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Addi — Baby girl name meaning, origin, and popularity

Addi —
Baby girl name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter

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Addi name popularity

Popularity over time

babies per million

Source: Social Security Administration & BabyCenter user data

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Addi — Baby Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity

Addi — Baby Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity | NameberryMenuFind your type now Arrow Right




Sun Jul 09 2023By Clare

Addi Origin and Meaning

Variation of Ada

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«Addy» — the meaning of the name, the origin of the name, zodiac sign, stones-talismans

«Addy» — The meaning and origin of the name

It is very important that the meaning of the name Addy given at birth corresponds to the energy influence of the date of birth.

If the name Addy is given without taking into account the date of birth, then it can concentrate negative tension, leading to the development of internal imbalance. And, on the contrary: a correctly chosen name helps a person achieve success in life. That is why it is important to know what the name Addy is, whose name, what the name Addy means and what is its historical origin.

addi (Male)

Male nameMale names starting with A

Meaning of the name Addy: intimidating :
German English

English names German names

Meaning of the letters of Addy’s name

Not only each of the names affects the fate and character. Both the origin of the name Addy and each individual letter, its interpretation and significance, have a strong influence.

  • A — strength, power, comfort.
  • D — sociability, friendliness, capriciousness, the ability to extrasensory perception.
  • D — sociability, friendliness, capriciousness, the ability to extrasensory perception.
  • And — subtle spirituality, impressionability, peacefulness.

So, the meaning of the name Addy is such that the first letter of speaks of a task that is important for a person to solve during his life. The last letter indicates a weak point that must be protected and protected.

Compatibility with the name Addi

1. The greatest compatibility in love, work, friendship are names whose patrons are planets: Jupiter, the Sun, Mars, Uranus

2. Name compatibility can be determined not only by the patron planet. You can find out the characteristics of partners, determine the duration of the relationship and find out whether you will be happy in Marriage using this form:

Name Compatibility:

Numerology of the name Addy

The most important numbers for a person are those that are encrypted in his name, the so-called lucky numbers.

Numerologists say that the numerical value of the name Addi brings good luck and happiness to the wearer, helps to improve the material condition, reduce the number of failures and disappointments.

You just need to take them into account when making decisions.

Lucky numbers named Addy: 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57, 66, 75, 87, 93, 102, 111

Lucky days of the month: 3, 12, 21, 30

Name number: 3

Congratulations — you are extremely talented! The main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing your field. Threes sometimes find it excruciatingly difficult to determine which of their myriad talents is most in need of development. You are witty, funny, smart, lucky and never mind. Innate sociability and pronounced abilities in the sciences and arts will help you achieve great success. Learn only to better understand people — sometimes you are unacceptably gullible and frivolous. And temper your ambition — you have a small but harsh dictator who cannot stand disobedience. Learn to cope with it — and you will not be nicer in the whole universe.

Heart number: 2

Constantly doubtful and hesitant, able to make a decision only after consulting with others. Thanks to high communication skills, he quickly joins the team and works perfectly in a team. They cannot achieve their goals on their own.

Walk away from responsibility. Outwardly, they are soft, calm personalities. Inside, they are often mentally unbalanced and hypocritical. They are distinguished by friendliness (often only ostentatious).

Personal number: 1

Powerful energy combined with impulsiveness and aggression. The man loves to take risks and invent.

What do you know about the collapse of the USSR?

Talismans named Addi

Man has an inseparable connection with the natural world. Our ancestors believed in this connection, and it continues to invisibly persist today. So, talismans Addy help to save energy, protect from trouble, give strength at decisive moments.

Totem endows its owner with specific qualities, helps to reveal previously unknown talents and energy abilities.

It is no coincidence that Addy’s totems and talismans are so in demand in the modern world: they make their owner stronger.

Lucky color: Yellow

These people have vital energy, intellectuals, have high analytical and logical thinking. The owners of yellow names are firm in character, practical and pragmatic. They often receive a liberal arts education, but often find themselves in economics and the exact sciences.

It is very difficult to work with them in a family, because they must always be aware of the money spent, they are tight-fisted and do not tolerate waste. But on the other hand, they always have money for a comfortable existence.

Lucky season: Spring

Lucky days of the week: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday

Unlucky days of the week: Monday

Talisman plant: Yarrow gat, mercury, pomegranate, beryl, tourmaline, Eye quartz, Citrine, Alexandrite, Carnelian

Totem animal: Deer

Tree: Hawthorn

Addi Astrology

There is a very close connection between the ruler of the name form and the planet. Therefore, knowing the astrological influence is no less important than the origin of the name Addi, totems and talismans Addy, nationality Addy, etc.

Name element: Air

Find yourself in communication with other people, learn to understand information, build partnerships.

Astrological color of the name: Red

Cardinal direction: East

Astrological stone: Hematite, Pyrite, Sapphire

Personifying animal: Falcon

The origin of the name Addi is that the ruling planet is Mercury. This planet gives the bearer of the name a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits that the name Addi gets from Mercury:

Movement, moderation, thought, youth, ambivalence, synthesis 5 Duality, impermanence

Planetary number and meaning of the name Addi

Readers of the site will probably be interested to know what the name Addi is from the point of view of planetary numbers. The meaning of the name Addy and the origin of the name Addy points to

Planetary number: 3
Governs this name: Mars

All names — triples require their owners to show activity, violent practical activity, involve them in the mystery of struggle, battle in life. The key planet of these names is Mars, so you need to pay attention to the position of this planet in your horoscopes. If Mars is kind and strong, you will naturally fit into the program of your name, you will be able to gain protection and become invulnerable in life.

Zodiac and Sacred number of the name Addi

Zodiac number: 3
What corresponds to the zodiac sign: Gemini

These names promote sociability, involve in numerous contacts with other people, in solving related problems, create a field of apprenticeship and exchange of information.

The sacred number that determines the meaning of the name Addi is

Sacred number: 9
What corresponds to the zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Sagittarius involve in the mystery of teaching, the search for teachings, traditions, finding one’s place and authority in society. They create a field of law, transmission of traditions, expansion of activity, long-distance travel.

Transliteration and translation of the name Addie into different languages ​​

  • English — Addie,Addy

The editors of the site tried to collect the most complete information that describes the origin of the name Addi’s nationalities, Addi’s mascots… Use this information correctly and you will definitely feel all the energy hidden in him.

About the name Addi: Meaning, origin on

The name Addy is not just a set of letters or a graph in a birth certificate, but, without exaggeration, an energy message to the future. Knowing what the name Addi means, the meaning of the name Addi, the origin of the name Addi, about the nationality of the name Addi, one can characterize the character, predilections, tastes as accurately as possible, and even predetermine the fate of a person. In particular, it is not so much the meaning of the name Addi or the origin of the name Addi that has a strong impact on a person, but rather its symbolism, patron planet, Addi’s talismans, planetary number, etc. In any case, the name Addy carries a deep emotional and psychological color, which in turn defines its bearer as a separate, unique personality.

So what is the name Addy, what is the origin of the name Addy, the meaning of the name Addy? The most complete information about him is the meaning of the name Addy , whose name, lucky numbers, planet, astrological stone, the origin of the name Addy, personifying the animal, the zodiac and sacred number, Addy’s talismans, lucky days of the week and season, lucky color — is collected on website We tried to characterize the meaning of the name Addi in as much detail as possible so that after reading this description you will have no questions left. Read and find out what kind of name is hidden, it would seem, in a simple combination of letters and sounds, in fact.

It is important to know what nationality the name Addy has (Addy is the name of what nationality), because it is through the name that a person realizes himself, and any of his advantages and disadvantages are inevitably reflected in part of his own «I». At the same time, each nation has a certain list of names that have become traditional. Knowing such facts as the origin of the name Addy , whose name is Addy, even before naming a child, helps to influence the fate of the baby, taking into account national traditions.

Name Addy — meaning, character, compatibility and more


Name interpretation

The owner of the name Addy, as a rule, has an innate creativity, talent. Which? The answer to this question may appear almost «with the first squeak», or may remain a secret for most of life.

However, outward manifestations of giftedness are always noticeable. This is a bright, non-trivial type of personality, a person who is always looking for either the application of his abilities or the opportunity to expand them. Finds the first — «happiness for all.» But the search for new ways of self-expression can take him so far that any partner will become a burden.

Derivatives of the name Addy


German, English



Suitable colors

Blue Purple Fi purple

Lucky numbers

3, 1, 2




Zinc, Tin

Zodiac sign

♓ Pisces, ♐ Sagittarius

Day of the week



Place in the rating e
Popular names

Name days

Name stones

Amber, Amethyst, Aventurine, Chrysopaz, Dolomite, Herckmeier Diamond, Lapis Lausr, Morganite, Pyrite, Ruby, Pink Sapphire, Sardonyx, Sugilite, Blue Topaz, Black Tourmaline, Tsavor it.

Learn more about the name Addy

The meaning of the letters of the name


It is important for you to stand out from the crowd. However, you should not use flashy tones or catchy accessories for this. This should not be understood in the sense that bright, cheerful colors are not for you. It’s just that the general style of clothing should be distinguished by correctness, good taste, and solidity. Clothing should be of high quality and fit well on you. An appearance that meets these criteria inspires disposition and trust. These principles should be guided not only in the process of completing your wardrobe, but also when choosing the design and furnishings for your home, office.

Addi name compatibility, manifestation of love

Love for you is an urgent, everyday necessity, sometimes unconscious. Therefore, in your attitude towards your partner, tenderness, often quite burdensome, and caring, sometimes bordering on obsessive obsequiousness, prevail. However, you remain in unshakable confidence that you are doing everything right and require an adequate, from your point of view, reaction to your actions — gratitude and admiration. Kara, you are easily vulnerable, suspicious and touchy, often get into a state of irritation for no apparent reason. With a long absence of a partner “within reach”, you are visited by a feeling of abandonment, uncertainty that you are happy. All you really need is to find a person who will like both your touching affection and your selfless devotion. Then the union will be long and harmonious.

The best names for marriage, which female name best suits the name Addi

  • Anastasia
  • Varvara
  • Alisa
  • Arina
  • Milana
  • Alina 9 0033
  • Christina
  • Diana
  • Julia
  • Irina
  • Angelina
  • Amina
  • Marina
  • Camilla
  • Camila
  • Emilia
  • Nika


You are attracted by beauty and harmony in all manifestations. Therefore, the fundamental basis of your spiritual aspirations is the desire to keep them around you. Therefore, any actions that may result in a violation of the usual order of things are contrary to your nature.

But you won’t go to war with someone who tries to create such an imbalance. A “bad peace” is always “better than a good quarrel” for you, which means that the enemy should be turned into a friend, showing tact and diplomacy.

And there is nothing surprising in the fact that you have many friends, but practically no enemies. You are always able not only to find a compromise solution, but also to “wake up the best feelings” in a person who is negative towards you.

However, just knowing what to do in a given situation is not a choice. Opinions need to be backed up with action. And this is where your indecision often fails you. This is not timidity or fear of consequences. Just hesitation in the process of finding the best option. Life experience will help get rid of them.

Description of the name Addi

You are capable of strong love and affection. In love and family life, you are faithful to the chosen one (chosen one), and are inclined, at times, to sacrifice yourself and your interests for the sake of him (her) for a long time. However, this situation is also possible in relation to other people close to you: friends and relatives (parents, sisters, brothers, etc.)

But even if you have troubles, this will not affect your hospitality and cordiality.

You like beautiful things, clothes and stylish accessories. This also applies to triples-men — you are also not indifferent to brightness, both in clothes and in life itself.

Your life is rich in many emotional and unusual events, and they are so interesting that you could write a real love story or soap opera script about you with an eternal love triangle.

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