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James’ Name Meaning & Variations (Plus Matching Options For Siblings)


James ranks #5 in the top 10 baby boy names in the US, according to the SSA (Social Security Administration). (1)

You might be asking yourself some of these questions:

“What’s James’ name meaning?”

“Why is James so popular?”

“Is James a boy or girl name?”

“Are there Jameses in the Bible? If yes, who were they?”

“What are some variants for James and similar names that I can use for his siblings?”

“What are the best twin names for boys that match with James?”

Let’s answer these questions (and more) below.

Information About James

James Name Meaning

James means “supplanter” or “substitute.” It can also mean “may God protect.”


  • Jayms
  • Jāmz
  • Jay-um-z

Name Origin Of James

James is an English name of Hebrew origin. It’s also a biblical boy name.

It comes from the Hebrew name Jacob, which means “supplanter (substitute).”

The biblical Jacob’s name fits his actions. He tricked his older twin, Esau, into exchanging his bekorah (birthright) for a bowl of stew when they were 15 years old.

In Israelite tradition, firstborn sons inherit their father’s judicial authority, family leadership, and most of his properties. By tricking Esau into giving up his birthright, Jacob becomes their father Isaac’s heir.

This isn’t just a simple issue, however, because God had promised Abraham, Isaac’s father, that he will be the father of nations. Under this covenant, the firstborns of Abraham’s descendants are supposed to continue his legacy and responsibilities.

Aside from the birthright scam, Jacob also tricked their father into granting him Esau’s bekhorah, a wish for fertility and dominion.

According to the Bible, Isaac didn’t appear to acknowledge the twins’ birthright exchange. In his old age, Isaac called Esau to prepare him his favorite food, venison, so he’ll give him his firstborn blessing.

A hunter, Esau quickly set off to fulfill his dad’s wishes.

Their mother, Rebecca, overheard Isaac’s instructions, but she also wanted her favorite son Jacob to get the blessing.

She quickly prepared a goat meat dish to taste like venison and covered Jacob in lamb skin so he’ll be like the hairy Esau.

Blind from old age, Isaac thought Jacob was Esau and gave him the firstborn blessing.

Jacob ran away from home to avoid the furious Esau. Still, this paved the way for him to meet his two wives and become the father of Israel’s 12 tribes.

What Was James’ Name In The Bible?

Several people were named “James” in the Bible, although the background story of his name meaning is actually about Jacob (read below).

What Is James’ Name In Hebrew?

James comes from the Hebrew name “Ya’aqov,” anglicized (turned to English) as “Jacob.

The Hebrew name became the Greek boy name “Iakobos.” It turned into the Latin name “Iacomus” or “Jacomus,” which became “James.”

What’s the Gender Of A James?

James is a primarily male name, but it has variants for girls.

US Stats: Is The Name James Popular?

Yes. James ranks fifth in the most popular baby names for boys in the US. (1)

Since the 1900s, James hasn’t ranked below the top 20 favorite boy names. It even held the top place for over a decade – from 1940 to 1952. (1)

James has also consistently been in the top 10 from the 1900s up to 1992. (1)

Its popularity waned slightly from 1993 to 2013, ranking out of the top 10 but still in the top 20. Yet it regained its ranks within the top 10 from 2014 to 2021. (1)

FAQs About James’ Name Meaning

How Many Jameses Are In The Bible?

There are at least five Jameses in the Bible: (2)

  1. James, Zebedee’s son – Spain’s patron saint; one of Jesus’ twelve apostles
  2. James, Jesus’ brother
  3. James, Alphaeus’ son – Another disciple
  4. James, Judas’ father (not Judas Iscariot)
  5. James, Mary’s son (not Jesus’ mother)

What’s The Personality Of A James?

Your baby’s personality isn’t determined by their name, but Jameses are perceived as leaders or men committed to their work.

Although James’ name meaning isn’t 100% positive, its strong background still makes it a popular choice among parents.

Plus, even if Jacob had tricked his brother, he later became a powerful man and one of Israel’s best-known patriarchs.

Is John A Nickname For James?

No. John is a standalone first name. While it’s also a diminutive of longer names such as Jonathan, it isn’t usually considered a common nickname for James.

James’ Name Variations

Boy Name Variations

  • Giacobbe (Italian boy name)
  • Giacomo (Italian name)
  • Hamish (Scottish)
  • Iacobus (Ancient Greek name)
  • Iago (Welsh)
  • Jacob (Hebrew and English)
  • Jacques (French boy name)
  • Jaime (Spanish)
  • Jakob (Polish, Danish, Icelandic, and German name)
  • Jakobus (black boy name of African origin)
  • Jakup (Albanian)
  • Kimo (Hawaiian name)
  • Séamas (Irish name)
  • Seamus (Gaelic and Irish boy name)
  • Tiago (Portuguese and Hispanic boy name)
  • Yaakov (Hebrew)
  • Yakov (Russian name)
  • Yakubus (Indonesian)
  • Zhānmǔsī (Chinese name)

Girl Name Variations

  • Jacqueline (French girl name)
  • Jacqui (French name)
  • Jaimee (English)
  • Jami
  • Jamma (Cornish)

Unisex Name Variations

  • Jackie (English)
  • Jacky (English)
  • Japik (Frisian)
  • Jeams (from Scotland)

Pet Names & Common Nicknames For James

Some common English pet names for James:

  • Jack
  • Jame
  • Jamie
  • Jay
  • Jim
  • Jimbo
  • Jimmy

Names You Can Pair With James

Middle Names For Boys

  • Alexander
  • Benjamin
  • Oliver
  • Samuel

Suggested Twin Or Sibling Names

  • Abigail
  • Andrew
  • Caleb
  • Christy
  • Claire
  • Elijah
  • Emily
  • Emma
  • Esau
  • Grace
  • Jade
  • Jason
  • Jennifer
  • Jessica
  • Judah
  • Justin
  • Liam
  • Maggie
  • Matthew
  • Noah
  • Olivia
  • Sarah
  • Vincent

Matching Or Similar Names

  • Aimes
  • Aymes
  • Eames
  • Hayes
  • Henry
  • Jase
  • Jayce
  • Jaycee
  • Jesse
  • Joseph
  • Joshua
  • Levi
  • Peter
  • Ryan
  • Simon
  • Thomas

Other Names For Boys That Start with J

  • Jackson
  • Jeremiah
  • Jonah
  • Jonathan
  • Jordan

Famous People

Famous Jameses

  • James Baldwin – American writer
  • James Brolin – American actor
  • James Brown – American singer and songwriter
  • James Buchanan – 15th US president
  • James Cameron – Film and TV director
  • James Dean – American film actor
  • James Earl Jones – American actor
  • James Franco – American actor
  • James I the Conqueror – 13th-century Spanish king
  • James Ireland – Producer
  • James Joyce – 19th Irish novelist
  • James Madison, Jr. – Fourth US president of the United States; the US Constitution’s founding father
  • James McAvoy – Scottish actor
  • James Monroe – Fifth US president
  • James Taylor – American singer and songwriter
  • King James I of England – Namesake and sponsor of the Bible’s King James version

Famous Jamies

  • Jamie Chadwick – British racing driver
  • Jamie Foxx – American comedian and singer
  • Jamie Lee Curtis – American actress

Famous Jimmys

  • Jimmy Buffett – American musician
  • Jimmy Carter – 39th US president
  • Jimmy Fallon – Host and comedian

Famous Jims

  • Jim Belushi – American actor
  • Jim Carrey – Canadian actor
  • Jim Cavieziel – American actor
  • Jim Davis – American cartoonist
  • Jim Henson – Puppeteer who created “The Muppets”
  • Jim Morrison – The Doors’ lead singer
  • Jim Sturgess – English actor

Fictional Characters

  • Captain James Tiberious Kirk – Star Trek series
  • James Bond – Eponymous series by Ian Fleming
  • Jamie Sommers – The Bionic Woman
  • Jim Block – Final Destination 5
  • Jim Hopper- Stranger Things

James Songs

  • “Cool James” by Harvey Danger
  • “Mr. James Dean” by Hilary Duff
  • “Sweet Baby James” by James Taylor

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James Name Meaning & Origin

James is one of the most popular baby boy names. Favored and fashionable for centuries, the name James has a solid place in history and popular culture. James is the given name of six U.S. presidents, and James Cook was the most celebrated British explorer of the Age of Exploration. The King James Version (KJV) is the most-translated version of the Bible. James “Logan” Howlett (aka Wolverine) is one of the most important characters in the Marvel Universe, and comedians like James “Jim” Carrey and James “Jimmy” Fallon are beloved among fans. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name James:

Hebrew, Latin: Supplanter, one who follows

Origin of the name James:

James derives from the Latin name Iacomus. This name was a variant of the Biblical Latin form Iacobus. The Latin form ultimately descended from the Hebrew name Ya’aqov (meaning “supplanter” or “one who follows”). James has the same origin as the name Jacob. In the Bible, Jacob appears in the Old Testament while James appears in the New Testament. James is the name of two New Testament apostles as well as the name of a brother of Jesus.

Symbolism of the name James:

James means “supplanter” or “one who follows,” and the most common symbol for James is the heel. Since James VI is famous as the first ruler of all Britain, another symbol for James is the unified British crown.

Style of the name James:

Biblical, Classic

Gender of the name James:

James is a boy’s name.

Pronunciation of the name James:


Number of syllables in the name James:


Emotion evoked from the name James:

The name James evokes feelings of prominence and prestige.

Alternative spellings for the name James:

  • Jaymes 

Nicknames for the name James:

  • Jim 
  • Jimmy 
  • Jimi
  • Jay
  • Jamie 
  • Jhems
  • Jack 
  • Jem
  • Jae

Popularity of the name James:

According to the Social Security Administration index, James was the sixth most popular baby name for boys in 2020. James was among the top five baby names for boys from 2016-2018.

Related names for the name James:

  • Jameson 
  • Jamison 
  • Jacob 
  • Jake 
  • Jayden 
  • Janus
  • Jens
  • Séamas
  • Jason 
  • Jonas 

Great middle names for James and their meanings:

  • Andrew (manly)
  • Bennett (blessed)
  • Dylan (son of the sea)
  • Edward (wealthy guardian, protector)
  • Edwin (rich friend)
  • Hunter (he who hunts)
  • Maxwell (great stream)
  • Randall (wolf shield)
  • Tyler (tiller)
  • Vincent (conquering, victorious)

Famous people with the name James:

  • James VI and I (sovereign of Scotland, England, and Ireland)
  • James Joseph Brown (singer)
  • James Francis Cameron (film director)
  • James Edward Franco (actor)
  • James Earl Jones (actor)
  • James Joyce (writer)
  • James Madison (statesman)
  • James Paul Marsden (model)
  • James McAvoy (actor)
  • James Brendan Patterson (writer)

James in popular culture:

  • James Bond (protagonist in the famous espionage series by Ian Fleming)
  • James Isaac “Jimmy” Neutron (character in the eponymous cartoon)
  • James “Jimmy” Kent (character on Downton Abbey)
  • James Potter (father of Harry Potter)
  • James Sirius Potter (son of Harry Potter)

The name James — meaning, character, compatibility and more


Name interpretation

James is a person with idealistic inclinations, the bearer of such qualities as affection, amorousness, the desire to see a «standard» in everything that catches his eye.

But this is also an increased demands on others, quite often without real grounds. Such a person sincerely believes that if the «absolute» exists, then everyone is simply obliged to strive to achieve it. It is impossible to convince him, he «stops» only when the «fuel» — his own resources — runs out.

Derivatives of the name James


English, American



Suitable colors


Happy Numbers

9, 3, 6


Mars, Jupiter



Zodiac sign

♈ Aries, ♐ Sagittarius

Day of the week



Ranking 9004 8
Popular Names

Dates of the name

Stones-stones-stones named after

Halzedon, Bodgio stone, chrysoberill, diopside, field spat, hematite, malachite, phenactitis, cash, yellow topaz, blue turmaline, brown turmaline, rinked stone.

Learn more about the name James

The meaning of the letters of the name


The artistry of your nature suggests a certain pretentiousness in clothing. You like to decorate yourself. To do this, you use jewelry, unusual, eye-catching accessories, all kinds of stylistic delights. Well, this is quite in line with your friendly, open nature. It is only important to observe the measure, not to go to extremes, since the border between brightness and vulgarity is rather ephemeral.

James name compatibility, manifestation of love

James, marriage for you symbolizes the beginning of the ascetic path, and your partner must be ready for the fact that every day he will receive the “moon from the sky”. At first glance, this is great, but there is a small problem: you certainly need the same «moon» in response, since the adequacy of the reaction, gratitude and admiration are necessary for you for peace of mind. The slightest doubt that you are selflessly loved and highly valued demoralizes you, and then carefully built well-being can collapse overnight.

The best names for marriage, which female name best suits the name James

  • Kristina
  • Alena
  • Taisiya
  • Angelina
  • Svetlana
  • Olesya
  • Natalia
  • Camila
  • Motivation

    Your heart is full of love and compassion for those around you. At the heart of spiritual aspirations is the desire to protect everyone for whom you can do this from trouble. Even to the detriment of their own interests. To do good and not ask for a reward for it is your choice in any situation.

    At first glance, this is the life of a saint. But not everyone is pleased with the constant guardianship and obsessive manifestation of participation. Even the closest people can get tired of everyday care. Moreover, to suffer, because by relieving them of the need to do at least something on their own, you deprive them of the opportunity to develop, turning them into “plankton”.

    So, sooner or later you will surely hear a reproach. And your confidence that self-sacrifice is really capable of bringing the fruits you expected will be dealt a severe blow. Then instead of satisfaction you will get disappointment.

    Therefore, the desire to nurture and protect must be limited by reasonable limits. Remember this, and your peace of mind will be preserved.

    Characteristics of the name James

    You should constantly improve yourself and develop your talents, and one more thing: in no case try to imitate other people.

    Your main support is faith in yourself and the Higher powers, as well as love for your people.

    You should not be afraid of life’s ups and downs — the name James has a truly magical ability to «attract» help and favorable opportunities at the right time to achieve your goals.

    You often have strange and even paradoxical situations in friendship, love and marriage, until you understand that true love is not possession and not sacrifice, but a reward based on strength of character, personal affection and laws higher being. Genuine love always promotes development and spiritual growth.

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    The meaning of the name James — the character and fate of a man

    Name meaning: next on the heels

    Name origin: Hebrew

    Gender: male, for boys

    Church: Jacob

    Name transliteration: James

    Middle name: Jamesovna , Jamesovich

    Short form: Jim 9014 4

    Diminutive: Jimmy, Jimbo, Jamie

    Synonyms: Jacob

    Participates in ratings of names: English , American

    James name compatibility

    James is an English name of Jewish origin, which came into English from the Hebrew name Jacob (Jacob). The name Jacob was Hellenized by the Greeks, then got into Latin, then into Old French, from where it already came to English, as evidenced by the ending -s, characteristic of borrowed from Old French. Synonymous with him is another popular English name — Jacob. Both come from a Hebrew word that translates as «heel» and is interpreted as «following on the heels.» This is a reference to the biblical Jacob, who was born holding onto the heel of a twin.

    The name leaves a special emotional imprint on its bearer. But in addition to the common features inherent in people with the same name, the zodiac sign under which he was born also influences the character of a person. This is how the carriers of the name James, born under different signs of the zodiac

    , differ

    James Aries:

    Sensitive and responsive — always ready to listen and help in a difficult situation.

    Read more

    James Taurus:

    Witty and resourceful — able to quickly find a way out of any problems.

    Read more

    James Twins:

    Decisive and persistent — achieves his goals at any cost.

    Read more

    James Cancer:

    Good-natured and sociable — easily finds a common language with people of different ages.

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