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Thu May 25 2023By alyshadragonfriend

Greater Elf is my name for elves that are tall and resemble humans except with pointed ears. Because, when you say elf, most people imagine Santa’s elves. Anyway, here are some names for male Greater Elves.

  1. AbboidHeart
      Abboid ContinuedChevron — Right
    • AdeonHeart
      • Origin:


      • Description:

        This name of a legendary Welsh prince could serve as a more original alternative to Adam or Aidan, though it does sound a tad chemical.

      Adeon ContinuedChevron — Right

    • AeronHeart
      • Origin:


      • Meaning:


      • Description:

        Aeron was possibly a minor Celtic god of war, and is definitely a river in modern-day Wales.

      Aeron ContinuedChevron — Right

    • AlandHeart
        Aland ContinuedChevron — Right
      • AllynHeart
          Allyn ContinuedChevron — Right
        • AlunHeart
          • Origin:

            Welsh spelling of Alan; river in Wales

          • Description:

            This name of a river in Wales represents a vowel change from Alan, which makes the name somewhat more intriguing, but still possibly not intriguing enough. Bonus points if you’re a surfer, sailor, or you’re expecting a baby born under a water sign of the zodiac: It’s one of the more unusual names that mean water.

          Alun ContinuedChevron — Right

        • AlwynHeartAlwyn ContinuedChevron — Right
        • AneirinHeart
          • Origin:


          • Meaning:

            «very golden or noble»

          • Description:

            Aneirin is the original form of the more common Aneurin (which was a mistaken spelling used after the 17th Century). Aneirin was one of the first great Welsh poets who flourished in the 6th Century. He was said to be the Prince of Bards.

          Aneirin ContinuedChevron — Right

        • AneurinHeart
          • Origin:


          • Meaning:


          • Description:

            Rarely heard in the US, it’s best remembered in the U.K. via Aneurin Bevan, who as Minister for Health was instrumental in setting up the National Health Service. Bevan was known as Nye, a jaunty nickname that fits in with the likes of Kai, Rye, and Sky.

          Aneurin ContinuedChevron — Right

        • AodhHeart
          • Origin:


          • Meaning:


          • Description:

            Aodh, the name of the Celtic sun god meaning «fire», was common in early Scotland. It’s also the origin of the wildly popular Irish name Aidan (originally Aodhán). Its pronunciation varies depending on region: AY or EE are Irish pronunciations, and in Scotland it’s closer to UH, and has been Anglicized as Hugh.

          Aodh ContinuedChevron — Right

        • ArmelHeart
          • Origin:


          • Meaning:

            «bear prince»

          • Description:

            This Welsh name, also used in France, is the name of a 6th century saint who went to Brittany and established abbeys. Armel has a pleasant and familiar sound, making it easily used outside of Wales and France.

          Armel ContinuedChevron — Right

        • AurynHeartAuryn ContinuedChevron — Right
        • AedannHeart
            Aedann ContinuedChevron — Right
          • BainHeart
            • Origin:

              Gaelic or Sindarin

            • Meaning:

              «white, fair»

            • Description:

              Derived from the Scottish Gaelic bàn, meaning «white, fair». It’s also a name in J. R. R. Tolkien’s fictional Elvish language, in which it means «beautiful».

            Bain ContinuedChevron — Right

          • BearnardHeart
              Bearnard ContinuedChevron — Right
            • BleddynHeartBleddyn ContinuedChevron — Right
            • BogartHeartBogart ContinuedChevron — Right
            • BowenHeart
              • Origin:


              • Meaning:

                «son of Owen»

              • Description:

                Bowen is a Celtic surname representing two separate Celtic strains, one Welsh and one Irish, and entered the US Top 1000 for the first time in 2011.

              Bowen ContinuedChevron — Right

            • BrantonHeartBranton ContinuedChevron — Right
            • BrychanHeart
                Brychan ContinuedChevron — Right

911 Elf Names – Male and Female

Elf names sound fantastical and magical. This is because elves live in fantasy worlds, and their names reflect their character and personality. In this article, you’ll find comprehensive lists of hand-picked elf names, chosen for their elf energy.

What are Elf Names?

An elf is a supernatural being typically found in folk, science-fiction, and fantasy stories. Elves are mythical and magical creatures, usually identified by their small and delicate human-like form and pointed ears. Elves by their nature are magical, and therefore their names sound unusual and special.

Typically, a female elf is gentle and kind, but confident when she needs to be. The characteristics of a female elf name embody beauty, quiet strength, and creativity. A male elf’s name may give the impression of strength and presence, or they can be cheeky and childlike. Here you will find detailed lists of some of the most elf-sounding names, divided by gender and by different qualities.

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Top 100 Elf Names

You’re likely to find exactly the name you need in this list of the top elf names. This list of male and female elf names has been selected for their supernatural elven qualities.

Female Names

Male Names

Xena Zephyr
Zora Ajax
Freya Caspian
Ember Axton
Soraya Blaze
Zola Atlas
Onyx Zyon
Shyla Neo
Zelda Ulysses
Isis Xion
Luna Blayze
Aria Xavior
Cora Khai
Maeve Casimir
Astrid Peregrine
Araceli Tuck
Elowen Malone
Sia Zorion
Juno Olaf
Moxie Ezekiel
Ariel Eli
Kali Zion
Lorelei Dante
Sierra Orion
Sasha Saint
Soleil Kenzo
Eowyn Salvador
Starr Sol
Xenia Baron
Astra Halen
Dahlia Ember
Briar Sasha
Ingrid Galen
Solana Helios
Alara Acer
Layla Jasper
Arya Malachi
Myla Griffin
Kayla Finnegan
Lia Huxley
Noa Elio
Kira Dane
Sabrina Leif
Azalea Hollis
Maia Elmer
Ariah Phineas
Keira Elvin
Mira Alfie
Elora Caspar
Nia Tabor
Faye Elbert
Tiana Elias
Estella Gael
Sky Elliot
Thalia Finn
Estelle Victor
Braelyn Malakai
Noor Angelo
Veda Quentin
Zainab Ariel
Elina Boone
Cordelia Nikolas
Viola Eliseo
Ariela Nova
Carmella Emil
Kya Finnick
Lula Finnian
Yael Linden
Venus Linus
Jupiter Roman
Aracely Basil
Star Saylor
Camellia Blaize
Aries Hart
Lillith Halo
Nila Aeson
Aoife Xayvion
Lux Sailor
Kit Alastor
Amila Sion
Laia Hans
Elanor Jarrod
Eryn Willard
Caitlin Pryor
Louella Juniper
Rania Elkin
Sora Wynter
Mariel Castor
Anisa Malachy
Meira Alvis
Aeris Gregor
Koa Malachite
Rina Raynor
Zarina Galvin
Zamara Eleven
Suzette Lindsay
Sayla Asha
Livi Barley
Rayna Bucky
Boudicea Mcgregor

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Cool Elf Names

Here are some names that tick the boxes of coolness and elf-like qualities. Enjoy reading through this list and absorb some of that elf-like coolness.

Female Names

Male Names

Amaris Ace
Avalon Banks
Azure Baylor
Azurine Bodhi
Carsyn Chance
Ciara Charlie
Clea Chase
Cleo Crew
Delta Cruz
Domino Dakota
Eartha Dallas
Eden Duke
Edie Dutch
Electra Ellison
Halo Galaxy
Haven Goldyn
Hermes Hal
Honore Halcyon
Jett Halsey
Kai Harley
Kodi Harlin
Lexi Holden
Lexie Icarus
Lore Indiana
Madrigal Jett
Maxima Kaid
Maya Kit
Mystic Koda
Nova Link
Odessa Linkyn
Phoenix Linux
Raine Maverick
Rio Maximo
Roma Memphis
Roxy Miner
Ryder Rainier
Saga Rivers
Sage Salvator
Samara Saxon
Saylor Sylas
Sevyn Thor
Signe Tommy
Sixtine Tor
Skyla Tru
Skyler Tucker
Stormi Vaden
Taya Valor
Tora Windsor
Tru Wylder
Valkyrie Xander
Vega Xsavior
Vesper Xylas
Winter Zandro
Wynter Zane
Zen Zeus
Zion Xane

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Dark Elf Names

Sometimes, an elf may have dark energy or dark qualities. While not necessarily negative, they still need a name that would speak to their darker energies. Here’s a list of names suitable for such an elf.

Female Names

Male Names

Aphrodite Albion
Belladonna Amaury
Blair Amos
Brunhilda Anakin
Calixta Armand
Chalice Astor
Delilah Baal
Demetra Berenger
Drusilla Blade
Ebony Caleb
Elvira Chadwick
Eris Ciaran
Fantasia Daemeon
Fenella Dagon
Flame Damion
Greta Drax
Gretchen Eldridge
Heiki Elmore
Hermione Elwood
Hester Emmett
Ion Endymion
Isadora Gallagher
Isolde Gunther
Jetta Halden
Karma Hale
Katana Hector
Lexis Ivor
Lilith Jareth
Lourde Kion
Maghra Logain
Maleficent Luther
Matilda Lycidas
Maura Macgregor
Mistique Malcom
Monique Malin
Morgana Mallory
Morticia Melchior
Mystique Murdock
Nix Mynor
Persephone Nestor
Raisa Octavion
Rouge Oz
Sabra Quadir
Taryn Reznor
Thordis Samael
Twyla Silas
Vada Tarron
Vashti Ulisses
Vita Ulric
Volt Vander
Willow Viktor
Zeline Vitor
Zona Vladimir
Zuleika Voss
Zuriel Zilas

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Unique Elf Names

Elves are by their nature unique creatures, and these names play into that unique energy and sound very unique indeed. See if you’ve heard any of these unique names before.

Female Names

Male Names

Aeowyn Alf
Anara Amado
Anila Aquilo
Arcadia Argus
Arella Astra
Arista Blitz
Asani Candor
Calypso Connery
Cristabel Damarion
Diamonique Darion
Elektra Deion
Enna Demarion
Eugenie Elam
Fianna Eleazar
Hestia Elian
Iriana Elisio
Karliah Ellsworth
Katniss Finneas
Kestrel Halston
Keya Jamarion
Lilac Jayvion
Lumina Jonquil
Maela Kamarion
Malin Kavion
Marlyn Keylor
Maude Lindell
Nela Linton
Nixie Lore
Phaedra Lumi
Rosamund Malachai
Saida Maleek
Saskia Malek
Savi Malloy
Sela Nakoa
Sonnet Puck
Tawny Quilo
Tera Sandor
Topaz Tailor
Valyn Theodor
Veya Ulices
Wisteria Xyion
Ysabel Yule
Zelma Zayvion

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Magical Elf Names

More often than not, elves have some magical qualities. These names are perfect for portraying an elf with extra special magical abilities.

Female Names

Male Names

Aisling Alix
Alva Alvar
Alvina Amadeo
Aquarius Ambrosio
Aquila Arvel
Arwyn Arvin
Bela Azariah
Bellatrix Cecil
Caelynn Conall
Celestia Cosmo
Ceres Cylas
Citrine Egor
Crescent Elex
Cyan Elgin
Damara Elonzo
Dayna Eloy
Delle Finbar
Delphi Findlay
Demelza Finian
Eclipse Finnbar
Elva Finneus
Evren Finnigan
Fay Fintan
Fiora Fyodor
Galaxy Galan
Gemini Galileo
Genesee Galo
Helia Gilberto
Iara Humbert
Jet Igor
Liesel Jupiter
Lior Kimo
Loxley Konor
Makaela Leo
Marcia Lindy
Merissa Linford
Mirabel Loki
Moon Luna
Nara Mal
Natale Malix
Orion Mallex
Pandora Malvin
Parisa Mars
Peri Mathis
Polaris Merlin
Raffaella Nevil
Rani Niall
Risa Oberon
Rosetta Odin
Salina Odysseus
Saria Osborn
Sena Othello
Seren Phoenix
Sirena Quirino
Sirius Rainer
Sonata Ritter
Thora Savion
Tindra Sevyn
Tyra Skylor
Ursula Tariq
Vale Taro
Vittoria Taron
Vixie Teodor
Wanda Ulyses
Wilda Valen
Wiley Vega
Xian Xandir
Xylia Xzavior
Zephyr Zaylor

Naughty and Mischievous Elf Names

An elf is likely to have a naughty and mischievous streak, and these names would be perfect for such an elf! Take a look through and feel that mischief in this list of names for bad elves.

Female Names

Male Names

Aella Ares
Anouk Biff
Antigone Boris
Brigitte Buck
Cassiopeia Buster
Crimson Chasen
Dionne Cisco
Griselda Dash
Lolita Echo
Merlin Franco
Minerva Gator
Narcissa Indy
Nemesis Jarvis
Nyx Killion
Pixie Kole
Ramona Lynx
Raven Racer
Ravenna Raiden
Rebel Red
Revel Rigel
Rigel Rock
Ripley Rusty
Rogue Spike
Samira Tex
Tamar Tiras
Tempest Xayden
Tigra Zack
Zenobia Zed
Ziva Zenon

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Cute Elf Names

Oftentimes you’ll find a cute elf, so a cute elf needs to have a cute-sounding name to accompany that quality.

Female Names

Male Names

Arden Aerin
Ariella Alfredo
Avonlea Arbor
Calli Archie
Cerise Aurion
Christabelle Bailey
Claribell Bailor
Clio Bo
Elia Bryor
Eliana Claude
Emery Cody
Isabeau Cooper
Jayde Earl
Jemima Eleo
Junia Elexander
Juniper Ellery
Kehlani Elliotte
Kiki Ellis
Kimi Elmo
Kinley Enzo
Livia Exavior
Lori Finch
Lucia Finlay
Luella Finlee
Lumi Herbert
Maren Jensen
Meri Jesse
Monet Linc
Nessa Lincoln
Opal Lindsey
Raya Linwood
Rosabel Logan
Rue Luca
Silke Marion
Sorrel Mel
Tenley Milo
Tinley Minor
Tinsley Noor
Trinity Oriel
Viva Porter
Zoie Rory
Zurie Xavion

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Beautiful and Pretty Elf Names

A perfect name for a beautiful female (or male!) elf, these beautiful- and pretty-sounding elf names will resonate with those who appreciate beauty, which, let’s be honest, is all of us.

Female Names

Male Names

Amaya Amadeus
Amethyst Ambrose
Amora Ambrosius
Annika Angus
Arabia Asher
Arielle Balor
Astoria Benedict
Aurora Chevalier
Azariah Christian
Beatrix Cornelius
Caelia Cortez
Carys Cyril
Catriona Darian
Cleopatra Dawson
Cosima Delroy
Crescentia Dexter
Elodia Dion
Eugenia Donovan
Geneva Egbert
Ilaria Elijah
Imogene Elliott
Imperia Elon
Isobel Emyr
Kadence Ezra
Kaia Felix
Kalista Fergus
Liberty Fraser
Libra Galloway
Lourdes Hudson
Magenta Humphrey
Marisol Inigo
Meriel Jake
Oriel Jax
Raia Julius
Ria Kai
Romina Kevion
Rune Ludwig
Sable Max
Saoirse Maximillion
Sequoia Montana
Sera Orlando
Sorah Peregrin
Tamara Riley
Tawney Rio
Tierra Rupert
Tove Sage
Trixie Sargon
Twila Skyler
Ulrica Soloman
Valencia Tarquin
Valeria Tibor
Valora Topper
Victory Torion
Vivica Torquil
Xia Truman
Xiomara Tudor
Yasmine Umberto
Zadie Viggo
Zanthe Wells
Zephyrine Willoughby

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Random Fantasy Name Generator

Our fantasy name generator will give you lots of ideas for male and female names. Here you will find fantasy first and last names, sorted by theme.

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Famous Fictional Elven Characters

Buddy is the titular character in the Christmas movie Elf. Buddy got his name when he snuck into Santa’s sack and ended up in the North Pole, wearing a ‘Buddy’ brand diaper, which the elves at the workshop took to be his name. Although accidental, the name is perfect for Buddy as he grows into a kind-hearted elf.

Zippity is an elf character from the Muppet’s Christmas special The Great Santa Claus Switch. With a name like Zippity, there’s already a sense of mischief around this elf, and this is evident in the story, where Santa and the elves get kidnapped.

Legolas is an elf character in the Lord of the Rings trilogy of books and movies. A woodland elf, Legolas has many elf-like qualities such as the ability to see further than others. The name Legolas originates from the Sindarin elf language, meaning ‘green leaves’. Orlando Bloom played Legolas in the movie trilogy.

Dobby is a house elf character in the Harry Potter franchise. An elf belonging to the dark wizard family, the Malfoys, Dobby’s name is English in origin. Dobby was a benevolent elf and as such the name Dobby has come to mean all positive things such as strength, love, and fun.

Thranduil is an elf character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth world. He first appears as a supporting character in The Hobbit, where he is known as Elvenking, the ruler of the woodland realm. Thranduil means ‘vigorous Spring’ in Sindarin, appropriate for a woodland elf.

Aegnor is an elf in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth who is a brother of Galadriel, Finrod Felagund, and Angrod. Aegnor is a version of the Sindarin name Aikanaro, meaning ‘fell fire’ — an apt and prophetic name as Aegnor became a most valiant and powerful warrior, who was said to have fire in his eyes.

Elf name generator | Namegentool


Elf names are the most magical word in the history of mankind. You can use Elvish names for everything from games to social media stories and more. You may also hear about elves in movies, books, novels, stories, rituals, and more.

Giving elves a name is usually a fun thing to do. Not everyone is a genius in the naming process. Elf isn’t the only time-consuming naming process; each naming process takes time. But no more than that. Whatever your goal, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a generator to create an elf-inspired business name. You can create valuable elf names with our free elf name generator


This elf name generator is for business, book and new name ideas, men, women, movies, stories and many more uses. You can use it according to your requirements. Every time you click the «Man and Woman» button, random names are generated.

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  • Korean Name Generator
  • Roman Name Generator
  • Russian Name Generator
  • City name generator
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  • Brand Name Generator
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How does the Elf name generator work?

There is no doubt that elf names are impressive and you can use them in many places. This elf name generator will help you create your own powerful words when you get stuck in the process of creating an elf name.

This Elf Name Generator is reliable and easy to use, and there are no restrictions on generating names. Let’s see how it works.

Step 1. Choose how many elf names you want by selecting numbers from the drop down menu.

Step 2. Select male elf names or female elf names to suit any requirement.

Step 3. Click the «Create» button and get the names of the elves.

Step 4. Click the «Copy» button to copy and save anywhere, click «Delete» to clear the generated names and create new words in the Elvish language.

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What good names do elves have?

There are thousands of random elf names in this generator. Here we will look at a few examples:

Examples of elven male names
Number Name
#1 Eloimaya Leofina
#2 Lyeecia Sylsalor
#3 Nephinae Kelpeiros
#4 Falenas Yelbella
#5 Tarasynora Beidan
#6 Pyria Elpetor
#7 Aenwyn Magmaer
#8 Shalendra Xyrbanise
#9 Fhaertala Perjeon
#10 Kilyn Keltoris
Examplesof Female Elf names
Number Name
#1 Delmuth Heleyarus
#2 Riluaneth Norwynn
#3 Ryfon Valee
#4 Pyrravyn Keayarus
#5 Gorduin Elmoira
#6 Sylvar Kelmyar
#7 Castien Gredi
#8 Illianaro Kriszorwyn
#9 Onvyr Gilren
#10 Malon Magsandoral

How do I come up with a catchy Elf company name?

  1. Create a checklist of keywords related to your industry and business.
  2. Connect words to create new variations of names.
  3. Check your list of names and make sure they are not offensive or cultural.
  4. Get feedback on the most popular options.
  5. Consider name availability if you want to select a company name.
  6. Select an option.

Is it possible to use random elf names generated by this tool?

In general, you can use it anywhere, anytime, and you won’t get a copy right. However, someone can use the same name that someone else has already used.

How many ideas can I generate with this elf name generator?

This generator can generate an infinite number of elvish names, so feel free to click. After that, take advantage of the convenient opportunity to send the generated names to a text editor.

Is there an Elf company name generator?

This elf generator is for everyone. You can use the elf name generator to create multi-purpose names.

Drow Name Generator | Find the best drow names for DnD

How it works

Enter a name and click generate. If you need a random name, just leave the input field blank.

Drow Name Generator

Are you looking for a drow name for your next Dungeons & Dragons character? Do you want a drow name that will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies? Look no further; this drow name generator is just what you need.


Drow are a race of dark elves who live in underground caverns and tunnels. They are also known as dark elves, deep elves, night elves, and «dark» among orcs. They are known for their cruelty, dastardly deeds, and magical powers.

Drow have dark skin and often white hair. They are smaller and thinner than other elves. Their eyes are bright red, orange or yellow.

Drow use magic to create darkness and see in the dark. They can also cast spells to charm and hypnotize other beings.

Drow are enemies of surface elves and gnomes. They sometimes wage war with each other, but they have also been known to form groups against common enemies.

Drow Names

Drow names are designed to be melodic and often include repetition of letters. Noble people are loathe to call children names that sound similar to the common language of the deep drow.

Drow have both a given name and a surname, which, like elves, come from the melodic elvish language. They can be either masculine or feminine, although male drow names have become more feminine as a result of the subjugation of males to the drow.

Since drow names and elven names are very similar, you should also check out our elf name generator!

Our half-elf name generator will certainly be of great help as well!

Drow Name Ideas

If you’re looking for drow name ideas, you’ve come to the right place. This drow name generator generates authentic and great sounding drow names that you won’t find anywhere else. Millions of possible names can be generated.

By alexxlab

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