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Is Ericka a Male, Female or Unisex Name? (Explained)

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Are you curious about the origins and meaning behind the name Ericka? Do you want to know if it’s a male, female, or unisex name? In this article, we’ll dive deep into everything there is to know about the name Ericka, including its history, origins, pronunciation, popularity, and more. So, let’s get started!

The History of the Name Ericka

The name Ericka is a modern variation of the name Erica, which has its roots in ancient Norse mythology. The Norse goddess Eir was associated with healing and medicine, and Erica is believed to have been derived from her name. In Germanic languages, Erica means “eternal ruler,” “honor,” or “noble.” The name was first recorded in English in the 17th century, and it has since become a popular choice for girls and boys alike.

Throughout history, the name Erica has been associated with strength and resilience. In the 19th century, it was a popular name for women who were pioneers in their fields, such as Erica Mann, a German writer and political activist, and Erica Morini, an Austrian violinist. In the 20th century, the name gained even more popularity, with famous Ericas including actress Erica Durance and tennis player Erica Sema.

Today, the name Ericka continues to be a popular choice for parents around the world. It is often spelled in different ways, such as Erika or Erickah, but the meaning remains the same. Whether you choose the name for its historical significance or simply because you like the sound of it, Ericka is a name that is sure to stand the test of time.

Origins of the Name Ericka

As we’ve already mentioned, the name Ericka is a variation of the name Erica, which itself comes from the Norse goddess Eir. It’s also related to the Old Norse name Eiríkr, which means “eternal ruler” or “ever-powerful.” The name has been used in various forms and spellings throughout history, and it has been popular in many cultures including Scandinavian, German, English, and American.

In addition to its popularity in Scandinavian, German, English, and American cultures, the name Ericka has also been used in other parts of the world. In Latin America, for example, the name is often spelled “Erika” and is a common name for girls. In Japan, the name is sometimes spelled “Erika” as well, and is associated with the Japanese word for “blessed” or “fortunate.”

Throughout history, many notable people have borne the name Ericka or its variations. One famous example is the American actress Erika Christensen, known for her roles in movies such as “Traffic” and “Swimfan.” Another notable Ericka is Ericka Dunlap, who was crowned Miss America in 2004 and used her platform to advocate for education and diversity.

Gender-Neutral Names: What Are They?

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards gender-neutral names, which can be used for both boys and girls. These names are often chosen by parents who want to avoid traditional gender stereotypes or who simply prefer a name that isn’t tied to a particular gender. Ericka is a great example of a gender-neutral name, as it is commonly used for both boys and girls.

Gender-neutral names have been around for centuries, but they have gained more popularity in recent times. Some of the most popular gender-neutral names include Avery, Jordan, Taylor, and Casey. These names are not only used for babies but also for adults who prefer to go by a name that doesn’t indicate their gender.

Gender-neutral names are not only limited to English-speaking countries. In some cultures, such as Sweden, gender-neutral names have been used for decades. In fact, the Swedish government has a list of approved gender-neutral names that parents can choose from for their children. This is part of the country’s efforts to promote gender equality and inclusivity.

Gender-Specific Names: What Are They?

On the other hand, gender-specific names are those that are traditionally associated with either males or females. For example, names like John and Michael are considered masculine, while names like Sarah and Emily are considered feminine. However, as society becomes more open and accepting of gender diversity, many parents are choosing to break away from these traditional gender norms and give their children names that don’t conform to binary gender classifications.

Some parents are choosing to give their children gender-neutral names, such as Taylor or Jordan, which can be used for both boys and girls. Other parents are opting for names that are traditionally associated with one gender, but using them for the opposite gender. For example, a girl might be named James or a boy might be named Ashley.

It’s important to note that the use of gender-specific names is not necessarily a reflection of a person’s gender identity. Just because someone has a traditionally masculine or feminine name, doesn’t mean they identify as male or female. Ultimately, the choice of a name should be a personal one, based on what feels right for the individual and their family.

The Meaning Behind the Name Ericka

The name Ericka has a few different meanings, depending on the origin and spelling of the name. In general, Ericka means “ruler” or “eternal ruler,” which implies strength and leadership. Some variations of the name also carry additional meanings, such as “honor” or “noble.” Regardless of the exact meaning, Ericka is a powerful and meaningful name that is both timeless and modern.

Interestingly, the name Ericka has different variations and spellings across different cultures and languages. In Scandinavian countries, the name is often spelled as Erika or Erica, and it is derived from the Old Norse name Eiríkr, which means “eternal ruler” or “ever powerful.” In Germany, the name is spelled as Erich or Erik, and it is derived from the Old Norse name Eiríkr as well. In some African cultures, the name is spelled as Arika or Arica, and it means “one who is prepared” or “one who is ready for battle.” Despite the different variations and spellings, the name Ericka remains a popular and meaningful name across the world.

How to Pronounce Ericka Correctly

When it comes to pronunciation, Ericka can be a bit tricky. Generally, the name is pronounced eh-RIK-uh, with emphasis on the second syllable. However, there are a few different ways to pronounce it depending on the region and accent. Some people pronounce it with a long E sound, like EE-rik-uh, while others use a short E sound, like ERR-ik-uh. Regardless of how you choose to pronounce it, the name Ericka is sure to make a strong impression.

It is worth noting that the name Ericka has various origins and meanings. In Scandinavian countries, it is derived from the name Eirikr, which means “eternal ruler.” In other cultures, it may have different meanings or variations in spelling. For example, in Spanish-speaking countries, the name is often spelled Erica and pronounced differently. It is always important to consider the cultural context and origin of a name when pronouncing it correctly.

The Popularity of Ericka as a Name

Over the years, Ericka has been a relatively popular name for both boys and girls. In 2020, it was ranked #652 for girls and #2771 for boys in the United States. While it’s not as commonly used as some other names like Emma or John, Ericka is still a popular choice for many parents looking for a unique and impactful name.

One reason for the popularity of the name Ericka is its versatility. It can be spelled in different ways, such as Erica or Erika, and still retain its meaning and significance. This allows parents to choose the spelling that they prefer or that best fits their cultural background.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of Ericka is its association with strong and successful women. Famous Erickas include Ericka Dunlap, the first African American woman to be crowned Miss Florida and Miss America, and Ericka Huggins, a prominent civil rights activist and educator. These role models inspire parents to choose the name Ericka for their daughters, hoping that they too will grow up to be confident and accomplished individuals.

Famous People with the Name Ericka

There are many famous people with the name Ericka, including athletes, musicians, and actors. Some notable examples include Ericka Dunlap, who was crowned Miss America in 2004, Ericka Wiebe, a Canadian wrestler who won a gold medal at the 2016 Olympics, and Ericka Dunlap, an American actress known for her roles in TV shows like CSI and Grey’s Anatomy.

Another famous person with the name Ericka is Ericka Huggins, an American activist and educator who was a prominent member of the Black Panther Party in the 1960s and 1970s. Huggins was involved in various social justice movements and worked to empower and educate marginalized communities. She continues to be an influential figure in the fight for racial and social justice today.

Ericka as a Unisex Name – Pros and Cons

One of the biggest advantages of using a gender-neutral name like Ericka is that it can be used for both boys and girls, which can help reduce gender stereotypes and promote gender equality. Additionally, because the name is relatively uncommon, it can provide a sense of uniqueness and individuality for the child. However, some parents may be hesitant to choose a unisex name because they want to express their child’s gender identity more clearly or because they’re worried about potential confusion or discrimination.

Ericka as a Female Name – Pros and Cons

For parents who want to give their daughter a strong, feminine name that’s both stylish and classic, Ericka can be an excellent choice. With its origins in Norse mythology and its modern variations, Ericka is a name that exudes grace, power, and confidence. However, some parents may shy away from the name because it’s not as traditionally feminine as names like Emily or Sophia.

Ericka as a Male Name – Pros and Cons

Although Ericka is more commonly used as a female name, it can also be used for boys with equal impact. By using a traditionally female name for a boy, parents can challenge gender stereotypes and encourage their child to express themselves in unique and unconventional ways. However, some parents may be reluctant to use Ericka as a male name because it could lead to confusion or discrimination.

Naming Trends: Will Ericka Become More Popular?

It’s difficult to predict exactly which names will become more popular in the future, but Ericka is definitely a name to watch. With its origins in Norse mythology and its modern variations, Ericka is a name that is both timeless and contemporary, which means that it’s likely to remain popular for many years to come.

Unusual Variations of the Name Ericka

Although Ericka is already a unique name, there are also a few unusual variations of the name that can be used to make it even more distinctive. Some of these variations include Erricka, Eryka, and Erykah. While these variations may not be as well-known as the standard spelling, they can add a personal and creative touch to the name.

How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Child

Choosing the perfect name for your child can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. To get started, consider your personal preferences, cultural background, and family traditions. You can also look for inspiration in literature, music, and pop culture. Remember, the most important thing is to choose a name that you and your child will love for years to come!

Top Baby Names for Girls and Boys in 2021

If you’re looking for some popular baby names for girls and boys in 2021, here are a few to consider:

  • Girls: Emma, Olivia, Ava, Charlotte, Amelia
  • Boys: Liam, Noah, Oliver, Elijah, William

Exploring Other Gender-Neutral Names

Finally, if you’re interested in exploring other gender-neutral names like Ericka, here are a few to consider:

  • Avery
  • Elliot
  • Rowan
  • Reese
  • Charlie

Whatever name you choose for your child, remember that it’s a personal and meaningful decision that will impact their lives for many years to come. Use this article as a guide to explore the fascinating history and meaning behind the name Ericka, and to discover other great names that will inspire and delight you.

Ericka Name Meaning

Ericka meaning

Name :


Gender :


Meaning of Ericka :

Used in country/religion :

, Australian
, British
, Chinese
, English
, French
, German
, Latin
, Scandinavian

Rhyming Names of Ericka: 

Aericka, Airicka, Alicka, Andricka, Anicka, Annicka

Names Similar to Ericka :

Erica, Eric, Erich, Erich, Erichthonius, Erica, Erick, Erico, Erica, Eric

Popularity Rank :

Ericka name was top ranked at 953 position in American during year 1967and most recently ranked at 5785 position in American during year 2011


Name Ericka has been Most Popular throughout the last hundred plus years and ranked at 1561 position. 22872 numbers of people were named Ericka so far in last 100 years. (SSA)

Ericka Numerology :

Personality No.

People with name Ericka love freedom. They are intellectuals & may be creative but can’t manage money well. They may overindulge in intoxicants, sex or gambling. Person with Ericka having 5 as Personality number love traveling & also like change & adventure. They love socializing. They are versatile & astute. They are functional, resourceful & decisive. More Numerology

More About Name :


  • Ericka is of Old Norse origin and it is used mainly in English. Ericka is a form of Erica. From the Old Norse name Eirikr, derived from the elements ei «ever» and rikr «ruler». A notable bearer was Eiríkr inn Rauda (Eric the Red in English), a 10th-century navigator and explorer who discovered Greenland. This was also the name of several early kings of Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

  • Variant of ERICA.

Name Analysis of Ericka

Character Analysis of Ericka :
Persons with the name Ericka are usually highly flexible and well equipped to making and accepting change throughout their life. They always seek excitement and are sometimes a bit of a risk-taker. They are imaginative, and often, through their unconventional way of thinking, are naturally able to solve complex problems with ease. They are quick thinkers and observers who are clever, analytical and versatile.

Love Life of Ericka :
Persons are faced with a very mental, intellectual extremes. If Persons can not establish a good relationship at the level of communication then it may affect them sexually.

Name Letter Analysis of

E : Persons are freedom-loving, sensual and enthusiasticR : Persons feel things strongly and their rich, intense inner life emanates outwardI : Persons are a compassionate person who feels things deeplyC : Persons wear their heart on their sleeve. Lucky ones, since they have a strong instinct about matters of the heartK : Persons are all about enlightenmentA : Persons are their own person: ambitious and freethinking

Astrological (Vedic) Aspect of Name


Acoording to vedic astrology , Rashi for the name Ericka is
and Moon sign associated with the name Ericka is Taurus.

The name Ericka has Earth element. Venus is the Ruling Planet for the name Ericka
. The name Ericka having moon sign as Taurus is represented by The Bull and considered as Fixed .

Normally, people with the name Ericka are very patient. Such people are social and always treat others with respect.

Other name options, having Taurus moon sign are name starting with :
O, Va, Vi, Vu, Ve,Vo, We ,Wo,Ve,Ae, U, Ea, E, Ai, Bi, Bo, Br, Bu,Vr,Vy,Wa, Wu.

Nakshatra (Vedic) of Name


The name Ericka is suitable for baby born in
Krittika nakshatra

Krittika Nakshatra: An old name of the Pleiades; personified as the nurses of Kārttikeya, a son of Shiva.

Lord: Surya (Sun)
Symbol: Knife or spear
Deity : Agni, god of fire
Indian zodiac: 26°40′ Mesha — 10° Vrishabha
Western zodiac 22° 40′ Taurus — 6° Gemini

Other name options, having Krittika nakashatra are name starting with :
A, I, U, E.

Famous Name


Please suggest meaning of name Ericka in other country, history of name and famous personality with name Ericka or you like to put your any comment/suggestion on this name for other visitors.

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90,000 meaning and history of the name Eric

The meaning of the name: the eternal ruler with nobleness, the noble rich

Origin: ancient Noskandinavian

Brief form: ECA, Eri, Rick

Today we learn, which means Eric’s name, what qualities are characteristic of its carrier and what does it mean.


  • Characteristics name Erica, meaning, origin, fate
  • Health
  • Marriage and family
  • Career and hobbies
  • Celebrities
  • Other options

Characteristics name Erica, meaning, origin, fate

The female name Erica comes from the male name Eric, the meaning of the name, character and fate of which have some similarities, and has several options origin. According to the first version, its origin is considered Old Norse and, according to the literal translation, it means “permanent ruler”. The second version of its origin says that it has Germanic roots and has the meaning of «honor», «wealth», «power», «noble rich woman».

If we consider in which nationality the name Eric is more common, then German roots are quite acceptable for him. Erika is written in English, Erika in Ukrainian, Erica in Italian and Spanish.

Eric’s name holds great significance for the fate of a little girl. The baby is very active and does not know how to sit in one place. She is quite curious and will definitely figure out what she is really interested in . She can attend many circles and sports sections at the same time. Parents should attach importance to this and be sure to help her develop in areas of interest, which in the future will affect the choice of her profession. The child often resembles both parents in appearance and behavior.

Because of her narcissism and selfishness, it is difficult for Erica to get along with people

She is indifferent to studies, so she will not show herself, although with her abilities she could be on the list of the best students. She has a rather complex character, parents should pay attention to this and educate her in rigor and integrity . From childhood, she needs to be taught to be more calm and accommodating, to be able to establish contacts with people, otherwise she will have a hard time in life.

As an adult, Erika has a fairly strong and enduring character. She can and loves to stand her ground, especially when she gets huge benefits from it.

Outwardly, she is quite attractive and graceful, but she has a very obstinate character. She is selfish, jealous, narcissistic, very easily enraged , so she often has few friends and can remain a lonely, unmarried woman all her life. She often wears a mask of impregnability and indifference, but inside she is rather cowardly. She is completely independent and does not need outside support. She can fail, but at the same time she believes very strongly in herself and takes on a new business.

Despite her intractability, she values ​​friendship very much and can be loyal and faithful to it. She loves companies and guests, so interesting companies often gather in her house.

Perhaps the secret of the name Eric is that the woman is very susceptible to flattery, and this is the only weakness of the strong-willed woman. A girl should give importance to this and know her weakness in order to control her.

The name of Eric will reward its bearer with a deep faith in fate, predictions, and she will begin to believe and follow them. Such a woman is smart enough, can develop in different areas, and is prone to learning foreign languages. But she lacks the patience to finish what she started. In her environment she keeps people who can help her in word or deed.


Due to her bad temper, Erika is not in good health. She is often overstressed , so healthy sleep and rest are recommended to her. A woman should attach great importance to this and develop in herself more earthly manners of behavior.

Marriage and family

Erica has a fairly attractive appearance, so she is very popular with the male half. But girl is in no hurry to get married and often she chooses her betrothed.

If she likes a man, she can even destroy his rather strong marriage.

She takes a leadership position in family relationships. If she is not satisfied with the chosen one, she will easily leave him and will not rush to marry again. She can live alone all her life.

Erica Herceg (Via Gra soloist, model)

Career and hobbies

She aspires to a beautiful, prosperous life. For this, she is ready to work from an early age. It is quite difficult for her to take a high position, become a leader or open her own business because of her absurd nature, but she can be a good and responsible performer. For her will suit the position of manager, administrator . Can achieve some success in advertising, design, painting.


  • Italian singer Erica .
  • Erika Eleniak is an American fashion model and actress.

Erika Eleniak

  • Girls from different countries became successful actresses, but with the same name Erika: Lirsan, Rose, Durance, Sawajiri and others.

Erica Durance

In the Catholic calendar, the name day for the name Eric (Eric) is scheduled for May 18th.

Other options

If you have not yet made the final choice of the name of your girl , I suggest you pay attention to the others on this site.

  • Let me give you a description of Emily. This is a very kind and sympathetic woman who is ready to make sacrifices in any situation, even if there is no benefit for her.
  • The name Ethel will endow the child with a leadership character. She can react quickly to any situation. She is able to take decisive steps and be responsible for herself and her actions.
  • The bearer of the name Eliza will be endowed with a deep analytical mindset. She understands any business in detail and wants to have a complete understanding of why this is being done. In life, the girl strives for success and financial well-being, easily overcomes obstacles.
  • Eleonora knows people quite well. Her character is firm, which gives confidence. Eleanor will become a good, loyal friend who will never betray and will always support. This is a girl with an attractive appearance and she knows how to look good.

Dear readers, I would be interested to hear which character traits are of particular importance to you. If you have already chosen a name for your baby, leave it in the comments and tell us what you liked the most about it.

origin, character, fate and mystery of the name Eric

  • Main
  • Name meaning

  • Erica

Origin of the name Erika

The female name Erika has two origins. According to the first version, this name has an ancient Germanic origin. It is the feminine form of the male name Eric (Erich) and has the meaning of «nobility» or «ruler».

According to the second version, the name Erika is also the feminine form of the male name Eric, which is of Old Norse origin. Following this version, the name Eric can be interpreted as «eternal ruler.» There are also translation options “rich”, “noble” or “powerful”.

In English, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Erica’s name is written as Erica, in Polish — Eryka, in Czech and Swedish — Erika.

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The meaning and characteristics of the name Erica

Erica is a sociable, intelligent and attractive woman. She has a very complex personality. She loves to create the image of a successful and wealthy woman, embellishing reality. Even close friends, who are usually very few in Erica, know almost nothing about her and her life. She is a very vulnerable and touchy person, so she wants to appear proud, arrogant and impregnable. Erica is demanding of others. It may contain such features as selfishness, pride, complacency and at the same time self-doubt. She can be somewhat hysterical and prone to depression. Erica knows how to give the impression of an active woman, but in fact she does not like to work and strain.

As a child, Erika is an inquisitive, cheerful and active girl. She loves attention and easily communicates even with strangers. Erica has the ability, but she doesn’t study too hard.

Erika has a tendency to careerism. She is trying to reach career heights by any means, even not very honest ones. In her environment there are many useful people with whom she knows how to be friends. She can become successful in professions that are based on communication with people. It could be the tourism business or the beauty industry. Erica can show her talents as a real estate agent, manager, hairdresser, salesperson. She is also suitable for realizing her abilities in such areas as advertising, design, journalism and, of course, the service sector.

Erika is amorous and jealous. This is a bright and graceful woman. But she is looking for the perfect man and is in no hurry to start a family. Therefore, she often creates a family at an already mature age or remains alone. Having married, Erica still will not become a home. She likes noisy companies and entertainment. And the monotony of family life oppresses her. An active man who needs not just a wife, but a friend for joint travels and adventures will suit her as a companion. Also, her husband can be a smart and reliable person who can help her with advice and materially.

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Name day:

February 9

Diminutive variant

Erichka, Erenka, Eruska


Eri, Erri, Eka, Rika




  • blue


  • Moon


  • air

Talisman stone






Spirit animal


Character traits

selfishness, sociability, straightforwardness

Name number


Actors, celebrities, scientists, famous and famous people named

Erica (Italian singer), Erica Eleniak (American actress and fashion model), Erica Badu (at birth — Erica Abi Wright, American soul and rhythm and blues singer), Erica Kremer ((d.

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