Catherine middle name: 100+ Best Middle Names for Katherine That Are Unique, Beautiful & Pure

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100+ Best Middle Names for Katherine That Are Unique, Beautiful & Pure

Selecting the perfect name for your newborn can be a challenging task, filled with excitement and meaning. If you’ve chosen the timeless and classic first name Katherine for your baby girl, you’re already on the right track. But why stop there? Discovering a unique and stunning middle name can elevate Katherine to new heights, adding depth, elegance, and individuality to her name.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of amazing middle names that perfectly complement Katherine, helping you create a name that stands out and leaves a lasting impression. Join us on this naming journey to create a name that will make your baby girl proud for years to come.

Name Meaning for Katherine

The name Katherine originated from the Greek word katharos, which means “pure.” It is associated with the Greek name Aikaterine and the goddess HecateHecate is linked with the doorways, magic, moon, night creatures, and witchcraft.

Alternate Spellings for Katherine

  1. Catherine
  2. Catheryn
  3. Cathryn
  4. Katharine
  5. Katharyn
  6. Katherin
  7. Katheryn
  8. Katheryne
  9. Kathrine
  10. Kathryn
  11. Kathryne

Nicknames for Katherine

  1. Kari
  2. Karine
  3. Kate
  4. Katee
  5. Kath
  6. Kathy
  7. Katie
  8. Katya
  9. Kay
  10. Kit
  11. Kitty
  12. Renna
  13. Rina
  14. Riny
  15. Ryn
  16. Trina

100+ Best Middle Names for Katherine

Pick from our list for names that go with Katherine:

  1. Katherine Adelina
  2. Katherine Alaina
  3. Katherine Alexa
  4. Katherine Amayah
  5. Katherine Arya
  6. Katherine Ashlynn
  7. Katherine Audrey
  8. Katherine Averie
  9. Katherine Bella
  10. Katherine Belle
  11. Katherine Blair
  12. Katherine Bonnie
  13. Katherine Braelynn
  14. Katherine Brooke
  15. Katherine Cadence
  16. Katherine Calliope
  17. Katherine Charlee
  18. Katherine Chloe
  19. Katherine Clare
  20. Katherine Clementine
  21. Katherine Deborah
  22. Katherine Della
  23. Katherine Demi
  24. Katherine Denisse
  25. Katherine Diana
  26. Katherine Elaine
  27. Katherine Ellis
  28. Katherine Ellison
  29. Katherine Emani
  30. Katherine Emilia
  31. Katherine Emma
  32. Katherine Esperanza
  33. Katherine Eva
  34. Katherine Evelyn
  35. Katherine Faye
  36. Katherine Gabriela
  37. Katherine Gemma
  38. Katherine Giselle
  39. Katherine Hadleigh
  40. Katherine Haisley
  41. Katherine Haven
  42. Katherine Holland
  43. Katherine Isla
  44. Katherine Itzayana
  45. Katherine Iyla
  46. Katherine Jada
  47. Katherine Jasmine
  48. Katherine Jazlyn
  49. Katherine Johanna
  50. Katherine Julia
  51. Katherine Julissa
  52. Katherine Kaliyah
  53. Katherine Karina
  54. Katherine Kenna
  55. Katherine Kennedy
  56. Katherine Kensley
  57. Katherine Kylee
  58. Katherine Lacey
  59. Katherine Layla
  60. Katherine Lennox
  61. Katherine Lina
  62. Katherine Luciana
  63. Katherine Lucille
  64. Katherine Lydia
  65. Katherine Maci
  66. Katherine Madisyn
  67. Katherine Maggie
  68. Katherine Makenzie
  69. Katherine Marceline
  70. Katherine Marianna
  71. Katherine Marilyn
  72. Katherine Marlee
  73. Katherine Megan
  74. Katherine Mia
  75. Katherine Monroe
  76. Katherine Nyomi
  77. Katherine Paige
  78. Katherine Paislee
  79. Katherine Palmer
  80. Katherine Pearl
  81. Katherine Princess
  82. Katherine Reagan
  83. Katherine Regina
  84. Katherine Reina
  85. Katherine Riley
  86. Katherine Sage
  87. Katherine Saoirse
  88. Katherine Savannah
  89. Katherine Scarlett
  90. Katherine Selah
  91. Katherine Shay
  92. Katherine Sophie
  93. Katherine Stephanie
  94. Katherine Theodora
  95. Katherine Tiana
  96. Katherine Valentina
  97. Katherine Violeta
  98. Katherine Waverly
  99. Katherine Winter
  100. Katherine Zaniyah
  101. Katherine Zariah
  102. Katherine Zoey
  103. Katherine Zola

Similar Names to Katherine

  1. Alexandra
  2. Angeli
  3. Camryn
  4. Caroline
  5. Catalina
  6. Caterina
  7. Catriona
  8. Darci
  9. Diana
  10. Elizabeth
  11. Emily
  12. Emma
  13. Helen
  14. Jane
  15. Jenna
  16. Julia
  17. Kaia
  18. Kasha
  19. Kate
  20. Kathleen
  21. Katya
  22. Kayla
  23. Margaret
  24. Mary
  25. Rebecca
  26. Regine
  27. Reina
  28. Rosetta
  29. Sarah
  30. Victoria

Sibling Names for Katherine

Brother’s Name for Katherine

  1. Katherine & Albert
  2. Katherine & Bennett
  3. Katherine & Boone
  4. Katherine & Brady
  5. Katherine & Bruno
  6. Katherine & Carlos
  7. Katherine & Clifford
  8. Katherine & Derek
  9. Katherine & Dixon
  10. Katherine & Edward
  11. Katherine & Fred
  12. Katherine & Garrick
  13. Katherine & Greg
  14. Katherine & Harvey
  15. Katherine & Heath
  16. Katherine & Hugo
  17. Katherine & Ian
  18. Katherine & Jacques
  19. Katherine & Johnson
  20. Katherine & Luke
  21. Katherine & Maverick
  22. Katherine & Maxwell
  23. Katherine & Philip
  24. Katherine & Raul
  25. Katherine & Rhett
  26. Katherine & Thatcher
  27. Katherine & Thayer
  28. Katherine & Walter
  29. Katherine & Wylie
  30. Katherine & Zeke

Sister’s Name for Katherine

  1. Katherine & Alura
  2. Katherine & Angela
  3. Katherine & Avah
  4. Katherine & Beverly
  5. Katherine & Cassandra
  6. Katherine & Charlotte
  7. Katherine & Corey
  8. Katherine & Effie
  9. Katherine & Eleanor
  10. Katherine & Gail
  11. Katherine & Jaida
  12. Katherine & Joana
  13. Katherine & Jodie
  14. Katherine & Kelsee
  15. Katherine & Laura
  16. Katherine & Lovie
  17. Katherine & Lucinda
  18. Katherine & Marilyn
  19. Katherine & Meredith
  20. Katherine & Misty
  21. Katherine & Oona
  22. Katherine & Penelope
  23. Katherine & Rosalie
  24. Katherine & Samantha
  25. Katherine & Sunni
  26. Katherine & Tony
  27. Katherine & Virginia
  28. Katherine & Vivienne
  29. Katherine & Wendy
  30. Katherine & Willa


Katherine is a name that exudes regality and timelessness. It’s a name that carries a sense of grace and elegance, and finding the perfect middle name to complement it is so important. We hope that our curated list of amazing middle names has inspired you and helped you in your naming journey. Have you found a beautiful middle name that perfectly suits Katherine? We’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Wishing you and your family all the best as you embark on this exciting new chapter!

Middle names that go with Catherine?

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Baby names

26 replies

SmallZooOwner ·

20/01/2011 17:55

Any ideas please of a short middle name which goes with Catherine? Have already used Rose…..

OP posts:




trice ·

20/01/2011 17:55



nancythenaughtyfairy ·

20/01/2011 18:21




sassythefirst ·

20/01/2011 18:21

My dd2 is Catherine Hope



Wigeon ·

20/01/2011 18:25

The Catherines / Katherines I know have the following middle names:


but then they are aged




thetideishigh ·

20/01/2011 18:43





Greenwing ·

20/01/2011 19:03

Catherine is such a lovely, classic name that loads of names would go with it!
Are there any family names you could choose for sentimental value?

My choices would be
Catherine Emily
Catherine Alice
Catherine Elizabeth
Catherine Marie




imustbemadasaboxoffrogs ·

20/01/2011 19:04

I have a Kathryn Grace



OddBodd ·

20/01/2011 19:51

Catherine Hope sounds beautiful, I also love Catherine Elizabeth but you did specify it be a short name so I suspect that’s not going to work for you. I like Catherine Anne too.



TattyCatty ·

20/01/2011 19:52

Every Catherine / Kathryn in my year at school (and I was one of them) was Catherine Elizabeth, so I guess it’s a good combination. I’d go for Catherine Ivy, but am biased as DD’s middle name is Ivy :).



letsblowthistacostand ·

20/01/2011 19:54





Pumpster ·

20/01/2011 19:54

Well my name is Catherine Anne. I am nearly 35 but I like my name!



Muira ·

20/01/2011 20:00

Catherine Elizabeth is Kate Middleton’s name, just in case you want to avoid having the exact same name as her.



stripeywoollenhat ·

20/01/2011 20:02

dd is catherine eleanor



TheSecondComing ·

20/01/2011 20:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster’s request.

SmallZooOwner ·

20/01/2011 22:08

Thank you very much for your suggestions. I am still discounting the one from my partner of Wheel though

OP posts:




pinkem ·

20/01/2011 22:11

Katherine/Catherine Emma



madamefreckle ·

20/01/2011 22:20

Hee hee SmallZooOwner!

Catherine Anne
Catherine Lucy
Catherine Elissa



PlanetLizard ·

20/01/2011 22:32

Catherine Georgia
Catherine Joan
Catherine Xanthe
Catherine Laura
Catherine Sarah
Catherine Iona
Catherine Isabelle
Catherine Marie
Catherine Nina
Catherine Ruby
Catherine Talia
Catherine Olive
Catherine Faith
Catherine Susan
Catherine Leah
Catherine Zoe



happycamel ·

21/01/2011 16:55

Catherine Florence
Catherine Rachel



mathanxiety ·

21/01/2011 19:00

Catherine Blythe (is this too like Captain Blythe though?)
Catherine Claire
Catherine Eve
Catherine Joy
Catherine Maeve
Catherine Pearl
Catherine Mary
Catherine Faith




ladygoldenlion ·

04/09/2012 18:21

I am Catherine Claire!

Gets my vote



NarkedRaspberry ·

04/09/2012 19:32

Catherine Frances?



imustbepatient ·

04/09/2012 22:35

Catherine Leigh?



PepperOnMyPaprikash ·

05/09/2012 10:29

Catherine Mary



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Ekaterina (Katya) D L E W W I K L M H O R R S T U 900 11 F X C H W E Yu I

Short form of the name Ekaterina. Katya, Katyukha, Katyusha, Katya, Katyunya, Katyura, Katyusya, Katyulya, Katyakha, Katyasha, Rina, Ekaterinka, Katerinka, Kate, Kat, Katy.
Synonyms for the name Ekaterina. Katrina, Katerina, Katherine, Katarina, Catalina, Catalino, Katalin, Katel, Trine, Kaisa, Katlin, Kyatlin, Ketevan, Catalia, Karen.
Origin of the name Ekaterina. The name Ekaterina is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Ekaterina came to Russian from the Greek language, meaning «pure, immaculate.» In many Western European languages, there are two phonetic variants of the name in parallel: Katerina (Katherine, Katharina) and Catalina (Katlin, Katlin, Caitlin — Catlin, Caitlin).

Currently, a variant of the name Ekaterina — Cataliya has appeared, which is gaining popularity and can be considered both an independent name and an affectionate appeal to the owners of the names Ekaterina, Catalina, Katerina and their variations. The name Ketevan became an analogue of the name Catherine in Georgia. In the USA at 19In the 1950s and 1960s, it entered the top ten most popular names (derived from Katherine), and in 1965 it became one of the most popular names for American girls.

Rin’s affectionate name is also a name in its own right and an address to many other names. Semantic analogues are the names Ariana and Safiya.

Christians especially revere the Great Martyr Catherine of Alexandria, who is considered the patroness of brides. And among Catholics, she is revered as the heavenly intercessor of children and women, schoolchildren and students, and she is also the patroness of such professions as a teacher, librarian, philosopher, lawyer, spinner, cutler and grinder. Catherine of Alexandria also patronizes the cities of Yekaterinburg, Dnepropetrovsk (former Yekaterinoslav), Krasnodar (former Yekaterinodar), Aalzum (Holland) and the University of Paris.

Ekaterina is very different from other women because of her high level of intelligence. In actions, a girl can be overly impulsive and proud. She hardly recognizes the superiority of other people. This is due to the fact that internally the girl is constantly looking for flaws in herself and suffers from a fictitious inferiority.

Ekaterina is a real dreamer. Having a rich imagination, she easily makes friends and admirers. From close people, the girl expects, first of all, reliability and considers them as a support.

During her school years, Katya tries to be the first in the class, carefully selects her social circle, limiting it only to everyone’s favorites. She is talented and generous, so she succeeds a lot. And if something fails, then Katya can only be blamed for this by her disregard for the help of others.

Ekaterina takes any events in her life calmly. She is always reserved and prudent. Among those around her, she is known as a well-mannered, kind and tactful girl, not devoid of taste and majesty. Katya makes her intellect feel from the first minutes of communication. Although Katya cannot be called touchy, she is very subjective and often takes what is said upon herself. There is no spiritual subtlety and flexibility in it, and the character can rather be called difficult.

However, Catherine’s life is always interesting and eventful. By temperament, the girl is a choleric. She easily loses her temper, sometimes it seems that she has excessive demands. She is often devoid of intuition and acts based on her mind. Katya is 100% sure of her mental abilities. Her actions largely depend on the circumstances. The girl has no firm moral principles. Outwardly, Katya often remains indifferent.

Katerina selects her life partner very carefully and spends a lot of time looking for him. The girl is not deprived of the attention of the opposite sex. However, for a long time she cannot choose from the mass of admirers who is worthy of becoming her husband. In a relationship, she is sensitive and excitable, but dissatisfaction can result in anger and irritability. You should not expect a violent manifestation of feelings from Katya, but, nevertheless, she becomes a good housewife and wife. It is not difficult for her to solve everyday problems, although more difficult tasks can make her confused.

Catherine has no attachments that could claim the meaning of her life. She loves to attend concerts, go to the cinema, have fun, but does not give herself completely to this. Work also does not become her goal. As a worker, Katya is quite active, but she lacks endurance. Among professions, she also has no preferences. Most often, Catherine becomes an advertiser or a journalist. It is even possible that the girl will achieve noticeable success in this field.

Sound. Ekaterina is a rather long name, consisting of five syllables. Majesty is his most notable characteristic. The strength (91 % ), beauty (90 % ) and mystery (83 % ) of the sound of the name are also often noted. Sometimes a certain femininity is also distinguished in it (74 % ). Names similar in phonosemantic profile are Victoria, Valeria and Elizaveta.

Compatibility with the name Alexander | Alexey | Andrew | Anton | Artem | Vladimir | Dmitry | Eugene | Maxim | Michael | Oleg | Pavel | Sergey | Edward | Yuri | Igor | Nikita | Tikhon | 9 more0006

Ekaterina’s name day

Ekaterina celebrates her name day on February 5, February 17, March 20, December 7, December 17.

Famous people with the name Catherine

  • Catherine II the Great ((1729-1796) birth name — Sofia Augusta Frederica von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg otherwise Sofia Augusta Frederica von Anhalt-Zerbstskaya, name at the Russian court — Ekaterina Alekseevna; All-Russian Empress (1762-1796. Made an impressive contribution to the development and strengthening of the Russian Empire. Reformer.)
  • Ekaterina Dashkova ((1743 / 1744-1810) nee — Vorontsova, married — Princess Dashkova; friend and associate of Empress Catherine II, participant in the coup d’état of 1762. One of the notable personalities of the Russian Enlightenment. Her memoirs contain valuable information about the reign Peter III and about the accession of Catherine II («Memoirs of Princess Dashkova», published in 1840 in London).)
  • Ekaterina Budanova ((1916-1943) the first female pilot, Hero of the Russian Federation, fighter pilot)
  • Ekaterina Maksimova ((1939-2009) Soviet and Russian ballerina, choreographer, choreographer, ballet teacher. People’s Artist of the USSR (1973). Laureate of the USSR State Prize (1981).)
  • Ekaterina Furtseva ((1910-1974) Soviet state and party leader, Minister of Culture of the USSR from 1960 to 1974)
  • Katarina Witt ((born 1965) outstanding German figure skater, two-time Olympic champion in single skating (1984, 1988), four-time world champion (1984, 1985, 1987, 1988), six-time European champion (1983-1988 in a row), eight-time champion of the GDR)
  • Katharina Böhm (Swiss film actress)
  • Ekaterina Vasilyeva ((born 1945) Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1987))
  • Ekaterina Radziwill ((1858-1941) Polish writer and swindler, representative of the Rzewuski count family)
  • Ekaterina Raikina ((born 1938) Russian theater and film actress, Honored Artist of the RSFSR)
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones ((born 1969) English film actress)
  • Katherine Heigl ((born 1978) American film actress)
  • Ekaterina Semenova ((stage name — Katya Semenova; Russian pop singer, composer and film actress)
  • Ekaterina Bagration (nee — Skavronskaya; princess, wife of the commander Bagration, famous in Europe for her beauty and careless behavior)
  • Ekaterina Zhuleva ((1830-1905) by her husband — Nebolsina; Russian dramatic artist)
  • Ekaterina Geltser ((1876-1962) Russian Soviet ballerina)
  • Käthe Kollwitz ((1867-1945) German painter and sculptor)
  • Katie Karrenbauer (German singer and film actress)
  • Catalina (Catalina) Ponor ((born 1987) Romanian gymnast, three-time Olympic champion, world and European champion)
  • Ekaterina Gordeeva ((born 1971) Soviet and Russian figure skater who competed in pair skating. Paired with Sergei Grinkov — two-time Olympic champion 1988 and 1994, four times world champion, three times European champion and three times world professional champion.)
  • Ekaterina Vilmont (Russian writer, author of ironic female prose)
  • Ekaterina Telesheva (Teleshova, Telesheva) ((1804-1857) Russian ballerina, favorite student of Didlo and E.I. Kolosova)
  • Ekaterina Avdeeva ((1789-1865) nee — Polevoy; Russian writer, publisher of Russian folk tales, author of books on home economics; sister of N.A. Polevoy and K.A. Polevoy)
  • Katherine Bigelow ((born 1951) is an American science fiction, action and horror filmmaker. Golden Globe nominee, BAFTA and Oscar winner for The Hurt Locker, the first woman to receive a » Oscar» as director)
  • Kate Moss ((born 1974) British supermodel and actress. Known as one of the highest paid models of the 1990s and 2000s.)
  • Katarzyna Skowronska ((born 1983) Polish volleyball player, striker, national team player. Two-time European champion (2003 and 2005).)
  • Catherine de Medici or Catherine Maria Romola di Lorenzo de Medici ((1519-1589) queen and regent of France (1560-1563 and 1574), wife of Henry II, king of France from the Angouleme line of the Valois dynasty)
  • Katrine Madsen (Danish jazz singer)
  • Trine Jensen (Danish handball player)
  • Katariina Souri (Finnish fashion model, actress and writer)
  • Kaisa Mäkäräinen (Makarainen) (Finnish biathlete)
  • Karin Alvtegen (Swedish novelist, author of detective novels)
  • Catherine Deneuve ((born 1943) pseudonym, nee — Catherine Fabien Dorleac; French actress. The third of the four daughters of French actors Maurice Dorleac and Rene Deneuve. She began to use her mother’s surname at the very beginning of her career so that she would not be confused with the more famous one at that time the moment of the older sister Françoise Dorléac.Two other sisters — Sylvia and Daniela Dorléac — are also actresses. )
  • Kaisa Bergqvist (Swedish high jump world champion)
  • Katya Kramarchik ((born 1984) surname before marriage — Schulke; German handball player, role — goalkeeper)
  • Katya Mira Pevek ((born 1988) American actress)
  • Katya Kirilova Paskaleva ((1945-2002) Bulgarian actress)
  • Katya Ocean ((born 1981) real name — Ekaterina Ivlieva; Belarusian singer, also a radio presenter, actress, composer and lyricist)
  • Katya Galstyan ((born 1993) Armenian skier, participated in the 2014 Olympics)
  • Katya Seitzinger ((born 1972) German alpine skier, three times Olympic champion, multiple winner of various championships)
  • Katja Hanchen Leni Riemann ((born 1963) German actress, also singer)
  • Katya Kapovich ((born 1960) full name — Ekaterina; Russian and American poetess, prose writer. She is the editor of the English-language poetry magazine Fulcrum.)
  • Katya Klap ((born 1993) real name — Ekaterina Trofimova; Russian video blogger. Shoots sketches, uploads spoken videos and musical parodies). Her video projects are in the top 10 most profitable in Russia.)
  • Katya Guerreiro ((born 1976) Portuguese singer, performer of the fado genre)
  • Katya Haller ((born 1981) Italian biathlete, multiple winner of various championships)
  • Katya Adushkina ((born 2003) full name — Ekaterina; Russian video blogger, popular among teenage audience)
  • Katya Kishchuk ((born 1993) Russian singer and fashion model)
  • Katya Ogonyok ((1977-2007) real name — Kristina Penkhasova, surname after marriage — Bogdanova; Russian singer, genre — chanson)
  • Katya Lel ((born 1974) real name — Ekaterina Chuprinina; Russian singer)

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Discussion of the description of the name Ekaterina

Yaropolk (reputation: +1)

Added on 06/15/2023 11:04

Katya (guest):
99% match. I also read about the name given to me at birth, it coincided much less. Now I have the best name for me!

What was your name, at what age did you change it?

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Katya (guest)

Added on 06/04/2023 at 12:12

99% match. I also read about the name given to me at birth, it coincided much less. Now I have the best name for me!

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Katya (guest)

Added on 02/26/2023 at 16:34

Doesn’t look like me, but my friend Katya — exactly exactly.

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Katya (guest)

Added on 02/25/2023 at 18:13

Katya (guest):
Much coincided, but it’s not true about friends: I’m friends with everyone. About the mind, too, not everything is so, out of 100 about 80.

I don’t know about my profession yet (small yet), but I plan to become an actress.

I came to the site to find out something interesting about myself. .. I liked the site, it seems to be good.

Well, yes, not bad.

Reply Reply with quote

Katya (guest)

Added on 09/20/2022 at 21:28

About Katya’s intelligence is not true.

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To everyone who bears the name Ekaterina. Do you know that…

St. Catherine the Great Martyr. Icon of the 17th century

At baptism, we receive the name of a saint — a person who especially pleased God. For those who bear the name Catherine and for whom this saint is a heavenly patron, it will be useful to know …

  • The name Catherine came to Russian from Greek and means «always pure, immaculate.»
  • This name was borne by many holy Christians, and the most revered of them in the Orthodox world is the Holy Great Martyr Catherine of Alexandria.
  • The Great Martyr Catherine was one of the fourteen especially revered ancient saints who were considered the holy helpers of Christians.
  • One of the oldest continuously operating Christian monasteries in the world, founded in the 4th century at the foot of Mount Sinai, is named after this holy virgin.
  • B 19In 35, the International Astronomical Union named a crater on the visible side of the Moon named after St. Catherine of Alexandria.

It is interesting that:

  • The name Ekaterina is widespread in almost all countries and is one of the ten most popular female names.
  • “Catherine” sounds like “Catherine” in France, “Catherine” in America, “Catarina” in Germany, “Katrina” in Denmark, “Catalina” in Romania, “Katarina” in Poland, and there are more options: “Katy”, “Kete”, “Katy” and dozens of others.
  • The name Ekaterina was often given to royalty. It was worn by two All-Russian empresses: Catherine I and Catherine II (the Great), who became Catherine at baptism. Princess Ekaterina Dashkova and many other noble ladies were also named after Saint Catherine.
  • Famous athletes, actresses, ballerinas, writers are among the famous Ekaterinas: Ekaterina Gordeeva is a multiple world, European and Olympic champion in figure skating; Ekaterina Budanova — the first female pilot, Hero of Russia, fighter pilot; Ekaterina Maksimova — ballerina, choreographer, people’s artist, laureate of the USSR State Prize; Ekaterina Avdeeva (née Polevaya) is a Russian writer, publisher of Russian folk tales and books on home economics.

The story of how St. Catherine appeared
to the Russian Tsar

It is interesting that in the Middle Ages the name Catherine was widespread in Western Europe, and in Rus’ until about the middle of the 17th century it was extremely rare. In the Moscow census of 1638, almost half a thousand female names were mentioned, but Catherine of them — only twelve, and even those were residents of the German settlement.

The name Ekaterina gained popularity miraculously. In a cold, snowy December of 1658, Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, nicknamed the Quietest, whose favorite hobby besides chess was falconry and dog hunting, was hunting in his reserve not far from Moscow. The short winter day was quickly ending, and he decided to spend the night in a camp tent in the Yermolinsky Groves in order to continue chasing the beast in the morning.

In a thin dream, the Holy Virgin Catherine of Alexandria appeared to the Tsar and announced to him the birth of her daughter. According to legend, she said: “Do not be horrified, king, but give thanks to the Lord. On this night, by His will, your wife gave birth to a daughter for your consolation. Waking up, instead of continuing the hunt, the tsar hastened to return to Moscow to Empress Maria Ilyinichna Miloslavskaya.

When the tsar and his retinue were approaching Kolomenskoye, he met a messenger hurrying to the tsar with good news: he really had a daughter. The tsar vowed to build a monastery in her honor on the site where St. Catherine appeared to him. Honoring the saint, he named Catherine and the newborn — the seventh of his sixteen children.

The king immediately wrote a decree on the construction of a monastery, and the carpenters began hard work: the first monastery buildings were made of wood. In 1664, stone construction began, which, like the maintenance of the Catherine’s Hermitage, was financed at the expense of the sovereign’s personal funds. Now it is a functioning St. Catherine’s Monastery in the city of Vidnoye, Moscow Region.

Saint Catherine. Orthodox icon.

It is made according to the strict canons of icon painting: with a cross in the right hand and the open palm of the left hand raised upwards or with a scroll of death prayer. The head is covered with a white veil as a sign of purity and chastity ria. She is crowned with a crown adorned with stones, but simple in form. The clothes are made in the classic blue and red colors of the ancient images of St. Catherine. The icon lacks numerous details that abound in Catholic icons: they are placed on the periphery in hagiographic hallmarks. The icon is laconic, simple, saturated with symbolic colors, the face of the saint is calm and concentrated.

Distribution of the name Catherine in Russia

a II (Great). The royal choice, of course, contributed to the spread of this name in the Russian Empire. Already in the second half of the 18th century, the name Catherine became one of the most popular among Russian noblewomen: in the list of court ladies in 1802, Catherine was second only to Anna in number.

Gradually both merchant and peasant daughters were called Ekaterinas. In the 19th century, the name became widespread among the common people in the colloquial form «Katerina». At the beginning of the 20th century, the name became the fourth most popular in the Russian Empire. True, when ordinary people began to call children Katerina, the noblewomen almost stopped doing this, choosing for their daughters more refined, in their opinion, names.

As the years passed, Catherine, who received her name at the beginning of the 20th century, grew old, became grandmothers, and young people were in no hurry to call their daughters Katya. But the wonderful name was not forgotten among the people, and starting from 19In the 70s, the inhabitants of Russia again began to give their daughters the name Catherine. At the beginning of the fast-paced 21st century, this name regained its former popularity and is now in the top ten and even in some regions of Russia in the top five most popular female names: Anastasia, Maria, Anna, Daria, Ekaterina.

Did you know that:

  • For more than 200 years (from 1713 to 1917) in Russia there was a female order of the Holy Great Martyr Catherine, established by Peter the Great to reward the great princesses and ladies of high society. They were awarded for the works of charity, enlightenment, and even the military merits of ladies for the glory of the Fatherland.
  • The Order of St. Catherine had the motto «For Love and Fatherland» and was the second most senior in the Russian Empire after the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called with its motto «For Faith and Loyalty».
  • The first owner of the Order of St. Catherine was the wife of Peter the Great Ekaterina Alekseevna, who, as a faithful wife, being in her seventh month of pregnancy, adequately accompanied and supported the sovereign in the unsuccessful Prut campaign in July 1711 against the Ottoman Empire, and also, according to legend , donated all her jewels to bribe the Turkish commander, so that the Russians could conclude a truce and avoid defeat.
  • In the “History of the Svean War”, compiled by Peter I himself, it is written that this “order was made in memory of Her Majesty’s being in a battle with the Turks near the Prut, where at such a dangerous time, not like a wife, but like a male person was visible to everyone «.
  • The brave Empress Ekaterina Alekseevna received the order from the hands of Tsar Peter I himself on November 24, 1714, on the day of memory of the Holy Great Martyr Catherine. In just 200 years, 734 ladies were awarded the Order of the Holy Great Martyr Catherine.
  • In 1789, during the Russo-Swedish War, a small Russian brig «Mercury» attacked and captured the Swedish frigate «Venus», which was twice the size of a Russian ship. For this battle, Catherine II awarded the captain of the brig with the Order of St. George, and his wife, Marfa Ivanovna, who assisted the wounded in the battle, with the Order of St. Catherine.
  • In 2012, the tradition of awarding the Order of St. Catherine the Great Martyr was renewed. Now the motto of the order is “For Mercy”, and it is awarded for an outstanding contribution to peacekeeping, humanitarian and charitable activities.

History of the Monastery of St. Catherine the Great Martyr on Sinai

After the execution, the body of St. Catherine the Great Martyr disappeared. According to legend, it was carried by angels to the top of Mount Sinai, which now bears the name of the saint.

Three centuries after the execution of the great martyr, in the middle of the 6th century, the abbot of the monastery of the Transfiguration, located at the foot of Mount Sinai, received a notice from the Lord: an unknown voice commanded him, along with the brethren, to climb to the top. Without delay, the brethren set off on their journey and found the incorruptible relics of the holy virgin Catherine on the mountain, namely her head and left hand.

The Great Martyr was identified by the ring given to her by Jesus Christ, and her holy relics were transferred to the monastery church. Gradually, more and more people began to turn to her with prayers, because the holy Great Martyr was very quick to obey and had the grace from the Lord to help everyone who turned to her for prayer help.

In the XI century the monastery was renamed in honor of St. Catherine. Its main shrines — silver shrines with the head and right hand of the saint — are kept in the altar of the monastery church in a marble shrine. Another small part of the relics of the saint (her finger) is in the reliquary of the main icon of the Great Martyr Catherine in the left nave of the basilica, and this icon is always open to the faithful for worship.

Monastery of St. Catherine on Mount Sinai

In memory of visiting the monastery, the monks give pilgrims silver rings with a picture of a heart and the inscription «ΑΓΙΑ ΑΙΚΑΤΕΡΙ ​​NA» — «Saint Catherine».

Did you know that:

  • The monastery of the Holy Great Martyr Catherine was never captured or destroyed, because in different centuries it was patronized by Mohammed, Turkish sultans, Arab caliphs, Russian tsars and Napoleon.
  • Since the monastery has never been devastated since its founding, at present it has a huge collection of unique icons and manuscripts and is inferior in quantity and value only to the Apostolic Library in the Vatican.
  • The monastery has a huge number of valuable manuscripts and scrolls, as well as about 5,000 old books, some of which date back to the first decades of printing.
  • The monastery library also contains unique historical documents and certificates with gold and lead seals of Byzantine patriarchs, emperors, Turkish sultans.
  • The monastery has a unique collection of icons, and twelve of them, the rarest and oldest, were painted in wax as early as the 6th century and are the oldest icons in the world.
  • Among the abbots of the monastery of St. Catherine in Sinai was the Monk John of the Ladder (579-649), the author of the famous «Ladder».
  • Behind the altar of the monastery basilica of the Transfiguration is one of the most ancient buildings of the monastery — the chapel of the Burning Bush, built on the very spot where, according to the biblical story, God spoke to Moses (see: Exod. 2: 2-5). Fulfilling the biblical directive, all who enter must take off their shoes here.

Burning Bush. Photo: prot. Igor Pchelintsev

  • The altar of the chapel is located not over the relics of the saints, as usual, but over the roots of Kupina, the bush itself was transplanted next to the chapel and continues to grow further.
  • From the end of the 14th century, Russia maintained a close relationship with the monastery of St. Catherine. Russian tsars repeatedly generously endowed the monastery.


St. Catherine was unusually capable of science, so there is a custom to ask her prayers before God for help in studying and passing exams. The wisdom inherent in a saint in earthly life allows you to ask her for help when you need to make some important decision.

Traditionally, St. Catherine was considered the patroness of marriage, as she became the bride of the best Bridegroom in the world. So she is usually asked for prayers for her upcoming marriage and a happy family life.

The Holy Great Martyr gained ardent faith and fidelity to God, fervent prayer and courage in trials and temptations, therefore, she is also approached with requests for prayerful intercession in acquiring these gifts.

You can turn to the Holy Great Martyr in your own words, but there are prayers compiled by the Church that will help in difficult circumstances to ask for prayer help from St.

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