Simple maternity shoot ideas: 36 Creative Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

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36 Creative Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Pregnancy is a remarkable time in your life, full of amazing changes and giddy anticipation. After all, you’re growing a brand-new, tiny human who you can’t wait to meet! One of the best ways to commemorate this special life event? With a maternity photoshoot you can look back on for years to come.

The ideal time to schedule a pregnancy photoshoot is generally sometime between 28 and 32 weeks, so you can show off that adorable baby bump. Plus, you’ll be able to check it off the list before you become too uncomfortable to sit through any kind of photo session. While timing is important, it’s not the only thing to keep in mind when planning for your pregnancy photos. You’ll also want to consider where to hold your session, your maternity picture outfit, which photographer to use and more.

When picking a photographer, it’s always helpful to look at some of their previous work. Do you like the way they shoot candids? Are you drawn to how they frame the shot? These are just a couple of the important questions to ask before making your choice. To help you plan, we’ve gathered up our best maternity photoshoot ideas to help you get the perfect pics.

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Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Have your heart set on an outdoor maternity photoshoot? There are plenty of fun ways to incorporate the great outdoors into your pregnancy pictures. While you’ll want the weather to cooperate, rest assured there are tricks for working around any inclement weather—and you may be surprised at how they add to your photos.

Image: @amandatnphotography

Get your partner in the picture

If you’re preparing to enter the world of parenthood with a partner by your side, your photoshoot isn’t complete without them in it. Your shared excitement will shine through in those couple maternity pictures.

Image: Erin Wallis

Get the timing right

Lighting can make or break your maternity photos, so schedule your pregnancy photoshoot at an optimal time of day. Photographers love shooting at what they call the “golden hour”—shortly after sunrise or just before sunset—to capture those soft golden hues.

Image: @legacyphotography1 / @andreuyaa / @sewtrendyaccessories

Find a beautiful field

Hunting around for the perfect location for your outdoor maternity photoshoot? Keep an eye out for open fields near your home—tall, lush grasses make for a particularly striking background. Extra points if your outfit matches the colors of the season.

Image: Candice Baker Photography

Hit the street

If you’re an urban dweller, don’t be afraid to embrace the industrial feel of your city streets for an outdoor maternity photoshoot. For an urban-chic aesthetic, look for textured backdrops like concrete and metal.

Image: Sowing Clover Photography

Brave the bad weather

We get it: It’s hard not to be disappointed when it starts to rain on the day of your pregnancy photoshoot. But this amazing pic should be proof enough that rainy weather can actually lead to some pretty magical maternity photos.

Image: Timneless Memories by Kristen

Have fun with florals

Pregnancy can make any woman feel like a goddess. Our suggestion? Embrace it! Floral crowns have topped the list of maternity photoshoot ideas for a few years now, and there’s a reason the trend is persisting.

Image: Erin Wallis

Don’t let the cold keep you inside

A winter pregnancy doesn’t mean an indoor maternity photoshoot is your only option. Bundle up and embrace the fresh air.

Image: Ester Cobe Photography

Stick to your stoop

Want a homey feel for your maternity photos? Your front steps are an ideal place to pose. Bonus: You don’t have to drag your pregnant self across town for the photoshoot.

Image: Rae Marshall Photograhy

Feature your fur babies

If you count your pet as your first baby, why not include them in your outdoor maternity photoshoot for the ultimate “aw” factor?

Image: Erin Wallis

Take photos with your surrogate

Just because you’re not pregnant yourself doesn’t mean you can’t revel in the excitement and beauty of maternity photos, as these amazing women prove.

Image: All The Little Stories

Pose against a graffiti wall

Scroll through Instagram and you’ll see tons of selfies taken against walls covered in bright urban murals and eye-catching street art. Why not steal the idea for your outdoor maternity photoshoot?

Image: Summer Shea Photography

Go for the close up

You’re going to want a bunch of full-length photos, but a great couple maternity photoshoot idea is to snag a few close-ups while you’re at it. Focus on your arms and hands entwined in your partner’s—and of course, that beautiful baby bump.

Image: @shanmalarik

Pick up a pair of baby shoes

Is there anything more adorable than teeny-tiny baby shoes? Zoom in on these heart-meltingly cute maternity photoshoot props for a sweet take on your pictures.

Indoor Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

There are tons of creative maternity photoshoot ideas for those who opt to stay indoors. The pros of an indoor maternity photoshoot? You don’t have to worry about the weather, traveling or packing up any props for your session. Plus, maternity photoshoots at home can showcase all your favorite rooms—like baby’s new nursery—and help capture your family in their element.

Image: Candice Baker Photography

Snuggle up on the couch

Posed maternity photos can be super-glamorous, but for a more intimate feel, try setting up a pregnancy photoshoot on a comfy couch or bed. A casual, cozy setting for a family maternity photoshoot can be perfect for capturing those emotional moments.

Image: @beyoutifulbyemmelifoto

Don’t shy away from the studio

We’re all about natural settings for your maternity photoshoot, but remember that professional photos taken in the studio can be total show-stoppers too. High-contrast black and white shots really up the elegance.

Image: Green Pearl Photography

Make use of baby’s nursery

You spent all that time and effort designing a gorgeous nursery. Why not take advantage of the picture-perfect setting for your indoor maternity photoshoot?

Image: Brandi McComb Photography

Incorporate your older kids

A list of go-to maternity photo ideas isn’t complete without mentioning the need to get your older kiddos in front of the camera. After all, we’re guessing you’re not the only one who’s excited about meeting the new baby! Plus, you can use your pregnancy photoshoot to sneak in a family portrait before your numbers swell.

Image: Second Shots Photography

Test out different positions

You don’t have to stand in front of the camera and smile to get stunning maternity photos. Play around with your maternity photoshoot poses and get creative with nearby props and furniture.

Image: @mostthingsmom

Get your hands on a letter board

Add a playful element to your maternity photos with letter boards! They’ve been having a serious moment on social media, and it’s easy to see why—they’re a cute way to share funny messages (and we’re betting you have plenty to say about pregnancy).

Image: @faithmbennett

Show off your silhouette

Celebrate your amazing pregnant body by taking black and white maternity photos of your silhouette. Hint: Stand in profile for the best views.

Image: @melissawintersphotography

Take some candids

Remember, not all maternity photos need to be posed. Whether you’re lounging at home or enjoying a spontaneous laugh with your partner, candid shots are a great way to document your pregnancy.


Go au naturel

There are plenty of tasteful ways to celebrate the beauty of the nude human body. A lacey robe and a well-placed hand can go a long way. Printing your maternity pictures in grayscale can also lend an artistic air.

Image: Casey Futrell Photography

Make use of your baby gear

The right prop can totally make the photo. If you’re in need of some cute maternity photo ideas at home (or elsewhere!), dig through all that new baby stuff you’ve been busy stocking up on—incorporating books, clothes and toys into your shoot could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Image: @jlohphotography

Enjoy a good soak

In search of trendy indoor maternity photoshoot ideas? Scroll through your social media feed and you’re bound to find stunning images of women floating in milk baths, surrounded by delicate flower petals.

Unique Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

From finding a location off the beaten path to changing up the framing of your photos, there are endless opportunities to orchestrate a unique maternity photoshoot to get stunning, original photos. Below, some ways to get that perfect shot.

Image: Twig & Olive Photography

Go for the greenhouse effect

Select a location that feels unique to you. Greenhouses and nurseries, for example, are an unexpected but totally on-theme option if bad weather gets in the way of the outdoor maternity photoshoot you envisioned.

Image: Erin Wallis

Photograph your bump from different angles

Your body undergoes remarkable changes during pregnancy. Photograph your baby bump from different angles to show off those incredible curves.

Image: Brit Nicole Photography

Embrace the rainbow

If you’ve experienced loss, consider a rainbow baby maternity photoshoot. You can use your maternity photos to both celebrate your sweet rainbow baby and pay homage to those children who never came to be. Colored smoke can make for a particularly striking background.

Image: Crystal Shreeve Photography

Have a sense of humor

There’s a lot about pregnancy that’s pretty wild—so why not just roll with it? Whether you’re hankering after all the cookies or just can’t get enough pickles, your crazy food cravings can be great fodder for funny maternity photoshoot ideas.

Image: Skyewater Photo + Film

Head underwater

Another popular maternity photoshoot trend that makes for some pretty unique images? Photographing your pregnant belly underwater. The distortions and reflections can make for a really cool look.

Image: All The Little Stories

Seek out unusual backdrops

The best maternity photo ideas often start with the location. If you want jaw-dropping pregnancy photos, find a jaw-dropping setting! Your setting can then inform your lighting and outfit decisions.

Image: Raphaelle Granger Photographe

Play with perspective

Searching for unique maternity photoshoot ideas? Encourage your photographer to experiment with scale and perspective for a fresh twist.

Image: Silovision Media & Weddings

Incorporate traditional garb

Our heritage is often central to our sense of identity, so why not work traditional clothing into your maternity photos? Not only is it a meaningful nod to your cultural background, it can also be a great way to add vibrancy and color to your pregnancy photo shoot.

Image: @katemccarthy_photography

Show some team spirit

Don’t be shy about incorporating your love of sports into your maternity pictures. After all, what’s cuter than a baby-size jersey or a onesie with your team’s mascot?

Image: Leanne Rose Photography

Indulge in your favorite activity

Are you a bookworm? Do you love cooking, or catching some rays on the beach? Whatever it is that makes you happy, think about capturing maternity pictures of you enjoying your favorite activity.

Image: @dapsisphoto

Celebrate your love of disney

Who wouldn’t want to be a princess for a day? For a fairytale maternity photoshoot, dress up as your favorite Disney character. (You can even run with the theme for baby’s newborn photoshoot.)

Image: @nathanmitchellphotography

Take advantage of public artwork

Using a structure as a frame within the photo creates focus and intrigue. Scout out any public art displays nearby to curate a unique maternity photoshoot.

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100 Maternity Photoshoot Ideas (Funny, Cute, Creative & More)

Pregnancy is an exciting time. Whether it’s your first or your fourth, it’s a time full of surprises, growing bellies, and moments you want to remember. Looking back at my pregnancy, the thing I regret the most is not taking enough photos to document the journey.

So, this time around, I’m not making the same mistake. Sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are full of expectant mothers, strutting their stuff. Some are announcing their pregnancy, while others just want to show off their bump.

Either way, there are plenty of maternity photoshoot ideas. Today, I’ve gathered 100 of the most creative, sweet, and even funny.

Table of Contents

  • Maternity Photoshoot Ideas for Indoors
  • Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
  • Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Family
  • Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Husband
  • Cute Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
  • Funny Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
  • Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Props
  • Beachy Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
  • Winter Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
  • Summer Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
  • Studio Maternity Posing Ideas
  • Creating Memories

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas for Indoors

1. In the Nursery

A beautiful, simple, yet moving place to take your indoor maternity photo is the nursery. You can always play with the lighting, creating some effects.

2. Reading In the Nursery

While we’re still in the nursery, grab a children’s book and sit down with your partner. Try to find a book with a fun title like “Are You My Mother?” by Dr. Seuss.

3. Cozy by the Window

Find a window with some light curtains — try to pick a time when natural light comes through. Then simply pose with the curtain.

4. Black and White

If you have an open space with a large window or door, try a black and white shoot. Dress up in a white gown and hold your belly. The light coming through the opening will create a beautiful background.

5. The Goddess of Maternity

Become the goddess of maternity by posing in front of a large window with light, flowy curtains. Wear something flowy as well, like a maxi dress and a flower crown. It has a wow-factor and is a bit theatrical.

6. Couch Shot

The couch is the perfect place for a simplistic photo of you, and even your partner. Wear something that shows off your bump. Play with the lights, and you’ve got a winner.

7. Take It to the Bedroom

You don’t need much for this — pretend to get out of bed, or pose while on it. You can wear a rope that drapes around your body to show your belly. Or just hold it and give a loving smile.

8. Pretty in Lace

Wear something with lace so that your belly shows, and then pose and give a slight smile. This idea plays with the colors of the clothes, hair, and surroundings — everything is in harmony.

9. Sexy Maternity

Pregnancy is beautiful, so why not celebrate your growing body? Put on your favorite lingerie and strike a sexy pose. The photo may be Instagram-worthy.

10. Can’t Get Up

Lay down on the floor with your legs up against the wall. Wear something that shows your bump, and hold it while you stare at the roof. The photo will be a simple but beautiful one of you relaxing with your belly.

11. Modesty

In the spirit of Kim Kardashian, get a patterned dress, which covers you from the neck on down. Strike a simple pose while holding your tummy. Create some shapes by bending one knee.

Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot Ideas


A Simple Stroll

Take a simple stroll with your partner while enjoying your pregnancy — the photos will be amazing. You can wear something like a flower printed maxi dress, and then hug your belly to make it show.

13. Fairytale Forest

If you have a forest or woodland near you, this idea is fantastic. Become the fairytale queen by wearing an evening gown that shows your belly. Then, have the photographer create a foggy effect around you — it’s mysteriously breathtaking.

14. By the Lake

Take your photo by the lake during fall — the trees will add a superb contrasted background while you strut your stuff. Wear a flowy gown and a flower crown, and then pose by the water.

15. Mommy and Me

Another idea that includes a lake is a mommy and me shoot — it’s perfect if you’re expecting your second child. Try to match your outfit with your child’s, and then hold them while posing. The lake creates a beautiful background, full of nature, light, and colors.

16. Field of Maternity

A dramatic place to celebrate your maternity is a field full of tall grass and flowers. Pick a time when the light is low, preferably around sunrise. Wear something light and comfortable, like a flowy maxi dress, and pose while sitting in the grass.

17. “Meet Me by the Bridge”

A rustic bridge, a beautiful evening gown, and a growing belly is a surprisingly pleasing combination. It’s outstanding yet straightforward, and all you need is a gown and a bridge. Find a time where the light is behind you, like dusk or sunset — the colors will make the photo.

18. The Secret Tree

Become one with nature by dressing up in a green gown and standing by a tree in the park or backyard. Ask the photographer to catch the light through the leaves while you pose with a smile.

19. Pop of Color

Pick a time around dusk or sunset where the colors in the sky are bright. Play with the hues and wear a gorgeous flowy dress while hugging your belly. The darkness of the surroundings with the pop of the sunlight will create amazing contrasts.

20. Beach in the Fall

Grab your partner in crime and head to the beach on an autumn day. Find an ideal spot and sit down together, perhaps even give a kiss.

21. Summer Garden

If you have a thriving garden or a place you can go to, dress up in a flowy summer dress and strike a pose. Embrace your belly while staring off in the distance.

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Family

22. Big Brother

Take a trip with your two guys — have the little one be the center of attention, standing between you and your partner. You don’t need much for this — only a good location and a big-brother-to-be sporting a smile.

23. Big Sister

For the big-sister-to-be, try going to your local park to pose between flowers and trees. Wear a colorful blouse, showing your bump while holding your little girl. Have your husband join the shoot as well, and ask everyone to touch your stomach for the money shot.

24. Rock N’ Roll

Create an exciting image by dressing everyone up in black leather jackets, blue jeans, and big shades. Sit everyone on a staircase and then rock your belly for the shot. It’s edgy and distinguishably different when compared to the other ideas on our list.

25. Hold My Hand

Take your husband and children outside for this shoot. Have everyone wear white while you’re sporting something colorful — then hold hands as you walk away from the camera. It’s simple but includes all the siblings in one shot, and you don’t have to worry about funny facial expressions.

26. Family Includes Pets

If you’re also a mother of dogs, then try this — stand with your husband in an open door. Then have your dogs and children (if you’re a second-time mom) walk toward you. Try it in black and white — it will look classy and striking.

27. Gender Reveal

Combine your maternity photoshoot with a gender reveal. Gather your family and have either pink or blue smoke in the background, revealing the baby’s gender. You can always go to a beautiful location for the shoot.

28. Baby

If you want something simple, use balloons to spell the word baby. Then have your family in the shot while everyone smiles. To make it more extraordinary, go to a breathtaking location like the beach or harbor.

29. Sisterhood

If you have many siblings, then leave out your partner and snap a cute photo with your sisters. In front of a white background, have everyone dress in a different color while holding a teddy bear or flowers. You’ll sit in the middle, hugging your beautiful tummy.

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Husband

30. Lay with Me

Show your love in the photo by lying down with your husband — have him hug you and your belly. Not much is needed for this shot, but it will become something you’ll look back on and rejoice in.

31. Laundry Time

Put a fun spin on the shoot by having you and your husband hold a laundry line with baby clothes on it. You can always find a onesie that says something cute like “Snuggle Time.”

32. Mama, Dada

This one is charming and doesn’t require much effort. Go to the nursery and sit down by the crib while holding a book or signs that say ‘Mama’ or ‘Dada.’ You could even include your pet.

33. Back-to-Back

Having your husband behind you through the tough days was probably the best support. A fantastic way to show this is by standing back-to-back — you don’t need much, only a good location for the background. You can also make this silly by doing a fun pose.

34. Hats All Day

Make the photo classy or retrospective by having both you and your partner wear a hat. Take the shoot out on an open field with a beautiful background of nature. You can wear a lace gown inspired by the wild west to make the photo more country.

35. MOM

Sometimes, you gotta spell it out — have your husband stand behind you while holding two ‘M’s’ on each side of your belly. Your belly will act as the ‘O,’ spelling out the word ‘Mom.’ It’s cute and simple — you don’t need much other than the letters and big smiles.

36. The Belly Hug

The belly hug is a classic pose for expectant parents, and it’s generally a winner. Have your husband stand behind you while you hold hands, hugging your bump. Create a jaw-dropping photo by making it monochrome.

37. Strike a Pose

If you want something edgy, sort of high-fashion-looking, then try this one. Find a bright background and wear a matching dress, high heels, and sunglasses. Have your husband wear something dark, while giving you a bouquet of colorful flowers.

38. Tiny Shoes

Find a suitable location and then place a pair of baby shoes in the foreground with you and your husband in the background. In the image, either you or the shoes will be blurry, but if done right, it’s a winner.

Cute Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

39. Look at Me

A photo that will have your friends go, ‘Aww,’ would be something like this one. Go outside and lay down in the grass on a picnic blanket with your belly exposed. Then have your husband look over you while you make eye contact — with the right lighting, it will be astonishing.

40. One Plus Two Equals Three

Find a simple background — then have your husband stand a few feet away from you while you’re looking at each other. You can either use photoshop or balloons to create a mathematical equation. Between you and your husband make a ‘Plus,’ then after you, an equals sign and the number three — one plus two equals three.

41. Hug It Out

What’s cuter than having your toddler hug their soon-to-arrive sibling? This idea is all about your first child and your belly. Create a classic photo by making it black and white.

42. Twinsies

Snap a cute photo of you, your belly, and your child. For maximum cuteness, wear matching outfits and give a big smile.

43. A Kiss for the Road?

You’ll need your firstborn, your partner, and a great location. Have your little one hold you and your partner’s hands while they’re giving a kiss to the camera. Make sure you can see your belly in the photo.

44. That’s the Baby

For this idea, bring an image from an ultrasound, showing the baby. Then with your partner and firstborn, ask your little one to point to the picture. It’s cute, and it involves everyone.

45. Baby Sock Cuteness

When you’re pregnant, there’s nothing cuter than baby socks — they’re so tiny. Grab a pair and hold them by your belly as you put on your brightest smile.

Funny Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

46. Two Bellies?

If your husband is up for it, you can try having them take a belly shot as well. Sit in the foreground while hugging your belly, then have your partner stand further back while also hugging their belly. It’s both cute and funny.

47. Those Are Some Big Melons

Okay, so this one requires some melons and a husband with a sense of humor. Use half a watermelon for the belly and one smaller melon (cut in half), as breasts — these are your husband’s “pregnant parts. ” Then stand side-by-side while you both keep one hand over and the other under the belly.

48. The Wrong Head

Let your husband be the pregnant one for once, or at least for the photo. Stand behind a tree or pole — then while you lean back, your husband leans forward. This creates the illusion that it’s your husband’s pregnant belly and not yours.

49. Pregnancy Cravings

Expose your cravings by including them in your maternity photo. Get some of the junk you’ve been craving all day and pose while eating them. You can even add a sign, telling how far along you are — other than that, have fun.

50. My Belly Is the Biggest

How about a competition to see who’s got the biggest belly? Stand with your husband, and pretend to intimidate each other with your tummies. If your husband has a sense of humor, he’ll love this idea.

51. Pregnant AF

This one is straightforward, but fun if you’ve been complaining about your sore feet and back. Stand in front of a simple background while holding a sign that reads, ‘Pregnant AF. ’ Make a tired or annoyed facial expression to emphasize the feeling.

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Props

52. Letters

Use some Scrabble letters to spell out the name of your unborn baby. Then stand in the background with your partner so that your belly shows. It’s simple and cute.

53. Bath Tub

Draw yourself a bath — fill it with rose petals and soap. Then soak while a photographer snaps some ravishing photos.

54. Pets

Include your pet or animal in your experience. Sit down in the grass while they stand beside you. It doesn’t have to be a horse, but it creates a wow-factor.

55. Flowers

Take a trip to a field of flowers to snap your maternity photo. Dress up in a flowy gown and enjoy the moment.

56. Signs and Photos

Create a close-up image of your belly with a cute sign and ultrasound photos to the side. Wear something that shows your tummy and use a phrase like, ‘Ready to pop.’

57. Baby Onesie

Flaunt your baby bump in an ultra-glam outfit along with the onesie of your anticipated baby. It’s glamorous and will make a memorable moment.

58. Colored Smoke

Smoke can create some beautiful effects — add color to that and you’ve got a winner. Find a lovely location and wear a flowy gown. Then use different colored smoke as the background.

Beachy Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

59. Laugh In Paradise

Take a trip to a beautiful beach, dress up in a flowy gown, and then give a big smile for the camera. Not much else is needed to make the shot Instagram worthy.

60. Belly Gazing

All you need for this idea is a flowing dress, some wind, a flower crown, and a beach. Gaze down on your belly and enjoy the moment.

61. Beauty on the Rocks

If it’s safe and available, you can take this idea of snapping your maternity shot on the rocks at the beach. It creates an eye-catching scene without much else needed.

62. Gaze of Love

Grab your husband and take the photography down to the beach at sunset. With the light behind you, stare at each other while hugging your belly together.

63. In the Sand

Pick a time where the light is beautiful, like dusk or sunset. Then sit down in the sand while you touch your belly. Wear a pastel-colored dress, and the shot will be amazing.

64. Sunset Silhouette

Get to the beach around sunset where there’s low tide. Then with the light behind you, stand in the shallow water to create a reflection. The photo will be mesmerizing.

65. Tree Props

If there are old trees on the beach, use them as props for the background. Wear something flowy and gaze into the distance.

66. Waves of Wonder

This one is easy, and you may not even need a professional photographer. Stand in the waves while holding and gazing at your belly. Use a monochrome effect to create a powerful image.

67. Serenity

Find a suitable location around dusk, when the light is low. Then stand in the shallows and hold your belly. The sea in the background will be the perfect complement to this photo.


The Great Sea

Wear something that matches the sea and ask the photographer to snap the shot from a distance. You and your husband will stand, holding each other in the shallows, gazing over the vast sea.

69. Beach Walk

With this one, you don’t have to get wet. Take a stroll on the boardwalk or in the sand with your hubby and dog. Wear something that shows your belly.

70. I Heart U

If you’re a second-time mom, then get your firstborn included in this shot. Get to the beach at a time when the light is low. Find a great backdrop such as rocks, and then make a heart with your hands — simple, yet cute.

71. Day at the Beach

A day at the beach is the perfect opportunity for a memorable maternity photo. Get your partner and strike a laid back pose together.

Winter Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

72. Icy Lace

If you’re up for it, dress up in a lace gown, showing your belly. Then stand in the snow while gazing at your bump. If you get the light right, it will look magical.

73. The Frozen River

If you got a frozen river or lake near you, it’s a perfect location for this shot. Wear something that pops against the white snow, like a red dress. Then sit down where possible and pose with your belly.

74. Partners in Crime

While still at the river, dress up in your usual winter gear, and sit down with your partner. Bring a bunch of ultrasound photos and look at them together.

75. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Get your little one involved by both of you dressing up in winter attire. While standing in the snow, snuggle tightly. Just make sure your belly shows.

76. Keeping Warm

On a snowy day, bring your partner along for the shoot. With you sitting in front, let him hug you while you both gaze at each other. It’s incredibly beautiful in an effortless way.

77. “Look What I’ve Got”

This one is a little silly but cute. Wear a big winter hat and hand muffs. Then touch your belly with a big smile — it’s perfect if you enjoy having some fun with your photos.

78. Don’t Freeze

This image can be awesome — all you need is some snow in your hair. Wear colorful earrings and then strike a fierce pose.

79. Winter Walk

Take a stroll through the snow with your partner. You don’t have to wear anything extravagant — merely hold hands while walking toward the camera.

80. Baby’s Name

Together with your partner, stand in the snow while holding a sign that spells out your chosen name. You can wear a gown for something extra, or keep it simple.

81. Hug It Out

Including siblings-to-be in the maternity photo is always a favorite. Get out into the snow with your little one and have them hug you. Let the shot be just them and your belly.

Summer Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

82. Baby Watch

This one is a mix of funny, cute, and a lot of gorgeous. Get yourself a red bathing suit that says, “Baby Watch.” Then take the photo at your local beach.

83. Summer Nights

The setting of the sun during summer evenings is quite spectacular. Use this to create a lovely photo of you and your husband. Have him hug you, while the light is behind you.

84. The Crown Jewel

Lay down in the grass while placing a small crown on your belly. Let that be the main focus. It’s simple and doesn’t require much effort.

85. Spice it Up

If you know a place with a beautifully decorated staircase, then dress up in something bright and snap a posy picture. The stairs will create a quirky background.

86. Sunset Is Your Best Friend

While the sun is going down, let yourself gaze into the distance while holding your belly. If you can, find a location with colorful flowers — the low lights will create outstanding effects.

87. Beach Glamour

Create some glamour at the beach by including a lace umbrella, a stripy bathing suit, and your dog. Sit on your towel while looking out over the sea.

88. Contrasts

Depending on where you are, try contrasting your dress with the background. It makes you stand out in the photo, creating a high-impact image.

89. Summer Picnic

Place the picnic blanket and snap a photo of you enjoying yourself with a soda. The picture is simple and catches the feeling of summer.

90. Summer Field

Get out into a growing field in a summer maxi dress. You can do any pose you want, but make sure to show your beautiful belly.

91. Flower Power

Stand in front of a wall of flowers while wearing something bright. The flowers will create a perfect background for a summer photo.

Studio Maternity Posing Ideas

92. The Naked Belly

Exposing the naked belly is a popular pose, but it’s also wondrous. You don’t have to be completely naked — wear a robe to drape across your body.

93. Silky Classics

Sometimes all you need is a lovely silky gown, a one-colored background, and a confident pose.

94. Wind

Create an awe-inspiring photo by using a wind machine. The wind will move your dress, creating a dramatic effect.

95. Color Play

Try a basic beige background and a popping dress. Try a simple pose by holding the fabric while gazing over your shoulder.

96. Nude Shades

Utilize all nude colors to create a photo that’s pleasing to the eye. You don’t need much, and you also don’t have to be naked. It’s simplistic yet gorgeous.

97. Simple Silhouette

A simple silhouette of you holding your beautiful baby belly is perfect if you don’t want something too extravagant. Wear something that makes you comfortable while showing your belly, of course.

98. Studio Props

Bring a chair, some curtains, and plants to create an eye-catching background. Sit on the chair and pose while holding your belly. It might take some effort, but it will be well worth it.

99. No Color

Sometimes, the best photo is with a black and white effect. All you need is a lace gown and a simple pose, such as looking down at your belly.

100. Special Effects

When used correctly, Photoshop can make a photo look mesmerizing. Wear a flowy gown and bring your other child along. Then consult the photographer about creating some breathtaking effects around you.

Creating Memories

Shooting maternity photos is an excellent way to create precious memories of the time you carried your bundle of joy. Although we might not always feel the pregnancy glow, it’s still a fantastic time in one’s life that should be remembered.

There are many maternity photoshoot ideas to be inspired by, but we recommend you choose something personal. If your personality is full of humor, try something funny — maybe you’re an outdoorsy person; try the beach or somewhere scenic and fantastic.

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Ideas for a photo session of a pregnant woman with her husband in the studio, outdoors and at home

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April 20, 2020

Pregnancy is a quivering and exciting period, the memories of which you want to keep forever. A maternity photo shoot is a great opportunity to create pictures that reflect the magical time of waiting for a baby, conveying the love and happiness of future parents. To get a lot of beautiful photos, you need to prepare in advance for shooting, for this I wrote several useful articles: how to choose clothes for a photo shoot , the best places to shoot in Moscow , poses for a photo shoot .

In this article I have collected the best ideas for a maternity photo shoot with a detailed description and photos that will definitely come in handy and inspire you to take wonderful pictures. All ideas are universal: they can be implemented at home, in the studio or outdoors.

Contents of the article

  1. Pregnancy photo shoot ideas with husband, children, animals
  2. Universal ideas for a maternity photo shoot: in the studio and outdoors
  3. Ideas for a maternity photo shoot at home and in the studio
  4. Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
  5. Clothing ideas and options
  6. Ideas for using props

With husband

Husband’s participation in a pregnancy photo session is a great idea that can give the pictures maximum tenderness and love. Imagine how your child will leaf through a family album, point to a photo with a finger and say: “This is dad, this is mom, and here, in the tummy, I am.”

Some simple and effective tips how to persuade your husband to take part in photography

With older children

Family photos of a pregnant woman with older children look unusually cute! A child who will soon have a brother or sister will take part in such a shooting with great pleasure. Agree that the frames in which the child hugs and kisses the tummy of the expectant mother are very cute and touching! A photo session with children can be held in the studio, at home, or in nature. Regardless of the location of the shooting, these photos will be your favorite!

With pets

It’s a great idea to take your pets to the shoot while waiting. It’s no secret that cats and dogs feel the baby and therefore love to lie on the tummy of the expectant mother. The presence of your pets during a pregnancy photo session will allow you to make many bright and cute photos.

A gentle maternity photo shoot can be done without flowering trees, just by using the right look. For such a romantic pregnancy shoot, a park, a pond bank, a field or a bright studio are suitable. Choose flying dresses made of silk or chiffon in light shades — so your look will be even more feminine and sophisticated. Natural make-up and light styling will emphasize all the tenderness of the baby’s waiting period. Your romantic spring look will be well complemented by a wreath of natural flowers. The best time for this type of shooting is golden hour. This is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset. The lighting at this time is very soft, diffused and warm — the most ideal for emphasizing the beauty of a pregnant woman.

It is a great idea to have a maternity photo session at home. Often, before the birth of a child, future parents make repairs. Stylish interior, plenty of light and cozy home atmosphere are the key to great shots. In years to come, such photos will be the most valuable, because they will have your house and you in the most touching period of expecting a child!

In the baby’s room

If you have a separate room for your unborn child at home, I recommend taking a few shots in it. Photos of a pregnant woman with her husband at the crib look very touching. Cute baby wallpapers, a wooden crib, balloons and a closet with baby clothes will stay in your photos forever, and you will be able to enjoy the memories of this wonderful time again and again.

Bathtub photography session

The idea of ​​taking a pregnancy photoshoot in the bathtub is becoming more and more popular around the world. The tenderness of the expectant mother, her calmness and connection with the baby are most clearly visible in such pictures. To get the most beautiful photos, I recommend adding milk (about 2 liters) to the bath and fresh flowers or fruits for decoration. From clothes, a lace or silk peignoir or lace underwear is well suited. When booking a studio for this type of shoot, take into account the time it takes to fill and empty the tub.


Silhouettes are a very interesting idea for a pregnancy photo. Agree, the most important thing that every girl wants to keep in pregnancy photos is her figure. In silhouette photographs, which are taken only in profile, the figure of a pregnant woman looks amazing! When looking at such a photo, nothing distracts, and all attention is focused on the main thing.


To feel as comfortable as possible during your maternity shoot, choose casual style for yourself — everyday comfort in everything, both in clothes and in choosing a location. This type of photo session is well suited for shooting on city streets or in cafes. It is best to conduct a photo shoot in casual style in the warm season. To make the shooting more interesting, come along with your husband and children: take a walk along your favorite streets, along the pond, go to a cafe for ice cream or lemonade — be yourself, and then you will definitely like the photos!

Rustic style

For a rustic maternity photo session, a country house, garden, cottage settlement outside the city or a real village is very suitable. It’s great if flowers, fruit trees and berries grow around. Suitable clothes for pregnant women: dresses and sundresses made from natural fabrics (organic cotton, linen, muslin), overalls. Accessories: straw hats, ribbons in hair or wreaths of wild flowers. During a rustic-style maternity photo session, you can collect a bouquet of flowers, weave wreaths with children, pick berries from the garden, or serve a large wooden table.


A great idea for a “waiting for a miracle” photo shoot in the summer is to have a picnic in the fresh air. To conduct such a survey, it is necessary to agree on a suitable location with the photographer: a field, a beach, a river bank, a clearing in a forest or a summer cottage will do. I recommend bringing a neutral-colored blanket or blanket, a wicker basket, a wooden board for cutting bread and fruit, a picnic camping kit, and whatever products suit your idea. During the photo session, you can read a book, drink lemonade or eat watermelon — do whatever you want! A family photo shoot at a picnic will surely please your husband and children, and this is a guarantee of beautiful photos.

In the field

The field is a great location for maternity photography. A field of any kind will do: wheat, lavender, a field with sunflowers, daisies, or any other wildflowers. Shooting for pregnant women in lupins would also be a great option. There will be very beautiful light in such a location, especially at sunset, so be sure to come to the pregnancy shoot with your husband and children, and then you will be provided with gorgeous family photos!

In the forest

Photos of a pregnant girl in the forest look very calm, peaceful and a little mysterious. It is very important to find a suitable location where the sunlight will break through the branches of the trees and create this fabulous atmosphere. It is best to notice such a place in advance while walking through the forest, so that during the photo session “waiting for a miracle” you can catch the most beautiful light.

In blooming gardens

Pregnancy photography in blooming trees is held in May. This is the most beautiful and popular time of the year for photography. Stunning shots in Moscow can be made in the apple orchards of Kolomenskoye Park, in the pink apple trees of Catherine’s Park, in the white apple trees in Victory Park and the Lilac Garden. Suitable clothes for expectant mothers: a light summer dress, a floor-length flowy dress or a casual look. Of the accessories, a straw hat, bows and ribbons in the hair, a flower wreath are suitable.

At sunset

Very beautiful and unusual pregnancy photos can be taken at sunset and after sunset. In order for the lighting in your pictures to be the most fabulous, choose a location in an open area: a field, a bay, an embankment, a bridge. It is important that tall trees do not cover the setting sun. After sunset, when there is no longer enough light to shoot portraits, it is best to shoot in profile: this is the perfect angle for shooting the expectant mother. The last rays of the sun will emphasize the tummy, and you will get beautiful silhouette photos.

With wind in their hair

Photos of pregnant girls with wind in their hair always look very atmospheric. When looking at them, the viewer seems to be transported at the moment of shooting and feels a breath of warm wind on him. To get photos with flying hair, you need to shoot in an open area, near the water, in slightly windy weather, or use special props such as a fan. Turn to face the wind and you will get amazing dynamic photos.

Pregnancy photo shoot by the water (by the river/beach)

Many couples go on vacation while waiting for their baby, and this is a great opportunity to have a pregnancy photo shoot on the beach. For such shooting, choose a sparsely populated beach and the most beautiful time is the golden hour before sunset or at dawn. Soft warm sunlight will evenly illuminate your faces, reflect in the water and create a stunning glow in your hair. For a pregnancy photo shoot by the water, take a light dress made of natural fabric or a flowing long dress with you — it will flutter beautifully in the wind.

In a boat

A very unusual idea for a pregnancy photo shoot: boating. When choosing a location for such a shoot, it is worth considering from which point the photographer will shoot you, and what kind of background will be: make sure that there are not many people there. It is best to find a small pond in the middle of the trees. It is also very important to choose a boat of the right color. You can hold a pregnancy photo shoot on a boat in Moscow in the following places: Upper Kuzminsky Pond, Serebryano-Vinogradny Pond in the Izmailovo Estate, Big Palace Pond in the Kuskovsky Forest Park or Upper, Middle and Lower Tsaritsynsky Ponds.

In winter

Winter pregnancy photo shoot can be done not only in the studio, but also on the street! Yes, of course, the temperature outside the window should not be very low, which is quite realistic, given the worldwide global warming. Layering in clothing is the most important rule for winter filming. Use thermal underwear and disposable heating pads to keep you as warm as possible. Family pregnancy photos will be amazingly magical when it snows in large flakes!

Ideas and outfits

Pregnancy bodysuit

This is a very stylish type of maternity shoot that will perfectly emphasize the figure of the expectant mother. This type of shooting in anticipation is best done at an earlier date up to 30 weeks, when the tummy is not very large yet, and the woman is not worried about swelling. This is a staged type of shooting, it is very important to listen to the photographer, who will definitely tell you the most advantageous angles for a pregnant woman. A photo session of pregnant women in a bodysuit is held in an interior studio or against a plain background.

In home clothes

If you decide to shoot a pregnancy at home or in an interior studio, then I recommend that you use comfortable home clothes. For photos on the bed, loose plain pajamas, a dressing gown, a sundress or a dress made from natural materials (organic cotton or linen) are well suited.

In a long dress

One of the most popular ideas among expectant mothers is to shoot in a floor length dress. This image makes them more feminine and tender. It is not necessary to have such a dress at home or buy it only for shooting — it can also be rented from specialized clothing rental studios. The photographer will definitely tell you proven places where you can rent a dress for a photo shoot.

In a peignoir

In order to convey all the tenderness and intimacy of the waiting period, expectant mothers choose translucent lace or silk peignoirs for shooting. In this image, the figure of a pregnant girl will be clearly visible, so this type of photo shoot is best done at an earlier date up to 30 weeks. For shooting pregnancy in a peignoir, a bright, spacious interior studio is well suited. Also, this type of shooting can be combined with a photo shoot in the bath or with the help of a decorator florist, add decoration with fresh flowers.

Fabric / Vogue style

A classic, stylish maternity look that’s timeless — Vogue pregnancy. Minimalism in clothes, the beauty of the female body while waiting for the baby, laconic light makeup and styling, and the absence of an interior in the background — this is what makes such photos relevant at any time. This type of shooting is carried out in a photo studio with artificial light, the minimum number of color accents and any decor is used. The photographer will definitely tell you the most advantageous angle in which your body will look perfect in the photographs. Flying and flowing fabric will give your image even more tenderness and sophistication. A pregnancy photo session with tissue is carried out at an earlier date up to 30 weeks.

Boho style

Boho is a combination of different styles such as hippie, country, vintage. The main distinguishing features of clothing are the naturalness of fabrics, shades, as well as careless layering. Suitable clothes for pregnant women in boho style: dresses, skirts, sundresses made of lace, cotton and milky linen. From accessories carelessly tied scarves, flowers in hair and hats are well suited. A boho-style pregnancy photo session is best done outdoors.

Ideas for using props

You can use various signs, boards, cards, postcards, garlands with words for your “waiting for a miracle” shoot. It can be the inscription “It’s a boy”, “It’s a girl”, “Coming soon” or any other that you like. These photos will help you capture some of the most important moments.

With ultrasound images

All pregnant girls love these shots! By applying the idea of ​​taking ultrasound pictures with you, you can tell the world about your situation and keep these wonderful photos in your memory. Very often, future parents, looking at the profile of their baby in the picture, wonder who he will be more like. Having taken such a joint photo, you can return to it after the birth of the child and check it out! And you can also make embroidery with satin stitch, based on an ultrasound image, and use it at a photo shoot.

With baby clothes

All future mothers choose the first clothes for their baby with special trepidation. It is a good idea to take the first bodysuit, hat or booties to the photo session. After a while, you will be surprised how tiny all these things were!

With balloons

Balloons are a great idea for a pregnancy photo shoot. Using balloons in the form of the word baby, you can tell the world about your situation. The design of the photo zone with pink and blue balloons is very often used at the gender reveal party — an event where future parents find out the gender of their child. For the same purposes, they buy a large opaque balloon, inside of which there is a pink or blue filler. Future parents can only burst this balloon and find out the sex of the baby. Everyone wants to have photos of such precious moments with real sincere emotions!

Color Smoke

This cool idea is perfect for maternity photography when the parents-to-be don’t know the baby’s gender yet. You will need to prepare in advance: during a scheduled ultrasound, ask the doctor to put a note with the gender of the child in an envelope and pass it on to friends who will choose pink or blue smoke for you, according to the note. To implement such an idea, a beautiful place in the open air is well suited. Photos of real sincere emotions in a cloud of colored smoke are provided to you!

Ideas for a pregnancy photo shoot with her husband

I am sure that every expectant mother dreams of a beautiful photo shoot. Most women want to be sure they have a joint staff with her husband — the future dad of the baby. I absolutely agree with such wishes, since the future father is a direct participant in this wonderful event! And although the most difficult moments in bearing a child and his birth go to mom, dad is also waiting for the baby to be born and loves him.
Therefore, I always photograph pregnant couples with pleasure! There is so much love, tenderness and care in the joint frames! I’m sure you’d like these photos too!
How to make just such shots? How is the photo shoot going with your husband? What ideas and poses are possible? I will talk about all this in this article.

How to persuade your husband to take part in a photo session?

To make the photo session calmer and easier, I recommend that you first tell your husband what you want from him on the set, show examples of photos that you like, or just let him read this article or my blog post on joint photo sessions of expectant parents here >>>

Poses for a photo shoot of a pregnant woman with her husband

At my photo shoots, I always start the process by shooting a future mother, as women are easier and faster to tune in to the process itself. A man needs a little more time to get comfortable and take a closer look at what a photographer wants in general and how he works. In any case, at the very beginning, everyone and always has a slight stiffness in postures and facial expressions. This is fine! Therefore, we always start shooting with «official» shots — in the most elegant clothes and in the simplest poses.

So that the shots don’t look too boring and formal, I always ask to hug each other and the tummy — this gives my characters a feeling of closeness and security. And in the future it greatly speeds up the process of relaxation and allows you to make more «live» emotional shots.
Also, accessories help us a lot in this — children’s things, flowers or toys. I wrote more about accessories for a photo shoot in my blog >>>

It is very important for men to be natural — the main fear for them is that they will have to «pose» — that is, to do something unnatural for themselves. Men are not actors, their strength is in actions, not words and emotions. Therefore, I always choose very simple poses in which you don’t need to specifically portray something.
For example, silhouette frames against a window look very nice. For them, you do not need to pose, just hugging your woman and future baby is enough.

Another winning option for starting a photo shoot with her husband is this pose. Here, a fragile and defenseless expectant mother receives support, support and protection, hides behind a «stone wall» — her husband’s back. This is usually what we all really lack in life — both men and women. And such a pose «puts everything in its place», shows where whose place is and «who is the boss in the house»))

During the shooting, I try to emphasize the dominant role of a man as much as possible — in the photographs he always «fulfills» his important mission — to be the main one, to be support and support, to protect and cherish, and at the same time to be gentle and caring. Even if this is not always the case in life, it always inspires men and they participate in the shooting with great desire!
To enhance this effect, I sometimes suggest taking shots like this — when a woman is literally at the feet of her husband.

Or this option — it is also about protection and support, security and trust.

But still, the main purpose of a pregnant photo shoot is to show the love of parents for their unborn baby, how they prepare and wait for his birth. Therefore, I pay great attention to shots with a tummy. The one where mom and dad hug their tummy or look at it. Be sure to make large portraits of the tummy with the hands of mom and dad on it!

When the subjects of the shooting are already a little used to the environment, the photographer, the camera, you can move on to more informal shots — sitting and lying down. But the main idea remains the same — the love of future mothers and fathers for each other and their baby.

Sitting on the floor or in bed, it is very convenient to use the accessories that you brought with you — for example, look at children’s things or toys together … or play with them yourself))

These photos with accessories look very nice:

And be sure to make large tender and loving portraits of mom and dad!

Sitting on the bed you can make beautiful silhouette shots!!! Looks very soft!!!

If you have chosen a room with a bed, then this angle will look very unusual, but very «homely»… Although a similar pose can be repeated on the floor))

Toward the end of the photo session, I will definitely make large portraits of dad with a tummy — it’s incredibly cute!!!

And if there is still time, strength and desire, then you can make such more emotional shots…

In this article, I have given many different examples of poses for a photo shoot of a pregnant woman with her husband.

By alexxlab

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