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FUNNY GUYS CINEMA MUSIC — Vologda Regional Philharmonic named after V.A. Gavrilina

Russian pop-jazz ensemble of brass instruments Fortuna brass band / Fortuna Brass (Moscow)


  • Alexander Shatalov (first trumpet, vocals) – artistic leader and soloist of the group, laureate of All-Russian and international competitions, graduate of the Moscow State Conservatory. P.I. Tchaikovsky
  • Stanislav Gorlinsky (trumpet/flugelhorn) — laureate of all-Russian and international competitions, graduate of the Moscow State Conservatory. P.I. Tchaikovsky
  • Andrey Lebedev (euphonium/tenor trombone) – laureate of all-Russian and international competitions, graduate of the State Medical Pedagogical Institute im. MM. Ippolitova-Ivanova, soloist of the Russian Cinematography Symphony Orchestra
  • Leonid Nikolaev (trombone) — laureate of all-Russian and international competitions, graduate of the P. I. Tchaikovsky, soloist of the State Academic Symphony Capella of Russia
  • Aleksey Sadovov (tuba/sousaphone) – laureate of all-Russian competitions, graduate of the State Medical Pedagogical Institute im. MM. Ippolitova-Ivanova
  • Alexander Rychkov (drums) — laureate of all-Russian and international competitions, graduate of the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music


  1. I. Dunayevsky. Melody from the film «Merry Fellows»
  2. P. Mizraki. «Beautiful Marquise»
  3. L. Pollak. «That’s a Plenty»
  4. R. Rogers. «Blue moon»
  5. Arrangement of a Cossack folk song. «Oh, it’s not evening»
  6. Paraphrase on the theme of the songs «Pedlars from the Odessa Kichman»
  7. Potpourri to the melody of Y. Yadov
  8. Street ballad «Gop with a closure» from the movie «Spirka Shpandyr’s Career»
  9. B. Fomin. «Dear long»
  10. A. Tsfasman. «Date»
  11. City folk song «Roasted Chicken»
  12. Scottish Folk Song Shark
  13. P. Rusakov. «Friendship»
  14. N. Minh. «Steamboat»
  15. N. Bogoslovsky. «Song of the driver»
  16. F. Kwiatkowska. «At the samovar»
  17. L. Utyosov «Gramophone»
  18. L. Utyosov. «Tyuh-Tyuh»
  19. Rhapsody on Jewish folk motifs «Lemons»
  20. I. Dunayevsky. «Song of the shooters» from the movie «Merry Fellows»

Variety and jazz ensemble FORTUNA BRASS was organized in 2003 from graduates of the Moscow Conservatory. P.I. Tchaikovsky and the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music. Winner of the All-Russian Festival of Brass Bands (Moscow, 2019)), finalist of the XXIII International Jazz Festival «Eurasia 2019» (Orenburg). The ensemble consists of five musicians on brass instruments and one on percussion.

Concert program prepared for the 100th anniversary of Russian jazz. It is based on the music of the 20s-30s of the last century.

The program «Merry Fellows» differs from others in a carefully selected repertoire of performed works, connected in a single canvas, which allows you to convey the specifics of that era.

Author’s arrangements of melodies and songs are made in such a way as to maximize the possibilities of each musical instrument in the ensemble. And the joint 20-year concert activity of the musicians provides an amazing ensemble teamwork, thanks to which the audience gets the feeling that a whole orchestra is playing on the stage.

For the best effect of conveying the mood of the era of 100 years ago, the musicians use original concert costumes made according to the sketches of that era. In this guise, the whole concert is perceived by the audience with great mood.

Live sound, virtuoso mastery of the instruments, vocal performance through the mouthpiece «Oralo» allow the musicians of the ensemble to reproduce the original sound «with a hoarseness» inherent in the early 20s of the last century, as the famous «Bublicki» sounded performed by the «Tea-Jazz» orchestra Leonid Utyosov.

The program included theater performances and scenes with the hall, as was customary at that time. This allows the public to take an active part in the stage action throughout the concert, and to feel the unforgettable unity of artists and spectators.

In the theatrical performances of the program, both individual spectators and the entire hall as a whole are involved, becoming integral characters of the program along with the musicians. The audience participates in the concert program in different ways. She sings in chorus, and creates a rhythm to music, and performs micro-solo vocal parts, and complements the ensemble with other instruments. That is, the audience is constantly in an upbeat cheerful and joyful mood. So the concert goes to «Hurrah!».

According to the musicians themselves: «We play and joke on the trumpets because laughter and music are medicine for the soul!» .

The duration of the concert program without intermission is 1 hour 20 minutes


The recently celebrated World Theater Day is, of course, a landmark event. And not only for inveterate theatergoers. Judge for yourself, since its appearance in the most ancient human communities, in its still most primitive forms, theatrical play has been a powerful tool for uniting people. Becoming more complex, acquiring many additional functions, improving and acquiring new rules and conventions, it retained the same ancient, somewhat mystical, unifying principle. It is this that connects with each other a juggler of a street circus, a ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater and a boy sitting in 4th place in the 6th row of the stalls and eagerly looking at the stage. And millions and millions of others!

We, the specialists of the Center for Medical and Social Rehabilitation of the Disabled. L.I. Shvetsova, perhaps better than many others, we know how important the role of human unity, positive emotions and sincere joy is for the physical and spiritual health of each of us. And we just love the theater! Adding two and two together, we decided to celebrate the World Theater Day with a colorful, amazing and not without good «odd» Integration musical and theatrical performance «Visiting Pippi» ! And, believe me, it turned out more than great!

We invited boys and girls from among those who underwent rehabilitation at our Center to the site of our friends of the Moscow State Academic Dance Theater «Gzhel». And also their friends. And friends of friends. In general, the audience and participants of the round-up program are guys with and without special needs, our little patients and those who saw the doctor only at the medical examination. Children from families who need help and support, and those who are doing well. It is in this format that true inclusion manifests itself. And the theater, of course, acts simultaneously as a unifying environment and the main generator of the events taking place around. And there were a lot of them on this festive day!

The main task is not just to invite children to a bright, colorful and energetic performance, but for a certain time to take them into the fantastic world of wandering circus actors and characters who obviously came to us from another universe. Stilt walkers, jugglers, mimes, pirates and masters of giant soap bubbles from the POLOLO street theater gave a feeling of complete immersion in a different reality, completely different from the reality around us. The huge gondola of the balloon seemed to be ready to take off from the ground at any second, and a rather quick-witted, but mischievous monkey was calmly walking around the foyer! Special thanks to our good friends and reliable partners — volunteers GBPOU «College for the training of social workers named after. E.I. Kholostova” of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the City of Moscow. Those who work with children know how difficult it is to keep track of a crowd of small pranksters and not let them blow everything around! By the way, cadets of the Academy of Civil Protection of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia named after A.I. Lieutenant General D.I. Michael. Guys, you are great! Animation from the GR PRO team and accompaniment from UniPersonal are beyond praise.

By the way, have you noticed that we call everyone who had a hand and a head in the creation of the integration musical and theatrical performance “Visiting Pippi” our friends? And it’s not just a figure of speech! We are deeply convinced that friendship can become a reliable basis for good deeds that make people happy.

An entertainment program preceded the main event of our holiday. A fascinating dance performance «Pippi Longstocking» was created by our like-minded people from the Moscow State Academic Dance Theater «Gzhel» based on the fairy tale of the same name by Astrid Lindgren. This is a funny and at the same time deep story about how to be strong when it’s hard, cheerful, even if there is no reason for joy, kind and fair, despite all the difficulties of our world. And this performance also teaches its small and large audiences not to be afraid to be bright, real, able to revive the most amazing fantasies. Just the way Pippi does it!

Addressing the audience, Svetlana Volovets, director of the Center for Medical and Social Rehabilitation of the Disabled. L.I. Shvetsova , slightly lifted the veil of secrecy enveloping the upcoming performance: “Guys, I’ll tell you a little secret! Ahead of you is waiting for a bright and beautiful performance filled with dancing. But besides them, in this performance there are many real circus numbers! So let’s get started!» .

The integration musical and theatrical performance «Visiting Peppy» is the result of close and fruitful creative cooperation between the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the City of Moscow, the Center for Medical and Social Rehabilitation of the Disabled.

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