What are irish triplets: What Are Irish Twins — And Is It OK to Use the Term?

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What is the Meaning of Irish Twins: Full Explanation

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Irish twins is an old phrase used to describe two siblings born to the same mother in the same calendar year or within a duration of twelve months. For instance, a mother gives birth to one baby in January of 2019 and another child in December of the same year.

Some other women may give birth to Irish triplets; this is when three children are born to the same mother within three years.

A more modern phrase would be closely-spaced siblings or close-in-age siblings. These terms are used to avoid confusing whether siblings are real twins.

Where does the phrase Irish twins come from?

Irish Twins Explained

The origin of the term Irish twins dates back to the Nineteenth Century. It was a term used to describe siblings from large, and mostly poor, Irish immigrant families who were settling into the United States and Britain.

In the 1800s it was common for Irish Catholic families to have children born less than a year apart as the families strictly followed the Church’s teaching of not using contraceptives.

The use of the term Irish twins was meant to despise the Irish community and accuse them of having poor self-control, little education, and no access to health resources like birth control. R

Today, the term is still used, but many would agree that it is not an appropriate term to use and is insulting.

However, some women no longer see the term as offensive and opt to have their children very close in age.

Some include celebrities like Heidi Klum, Britney Spears, Tori Spelling, and Jessica Simpson among others.

How do Irish twins happen?

Research has confirmed that women can conceive as early as just three weeks after giving birth even though the one was taking birth control.

Therefore if a mother, conceives just weeks or months after the birth of the first child it’s possible she will have Irish twins.

For example, a mother who gives birth to a child in August of 2019, becomes pregnant again in October 2019, she will have another child in July of 2019.

Can Irish twins be in the same grade?

Since Irish twins are born within the same year or calendar, there is a very high possibility for them to start kindergarten together and end up being in the same grade.

However, each child develops differently at her own pace.

Even though they have a close age gap, the younger one may not be ready to start school yet, as a parent be patient and let their skills develop separately.

Do Irish twins have a special connection?

Irish twins share a strong bonding. They have an unbreakable friendship since they tend to do everything together and even share everything.

They may have the same circle of friends, enjoy the same activities, and generally live a similar lifestyle as they grow older, just the way real twins do.

If they are born one year apart, they may have the same birthday, or be close enough that they celebrate their birthday on the same day.

Although, it is normal and healthy to allow closely-spaced siblings to have alone time, where they enjoy different activities. This gives them a break from each other and helps them identify their own personalities.

Port aux Basques family welcomes ‘Irish triplets’

You’ve probably heard of Irish twins, but a Port aux Basques couple can now say they have Irish triplets, after their twins were born in St. John’s just nine months after their second son was born.

Samantha Palmer and Brad Stubbington are now the proud parents of four children, the newest of them — Eli Daniel and Mia Grace — having arrived on Nov. 4.

That’s less than a year after their son Grayson was born, making the three children close enough in age that they’ll all be in the same grade when they start school.

«It’s basically going to be like triplets,» Palmer said.

The couple’s son Malcolm is three-and-a-half years old, and Grayson is nine months old. (Submitted by Samantha Palmer)

The couple’s oldest child, Malcolm, is three-and-a-half years old.

Eli and Mia were born at seven months’ gestation, so their parents are currently staying at Ronald McDonald House in St. John’s while their twins are being cared for at the neonatal intensive-care unit at the Health Sciences Centre nearby.

The babies need some more time to develop, but are otherwise healthy and doing well, Palmer told CBC’s On The Go on Tuesday.

«They’re good, they’re just a little small,» she said.

«Need to figure out how to breathe on their own, but they’re working on it.»

A world record?

Palmer had heard of Irish twins — an old colloquial term for two siblings born within a year of each other. 

Irish triplets are less common, but even that is usually meant to refer to three siblings born within three years.

Palmer isn’t sure if a case like hers, with three siblings born within a single calendar year from two pregnancies, is unheard of, but as best she can tell it’s at least rare.

Samantha Palmer, with her partner Brad Stubbington and their two oldest children, says she can’t wait to get a photo with all four kids together. (Provided by Samantha Palmer)

«To have two different pregnancies and have them all three born within that period of time, I haven’t really heard much of it,» she said.

Palmer said she was surprised when she started feeling ill only six weeks after Grayson — who was seven weeks premature himself due to pre-eclampsia — was born, but figured they could adjust to another baby so soon after their second child was born.

A bigger shock came when Palmer had her first ultrasound and was informed that there were two babies on the way.

«Honestly, I think we were kind of just staring at the ultrasound for a while,» she said.

Excited to get all four children together

There are challenges ahead, Palmer acknowledged, but she already feels better than she did in the difficult later months of her pregnancy.

«I’m feeling better now that I’m not carrying twins,» said Palmer, who was discharged from the hospital Tuesday.

«The last couple months have been extremely hard. «

She looks forward to the arrival of her other two children from Port aux Basques, where the family relocated from Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., in August, while her twins are cared for in St. John’s.

Four children so close in age wasn’t necessarily the plan and Palmer, who is 20, said people are sometimes judgmental that the young couple has multiple children. 

«We’ve been through a lot, but the best thing we got from all of it is the kids,» she said.

But Palmer said if she had more than two, she hoped it would be four. Now that she has exactly that many kids ranging in age from newborn to three and a half, she’s excited to have children who will attend school and play sports together.

«We were good with two, but now we’ve got four,» she said. 

«The bigger the better.»

With files from On The Go

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Three from the casket, identical from the face

When twin children are born, it is a real miracle of nature, because even in adulthood, brothers or sisters, like two drops of water, always look alike. But cunning genes are able to capture the imagination of people even more when the same mother has three identical children at once. The triplets from Ireland, Alison, Nicola and Laura Crimmins, can be called such a lovely miracle.


  1. From fitness to beauty, everything is the same
  2. The outfit is different, but the faces are the same
  3. Oh, this law of genetics

From fitness to cosmetics — everything is identical

Residents of Dublin completely copy each other’s appearance, even in subtle strokes. Girls are popular models who act as a united sisterly front. That is why identical similarity is so important for them, this is a requirement of modeling agencies. Fortunately, by nature, beauties, very similar to their mother, have charming figures. But slenderness and toned muscles will not last forever if you do not adhere to proper nutrition and do not play sports. What seductive blondes always do together. They have a common training regimen and a single menu for three.

As the Irish triplets admit, common life does not bother them at all. On the contrary, they enjoy every moment they spend together, whether they go out for a run, whether the three of them sign up at the same time for the same hairdresser and makeup artist, or go to a pizzeria. Only Laura before the other two Crimmins began a relationship with a guy. Of course, such an ideal triple union of loving sisters is not forever. In time, not only will Laura’s heart be occupied, but the other two sisters will someday marry.

In the meantime, their modeling career is at its peak. Already at the age of ten, girls were invited to be model scouts in the largest Dublin shopping centers. As soon as the sisters were sixteen years old, they began to pose for professional photographers. And since then, the stunning trio simply had no end to offers of cooperation with famous magazines and work on television. In order to keep themselves in perfect shape, and the same for three, the sisters adhere to a joint diet.

The outfit is different, but the faces are the same

So, after a morning run, they prefer to eat oatmeal. The lunch break is spent in your favorite cafe, where you will not refuse a portion of a healthy salad. They also prefer to have dinner together, savoring pieces of chicken baked with potatoes. Every rule needs to be broken sometimes. Especially when you want goodies. Then Crimmins gourmets order their favorite hearty pizza. When going shopping, Nicola, Laura and Alison can use their own cars, which are completely different. Or try on outfits that are not similar to each other. At the same time, hairstyles, makeup and appearance of charming girls, as always, are identical. The sisters are amused by the fact that passers-by all the time pay attention to them and look at them in surprise.

Oh, this law of genetics

From infancy, the mother of this inseparable trio bought the same little things, toys and various children’s accessories for the little ones. And even the girls’ own father could not distinguish the blond angels from each other. An interesting fact: usually the birth of twins or triplets is inherited through one generation. Perhaps, when the most attractive trio in the world acquires grandchildren, it is likely that a surprise will await the identical grandmothers — the continuation of the family in the form of regular triplets.

Births in Ireland in 2023


Citizenship of the child

In order for a child to acquire citizenship of Ireland upon birth in the country, parents must legally reside in Ireland for 3 years. At the same time, parents themselves can apply for citizenship only after five years of legal residence in the country.


After the therapist confirms the pregnancy, you will be given a referral to a gynecologist. The gynecologist registers. For the entire pregnancy, no more than two ultrasounds are done. No analyses, measurements, weighings. But you can always call a special hotline for pregnant women. You can come to the emergency department at any time. Even if it just seemed to you that something was wrong, you will be praised for your vigilance.

There are free preparatory courses for pregnant women in maternity hospitals. Enrolling there is very difficult because of the high demand. Classes are organized for different categories of pregnant women. For example, there are courses jointly with dad, there are separate courses for parents of twins and triplets, for early pregnancy, for those who had a caesarean, etc. As you can see, the approach is solid. They also conduct tours of the hospital, show where to come to give birth, what to do, what to take, the wards before and after the birth. Because a woman in labor should know everything and not worry.


In Ireland, you can give birth for free, partly for a fee and for a fee. You can give birth in a hospital or at home. Regardless of the choice, the service you receive is impeccable.

Nuances of :

  • Free — consultation of any available doctor, give birth with a midwife, in which case — the doctor on duty will also be present. At the same time, if you don’t like a doctor, tell the administration and you will never see this doctor again. After giving birth, you will be placed in a general ward.

  • Partially paid — one of the members of the gynecologist’s team, whom you choose, will advise. The birth will be delivered by a midwife and, if necessary, by a doctor on duty. Postnatal ward for 2-4 people.

  • For a fee — you choose a gynecologist yourself, he advises you and is present at the birth, if necessary, and two midwives take care of the birth. You may not get a separate ward, even though you will pay 3.5 thousand euros.

In Ireland, in principle, births are always attended by midwives. The presence of a doctor only when necessary.

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