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June 16, 2023




Adelynn is an invented girl’s name of American origin. While the name only hit the charts in 2009, it is believed to be borne of two classic and feminine titles. The first, Adaline, is a derivative of the German Adele, meaning “noble.” The second stem is Madelynn, or Madeleine, referring to Mary Magdalene, the strong female biblical character. Regardless of which root takes your fancy, this name is perfect for a virtuous little one with a modern view of the world. Adelynn could also be an ideal name to honor a loved one with one of the more traditional titles while giving baby her own unique take.

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Adelynn | Oh Baby! Names

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Etymology & Historical Origin of the Baby Name Adelynn

Adelynn is a modern American name invention and one of five spelling versions available on the Top 1000 list of female names. It all started with the coinage of Adalyn, a name which gained attention starting around 2007. Adelynn could either be considered a modern-day spin on Adeline or a truncated form of Madeline (Madelynn). In the case of Adeline, which is a diminutive of Adele, the name comes from the Germanic element “adal” meaning “noble”. Alternately, Madelynn comes from the French Madeleine, a name given to Mary Magdalena from the Bible (and so means “of Magdala”). Given the current popularity of Madelyn/Madeline in the United States, it seems clear that Adelynn found her inspiration from Madelynn rather than Adeline (also because Adeline is pronounced AD-ə-line rather than AD-ə-lynn).

All About the Baby Name – Adelynn



The Three energy is powerful and enthusiastic. These personalities are cheerful, full of self-expression, and often quite emotional. They have an artistic flair and «gift-of-gab» that makes them natural entertainers. Their joyfulness bubbles over, and their infectious exuberance draws a crowd. The Three personality is like a child — forever young and full of delight. They are charming, witty, and generally happy people. The Three personality lives in the «now» and has a spontaneous nature. Threes seem to live with a bright and seemingly unbreakable aura that attracts others to them. In turn, they are deeply loyal and loving to their friends and family. Luck also has a tendency to favor number Threes.



Adelynn is one of the lesser preferred spellings of Adalyn. Still, the name only found a position on the Top 1000 list of American female baby names in 2009, so it’s had little time to show off its potential. We will say this: Adalyn and Addison are hyper-trendy baby girl names in the United States right now (and both have multiple respellings adding to the already competitive landscape). Adelynn is growing in usage year over year proving her appeal. However, the Madelyn/Adalyn and Madison/Addison names have gotten way too much attention since the turn of the 21st century, so people are likely to tire of them more quickly due to overexposure. Not to mention there are so many mutations of all of these gals that children with such names will be forced to go through life constantly repeating the “kreatyve” spelling of her name. Most people find this to be a nuisance, so it’s something to think about.

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Noble; Of Magdala




Cultural References to the Baby Name – Adelynn

Literary Characters


We cannot find any significant literary characters by the name of Adelynn

Childrens Books


We cannot find any childrens books with the first name Adelynn

Popular Songs


We cannot find any popular or well-known songs with the name of Adelynn

Famous People


We cannot find any celebrities or significantly famous people with the first name Adelynn.

Children of Famous People


We cannot find any children of famous people with the first name Adelynn

Historic Figures


We cannot find any historically significant people with the first name Adelynn

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The meaning of the name Adeline, its origin, character and destiny of a person, forms of address, compatibility, etc. Such a girl is very accommodating, friendly, has the makings of a leader.


  • Origin of the name Adeline

  • Forms named after Adeline

    • Photo gallery: forms of the name Adeline

    • Table: name in different languages ​​

    • Middle names, which are combined with the name

    • Nickname options for social networks

  • Patron saints of Adeline

  • Characteristics and influence of the name

    • How a name affects the character of a child

    • Teen Adeline

    • How a name affects the character and fate of an adult

      • Talents and Hobbies

      • Professions, business and careers

      • Health

      • Love, sexuality, marriage

      • Table: compatibility with male names

    • Significant years of Adeline’s life

    • Table: matches name

    • Meaning of each letter of the name

    • Video: the meaning of the name Adeline

  • When Adeline was born

    • Horoscope named after

  • Famous people in history with this name

    • Photo gallery: famous Adelines

Origin of the name Adeline

The female name Adeline originated from the Old Germanic language. It was formed from Adela, this is the very first form that gave rise to its subsequent varieties. The name consists of the words «adal» and «heyd», which together mean «from a noble class.»

From the ancient Germanic name Adeline literally translates as follows: “from a noble estate”

Translated from Tatar Adeline means “blameless”, “pious”, “merciful”. The name is also found in eastern countries. There it underwent changes, and Muslim girls are called:

  • Adl — one of the many names of Allah;
  • Adele — translated as «pious».

Forms of the name Adeline

Abbreviated forms of the name:

  • Ada;
  • Delya;
  • Ida;
  • Edel;
  • Lina.


  • Adele;
  • Adele;
  • Alina;
  • Ethel;
  • Adele.

Photo gallery: Forms named after Adeline

Adeline — full name
Ada is the most popular shorthand for Adeline.
Adele is a diminutive form, which also acts as an independent name, popular in Europe and the USA.

Adele, Alina and Ada act as diminutive forms of this name, but at the same time they are independent. In Latin America, the related name Adelita is also often used.

Composing poems about Adeline, you can use the following rhymes: by the fireplace, spring, core, ballerina.

There is no name Adeline in the Orthodox calendar, so at baptism the child is given another name — a spiritual one, which only the closest people will know about, and a secular one — Adeline.

Transliteration for the international passport — ADELINA.

Table: name in different languages ​​

Language Spelled Reading
English Adela Edela
Chinese 阿杰莉娜 Atelina
Korean 아델 리나 Adellina
Japanese 復活美 Fukkasu-bi
Arabic الينا Illaina
German Adeline Adeline
French Adelin Adelen
Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Polish Adelina Adeline
Portuguese Adeline Adelini
Czech Adela Adela
Belarusian Adela Adela
Ukrainian Adelina Adeline

Middle names that are combined with the name

The following middle names are harmoniously combined with the name Adelina:

  • Andreevna;
  • Viktorovna;
  • Dmitrievna;
  • Sergeevna;
  • Yurievna.

Nickname options for social networks

You can choose the following nicknames for your Instagram account or YouTube channel:

  • delia;
  • adlinka;
  • adeli;
  • adella;
  • adel.

Adeline’s patron saints

There are several saints in the Catholic religion who bear this name:

  • Blessed Adelinda, veneration day — August 28;
  • Saint Adele, veneration day — September 8;
  • Saint Adeline, veneration day — October 20;
  • Saint Adelgeide, Empress of the Roman Empire; veneration day — December 16th.

Characteristics and influence of the name

Adeline is fragile, not devoid of grace and grace, she will always need love, support and attention. The owner of this name is strong and purposeful, she always knows what she wants from life. She is quite independent, prudent, before making an important decision, she thinks through everything exactly to the smallest detail.

Negative character traits:

  • capriciousness;
  • waywardness;
  • arrogance;
  • selfishness.

Having done a good deed, Adeline will remind her more than once, expecting praise and admiration.

How a name affects the character of a child

Adeline has been restless since childhood. Parents have a hard time, as the baby is very energetic, it is almost impossible to keep track of her. Children’s pranks, of course, not approved by parents, amuse and amuse little Adele. In the yard she prefers to play outdoor games with the boys. She finds fun with dolls and soft toys boring. With age, the girl becomes more diligent, perseverance and perseverance appear in her character.

Adelina is growing up as an intelligent child. Her curiosity opens up a lot of new things for the girl, her abilities begin to manifest already in childhood. Parents should pay attention to what their baby is most interested in and give the opportunity to develop talents.

Already in childhood, Adelina begins to show bright abilities for creativity.

In her school years, the girl is diligent, responsive and reliable. She could easily compete for a place in the class, but her modesty and lack of confidence in success often stop her halfway.

Among her peers, the owner of this name stands out for her benevolence. It is open to all people. Often she is offended, and she closes in herself, ceasing to trust anyone. The little girl is often misunderstood, and she becomes a constant object of ridicule in the class, as she cannot stand up for herself. He prefers to spend his free time from school at home with his family, and not surrounded by friends. The love and support of loved ones is the most important thing for her.

Teen Adeline

At a transitional age, Adelina is responsible, purposeful, and takes her studies very seriously. At this time, a transformation takes place with the girl, she has her own special style. Her craving for art helps to select interesting and vivid images.

The owner of this name is a big fantasist and dreamer, but because of this, she moves away from society and the world around her. Naivety and kindness sometimes prevent her from showing her strengths of character. Bright and charming Adeline likes to be in the spotlight, but sometimes the girl feels awkward, she does not know how to behave in a given situation.

How a name affects the character and fate of an adult

B. Khigir singles out the following positive qualities of Adeline:

  • analytical mindset;
  • strong will;
  • balance of character;
  • excellent intuition;
  • persistence.

At the same time, according to Khigir, such girls are self-confident, prone to bouts of irritability and vindictive.

One of the features of Adele’s character is a strong will

According to P. Rouget, Adeline’s calmness and foresight can save her from rash acts. In the life of such a girl, nothing happens by chance. All her victories and achievements are the result of her efforts. The owner of this name rarely shows aggression, but if necessary, she will bluntly express everything that she thinks.

Talents and hobbies

Adelina has been shining with her talents in various competitions since childhood, perhaps even in more than one area. She usually has the ability to draw, sing or dance. The owner of this name has boundless imagination, which she uses in her hobbies. Such a girl has a wonderful taste, in her house you can find interesting collections of books, music, films, paintings.

Professions, business and career

Diligence, perseverance and scrupulousness help Adeline perfectly solve her tasks, regardless of what position she occupies. The bosses can entrust such a girl with important and responsible work, and she will cope with all tasks on time and with high quality.

Despite the amazing data, Adeline does not strive for career growth, she is often content with the position that she was given. The owner of this name is a non-conflict person. When present at a quarrel, she prefers to remain on the neutral side, trying to reduce the ardor of the flaring conflict.

Adelina will show her abilities to the maximum in the creative profession:

  • designer;
  • musician;
  • TV presenter;
  • top model;
  • artist;
  • photographer.

Entrepreneurial activity such a girl chooses infrequently. For her, the family is extremely important, Adeline devotes more of her time to her family and friends. She is not ready to sacrifice her values ​​for the cause. But if it becomes possible to create a family business, she will cope with her duties like no other.


Adeline is especially vulnerable to the following diseases:

  • bronchial asthma and other respiratory diseases;
  • frequent headaches, insomnia;
  • malfunctions in the vascular system;
  • curvature of the spine;
  • fragility of bones.
Love, sexuality, marriage

In love relationships, Adeline is very practical and prudent. A man needs to work hard to earn her trust. However, there are several subtleties in communicating with such a girl that will help speed up this process:

  • don’t forget to thank her even for the little things she does for you, but don’t flatter, she will immediately recognize the lie;
  • give her gifts, give her flowers, surround her with care and attention;
  • Compliment

  • about the design and comfort of her apartment.

For the sake of a loved one, Adeline is ready to sacrifice a lot, but if she considers that the chosen one is unworthy of her, she will not do anything for him. If the young man does not reciprocate, the girl will easily stop communicating and find a new partner.

At a young age, the owner of this name wants to feel the romantic relationship that is written about in books. The first love relationship may not be very successful. But with age, Adele approaches the choice of a partner more consciously and prudently.

To win Adeline’s heart, it is important to arrange nice surprises for her.

The girl has a natural charm, men do not miss the opportunity to get to know her. Adeline also has a unique charm, youthful shyness is transformed into grace and emancipation.

The bearer of this name carefully chooses her husband. But despite this, the marriage can collapse soon after the wedding. The reason for divorce is most often the lack of love in the family, since Adele can cope with minor domestic quarrels.

The girl will easily accept her husband’s desire to be the head of the family, because she is not as accustomed to showing leadership qualities as taking care of her family and loved ones. Adeline will become a wonderful loving wife and a caring mother who will support her children in everything and will not let anyone offend them.

Table: compatibility with male names
Alexander The stormy intensity of emotions never fades in this family. Most often, conflicts occur due to the infidelity of the husband and misunderstanding between partners. Such a union is doomed to divorce from the very beginning, since Adeline will not be able to put up with Alexander’s windiness.
Dmitry Spouses fully share each other’s interests, trusting relationships reign in the family. The couple is happy to make joint plans for the future. Adeline and Dmitry are pleased to spend their free time together, they are also good friends who will support each other in any endeavors.
Sergey Adele is afraid of change and is often unsure of a positive outcome. Sergey always encourages his wife, instilling faith in her. She completely trusts him, shows respect and sincerity to him. Harmony, love and mutual understanding reign in their family.
Andrew A rather passionate and vivid romance develops between Adelina and Andrei, but their ardor fades over time. The girl constantly accuses her partner of infidelity, and the loving Andrei cannot say goodbye to his former life as an enviable bachelor.
Alexey A difficult relationship, there is a place for both romance and high-profile scandals. Only the spouses themselves will be able to decide the future fate of the union, having finally decided: to strengthen the marriage or divorce.
Eugene This family is a complete idyll of feelings. Spouses are able to understand each other without words. Eugene and Adele enjoy each other’s company, they are never bored together when they are alone, they don’t need anyone else.
Maxim In this union, there are rarely outbursts of emotions, the couple’s family life is based not so much on love as on common interests. Adeline and Maxim can build a stable and strong relationship.
Vladimir In the first place in this family — mutual feelings. Partners never conflict about money, for them this is not the main thing. Their desire to overcome difficulties together leads to the strengthening of the union. Frequent vacation trips bring bright colors to their family life.
Denis Adele is trying to subdue Denis’ fiery temper. He tries to push her to action, to give self-confidence. But over time, a crisis can overtake this couple. Whether they will be able to safely get out of it or whether everything will end in a gap depends only on them.
Artyom In this family, the spouses cannot agree and come to a common decision. This becomes a frequent cause of their skirmishes. If Adelina and Artyom do not learn to give in to each other, their marriage will not last long.
Anton Anton is a hot man, he is prone to passionate romantic relationships. In Adeline, he is attracted by modesty, thriftiness and selflessness. But over time, he begins to lack emotions and diversity in relationships, and a man can look for all this on the side. It is unlikely that such a marriage will last long.
Roman In the relationship of this couple there is both love and a tendency to often show things off. However, both partners are quick-witted and cannot be offended by each other for a long time. Even in the event of a conflict, the spouses show delicacy.
Igor Igor has an easy attitude to life, especially does not worry about failures. Adeline, on the contrary, is strict and disciplined. She can be annoyed by the frivolous behavior of her husband. If a girl manages to come to terms with the character traits of her chosen one, the marriage can be successful.
Nikita In their family life, everything is done by mutual agreement and prior agreement. Both partners are purposeful and optimistic, they have common goals. Adele tries to support her husband in everything. Nikita, on the other hand, strives to realize all the desires of his beloved wife.
Vitaly Adeline tries to create a homely atmosphere, but Vitaly often disappears at work, giving her most of his time. Due to the lack of attention from the spouse, the girl may become discouraged. This can lead to a breakdown in relationships.
Oleg Oleg’s temperament often infuriates Adele. She is usually very calm, but the feeling of jealousy makes her nervous. Such a marriage rarely lasts longer than three years.
Yuri There are frequent quarrels and misunderstandings in the family of Adele and Yuri. They have completely different views on elementary things. To save the family, partners must, by an effort of will, accept each other as they are, and try to come to a mutually beneficial solution in any matters.

Significant years in Adeline’s life

Important years in Adeline’s life are the periods when she turns 20 and 38 years old.

Despite the fact that Adeline is a rare name, it is mentioned in many songs. Among them are Sweet Adeline by The Fortunairs Barbershop Quartet, Ruby Adeline by English singer Minnie Driver, Adeline by Army of Freshmen and others.

Table: name matching

Feature Meaning Influence
Planet Venus People who are patronized by Venus are romantic and imposing natures. They try to establish friendly relations not only in the circle of acquaintances, but also in the work sphere.
Zodiac sign Pisces Very vulnerable. The ability to sincerely empathize with other people’s problems makes such people excellent interlocutors, ready to listen and alleviate suffering. But they themselves need the support of others, as they are often not confident in themselves and are not ready to accept the changes that have taken place in their lives.
Element Fire People of the fire element are quick-tempered and energetic. Their actions are sometimes unpredictable. In everyday life they are very active and positive people.
Number 6 Faithful and devoted friends who will always come to the rescue, without demanding anything in return. They do it out of the goodness of their hearts, without any intention. Purposeful and strong-willed, there is no such obstacle that they are not able to overcome.
Color Lilac They can start with a half turn, and then quarrels are difficult to avoid. They are able to control their emotions, they enjoy the very process of scandal. Grievances are quickly forgotten. They rarely admit their mistakes, so repentance from such people should not be expected.
Spirit animal Elephant Solidity, calmness, perseverance, endurance.
Wood Willow In Europe, it is a symbol of spirituality, peace, harmony. In the East, it represents rebirth, sexual desire, determination and perseverance.
Plant Lily Symbolizes chastity, youth, prosperity, rebirth, holiness.
Stone Amber An inexhaustible source of inspiration, hope and positive energy. The stone helps its owner to be more prudent and careful, contributes to the fulfillment of innermost desires.
Metal Iron Fortitude and endurance. A person courageously endures all difficulties on the way to the desired goal.
Auspicious day Tuesday
Season Autumn

The meaning of each letter of the name

A is a favorable beginning of something, a desire for bodily and spiritual intimacy.

D — thoughtfulness, a tendency to think about future plans, the need for home comfort, readiness to always come to the rescue. Has the ability to divination.

E — the need for self-realization, the desire to unite people, share experiences. The ability to understand secret signs.

L — the desire to discover something new, has its own vision of beauty. Artistry, revealing hidden talents for drawing, playing music. The desire to share impressions, to find the right path in life.

I — cheerfulness, spirituality, sensitivity, mercy. In life, a person opens his inner world only to those whom he can truly trust.

N — rebelliousness, desire for self-expression, analytical thinking. Hard worker. The ability to create something new.

Video: the meaning of the name Adeline

When Adeline was born

Winter Adeline is an attractive and sociable person. She easily gets along with people. There are many more men on her friend list than women, as the girl believes that the representatives of the stronger sex are in many ways more competent. Adele, who was born in winter, is a wonderful hostess. Has a great talent for culinary arts. Warm and harmonious relations always reign in her house. A wonderful friend, she is ready to help at any moment.

Spring Adele has many different talents. She may show interest in several activities at once (singing, knitting, drawing, dancing). The girl is constantly developing and discovering new and exciting activities. Adeline, who was born in the spring, does not have the qualities of a leader, as she is very susceptible to the opinions of others and is full of doubts that prevent her from acting actively.

Adeline, born in spring, can be an excellent artist.

Summer Adeline is a vulnerable and sometimes notorious woman. She often succumbs to the influence of someone. Often agrees to what is unacceptable for her, so as not to hurt the feelings of her interlocutor. Adele, whose birthday falls on one of the summer months, is trusting and good-natured, often becomes a victim of other people’s manipulations.

Autumn Adele is stubborn, prudent, she does not tend to make spontaneous and thoughtless decisions. In work executive, strong-willed. Often works on his mistakes. Adeline, born in autumn, has the makings of a leader. She is rapidly moving up the career ladder. The negative qualities of the girl are intractability and stubbornness, she never gives in, and because of this she experiences difficulties in relations with relatives and friends.

Name horoscope

Famous people with this name in history

Famous people with this name:

  • Adele is a British singer;
  • Adelina Adalis — Russian poetess and translator;
  • Adelina Dzhuri — Soviet ballerina and teacher-choreographer;
  • Adelina Patti — Italian opera singer;
  • Adelina Sotnikova is a Russian figure skater who won gold in women’s singles at the 2014 Olympics.

Photo gallery: famous Adelines

Adelina Adalis — Russian poetess
Adelina Dzhuri — Soviet ballerina
Adelina Patti, Italian opera singer
Adele is a British singer
Adelina Sotnikova — Russian figure skater

Adeline is faithful, responsible, and knows how to empathize. The owner of this name becomes an excellent wife, loving, economic and caring. Such a girl does not have special ambitions in a career or business, but she can be successful in creativity and sports associated with beauty and grace.

  • Author: Svetlana Kuznetsova