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11 Epic birthday party ideas for tween girls

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Are you about to go into party planning mode to host an unforgettable birthday celebration for your tween daughter? Having been there and done it recently, I know that planning the perfect party for a tween girl can be overwhelming. So I’ve compiled a list of 11 fun and fabulous birthday party ideas for tween girls to make your daughter’s celebration one to remember. 

By the time girls reach their tween years, they are starting to flex their individuality and want more say in what they wear and do. Friendships become more defined as they realise that their parents aren’t the centre of their universe. Let’s not even get started on the emotional and hormonal changes!! 

This is all wonderful stuff, but it means that this is the start of some challenging parenting years and the challenge of planning kids’ parties that tween girls will actually enjoy.  

So, if you are struggling to come up with ideas that will meet your tween’s approval, look at this list of ideas for inspiration. 


This list of birthday party ideas for tween girls encompasses a whole range of ideas and inspiration to help you plan the perfect celebration for your daughter and her closest friends. 


Treat your tween and her friends to a luxurious day of pampering with a DIY spa party at home. Set up stations for facials, manicures, and pedicures, with cucumber slices for their eyes and relaxing music in the background. Don’t forget to serve some refreshing fruit-infused water for that authentic spa experience! Hop over to my post on hosting a fabulous tween girls’ pamper party.


Transform your living room into a cosy cinema for a movie marathon sleepover. Pick a theme, let your tween choose her favourite films, and provide plenty of comfy seating and blankets. Load them with snacks and leave them to soak up the movie magic. Hop over to my sleepover posts for more inspiration:

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Encourage tweens to ditch their screens and unleash their inner artist by hosting a canvas painting party. Provide easels, paint, brushes, and blank canvases, and let their imaginations run wild. You could even hire a local artist to guide the girls through creating their masterpieces. Alternatively, you could find a local art school that offers parties.


Create a thrilling scavenger hunt for your tween and her friends to embark on. Create a list of customised clues that appeal to her interests and have the girls work in teams to solve riddles, complete challenges, and hunt for treasures.


Encourage your tween and her friends to flex their style creativity. Set up a runway and let your tween and her friends strut their stuff in their favourite outfits. Alternatively, provide props and accessories for them to come up with their own fun creations to see who can put together the most ridiculous outfits.

Don’t forget to create a Zoolander-level playlist and have your camera or iPhone ready to capture their fabulous poses! Idea: Grab a group shot, print it out and turn it into thank you cards. 


Provide a variety of beads, charms, and string for your tween and her friends to create unique pieces of jewellery. This is a lovely calm way to celebrate. It is also a great way to get the party guests to create their own party favour, as they can keep the jewellery they make!


Host a baking party for your tween and her friends who love to create and decorate cakes and cookies.  Provide a variety of recipes, ingredients, and baking tools, and let the girls whip up their favourite baked treats. This is also great for self-service party food!! Just add some savoury snacks and fun drinks!


Buy or rent a karaoke machine or download and use a karaoke app on your TV. Then let your tween and her friends sing their hearts out. It is well worth putting together a playlist with your tween in advance to keep things running smoothly at the party. 

Challenge your tween and her guests to dress up as their favourite music stars for extra fun. 

Lucky Voice Karaoke Machine & Microphone


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07/20/2023 11:28 pm GMT


Glow-in-the-dark parties (neon parties) are really popular at the moment. Just check out TikTok for evidence! You will need a room at home you can make dark or hire a venue that can be made dark. You will need to hire or buy a black light and provide some neon props. For example, sunglasses, glowstick bracelets, and necklaces (which can double as party favours). 

50W UV LED Black Light

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Neon Glasses Party

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Create a mini tween Olympics for sporty girls in your garden or at a local park. Create a fun-filled day with classic games like sack races, tug-of-war, and relay races. End the day with a picnic and some well-deserved treats for the competitors.


A great idea for an on-trend party away from home is to book a themed escape room for your tween and her friends to test their problem-solving skills and teamwork. Choose a theme that aligns with her interests, and let them have a blast trying to solve puzzles and crack codes to escape within the allotted time. Check local listings for escape rooms near you. 


No matter which birthday party idea you choose for your tween girl, I hope the party is a huge success, and your daughter feels like she’s had the best celebration ever and memories that will last a lifetime.

Oh, and one last thing, pop over to my post on great gift ideas for 12-year-old girls that they will actually love.

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2023’s Top Birthday Party Themes Ideas for Kids

When it comes time to plan your kids’ birthday bash, it’s enough to try and figure out the cake, the games, and the party favors. The last thing you need to worry about is the party theme. No worries. If you’re wondering what type of party themes you’ll be seeing on the party circuit this year, we’ve done the research for you. From the hot new TikTok birthday party ideas to the still-popular Princess and Superhero party themes, we’ve got the goods on the hottest kids’ birthday party ideas for 2023.

Videos From Tinybeans

Super Mario Bros. Party Theme

Kara’s Party Ideas

The new Super Mario Bros. movie has just hit the theaters, and the classic Nintendo game never goes out of style, so we think this birthday party idea will be even more popular this summer. Get inspired with tons of ideas over at Kara’s Party Ideas. 

Active Parties


Booking some time at a ropes course, zipline or even a rock-climbing venue is definitely a kids’ birthday party theme that’ll still be strong in 2023. Whether it’s indoors during hotter months or at an outdoor adventure park, kids are always ready to burn off some steam. While most of these courses tend to be for children ages 8 and up, it can sometimes depend on kids’ comfort levels. It’s always good to let parents know in advance, usually a necessity because waivers need to be signed and grownups need to have some kind of activity alternative for kids who decide against it at the last minute (including the birthday kid) like a simple art or hands-on craft. Most places will have a party room for rent.  

Spa Party


Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their birthday with a full spa treatment? Drop cucumber slices in water, offer cozy robes and slippers, and twirl their hair up in a towel for a day of pampering that includes manicures, pedicures, and facial masks.


Video Game Truck Parties

If you have a game-obsessed kiddo at home, consider renting a video game truck to show up for a few hours. This birthday party idea has been popping up more in the last year or so, and we expect it to be even bigger this year. 

Unicorn Parties

Kara’s Party Ideas

Unicorns are back as one of the most popular birthday party ideas for kids in 2023, although they still might not be getting the same amount of love that llamas are at the moment. Get some ethereal inspiration from San Diego’s Starry Eyed Events’ gorgeous Elegant Pastel Unicorn Soiree gallery (because, you know, unicorns don’t do parties. They do soirees).

Want to keep young unicorn lovers busy? Try this DIY unicorn horn headband that is an absolute must for your little guests.

Encanto Birthday Party


That’s right—we’re still going to talk about Bruno! Encanto remains a hot birthday party idea for the little ones this year. So order up an entire array of Encanto-theme supplies right from Amazon including banners and cupcake toppers, add bright balloons, and serve up an array of authentic Colombian party food and appetizers sure to be a hit with the kids. And with the March 18 release of the Disney Encanto Sing-Along, the entertainment took care of itself. 


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TikTok Birthday Party

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Marcele Couto Festas (@marcelecoutofestas)

This birthday party theme was huge in 2022, and we expect the trend to get even bigger this year. Play “name that TikToker,” try a (safe) TikTok challenge, do TikTok dances, and make a TikTok with your party guests. Click here for more ideas.


Space-Themed Parties

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Love La Fête (@love_la_fete)

Whether your space-loving kid knows all the facts or is a budding astronaut, 2023 is the year for out-of-this-world parties. Gear up with decor, space-themed activities, and cosmic cake to celebrate the big day. You can even go for a glow-in-the-dark-themed galactic bash.


Outdoor Movie Night


A classic party theme that everyone loves! This one takes warmer weather and the right equipment, so check out our ideas for an indoor movie party if you plan to do this during the colder months. Or do your own version of the Academy Awards for your tweens and let them vote between two or three. Check out our best ideas for outdoor movie nights and don’t forget to pick a movie from our list of the best 100+ movies for kids. 


Sonic the Hedgehog Party


Does your little gamer love Sonic? Turns out, a lot of other people’s kiddos dig the feisty blue hedgehog, too. Find a plethora of Sonic birthday party supplies on Amazon and entertain your high-tech party guests with this Sonic toss game that doesn’t require any screen time.

Glamping Parties

Okay, so maybe your child loves a good indoor fort or tent, but the Great Outdoors isn’t an option for a party venue. A fun birthday party idea for 2023 is an at-home glamping party! Arrange for a glamping scavenger hunt, a hot dog charcuterie board, plenty of ingredients for s’mores, and even kid friendly ghost stories.  

Escape Room Birthday


If you’re looking to entertain the always-hard-to-please teens and tweens or give younger kids a challenge, an escape room birthday party can provide hours of entertainment (and boost critical thinking skills). Either plan your celebration at a professionally-crafted escape room game spot in your neighborhood or create a DIY escapist birthday party at home.


Minecraft Party


Minecraft is still a popular theme for older kids who enjoy playing the game. You can DIY it with cool ideas like the ones we spotted over at Spaceships & Laser Beams, or buy supplies from Walmart or Amazon. 

Mermaid Birthday Party

Pink Cake Plate

Mermaids still reign as a popular birthday party idea! The magical gals make for the perfect theme with ethereal decor and food. Need some inspo? Head to Pink Cake Plate for some adorable under-the-sea ideas, including Mermaid Muddy Buddies.

Gender-Neutral Party Themes

Adi Goldstein via Unsplash

Sonic, LEGO, and Superheros—2023 will see tons of gender-neutral party themes. Ideas surrounding food, non-pink and blue colors, and gender-inclusive activities all make for fun parties on the horizon. 


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Instead of a sleepover, why not a lateover? Perfect for younger kids or kids who aren’t ready to make the jump to a whole night, invite friends over around dinner time, and plan fun «night time» activities like karaoke, a dance party, glow-in-the-dark games, outdoor games you can play in the dark or even crafts. 

Next-Level Princess Parties

Mint Event Design

There are three secret ingredients to pulling off this party: tulle, gold glitter, and a princess kit cake from Cakest. Skip on over to Mint Event Design to see more inspiring pictures. And check out our review of Cakest and other DIY baking kits. 


Trampoline Park Parties

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Rockin’ Jump Vacaville (@rockinjumpvacaville)

Don’t tell us you haven’t spent a Saturday at a trampoline park recently. This is one of the hottest places to host a kid’s birthday these days. The best part? There are plenty of opportunities for your guests to get their wiggles out all at once!

Superhero Party

Gabby Cullen

Whether it’s Justice League or Marvel, a superhero birthday is always a blast. Set out different superhero costumes, and let your guests choose their powerful persona upon arrival or have them come dressed as their favorite superhero for an awesome superhero bash!


Baking Party

Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Decorate cupcakes, cookies, you name it! Set out different colored icings and sprinkles and watch what crafty creations they cook up! Let them decorate their own aprons and even wear chef hats! For more sweet-themed fun, watch Willy Wonka or Ratatouille.  

Star Wars Birthday Party

Sweet Pea Parties

The Star Wars franchise may be decades old, but the force is still going strong thanks to The Mandalorian, Andor, and the Star Wars attractions at Disney parks. Young Jedi will love this party plan that includes DIY lightsabers, a droid-decorating station, and a Death Star piñata from Spaceships and Laser Beams.

Want something female-centric for your budding Rey? This Millennium Falcon party from Kara’s Party Ideas will get your little girls ready for action.

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Art Party


Ditch the nice clothes and let your kids get messy! Our original messy art party uses squirt guns, mega-canvases, shaving cream, and paint-filled eggs to get kids’ creative juices flowing.  

Harry Potter Birthday

Gabby Cullen

The wizarding world is just as popular as ever. Dust off some witch hats before Halloween, have wands at the ready, and make golden snitches from Ferrero Roche chocolates! Activities can include playing some Harry Potter bingo or trivia, making potions, and drinking delicious butterbeer. 

How to celebrate the birthday of a child 3 years old ❤️ Blog

Where to celebrate the birthday of a child 3 years old?

First, you need to decide on the venue of the celebration. When choosing a location, it is necessary to build on the number and age of the birthday guests and your personal preferences and interests of the baby.

There are many options, we will look at the most common, consider the pros and cons of each.

Birthday at home.

The most common way to celebrate a child’s birthday in 3 years. This option will be as comfortable as possible for the hero of the occasion.

First of all, at home, in a familiar environment, the baby feels as comfortable as possible. He gladly receives guests, shows his toys and realizes the essence of the event, all attention is directed to him on this day.

Secondly, many three-year-olds have daytime sleep during the day. If the child gets tired, it will be possible to calmly retire and let the baby rest.

And thirdly, you will be able to independently think over the menu of the table for the birthday boy and his guests, observing the diet and nutritional habits of children of this age, and not worry about what products this or that dish is prepared from.

One of the disadvantages of celebrating at home is the limited area. Not everyone can afford to invite the desired number of guests to the apartment.

Birthday in a children’s cafe.

Usually these establishments are equipped with special playgrounds or playrooms where children can have fun and parents will not worry about their safety.

Definitely an advantage of celebrating a celebration in a cafe will be a pre-thought-out menu individually for each guest. Study the menu, coordinate the order in advance, choose dishes according to the preferences of the children and specify the possibility to bring your own cake.

The downside in this situation is the fact that a child in a new environment on a surge of emotions can get tired faster and start acting up.

Birthday in a specialized quest with a show program.

These events are organized by a team of professionals, taking into account the age of the birthday person and his preferences. A great celebration option, more suitable for older children. It is difficult for a three-year-old to be in a state of prolonged attention, so he will not be able to fully become a participant in experiments or, for example, in a theatrical action. It is better to make this event a small part of the overall program. A definite plus will be vivid and enchanting memories, of the minuses: prolonged concentration, which is very difficult for children of three years of age.


It will be an excellent option for celebrating the birthday of a three-year-old birthday. Bright balloons, warm blankets, baskets and sweets — voila, the holiday is ready! Pluses include simplicity, convenience and a great atmosphere. Minus: change of weather can ruin the celebration. Sudden rain or wind will not make it possible to continue the holiday. Also lack of sanitation.

What time is the holiday?

Starting from the regimen of a three-year-old child, it is better to organize celebrations at 4-5 pm. After a daytime sleep, the baby will be cheerful and will be able to have fun and provocatively spend his birthday.

Guests at the party.

Of course, by this age the baby has made friends in the kindergarten or on the playground. Without their presence, the holiday will not be so fun. Be sure to invite the kids with their parents, because. supervision is required for each child, and the mood of young guests during the holiday can change dramatically.

The presence of relatives of the little birthday boy is obligatory.

If it is not possible to organize the presence of both of them, it is better to invite your loved ones on the birthday itself, and spend the holiday with friends on the weekend.

Holiday at home.

Fun, playful, memorable children’s birthday party can be held at home. Of course, it is necessary to think over the plan of the event and its theme. Prepare accessories and a photo zone in advance. Approve the menu and think over the games in advance.

Consider invitations.

Do it yourself or electronically.
If you are making the invitation yourself, involve your child in creating it. Ask to decorate the invitation with sparkles, bright felt-tip pens, cut out small details. Guests will be pleased to accept such invitations, and the birthday person will feel the importance of the event in advance and will look forward to the holiday even more.
Electronic invitations. Take a picture of the birthday boy, decorate his photo in the editor, decorating with confetti, sparkles and fireworks. Attach creative text. Record a video that the baby is waiting for guests.

First you need to think over the theme of the children’s party, based on the interests of your birthday. Consider birthday options for girls and boys.

How to celebrate a girl’s 3rd birthday — topics for celebration.

1) Princesses.

Young ladies with great pleasure will be happy to welcome their guests in a beautiful puffy dress. Any color of the event: pink tenderness, gold, blue and others. Pick up a hairpin or tiara for the young princess. Decorate the room with balloons, you can use sets with your favorite princesses. If possible, invite an animator who will play your favorite heroine: Princess Elsa, Cinderella, Jasmine — start from the interests of the baby.

2) Unicorns.

Topics popular today. Use not bright colors, keep the style, get themed jewelry: hair ornaments for the birthday girl.
If possible, organize the presence of a life-sized unicorn puppet — this will delight your princess.

3) LOL dolls.

Another trendy theme for celebrating children’s jam day. Even if your little one has not seen this cartoon, it will probably be familiar to her, since many goods for little princesses are now created in this theme. Use soft pink glamorous tones for decoration, shiny balloons. In supermarkets, you can easily find paraphernalia for a celebration in this theme.

4) Cartoon heroes.

When creating a holiday, ask your daughter what her favorite cartoon character is. All children watch cartoons and choose their favorites. Masha and the Bear, Mickey Mouse, Three Cats — look for inspiration in the interests of your child.

Birthday 3 years old boy how to celebrate — topics for celebration.

Pirate party.

Every boy is interested in the theme of robbers, distant voyages and travels, where chaos and the will of emotions triumph. Decorate rooms in a pirate theme, you can use black balls, sets with pirates and parrots. Think in advance of paraphernalia in the form of eye patches for guests and the birthday man. Draw a treasure map and go with the children in search of treasure.

Sports festival.

All boys love sports games. Decorate the sports theme of the holiday, inform about the dress code in advance, for example, a football uniform (or “on sports”). Arrange relay races, mini football or home bowling. Order a cake in the shape of a soccer ball or a boxing glove in advance. Your son will be delighted!

Super heroes.

The theme of saving the world attracts all boys. Find out your son’s favorite character. In his theme, create a design and costume for the birthday boy. Come up with a game to save the world. Unforgettable emotions are guaranteed.


Far, mysterious and unknown. If your child is fond of stars, planets and extraterrestrial ships — this topic is for you. Especially for such parties and holidays, Charlotte created a series of sets “Space Journey”. Think over games in accordance with the theme, hold a quiz or a home planetarium.

Cartoon heroes.

Paw Patrol, Vzpysh, Soviet Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka — immerse yourself in what your little one likes.

Holiday decoration ideas.


Use your party theme balloons. Choose sets with heroes that are interesting for your three-year-old: Mickey mouse, spiderman, cold heart, paw patrol. Colorless confetti balls and ball fountains look very impressive. Specialists will select cool sets for you, in accordance with the theme of the holiday.


There are two options here: you can make a beautiful poster yourself, involving the whole family in its creation, or you can order it.
Write the number, hours and minutes of the birth of a new person, metrics, successes and significant events in three years (first steps, word, vacation trip, first cycling) — here let your imagination run wild!

Number 3.

Beautiful number 3, representing the number of years of the birthday person. Make it out of paper, napkins, foam, you can use number-shaped balloons. This design will perfectly complement the decoration of your Cooking Day and will keep the cute moments of this age in the photo.


Create a beautiful photo zone to capture the happy moments of a birthday person’s 3rd birthday. Photos taken on your holiday will be bright and stylish. Make a photo zone yourself: stretch a light fabric, fasten it, decorate with balloons, flowers, garlands and other elements, based on the style of the birthday.

Festive look.

An important moment of the holiday is the image of the birthday man. When choosing an image, consider that the child feels comfortable, that the suit does not restrict movement and fits the temperature regime.

For girls.

Prepare an elegant evening dress. Use accessories: a magic wand is needed for a fairy, a diadem for princesses, a mini mouse — cute ears. Hairstyle — should be comfortable, comfortable and beautiful.

For a boy.

Choose a costume for the theme of the holiday. It will look great on a young birthday boy a costume “like a dad”. Get a fashionable haircut in advance.

Festive table.

Design the menu according to the age of the guests. Prepare treats in advance or use the delivery service. For adults — prepare salads, for children — potatoes, nuggets, perhaps pizza. Complete the table with your favorite fruits and sweets.

Children can use disposable tableware with a birthday theme.


Pay the most attention to this type of treat, as All kids have a sweet tooth. Use only proven confectioners.
You can use mini cakes with your favorite toppings: cream, condensed milk, raspberries, strawberries, etc.

Cake — the culmination of the evening. It should be perfectly decorated in accordance with the theme of the birthday and the taste preferences of the birthday person.


Children at the age of three cannot perform the same action for a long time and require a constant change of activity. Therefore, the issue of entertainment must be approached in advance. You can turn to professional animators. If you decide to organize entertainment for the kids on your own, write a script in advance according to which you will spend the evening.

Think of games and prizes for winners.

Fun options:

Speed ​​ball game.

Everyone stands in a circle and passes the ball clockwise to the sound of music. The music stops, the child who has the ball in his hands completes the task.

The most accurate.

Form balls of paper, divide the children into teams. Place a bucket in front of each team. On command, players from a distance begin to throw paper balls. The team with the most balls in their bucket wins.


Pick up riddles in the theme of the holiday. It is better to use riddles in rhyme.

Face painting.

Use special paints to draw elements of the evening’s theme on the children’s faces. You can use pre-purchased stencils or invite a specialist.

Children’s disco.

Download your favorite holiday tracks in advance. Get a disco ball to create a bright magical atmosphere.

Climax of the Birthday.

The culmination of the holiday should be everyone’s favorite contest «Karavai», after which there will be a solemn making a wish and blowing out the candles by the birthday boy to the applause of the guests. You can use special Bengal candles for cakes, they look more solemn and enchanting (be sure to follow fire safety precautions!).

Birthday in kindergarten.

If your little one is attending kindergarten, be sure to think of treats for the children in his group. The teacher and friends from the group will cheerfully congratulate the birthday boy, and the child will treat them to sweet treats. For treats, you can use: children’s juices, cakes, sweets, marmalade.

Memo about the most important thing in holding a birthday 3 years:

Consider the venue of the event from the number of participants in the celebration;
Select the theme of the holiday;
Choose a beautiful, comfortable suit for the birthday boy;
Consider decorating the room;
The menu should be for adults and children, taking into account the preferences of guests;
Trust the cake to an experienced confectioner;
When you’re writing a script, think about whether it will be fun for children.
Relax and rejoice with the kids.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Children’s birthdays in the SKY


If you are looking for a place to celebrate a birthday in Moscow for a child, the children themselves will tell you the best. mothers
they say that children ask for fairy-tale heroes, a big cake, quests, gifts, animal performances,
disco. They want to jump on trampolines, conquer the top of the climbing wall, climb the ninja arena and
rope park. And we differ in that we can provide all this in one place!

You save time, effort and money. And you get a holiday about which the child will say: “This is my very
birthday, thank you mom and dad!


Children will be delighted when their favorite fairy tale characters come to their holiday! Actors in the role of fabulous
characters play action games on the trampoline arena that teach children about kindness, justice, family
values ​​and friendship. At master classes, children make beautiful gifts and unusual sweets.

Holding a children’s birthday in the sports and entertainment park «NEBO» is not only entertainment
trampoline arena. Toddlers can also visit the fairy maze, climb the volcano and explore
wonders of the gravity tower at Tusa Jusa Children’s Center.

At this age, children take part in active games with pleasure. We have ready thematic
based on cartoons and movies. Do you want a different plot? Write a script for free
your his

Animators carefully prepare props, review cartoons and films with selected characters in order to
be in
topic. After all, children are the harshest critics. You can’t miss the plot!


Themed parties for grown-up children are a wave of drive with incendiary hosts. birthday boy and
learn to do somersaults, fly on canvases, show fearlessness on the most difficult paths of rope

The program will continue with trampoline discos with DJ sets, bartender shows, retro-style parties and
30 amusement parks in one holiday. We are only limited by our imagination!

What will happen at the holiday?

Active programs. Our collection of 40 ready-made themed games that involve all
parka. Children will find a twisted plot with obstacles, tasks, puzzles and unexpected

Family cafe. Each park has a cozy cafe «NEBO» with a homemade confectionery. When the children
get hungry
after active games, they will have a festive table with children’s dishes and homemade desserts. We care
that children eat only fresh dishes at the holiday.

Atmosphere. The feasting part of the holiday takes place in banquet halls or in cafes. decorators decorate
space according to the style of the party.

Animation with show program. Choose your favorite hero and he will come to the party! To surprise guests
order a show with liquid nitrogen or electricity, master classes, circus performances or a performance

Congratulations from the NEBO park. The most touching moment when at the end of a birthday on trampolines
Sky the hare brings out the cake and congratulates the birthday boy. Children adore this moment and wait for it with bated breath.


Children’s parties are our thing. For five years, the NEBO team has thoroughly worked out the holiday
programs and
took into account all the subtleties of children’s birthdays. Our goal is for the kids to have a good time and parents to
rested this. Therefore, we take care of all the trouble.

How it all happens:

1) Come and discuss the details of the holiday with your child so that he can try the entertainment for free

2) You tell us about your wishes: what the child wants and what the guests will like.

3) The child will choose a fairy-tale character whom he wants to see on his birthday.

4) The manager will think over the timing so that the children do not overwork and get bored. Suggest a menu
tables and sweet treats. He will add themed games, a disco and master classes to the program.

5) We will prepare a schedule of events so that guests can easily navigate.

6) By the appointed time and date, everything will be ready: the hall is decorated, the festive table is set,
show program
waiting in the wings.


Celebrations and small celebrations are celebrated in NEBO centers. The cost depends on the quantity
day of the week, saturation of the entertainment program, menu and decor. Send your wishes to
manager, and he will collect suitable options to choose from.

By alexxlab

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