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Making family travel easier with car seats and strollers

Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information.

Towing child car seats and strollers through airports and around the world isn’t the most glamorous part of family travel. Thankfully, there are ways that savvy parents can minimize both the hassle and expense of transporting this gear.

Here are some basic facts about traveling with a car seat or stroller, and a few of our favorite strategies.

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Traveling with a child car seat

We’ve flown with our heftiest car seat that seems to be very comfortable for my daughter to sit in, but which is also huge, heavy and expensive. I’ve also flown with our travel car seat that is lighter, cheaper and totally adequate. There is a time and place for both options, but make sure you think through which car seat is right for your trip, assuming you have access to more than one in the first place. If you do decide to add a lighter or cheaper travel car seat to your fleet (the Cosco Scenera Next and Pico Travel Car Seat by WAYB come to mind), you could also consider leaving it with the grandparents, a babysitter or other helper when you aren’t traveling. That extra seat can make their lives a little easier — and give everyone a break from removing and installing car seats when it’s time to switch caregivers.

Car seats travel for free

All airlines I have ever run across will accept child safety seats and strollers as checked baggage for no additional charge. This even applies to low-cost carriers like Spirit and Frontier. When it comes to checking a car seat, I strongly recommend placing it inside a large bag (you can shop for a dedicated car seat bag, but a few garbage bags or even a large duffel do just as well) to keep it from being soiled and to ensure parts don’t get lost or catch on aircraft-loading equipment. Some parents have been known to pack extra diapers, beach towels or anything else light and soft in the bag to help keep it cushioned a bit. This is also a savvy trick that will help free up some space — and save a little weight — in your other checked bags. Unless the car seat bag is ridiculously heavy, chances are you won’t even be asked to open it to show what’s inside.

We recommend not checking any super-expensive and potentially bulky car seat from home if you can avoid it. Instead, pick one up that you use specifically for travel.

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Using a car seat on board an aircraft

Parents have mixed views on using car seats on the plane. Some view bringing a car seat on board as a bit bulky and cumbersome, especially on airlines where seats are smaller than average. There are also numerous reports of parents having conflicts with flight attendants who incorrectly prevent them from using even an FAA-approved child safety seat. (FAA-approved car seats usually have a sticker saying so on the side, so make sure yours does before boarding.) Some kids sleep better when strapped into their car seats, which can be an added incentive to bring one on board, particularly on an overnight flight. Bringing a car seat on board also means you can avoid any trouble with the airline losing it, or any delay in having it returned to you.

Your child is certainly safer, to some degree, strapped into a car seat — but air travel is statistically very safe to begin with.

What can tip the scales is whether your child is most comfortable in his or her car seat. But you have to consider your personal comfort, too, since you will be the one lugging it through the airport — especially if you have layovers and other carry-on bags with you already.

If you do plan to bring the seat on the aircraft, I recommend trying a product such as the Go-Go Babyz Mini Travelmate, which makes transporting the seat much easier.

A good compromise for toddlers, instead of a bringing car seat on board, is to use the CARES child restraint system, which is lightweight, compact and inexpensive. A CARES child restraint system is much easier to throw in your backpack and use on an airplane than a car seat. Just keep in mind that it’s for use for kids weighing between 22 pounds and 44 pounds, in a forward-facing seat only.

Smaller is better for travel

Peruse the aisles of any store that sells child safety seats and you’ll notice some compact designs alongside some very large “thrones.” Since all of these models are certified to the same safety standards, you’ll be better off using one that’s compact for travel. Happily, these models are usually less expensive as well (although not always).

When we need just a basic booster seat, we use the Harmony Youth Booster Car Seat. It’s small enough to carry on board, which has saved us time checking and retrieving bags. (Do note that booster seats are not approved for use on the aircraft — you’ll just have it ready for the car when you land.)

If you want to go even smaller, the mifold collapsable booster is one of TPG’s top family travel gift recommendations.

Travel light and live off the land?

American pioneers crossed the continent by foraging locally rather than carrying it all with them. Likewise, parents in the 21st century can rent or purchase car seats at their destination. Unfortunately, rental car companies make this option pretty costly, especially for longer trips, with most companies charging somewhere between $10 and $20 per day. (Weekly rates may be available.)

Keep in mind, too, that car rental companies may only offer car seat rentals at their airport locations, not at city storefronts or other outposts. When in doubt, call the local or national office ahead of time to better understand your options at your destination.

Notably, Hertz offers a free rental child seat or infant booster seat to AAA members. Even better, Silvercar offers free child seats to any customer upon request (based on availability) — and their car seats are top of the line Peg Perego seats. Just be sure to request one in advance.

Mommy Points’ girls in a Silvercar rental with included car seat. (Photo by Summer Hull/The Points Guy)

Outside of Silvercar, which has been pretty consistently wonderful with car seats, the disadvantage of renting a seat is that you’ll never be assured of its quality and cleanliness, and its setup will be unfamiliar to both parents and children. Since studies show that the majority of child car seats are installed incorrectly, we prefer to travel with our own seats that we know how to install properly.

One other strategy some traveling families use is purchasing a car seat at their destination and then donating it to a charity upon departure. The problem is that an adult would have to drive off the airport to buy the car seat, and then return for whoever was left behind with the child, sucking up valuable vacation time. You’ll also face a similar logistical challenge upon your departure if you choose to donate it. If you have a place you frequently visit, such as where your child’s grandparents live, you might consider buying an extra seat and leaving it there with them.

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Traveling with a stroller

Check through or gate check?

Every time we have to travel with a stroller, we carefully weigh whether to check it through with the other luggage or use it all the way to the gate. Like car seats, strollers can be checked for free both at the check-in counter and when you board. The advantage of gate checking at the plane is that you can use the stroller at your departure and arrival airports (particularly useful if you’re traveling with a baby or any child likely to be snoozing when you land or leave). The downside is that it can sometimes take 10-15 minutes before it’s delivered to the jet bridge once the plane arrives at its destination, which can be an uncomfortable wait in very hot or cold weather. If you have a connecting flight with a tight layover, you may not want to risk losing time waiting for a stroller to arrive on the jet bridge.

Waiting for a gate-checked stroller also often means that you’re last in line at customs and immigration behind the hundreds of other people on your flight.

If you check a stroller through to your final destination, you don’t need to worry about it until you arrive at the baggage claim. However, you may then have to carry (or wear) your child through a large airport.

Another idea is to purchase a stroller that will fit on board the aircraft, such as the UPPAbaby Minu Stroller or the gb Pockit Stroller.

If you are pregnant and planning ahead — or have an infant at home and are still gearing up — the best car seat to invest in for travel and getting through the airport by a wide, wide margin is the Doona. That’s because the Doona converts from a car seat to a stroller with ease, as its wheels shoot out and retract. This makes it the perfect way to get through the airport, fly on a plane and then secure your baby in a cab or rental car without a problem.

The Doona stroller and car seat combination in action. (Photo by Darren Murph/The Points Guy)

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Use the cargo space

One upside to carrying a stroller through the airport is that many of them can double as a small cart for your diaper bag or other “personal items.” All you need to do is to buy one with a little bit of cargo space below, which you can find on many strollers. Reading reviews before you purchase is a good way to learn if users are satisfied with the size of the storage space and also how easy it is to access.

Go small

I strongly recommend traveling with the smallest stroller you can find that will meet your needs.

I’m stunned when I see parents plodding around an airport with their children in a gigantic jogging stroller, because it can’t be easily transported in rental cars or on buses and trains. Many airlines also have weight limits on strollers they’ll allow to be gate checked, so that’s something you’ll want to investigate before you fly if you’re considering bringing something on the larger side.

Ironically, we’ve found so-called “travel systems” impractical for travel, as they include an extremely bulky stroller designed to accommodate a child’s car seat on top. Some of the best travel strollers are so compact they can be pushed down the airplane aisle while you’re boarding or deplaning.

When our three children were infants, we loved using an extremely compact Snap-N-Go stroller that held our child’s car seat and had storage space below. We were able to use this system at airports and then gate check both pieces right before stepping on the plane, placing the car seat in a duffel bag. The stroller folds nearly flat and its narrow track is crowd-friendly, allowing you to squeeze through tight spaces a larger stroller could never navigate.

These days, the Babyzen YOYO+ also gets fantastic marks as a compact (but pricey) travel stroller that’s narrow enough for airplane aisles.

Here are some of our top travel stroller recommendations as well as some gear recommendations from a full-time traveling family.

Buy local or ship

Rather than traveling with your stroller, it might be easier in some cases to buy an inexpensive new stroller at your destination or have a new one shipped directly to your hotel, assuming the hotel can accept and hold deliveries for you.

In some areas, like Orlando, you can also rent a stroller for the duration of your trip. Keep in mind, too, that at any place you plan to leave your stroller in public while you play, like Orlando’s theme parks, it’s a good idea to use a cheaper stroller, so you won’t miss it too much if someone swipes it.

Bottom line

We hope these tips give you some ideas to lighten the load on your next trip. If you’re looking for more advice, read TPG’s advice for flying with a car seat. And if you are shopping for a new stroller, be sure to reference TPG’s list of the eight best strollers for travel. Looking for a double stroller instead? We’ve got some suggestions for double strollers, too, although we can’t promise all of them will be able to be checked at the gate (their large size might mean they need to be checked with your regular baggage).

Additional reporting by Summer Hull and Benét J. Wilson.

Editorial disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airline or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.

What Parents Need to Know About Flying with Strollers and Car Seats

As a new parent, there’s a lot to learn about flying with strollers and car seats. U.S. airlines are generally helpful, and do allow parents to bring along most necessary items for free.

Here’s what you need to know, by item and airline.

Strollers in the Airport

The domestic airlines all permit strollers on board. Some of the airlines require you to check “large” strollers – make sure you check your airline for the specific details. Each airline has a different definition of “large.”


You can travel with your stroller free of charge as checked baggage. Strollers can be checked at the gate or with your regular checked baggage at the ticket counter.


On American, each ticketed adult is permitted one stroller to be checked free of charge. Large strollers (20 pounds or more) must be checked at the ticket counter. All other, smaller strollers can be checked at the gate.


Strollers can be checked free of charge at the curb, the ticket counter or the gate.


Strollers can be brought with you free of charge but must be checked at the gate.


You can check a stroller free of charge. You must check non-collapsible and large (50 pounds or more) strollers. Beach-friendly wagons are also permitted as a free item, but must be checked as baggage.


jetBlue has an expansive checked baggage policy for people traveling with small children/infants or even folks meeting them on arrival at their destination. Strollers, car seats, child carriers/backpacks, and booster seats can all be checked for free at the gate or ticket counter. There is no limit to the number of “assistive devices” a customer may transport within reason.


Southwest invites parents traveling to check one stroller per child at no additional charge. This policy extends to every type and size of stroller (umbrella, jogging, full size). Strollers may be checked at the curb, ticket counter or gate.


Spirit permits one stroller per child to be checked free of charge, as well as a double stroller for two children.


United permits a stroller or foldable wagon to be checked free of charge for each child at the ticket counter or gate. Small, collapsible strollers can be brought on board free of charge and stowed in the overhead compartments.

Car Seats in the Airport

Each domestic airline has specific seating allowances/restrictions for car seats. In general, emergency exit aisles are prohibited, one car seat per row is allowed, and all special accommodations are left to the discretion of in-flight crew members. Car seats must meet FAA-approval (check for red lettering on the seat itself to see if it meets approval). Car seats made for use in the U.S. after 1985 should be compliant.


When flying with Alaska you can travel with your car seat free of charge as checked baggage. Check car seats at the gate or with your regular checked baggage at the ticket counter.

If you buy a seat for your infant, please make sure the car seat meets FAA-approval. If you have not purchased a separate seat but there is an open seat next to you, a lap infant may sit in a car seat free of charge.


Ticketed adults can check one car seat free of charge.

To carry on a safety seat, you must have purchased a seat for your child or a free seat must be available next to yours. If there is not an empty seat next to you, a flight attendant will check the car seat to your final destination.


Delta invites parents to take advantage of empty seats with an FAA-approved car seat. If a seat is not free, the flight attendants will check your car seat through to your final destination. If you’ve bought a seat for your infant, you can always use your car seat.


You can use FAA-approved car seats when you purchase a seat for your child. You may not place car seats in emergency exit rows, in the rows directly in front or behind of emergency exit rows, or in the very first row. Frontier also suggests placing car seats in window seats so they do not impede access to the aisle by other passengers.


Use a rear-facing, FAA-approved car seat con board when you’ve purchased a seat for your child. Please communicate with the airline in advance to determine if the seat purchased will accommodate the car seat size. The car seat will not count as a carry-on item if you purchased a seat for your child.


You can check a car seat for free at the gate or ticket counter. You may use an FAA-approved seat in an empty seat. Not all seats on jetBlue can accommodate a car seat.


Southwest offers “infant” fares that allow you to purchase a seat for your baby to sit in his or her FAA-approved car seat.


You can bring an FAA-approved car seat on board when you purchase a separate seat for your child. If you did not pay for an assigned seat and the seats to not fit the car seat, the airlines will try its best to re-seat the parents and child in an aisle that will accommodate the seat, excluding Big Front Seats. Big Front Seats are a premium item and are available for an extra fee.


United permits customers to check a car seat for each child traveling. You must purchase a seat to reserve space for FAA-approved child seats. You may use adjacent, unused seats to secure a child seat if space is available after boarding. Stow this item if space is not available after boarding.

Miscellaneous Items in the Airport

Carry-on Allowances

Each airline has slightly different rules for special items in carry-on baggage allowances. Please make sure to check directly with each airline, as these guidelines are subject to change.

Alaska Airlines

A diaper bag counts towards standard carry-on allowances. Breast pumps are an exception to the carry-on policy and do not count against allowances.


American Airlines has a liberal carry-on policy for parents. Diaper bags and breast pumps (soft sided with breast milk) do not count against your standard carry-on allowance.


Delta’s policy toward breast pumps is a little bit vague. It should count as a medical device (which do not count against carry-on allowances). A diaper bag counts towards carry-on allowance.


Diaper bags and breast pumps are exempt from carry-on charges.


Hawaiian Airlines makes no special accommodation for diaper bags and breast pumps as carry-on items.


Diaper bags and breast pumps are exempt from carry-on charges.


Carry-on items include breast pumps and milk for Southwest. They do not count against carry-on allowances. There is no mention of diaper bags on the website, so it appears that a diaper bag counts towards the carry-on allowance.


Diaper bags and breast pumps are exempt from carry-on charges.


Permitted carry-on items on United include diaper bags, breast pumps and milk. These do not count against carry-on allowances.

Checked Baggage Allowances

Each airline has slightly different rules for special items in checked baggage allowances. Please make sure to check directly with each airline, as these guidelines are subject to change.


Alaska charges a fee when items other than strollers and car seats exceed size requirements.


Play pens, cribs, wagons and pack ‘n’ plays count as regular baggage and will count towards standard checked baggage allowances. American charges a fee when these items exceed size requirements.


No mention of additional items allowed for free on the Delta website.


Play pens, cribs, wagons and pack ‘n’ plays count as regular baggage and will count towards standard checked baggage allowances. Frontier charges a fee when these items exceed size requirements.


Play pens, cribs, wagons and pack ‘n’ plays count as regular baggage and will count towards standard checked baggage allowances. Hawaiian charges a fee when these items exceed size requirements.


Play pens, cribs, wagons and pack ‘n’ plays count as regular baggage and will count towards standard checked baggage allowances. jetBlue charges a fee when these items exceed size requirements.

Southwest does not appear to have standard fees policies in place for play pens, cribs, wagons and pack ‘n’ plays. Southwest charges a fee when these items exceed size requirements.


Play pens, cribs, wagons and pack ‘n’ plays count as regular baggage and will count towards standard checked baggage allowances. Spirit charges a fee when these items exceed size requirements.


Pack ‘n’ Plays, collapsible cribs and similar items count towards your checked baggage allowance on United.

For more information about flying with infants and small children, check out our series: Air Travel with Your Infant, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

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Aircraft seat and stroller



17.04.2010 15:40

Do you need to check in your car seat and stroller? really bring safe and sound, because there are a lot of small details?

Iskra **K**

18.04.2010 00:50

all these questions should be asked from the airline you are flying with (on the website or by phone). Usually (international flights), the stroller is available before boarding the plane, where it is taken away and given out upon arrival. And a child seat, if you buy a seat for a child, it is attached to the seat on the plane. If you don’t buy, on hand, then they hand it over to the luggage along with the suitcases (they don’t pack it, they hang the barcode and that’s it). The stroller also needs to be issued somehow, they also hang up the bar code, but they are taken away immediately before entering the plane, that is, at the airport you are sitting in a stroller

Tropicana **K**

04/18/2010 12:27

ask the carrier, the nuances may differ significantly. one thing is for sure — the stroller flies in the luggage.

miss O V.I.P.

18.04.2010 20:15

That’s just not accurate. I flew twice with a year-old (including 1 time with Aeroflot) and both times I left the stroller in my hand luggage. At the entrance to the plane it was taken away, after arrival at the exit they gave it out. The meaning of leaving is very simple — where will you put the child after registration, especially if you have to wait several hours? And carrying a child in your arms, if you also have hand luggage, is also not very convenient. But if you check in the stroller as luggage, after arrival you can get it for spare parts, scratched, dirty or rumpled — they usually don’t stand on ceremony with luggage.


18.04.2010 22:03

Where can I put it on the plane?

Iskra **K**

18.04.2010 22:28

do you call this hand luggage? it is not right. it’s called «up to the ladder». and it flies in any case you luggage.

miss O V.I.P.

18.04.2010 23:38

I think there is no point in practicing flight terminology. In any case, the girl will not sit on the plane in an embrace with a chair and a stroller. And to check with the carriers in advance, too, what is the point — if these things are needed on a trip, they will be taken with them anyway.


04/19/2010 11:57

The difference is big. Hand luggage is placed in the luggage compartments above the seats, oversized cargo such as strollers is given at the gangway and lowered into the luggage compartment.

Other Anonymous

20.04.2010 01:28

Something tells me that YOU are far from flying with children. When you arrive at the airport loaded to the ears with luggage, you don’t care where your stroller is put on the plane! And for that, there are specially trained people who control the process of loading strollers and chairs into luggage — they do this every day and there is no point in bothering about this — they will tell you everything! For reference: the SAME tag is glued to the stroller as to your handbag. Therefore, it is hand luggage, although not overall. In ILs, you can carry the stroller on the plane on your own and leave it on special racks along with hand luggage and suitcases of other passengers. On small planes, the stewards do it for you. By the way, strollers do not weigh their kg. are not taken into account in the free baggage weight — but this is important!


20.04.2010 13:55

TEDI + wrote: >> For reference: the SAME tag is glued to the stroller as to your handbag. do not deceive yourself and others — the stroller is not hand luggage!!! and the tag on it is completely, completely different, even in color. it generally consists of two parts, one of which comes off and is given to you, with it you get a stroller — so that someone else is not dragged away 🙂 Reference (especially for you, Teddy): no tags are hung on a handbag 🙂 because it is handmade luggage is not included, goes on top of it (as well as a camera, a bouquet of flowers, a folder for papers . ..)

miss O V.I.P.

20.04.2010 14:17

I have been flying with strollers for 5 years — they hang the same tag as on the backpack, they never give anything away, and the strollers were always taken from the gangway and carried to the lower deck or to the locker in the nose of the airplane. ..once they just took it to the luggage compartment … then I looked for it all over the airport, found it in oversized luggage, some kind of airline was dumb.

SailorMoon C.B.

20.04.2010 14:59

nose locker ))))) you are a dreamer, a girl


04/20/2010 16:28

I’m not a dreamer at all when I fly in Boeing 747-400 in the nose there is a locker, where there are cradles that are given to babies, all strollers-canes are put there, on other flights, by other planes stewards either ourselves or the husband is asked to take it down to the lower deck, there are shelves behind the nets 🙂 after landing we go there ourselves and get the strollers 🙂

SailorMoon C. B.

20.04.2010 13:56

TEDI + wrote: >> By the way, strollers do not weigh their kg. are not taken into account in the free baggage weight — but this is important! and on this forum there were reverse examples;) therefore, you need to check this information with the carrier in advance in order to avoid surprises.

miss O V.I.P.

04/20/2010 20:22

You, miss O, should have analyzed the quotes of the classics — you would not have had a price! Such talent is wasted! And you write about the colors of the tags here. I will follow your path. The question of the author of the topic sounded «Do I need to check in luggage ..». It seems to me that the author received exhaustive information. But there is nothing to prove or disprove by examples. You need to read the flight rules for weighing strollers and chairs. Read, quote and enlighten us gray individuals.


18.04.2010 21:21

the stroller can be up to the gangway… the chair was handed over.. but it’s not like overall luggage. Those. not with suitcases, but in a separate section, so that it would not be damaged.

Alya75 C.S.

18.04.2010 22:02

To the gangway? And then where is it?

Iskra **K**

18.04.2010 22:30

the flight attendant responsible for loading luggage will take it to the luggage compartment and put it on the suitcases. then, upon arrival, he will take it and bring it again to the gangway — but at the same time there is a possibility that this will not happen, and you will receive special luggage on the tape. We’ve had this happen once in our last 4 flights.

miss O V.I.P.

19.04. 2010 11:55

Then it is also lowered into the luggage compartment. From my experience, upon arrival at the gangway, they never issued it, but I had to receive it either on a tape or in a special place for oversized cargo. We have to wait, because for some reason this oversized cargo is the last to be delivered. In short, whatever one may say, but in the vast majority of cases, the stroller still flies along with the rest of the luggage. And by the way, we always get at least dusty, at most dirty.


19.04.2010 13:54

in my opinion, a couple of times they didn’t give everything back at the gangway… in other cases, they took it out as soon as the luggage compartment was opened. The strollers were not dusty and dirty…

Alya75 C.S.

19.04.2010 15:12

Well, it means that we are so lucky:) Flying with the best airlines:)


19. 04.2010 15:25

dusty and dirty somehow I did not notice that they gave the stroller 🙂 the usual one.

miss O V.I.P.

18.04.2010 22:04

oversize for a fee? big chair?

Iskra **K**

19.04.2010 13:53

no, we didn’t pay anything… rented out at Domodedovo. where they hand over glass and other fragile luggage. Standard armchair from category 9-36…

Alya75 C.S.

04/19/2010 16:16

Similarly. We packed the chair in film at the airport before delivery.

Ekaterina_K *

20.04.2010 18:09

I always checked in, and I still check in car seats as luggage. Pre-wrapped with polyethylene at the airport.

Fairy tale C.S.

20.04.2010 20:56

I always put the stroller in my luggage, what for is it on the plane? Why do you need a car seat?

Kazyulya **K**

20.04.2010 22:33

Strange question… to carry a child in a car. Airplanes fly not only to resorts 🙂

Iskra **K**

20.04.2010 22:38

the question is not strange. And I know why you need a car seat myself driving 16 years old, and a child from birth in it. I just wouldn’t bring a car seat with me. We always rent Masha, and we also rent a car seat together with the car, according to the age of the child

Kazyulya **K**

20.04.2010 22:50

Yes, I’m not going to a resort, I’m going to my parents, why do I need to rent a car when they have their own, only six-month-old children, of course, they don’t carry and they don’t have chairs 0+ . It’s easier for me to take it with me than to strain about the rental, and even the chair is used by no one knows who, no one knows where it has been and no one knows how many times it has been hit. Dismiss me.

Iskra **K**

20.04.2010 23:22

Well, don’t be so nervous. Put it in luggage and what’s the deal? Nafig it in the cabin?

Kazyulya **K**

20.04.2010 23:53

some people put the car seat on the seat in the plane and fasten the car seat with belts. So I think = is this a rule or is it amateur performance?

Iskra **K**

21.04.2010 00:08

And how do you imagine — to fix the car seat in the seat of the aircraft? There belts are not the same as in the car, it will hang out. All this is not serious. Are you flying to relatives for a long time? For the whole summer? How often do you drive a car?

Kazyulya **K**

21. 04.2010 01:07

I take safety very seriously, I don’t go for long, I rarely drive a car, but I’ll take a chair anyway, don’t dissuade me 🙂

Iskra **K**

21.04.2010 08:33

I also fly to my parents twice a year for a month. I take safety more seriously than you, so I will NOT take my chair. because it’s more profitable and smarter to buy it on the spot and leave it there for the next visits, and not to carry your own on airplanes — so as not to get it dirty and frayed, or even damaged.

miss O V.I.P.

21.04.2010 10:13

I didn’t ask here whether to carry a chair or not. To take or not to take is your business. You don’t know where I’m flying, what kind of chair I have, and at the same time you argue what is “smarter” and what is “more profitable”. You spoke about the stroller on the plane — thank you very much, more is not required of you.

Iskra **K**

19.04.2010 06:26

depending on what stroller. we were with a cane before boarding the plane, and there the flight attendant took it away. handed over on boarding. I don’t know about the car seat. when we checked in our luggage. they didn’t even say about the stroller, no one saw it. a one-year-old child sat in it, and so they went.

Svetlana V.I.P.

20.04.2010 22:34

I have an inglesina zippy, kind of like a cane, but kind of a walk, I don’t even know, probably a heavy cane 🙂

Iskra **K**

04/19/2010 11:37

In the cabin they gave the stewardess a cane, they received it at the entrance to the cabin, the stroller did not fly in the luggage compartment, it was narrow with us. In the summer I will take boosters with me to Russia, I would not fly with a chair. By the way, how old is your child?

Irin@G V.I.P.

20.04.2010 22:33

My baby is 6 months old

Iskra **K**

19.04.2010 18:04

in Domodedovo I saw a large stroller wrapped in plastic on the luggage belt. She approached the owners and asked how they risked putting them in the general luggage. They said they always give up and don’t worry, everything is in order.

Samka *

20.04.2010 14:23

Just the other day we flew from Transaero to Egypt. From Moscow, the stroller-cane was issued as hand luggage (a ribbon with the inscription in cabin, i.e. in the cabin of the aircraft), at the gangway we were offered to carry it into the cabin and put it on a shelf. Motivated by the fact that the stroller is very compact. They issued it back as oversized cargo (they issued a tag, the same as for luggage) and seized it at the gangway in the luggage compartment. Upon arrival, they said that the stroller would be unloaded with luggage. They were taken not on a tape, but in a separate place. (ed.)

elena-rus **K**

21.04.2010 02:06

Well, what kind of strollers did they let through to the gangway exactly? firms? we are going to buy a stroller .. I think it’s easier to take it right away .. Is it necessary to have a cane on vacation? The child will be a year old..

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no, the cane is optional. and the brand of the stroller will not tell you anything, since it does not depend on it, but on the rules of the carrier.

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Stroller on the plane: nuances and tips


  • About carrying strollers on the plane
  • Weight and dimensions
  • Traveling with two or more children
  • If you go without a child
  • Rent at the airport
  • Registration
  • Carriage rules in major airlines
  • Aeroflot
  • S7
  • Pobeda Airlines
  • Ural Airlines
  • Utair 9027 8
  • Alitalia
  • Thai Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Rynair
  • Vim-Avia
  • RusLine
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Czech Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Air France
  • Air Berlin
  • Easy Jet
  • German Wings
  • FAQ
  • Before the flight
  • Video

Parents who travel with small children on an airplane for the first time often wonder whether it is possible to take a stroller on an airplane, which ones are allowed, how much it costs, etc. , because the comfort and peace of mind of the baby (as well as his parents) is an important component of a good holiday. Below you will find information and tips on how to travel with your toddler’s personal transport on an airplane.

Calm baby — curious baby

Carrying a stroller on an airplane

There are no uniform rules on how to transport a baby stroller on an airplane. In each airline, this issue is regulated by internal rules, so it is always advisable to familiarize yourself with the nuances in advance. You can clarify the information on the website of the selected airline, by calling the airline or discussing this issue with the tour operator.

Additional information! Finding the information you need is easy if you know where to look. Large airlines with a well-designed website usually put information for parents in a separate section “Passengers with children”. There you can find information not only about strollers, but also about nutrition and other offers for families with babies. For smaller airlines, information on free baggage allowance can be found in the baggage section.

If you need a stroller while traveling, you can take it with you. But, so that there are no surprises at the airport, you need to find out if it is allowed to take a stroller into the cabin, whether it will have to be left at the gangway / entrance to the plane or checked in as luggage.

Most airlines allow free carriage of a stroller for children under 2 years of age, whether you check it in or use it before boarding the plane.

Important to remember! A stroller is not a luxury, but an opportunity to create comfortable conditions for the baby, because he will feel more confident in his favorite transport. Yes, and putting bags and packages in the basket is not superfluous.

A stroller is convenient

Weight and dimensions

How to make a paper airplane that flies for a long time

55x35x25 cm. If the baby is not yet a year old, then you can take a cradle or car seat with you.

Attention! The car seat must be located at the window and fit on the seat 40×40 cm, and also have one of the manufacturer’s markings about the admissibility of using the seat in an aircraft. Only if these conditions are met, the airline will allow the transportation of a child in a car seat, however, if a separate seat is purchased for it. If the family is traveling with a second, third, etc. a child under two years of age, it is mandatory to arrange a separate place for him and have a restraint or chair.

Some airlines provide standard cradles for the duration of the flight. Aeroflot, for example, provides its own for babies up to one year old and weighing no more than 11 kg with a set of disposable baby bedding. However, the fact that such a service is needed must be reported in advance, preferably no later than 36 hours before departure. Priority is given to those passengers who have applied in advance, because. the number of cradles is limited.

A stroller weighing no more than 10 kg can be safely used at the airport, right up to the entrance to the aircraft. As a rule, you will have to get it at the oversized baggage counter. If you warn the flight attendant at the entrance to the plane, the «cane» will be served to the gangway at the airport of arrival.

Important to know! In some European cities, wheelchairs are not allowed at airports for safety reasons. Among these cities are Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Valencia, Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Stockholm, Hamburg, Geneva, Dusseldorf, Hannover, Stuttgart, Tehran, Copenhagen, Tenerife and the US capital — Washington.

Classic wheelchairs with interchangeable blocks, as well as walking options with a “book” mechanism, most likely, will have to be checked in with luggage. Upon arrival, get well at the baggage carousel. But even here there are exceptions — regional airlines often meet halfway and allow you to take a «book» into the cabin.

If the weight of the stroller exceeds the limit set by the airline, you will have to pay for the overweight. In other cases, the opportunity to carry out children’s transport for free is regulated by the age of the baby.

As a rule, carriage of strollers up to two years is free of charge. Some airlines (for example, S7) do not charge for a stroller for children under 11 years old, and there are some that do not have an age limit. See below for more details on airline requirements.

Babies travel in cradles

Traveling with two or more children

How long does it take to check in for an aircraft? Accordingly, for two parents with two babies, you can take one stroller for each of the children. If the family is going to fly with three or more children, or one of the parents is traveling with two or more children, then for all the other kids you will have to purchase an additional seat, which is supposed to be a piece of luggage, i. e. There will be no problems with the carriage of strollers on the plane.

If you travel without a child

Until what age do you buy a child ticket for a plane in Russia

If you need to bring a stroller without a child, this can be done, but then it is considered as ordinary baggage. The weight of children’s transport is added to the weight of the rest of the luggage and you will have to pay for the excess.

Tip! If you need to lighten the weight of children’s transport and circumstances allow, you can remove the hood and other removable and unnecessary elements from the transport in advance.

Additional information! In addition to the “walk”, the young traveler is entitled to 1 piece of luggage weighing no more than 10 kg.

Airport rental

Some airlines and airports offer stroller rentals. In particular, this can be done at Sheremetyevo in terminals E, F, C.

Also, in some cities, international airports provide the opportunity to rent a stroller for a baby even when transferring at this airport. This service can be used in Abu Dhabi, Doha, etc.


Upon registration, the stroller will be weighed and given a tag. If you have to check in your stroller, make sure it is well packed so that the removable parts will not get lost or fall out. In the event that you take the stroller to the salon or check it in at the entrance, it is better to pack it in a special cover so that it will remain clean.

Tip! Do not take an expensive stroller with you, then it will not be so offensive if it gets scratched or damaged.

If you have a long connection, during which the baby may need his transport, please pay attention to the airline staff at check-in. In this case, they will attach a special tag and, if the airport facilities allow, they will give you a stroller when you get off the plane.

Carriage rules in major airlines


Free carriage of a “walk” or a bassinet is allowed for a baby under two years old. For free transportation of a stroller, it must be without its original packaging, and its weight must not exceed 20 kg.

The stroller can be used until boarding, airline employees must be warned about this at check-in in order to receive a special DAA (Delivery at Aircraft) marking.

The car seat can be taken into the cabin


The airline allows you to carry a car seat or carrycot of any size for children under 2 years old free of charge in excess of the standard baggage or carry-on baggage, a baby stroller can be carried in the presence of a child up to 11 years old.

The bassinet may be transported in the aircraft cabin if its dimensions do not exceed 55x40x20. The cane must be checked in as checked baggage. When traveling without a baby, the stroller is transported according to the standard baggage allowance.

Pobeda Airlines

Children under 2 years of age are allowed to travel free of charge with the “book” or “cane” mechanism. Strollers must be checked in as luggage.

Ural Airlines

It is allowed to take a stroller for children under 2 years old free of charge. If you need to take a child before boarding the airliner, you need to warn about this at check-in. If the airport is technically capable of doing this, children’s transport in this case will be issued at the gangway upon arrival.


There is no age limit for strollers on this carrier. One adult with one child can take one collapsible stroller of any type free of charge. If necessary, it can be used before entering the ship. After landing, flight attendants will give you a stroller.


Children under the age of 11 will be free of charge on the plane. The air carrier guarantees the return of prams when leaving the aircraft, if the transfer or point of arrival is in Italy.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways is extremely loyal to passengers with children and allows you to use a «cane» for free before boarding the plane, regardless of your child’s age. Even in the absence of a child, the carriage of a baby stroller on the plane (in the luggage compartment) will be free of charge.


With a baby under two years old, you can take a carry cot or cane into the cabin for free. If the child is older than 2 years, then the stroller will be allowed to use before entering the cabin, and then asked to be checked in to the luggage compartment.


The rules of the low-cost airline require the use of a light folding stroller up to the steps of the vessel, it will be issued at the exit of the aircraft if the airport of arrival is technically feasible.


The air carrier allows free transportation of strollers for children under 12 years old. You can use it before entering the plane, then you should check the stroller in your luggage. If there is a need to transport transport without a baby, this is also considered in excess of the free baggage allowance and does not require additional payment.


This airline will not allow you to take a pram on the plane (into the cabin), but otherwise — free transportation, use before entering the plane.

Turkish Airlines

The company allows you to take on the plane (in the cabin) a baby carrier, the dimensions of which do not exceed 70×30 cm.

Comfort for baby and mother

Czech Airlines

If you are going to fly with this airline, then the conditions are standard. A baby under two years old is allowed with a stroller to the entrance to the plane. You will have to receive the vehicle on the baggage belt.

British Airways

British Airways is also loyal to passengers with children. For a child under 11 years old, you can take a stroller. If its dimensions in the folded version fit into 117x38x38 cm, it can be returned at the entrance to the aircraft and received at the exit from the cabin (unless prohibited by the rules of the receiving airport).

Larger options (including doubles) can also be checked in at the entrance to the airliner, but you will need to get it on the baggage belt.

Air France

European airlines always try to make the flight of a family with a baby as comfortable as possible.

If the internal security of airports does not prohibit, then for children under 2 years old, a stroller is considered hand luggage and is allowed in the cabin. True, there are several boards on which there is physically no room for a stroller, but there are not many of them.

Pay attention to the type and dimensions of children’s vehicles so that they are allowed into the cabin. The «cane» should not be larger than 15x30x100 cm, and all other types of strollers — 55x35x25 cm. The stroller must be foldable and must be packed.

Air Berlin

The airline provides the opportunity to carry a collapsible stroller, car seat or folding bed for a child under 12 years old. The only exception is the JustFly tariff, because This fare does not include any checked baggage. The air carrier requires wheelchairs and chairs to be handed over at the check-in counter.

Easy Jet

The low-cost airline allows free transportation of a cradle, stroller or car seat. Also, all passengers with children under five years of age have the right to priority check-in, and there are games for children on board.

Interestingly, on a separate line there is an indication that the airline supports breastfeeding mothers and states that every mother can breastfeed her baby at any time.

German Wings

Another air discounter that takes care of passengers with children. You can bring a baby carrier, light stroller and car seat free of charge. However, if the baby is flying without a separate seat, the stroller will have to be checked in as luggage.

Additional information! Be sure to attach a tag with your name and phone number to the stroller in case of unforeseen situations.

A transformable car seat is ideal


In conclusion, it is worth once again listing the main questions that parents who begin to travel face:

  • Can I take a stroller on a plane? – Yes, you can.
  • What strollers can I take on a plane? – Any. Further, according to the rules, you will carry it in the cabin, luggage compartment or check it in as luggage.
  • Which stroller can I take on board the aircraft? – There is no single answer to this question. Most airlines allow you to take on board a compact cradle or light «cane» for children under 2 years old.
  • Will a wheelchair be considered overweight? — No. Most carriers provide free transportation for a child under 2 years of age flying on board.
  • Do you really need a stroller on a plane? — The experience and feedback of traveling parents say that you need it. Firstly, it is a subject familiar to the baby in a new environment. Secondly, it is convenient in that it allows parents to free their hands. Thirdly, it is indispensable for connections, especially if there is not much time, and the arrival and departure terminals are far from each other.

Need to know how the stroller is taken apart

Before the flight

  1. If the baby’s vehicle is not very compact, you need to know how the wheels, hood, etc.

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