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Next Level Apparel 6240 Men’s Premium CVC V-Neck T-Shirt

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Description of Next Level Apparel 6240 / #6240

Fresh, fun, and cutting-edge, the Next Level Apparel 6240 Premium CVC V-Neck T-Shirt does nothing but add value and ease of application for your aftermarket designs. All the on-trend colors you could hope for, and all the hard-working polycotton you desire, make this tee an excellent selection. It is just as well-received as our other Next Level t-shirts, but with a stylized V-neck 1×1 baby rib collar that works subtly to draw the eyes upward and add an element of detail to the piece, complete with a removable neck tag. Fabric laundered to reduce shrinkage and aid in color retention, the 32 singles thread width works well as a smooth surface for art while creating a super soft hand. This is attributed to the main component of 60% combed and ringspun chief value cotton. In addition to the marketable wholesale price point, customers also appreciate the long hem line and flattering sleeve length of this classic V-neck tee.

  • Fabric laundered, 4.3 oz., 60/40 combed ringspun cotton/polyester, 32 singles
  • Set-in CVC 1×1 baby rib collar
  • Tearaway label

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Next Level Apparel wholesale t-shirts, tank tops, and burnout shirts are so popular because of their cutting-edge design, awesome quality, and super-comfortable soft materials. Whether you need the premium-fit of a Next Level 3600 t-shirt or all the benefits of a super-soft Next Level 6733 Women’s tri-blend racerback tank top, Apparel.com has got you covered, offering Next Level Apparel’s entire line of unparalleled apparel at low wholesale prices available to everyone. For the best in fashionable wholesale t-shirts, tank tops, and burnout shirts, all without breaking the bank and available in Men, Women, and Youth sizes, look no further than Next Level Apparel for your wholesale apparel needs.

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The Best List of CVC Words ((FREE))

Grab a list of cvc words to use with your class during any lesson or activity

Are you working on cvc words with your kids? If so, you are in the right place! I’ve compiled a list of cvc words for you to use when it’s time for your phonics lessons and activities. Keep reading and grab your free copy below!

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When it’s time work on cvc words, you’ll want to have a nice variety available. It’s important to have a list of cvc words printed so that you can make sure you are practicing new words with each activity.

List of Short A CVC Words

-ab words: cab, lab

-ad words: bad, dad, had, lad, mad, pad, rad, sad

-ag words: bag, gag, nag, rag, sag, tag, wag

-an words: ban, can, fan, man, pan, ran, tan, van

-ap words: cap, gap, lap, map, nap, rap, sap, tap

List of Short E CVC Words

-ed words: bed, fed, leg, red, wed

-eg words: beg, leg, peg

-en words: den, hen, men, pen, ten, zen

-et words: bet, get, jet, let, net, pet, vet, wet

List of Short I CVC Words

-ib words: bib, fib

-id words: did, hid, kid, lid, rid

-ig words: big, dig, fig, pig

-in words: bin, fin, kin, pin, tin, win

-ip words: dip, hip, lip, pip, rip, sip, tip, zip

-it words: bit, fit, hit, lit, pit, sit, zit

List of Short O CVC Words

-ob words: cob, mob, rob, sob

-od words: god

-og words: dog, hog, log

-on words: son, ton, won

-op words: cop, hop, mop, pop

-ot words: cot, got, hot, jot, lot, not, pot, rot

List of Short U CVC Words

-ub words: cub, pub, rub, tub

-ud words: bud, mud

-ug words: bug, hug, mug, pug, rug, tug

-un words: bun, fun, run, sun

-ut words: cut, gut, hut

So now that you have these lists, let me share some of my favorite cvc activities and printables. I’ll link everything that way if you see something you like you can grab it for your class.

CVC Word Games

A great way to practice with consonant-vowel-consonant words is to find activities where students will build them with varying manipulatives. For example, you can…

1. Have laminated cards that have a picture and a cvc word with a missing letter. Using the picture as a clue, children can use a dry erase marker to fill in the missing letter.

2. Provide a picture and three empty boxes. Using alphabet magnets children will build the cvc word that matches the picture.

3. Have picture and alphabet cards. Children pick a picture card and then build the cvc word with their alphabet cards.

Below are pictures that show examples of the above-mentioned activities.

CVC Words With Pictures

It’s also really important to provide pictures when you first start working with cvc words. These pictures will help students begin to internalize the process of segmenting and blending three sounds to make a word. Hands-on activities for this can include…

1. Looking at a cvc word and three different pictures. Using their letter-sound knowledge they will sound out the cvc word and identify the picture that matches.

2. CVC word puzzles are another great way to practice. Having a picture clue will allow children to figure out which pieces belong together.


CVC Word Printables

Lastly, I like to have printables ready for my fast finishers, homework, and just as an extra resource to help children build fluency with reading and writing consonant-vowel-consonant words.

If you think your students would benefit from any of the activities shown above, you can grab them here:

CVC Word Unit

what it is on a bank card, differences, where the codes are located


VTB Group

Using bank cards to pay for purchases and services, for money transfers is not only more convenient, but also safer than cash payments. Plastic has several degrees of protection, including CVV and CVC codes. It is important for cardholders to know where they are located, what the ciphers are, when it is necessary and under what conditions they cannot be disclosed. The safety of money in the account depends on this.

What is CVC and CVV on the card

You can pay with a bank card in offline stores and via the Internet. In the second case, when debiting money from the account, the system needs to additionally identify the means of payment, determine that it is used by the owner, and not by an outsider. To do this, each card has a unique code.

CVV stands for Card Verification Value, CVC stands for Card Verification Code. They are a three or four digit number that only the plastic holder needs to know. If you do not know the code, in most cases it will not work to make an online payment from a card account.

What is the difference between CVV and CVC codes

CVV is used on bank cards that are issued within the Visa payment system. CVC indicates that the plastic belongs to MasterCard PS. For clients, this is of no fundamental importance, since the purpose of both types of ciphers is the same. They also have in common that the encoded information is embedded in a magnetic stripe.
The cards of the Mir payment system also have their own designation of the security code — CVP. This is an analogue of CVV ​​and CVC, which is a three-digit set of numbers.

Where is the CVV or CVC

Since both codes should be known only to the owner of the card, they are placed on its reverse side. Also, in the upper part of the plastic, a magnetic strip stretches in full width — another level of protection and data identification. CVV or CVC is applied just below. The numbers are printed in thin black type, without embossing, that is, punching with imprinting on the front side. The owner of plastic near sees them clearly, but from a distance it is more difficult to read the number. It will not be possible to feel the numbers with your fingers, and this makes data protection even more reliable.

Order any VTB debit card and examine it from both sides before using it for online payment. Enter the code only at the request of the online seller on the corresponding page. After that, a one-time password will be sent to the mobile number, which must also be entered in the specified field. Usually a little time is allotted for this, and if you miss it, you will have to enter all the data for online payment again.

When you can and when you can not report the code

The verification code can be used in several cases:

  • the cardholder purchases a product or service and makes an online payment;

  • replenishes the electronic wallet account;

  • does the translation online.

A purchase on a trusted Internet site with payment by a bank card consists of several stages. The buyer registers on the site, puts the goods in the basket, presses the «Pay» button. After that, he selects the method of payment by card, he is redirected to a page where you need to specify its data. First, he enters data from the front side: the number and expiration date of the card, the name of the owner, then CVV or CVC. Next, the site requests a digital one-time password sent by the system to the cardholder’s mobile phone. After entering the password, the cost of the goods is debited from the account, about which another notification is sent to the phone.

The Internet site does not store verification codes by default. The next time the customer buys something using the same bank card, the numbers will need to be re-entered along with a new one-time password.

In addition to online purchases, CVV or CVC is used to debit money from the account, for example, when paying for utilities, taxes, etc. online. Purchases in offline stores, transfers via the Internet bank do not require entering a code . The employees of the bank that issued the card, the police and other services do not need it either. If someone calls on the phone and demands to name the numbers on the back of the plastic, you should know that they are scammers. When providing card details, they can steal money from it.

Security rules

In order for CVV and CVC codes to perform their protective function, the client must adhere to the rules for using a bank card:

  1. Do not give it to strangers. If you pay the bill in a restaurant through a waiter, it is better to bring the plastic to the terminal yourself.

  2. Do not transfer card data to third parties, including its number, expiration date and, of course, verification and PIN code. If you have to transfer money, the individual sender does not need this information.

  3. Make online purchases at trusted online stores. Before paying, make sure that you have not landed on a phishing site that outwardly duplicates the real one, but actually steals payment means data and money from accounts.

  4. Block the card if it is lost or stolen. You need to call the bank that issued the plastic, or do it yourself in a mobile application.

  5. Do not send the card number, verification codes by e-mail or in the messenger, as well as photos with this information. Correspondence can be hacked and using the stolen data to withdraw money from the account.

  6. Do not open unknown links on your phone. It could be a phishing site that will steal card details.

Compliance with these rules will make online payments absolutely safe. And for a debit card, you can order a digital one, the details of which will remain available only to the owner.


Order a debit card for VTB life


Fill out a simple online application

You will need a minute of free time


Choose a pickup method

Free delivery or pick up at VTB branch


Activate your card

Make purchases and get cashback

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Get a debit card from VTB Bank

Order a card

where they are located and what they are for

tape plastic card.

It is required to ensure payment security when paying online. The owner cannot see it. It is often confused with CVC2 / CVV2 — a three-digit code located under the magnetic tape. What is important to know about all these indicators?

What is CVV on a bank card and CVC?

CVC is the Card Verification Value. CVV — Card Verification Code. These are abbreviations that mean the same thing — a security code, or verification. The only difference is that the Visa payment system uses CVV, while MasterCard uses CVC.

This is the so-called first security code. It is needed for identification through the 3-D Secure protocol.

The second security code is CVC2/CVV2, which is located in the visible part of the card on the back. Without these numbers, you cannot make a payment on the Internet. If the scammers learned the data on the front side of the debit or credit product — the number and expiration date — they will not be able to debit the account.

CVC2/CVV2 usually consists of three digits. The exception is the American Express card. It has a 4 digit code.

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Issue a card

The system with CVC2/CVV2 input works like this:

  1. You need to go to the site and select the desired product.
  2. Go to the payment form and enter the details of the payment card — number, expiration date, CVC2 / CVV2, sometimes the owner’s first and last name (as indicated on the plastic).
  3. The payment system generates a special code from the available data, which is sent to the mobile phone number. When the client enters a code in a special field, the operation is considered completed.

Where is CVС2 and CVV2 located on the map?

In most cases, the CVC2/CVV2 is located on the reverse side, under the magnetic stripe. The exception is again the American Express card. The code is on the front side.

Why are CVC2/CVV2 separated from the main data — numbers, first and last names, expiration date? For the safety of the client. At the checkout where the client pays with a card, cameras are installed that can get data from the front side. For transfers from card to card, users can exchange photos of the main party, and then this data can get to scammers.

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Issue a card

On some cards, a three-digit code is located next to the last digits of the plastic. It’s all the same place — the reverse side of the plastic under the magnetic card. But the last three or four digits of the number are duplicated on the left, and a three-digit code on the right. So the numbers are located on the cards of the MIR payment system. For example, 4756 876, where 876 is the security code. There is always a space between the numbers, which clearly separates the data.

In stores, the customer presents plastic as proof of ownership, on the Internet — CVC2/CVV2.

What other verification code designations are there?

The same indicator in different countries and on the cards of different payment systems can be called differently. We already wrote that the Visa payment system uses the name CVV / CVV2 (Card Verification Value), and MasterCard — CVC / CVC2 (Card Verification Code).

The verification code can also be called:

  • CID (Card Identification) — used for American Express cards.
  • CVP2 code (Card Verification Parameter) (“card security parameter”) or MirAccept — used for plastic of the Russian payment system Mir;
  • CVC3 / CVV3 — codes located in the banking product chip. Used for contactless payments. The user cannot get the numbers. But it does not need to be entered anywhere, so this is unnecessary information.

Smart card MirGazprombank, Lit. No. 354

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Issue a card

Sometimes a visible three-digit code on the back of a plastic card can be mistakenly called CVC / CVV — without a number 2. Under these abbreviations in the mass understanding of users hide these numbers, and not the encrypted code in the magnetic stripe.

What if there is no CVC2 / CVV2 code on the plastic?

Not all cards have verification codes. They may be absent, for example, on Maestro cards. Some entry-level Maestro products are not designed for online shopping. And if there is such a function, then there will be no requirement to write CVC2 / CVV2 in the payment details.

In any case, it is better to clarify this point with the bank — why there is no CVC code on the card. It is not necessary to go to the branch, you can call the help desk of a financial institution.

How can I find out the CVC2/CVV2 for a virtual card?

Virtual card — a payment instrument for online payments without a plastic carrier. Therefore, it is impossible to read the code on the card. At the same time, these data are still required when paying and entering details. What to do?

MTS Cashback World MTS Bank, Person. No. 2268

Cashback up to 5%

on the card balance

Issue a card

The bank always sends this data to the client after the product is issued. The information can be sent via SMS or email. The data must be duplicated in the personal banking account. This information cannot be deleted, otherwise you will have to go through a complex recovery procedure. You won’t be able to get it by phone at the bank’s call center, you will have to go to the bank with personal documents.

Security measures

To prevent the card from becoming the prey of fraudsters, certain rules must be observed:

  • do not share the verification code with anyone. Even if they call from the bank and are interested, do not speak. Managers of a banking organization will never ask about it. If the request is received, these are scammers;
  • You can specify the code only in payment forms on verified sites. Do not indicate it in various questionnaires, surveys and similar documents;
  • for online shopping it is better to have a virtual card. Keep a large amount of money on the main debit card, and transfer only a certain amount to a virtual one to pay for a product or service;
  • it is better not to store data about the pin code and verification code on paper. There are special reliable programs for storing passwords and other personal information;
  • code data is only needed when you pay. If money is transferred to you, then the card number is enough, sometimes the expiration date. Never send CVC2/CVV2 codes to anyone;
  • use your mobile bank to control payments. So there will be one more stage of verification — a verification code will come to the phone;
  • do not give your bank card to anyone.

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No commission

on the card balance

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Frequently asked questions

What is on the CVC/CVV card?

This is a verification code that protects the card from fraudsters. The first level code is CVC/CVV. It is encrypted on magnetic tape. The second level code is CVC2/CVV2. These are three numbers located under the magnetic tape. They are required to make payments online.

Who can report CVC2/CVV2?

This data can be entered in the card details field on verified sites when paying for a product or service. Please note that when money is transferred to you, you do not need to report CVC2 / CVV2. Only the card number and sometimes the expiration date of the product.

What is the difference between CVC and CVV?

The designation CVV is used by the Visa payment system, and CVC is used by MasterCard.

By alexxlab

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