensely act on the soft tissues of the body, heating it to the desired temperature. The obvious advantage of such a sauna is that it cleanses the muscle tissue of excess lactic acid, and this is a fat «plus» for athletes who do not leave the gym.

Infrared sauna: good or bad ?

Intensive warming up has a beneficial effect on the body, but sometimes an increase in temperature can lead to an acceleration of undesirable processes. Of course, through profuse sweating, the body is cleansed, since all toxins, slags and other harmful substances are removed from it.

The positive or negative effect of the cabin on the body depends on the following factors:

  1. The length of the emitted waves.
  2. Individual characteristics of the organism.
  3. Session duration.

By heating the infrared sauna, toxins and toxins are removed through sweating

Wavelengths emitted

Each object, if heated to a certain temperature, will emit infrared waves of different lengths. The human body is no exception, because its temperature is 36.6. Every second, rays invisible to the eye, 6-20 microns in length, emanate from each person. Scientists have proven that infrared waves cannot harm a person if their length is in the range of body radiation, that is, within 6–20 microns.

IR wave range acceptable to humans

Cabin sources are adjusted so that the emitted waves are 7-14 microns, that is, their length is in the «harmless» range. Of course, the positive impact of the rays can become negative if you do not follow the regimen and exceed the recommended session time. Infrared sauna can bring both benefits and harms, but there are more advantages than disadvantages.

Duration of the session in the infrared sauna

All treatment procedures have some kind of time or frequency restrictions, and visiting the infrared cabin is no exception. Recommended session duration is 20-30 minutes. Exposure to IR rays is more intense than steam, so prolonged exposure to these rays may be unsafe. If you have abnormalities in the functioning of the brain or heart, then the duration of the sessions can be reduced to 5-10 minutes.

Infrared sauna session

Individual characteristics of the body

Each person is unique, but not everyone has excellent health. Some people cannot stay in rooms with high temperatures for a long time, and this may be due to the characteristics of the body or certain diseases.

If you experience dizziness, skin burning and other unpleasant sensations in the booth, then get out of it — you should not test your body. A list of diseases for which it is not recommended to visit the booth will be given below.

If you feel dizzy while visiting the sauna, you should immediately leave the cabin


Many have heard about the usefulness of infrared sauna, but not everyone knows how exactly it can help the human body. Now we will try to highlight the main advantages of these constructions:

  1. Blood circulation improves, vessel walls become stronger, and cholesterol levels decrease. That is, regular sessions reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke and others. The pressure normalizes, and oxygen reaches the brain faster, which has a positive effect on brain activity.
  2. The nervous system normalizes, so insomnia, depression and other negative manifestations of it disappear. Several sessions in such a sauna help to feel calm and improve mood.
  3. The immune system improves its condition, which is especially noticeable in winter, when it actively fights diseases.
  4. Muscles are restored, bones grow faster and healing of various injuries is accelerated.
  5. The body, exhausted by sports loads, is restored. During active movements, lactic acid is collected in the muscle tissues, and infrared rays contribute to its removal and elimination of discomfort. Infrared sauna also improves blood circulation, accelerating recuperation and relieving fatigue.
  6. Pain, regardless of origin, disappears or subsides significantly. Thus, you can get rid of headaches, menstrual and other pains.
  7. Cellulite disappears from problem areas.
  8. Almost all diseases of the joints and ENT organs disappear.

Benefits of infrared sauna

Cosmetic effect

When heated, the body expends a lot of energy on perspiration, so the burning of calories is intense. It is not surprising now that the infrared sauna helps to reduce weight, and it is especially effective with various diets. Half an hour spent in a booth equals a 10-minute run.

And yet, is infrared sauna beneficial or harmful? Due to the fact that infrared radiation penetrates deep enough into the body, it allows you to effectively deal with subcutaneous deposits. You can enhance the effect with a balanced diet and physical activity.

With profuse sweating, all kinds of toxins and dirt are removed from the body. High temperature accelerates blood circulation, due to which nutrients enter the skin more intensively. As a result, smooth and elastic skin, and if nourishing creams are used after infrared sauna procedures, their effect will increase.

Common skin problems disappear if you visit the infrared sauna regularly. Among such diseases:

  1. Dermatitis.
  2. Dandruff.
  3. Acne.
  4. Acne.
  5. Eczema.
  6. Some get rid of psoriasis.
  7. Virtually invisible or disappear scars.

Infrared sauna can help with eczema

Disadvantages of infrared sauna

Of course, infrared radiation in small amounts helps to cope with many problems, but there is a list of diseases that will become more active at high temperatures. A person with such diseases is not recommended to visit a booth with infrared rays.

List of diseases:

  • Colds or other illnesses that occur at high temperatures.
  • Parasitic diseases.
  • Post-thrombophlebitic syndrome.
  • Purulent processes.
  • Tuberculosis, but only some of its forms.
  • Cachexia.
  • Diseases of the kidneys and liver.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • A disease that has passed into the stage of exacerbation.
  • Chronic alcoholism.
  • Bleeding (this also includes menstruation).
  • People with benign tumors should not use infrared saunas. With malignant tumors, it is generally forbidden to be in rooms with a high temperature.

High temperature is a contraindication to an infrared sauna session


The process of warming up the body with infrared rays is somewhat different when compared with bath procedures. In order for a visit to the infrared sauna to benefit, it is not recommended to interrupt an already short session. Ideally, you need to sit down, relax, straighten your back, while lowering your legs down, and stretching your arms to your knees.

Of course, IR rays warm up the body, but the body does not perceive it as overheating, so you do not need to take a cold shower immediately after the session. You can rinse with lukewarm water to wash away sweat and other secretions from the body. To compensate for the lost moisture, after leaving the cabin, you need to drink tea or mineral water.

There are a number of other advantages that distinguish an infrared sauna from a traditional one, and now we will consider them.

Temperature setting

The air in the infrared sauna warms up only to 45–55 degrees, while in the Finnish sauna this figure reaches 100.

The temperature of the infrared sauna ranges from 40 to 55 degrees

even the elderly and children can. Moreover, in the infrared sauna it is impossible to get burned, as in the Finnish sauna.


The warm-up period for an infrared cabin is no more than 10–15 minutes, while for a traditional sauna it takes 1–2 hours. The duration of the session in the infrared sauna is also less (30 minutes) than in the steam room, where you need to stay for 2 hours. You will not have a feeling of relaxation and drowsiness, as happens in a Finnish sauna, but, on the contrary, you will be full of strength and energy.

After the end of the session, you can immediately return to your business, whereas after a traditional steam room this is not possible. You can visit the infrared sauna 3 times a day, but you should not forget about your well-being, but they go to the traditional bath once a week.


The infrared cabin is not equipped with a large stove, and the walls of such a sauna are quite thin.

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