What is a semiquaver: What is a semibreve, minim, crotchet, quaver and semiquaver?

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A sixteenth note.

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(ˈsɛmɪˌkweɪvə) n

(Music, other) music a note having the time value of one-sixteenth of a semibreve. Usual US and Canadian name: sixteenth note

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six′teenth′ note`


a musical note having one sixteenth the time value of a whole note.


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Noun 1. semiquaver — a musical note having the time value of a sixteenth of a whole note

sixteenth note

musical note, note, tone — a notation representing the pitch and duration of a musical sound; «the singer held the note too long»

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[ˈsɛmikweɪvər] n(British)(MUSIC) → double crochefsemi-skilled semiskilled [ˌsɛmiˈskɪld] adj
semi-skilled worker → ouvrier/ière m/f semi-qualifié(e)semi-skimmed [ˌsɛmiˈskɪmd]

adj [milk] → demi-écrémé(e)

n (also semi-skimmed milk) → demi-écrémé m

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[ˈsɛmɪˌkweɪvəʳ] n (Brit) (Mus) → semicroma

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References in classic literature

‘And how are the semiquavers and the demisemiquavers progressing?’ he always asks.

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In addition, he says, «the wound in Christ’s side is compared to ‘an eye sore with endless weeping’, an image that irresistibly recalls Oedipus’s gouged eyes and tragic fate.» «Irresistibly,» perhaps, if one’s verbal radar is set to pick up even the faintest semiquaver of an Oedipal allusion.

Bradley W. Buchanan. Oedipus Against Freud: Myth and the End(s) of Humanism in Twentieth-Century British Literature

It didn’t seem even a semiquaver too long at the Metropolitan Opera on Feb.

New York

Some would jib at his strict observance of Beethoven’s ‘outdated’ pedalling of the finale’s semiquaver accompaniment.


The conductor made the most of the symphony’s dramatic elements, infusing the driving syncopated lines that open the work with propulsive tension and delivering the frenetic semiquaver motive with explosive power.

All-Mozart program follows script beautifully

(22.) Line 8 is an exception, although even here the first word, after the initial vocable, starts with a semiquaver.

Sung and spoken: an analysis of two different versions of a Kun-barlang love song

Throughout, the singers of the Holmfirth Choral were excellent, coping well with the demands of Handel’s semiquaver runs and providing a wonderful sound.

Choir meets the Handel challenge

Nine times I’ve heard it, and still not a semiquaver imprinted on my sol-fa sofa.

Woody gets a mauling

Quite frankly,I’dhave expected not a semiquaver less from a maestro whose deepest indebtedness must be to the Liverpool music making of his teens.

Joe Riley: Simon has got a lot to live up to

As the song begins, the semiquaver figurations in the plano’s right hand seem to suggest the ‘fluttering’ of the wagtail, which alternates with the quaver musings of the baby carried by the vocal line.(20) The wagtail’s fluttering recurs continually as characters in the story come and go.

Aspects of narrativity and temporality in Britten’s ‘Winter Words.’

Many have added fingering (especially on semiquaver runs!), dynamics, and other marks.

Browning’s music: the L.L. Bloomfield Collection

Most theoretical terms for dealing with time in music advertise their participation in a hierarchy: measure, phrase, semiquaver. Like the famous traditional Russian doll puzzle in which each doll both holds a smaller doll as well as being itself engulfed by a larger one, these terms do double duty as both component and container.

Much ado about nothing

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: sixteenth note

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1576, in the meaning defined above

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The first known use of semiquaver was
in 1576

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Beam (music)

In musical notation, a beam is a horizontal or diagonal line used to connect several consecutive notes ( and sometimes rests) to indicate rhythmic grouping. Only eighth notes (quavers) or shorter can be transmitted. The number of rays is equal to the number of flags that will be present on the note without rays. Beaming refers to the conventions and use of beams. Primary beam continuously connects a group of notes, and the secondary beam is interrupted or partially interrupted.

Beam spans indicate rhythmic groups, usually defined by the time signature. Therefore, beams usually do not cross bar lines or major bar divisions. One eighth note, or any faster note, is always flagged, while two or more are usually emitted in groups. [1]

In vocal music, beams have traditionally been used only to connect sung notes with the same syllable. [2] In modern practice, the standard rules of the beam are more often used, while denoting polynote syllables with curse words. [3]

Ray connected notes usually have all stems pointing in the same direction (up or down). The average pitch of the notes is used to determine the direction — if the average pitch is below the center line of the staff, then the stems and rays usually go above the head of the note, otherwise they go below. [3]

The direction of the rays generally follows the general direction of the notes it groups, sloping down if the notes are going down, sloping up if the notes are up, and align if the first and last notes match.

Feather radiance shows a gradual change in the speed of notes. It is shown with a main straight beam and other diagonal secondary beams (which together resemble a feather, hence the name). These secondary beams involve a gradual acceleration or deceleration from the first note duration in the flattened beam to the last. (The beam expanding from left to right shows acceleration.) The longest value that can be shown is the eighth note (jitter). When it is not the number of notes played that is of interest, but the effect of speeding up or slowing down, the approximate number of headless stems is used. To ensure clarity, sometimes the number of notes in a beam, or the duration of all notes in a beam, is displayed above the music, as is done with tuplets. [5]

Bell, dotted quaver and semi-quaver connected by a primary beam (the semi-quaver has a secondary beam)

Intermediate beams, although exceptional, can help prevent overcrowding of the staves, so the top stave may be preferred over the bottom two options 9002 1 [4]

Twisted Beams

Multinote Tremolo

Single Note Tremolo

Who owns the Halfnote Lounge? – celebrity.fm

Derrick E. Thomas, Esq. Owner of the Half Note Restaurant and Lounge in Bowie, Maryland, is comfortable staying outside of Washington, DC. «The DC market is different,» he told AFRO.

What happened to the Half Note Lounge? Half Note Hall will close on February 29, 2020 . This is a happy occasion! For 12 years, we have been a major influencer in the hospitality and entertainment offerings at DMV, something we are very proud of.

How much is a dotted half note? Dotted Notes

When a dot follows a note, it adds half the length of the note. For example, if you have a dotted half note, would be worth the same value as half note plus quarter note . If we live in a normal measure, and a half note is equal to two beats, then a half note with a dot will be worth three beats (2 + 1). The same goes for rest.


What is a half pause?

2. Half pause: also called half pause or minimum pause. the rest covers half of the entire 4/4 bar . This is half the length of a whole pause. On a five-line staff, the half rest hovers just above the center line. … The symbol for a quarter rest is unlike any other rest in music notation.

What is a sixteenth note in music? Sixteenth note definition

: a musical note with a time value of ¹/₁₆ of a whole note of — see note illustration.

What does half-rest look like? A half (minimum) pause is depicted as a filled rectangle located on top of the middle line of the stave. This is similar to the hat. … It looks like a whole stand, but the difference is that it is above the third line, and the rest of it hangs from the fourth line.

What is the dotted half note called? Dotted Minima (half note dotted)

Minima, or half note, has the value of two beats.

How many strokes is half a rest worth?

Like notes, each pause in music has a specific time. This time is measured in beats. A full rest gets 4 hits, a half rest gets 2 hits , and a quarter rest gets 1 hit.

Which note has 1 beat? If you guessed 1 and ½ shares, you are right! Then quarter note equals one beat. A dot is half the duration of a note, that is, half a beat. Add one beat and half a beat and you have a quarter note with a dot that equals one and a half beats!

Why is the half note important?

A half note is usually defined as having a value of two beats. If we look closely at a half note, we will see that it is different from a whole note. This part is called the note head and this part is called the stem. It is important to note that at a half note, the center of the note head is empty .

How to draw a half note?

How do I play a half note?

— Half musical symbol Note: U+1D15E – Unicode character table.

What are fractions in music? Music is made up of all sorts of rhythms, and each rhythm can be broken down into smaller parts: measures , which are fractions of rhythmic phrases, and measures, which are fractions of measures.

What is an AG key? The treble clef is the most commonly used clef in Western music notation. … The treble clef is shaped like an ornamental G, and its inner curve surrounds the note G4, which is above middle C. For this reason, the treble clef is called the G clef.

What is the name of this note ♬?

In Unicode U+266C (♬) is a pair of rayed semiquavers. Note comes from semiphus in mensural notation. However, semifuza also denotes the modern sixty-fourth note in Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese.

How to draw a half rest?