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Kindergarten Short Stories | A Wellspring of Worksheets

Kindergarten short stories to the rescue! And by short stories, I mean a few very short paragraphs. These comprehension worksheets are for very advanced kindergarten readers. Each worksheet uses quotation marks for between one to four different speakers. Some passages are longer and more complex than others. The number of sentences varies by worksheet. All have kid-friendly content including stories about insects, rainbows, food (yum!), instruments, playing games, and more!

18 worksheets, each in color and black & white with an answer sheet

CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Guided Reading Level D

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Kindergarten Short Stories – Ants

This short story for kindergarten gives a few facts about ants and how and where they go. I don’t want them crawling on me!
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Kindergarten Short Stories – Butterflies

Sarah is the star of the show in this short story for kindergarten. She is trying to catch a butterfly and succeeds!
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Kindergarten Short Stories – Buzzy Bee

Look out! Buzzy bees may sting you. A few facts and a little imagination make this worksheet entertaining!
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Kindergarten Short Stories – The Earth

Need some ideas of how to take care of the earth? Look no farther! You’ll find some ideas in this kindergarten reading passage.
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Kindergarten Short Stories – Eat Your Vegetables!

This short story for kindergarten takes place around the dinner table. See who likes veggies and who doesn’t…
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Kindergarten Short Stories – Grapes

In this kindergarten short story kids talk about grapes – the colors they come in, what is made out of them and more!
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Kindergarten Short Stories – Grasshopper

Ever have something suddenly scare you? Enter the grasshopper in this short story just for kindergarten! No need to be afraid.
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Kindergarten Short Stories – Hamburgers

Here’s a kindergarten short story that’s been a conversation in most homes. “What do you want on your hamburger?”
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Kindergarten Short Stories – Ice Cream

We couldn’t have a set of kindergarten short stories without one about ice cream! Two scoops please, in different flavors.
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Kindergarten Short Stories – It’s My Turn

These kindergarten short stories reflect real life. “It’s my turn!” is often shouted by kids in their game-playing enthusiasm!
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Kindergarten Short Stories – Ladybugs

What kid doesn’t like ladybugs? This short story for kindergarten has two kids talking about ladybugs, what they look like and do.
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Kindergarten Short Stories – My Brother’s Guitar

A kindergarten short story about two brothers in a real-life scenario about a new guitar and sharing.
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Kindergarten Short Stories – My Drum

Kids just can’t take “No!” for an answer, can they? This short story tells why Mommy says no to Sam’s request to play his drum.
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Kindergarten Short Stories – My New Plane

Daniel and John are playing with Daniel’s new plane. What kind of plane is it? Read this kindergarten short story to find out!
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Kindergarten Short Stories – A Pretty Necklace

These girls have good taste! Pearls and black dresses look classy together. Read more about Cindy and Emma’s dress-up time.
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

Kindergarten Short Stories – Pretty Rainbow

In this kindergarten short story Maria, Tom, and Alyssa admire a beautiful rainbow. Quotation marks included.
CCSS RL.K.1, RF.K.1, RF.K.4

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Adventure in kindergarten: read a fairy tale, a story for children, full text online

Gleb was five years old and had been going to kindergarten for two years. And walking, among other things, with pleasure! After all, Mitka was there — his friend from the cradle. And Marinka, a pretty girl, but very harmful. But all that was in the past. Gleb’s parents moved to another area, and the boy had to go to another kindergarten. It’s been a week since Glebushka went to kindergarten No. 5, which was located next to the house. But now, of course, everything was sad and sad. Neither Mitka is there, nor the harmful Marinka. Of course, there are other guys there, but Gleb was not going to communicate with anyone. He did not want to go to this kindergarten at all! He especially did not like the strict teacher Lyubov Vasilyevna, who tried to force him to recite a rhyme for Shrovetide.

— I don’t want to! I won’t! Will not go! — the sleepy boy was capricious. Mom, don’t go to work today. Let’s stay at home together!
— Glebushka, dear! I promise next week I’ll take a day off on Friday, and you and I will spend the whole day together. But today you have to go to kindergarten. Why do you dislike him so much?
— Because I don’t want to go there! Gleb said. — I’m not friends with anyone! Why can’t I go to kindergarten with Mitka?
— Honey, well, you now live in different areas. And your kindergartens are also different now, — seeing the sad look of her son, mom hastened to add. — But now we have a two-room apartment. And you have your own room!
— I don’t want to go to this kindergarten, — Gleb just muttered and reluctantly got out of bed.
Fluffy slippers were also not in favor today, so they immediately went under the bed. All! Another ruined morning! Already the 5th this week!
Gleb pretended to brush his teeth and went to the kitchen, where oatmeal was waiting for him. The boy sat down at the table, turned on the TV and defiantly turned away from the plate.
Now mother’s mood was also spoiled.
In fact, Glebka didn’t want to behave like that and anger his mother. He just had to somehow show that he was not joking: he was not going to be friends with anyone in the garden, and he would not obey the new teacher either! And especially to learn some kind of rhyme there!

On the way to the garden, Gleb didn’t say anything, although, of course, he really wanted to ask his mother something. For example, where will they go next Friday? And when will this Friday be, how many times will he need to sleep for it to come? But the boy did not dare to speak first, he knew that his mother was angry with him and therefore decided to also make an angry look. Moreover, the March cold wind blew so unpleasantly in the face that I did not want to open my mouth once again. This year, winter was in no hurry to leave. She was very flattered when both adults and children wrapped themselves in warm clothes when leaving the house.
— Gleb, I beg you, behave yourself! — approaching the kindergarten, my mother asked. “You are good and obedient to me!”
— Uh-huh! the boy agreed.
— Well, that’s good! And in the evening, dad and I will pick you up and go eat ice cream.
This promise pleased Gleb a little, and he forced himself to smile.
— Good morning! Glebushka, run to the guys! We’ll start rehearsing soon! Lyubov Vasilievna said affectionately, going up to Gleb and his mother. But the boy, without saying hello, frowned and ran away.
— Lyubov Vasilievna, good morning! You’ll have to excuse us! Mom asked. — He is very worried about the move.
— Anna Sergeevna, don’t worry! I understand everything, — the teacher reassured Gleb’s mother and added. — Do not forget, please, that we are waiting for you for the holiday!

All the kids were happy to perform their learned poems in front of Lyubov Vasilievna. Everyone wanted to show how good he is! Only our Glebushka looked angrily at the governess. And as soon as his turn came, he immediately announced:
— I didn’t learn anything! Don’t want!
— Then maybe you don’t want to perform? the teacher asked.
Gleb only nodded in response.
— Can you imagine how upset your parents will be?! Gleb, well, you will let your comrades down too! After all, our group has always been praised. And now what will they say that an ignoramus has appeared in group 15?
The kids laughed and clapped their hands.
— Ignorant! Ignorant! — they began to tease Gleb cheerfully.
And Gleb, instead of telling a rhyme and showing everyone that he was not an ignoramus, and that he was not at all going to offend and let anyone down, turned and ran «wherever his eyes look. »

Glebushka’s eyes did not disappoint! They led him straight to the Assembly Hall, which for some reason was not closed now. The boy knew that behind the scenes there are always a lot of interesting things and costumes left after the performances of the guys. Gleb and Mitok somehow already made their way to the Assembly Hall after the New Year’s performance. What the guys just did not find there! And masquerade masks, and the staff of Santa Claus (which for some reason he forgot from them, though later, as the teachers said, he took it away) and all sorts of garlands, and Christmas tree decorations. In general, what was there just not!
Of course, the boys’ teacher scolded them then, because you shouldn’t run away from the group and hide in the Assembly Hall! But it’s so interesting to do what adults do not allow!
“Maybe Grandfather Frost has left something now? thought Glebushka. “Maybe some toy?”
The boy quickly ran into the Assembly Hall, closed the door behind him and hurried backstage.

While Glebushka was looking for teachers and children, he calmly looked at the magical world that opened up to him behind the scenes. Of course, there was no present from Santa Claus. But there was already something to see. The boy sat down more comfortably and pulled towards him a large box with all sorts of little things left by fairy-tale heroes. Glebushka found there: a handkerchief of a woman yaga, and a little red cap, and dwarf shoes!
— «Wow! This means that fairy-tale heroes will return here to pick up their things! Well, how will Little Red Riding Hood go without her Little Red Riding Hood? the boy said quite rightly.
Suddenly a wand caught his eye. She just wasn’t easy. Magic! Gleb understood this immediately. Could not a simple wand shine so brightly!
«Magic wand! — waving it in all directions, the boy rejoiced.
Suddenly, a cold wind blew strongly from somewhere and snowflakes fell straight from the ceiling. Everything around began to spin and spin. Glebushka closed his eyes in fear, and when he opened it, a tall, very pale and thin woman stood in front of him. She had such a piercing look that the boy immediately felt somehow uncomfortable. She was dressed in a long silvery dress and a white fur coat, as if made of cotton wool.
— You are the Snow Queen, aren’t you? the boy asked in a low, frightened voice.
— I am the coldest and most harmful of the four seasons! I am Winter! – majestically answered the guest. — And you, as it seemed to me, are a very harmful and playful boy!
— No, I’m not like that! the boy protested, backing away and holding his magic wand tightly in his hands.
— Such, such! You hate your mom! Don’t listen to your teacher! You don’t learn poetry! Don’t be friends with guys! Well, don’t worry, I like these kids! You will help me,” Winter declared, and suddenly became very formidable. — I’ll show my beautiful sister what I’m capable of!
— Who is your sister? Glebushka was sincerely surprised.
— Like who?! Of course, Spring! And what, hasn’t she come for a magic wand yet?
— No, this is my wand. I found it first! – suddenly boldly declared boy.
Zima laughed loudly, and suddenly a breath of cold breathed from her mouth that Glebushka immediately trembled, but this made him grip the magic wand even tighter in his hands.
— How dare you contradict me, naughty little boy! Come on, my faithful assistants, grab him! Winter ordered.
Behind the scenes, someone immediately stirred and some strange sounds were heard, reminiscent of a crunch and ringing.

The boy did not waste another minute, he jumped out of the Assembly Hall and ran to his group.
— Lyubov Vasilievna, help! Gleb wanted to scream, but he couldn’t do anything.
— Over here, quickly! — Approaching the locker room, the boy heard. Gleb turned to his group and saw that all the toys from the shelf jumped out to meet him. The boy was frightened at first, thinking that they were Winter’s helpers, and therefore he stopped, not daring to go towards them.
— Why are you delaying? Faster! the doll called.
— Are you afraid of us? grumbled the big teddy bear. — Aren’t you afraid of ice men?
— Whom whom? — Gleb was surprised.
But the toys only waved their hands strongly, pointing at the door to the locker room. The boy turned around and saw several ice men sliding right along the wall! Suddenly an icicle fell on Gleb’s head! And the boy, not so much from pain, but from surprise and resentment, wept loudly, clutching his head. The magic wand fell out of his hands, and the ice man immediately hurried after it. But the toys were also ready for battle!
Little dwarfs drove up on a tractor, and, having put their wand, they quickly rushed to the group. The ice men ran after the gnomes, while such a crunch was heard, as if they were running not on the floor, but on the snow. They threw sharp icicles at the toys, and they fell, unable to get up anymore. Glebushka also ran. Almost on the move, he took off his boot and threw it at one ice man with all his might. There was a deafening sound, and the little man broke up into small pieces of ice. But from these icicles, new little ice men appeared.
— Lyubov Vasilievna! Help! Finally, the boy managed to scream. And the governess immediately responded to Glebushka’s desperate call.

Lyubov Vasilievna did not look like she did in the morning. Now she was wearing a long green dress with beautiful bright flowers. In her hand she held a magic wand, which the gnomes still managed to pass on to her. She directed it at one ice man, who was trying to freeze the poor doll with his ice hug. And the little man immediately melted under the clear and warm beam emanating from the magic wand. Glebushka wanted to apologize for his behavior in the morning, but then Winter appeared. Seeing the magic wand, she became very angry with Glebushka.
— Oh, you little trashy boy! You still managed to pass the magic wand to my sister Vesna!
— Lyubov Vasilievna, so you are Spring ?! Hooray! — Glebushka was delighted and rushed to his teacher. Spring cheerfully picked up the boy in her arms and was about to leave with him, when suddenly Winter announced:
— Where did you take my assistant? This boy didn’t expect you at all!
— Oh, it’s true! Spring suddenly responded sadly. From her breath around it became so warm and cozy that Glebushka strongly pressed against her, not wanting to let go.
— Well, why are you afraid of me, mischievous boy? Winter asked coldly. — I’m not that bad! Wouldn’t you and I have fun? Do you like skating, sledding and ice-skating? Play snowballs and make a snowman! And with Spring, all this will be impossible.
— But I don’t want it to be always cold! Glebushka said. “I like you, Winter, when, of course, you are not angry. But I love Spring too!
Winter laughed, and her ice assistants rang with her.
— How is it, I wonder, do you love her, even if you refused to learn a rhyme? she asked through laughter. And then she said sternly: — That’s it! Stop talking, I’m starting to melt!
Winter grabbed Glebushka by the arm and dragged her to the window. The boy began to kick and push away his captor, but she bound him with her cold chains so that he soon could not move. Ice men, laughing and ringing, ran after their mistress. Along the way, they scattered their sharp icicles every now and then. And the toys bravely defended themselves by throwing cubes and balls at them.
— Lyubov Vasilievna! Help! I want to you! the boy shouted.
— Tell a poem about our Spring! toys suggested. “Then Winter will believe that you were waiting for her.”
And the boy immediately began to remember the rhyme. It’s good that he still taught him yesterday with his dad.
— Go away, gray winter! the boy began quietly.
— What, what did you say? Zima asked in surprise, stopping.
— Louder! Tell me louder! the toys screamed.
— Go away, gray winter!
Already the beauties of Spring
The golden chariot
Rushing from the mountain heights!
Is it old to argue, frail,
With her — the queen of flowers,
With a whole army of air
Fragrant breezes!
Glebushka blurted out in one breath and suddenly it became so clear and bright around. Winter has gone away. But Spring picked up the boy in her arms and began to circle.
— Glebushka! You scared me so! — Lyubov Vasilievna’s gentle voice was heard.
The boy opened his eyes and saw that the kind teacher was holding him in her arms. And he was still behind the scenes. Just sorting out all sorts of interesting things, he fell asleep.
— Lyubov Vasilievna, forgive me! I learned everything and will tell you everything!
From that very day Glebushka went to kindergarten with pleasure. He made friends with all the guys and always obeyed his beloved teacher.

Kindergarten hostage. The story of Elena Machinskaya

In fact, this story is real, but it happened many years ago. I not only heard the story, but in some way, quite marginally, touched this story. I changed many details, transferred it to today, changed the data so that dad, still a well-known person in some circles, will never recognize himself, because in this story many insignificant details were simply invented by me. Thus, an artistic story turned out. But this does not negate the main horror underlying this story — it really happened. All names have been changed, dialogues are fictitious, matches with real characters are random.

Part 1.

— Listen to what I say and remember, — Gennady switched to raised tones. — No, and there never was «us.» I have already told you a hundred times that I will never, under any circumstances, leave my wife. First, I love her, and we have children.

— Is this, is this not a child? the tearful young woman interrupted him, pointing to the baby sleeping in the cradle. «You said you love me, didn’t you?» What, were you lying?

— Loved, but fell out of love, your train left. Shut up and listen. Firstly, I love her, and secondly … Do you even know what a reputation is? Do you even understand what position I hold? How will this affect my image? That’s it, the conversation is over. I will buy this apartment and register it for the child. I pay 300 thousand monthly for maintenance. And I don’t see you anymore in my life. And there is no need to guard me near the house. And don’t you dare call or text my wife. Got it?

— Are you afraid? And if I call, what will you do to me?

— I would not advise you to check, — Gena’s voice sounded like a clang of metal.

— How can I live on this money, are you mocking me? — Alina sobbed with renewed vigor, wringing her hands, — I only need 400,000 for the operation! And how should I pay a nanny, but for fitness, for a car, for clothes? What am I supposed to do now, myself from morning to evening wipe the baby’s ass and wash the linen?

— Nothing, you look like old boobs. For a child to eat, I figured that’s enough, you will have an apartment. And you can earn money for your cosmetologists and surgeons. You won’t fall apart. You know, my wife and I also started from scratch, we had no servants. And remember, if you decide to sue me or write to a newspaper, I will pay you alimony from my official salary. 25,000 — and not a penny more.


Alina couldn’t sleep for the second day. It seemed impossible for a girl who was used to an expensive beautiful life with yachts, private jets, parties with stars and an endless change of elite resorts to live on the money offered. The first thought “at all costs to return Gena”, who, six years ago, a poor college student near Moscow, turned her into a socialite with a million subscribers on Instagram, was discarded after some thought.

Alina remembered what troubles her predecessor had got into, who then seemed to the girl just a loser and a sucker who could not stay close to the rich and famous Gena. Now she herself was deleted, thrown overboard of life, the life that Alina liked so much, exchanging for an even younger dancer from a strip club.

“What to do, what to live on? thought the rejected lover. — You can, of course, try to stir up with that old boar, Gena’s partner, Pyotr Andreevich. He’s been pushing wedges against me for a long time. Plus he’s a widower. Invite him to visit … «

Mother’s thoughts were interrupted by the cry of a child. Alina did not like and did not want to change diapers, and the day before yesterday, after talking with Gena, she fired her nanny because of some nonsense.

“And where should I invite Petenka, I ask? — Alina herself did not even notice how she began to mentally call the person who always irritated her with his unbearable army humor, Petenka. — Here I have THIS yelling. Men don’t like problems. How can I even tell him? “Quiet, Petenka, do I have a nanny with a child in the next room?” If I want to start a new life, and not vegetate in poverty, then I need to get rid of the child urgently.

“The child needs to be disposed of urgently,” this thought frightened Alina. Until recently, the child seemed to her a happy ticket, an insurance policy that guarantees her a rich, cloudless life. After all, she had a trump card that her other competitors did not have, and even the hope that Gena would divorce his wife and marry her. However, the longer Alina thought about her situation, the more she became convinced that the child would seriously interfere with her.


“I’m just not made for ordinary life, I don’t know how to earn money. While I’m young, I need to take advantage of the moment so that in old age I won’t be left without a penny, ”the woman justified herself.

But the plan of deliverance has not yet formed in her head. The orphanage was completely unsuitable. Then she would instantly be left without an apartment, and without the support of Gena, but now she could not refuse this. Adoptive parents dropped out for the same reason. The babysitter didn’t solve the problem. The idea of ​​giving the child to her mother seemed good at first, but after some thought, Alina rejected it as well.

The mother was a woman outrageously correct, and hardly allowed Alina to give herself to what she herself called «adjusting her personal life» to the detriment of the child. No, of course, Alina did not want to leave the child at all, a thin, almost ephemeral thread of affection still connected them, but even this love faded before the prospect of exchanging the beautiful life of a socialite for the life of an ordinary housewife.

“Sonya, well, I don’t know what to do,” the girl cried into the phone to her more successful friend, who jumped out to marry an oligarch. — Where should I put my child now?

— Oh, why are you making a problem out of a fly, well, when it grows up, you will give it to the garden.

Alina liked the idea of ​​a garden, but she didn’t want to wait until the child grows up. After thinking a little more, the girl grabbed the tablet and began to eagerly explore the sites of kindergartens offering services for children under one year old. There are many such institutions. True, all of them did not suit the girl, since they worked up to a maximum of 8 hours, and in the evening the child had to be taken home. And in nightclubs, matinees for the beautiful and rich are not held. And no one will go on dates at lunchtime.

Finally, Alina found something suitable: “Elite private garden “Vipbaby” offers services for children from 2 months to 7 years old. Available from Monday to Friday. We have experienced educators, speech therapists, a teacher of drawing, music, choreography. Protected area, children’s pool, playrooms, outdoor playgrounds. Even the price seemed quite affordable to Alina — only 70 thousand per month. True, the issue with the weekend remained open.

A few days later, Alina raced in her car in the suburbs, to the elite Vipbaby kindergarten. A warm wind rushed into the cabin of the cabriolet, tousled the hair of a young woman whose face the best surgeons of the country had worked on over the past few years: fashionable clear cheekbones, plump lips, a small nose, big eyes.

Alina was beautiful even before plastic surgery, but the doctors really managed not only not to spoil the girl’s natural beauty, but also to emphasize her individuality. At 24, she reached the peak of her life’s journey. Pregnancy and childbirth added seductive roundness and softness to her once angular figure. Thanks to regular training, after a month, the stomach looked even better than before childbirth.

Next to Alina, in a small car seat, half-year-old Makarka, the star of her mother’s Instagram, a favorite of the public, was sleeping.

The child did not yet know that the mother had agreed with the director of the kindergarten on special conditions for him — round-the-clock accommodation, including weekends and holidays.


It was quiet in the director’s office, only the clock with the duck swaying from side to side was ticking measuredly on the wall. Occasionally, the faint rustle of feet or the muffled conversation of staff could be heard from the corridor. Kindergarten plunged into daytime sleep. The children of the older and younger groups were sleeping, their toys, dolls, balls were sleeping, and even the elderly nanny dozed off in her chair in the corner.

Anna Petrovna chose the most beautiful photos of the last week, they had to be posted on the site before 4 pm. The photo report for the week was an unbreakable tradition of «Vipbaby». For this, photographs of handicrafts of all pupils, scans of pictures drawn by children were stored up. A separate folder was devoted to walks and holidays, photographs of all breakfasts, lunches and dinners were carefully collected and stored. There was a knock on the door.

«Come in, please,» Anna Petrovna said muffledly to the woman who peered through the door.

— Good afternoon, I called you about Makar. We have arrived, — said Alina, entering the door and settling in an armchair.

— Yes, yes, I understand, welcome. How cute is he! I heard right, is it really the son of that same Gennady? Lord, what am I asking, he is a copy of the pope!

— I hope your dad will become the patron of our kindergarten? — this time Anna Petrovna turned to Makarka, who stared at her with his sleepy eyes.

“Of course it will,” Alina lied. She didn’t want to say that Gena didn’t even want to see her son and only visited them twice: the first time at the maternity hospital, and the second time a few days ago, in order, as he himself put it, to “dot the Y”. Why dots need to be placed over the “s”, and not over some other letter, Alina did not specify.

— Why don’t you want to hire a nanny? Is he still that small? the director asked Alina.

— Well, — Alina hesitated, — you see, the point is that we are not at home too often, and leaving a child with a stranger, a nanny, is not safe. You have a different matter here, there are so many specialists, and doctors, and teachers, and security, we will be so calmer. And we will take him home when we have the opportunity.

Anna Petrovna understood from the tone of Alina’s voice that the girl was not saying something, but she was used to not getting into the personal lives of her clients.

Moreover, for this child they promised to pay twice as much as usual, in exchange for the fact that he could «sometimes» stay for the weekend. This was not practiced in kindergarten, but as an exception, and even for such high-ranking people, it was decided to make an indulgence.

Anna Petrovna had no idea what this «sometimes» would turn into. She was warmed by the thought that if Gennady himself sent his child to her kindergarten, then now other famous people will surely follow such a father, the main thing is that Gennady and his new wife (as Alina introduced herself) were satisfied. And the kindergarten really needed new customers, fewer and fewer people in a crisis could afford an elite kindergarten, they chose what was cheaper.

After a short excursion around the territory of the kindergarten, Alina went home, but Makarka stayed.

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